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Sheraton Manila Bay Chinese New Year Lucky Bundles

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Sheraton Manila Bay welcomes the Year of the Tiger with a trio of auspicious creations.

Usher luck and sweeten your Chinese New Year feast by taking home our freshly baked Mandarin Choux for only Php 165 per piece, Asado Pork Bun for Php 155 per set of 3, and Chinese Custard Bun for only Php 130 for set of 3. 

These delectable offers are available at the Sheraton Kiosk located at Robinsons Place Manila, Padre Faura Wing, Mall Entrance, and for delivery by calling +632 5318 0788, 0917 583 7294, 0917 583 7326, or email

Sheraton Manila Bay is located at M. Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay.

Czech Republic Docu Fest Features the Philippines as Country in Focus in 2022

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One of Europe’s leading documentary film festivals spotlight the Philippines for the upcoming Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (IDFF)  in Jihlava, Czech Republic, for 2022.

A partnership between the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and the organizers of Ji.hlava was signed to formally lay out the research and retrospective of Philippine documentary films bound to be presented at the 26th edition of IDFF set on October 25 to 30, 2022.

It was announced in last year’s Ji.hlava closing event that the Philippines would be featured as IDFF’s country in focus for this year.

Around 18 Filipino films have been featured for exhibition and competition in the various categories of IDFF for the past 10 editions. In 2014, the festival honored a tribute for the Father of Filipino Independent Film, Kidlat Tahimik, who also conducted a Masterclass for the participants that same year. 

What started from a group of high school students in 1997, IDFF turned to be a significant gathering of over 1 000 documentary film professionals 25 years later, making it one of the most important documentary film festivals in Central and Eastern Europe.

FDCP CEO & Chairperson Liza DiƱo notes, “Ji.hlava focuses on featuring documentary, hybrid, and experimental documentary films—which I believe to be one of our strong suits. Our country and our talents have a lot to offer in this genre, and I’m proud that our country will get special attention in next year’s edition. It is an event that is worth looking forward to every year.”

Two Filipino documentary films competed in the recently concluded IDFF 2021 — Liryc Dela Cruz's Santelmo, under the Opus Bonum competition section, where the selected films competed for the Best World Documentary Film prize. And Mother’s Land (Panambi) by Jane Mariane Biyo, Katya Marie Corazon Puertollano, and Myra Angeline Soriaso for the Short Joy competition, the counterpart section for short documentary films.

PH also played a big part in the festival's latest edition as Khavn De La Cruz, a prominent name in the local independent cinema, designed its official spot. Aside from this notable participation, he has been in collaboration with the festival to lead its Academy workshop for upcoming filmmakers and is among the jurors and authors of the festival diary. Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival has been following the filmmaker’s works since 2006.

The Ji.hlava (IDFF) is one of the festivals where winners are granted eligibility for pre-selection on the prestigious Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars) and the European Film Award.

Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Manny Pacquiao good heart is not enough to run a country

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"May part ka ra rin nyan."

–Manny Pacquiao to rape victims

No one, and I say, NO ONE should ever be blamed for being raped. NO ONE. 

Manny Pacquiao really doesn’t know his way with words. Like, every fvckin’ time he opens his mouth, he says something more offensive than the word offensive.

Wala ako nakuha. I mean the sincerity is there pero yung concrete plans wala.

He should’ve just stayed as an athlete. Sumakit ulo ko. Siya yung totoong "going in circles". Some may think he just couldn't express his thoughts. Well, but hey isn't that a requirement? Yung presidente nga natin ngayon naturingang magaling, pag nagsalita naman panay shit.

I swear it's always the religious ones who really don't value women's life and choices. Not surprised though. I can feel Boy Abunda cringing from the inside.

Manny Pacquiao justifying rape by saying "may part ka rin diyan". Ang sahol. Napakalala. His beliefs are too grounded on his faith that it is no longer humane.


Aside from divorce & same sex union, I hope PH also considers legalizing abortion as part of women's health and rights, the whole context of it– rape, women's autonomy, unsafe methods leading to deaths, etc and NOT ONLY from a religious viewpoint. Look at Manny Pacquiao who's still stuck with the misogynistic notion that rape victims are partly responsible for their fate.

WOMEN SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE ESPECIALLY RAPE VICTIMS. Imagine criminalizing women because they want to have control over their bodies.

One day. Just one day.

Also, pro choice doesn't mean pro abortion.

But let's not take the choices away from women who need it. Our opinions won't make their lives easier at the end of the day.

If you're against abortion for yourself and you stand with your principles, then good.To whoever convinced Manny Pacquiao to run, damn you! He’s our hero. He’s our boxing champ. You knew damn well that he’s not cut out for presidency. Now, he’s becoming the laughingstock of the country that he proudly represented before. 

Kahit walang nagconvince sa kanya, gusto talaga niya. Power hungry din sya eh. Famewhore. Gusto madaming title.

Di naman sa malalaos. He's already a legend. Forever na sya nasa history. Ganid nga lang din sa power.

Let's be honest here. Manny Pacquiao may have the pure heart and genuine intentions to serve the Filipino people. Unfortunately, his experiences and knowledge are not enough.

Being a good man is not enough. Over confidence in real! Presidency is not for him. I’m sorry to say but having only a good heart is not the key for the highest post in a country. 

Running a country is NOT THE SAME as doing CHARITY. It's a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY that requires open-minded thinking, social awareness, and sufficient emotional intelligence—which I, RESPECTFULLY, think he LACKS. 

But maybe if he at least had Womens studies or Gender/Equality studies in school and maybe even some Theology baka iba yung answers niya. Actually. kahit AB PolSci foundation lang would have probably made a huge difference. Passion is not enough.

I was about to say Manny Pacquiao does have the political will, but not the SKILL. But he really just invalidated the experiences of rape victims in his interview with Tito Boy. What an awful, close-minded, and insensitive answer.

It doesn't sit right with me na super(?) religious niya and talks like this. Disappointed yet again but not surprised!

Kaya he's not really fitted for the position.

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SSS urges FB followers to utilize online portals and facilities

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The Social Security System (SSS) encourages its more than five million Facebook (FB) followers to actively utilize its portals and various online facilities including its social media platforms for easier access to SSS information, services, and transactions.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora C. Ignacio said that the SSS made available its My.SSS Portal on its website for members to have exclusive access to their contributions and membership records, facilitate online transactions, set appointments with their servicing branch, and request for copies of their records, among others.

Over the last few years, the My.SSS Portal has undergone enhancements and now includes online applications for loans, benefits, requests for member data change (simple corrections),Payment Reference Number (PRN) generation, and enrollment of disbursement accounts.

“The majority of our FB followers interact with us by writing queries and making follow-ups in the comments section of our official FB posts and the SSS Social Media Services Section is in charge of responding to these concerns. As we encourage active social media engagement, we also invite them to maximize the usage of the My.SSS Portal since benefit claims and loan status are readily available in their respective accounts. Likewise, they may also reach us through the FB Messenger where a Chatbot can respond to their basic and frequently asked questions," Ignacio said.

Members and employers may also use the SSS Mobile App, with similar features and may be downloaded via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Huawei AppGallery for free. They may also avail of the Text-SSS facility via 2600 with a service fee of P2.50 per transaction for Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular subscribers.

Aside from the My.SSS Portal, the SSS also launched in November 2020, the ExpreSSS e-Learning (ExSSSeL) Portal which allows participants to learn the different SSS policies, programs, and updates at the comfort and safety of their homes. The ExSSSeL Portal is a free online computer-based training wherein participants may choose among the modules, study at their own pace and time, take the post examination to assess the learnings gained, and receive an e-certificate upon obtaining a passing rate of at least 80% in the post examination. Members and other individuals can visit said Portal via After selecting a module, they will receive an online registration form via Google Form for them to fill out. Multiple modules can also be accessed simultaneously.

SSS has also launched the uSSSap Tayo Portal via last September 2021 providing users with easier, simpler, and faster access to SSS information, and an avenue for sending their concerns on how to avail of SSS programs, services, and status verifications of their follow-ups and complaints.

Moreover, the uSSSap Tayo Portal utilizes a ticket support system that provides a complete archive of users’ requests which helps them track the status of their tickets in the dashboard of their accounts.

For further information about SSS’ various online services, members and employers may also access, follow “Philippine Social Security System – SSS” on Facebook, “mysssph” on Instagram or YouTube, “PHLSSS” on Twitter, or join SSS’ Viber Community at “MYSSSPH Updates.”

Get ready for the great return, office landlords urged

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Colliers lists recommendations in order to prepare office properties for returning workers post-pandemic


While the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has thrown us another curve ball and delayed the long-awaited back-to-office plans of many companies, this does not mean that office landlords will not find opportunities during this temporary downtime, said leading diversified professional services and investment management firm Colliers (NASDAQ and TSX: CIGI).

According to Maricris Sarino-Joson, Director of Office Services – Landlord Representation at Colliers: “We have seen disruption in the office leasing market due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19, but we believe that office landlords should always be on the lookout for opportunities now and beyond 2022.”

“The Omicron variant should not hinder the property market’s recovery and the much-anticipated rebound of the Philippines’ office market. While the country battles a Covid-19 surge and new restrictions are imposed, landlords must now take action to prepare their properties for the eventual and inevitable return to work.”

Most crucial among the recommendations that Colliers has put together is the introduction of technology to minimize the spread of viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms in the workplace.

There are many ways office landlords can retrofit their properties to make them safer for users and occupants, one of which is introducing touchless access in ingress/egress points, restrooms, elevators, and common areas,” said Sarino-Joson. “This strategy, which include hands-free door unlock mechanisms, virtual guest passes, and automatic door openers, helps safeguard against the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses on surfaces.”

Other technological innovations that landlords can implement according to Colliers include disinfection and sanitation equipment at the entry to the property; improving air quality by upgrading air-conditioning systems and introducing filtered fresh air into the building; treating surfaces with antiviral coating to prevent transmission from high touch surfaces; and the use of negative air ionization systems to suppress airborne viruses and microbes.

Landlords should also consider assisting occupiers to implement adjustments on design and fit-outs to accommodate new social distancing norms and health features. “This may mean coming up with recommended designs which promote health and wellness of office workers and offering flexible fit-out periods for occupiers to implement these much-needed changes,” said Sarino-Joson.

Some landlords may also consider converting spaces within their buildings into fully fitted swing spaces (or temporary office spaces). “Existing tenants can use these spaces while they wait for their permanent office to be built or renovated.”

Another way for landlords to improve the marketability of their vacant spaces is to stage them properly, said Sarino-Joson. “Just as homebuyers will not be able to imagine themselves in an empty house, when you show an empty office, occupiers will not appreciate its best features. Providing them with a photo of a well-designed office will give them the chance to love the place and see their business set up in this nice working environment.”

Lastly, given the current market situation, landlords may consider short-term leases to at least cover the cost of running and maintaining the property. According to Sarino-Joson, accepting short-term leases may also open doors to new and previously untapped clients, such as start-ups. But should landlords be able to find occupiers willing to sign long-term leases, consider sweetening deals by providing better commercial terms and offering concessions, such as flexible lease terms, partial termination options, and delayed escalation, among others. “Show the prospective tenant that longer commitment in the property can mean bigger cost savings in the long term.”

Although the current situation we find ourselves in may not be the most ideal, there are still plenty of opportunities out there. Colliers encourages landlords to be proactive in offering add-ons to their commercial terms in order to make them more attractive to prospective tenants. We also urge them to work amicably with occupiers as we all survive and thrive during this pandemic.

9 Reasons to Rent an SUV for Your Road Trip

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A road trip is a perfect way to spend a weekend or vacation. It would be a great idea to explore the hot Death Valley, picturesque Yosemite National Park, or ride the amazing serpentines of the Rocky Mountains. All you need to do is rent a car.

Unfortunately, a compact or full-size car or minivan may not be enough for you, since difficult road conditions require special technical characteristics of the car. In such a situation, the best solution is to rent an SUV.

SUVs and crossovers began to dominate the global car rental market. Over the years, they have confidently gained popularity, and now they make up about 25% of all offers. So, the high demand for SUVs means this is a really great choice.

Looking to rent an SUV for your next trip? Here you will find a large selection of small, medium, and full-size models for any taste. A vehicle like this guarantees a great travel experience wherever you go. However, if you're still in doubt, here’re some strong reasons to pick up a rental SUV.

Stylish Exterior

What motivates us to look excellent and beautiful enough in the eyes of the people around us? Of course, this is vanity. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The same goes for a car because you always want to drive one that looks beautiful.

Surely you don’t like some cars because of their unattractive appearance. At the same time, SUVs look pretty because of their aggressive styling. It's all about their brutal exterior. This is exactly what is often lacking in modern sedans and hatchbacks.

So, we have the first reason why SUVs are becoming so much more popular than all other cars around the world.

Better Visibility

Thanks to their larger dimensions and bigger wheels, SUVs offer a higher driving position along with a more spacious interior. As a result, the driver and passengers can enjoy excellent visibility. The SUV driver sees much more space in front of him. Plus, these cars have fewer so-called blind spots, which has a positive effect on safety in general.

Of course, there are some exceptions, but still, the visibility of most SUVs is much higher and better than those in conventional cars.

Excellent passenger capacity

Usually, a small or medium SUV can accommodate up to 5 people. However, today you will also find many full-size models with three rows of seats, which can accommodate 6, 7, and even 8 passengers. Moreover, the third row of seats is often suitable not only for children but also for adults.

If you have a large family and you often rent a car for road trips, then a 7-seater SUV will certainly be an excellent choice. As spacious as a minivan, it gives you all the benefits of an SUV.

Large trunk

In addition to excellent passenger capacity, SUVs also have a large trunk. This is one of the reasons why today travelers are increasingly choosing SUV vehicles.

Yes, almost all of us want to drive a spacious car with a large trunk. After all, you need to fit a lot of bags, personal belongings, and equipment in the car.

High ground clearance

Almost all SUVs have high ground clearance - this is their main difference from conventional hatchbacks and sedans. Also, this is another significant advantage of this vehicle group. High ground clearance and four-wheel drive allow travelers to drive their SUVs not only on the highway but on a country road too. Also, the high ground clearance gives a huge advantage in winter, when the road can be covered with a large layer of snow.

Easy camper towing

Do you like camping and everything related to it? If so then the SUV is the most suitable car for you. First, you will fit all your gear in the trunk. And secondly, the SUV has a powerful engine and four-wheel drive, which allows it to easily tow a small or mid-size camper. You can also tow a trailer with a boat or buggy, and be sure that the SUV won’t let you down in any off-road situation.

Better handling in all weather conditions

Not many popular sedan cars have an all-wheel-drive option. However, with SUVs the opposite is true. Almost every model has a four wheel drive and improved suspension performance. High ground clearance and four-wheel drive give the driver more confidence on the road in all weather conditions.

Imagine driving in heavy rain. On an SUV or crossover, you will be much calmer than on a sedan or hatchback. The same goes for snowy weather. True, if ice covers the road, then the advantage of SUVs over other cars won’t be so big.

Excellent fuel efficiency

Believe it or not, many SUVs are very fuel-efficient, and even more efficient than some of the popular compact cars. As a rule, such SUVs have small turbocharged power units, which allow you to count on low fuel costs.

Also, despite their body size, many SUVs have a much lower air drag coefficient than some passenger cars. Plus, many SUVs now have a hybrid engine, which makes them even more fuel-efficient.

Great safety in case of an accident

According to Isaac Newton, force equals mass times acceleration. So, SUVs have great force due to their greater mass, which means they are much safer when they get into an accident.

As evidence, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has repeatedly noted that new modern sedans or hatchbacks are not as good at safety as larger SUVs and crossovers.

In summary, an SUV is a car that has all the characteristics of a sedan and a hatchback, but at the same time offers unique advantages. This makes it a great choice for your road trip wherever you go.

The Best NFT Games to Earn Digital Money

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Nowadays, the crypto gaming industry is one of the most profitable niches. The demand for in-game NFT items is just huge since they allow gamers to achieve payback very quickly. Some players recoup their investments and receive a profit every month, which is ten times more than the initial investment. The most important thing in this business is to find a high-quality and constantly developing game and get your hand trained in playing it. You can find the best NFT games and detailed information about them on In this review, you will learn about the top 5 NFT games for making money.


Pros and Cons NFT Games

Like regular video games, NFT games have a number of pros and cons; here are the main ones.



      Digital Creativity Licensing Solution - Each NFT item has its own value and is located in a decentralized digital environment based on blockchain technology;

      Collectibles, fundraising, and games - Thanks to the NFT, there is a unique opportunity to create digital analogs of any physical collectibles;

      Investments and trading opportunities - Turning digital files into non-distributable digital assets creates some delivery restrictions. You can earn on NFT objects without spending too much time in a game.


      NFT hype and uncertainty - Many people believe that this is a profitable investment and that this is an economic bubble that will eventually burst;

      Ecological impact of blockchain technology - A serious disadvantage of NFTs is that the underlying blockchain technology has a strong impact on the environment.

Top 3 NTF Games

Now that you know about all the pros and cons of NFT games, let's look at the top 3 NFT games that are the most attractive for making money.

#1 - Momo Farmer

Momo Farmer is an NFT game with a lot of ways to make money. There are currently 3 game modes available in the game: Token Master, Block Brawler, and Trade Action. The first mode is quite simple; all you will need to do is to fight other players with the help of standard or purchased Momo characters.

At the same time, you can upgrade your characters, improve their skills, make your army stronger, and increase the chances of winning battles. Characters can be pumped with the help of special books, which are obtained either by completing quests or by purchasing them with MBOX coins.

#2 - Ether Monsters

Ether Monsters is a popular play-to-earn game. The game world has a huge variety of ether monsters that you will need to look for and catch and then train and turn into more powerful ones. After that, you can either sell them or use them to fight with other players, participate in tournaments, and complete quests. All this will allow you to get valuable rewards and items. The game is very popular; more than 220 thousand users from all over the world play and earn money in it.

#3 - Splinterlands

Splinterlands is the popular NFT card game where you can collect and build a powerful deck that you can then use to fight against other players, take part in tournaments, and complete quests. To get familiar with the gameplay, each new player is provided with selected common and rare cards from the Untamed version of the game.

Additional cards can be purchased at any time in the internal storage or on the marketplace. Each additional card will make your deck more powerful. At the same time, repeating cards can be combined to increase the level of the card and its characteristics, as well as unlock special abilities. In addition, during the game, all the cards you buy and improve can be exchanged, sold, and even rented to other players.


Today, NFT-based games are a new and rapidly developing trend in the gaming industry. With their help, some active players and investors manage to earn big money. In addition, in most NFT games, you can start earning even from scratch, but it will take some time to reach a more or less decent income.

8 Books by Filipino Authors You Should Be Reading

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Filipino literature is known for its broad range of different genres, subjects, writing styles. The hottest topic that worries all local citizens, as well as writers, is migration to the neighboring countries in the search of a better life.

Nevertheless, classic Filipino literature is also recognized all over the world being hosted on radio, in theaters, and filmed in movies.

We have gathered the most popular books of the most outstanding worldwide known Filipino authors that you definitely need to know. Some of them will provide you with useful life lessons when some have only an entertaining character. We hope you will enjoy reading this compilation.


In the country by Mia Alvar

The author of this book Mia Alvar broaches the subject of migration from the Philippines which is a common deal for local citizens. People are looking for better places to live and work alone or with their families. They are moving to another country having nothing but willing for their places in life. The book will tell you nine short stories about three main characters who decided to leave their native land and move to the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. They tell the challenges and difficulties they have to fight with on a daily basis living in a foreign country with no friends and support. As the custom writing service Trust My Paper says these stories can be useful life lessons for those readers who are thinking of moving to another country from the Philippines or wherever.

The Farm by Joanne Ramos

Joanne Ramos, the author of the Farm, tries to replenish the problem between rich and poor worlds. The book tells us a story of a poor woman from the Philippines who decides to become a surrogate mother to women from a rich society. This woman, along with her family and friends, lives on the Farm - a land that provides luxurious conditions for wealthy people. In the search for better living conditions, the poor woman moves to the farm during the pregnancy. However, the life there is far from a fairytale and she gets under strict control from the landlords. The good conditions are available only for the rich but the woman gets in a bind and has nothing to do but try to survive.

Somewhere in the middle by Francisco Douglas

By reading this book, we are going to find out the story of a girl Deborah who is Philippine by origin but has moved to America many years ago. Nevertheless, the willingness to learn about her native land doesn't leave as she knows that she doesn't belong to America 100%. Once upon a time, she received a letter where she was invited to be a volunteer in a Philippine program. However, when the girl arrives in the country, she understands that the overall picture and people are so much different from her imagination. Deborage doesn't give up and does her best to get along with the local citizens and learn their way of living.

Smaller and smaller circles by F.H Batacan

Smaller and smaller circles book is supposed to be the first famous detective written by Filipino writer F.H.Batacan. It describes a story of two Jesuit priests who decide to become real criminalists and investigate the recent murder of young guys in the city. The willingness to find the bandits is the result of the inaction of the local policemen and government. So they are sure that they are able to do it on their own with no additional resources and support from cops. According to writing service reviews Supreme Dissertations, the story keeps readers engaged to the very last page uncovering the real murderer.

America is not the Heart by Elaine Castillo

This is another book describing the dreams of Philippine people to move to the USA to find a better place to live and develop. Commonly, Philipinos raise their children in strict conditions, preparing them for a complicated and violent life. However, Hero, the main character, decides to leave her family and native country to move to America. Her relatives meet her kindly trying to help you make a new life in a foreign country. Moving to another place is always challenging and painful. To find out how to cope with potential risks and threats, you definitely need to read this book.

Florante at Laura by Francisco Balagtas

Florante at Laura is related to the classic Filipino literature supposed to be a real piece of art presented in many theaters in the country. It tells us a story of an imaginary Albanian kingdom where, as it usually goes in classic stories, the royal family fights with their sworn enemy Count Adolfo who tries to kill the family members and get a Thorne. The book has really become popular among Filipinos and remains a masterpiece until these days.

Insurrecto by Gina Apostol

This book describes the road trip of two women - a scriptwriter from the Philippines and a translator from America. They have started their trip to the Philippines in order to find out more details about the Philippine-American War from the local citizens - what were the reasons for the conflict, what events they remember most, what feelings they have now after many years the war is over. Each of the women describes the words in the individual styles sharing the insights and thoughts with one another. Thus, they write the same story but from their personal opinions and perceptions saving the narrations and details, they are supposed to be on point.

The Queen’s Assassin by Melissa de la Cruz

This is an adventurous and magical story of hidden fairy Shadow and the queen's assassin Caledon. Occasionally met, now they have a common goal - to protect their kingdom from the coming evil which they have to stop and destroy. This is a fairytale book describing how the soldiers and royal safeguards were growing up at that time, what lessons they had to learn, what skills became proficient to be considered professionals. The events within this book are evolving rapidly so the readers are not going to be bored.

In conclusion

In this post, we have collected books of different writing genres and styles. It shows the wealthy Filipino culture and extensive variety of books you would want to read till the end. These books also present that Filipino people are proud of their origin and always remember the place they come from. It is actually a great life lesson as wherever you are now, you can always go back home to your family and native land to find peace, rest, and support despite any circumstances.

Regina Koinava is an expert writer who specializes in creating various training and professional upgrade courses, materials, manuals, and reviews. She also provides consultations and creates expert writing materials. She likes traveling and speaks German and French.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Isko Moreno does not favor killing life via abortion, but believes "things happen" with war on drugs

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

It's now Manila Mayor Isko Moreno's turn to face Boy Abunda for the one-on-one presidential aspirant interviews.

This is the most relaxed interview so far. Isko came prepared. He came with specific action points. He has definitely broken the "celebrity politician" stereotype. 

I love Mayor Isko's conviction when he speaks his insights. It should have been better if he provided concrete solutions to issues presented though his answers are generally okay. 

Against sa abortion si Mayor Isko because he doesn’t like “taking life” but when it comes to war on drugs, “things happen”. You know that he meant "self defense on the performance of duty".

Moreno praised President Duterte's war on drugs that supposedly eliminated drug trafficking on the streets. He said he will continue the war on drugs of the Duterte administration in case he wins as president.Tito Boy asked “will it be bloody?” Mayor Isko’s answer? “Things happen.” Narinig na ata natin yan kay Bato. "Shit happens" daw.

Moreno pointed out that he will adapt Manila's COVID-19 response to address the pandemic in the entire country. Nagbanggit siya ng endemic pero hindi niya alam ang definition. Yan ang nangyayari when you use words you don't understand to sound smart. Dalawang beses siyang tinanong ni Boy Abunda pero hindi niya masagot nang diretso.

Mayor Isko forever proving that the Philippines will never be able to separate the church and state.There are certain human rights that the church cannot and will not approve of. But we need them.

Mayor Isko to social media problem and issues: dapat kapag gumagawa ng Facebook account, you have to submit the data or to prove you identity. picture, data before creating an account.

Mayor isko block the IP address of social media companies na hindi susunod sa platforms na kaniyang ipapatupad.

"Kapag hindi nila ginawa i-block ko IP address nila, wala na silang negosyo dito sa Pilipinas"

"Hindi naman ito Mr. and Ms. congeniality. Leadership is all about protecting your people. Proteksyunan mo mamamayan mo" Moreno said.

Bakit hindi dapat iboto si Leni?Maghihiganti kina Marcos? Hindi paghihiganti ang tawag doon. Ang tawag doon ay pagbabalik ng pera sa Pilipinas at pagpapakulong sa magnanakaw. Pagpapataw ng hustisya ang tawag don. At ilang beses na nilinaw ni VP Leni na isa lang ‘yon sa dahilan.

You'll really get to know them well through these 1 hour interview each. Can't wait to finish it with Senator Pacquiao tomorrow.

Again, it is obvious that Boy Abunda is helping others, while cutting VP Leni off. I just hope it is not wrong to assume that he has a preferential treatment for candidates other than Leni.

His level of engagement is different during Leni's interview. He's trying to outsmart her for some instances like when he asked VP about difference of "ayuda" and "dole out" na wala naman talagang pagkakaiba. Pero hindi na sya nakapalag nang nilapagan ng GDP ratio ni madam.

I timed the duration that Boy Abunda talked while the interviewee was answering:

- VP Leni: average of 1 minute per alloted 5

- Mayor Isko average of 25 seconds per alloted 5 minutes

Mas maganda talaga panoorin ang mga interviews nang sabay. You get to compare which one is better and realistic. So the format of Jessica Soho's,  maybe not the actual questions, is better.

Ang habol din siguro ni Boy Abunda ay para maraming videos niya ang kumita sa views.

I can't help but notice how Mayor Isko is promoting himself as a president without saying it. His stance and style is telling you he knows his business (polo shirt, poise) but he's reachable (Adidas sneakers) and inclusive (rainbow watch). Marketing on point!

But it's still a no for me sorry! Moreno has an idea but the “how” has not been even addressed. Its like giving out general information. He is not even aware of a law or act related to environment. 

We need someone with concrete realistic visions and not someone with flowery words. 

He is a very good asset in the city of Manila. He's still young and can gain more experience, knowledge and wisdom. Manila will benefit more from him. And by the time he is ready, Philippines naman! Curse you, whoever convinced Mayor Isko to run. When Mayor Isko decided to run for President, I was disappointed because it was neither his time nor the right time. 

Sometimes ambitions can get in the way. I still believe it's too early for him to level up to the presidency.

Vibal Group’s 2021 Year-End Roundup

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

“Life goes on” has been the theme of 2021, a year that began in hope and which Vibal is about to miraculously end on a high note. Despite the pandemic, Vibal Group, Inc. (VGI) continued to serve clients with amazing products and services. VGI launched several new titles and products and still provides quality webinars for its loyal viewers. Let’s have a rundown of VGI’s highlights this year.

A Year of Online Tertulia

Since December 2020, Vibal Foundation (VFI) has hosted a virtual tertulia where VFI honors the life of its matriarch, Mrs. Esther A. Vibal. The monthly tertulia features a wide range of songs, dance, and even theatrical performances.


The revival of e-Turo is a testament to VGI’s mission to help teachers in every way possible. The website offers webinars, online courses, and teaching materials that assist teachers not only in their teaching but also in their professional development.


VGI took another step in providing professional development for educators. VGI has been accredited by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) to provide professional development for teachers and school leaders.

Online Shopping

The increase of the demand for Vibal books has increased. This year, VGI answered their customers’ calls and opened online shops in Shopee and Lazada. The Vibal online store has been active for years but with the addition of the Shopee and Lazada channels, avid Vibal readers may order their books through these platforms. Earlier this month, VGI had their first live selling of beloved titles. Due to the good response of viewers, VGI will schedule a second live selling session on Facebook soon.

TikTok Paaralan

After launching Podcast Paaralan in 2020, VGI took a step further and started its TikTok page where VGI can continue entertaining its viewers as well as educating them about a wide array of topics and issues.

VSmart Upgrades

VGI’s learning management system (LMS), VSmart, had some major updates. The addition of VSmart Analytics, VSmart Games, and VSmart Library shows how versatile the LMS is.

VSmart Quiz

The VSmart ecosystem continues to grow with new applications and products schools may use in teaching and learning. VSmart Quiz was introduced earlier this year to help students keep their mind sharp with different topics and subjects while having fun.

More Webinar Seasons

The online webinars of VGI continue to serve teachers on Facebook and YouTube. Webinar series such as Kasaysayan, Kaysaya, Speaker’s Demo Reel, and Teacher Vibal are now in their second season that focuses on a wide range of topics.

Book Launches

The pandemic did not hinder VGI and VFI from producing high-quality books. The launch of The Art of Window, Display, & Design, More Tomboy, More Bakla than We Admit, Sisa’s Vengeance, El Filibusterismo, Pugot, Philippine Cartography, 4th Edition, Old Jolo and Zamboanga, Imprenta de Ramirez y Giraudier, Philippine Genealogy and Art History: The Luciano Santiago Reader, and Boxer Codex, Second Edition shows how active VGI and VFI have been in releasing books for the mind and the eye. 

Success in the Time of  COVID

This year, VGI received recognition for different products. The Chikiting Book Sari was awarded as an Honorable Mention by the Mindanao and ASEAN Children’s Literary Festival. The Chikiting Book Palaruang Bahaghari was a finalist in the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards. The Guild of Educators, Mentors, and Students (GEMS) named VGI as the Best Publishing Company in the 5th GEMS Awards. VFI’s Philippine Cartography, 4th Edition won the 2020 Gintong Aklat Awards for Social Sciences. Another success not only for VGI but for all Philippine publishers was VFI’s Boxer Codex which claimed the number one spot in Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” under the Historical Study reference category.

VGI and VFI salute their authors, illustrators, the teams involved in publishing these titles, and the loyal readers who continue to support these books.

In 2022, VGI has a lot more in store for everyone. The possibilities are endless with VGI. Let us continue looking forward to the next year, the new now.

Law Group Lauds FDA’s Ban of Toxic Industrial Trans Fat in Processed and Pre-packaged Food

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Law group ImagineLaw commends the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for protecting consumers’ heart health amid the COVID-19 pandemic through the issuance of FDA Circular No. 2021-028 entitled “Guidelines for Prepackaged Processed Food Products Containing Trans-Fatty Acids (TFA).”

The circular implements the Department of Health (DOH) Administrative Order No. 2021-0039 or the National Policy on the Elimination of Industrially Produced Trans Fatty Acids for the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases issued on June 18, 2021. Under the policy, FDA prohibits the production, manufacture, trading, importation, and distribution of processed and pre-packaged food items with partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) and high TFA content.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a diet high in toxic trans fat is one of the risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD), a type of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and known comorbidity that increases COVID-19 risk. Industrial TFA is unsafe as it builds bad cholesterol in the arteries and may lead to heart attacks.

“The Philippines recently breached the 3-million mark of COVID-19 cases. People with comorbidities like CVDs have a higher risk of severe illness and even death from the virus. Thus, it has become even more relevant to implement health measures that will strengthen Filipinos’ cardiovascular health and consequently, build their resilience against severe forms of COVID-19. Banning TFA from common packaged foods is a timely and effective public health intervention to achieve this goal,” Atty. Sophia San Luis, ImagineLaw’s Executive Director remarked.

To ensure strict compliance with the policy, the FDA requires food producers to submit a Certificate of Analysis from an FDA-accredited laboratory showing the TFA content of the product per 100 grams or 100 ml of total fat. The FDA requires food producers to remove TFA from their products by June 18, 2023.

Trans fat in other food sources

ImagineLaw advances a holistic approach to trans fat elimination by advocating for the enactment of the Trans Fat Free Philippines Bill which will remove TFA from all types of food sources.

“The issuance of the FDA regulations is a welcome development in ensuring the availability of safe food for all. However, legislative support is still needed to completely remove TFA from the nation’s food supply. The Bill currently pending in Congress must be enacted into law to ensure that all types of food, including those from food establishments and informal markets, are also safe and TFA-free,” San Luis added.

The Trans Fat Free Philippines Bills are currently pending with the House of Representatives Committees on Ways and Means and Appropriations and Senate Committees on Trade, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship.

Read the full FDA Circular here:

Why forward-thinking investors are making the wise choice with SMDC’s Ice Tower RES

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

This newly-launched residential-office property at the Mall of Asia Complex quickly became a coveted asset.

Anyone who has had to work or run a business from home understands the importance of having flexible living spaces conducive to both work and life.

As part of its commitment to provide Filipinos with homes that are tailor-fit to their needs, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) introduced its first residential-office (RESO) development last year, where driven individuals can live, work, and succeed. SMDC’s Ice Tower RESO is located in the bustling Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex, and offers spaces for success designed for modern entrepreneurs to start or expand their business from the comfort of their home.

A testament to the high demand for residential-offices, as well as to SMDC’s reputation as the country’s trailblazing real estate developer, is the remarkable sales performance of Ice Tower RESO. Since its launch six months ago, the development has already sold more than half of its inventory.

What makes this property one of the most sought-after developments in today’s real estate landscape? Let’s take a closer look.

Pursuing goals from home is here to stay

The trend of remote work and the rapid growth of online entrepreneurs is seen to outlast the pandemic, underscoring the rise of homes inspired by the new normal. SMDC’s Ice Tower RESO offers both the luxury and comfort of a premium condominium development, and the collaborative and prestigious environment an office provides.

From drafting inspired business plans to delivering ground-breaking client presentations, Fiber Optic internet technology and 100% backup power system ensures a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. No need to fret when things don’t go your way and stress levels shoot up, as there are amenities that will encourage you to live a balanced lifestyle. Perhaps go for a rejuvenating workout at the Fitness Hub, or have some fresh air either at the resort-styled Central Pool, or the Sky Lounge at the roof deck.

Ice Tower RESO also features facilities and amenities typically found in Grade-A office buildings, which truly sets the property apart. Behind the design of the property’s common interior spaces is Plus Architecture, an Australian-based firm that has worked on several cutting-edge projects, including those for WeWork. There’s a Business Hub with meeting rooms, a conference room and function hall designed for your every need. Meanwhile, an integrated Commercial Hub offers a variety of concessionaires that makes everything all the more convenient for you.

Business efficiency and opportunity, bustling at Mall of Asia Complex

Ice Tower RESO positions homeowners for success in the prime and strategic location of the MOA Complex. The area has evolved from a popular entertainment zone to a full-fledged global business hub. It also boasts convenient access to international airports, major thoroughfares like EDSA, SLEX and CAVITEX, and other key business districts in the metro like BGC and Makati.

Also within the MOA Complex is SM Mall of Asia, one of the largest malls in Southeast Asia. The buzzing district likewise has a wide range of hotels, convention centers, entertainment parks, residential condos, and office spaces that measure up against world-class standards.

According to Leechiu Property Consultants Inc., these factor significantly in the massive growth in value of real estate assets in the Bay City, surging by 947% from 2010 to 2020 at P450,000 per sqm.

Many investors have recognized this promising opportunity and have made the move with SMDC’s Ice Tower RESO. Take the leap now, and reap the sure rewards of your real estate investment.

To know more about SMDC’s Ice Tower RESO, visit

BSP recognizes Colliers as partner for real estate information

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Colliers has been one of the BSP’s sources of insights and data on the real estate sector for more than 15 years

Leading diversified professional services and investment management firm Colliers (NASDAQ and TSX: CIGI) receives certification from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) as one of the monetary policy-maker’s partners for real estate information.

According to the BSP, Colliers has been for more than 15 years one of its sources of insights and data on the real estate sector, which serve as inputs to several of its key reports. These reports provide information and analysis to support the review and formulation of monetary policy by the Monetary Board and review policy strategies used by the BSP to operationalize the stance of monetary policy.

As recognition to its contribution, Colliers has been recognized as one of the BSP’s most outstanding partners for information in 2018 and 2019.

According to Richard Raymundo, Colliers Managing Director: “The recognition from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is a clear reflection of our excellent data-driven approach in the real estate service industry. We are grateful for the recognition and we look forward to further partnering with government institutions for accurate and reliable real estate data.”

Colliers Associate Director of Research, Joey Roi Bondoc, said: “We are pleased with this recognition from the BSP. Our goal is to become a major source of real estate information in the Philippines. We continue to provide timely and accurate information to our public and private sector partners. We commit to continue providing data-backed insights and recommendations thru our reports and briefings.”

Colliers regularly releases reports on the Philippine property market. Covering the office, residential, retail, industrial, and hotel sectors, these reports are published quarterly and are some of the most cited research by the local media, equity firms, and property developers.

In addition to these quarterly reports, Colliers also releases bespoke research covering up-and-coming markets and the latest issues affecting the sector. For instance, in October 2021, the company released reports on Iloilo’s office and residential sectors, while in May 2021 it released a report on future-proofing the office sector by adopting green and sustainable features.

Boy Abunda One-on-one Presidential Interviews: Leni Robredo gets a lot of interruptions from the King of Talak

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Grabe si Tito Boy Abunda. Yesterday he was leading the interviewee. Today, he was interrupting.

Am I the only one who got irked by Boy Abunda's constant interruption? Let the Vice President Leni Robredo finish talking. 

He's not called the King of Talk for nothing talaga. Hahahaha the hidden agenda, Tito Boy ha! 

The King of Talk title is apt. He talks and talks and talks. He is not the king of talk who listens. He is simply the king of talk. So talk he does.

Boy Abunda is called “King of Talk” for a reason because he does not know how to listen without interrupting. 

From King of Talk to King of Interrupting, wag pahalata na masyadong bias. "You speak when you have something to share, especially if you're sharing something that will make this world a better place. You listen when your heart has no agenda." VP Leni speaks because she has something to share and Abunda doesn't listen because his heart has an agenda.

After watching the interview of presidential aspirant - VP Leni Robredo with The King of Talk - Boy Abunda, I just realized one thing. A journalist is very much different from a talk show host. 

The King of Talk needs to learn when and how to listen. He keeps on talking & interrupting na para bang laging may gustong patunayan. We already know he's not a good listener. Sit down, Sir. You were never the most intelligent person in the room. Well, I guess Tito Boy needs to answer his own question: “When is the right time to listen?”  The timer shld be stopped whenever he interrupts, to be fair sa candidate.

Abunda was a very unprofessional listener and did not know how to respect, listen and give time to the interviewee. The time was limited, but Boy Abunda still kept on interrupting. King of talk talaga! He talks too much. Ang daldal!

Boy Abunda tried leading back to the question kaya nawawala sa point si Leni with all the interruptions and follow up questions. Luckily, Leni Robredo thinks and slays harder. 

Is he really the king of talk? Butting in without even trying to let VP Leni finished her point. But I am happy that she retaretaliate. Basic skill in interviews: Listen to understand, not to butt in, not to ask the next question, not to interrupt.

Hindi naman kasi nya balak maintindihan ang sinasabi ng iniinterview nya. Pinapakinggan nya para mabara, makipag talo at ipush ang kanyang agenda or stance. Gusto nya icorner ang Interviewee nya today, unlike during Bongbong Marcos' na halos tulungan niya.

Very obvious. Halos isubo na yung sagot kahapon e pero dito, kinokontra talaga niya. Well, gusto niya rin sigurong lumabas ideas ni VP sa mga counter questions. off lang talaga yung sisingit habang nagsasalita yung guest. Mag workshop muna siya kay Jessica.

Helping ba yun? Eh kaya naman ideretso ni VP ang sasabihin nya without interruption. Sabi nga nya, "Give me time to enumerate".

Let’s put into numbers kung gaano kaatat ang King of Talk to interrupt VP Leni during HER interview, in comparison to BBM.

Time of first Interruption/Interpolation (Number of Interruption)

The first four questions were so-so; both got interrupted around the first 2 mins of their answer and got around 3-5 follow-up questions.

The next questions were total mess:

Soc Med

BBM - 2:18 (5 interpolations)

Leni - 1:26 (9 interpolations)


BBM - 2:07 (3 interpolations)

Leni - 1:50 (8 interpolations)


BBM - 2:19 (4 interpolations)

Leni - 2:02 (6 interpolations)

National Debt

BBM - 2:32 (2 interpolations)

Leni - 2:15 (6 interpolations)


BBM - 2:56 (4 interpolations)

Leni - 2:05 (6 interpolations)

Pres. Qualification

BBM - 2:20 (5 interpolations)

Leni - 2:01 (6 interpolations)

Not to mention the length of his interpolations to VP Leni.

Though her performance exceeded our expectations again! I just wish Boy Abunda became more professional in his line of questioning and a fair treatment.

My takeaway from tonight’s interview: 

1. VP Leni knows the country’s problems. She understands what she needs to do if given the chance to lead. She hesitates when a subject touches on faith but she’s still open for discussions naman. She knows the country's problems, they are concrete, but grand in scale. I trust in her ability, but I am still awaiting on results of these aside from humanitarian programs (magaling siya sa humanitarian na). VP Leni appears to be more confident now kahit ang daming unnecessary interruptions. Indeed, you can't keep a good woman down! Adversity reveals character!

2.This is where the help of people like Ping Lacson comes in, I like the guy, although as of now Leni is more concrete and solid in her roadmap for the future, however, Ping is experienced with the law and can help from his data driven approach.

Leni is appropriate as a Leader and Ping Lacson is ideal as a right hand man. Leni has the vision, and Ping has the integrity and realistic approach that can help it come into fruition.

3. Boy Abunda is annoying. But Leni proved her worth. She still answered eloquently and prudently so kudos to her. If we set aside the interruptions, VP Leni did better here than Jessica Soho's Presidential Interviews. A lot of points were raised on different issues and despite the interruptions, she redirected the conversation to further prove her point. That's my president.

And why do I feel like tito Boy keeps on pushing censorhip when it isn't what VP Leni is aiming for. More of self-regulation and accountability ang dapat magkaroon ang socila media platforms re porn, fake news, cults, etc. That's the point of VP Leni.

Tito Boy likes putting words on people’s mouth- one thing he cannot do to Leni because she’s too smart for that. 

Pinanindigan ni Tito Boy pagiging King of Talk. Sana next time, pwede ring King of Listening while the guest is speaking.

My question to you Tito Boy is, "When is the right time to listen and when is the right time to speak?" Lousy follow-up questions, and why is the host re-explaining and finishing the guest’s sentences? Boy Abunda is like that. He does not challenge the answers. Maybe it's not his style. But i think it's because he's no expert on the subjects to be able to do so.

Boy Abunda is maybe the “King of Talk” but Jessica Soho set the bar so high for a presidential interview. 

Tito Boy is the King of Talk because of showbiz affairs and not because of public and current events. In all fairness, the King of Talk's field is far different from a true journalist's work. it should be Karen Davila, not Boy Abunda to begin with. Davila would have been a better interviewer for the public interest because politics is not show business.

He might say he is not a journalist but an interviewer instead, still sa dami ng inaral niya to become the king of talk hindi lang man ba sia na educate the proper way of interrupting or cutting off the conversation. 

He is acting as if he knows everything.

The stark difference, Boy Abunda is the king of 'TALK' while journalists like Jessica Soho have ethos to follow. Nevertheless, Leni slayed both. 

Kasi ang background training naman ni Boy ay mostly ay mga interview sa mga artista na ayaw niya hangga't maaari na kalabanin o maka away o makasamaang loob. Kaya trained siya na lahat ng sasabihin at tatanungin niya ay walang dapat conflict na mag ensue o mamuo. Hindi na uso yun ngayon.

He had the show THE BOTTOMLINE where he tackled social issues, but still not hard core politics. It's not his core and wont even attempt to go there. Aside from showbiz, i think he likes investigative type of journalism and his show is more to present what they've researched.

In THE BOTTOMLINE, he would invite guests to share expertise on the subjects. So, i think he doesn't really aim to test or grill his guests.

Ang strategy ba ay wag pasalitain si VP Leni kasi mahahata na magaling? Parang less airtime? Kung sa basketball less playing time para hindi makuha ang MVP? Nagtatanong lang naman. 

The interview made me see who really is Boy Abunda. Opened my eyes. He is not a king, after all. Sino ba nag pa uso Kasi. Asia's King of Talk daw. Kelan ba na confer o na award yarn?

It gives you a shortchanged feeling, doesn't it? The "King of Talk" really seems to like the sound of his own voice. He's been a talk show host for a very long time now. Don't tell me, he has no idea about interview decorum? King of Talk kasi kahit hindi pa tapos magsalita ‘yung kinakausap, sisingitan agad ng panibagong hanash. bagay na bagay sa’yo ang moniker mo tito boy.

Seems Boy Abunda aims to impress rather than allowing guests to express.

Parang gusto magpa-interview kaysa mag-interview. 

Ang daming mali in just many basic levels ng King(?) of Talk ninyo! 

Nakakawala ng respeto! Malinaw na ang goal nya ay hindi ang inaasahan na maging tulay sa tama at solid convictions sa mga botante kung sino ang dapat iboto! King of talk. Hari ng kuda. Nag timer pa, siya din umuubos ng oras. 

Ending, sarili nya ang ini-highlight niya.

I used to doubt Leni, but after watching Tito Boy's interview with her, mas kilala ko na si Tito Boy.

Kung si Jessica Soho 'yong tipo ng professor na gigisahin ka during defense, si Tito Boy naman 'yong classmate mong bida-bida. Butting in without even trying to listen? Lol. 

5 minutes to answer for 1 question is too long! Dapat ang Title ng interview is.. Tanong Ko, Sagot Ko by Boy Abunda 

With the tag line, “I am the King of Talk, therefore, only my voice and opinion matters.” 

Seeing Boy Abunda’s interview tonight was my magic mirror moment in realizing how offensive and infuriating mansplaining is.

The “king of talk” inadvertently birthed the term 'Boysplaining.'- -when the interviewer interrupts the interviewee often and does more talking rather than listening

From King of Talk to King of Talak real quick. Being the interviewer doesn't mean it's all about you, dude. Kinig-kinig din kapag may time.

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