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Preparing Students Towards a Gender-Sensitive Energy Sector

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Senior High School students of the Fort Bonifacio High School attended the ENEREADY: A Career Talk on Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Energy Sector conducted by the Department of Energy-Consumer Welfare Promotion Office (DOE-CWPO) led by Helen B. Arias on 24 November at the school’s auditorium in this City.

Based on the directive of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi to strive towards equality, the DOE has intensified its ENEREADY Project to further promote gender balance and development in the energy sector.

“The mainstreaming of gender in the energy sector recognizes both men and women’s significant contributions by giving them equal opportunities,” Cusi said.

According to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the female gender only represents 28% of the total enrollment in engineering and other technical courses from the period 2011-2016.

In an effort to balance the gender fulcrum in the sector, the DOE devised the project to encourage students to pursue a profession based on their passion, knowledge and skills, and not on gender stereotypes which limit technical careers to a certain gender.

Providing a first-hand experience story, the students were able to listen to the testaments of women working in the energy sector, namely: Engr, Martha Isabel S. Dealino of MERALCO, Engr. Katrina Mae S. Royo of MERALCO, both electrical engineers; Engr. Arlyne Joy R. Pestana (Mining Engineer) and Engr. Pia Louren C. Gatinga (Petroleum Engineer) of DOE-Energy Resource Development Bureau, who inspired them on the possible career options and job opportunities before deciding on a college course track.

Meanwhile, Engr. Eduardo B. Fernandez (Mechanical Engineer) of DOE-Electric Power Industry Management Bureau (EPIMB) discussed his experiences while working in the power industry for appreciation on the male gender perspective.

Recognizing the program’s significance towards a gender-balanced industry, the DOE has scheduled another career talk at the Bagong Bayan High School and General Pio Del Pilar High School on November 25 and 28, respectively.

The DOE will continue its gender and development advocacy to eradicate misconceptions and straighten out perceived labels of several occupations under the energy sector.

Photo Caption:

BREAKING GENDER STEREOTYPES: With Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi at the helm, the DOE continues to promote gender equality and gender development in the energy sector. DOE’s resource speaker for its ENEREADY project, Engr. Katrina Mae S. Royo of MERALCO, asked the students about their perception on women working in the energy sector, which drew several responses. According to them, the energy sector is a man’s world and available jobs present more challenges to women than men.

Another Batch of Elementary Students are Energy Cost Busters

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Under Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi’s directive of consumer-centric service, the Department of Energy-Consumer Welfare Promotion Office (DOE-CWPO) led by Helen B. Arias conducted another Energy Smart KidsConsumer Education Campaign for the students of Nemesio I. Yabut Elementary School on 23 November at the DOE-Audio Visual Room in this City.

Cusi emphasized, "The Consumer Education Program shares information about energy efficiency and conservation to future leaders of this nation.”

“After all, if we aim for energy sustainability, we have to teach our youngsters first,” Cusi added.

As part of the campaign, various lectures and desk exercises were made to familiarize the students with energy-related terms.

In particular, Engr. Eduardo B. Fernando of the DOE-Electric Power Industry Management Bureau oriented the students on Basic Electricity Concepts, including discussions on the power supply chain involving generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to consumers.

DOE-CWPO Senior Staff Norita C. Froilan gave a lecture about Household Energy Saving Tips to help the students reduce their electricity consumption at home in fulfilling their pledge as “Energy-Cost Buster.”

At the conclusion of the event, 50 grades five (5) and six (6) students took an oath as “Energy-Cost Buster” by committing to turn off lights and appliances when not in use; conserve electricity, water and other resources and help in the preservation of the environment.

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Celebrates Three Decades of Making a Difference in Communities

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All over the Philippines, the iconic red and white logo of Coca-Cola always evokes a feeling of refreshing ice-cold beverages that can be enjoyed and shared with loved ones and friends to make meal times more special.

But in other parts of the nation, in remote villages where water is scarce, in communities where women are struggling to improve their household income, and in schools where students are suffering from poor health, Coca-Cola has been a refreshing sign of hope and progress, thanks to the various social responsibility programs of the company through their social responsibility arm – the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Inc.

Since it was established in November 1986 as a manifestation of the commitment of Coca-Cola to corporate citizenship in the country, the Foundation has helped improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos through education, health, water sanitation, and livelihood programs. Through the Foundation, Coca-Cola has also provided emergency assistance during disasters and implemented various environmental conservation projects.

Celebrating 30 years of fulfilling the mission of providing sustainable growth and well-being in Filipino communities, the Foundation’s current programs this year are focused on enabling access to safe water in underserved, rural communities as well as providing education and development opportunities to the Filipino youth.

Folayang Victory an Inspiration for Team Lakay Teammates Ahead of Fights

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Five superb athletes from Baguio City’s famed Team Lakay are set to make the familiar trek from the mountains of the Cordilleras down to the glitzy, urban jungle of Manila. Geje Eustaquio, Honorio Banario, Edward Kelly, Danny Kingad and April Osenio are all set to see action on the main card of ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION, which takes place at the Mall of Asia Arena on Friday, 2 December.

While the fighters are all highly-motivated and focused on winning their upcoming bouts, inspiration it seems can come not just from personal success but also from the success of a teammate.

Two weeks ago, senior Team Lakay fighter Eduard Folayang made ONE Championship history by becoming the first man to defeat Japanese MMA legend Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki since the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace signed on to the promotion in 2012. The victory earned Folayang the ONE Lightweight World Championship. It was Aoki’s first loss in four years.

“It was such a joy to watch my friend and brother win the title. I am happy for him. It is an amazing feeling because I know I was able to help him achieve his goals,” said Honorio Banario. “We always try to help each other in training, and we have improved a lot together.”

Swing Your Sundays Into High Gear With Supercharged History This December

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Swing your Sunday late night viewing into high gear with two automotive reality shows, Big Easy Motors and Counting Cars Season 5, in Supercharged History which premieres December 4, Sundays starting at 10:00 pm.

Big Easy Motors highlights the work done by Charles Handler and his crew at The Bomb Factory, a New Orleans-based car service company that turns junk into custom cars. He searches all over Louisiana to look for classic vehicles not in good shape. He fixes them and restores them into as-good-as-new condition. Once the restorations are complete, he sells them in high-stakes auctions where he intends to make a huge profit if everything goes according to plan.

Big Easy Motors, part of Supercharged History, premieres December 4, Sundays at 10:00 pm

Counting Cars Season 5 chronicles the daily activities at Count's Kustoms, a Las Vegas-based automobile restoration and customization company owned and operated by Danny Koker. The series follows Koker and his all-star team as they restore and modify classic automobiles and motorcycles, and also documents the occasional conflict among his staff. For Koker and his crew, because every job is high stakes, they can't afford to lose. 

Counting Cars S5, part of Supercharged History, premieres December 4, Sundays at 10:30 pm

HISTORY is available on SKYCable Ch 67; Cable Link Ch. 43; Dream Satellite Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57; and Cignal Ch 125.

Airport Authorities Implement Traffic, Safety Measure This Holiday Season

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In anticipation of the heavy volume of passengers this Christmas, airport officials have laid down measures to ensure safety and convenience of passengers nationwide.

A slot management system is being enforced to make sure airlines depart as scheduled. The system has helped improve the on-time performance (OTP) of airlines, effectively reducing incidents of flight delays. At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the OTP of airlines improved from 47% to 71% since the new administration took over.

A two-minute waiting time is also being implemented for people fetching passengers at the airport. Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Ed Monreal appealed to the public to refrain from turning arrival gates into a parking area.

"Kailangan po talaga magtulungan tayo dito," said Monreal at a press briefing today.

To improve the flow of traffic to and from the NAIA, Monreal said MIAA is now coordinating with Villamor Airbase to allow passengers to pass through and decongest traffic especially along Andrews Avenue. Security issues are currently being discussed.

The MIAA is also hopeful that the stretch of NAIA Expressway covering Terminal 3 will open in December.

Capt. Jim Sydiongco, Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, also reported that Legazpi, Dumaguete, Roxas, and Caticlan airports are now night-rated. Night landing capabilities will enable airports to accommodate flights after sunset.

In terms of safety and security of passengers, the MIAA will deploy an additional 97 security personnel at the NAIA. The PNP is also ready to augment the airport's security force should it become necessary.

Nine (9) suspects of "salisi" incidents in the NAIA were also presented to the media to show how serious authorities are in ensuring safety of passengers. Since January, a total of 57 "salisi" incidents were reported, wherein 20 have been apprehended.

Monreal also warned airport personnel from asking gifts and favors from passengers this Christmas.

"I have no problem with personnel greeting passengers a 'Merry Christmas,' as long as there is no intention to ask for gifts," he said.

For those who will be found guilty of the act, he warned: "Kapag may nanghingi ng regalo, hindi na yan aabot ng Pasko. Definitely may disciplinary action."

House of Representatives' Probe of Ronnie Dayan is Lowest of the Low - Hontiveros

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The House of Representatives hit a lowest of the low as the House Committee on Justice reopened its probe into the narcotics trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) during Senator Leila De Lima's stint as justice secretary. It was not an investigation in aid of legislation. It was a public lynching in aid of misogyny and sexism.

The intention was clear. Members of the committee were grossly unparliamentary. Their derogatory line of questioning did not aim to shed light on the issue of the drug trade in our prisons. They were meant to humiliate and shame Senator De Lima for her association with a certain man, or her past relationship.

It is very frustrating that in this day and age, the integrity and reputation of women can be undermined by unreasonable, traditional and conservative expectations of women's conduct in romantic and even sexual relationships. It is even more shameful that this nation's supposed leaders, elected representatives of the Filipino people, made the shaming of women a political strategy and a spectacle in the "honorable" chambers of Congress.

Even the very premise of focusing on Sen. De Lima's past relationship reeks of elitism. It assumes that people of a certain social and political stature shouldn't or couldn't enter into relationships with people belonging to a different social class, and should be the subject of ridicule.

It is not surprising that there is a surge in the number of sexual harassment cases against our women both online and off. The dishonorable behavior of our lawmakers has reinforced this despicable culture since the beginning of these investigations.

I join Senate President Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel Jr. and my other fellow Senators in calling on the members of the HoR to observe and respect the principles of co-equality and inter-chamber courtesy even with their issuance of a show cause order to Sen. De Lima. It is prudent for both the House and the Senate to first conclude their respective inquiries on the issue.

Lastly, I urge the House of Representatives, specifically House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to reign in its members and stop them from resorting to sexist and misogynistic attacks against another elected public official. If they are confident that they have real and tangible evidence against Senator De Lima, then let the evidence speak for itself. That is the only way for the Lower House to recover from this plunge into new and unparalleled lows.

Photo: Ronnie Dayan from CNN Philippines

Friday, November 25, 2016

CHED last-ditch attempt to appeal to Congress for the return of P2-B budget cut for faculty development and research Inbox x

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CHED would like to issue this appeal to concerned lawmakers to restore the P2 billion budget cut at the bicameral conference committee on budget scheduled on 29 November.  This will allow CHED to fulfil its role of working towards a locally responsive and globally competitive Philippine higher education system.

On 19 October 2016, the House of Representatives (HoR) during its third and final reading of the P3.35 trillion Duterte Administration budget, slashed the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) proposed P13.37 billion to P11.37 billion.

The HoR removed PhP1 billion each from CHED’s Philippine-California Advanced Research Institutes (PCARI) Project and its K to 12 Transition Program.  These funds were intended for faculty development and research.
For the PCARI Project, which is a continuing program since 2013, the proposed 2017 budget of PhP1.763 billion was intended to support 131 PCARI post-doctoral scholars, which CHED expects to double next year for advanced degrees in science and engineering. It will also fund 35 new PCARI research and development (R&D) proposals.

PCARI seeks to address the low research and innovation productivity of the Philippines in comparison with neighboring countries, based on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index.  It was conceived by the science and academic community and approved by Congress in 2013 as a leap frogging strategy to build the country’s capacity for research that translates to technological innovations, strategic policies and concrete solutions to address development problems in the country.

The PCARI R&D Projects involve 15 Philippine HEIs with collaborators in the University of California. These projects address vital societal-scale problems and seek to develop capacity by supporting scholars who work on topics related to the research projects. All scholars are expected to study full-time or part-time in the University of California.

The current PCARI R&D portfolio includes the extension of cell phone sites for remote areas using the technology in a Village Base Station; design  hardware and software to manage the collection and analysis of big data gathered through the deployment of sensors in the power grid, water system, and the environment; design an algorithm for managing traffic in urban areas; develop affordable and efficient printable solar collectors and power storage systems that could be deployed in rural areas; create an early warning system for plant diseases affecting our banana plantations; design precise water management systems for agriculture; invent accurate diagnostic kits for dengue that could be used by rural health workers; discover new anti-malarial drugs; and enhance local capacity to design and assemble medical devices.

The K to 12 Transition Program was designed to mitigate the effects of the implementation of K to 12 on the higher education sector from 2016 to 2021, and to provide a safety net for faculty, staff and higher education institutions affected by low student enrolment, as students will be in Grades 11 and 12 instead of college. In the 1st semester of AY 2016-17 alone, more than 4,000 faculty and staff received grants from CHED, with an additional 3,000 grantees targeted for the 2nd semester. This allowed CHED to successfully minimize displacement of HEI personnel to just 3,286, compared to the estimated 9,000 for 2016 alone. 

The budget for 2017 is even more critical as two full batches of students—supposedly college freshmen and sophomores, respectively—would be enrolled instead in Senior High School come June 2017.

Continued support is needed to provide cushion to HEIs and encourage them to place their affected faculty and staff in graduate studies, continuing professional education, or research activities instead of retrenchment. Without sufficient funds, displacement numbers will increase drastically in 2017, with a PhP1 billion cut equivalent to a decrease in the coverage of about 2,463 faculty and staff.

CHED underscores the opportunity to invest in strategic reforms during this transition period to upgrade Philippine higher education sector, and for it to become more competitive regionally. In Malaysia, 70 percent of their faculty already have graduate degrees, while in Vietnam, the figure is at 62 percent, paralleled with generous scholarships abroad. Meanwhile, only 50 percent of our faculty have graduate degrees, oftentimes in disciplines not aligned to what they are teaching. Through the K to 12 Transition Program, CHED aims to increase this share to 70 percent in the next 5 years, with accompanying efforts to improve institutional capacities.

Finally, it is important to stress that the reduction in the budget of both projects run counter to President Duterte’s ten-point agenda that puts primacy on investments in human capital development—which begins foremost with faculty who are well-trained in their fields—as well as the promotion of science and technology to enhance innovation and creative capacity.

Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca and Kim Kilgroe to Attend Third Annual PhilBike-Expo

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The PhilBike Expo, the biggest industry standard cycling convention in the country, is celebrating its third anniversary this weekend with a three-day expo at the SMX Convention Center, in Pasay City.

Already announced were the arrivals of world-champion cyclists “The Master” Kenny Belaey, the Superkids (Yu Shogi and Takumi Isogai), and Viki Gomez. Rounding out this star-studded line-up are Canadian mountain-bike daredevil, Geoff Gulevich, and Alessandro Colnago, marketing manager of the esteemed Italian bicycle manufacturer, Colnago.

Just announced are appearances from some of the biggest names in Philippine sports and entertainment:

Kim Kilgroe is one of the most revered triathletes in the country today. She is a member of the Philippine National Team and has won multiple triathlons all over the world.

Gerald Anderson is a Filipino-American actor and producer. He is best known for his roles in TV series such as Tayong Dalawa and My Girl, an adaption of the hit South Korean Drama. His work has extended to film with hits such as I’ve Fallen for You and On The Job.

Jake Cuenca is a Filipino actor and Football player. Known as the “Brad Pitt of the Philippines” Cuenca is highly regarded for his roles in the hit TV series, Kahit Puso’y Masugatan and Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo. He is also a striker for the Football Leauge Division 2 team, Team Socceroo FC.

All three stars will be at the event this Saturday for a meet-and-greet with fans.

To purchase tickets, visit Tickets are PHP120 for one day, and PHP200 for two days until November 21, 12:01PM only. Regular prices of PHP150 per day shall apply on site at the SMX Convention Center. Children ages 12 and below are entitled to a 50% discount while toddlers 3ft. and below enter for free.

DOE Sec. Mobilizes Energy Family For Quick Energy Restoration

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Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi has directed the mobilization of energy assets to fast-track any restoration initiatives amid the entry of Tropical Storm Marce in the Philippine Area of Responsibility last night (24 November).

“I have instructed the Power Bureau and industry participants to ensure the mobility of assets for the smooth restoration in the event that the typhoon damages energy facilities as it passes by,” Cusi said.

As of 2:00 p.m. 25 November, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines reported that there are currently three down transmission facilities (Panit-an-Altavas 69kV Line, Panit-an-Nabas 138kV Line & San Jose-Bugasong 69kV Line) affecting parts of the provinces of Aklan, Antique and Capiz.

The NGCP had earlier restored offline transmission lines. These are the Paranas-Taft-Borongan-Quinapondan 69kV Line, Tolosa-San Isidro 69kV Line and Panit-an-Roxas 69kV Line, which affected parts of the provinces of Eastern Samar, Leyte and Capiz.

According to NGCP, the inspection and restoration of lines in the affected areas will be in full swing as soon as the weather allows.

Teatro Tomasino Proudly Presents Bonifacio P. Ilagan's "Hindi Na Muli”

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Teatro Tomasino, the official university-wide theater guild of the University of Santo Tomas, celebrates its 39th year with a commemoration to Philippine culture and its past which takes form as a thought-provoking portrayal of Bonifacio P. Ilagan's "Hindi Na Muli” this coming December 1 and 2 at the University of Santo Tomas, Tan Yan Kee AVR, under the direction of the organization’s alumni, J.H. Garcia. With the theme, Let thy art illuminate, a theatrical show will be presented to shed light on the events that transpired a few significant years back.

In their anniversary production, Teatro Tomasino emphasizes the need to reveal how our country’s grim past was buried underneath the claims and “unproven” accusations. Witness as Lolo Veni and his family attest to the era that imposed laws that stripped the people off their rights, and had actively rejected common human decency.

The production exposes the brutality of the Martial Law through the story of a family who were mauled and raped by the regime. As they were also the activists who screamed their throats hoarse against the Marcoses, they contest the willingness of the Marcos supporters who turn a blind eye as propagation of false notion about their legacy continues.

Through a theater experience that will confront beliefs and challenge morals, Teatro Tomasino presents the current social issues of the Philippines from extrajudicial killings to the probable de novo Martial Law: will you turn a blind eye or will you make a stand? Would you let it happen again or never again?

Hindi na Muli will run on the following dates: December 1-2 at 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, and 7PM, at the Tan Yan Kee Auditorium, University of Santo Tomas.

For tickets and inquiries, visit the Teatro Tomasino Facebook page ( Tomasino) or follow them at Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @teatrotomasino. You can also contact Jenny at 0906 236 9492 or Andrea at 0915 263 6605.

Know Where to Park and which Roads are Closed during BGC Passionfest 2016

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The BGC Passionfest is one of the most anticipated events by BGCitizens and visitors alike. As Bonifacio Global City’s very own fiesta, it brings distinctly Filipino festivities right to the heart of BGC. This is definitely gonna be another crowd-drawing event so better know your way beforehand, especially if you’re bringing the whole squad.

Good thing Bonifacio High Street (BHS), the venue of the BGC Passionfest, is surrounded by parking spaces. Event attendees bringing their vehicles are encouraged to utilize all the parking lots in the city center, including the following areas:

·         BHS Pocket Parking B1-B8
102 slots
6AM - 12MN
·         Gallery Parkade
481 slots
6AM - 10PM

·         One Parkade
406 slots
24 hours
·         28th West (The Fort Strip)
404 slots
6AM - 12MN

·         Two Parkade
406 slots
6AM - 12MN
·         30th East A
173 slots
24 hours

·         Three Parkade
1,062 slots
6AM - 12MN
·         30th East B
174 slots
6AM - 12MN

Energy Ministers, Experts Discuss LNG Development Prospects in Japan

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To promote fuel diversification for energy stability and affordability, Philippine Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi presented the liquefied natural gas (LNG) roadmap of the country on Thursday (24 November) during the LNG Producer-Consumer Conference 2016 in Japan.

“As an emerging LNG market in Asia, my country, the Philippines can take advantage of the current period of oversupply and the relatively low prices of LNG,” said Cusi in his Keynote Address for the third Session of the said forum.

The Energy Secretary said that currently the Philippines had only Malampaya Gas Field, where 98% of its total production is used for power generation supplying fuel to five natural gas plants in Batangas, namely Ilijan, Sta. Rita, San Lorenzo, San Gabriel and Avion with a total installed capacity of 3,211 megawatts (MW) providing the electricity requirement of Luzon and even the Visayas.

As the country prepares for the depletion of Malampaya’s supply by mid-2020s, Cusi also provided the natural gas project prospects in the country for the Japanese and other international investors to develop which includes –LNG importation, off-grid or missionary islands conversion to natgas power plants and even non-power applications, such as in transportation.

Magtanggol Film Returns to UP After IFFM Win

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Magtanggol, awarded Most Popular Film at the International Film Festival Manhattan this year, returns for more screenings at the UP Film Center on November 28, Monday, at 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The political whodunit film tells the story of a family who has spent years fighting for and helping the disenfranchised and the abused, specifically Overseas Filipino Workers, survive and get out of their hapless situations. The family encounters hardships, opposition, scandals and inter-family disagreements, including a potentially destructive accusation that one of their own has been exacting revenge against known OFW oppressors.

The film challenges the audience to guess who the real perpetrator of the crime is from start to finish. The screenings aim to make Filipinos feel proud again in time for the November 30 celebration of Bonifacio Day.

Starring as the Magtanggol family are Joonee Gamboa, Dina Bonnevie, Tom Rodriguez, Ejay Falcon, Albie Casiño, Kim Domingo and Basti Santos, with William Martinez, Raul Morit, Sunshine Teodoro, Chanel Latorre and Yam Concepcion playing the roles of their extended family members. 

A Delicate Balance: Batanes Food, Ecology and Community Book Launch

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"It's a food book, but it's not a food book." - Marian Pastor-Roces
Nature and people are intimately connected. Over thousands of years, people have interacted with, have formed, and have in return been shaped by, their environment. A closer look at food reveals a story of the delicate balance that can exist between nature and us.

Chimuchimusén, Chinavulés, Tambubu, Uví, Lunyis, Arayú, Maridá. Have you encountered these words? If you've been to Batanaes, and have mingled with the residents, you probably encountered a few of them during the trip. If you're new to them but would like to know more in preparation for a trip (or simply curious), get to know more about these words when you get a copy of A Delicate Balance: Batanes Food, Ecology and Community.

I was fortunate enough to be with the authors (Corazon Alvina and Marian Pastor Roces) of "A Delicate Balance: Batanes Food, Ecology and Community" during their book launch held on November 9, 2016 at the Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong.

The authors gather in this handsome volume the work of many distinguished academics and Ivatan culture bearers, whose explorations into the Batanes Islands offer insights into an extraordinarily resilient food culture.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Stars Take Center Stage In Ballet Philippines’ “Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko”

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Do you like the Pinoy disco music scene of the 70’s? Come and watch your favorite ABS-CBN Kapamilya stars led by Karylle, Michael Pangilinan, Markki Stroem, and Kyle Echarri as they sing, belt, gyrate and groove centerstage in Ballet Philippines’ holiday presentation “Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko,” a new dance musical set to the hits of Manila Sound legends VST & Company.

The VST & Co. is considered one of the pioneering groups from the music genre known as the Manila Sound in the mid 70s. The group is composed of Vic Sotto, Spanky Rigor, Tito Sotto, Val Sotto, Celso Llavina, Monet Gaskell, Male Rigor, Roger Rigor, Jun Medina, Joey de Leon, Homer Flores, Chito Ilagan, Ben Escasa, Fred Concepcion, Boy Alcaide, and Clod Baria. Their impressive collection of hits has left a legacy that endures to this day.

Directed by BP Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales, “Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko” tells the story of the forbidden love between Teresa, a kolehiyala and Victor, a construction worker amidst the backdrop of the Philippines in the late ‘70s – burning with disco fever but chilled by the horrors of Martial Law. They are are separated in life but are united in heaven and once again dance up a storm.

Over the years, Karylle has established herself as one of the country’s finest female celebrities. With her immense talent and disarming beauty, she has conquered the local and international entertainment scene by storm. Her career has spanned the music, television, and film industries. Her performance in the international Asian TV series “The Kitchen Musical” earned her a nomination as Best Actress in the 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival. She has been a regular host of “It’s Showtime” since 2010, but has left the show temporarily to work on Singapore-based television show “Private Investigator”. Her theater credits include Maria in “West Side Story” (2008), Sita in Ballet Philippines’ “Rama Hari” (2012), and Cinderella in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” (2013). In “Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko”, Karylle will take on the role of Ester, a strong-willed “woman of the night”.

ONE Championship Holds Meet and Greet with Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling

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The largest sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship (ONE), held a meet and greet session with world champion swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling today at the Evolve Far East Square in Singapore. Schooling stepped inside the mixed martial arts (MMA) cage today and worked on some drills with ONE Championship athlete Christian “The Warrior” Lee and older sister, ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion Angela “Unstoppable” Lee.

Earlier today at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts Far East Square, world champion swimmer 21-year-old Joseph Schooling took to the MMA cage to showcase a different set of skills. Assisting Schooling in his first experience training in MMA were ONE superstars Christian and Angela Lee. Schooling was guided in a few striking and grappling drills, as well as taught the basic mechanics of self-defense.

Schooling, who is no stranger to tough workout regimens, said it was interesting to try mixed martial arts.

“It’s really great cardio,” Schooling said about the MMA drills. “I just did it for 20 minutes and I'm already out of breath.”

Joseph Schooling was born and raised in Singapore and is a third generation Singaporean. During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he became the country’s first Olympic gold medalist in nearly 51 years. On 12 August 2016, Schooling set an Olympic world record in the Men’s 100m Butterfly event with an official time of 50.39 seconds, defeating the United States’ Michael Phelps who came in at 2nd place with a time of 51.14 seconds.

Travel for Free with Lenovo’s Christmas Promo

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To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, Lenovo, the company that brought the groundbreaking Yoga Book to the Philippines, will be giving away travel vouchers for every purchase of participating Lenovo products.

From now to December 31, 2016, buyers of participating Lenovo products with Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors will be rewarded with P1,000 to P2,000 worth of travel vouchers, depending on the purchased product. The vouchers can be used to pay for domestic and international flights, baggage allowance, as well as in-flight meals with Lenovo’s partner airline.

Travel vouchers also await those who purchase the Lenovo PHAB 2 PLUS until December 31, 2016.

“2016 has been an unprecedented year for Lenovo as we launched two revolutionary products, the Yoga Book and Yoga 900. These two products perfectly embody our customers’ identity of being bold, energetic, and progressive,” said Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan. “Just like our products, this holiday campaign is suited for our consumers who never stand still in the pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation.”

For every purchase of participating Intel Core i3 products, consumers will be given a travel voucher worth P1,000, while P1,500 and P2,000 worth of travel vouchers await those who purchase participating Intel Core i5 and i7 products, respectively.

P1,000 worth of travel vouchers goes to the buyers of the Lenovo PHAB 2 PLUS. All vouchers may be claimed at the designated claiming centers in Metro Manila, and for those who shopped in the provinces, the vouchers will be sent via courier.

Travel Promo Alert: 50% Rebate with

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For a limited time, get back as much as half of what you paid for.

Typical reward programs would give you at least one to five percent rebate only, but with’s special promo for the holiday season, we will be offering an astounding 50% rebate!

Yes, that means you get back half of what you spend! This is’s biggest and most ambitious giveaway to date, and you only have from November 21 to 27, 2016 to avail of it.

Just imagine how much you’re getting with this promo: If you book a hotel worth PHP 2,000.00 you automatically get PHP 1,000.00 back in reward points. With this, you can already book a room worth PHP 1,000.00 for free or use it to further lower the prices of your future bookings. Take advantage of this weeklong promo, especially for the holiday season when staycations and out of town trips are trendy!

This is just the start of our six-week long holiday promo to say thank you to our loyal customers. Check back on and every week to learn about the latest special deal that we will be giving away!

Book your hotels now at and earn big reward points!

The Ultimate BGC Passionfest 2016 Survival Guide

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The BGC Passionfest 2016 is just around the corner and we bet that everyone’s excited to enjoy three days filled with Filipino food, music, games, art, and culture, and no one can blame you. From becoming a simple celebration of Pinoy culture within the BGC community, it has now become a much-awaited celebration for all.

Now running on its fifth year, it is undoubtedly exciting and fun-filled. As a way to help out those joining the festivities, here’s a simple “Survival Guide” for all of those attending.

Passionfest FAQs
First things first, here’s a little FAQs session to clear out a few things about the event.

Is the Passionfest only for the residents of Bonifacio Global City?
No! It’s open for everyone to enjoy.

When is it and where in BGC will it happen?
November 25 to 27, Friday to Monday. The event will take places simultaneously in various areas around BGC such as at Bonifacio High Street and The Mind Museum.

What will happen at this year’s Passionfest?
A lot! Games (with prizes up for grabs of course), music, art, food, you name it. For those attending, be sure to wear the proper clothes and drink lots of water.

Jodi and Thirdy Joins 22nd Maaga ang Pasko to Encourage Donations for Filipino Kids

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Maaga ang Pasko, the country’s biggest and longest-running annual toy and book donation drive, is once again bringing out the iconic boxes that have helped taught generations of Filipinos the value of sharing and the real spirit of Christmas.

On its 22nd year, the Maaga ang Pasko program welcomes the mother and son tandem of Jodi Sta. Maria and Thirdy as ambassadors, hoping to bring more smiles across the faces of more Filipino kids. “Seeing your kid grow up to be a loving, kind and generous person is the most fulfilling thing for a parent. That is why I wanted Thirdy to learn sharing early, and he started that right here at Jollibee,” said mommy Jodi.

To help make this Christmas brighter and warmer for less fortunate kids, the 22nd Maaga ang Pasko ambassadors are inviting families to place their pre-loved gifts—toys and children’s books—inside Maaga ang Pasko boxes at Jollibee stores nationwide, or send in their donations online through campaign partners Lazada and Blink and via the program’s website,

Filipino generosity overflowed in last year’s Maaga ang Pasko program as more than 5,000 kids benefitted from 600,000 toys and children’s books that were collected in Maaga ang Pasko boxes from Jollibee stores nationwide, corporate donors, partners, and online channels.

For this year, Jollibee invites parents and children of all ages to once again help shower children with joy and love. Simply donate pre-loved or brand new toys and books and you can add to the 3.1 million gifts unwrapped and embraced by new owners since the program was launched in 1994.

Geje Eustaquio Looks to Test Opponent’s Striking Ability

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Known as one of the most highly-skilled striking specialists in the Philippines, Team Lakay's Geje "Gravity" Eustaquio has faced some of the best fighters in the ONE Championship ranks. His ability to stay in the pocket and nullify an opponent's offense is perhaps the most deliberate of any fighter in the promotion. That unique striking advantage that Eustaquio possesses will come in handy in his next bout.

Eustaquio (RECORD) will return to the ONE Championship cage on Friday, 2 December at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. He will take on Finnish fighting sensation Toni "Dynamite" Tauru (RECORD) in a three-round bantamweight contest on the main card of ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION.

Eustaquio says he feels great and that training camp has been one of the toughest and most satisfying yet.

"My conditioning is on point. We are at ninety percent right now. By fight week we'll be at a hundred percent and I'll be ready," said Eustaquio.

"There's no more weight-cutting. Fighters fight at their walking weights which makes it so much easier to focus on training and getting better for the next one."

Christmas Warehouse Sale Year 6: Your One-Stop Shopping Extravaganza for the Holidays

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Christmas Warehouse Sale is back on its 6th year!

With Christmas around the corner, the Christmas Warehouse Sale is expected to have more participating brands that offers a wide selection from select SM retail stores, lifestyle and top retail brands, and other independent distributors.

Christmas Warehouse Sale without a doubt will draw the weekend Christmas shoppers to this event for a hassle-free and laid-back shopping experience with great discounts!

From the latest fashion in clothes, gadgets, shoes, bags, Christmas decors, food and a whole lot more, Christmas Warehouse Sale will surely be the answer to your growing Christmas shopping list. 

This event is being promoted by Megatrade Hall, the premier event venue for trade fairs, exhibits and events.

Enjoy a fun and convenient shopping at the Christmas Warehouse Sale on December 2-4, 2016, Friday to Sunday at the 5th level of Mega B Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall.

Energy Chief Inaugurates 150MW Iloilo Power Plant

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As part of government efforts to provide reliable, stable and sufficient power supply in the Visayas, Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi led the inauguration ceremony of the Panay Energy Development Corp.’s 150-megawatt Expansion Project located in Barangay Ingore, La Paz, Iloilo City on Wednesday (23 November 2016).

In his keynote address, Cusi emphasized that community acceptability is one of the major considerations in putting g up a coal-fired power plant or any other energy development project.

“We need reliable and cheap power supply to support our economic development, especially in this fast growing region of Visayas,” said Cusi.

The Energy Secretary underscored the importance of the PEDC’s expansion project in addressing the Visayas power situation which has been experiencing Yellow and Red alerts or insufficient power supply.

Cusi urged strict adherence by coal-fired power plant operators to existing national and international environmental policies and regulations to help mitigate climate change.

“I am pro-environment. My challenge for you (referring to the plant operators) is how to co-exist with your neighbors,” he said.

Cusi also cited the benefits of Barangay Ingore and the City of Iloilo as the host community under Energy Regulation 1-94. "You can use this fund to develop the community and uplift the quality of life of Ilonggos."

Supercharge Your Sundays With History’s Watch And Win Contest On Supercharged History

Wazzup Pilipinas!

HISTORY is giving away 3 sets of petrol vouchers worth PHP3,000 each to 3 lucky winners weekly in the Watch and Win Contest on Supercharged HISTORY, a programming block on HISTORY every Sunday from 10-11 pm.

How to join:

1. Download the IQNECT app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile
2. Watch Big Easy Motors/Counting Cars on Supercharged HISTORY airing Sundays starting
at 10pm.
3. Using the IQNECT app, scan any car featured in Big Easy Motors/Counting Cars.
4. Answer a simple question on the app to participate.

HISTORY’s Watch and Win Contest is open to all HISTORY subscribers in the Philippines. Contestants are allowed to submit only 1 entry each and must be submitted between 10pm and 11pm every Sunday.

Three winners will be selected per week who will win vouchers worth PHP3,000 each redeemable for petrol. Winners will be notified via email or phone within 2 weeks from date of submission of entries.

Contest ends 9 January 2017.

For more information, visit

HISTORY™ is available on SKYCable Ch 67; Cable Link Ch. 43; Dream Satellite Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57; and Cignal Ch 125.

Free, Anonymous and Fast HIV Test for World AIDS Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In celebration of World AIDS Day this December, LoveYourself, Inc., the leading non-government organization on HIV awareness and testing in the Philippines, will again hold its free, anonymous, and fast community-based screening on 27 November at Victoria Court Malate in Manila.

Dubbed as LoveYourself Incognito 2.0, the organization invites interested individuals to register at who can be assured of quality service, as this one-day testing activity is supported by the Department of Health- Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (DOH-RITM), Pilipinas Shell Foundation and Mister Gay World Philippines Organization (MGWPO).

LoveYourself Executive Director Ronivinn G. Pagtakhan said “With this kind of HIV testing day, we always ensure utmost confidentiality and promptness of procedure to best protect and serve our clients.”

“We are also expanding our reach to cover untapped populations who are scared to know their HIV status,” Pagtakhan relayed. He added that while the event focuses on the male population, the group also welcomes females and transgender friends to avail of the free, anonymous, and fast HIV testing service.

Emphasizing on the significance of early detection of HIV, MGWPO Board of Director Ryan D. Soto underscored that “It is not the virus that kills them, it is the pride and stigma.”

In August alone, the DOH-Epidemiology Bureau reported that there are 764 newly-diagnosed people living with HIV (PLHIV), while only 611 PLHIVs who have been diagnosed up to that month have sought treatment.

Alarmed over the huge fallout from the newly-diagnosed PLHIV to immediately enroll to HIV treatment, Pagtakhan said “We are tying testing with treatment to further help our kababayans to live their lives to the fullest even with HIV.”

Property Auction Instant Hit In Housing Fair

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Property portal Lamudi Philippines’ first foray in gathering together various real estate movers and players in the country today reported successful returns in sales and attendees. Held last November 18 to 20 at the Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall, the recently concluded Lamudi Housing Fair, was opened by PRC Board of Real Estate Service Chairman Dr. Eduardo G. Ong.

“The event offers great opportunities for homebuyers and well participated by real estate players,” shared by Dr. Ong as he welcomes guests and the press in the first day of the three-day event.

One major partner, My Saving Grace Realty & Development Corporation, generated a total of Php25 million worth of properties sold during the event’s property auction. “This proves that many Filipinos are appreciating the saleability and investment yield of foreclosed properties and we are now seeing a new trend in real estate buying in the form of property auctions,” said Jacqueline van den Ende, Managing Director of fair organizer Lamudi Philippines and

The fair was attended by more than 2,500 visitors comprised of interested homebuyers, investors, property bidders, and seminar attendees. Other event highlights were the full-house investment and homebuying seminars conducted by industry experts and the discounts offered by various developers and other real estate related companies.

Joanne Almaden, CEO of Philippine Property Expert, talked about a hot topic: investment guide on pre-selling condos.
Lamudi Housing Fair seminar rooms were full-house during the three-day event. Colliers International Philippines Research Manager Joey Bondoc talked on current market conditions and where the biggest investment opportunities can be found. He also discussed his outlook regarding the most profitable real estate locations in the Philippines.

Cover Photo Caption: Dr. Eduardo G. Ong (third from right) Chairman of the Professional Regulation Commission - Board for Real Estate Service opened the Lamudi Housing Fair together with Jacqueline van den Ende (third from left), Managing Director of Lamudi Group Philippines, Claro Cordero, Associate Director for Research, JLL (second from right). Also present were (from left) Ma. Cristina Cruz, Senior Account Manager of Lhoopa Inc.; Armie Nozal, Senior Project Consultant of Solid Pattern Homebuilders Corp.; and Gilles Hage, Head of Corporate Partnerships of Lamudi Group Philippines. (Photo courtesy of Hardwarezone Philippines)

Honorio Banario Stronger As Lightweight, Ready for Another Spectacular Performance

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Baguio City’s veteran striker Honorio “The Rock” Banario (10-6) is ready to return to the ONE Championship cage next Friday, 2 December at ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION. The 27-year-old lightweight standout is scheduled to face Indian boxer Rajinder “Knockout” Singh Meena (8-2) in a three-round undercard bout.

Banario, a winner of his last two fights, says he is wrapping up training and ready to make the trip down to Manila for fight night.

“I’m a hundred percent ready to go back in there again. In victory or in defeat, I will never stop doing what I love to do,” said Banario.

“I never stop training. I train all year round. Whether I have an upcoming fight or not, I’m always prepared. True martial artists are always in search of perfection of their craft. I can’t wait to go back inside the cage and show the world how much better I have gotten.”

Banario’s opponent, Singh Meena, is expected to give him another stiff challenge. Singh Meena has eight victories on his fight resume, but more impressively, all of his victories have come by exciting finish which includes five submissions and three knockouts.

Because both fighters do not know how to back down and will most likely engage in a fan-friendly affair, Banario fully expects fireworks for however long the fight will last.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bibiano Fernandes Says He Loves Manila Like Home

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Reigning ONE Bantamweight World Champion Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes may have been born and raised in Brazil, but the ONE Championship titleholder feels deep in his heart that Manila is his home away from home.

Fernandes (19-3) is the promotion’s top bantamweight talent and is one of the best fighters in the world. He will take on Filipino-Australian sensation Reece “Lightning” McLaren (9-3) in the co-main event of ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION which takes place Friday, 2 December at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.

Fernandes has competed four times so far in Manila. His stint this upcoming ONE Fight Night will be his fifth. The Brazilian says making his ONE Championship debut in Manila was a special moment in his career.

“First time I went to Manila I thought about Muhammad Ali, the boxer, and that I fought in the same arena he fought,” said Fernandes, who debut for ONE at the Araneta Coliseum. “For me that was a big thing. Ali fought there and I fought the same place as him. So for that reason, fighting in Manila is very special for me.”

Fernandes began his tenure with ONE Championship back in 2012 at the event dubbed “Pride of a Nation”. It was ONE’s fifth show overall since establishing the promotion in 2011. Fernandes at the time was being positioned as a superstar in Manila.

It’s Thanksgiving at Burgoo!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

From November 21-30 in line with Thanksgiving Day celebration this November, Burgoo offers Upsize Salads or Appetizers for FREE in all of its outlets located at Tomas Morato (9277424), Rockwell (8981815), The Podium (6875565), Gateway Mall (9136112), SM Mall of Asia (5560091), Robinsons Galleria (6336256), The Block (4420115), SM Marikina (4771934), Fairview Terraces by Ayala (720-9513), SM Southmall (5192114), The District Imus (0915-8023070), Starmall Prima in Taguig (632-1411), and Solenad 3 in Sta Rosa Laguna.

You can get a Large size of your favourite appetizers such as Extra Supreme Nachos, Chicken Tender Fingers, Fried Calamari, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Chicken Quesadilla, Gambas al Ajillo or Supreme Sampler, etc and Sumptuous Salads like Caesar Seafood Supreme, Shrimp Pomelo, Manhattan’s Best, etc for the regular price! This is also Burgoo’s way of thanking God for its many blessings and giving back to its loyal guests!

An annual celebration in the US, Thanksgiving Day is now also celebrated in the Philippines which is also a time for merrymaking, shopping, family reunions and feasts. Enjoy Burgoo’s delicious and huge servings of quality American dishes. Feast on Burgoo’s sumptuous variety of appetizers to share, sandwich and burgers, soups and salads, stone-baked pizzas, delicious pasta, mouth-watering chicken and chops, seafood sensations, premium steaks and ribs, and luscious desserts. At Burgoo it’s always a family treat!

Vikings Season 4 Returns With New Episodes This December On History

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Vikings, the critically acclaimed historical drama on History, returns for its fourth season with all-new episodes starting December 1, Thursday at 9:00 pm.

The series, inspired by the tales of exploring Norsemen of early medieval Scandinavia, follows the exploits of legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) as he leads his army of Viking warriors in daring raids and conquests of most of England and the rest of the modern world. With the help of his brother Rollo (Clive Standen), Ragnar has amassed a great deal of fortune no Viking could ever imagine. But his ambition has also made enemies on all sides that will put the future of his family and his people in grave danger.

In the midseason premiere, Ragnar returns to Kattegat to handle unfinished business in Wessex with King Ecbert (Linus Roache). A face-off between Ragnar’s ex-wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and his second wife Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) becomes imminent as both attempt to plot themselves back into power. In Paris, Rollo prepares for the eventual return of his brother as he tries to build a relationship with his new wife, Princess Gisla (Morgane Polanski). In Wessex, Ecbert grows closer to his son’s wife, Judith (Jennie Jacques), while his son Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) forms a relationship with Queen Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey) of Mercia. King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) arrives in Kattegat with his brother Halfdan (Jasper Pääkkönen), to return with Ragnar to Paris. However, Harald has desires to become the King of all Norway, but must overthrow Ragnar to do so. Not keen in following his father’s wishes, Ragnar’s eldest son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) prepares to sail to the Mediterranean in an innovative new boat built by Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård). 

HISTORY™ is available on SKYCable Ch 67; Cable Link Ch. 43; Dream Satellite Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57; and Cignal Ch 125
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