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Ka Leody De Guzman gets called out for "lavish" Christmas greeting?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

I kinda hate how Filipino twitter will attack activist manggagawa frontlining candididate Ka Leody just because he's upper middle class...

Give Ka Leody a break, as I would appeal to supporters of other candidates to give VP Leni a break, over trivial(?) matters.

Like, do you want everybody who represents you with good intentions to be less privileged and less mobile like you???

Don’t mistake me: I am voting for and supporting Leni against Marcos Junior. In fact, ayaw ko sanang banggitin ito kasi alam kong uncomfortable na sabihin ito. But if *some* kakampinks will go play the matapobre card against Ka Leody, I am willing to bring this up, just to prove that having a fucking corgi or a palatable table setting isn’t enough of a qualifier to tag someone as “elitist,” much less a landlord. We respect Leni’s track record of being a lawyer for the poor (Sumilao farmersetc). We must respect Ka Leody’s record of fighting for workers.

So does having a decent christmas deco and a split-type AC invalidate what Ka Leody has done fighting for better labor conditions in the last 3 decades? Weird.

It’s honestly so infuriating to see people maliciously read Ka Leody ulit?? Why do we think that a nice house and a nice middle upper class lifestyle SHOULD be extreme privileges na dapat out of reach sa mga factor workers etc?? I cannot even. Christmas greeting lang binaboy pa.

I just laugh your political immaturity and ignorance. In political economy, the most important one is political standpoint. Ka Leody is consistent on his stance against neoliberalism which condemns many working class families into poverty, inequality and low standard of living.

The whole discouse about elitism has NEVER been about personal lifestyles. We aren’t the ones saying that Leni is elitist because she’s also upper class. That has never been the point, even as I don’t agree with labeling her elitist as a person. It’s about policies, politics.

Oo ang daming typos kasi i’m so fucking livid. Tapos yung isa “showing off” daw si Ka Leody? HA? How is a picture that happens to be at home “showing off”?? Ano bang gusto niyo sa kanya? Ang baba talaga ng tingin niyo sa manggagawa? ultra-self-deprecation ba gusto niyo?

I’m a kakampink and I love this photo of Manggagawa Leody!

The message is: workers should have a decent place to live in, raise a healthy family, and have some time off to celebrate the holidays.

Actually, I'm happy that despite living a relatively comfortable life, Ka Leody has continued marching in the streets with and for the workers — unlike other politicians who try to brand themselves as "mahirap" but would spend millions for their campaign.

He's not even rich, he's just upper middle class and there's nothing wrong with that. Im pretty fuckong sure he has less wealth than Manny or Marcos Jr.

Go hate Marcos Jr. instead. Ka leody is just like every other Filipino, if not he understands struggles of the poor better.

Maligayang Pasko, Ka Leody and family!

Akala siguro ng mga kakampinks na makatutulong sa kampanya ni Leni yung pag-atake nila kay Ka Leody. Napaka-counterproductive pati.

Hmm. It's not like ka Leody and his supporters weren't petty towards Leni too. May misogynistic comments pa

Ang sad lang though na these two groups shouldn't be fighting kasi iisa lang naman pinaglalaban.

Netflix now streams Don't Look Up: Brace yourself for impact!

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Netflix can have an early present on Christmas Eve... as a treat. Adam McKay’s #DontLookUp is now available to stream on Netflix.

Writer-director, and Oscar winner, Adam McKay made the best 'look in the mirror' mockery of Trumpublicans and the anti-science, anti-truth, ratings-driven shit show of our politics today in his new comedy sci-fi.

This riotous satire that follows a team of scientists as they stare down the end of the world. It's a fine metaphor for the general public's COVID-19 denial and apathy to mass death.

NASA and other world space agencies have been studying this possibility and the forecast for near-earth celestial objects for years. Their efforts helped inform the new film 'Don't Look Up!' The Netflix feature film features the real NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office's emblem.

"Honestly I’m still in shock we got these megastars to do this. I started realizing people wanted to do something that reflected what we were all living through. You could feel it. They wanted to laugh."

The star-studded cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Timothée Chalamet, Scott Mescudi, Cate Blanchett, Chris Evans, Ariana Grande and Meryl Streep.

I’m 10 minutes into Don’t Look Up and OMG …….. LOL! It's definitely a realistic representation of the government so far. The scary thing about "Don't Look Up" is that I'd have even less faith in our real governments to save us from a cataclysmic comet than the dopes in the Orlean Administration...

The wildly varying reactions to Don’t Look Up are just a function of:

A. How ridiculous & terrifying do you think the world is right now?

Divided by

B. How ridiculous & terrifying the world ACTUALLY is right now.

Don’t Look Up is a parable about the climate crisis, a mirror held up to the modern moment. The movie is a necessary look in the mirror, though I wonder how many people will actually see what it’s showing us.

We need to look around, the end of 2021, another hottest year on record–the climate crisis is already here. Really: what are we waiting for?

"We are left with a prescient warning: about the hubris of billionaires, the corruption of politicians, a myopic American culture that gives rise to both & a nation woefully unprepared to lead the world in the face of any existential risk."

The black comedy makes for quite enjoyable viewing because it balances with reality. Reflects what our world has become,was fun from beginning till the end.It's not over the top at all, sadly. Its absurd humor but it is also very very true. All living things are doomed and noone cares. Well done. Humor is all we have left. Would definitely recommend.


Friday, December 24, 2021

#WeWantEstes trends for Blacklist International's championship skin request

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Amid the online clamor for the Estes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Esports said the M3 champion skin is yet to be determined.

#WeWantEstes trends as fans, members, and officials of Blacklist International urge Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer Moonton to reconsider a decision to allegedly deny the M3 World Champions' request to create a championship skin for support hero Estes.

Respect Blacklist's choice to have an M3 skin for Estes. This is their golden chance to show that their advocacy for Equality in Gaming is not just lip service. They should honor their word.

"I want to choose Estes because it's the trademark of Blacklist International since season 7"

Estes is now a widely used support hero, one of the reasons is because of UBE strategy, the most dominant and well-known strat in the history of Mobile Legends. It's also the 1st time that a team was able to sweep the grandfinals not to mention that Blacklist has the longest run in the history of M-tourna. Estes is the foundation of UBE.

Make that hero remarkable and noticeable. Kahit taga-ibang bansa gunagamit narin niyan. Ginagaya na meta sa Pilipinas.

We know that Mobile Legends is better known in the Philippines because of Blacklist International and because they are the champion (M3).

The Moonton should be in favor of the champion's decision! As Estes said "I am the chosen one!"

At least give the players and the fans a valid reason why Estes should not be the hero for M3 Skin. That skin is supposed to represent their team!

Moonton, respect the champions voices cause if you guys already plan the skin then what is the essence of M3 and the hero skin choice of Blacklist?

People already know that Estes is their trademark hero and they also agreed about that in M3 Live. Respect please!!!

Respect support hero users. Give Blacklist their choice of skin.

Remember the names.

Dex Star.
Bon Chan.

The best in the world.
Hail the Queen and Kings of MLBB.
This is Blacklist International.


#MobileLegendsOL #WeWantEstesSkin #WeWantEstes

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Tips to Improve Your Focus

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Many people struggle to focus during certain scenarios. Knowing how to improve your focus will result in a healthy lifestyle overall. When you can easily focus on important tasks, you become more organized and you’re able to achieve your goals. A high level of focus will lead to more tasks being completed faster and more efficiently.

While CBD products may be promising for focus, there are other ways to improve focus.

So, in this article, we will provide you with some essential tips that will help to improve your focus.

1. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to improve your focus and general well-being. Regularly participating in fitness programs helps increase energy levels, reduce stress, and improve focus.

Apart from helping the body, physical exercise can also help with blood circulation, which energizes your brain. Simply doing short and minor exercises every day can help improve the flow of blood to the brain.

2. Meditate

Another way to improve focus is by meditating for around 10 minutes every day. Mediation involves mental exercises which can go a long way in improving concentration. Another form of medication involves surrounding yourself in a comfortable atmosphere and planning the tasks. Meditation takes your mind away from the pressure of the work environment and helps you work with more focus and determination.

3. Get more sleep

Sleep plays a role in making our brains more productive, creative, and efficient. Individuals who don’t get sufficient sleep usually tend to struggle with focus and memory. If you are not getting at least six to eight hours of quality sleep every night, then you might find difficulties in thinking clearly.

Apart from blocking concentration, lack of sleep also confuses your brain, making you unable to think clearly. Therefore, to improve focus, you need to get enough rest.

4. CBD for focus

Regularly consuming CBD oil may enhance your general wellbeing. CBD also enhances sleep which leads to an increase in concentration and focus. CBD may also help decrease the anxiety that prevents you from doing daily tasks.

Some studies show that regular consumption of CBD may reduce the primary causes of lack of focus. Using CBD for focus and concentration helps balance the mind and the endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors to help suppress stress, anxiety, and other factors that cause loss of focus.

CBD oil for memory is a noteworthy benefit of CBD. It has the propensity to improve your focus. CBD works to improve focus by binding with the endocannabinoid receptors in charge of memory and focus. This allows more serotonin to flow to the brain.

Bottom line: does CBD help with concentration?

Yes. CBD can increase your alertness, making you less distracted. CBD also sharpens the mind when doing office tasks.

There are several ways to take CBD for focus. However, if you want to feel the effects immediately, then CBD oil drops are the way to go. Dropping CBD oil under your tongue allows the body to absorb its essential properties leading to improved focus.

After Odette, climate adaptation is our only option

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Typhoon Odette struck islands in Visayas and Mindanao on December 17 and 18, 2021, bringing utter devastation to not just one or two provinces, but to entire regions.

Atty. Angela Consuelo Ibay, Head of the Climate and Energy Program at World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines), said:

“Just as 2021 is about to close, the country is once again scrambling to provide aid to towns and provinces that have been ravaged by a typhoon. Once again, we are left in a reactive stance rushing to the rescue after the catastrophe. The images of towns devastated by Odette (International name: Rai) in Siargao and Dinagat islands, Central Visayas, and all the way to Palawan are like recurring nightmares afflicting our national psyche.

“After Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses in 2020, Ompong in 2018, Lando in 2015, and Yolanda in 2013, the Philippine government should have learned one important lesson by now: climate change means no longer wondering if a stronger storm will hit the Philippines in the future, but when and where it will hit.”

Katherine Custodio, WWF-Philippines Executive Director, added:

“Preparing ahead of destructive typhoons requires long-term vision, commitment, and investment as the next super typhoon can come in 2 or 3 years or it could come next month. There is no way to know when it will happen, making it even more urgent to prepare while the weather is clear. Resources, financial or otherwise, have to be allocated in preparing towns, provinces, and islands from becoming the next disaster.

“WWF-Philippines has projects in some of typhoon Odette’s hardest hit areas and we have launched Oplan Pandamayan to help in the relief efforts. However, we emphasize the need to extricate our country from an endless cycle of relief efforts which are short-term measures against a climate that is changing in the long-term. Our call is for adaptive measures to be urgently implemented so concrete and permanent solutions can protect Filipinos moving forward.”

WWF-Philippines is calling for a clear and comprehensive government plan of action to adapt to the changing climate. With the country’s National Adaptation Plan yet to be finalised, this plan of action should include the following points:

  1. Make “build back better” a reality through stronger climate-resilient infrastructure. Houses, evacuation centers, schools, bridges, power lines, and other basic infrastructure should be built to standards that can withstand typhoons so that people are protected from the impacts of storms. Lives can be saved with appropriate storm shelters that can supply the people with their needs during the strongest typhoons.
  2. Comprehensive urban and environmental planning. Rebuilding towns flattened by Odette has to be done with a lot of thought and planning so that areas with high risks of strong winds, waves can be avoided. The development of cities and towns must take into consideration the extreme weather which can include typhoons or even drought.
  3. Prioritize nature-based solutions. Forests are effective in cushioning strong winds while mangroves at the coasts are highly effective at dampening strong waves. If these natural barriers are destroyed for short-term profit, it reduces the long-term protection of the people. A nationwide rehabilitation and reforestation effort needs to be implemented in areas where tree cover has been severely degraded.
  4. Increase the national budget allocation for climate adaptation actions. Though the national government has stated that climate adaptation is a national priority, the funding for adaptation has to reflect this priority. The government's climate budget increased in 2021 compared to the previous year, but this P282 billion is only 6.26% of the total national budget. A significant portion of the investments on climate change, P273 billion, were concentrated on climate change adaptation actions.

At this point in the climate crisis, we are past the need to praise the resilience of Filipinos. We should also be past the point of hoping for a better future where strong storms will not hit the country. The ultimate lesson is an old one but one that is commonly taken for granted: prevention is better than cure. And to prevent death, disaster and destruction in the future, we must plan, fund, and implement effective adaptive measures and policies across the country now. We, as a people and as a country, deserve a better future. Let’s change the ending.

Christmas Trees: 900,000 Trees to be Planted for Christmas

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

What’s better than planting a tree? Well, you can plant 900,000 of them.

From 1900 to 2015, the Philippines lost two-thirds of all its forests, with its once-impressive coverage of 21 million hectares reduced to a mere seven million hectares.

Despite a government ban on logging, the war against our trees rolls on. About 52,000 of them are felled daily for timber, charcoal, mining, slash-and-burn farming and land development. This intensifies soil erosion, flooding, river siltation, storm surges and droughts.

But there’s good news for our forests this Christmas. As part of its GForest movement, GCash and its allies have pledged to plant over 900,000 trees before the year ends.

Together with the United Nations Development Programme’s Biodiversity Finance Initiative (UNDP-BIOFIN), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines), Ramon Aboitiz Foundation (RAFI), Century Pacific, Ayala Land and Friends of HOPE, GCash will finish planting 120,000 timber trees in Bulacan’s Ipo Watershed, 26,596 timber trees in Pangasinan’s Alaminos Carbon Forest, 300,000 fruit and timber trees in Cebu’s Luyang Watershed and 500,000 coconut trees in the provinces of South Cotabato and Sarangani.

“With our current partnerships, we will be planting at least an additional 400,000 trees in 2022 to bring our total up to 1.3 million trees. We hope to further scale the positive impact of the GForest movement in 2022 as GCash continuously engages fresh and old partners to find new sites to reforest and farmer-beneficiaries to help,” explains GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon.

How to Use the GForest App

GForest was launched in 2019 to boost awareness and funding for Philippine forests by tapping users of GCash, the country’s top cashless service. The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the number of people using GCash, which has reached over 51 million users in 2021.

Half of the country’s population currently have GCash accounts to conveniently send money, pay bills and more. In addition, GCash now has approximately four million merchants and social sellers, which is more than double its previous number of 600,000 business-solutions users in 2019. The app was also able to reach an average of 13 million log-ins per day, peaking at more than 15 million on June 16, 2021.

Over nine million GCash users have so far signed up for GForest, with over 1.2 million regular monthly supporters.

Upon logging in, GCash users are given the option to plant virtual trees, which generates funds to plant real trees around the country. Users earn green energy points by reducing their individual carbon footprints.

Since 2019, GForest users have generated over 16 billion green energy points by doing over 133 million low-impact paperless transactions. Paying bills online for instance, eliminates the need to drive to a bank and consume paper for receipts and forms. More points can be garnered for walking to work, taking the stairs and avoiding single-use plastic items. GForest interfaces seamlessly with existing mobile fitness apps to accurately measure not just energy saved, but exactly how much carbon emissions are reduced.

Each green energy point corresponds to a gram of carbon saved. Points are then used to nourish a virtual tree in GForest. After a user claims enough energy points by doing cashless transactions in GCash, they can use their points to "claim" a virtual tree in the GForest app. GCash and its allies will then plant a corresponding tree in one of its partner sites for each virtual tree claimed in this way. As of December 2021, users have planted well over one million virtual trees in GForest.

“Through GForest, we fully support our local farming communities not just by boosting their livelihoods through tree planting, but by empowering them through farm design and farm planting workshops plus educating them on our financial services which supports our vision of finance for all,” explains GCash Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Vice-president Chito Maniago.

For its part, RAFI conducts tree growing orientations and farm management sessions to help farmer beneficiaries take care of their trees.

“One to Tree is RAFI’s environmental arm that works with communities, for communities,” shares RAFI Partnerships and Portfolios Manager Miggo Bautista. “We work with partner farmers and provide them with technical trainings to ensure that their trees thrive, boosting their livelihoods while fostering their sense of stewardship. This way, we promote both community development and project sustainability.”

RAFI is just one of many GForest partners working to restore the glory of Philippine forests, one tree at a time.
"People talk a lot about innovative financing for biodiversity and GForest is one of the best examples to date of a how fintech can channel significant funds towards conservation protection. GForest has set an inspiring example to companies and organizations around the world to follow," concludes BIOFIN Global Manager Onno van den Heuvel.

UnionBank announces its acquisition of Citigroup's PH consumer banking business

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Following Citigroup's major exit across various APAC markets including the Philippines, Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP) officially takes over Citi's consumer banking business in the country. 

From potential seller to now the buyer, the Aboitiz family is beefing up its banking biz.

It wasn't so long ago when selling Unionbank was on the radar. UnionBank bested other suitors to acquire Citigroup's consumer banking biz in Philippines.

Union Bank of the Philippines is taking over American banking giant Citigroup Inc.’s consumer banking business in the Philippines. UBP will buy Citigroup's consumer banking business in the country for at least 45.3 billion pesos ($908 million).

"UBP was selected by Citi following an extensive and competitive auction process," says the American bank giant, stressing there will be no change in their service to customers during the transition to the agreement’s closing. 

UBP has entered into a Share & Business Transfer Agreement with various subsidiaries of Citi which includes Citi’s credit card, personal loans, wealth management, & retail deposit businesses, as well as Citi’s real estate interests in Citibank Square (Eastwood), 3 full-service bank branches, 5 wealth centers, & 2 bank branch lites. 

UnionBank says the acquisition will be funded by a combination of internal resources, stock rights offering (SRO)

UnionBank: The Bank’s key shareholders – Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Insular Life Assurance, and Social Security System – are fully committed to the SRO.

To recall, the banking giant earlier this year, on April 2021, said it will be leaving 13 APAC markets. It will continue its corporate banking presence in the Philippines.

The transaction with Citi is expected to close in the second half of 2022 and will be funded mainly by a stock rights offering, and is subject to regulatory approvals (BSP Monetary Board, PCC, PDIC, SEC, IC).

Citi will keep running its PH consumer banking business until the acquisition's completion, it adds.

UnionBank also sought a trading halt until 10:30am to give investors 'time to clearly understand and absorb' its announcement on the acquisition of Citi's PH consumer banking business.

About 1,750 employees are expected to transfer to the new owner.

Citi Philippines assures its customers that the development will have no immediate impact on their accounts, deposits, investments, credit cards, or any other services.

Norwegian Jewel to the be First Ship in the Brand’s 17-Ship Fleet to Homeport in Panama City

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), the innovator in global cruise travel, with a 55-year history of breaking boundaries, continues its legacy of “firsts” by announcing that it will become the first cruise line to homeport in Panama City, Panama, offering roundtrip Panama Canal voyages beginning 20 March 2022 with Norwegian Jewel.

NCL’s parent company Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., the leading global cruise company which also operates the Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands, signed a multi-year agreement with the Panama Tourism Authority, which allows the Company to seasonally homeport at the Colon Cruise Terminal as well as at Fuerte Amador Cruise Terminal located on the Pacific Ocean side the country and adjacent to Panama City. In 2022 and 2023, the Company will offer 12 homeport voyages starting with Norwegian Jewel on 20 March 2022 where she will sail a nine-day itinerary traversing the Panama Canal and visiting incredible destinations including Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; Oranjestad Aruba; Willemstad, Curaçao; Kralendijk, Bonaire and Cartagena Colombia before arriving to the Caribbean side of Panama in the city of Colon.

“Part of our Company’s mission is to create unforgettable experiences in some of the most special places around the world,” said Harry Sommer, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line. “This new agreement enables nearly 24,000 guests to experience the beauty of Panama each year.”

Starting 14 January 2023, Norwegian Gem will feature select Panama Canal voyages including an 11-day journey visiting seven ports of call, including Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; Oranjestad, Aruba; Willemstad, Curaçao; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands before ending in New York City. On 6 December 2023, Norwegian Joy will offer a 10-day voyage sailing from Panama City (Fuerte Amador), Panama and visiting notable destinations including Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; George Town, Grand Cayman; Roatán, Bay Islands; Harvest Caye, NCL’s private resort destination in Belize; Cozumel, Mexico and Great Stirrup Cay, the company's private island in the Bahamas before ending her journey in Miami.

For more information or to book a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line, please contact a travel professional; call NCL Hong Kong on +852 2165 6000 and Southeast Asia on +65 3165 1680; or visit

Bongbong Marcos camp presents BIR tax certification showing BBM payment for his tax dues and fines

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Tax Certificate of Bongbong Marcos is just like his diploma from Oxford University —- it looks special.

Bongbong Marcos camp presents certification from Bureau of Internal Revenue showing the presidential aspirant fully paid his taxes and fines in his tax case.

Atty. Vic Rodriguez, spokesperson of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos, presents to the media a BIR certification dated December 9, 2021. 

The camp of Marcos Jr. insists that the former senator had "paid all his deficiency taxes, including interests.” "It has been paid, we owe nothing to the government,” says Rodriguez, showing the BIR certification. 

Rodriguez says this will invalidate the petitioners’ claims against Marcos Jr.  

Ganito ba talaga format ng legit na document from a government agency? 2-3 fonts used?, hindi logo ng BIR ang ginamit kundi slogan logo and walang dry seal? Nasaan ang tax receipt niya?

Does the payment only proves admitting of guilt? Conviction is true which makes him ineligible for public office.Pruweba ito na nag violate si Marcos Jr ng tax kaya nagbayad?

What is the date of this document? If it's less than 5 years old, the more it proves he evaded taxes from years back until the whole issue came about!

if he can ask this government agency to issue him certificate, why cant he asked then the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) for the clearance? it is the only way to fully clear him of the non-payment issue of the penalties imposed, if it is not the RTC then the Court of Appeals (CA) or whatever the rules says.

According to both Justices Panganiban and Carpio, it is the RTC that is the proper certifying authority as it is the final executory court.

His disqualification is based on his conviction, not whether he paid his fines and dues.

It feels like they’re trying to steer the case by making it about the payment instead of the actual conviction. Because a clearance (after paying his obligations) still doesn't erase his prior conviction.

He is still a tax evader. The payment of tax liabilities and fines after a conviction is an acceptance of guilt on the part of the convicted which makes him ineligible for any public office and that he lied in his COC about “not being convicted” of any crime.

Whether he paid the penalty or not, it doesn’t change the fact that he was convicted with a crime that perpetually disqualifies him to run for public office.

Anong klaseng tax to? Nakakapikon ng sobra. Akala ko naman milyun-milyon ang binayaran. Baryang barya lang po. Hindi ako mayaman pero ang tax ko sa isang taon ay higit 10x sa combined tax niya. Maliit na negosyong coffee shop nga eh may 10% withholding tax. Ang iba dyan, kung hindi orderan ng korte, hindi magbabayad. Pwede palang halos 20 years na di magbayad ng tax? Sige, gawin na ng lahat! Kung pwede pa mag- presidential candidate kahit ang tagal ng bayad (malamang dahil kinasuhan lang), e di all na!

Electing him in any government position is a mockery of our legal system. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Bongbong Marcos leads latest Pulse Asia survey on preferred president for 2022

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Has Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son and namesake of the late Philippine dictator, firmed up his lead in the latest opinion poll as he vies to replace President Rodrigo Duterte?

Pulse Asia survey (Dec. 1-6, 2021) shows BBM maintaining an overall nationwide lead with 53%, and 61% in the National Capital Region (NCR).

The tandem of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos Jr. and VP aspirant Sara Duterte-Carpio leads the December 2021 presidential and vice presidential preference.

Bongbong Marcos leads the latest presidential survey of Pulse Asia survey with 53%. Behind him is Vice President Leni Robredo with 20%.

Even with Class ABC, Marcos Jr is strong. What’s happening here? BBM leading in the Visayas? Seriously? Leading din siya sa Bicol? What a laugh!

This is so strange that in NCR BBM is leading at 61%.

Matigas ang mga taga-NCR. Kapit na kapit kay Marcos. Within the margin of error lang ang 2 points na inangat ni Robredo.

I dont get this. Leni only 20+ In Visayas? or 24 only in ABC. Unbelievable. It does not paint the true picture. Consolation is there is a big leap from 3% to 20%. But still Leni is still winning. When Marcos Jr was 47% in 2016, Leni was only 1%.

But I still don't see nor feel the numbers for LBM. Leni Robredo's support is more visible and felt on the ground. This should however be a concern, carefully analysed, action plan to address where the team is weak. 

Marcos’ 53 has nowhere else to go but down. And 5mos is enough for Leni’s number to catch up.

Now the line is clear.  It is Marcos Jr vs Robredo ONLY.  It is now time for the PINK to re assess their messaging.  Send a strong compelling message to the public. It is time for the head campaign team to LEAD & let the volunteers to follow!

How credible is Pulse Asia anyways? Bakit never pa ako na survey? At wala ako kilala na nakasagot sa mga survey na ito? 

Surveys are not accurate as shown on the 2016 VP election. Pulse Asia surveys are for mind conditioning only and nothing else. The survey is not representative of the people. 

if the survey is real, that only means , historical revisionism ng mga marcos ay nag succeed. 5 months may not be enough to overcome Marcos Jr's staggering advantage.

This election could either be a win by a solid minority or a landslide by one of the candidates. We failed our heroes. Sad.

The gap IS wide, but 20% means the Robredo candidacy is NOW viable. At this same point in the election cycle 6 years ago, Pulse Asia had Binay at 33, Duterte at 23, Poe at 21. The gap between 1st & 2nd then was smaller, so Marcos at 53 is a real concern. But history says 20 IS viable. 

But that 53% BBM are the most Passionate Marcos Loyalist supporters and DDS combined. Mahirap matibag ang mga Marcos Loyalists at Solid DDS. Hindi na magbabago yan ng isip kung sino ang iboboto kahit anong gawin ninyo. Kaya I don't know how can you change the mind of this 53%.

VP Leni Robredo's candidacy inspired us to push back against the lies and black propaganda spread by the other camp. People are now seeing through their B.S. claims and self-glorifying conspiracy theories. It's still a long fight, but it also mean we can enlighten more people!

Pero the 12% increase of Robredo didn’t come from BBM. That’s for sure. Never will the BBM supporters swing their votes to Leni. Never. Even if BBM be disqualified. Wishful thinking nalang si Leni. They have the worst strategy.

Saddened and worried that voters have lost the ability to discern and choose wisely. Even if things still change in the coming months, the fact remains that a real loser is the current front runner.

Unlike previous front runners like Villar and Binay who were at the peak of their political careers, this current front runner really has very little accomplishments EVER!

Newly-renovated Manila Zoo set to have soft opening on December 30

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Manila Zoo has a new look after its P1.8-billion face lift which began in 2019.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno shared in a Facebook post on Wednesday a sneak peek at the soon-to-open new Manila Zoo during his quick tour at the site on Tuesday.

"Sa mga Manileño at lahat ng Pilipino, you deserve the best. Ang galing talaga ng Pilipinong manggagawa! Sana po magustuhan ninyo at ng pamilya niyo ang bagong Manila Zoo. Opening soon! :Advance Merry Christmas po" - Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna visited the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden on Tuesday night. The redeveloped facility aims to compete with the famous Singapore Zoo. The new Manila Zoo has its own sewage treatment plant.

Excited ka na ba? Malapit na muling mapasyalan ang bagong ayos na Manila Zoo!

The soft opening of the new Manila Zoo will be on Dec. 30, with families of 1,300 zoo construction workers to be treated as VIP guests.

The renovated zoo will have an Animal Museum, Botanical Garden, and Butterfly Garden. Moreno says Manila zoo, which he notes is patterned after Singapore Zoo, has a "state of the art sewage treatment plant" after the zoo was flagged for dumping untreated waste to Manila.

The public can expect elevated viewing decks, an animal museum, botanical and butterfly gardens, as well as a separated space for Filipino endemic animals and birds.

Mali, Manila Zoo’s lone elephant, gets a bigger enclosure with a bath and play area.

But the old portion of Mali’s enclosure has yet to be renovated as zoo keepers are having a hard time in encouraging the 49-year-old elephant to walk into her new home.

The zoo's only elephant who lived in a concrete enclosure for 40 years, is here to stay despite calls from animal rights groups to relocate her to a sanctuary.

"The entire Manila Zoo measures only 0.055 square kilometers, and Mali's enclosure is one small piece of that. For her physical well-being, Mali needs grass to cushion her aching joints and room to move, not a cramped pen," PETA says.

For years PETA has been calling on the city government to free Mali, who has suffered "potentially fatal cracked nails and foot pads, which are open to infection, and overgrown cuticles" due to living in a concrete enclosure for over four decades.

Zoo management said that tickets may have to be booked in advance as part of the park’s measures to curb the spread of #COVID19 within the park.

No one really cared about Manila Zoo until today. I really appreciate Isko Moreno for this. We should do more like this to preserve our animals and treat them with care. Excited to see if there will be a animal research facility soon. Naway maganda at kumportable ang mga animal enclosure sa newly renovated Manila Zoo.

Ang ganda po. Salamat po sa pag restore at pagpapaganda ng Manila Zoo. I pray na mawala na ang Covid19 so i can bring my family to enjoy this new zoo. We've been to Singapore zoo a few years back so I would want them to enjoy the one in our own country too. Naalala ko 'yung Night Safari sa Singapore, puro Pinoy crew nila kaya pwede natin dito gawin sa Manila Zoo.

After years of neglect, I can finally take my children to Manila Zoo!

Excellent job po, Mayor Isko!

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