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DOTr to unveil first 8 out of 104 NSCR train cars, to sign contract for 304 more train cars

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Continuing its record-breaking streak, the massive North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) System will reach two milestones on Friday, 18 March 2022, with the unveiling of the first 8 out of 104 NSCR train cars (13 8-car train sets) ordered last July 2019, and the back-to-back contract signing for an additional 304 train cars (38 8-car train sets) for the 147 kilometer NSCR System.
Led by Transportation Secretary Art Tugade, DOTr and PNR will unveil the NSCR's first 8-car train set, which was ordered from the Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) and Sumitomo Corporation, manufactured in Yokohama, Japan, and designed to comply with both Japanese and international standards.

The NSCR's train sets are designed to operate at up to 120 kilometers per hour, shortening the travel time from Clark International Airport in Pampanga to Calamba in Laguna from more than 4 hours down to less than 2 hours.

After decades of attempts starting as early as 1994, the 38 kilometer PNR Clark 1 and 53 kilometer PNR Clark 2 segments of the 147 kilometer NSCR System are finally ongoing full-blast construction.

With 35 stations spanning 28 Local Government Units (LGU) from Mabalacat, Pampanga to Calamba, Laguna, the NSCR System is expected to serve over a million passengers per day. During construction, the project is expected to create around 50,000 direct jobs and 110,000 indirect jobs, with an additional 8,000 jobs created when the railway line starts full operations.

The NSCR System is the Duterte Administration’s single largest flagship project under the Build Build Build Program, which aims to move more people, provide more comfortable travel, and boost inclusive regional growth.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Guess the Price and WIN P5K GCs!

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Sustainable living for everyone

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Today, living an eco-friendlier life has become much more manageable. With many simple yet effective ways to make our everyday lives more sustainable, and with many groups ready to help us take that first step toward a greener future, there is every reason to start today. Living a personal sustainable lifestyle can be impactful only if we do it together to preserve our planet for generations to come.

One of the best things to live sustainably is to reduce your carbon footprint. Many seemingly harmless daily activities can contribute to a higher carbon footprint or other greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, leading to dramatic climate changes. An increased carbon footprint includes high electric consumption, driving our cars over short distances, and the excessive use of aerosols and air conditioners, to name a few. Try to identify and minimize these activities if you can, or look for more eco-friendly alternatives, if available.

You can also lower your carbon footprint by using energy efficiently. Use energy-efficient appliances, replace your old lighting fixtures with LED lights, and turn off energy-consuming items when not in use. Doing these eliminates energy waste in your home and helps you save more on utility expenses.

The 2020 Climate Transparency Report disclosed that the Philippines generated 1.18 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per capita in 2017. The country will need to reduce its emissions to below 132 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2030 and below -198 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2050. It is to meet the 1.5°C-compliant climate change mitigation goals of the Paris Agreement, of which the country is a signatory.

Together with the Plastic Credit Exchange, SM Cares helps gather empty, clean, and dry plastic waste at select

SM Supermalls nationwide. Plastic waste may be dropped off every day from 10AM to 5PM.

Another way to make your lifestyle more sustainable is to correctly manage and segregate your garbage. Sort and separate your waste by type (e.g., paper/carton, plastic, glass, metal, electronics, etc.). It helps to find out more about your community's waste collection and management policies. You can even make extra cash if you dispose of your non-organic waste through the proper channels.

You can also minimize the waste you generate at home. There are many simple ways to do this. It includes reusing plastic bags, opting for eco-bags when shopping, and avoiding single-use items. By being mindful of our food consumption, we can also significantly reduce food waste and packaging.

The 2020 Ocean Conservancy and McKinsey Center for Business and Environment report that the Philippines ranked third among the world contributors to plastic pollution, with 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste each year.

SM's Trash to Cash recycling market happens every first Friday and Saturday of the month from 10 AM to 2 PM across all SM Malls and select SDMC Malls nationwide.

As a responsible member of the community, SM has consistently implemented programs to inspire Filipinos to be more sustainable, educating them on the importance of sustainability and how to help protect the environment. It includes the long-running Green Film Festival, which features the free screening of environmental documentaries for students and other program partnerships that promote alternative options to plastic.

SM also has projects that directly engage its mall-goers, focusing on solid waste management. These are the monthly Trash to Cash recycling market and the collection of used lead-acid batteries (ULABs), the Electronic Waste Collection program, and the Plastic Waste Collection program held in partnership with the Plastic Credit Exchange. To date, SM Supermalls have collected more than 11,600 kg. of plastic waste, 2,000 kg. of electronic waste and 908,000 kg. of assorted recyclable waste.

Customers can drop off their electronic waste at bins in the Cyberzone and selected locations of SM Supermalls nationwide.

In addition, SM has been exploring renewable alternatives as its malls' energy source. For instance, in 2020, the company generated 9,620 MWh of energy from solar roof panels installed in ten different malls nationwide. The company has also completed solar panel retrofits in other malls. SM hopes to achieve its goal of having 50% of the energy it consumes being sourced from renewable sources by the end of this year.

"We have always been an advocate of sustainable living. Proof of this is the numerous environmental initiatives that the company has implemented. We build our malls with the environment and community in mind, and we make sure that our developments contribute to environmental protection," said Engr. Liza B. Silerio, SM Supermalls' Corporate Compliance Head. "More importantly, we know that personal sustainability is key to achieving the green future that we want. We will continue to implement programs that encourage positive change within our community partners."

SM Cares is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of SM Prime Holdings, with programs to support communities, promote social inclusion and care for the environment. Its CSR advocacies include the Environment, Persons with Disabilities, Women & Breastfeeding Mothers, Children & Youth, Senior Citizens, and the Bike-Friendly SM Program.

To learn more about these programs, visit


SM Prime: Building strong foundations of responsible development

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The topic of sustainability in property development has surged since the world experienced Covid-19. Having to redefine the use of spaces, people soon realized how instrumental real estate is in the journey towards a more sustainable way of life. With the threat of climate change looming in the horizon and a growing population to sustain, the need to build more sustainable and resilient cities only continue to rise.

SM Prime traces its journey on sustainable design and development way before the concept has gone main stream. At the heart of SM is its commitment to serve its customers – designing its malls to bring better comfort and an enjoyable experience in every visit to SM Supermalls.

Sustainable Comfort

Built through several phases of development, SM Megamall, among SM’s 78 malls across the country, has grown into the complex it is today with 800 shops including 250 dining outlets and 16 anchor tenants. Customers explore the expanse of the 10-hectare development from its convenient parking grounds, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful façade. Behind this is sophisticated engineering anchored on sustainable design and technology.

· SM Megamall is energy and water efficient. The building is enveloped with EIFS or Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems board which helps boosts wall insulation, making it more resistant to heat. It only uses LED lighting system allowing a 50% energy saving. The mall also tracks a lighting operating schedule following the supply requirement of our mall activity and does not contribute to environmental lighting pollution so as not disturb nocturnal animals. It also uses sensor activated escalators that contribute to about 30% energy savings. It’s air handling system uses high-efficiency air-conditioning system that has greater environmental stewardship. Lastly, it uses efficient water fixture for water savings and recycles water.

SM Megamall

· SM Megamall works with the natural environment. The mall utilizes green walls, skylights and clerestory or a high section wall that contains windows above eye level to increase the flow of natural light. It is surrounded with plants of local varieties and selection of trees and shrubs.

SM Megamall Bicycle Racks

· SM Megamall promotes mobility. Situated in the middle of EDSA, SM Megamall brings 550 buses into one integrated system to promote easier mobility. Green hybrid transports provide options for the more environmentally conscious passengers. All public transports are required to meet mandated emission levels in support of the Clean Air Act. The mall is pedestrian-friendly with about 1,595 square meters of covered walk ways. Throughout the mall, designated bike lanes and parking spaces are provided. Lastly, parking sensors not only make parking easier but has also reduced emissions in the parking areas.

SM MegaTower

· SM Megamall practices responsible materials management. The mall uses Echostop ceiling finish for noise absorption which is made from gypsum and paper liner made from 100% reclaimed and recycled paper. The Mega Tower uses insulated glass units which keeps heat out during summer months and Low E-glass to minimize the amount of ultraviolet light that comes through the windows, with both features maximizing energy savings. It also has a Material Recovery Facility dividing recyclables, biodegradable waste, residual waste and hazardous waste.

Environmental Strategy

All these initiatives are aligned with SM Prime's environmental strategy of developing, designing, and building integrated lifestyle cities with sustainability and resiliency considerations in mind.

Echoing these efforts, SM Prime continues on its transition to clean energy. Aside from investing in energy efficient programs, the company is broadening its renewable energy investments. SM Prime targets to increase its demand for electricity sourced from renewables by more than 50% across all of its business segments by end of 2022 in support of the Department of Energy's goal of moving the country's renewable energy supply component up to 35% by the end of the decade.

Moreover, as part of a growing movement of responsible and sustainability-centered enterprises, SM Prime has joined the 2,500 organizations worldwide in supporting the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and its goal of creating a more resilient financial system through better climate risk disclosures. Through this, it hopes to continue to drive its business to adopt more sustainability initiatives related to climate change.

At Hamilo Coast, SM property in Nasugbu, Batangas, it continues to uphold its commitment to sustainability and conservation as it planted 50,000 more mangroves which covers 100,000 square meters of the estate. This is also touted as one of the largest mangrove areas in Nasugbu. Hamilo Coast continues to protect its mangrove ecosystem together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines—a partnership it has nurtured since 2007.

Hamilo Coast also undertook the initiative to declare three of its coves, namely Pico de Loro, Etayo, and Santelmo as Marine Protected Areas in 2009.

SM is regreening the country sides through its tree planting program led by SM City Baguio. This is in partnership with the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Cordillera Administrative Region (DENR-CAR), Baguio Water District, the local government of Baguio City and 25 media organizations in Baguio.

As of January 2022, over 600,000 trees have already been planted in Baguio City and neighboring towns in Benguet.

SM further promotes sustainable practices through water recycling and the adoption of technologies that promote smart water use. In 2020, it was able to recycle 28.9 million cubic meters of water.

In terms of solid waste management, SM Prime has intensified its campaign by requiring all contractors to implement proper waste management procedures during construction. A long-running program through SM Cares, the monthly Trash to Cash (TTC) provides an avenue for the community, including properties’ tenants, to participate in solid waste management. This initiative ran for nine months in 74 malls and five SM Development Corporation properties in 2020, saving 134,067 seven-year-old trees to date.

It also undertakes paper recycling in partnership with the Trust International Paper Corporation and the responsible transport, treatment, storage and disposal or processing of the properties’ generated hazardous waste, compliant to the government’s implementing rules and regulations.

Resiliency as a Necessity

While SM serves millions of customers every day, its impact goes beyond its businesses – touching the lives of millions more in the communities wherever it is present. For a country like the Philippines, the impact of climate change can already be felt with typhoons getting stronger and more frequent.

Hans T. Sy, chairman of the Executive Committee of SM Prime has served in leadership roles in both national and international organizations focused on disaster resiliency and its impact to business and society. Leading by example, SM integrates disaster resiliency in its business strategy as well as its city and mall designs and developments. This, not only allows SM businesses to operate during calamities, instead, also helps communities become more resilient to typhoons.

“I believe in an age-old adage; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. SM Prime has taken deliberate steps to reinforce resiliency across its properties and provide a focused approach on sustainability in order to preserve communities and save lives,” said Mr. Sy.

Such is the impact created by SM Masinag.

Vermont Park Phase 1 is located near SM Masinag. For years, it would undergo flooding during typhoons. However, the story has changed. Since SM Masinag opened to serve the community, it has been equipped with a water catchment facility that can detain 17,681 cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to 7 Olympic size swimming pools. This helped control the flooding of nearby villages during typhoons.

Meanwhile, SM Marikina, which is also in a high-flood rate zone, is able to serve as first responder and a safe haven to affected families during times of calamities. This is because it is standing on 246 stilts with an elevation higher than the highest recorded water level rise in Marikina City.

Sustainability and Resiliency as Strong Foundations for Responsible Development

SM Prime anchors its development on both sustainability and disaster resiliency. For SM, both serve as strong foundations for responsible development – to address the increasing demand for urban areas and to address the threat of climate change.

From the onset of concept design, SM Prime allocates around 10% of capital expenditure to incorporate sustainability features and disaster resilience when building malls, offices and even integrated lifestyle cities.

"The safety of the communities, employees, customers, and the facility structure remains top priorities in all SM Prime developments. As I tell my design teams ever so frequently, ensuring safety is the only way I can sleep well,” Mr Sy said.”

For SM, this means the hard infrastructure capacities as well as how spaces are designed to facilitate mobility, green transport options, greener buildings and even green technology such as being powered by solar energy. As such, wherever SM operates, SM Prime makes every effort to help create the spaces and cities we need in order to sustain ourselves into the future.

SM reinvents ‘Building on Stilts’ as a Climate Resilient Design for the Futur

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Floods and rising water levels brought about by typhoons are perennial problems in Marikina city, which is considered as one of the low-lying areas of Metro Manila. During typhoons, Marikina River’s water can rise up to 23 meters compared to its normal average level of 13 meters. While this causes the communities surrounding the Marikina Watershed to be underwater, SM Marikina stands tall, serving as a safe haven to its neighboring communities.

The secret? It is sitting on 246 stilts.

SM City Marikina is uniquely designed. The 6-hectare mall property which is located within the Marikina River Watershed is an elevated mall built on top of 246 stilts.

“A critical part of building climate resilient structures is to understand weather patterns and how it affects the environment where your city or building will be,” explained Architect Fides Garcia-Hsu, Vice President of SM Engineering Design and Development (SM EDD). “During the design phase of SM City Marikina, we considered the long-term flood cycles of the Marikina Watershed, which was identified to be a high-risk area by the World Bank in 1977.”

Building on stilts traces back to ancient civilization from different parts of the world. The answer lies in its powerful functionality. Elevated construction had been the way earliest people groups would protect themselves from flooding, moisture and surface organisms. It also gives them provision for open space storage or cultural activities. Lastly, it reduces cost in modifying natural terrain. While building on stilts have been adopted by modern architects through the years, people had lost interest in it during the rise of urbanization.

SM revisited the functionality of ‘building on stilts’ and reinvented the concept as a climate resilient feature. This design was complemented with other disaster preparedness considerations to help reduce the risk of damages during extreme flooding. As such, SM City Marikina was built an additional 20 meters farther than the suggested 90-meter distance from the Marikina River centerline. Moreover, the ground floor parking was purposely laid out as an open-design, without walls to allow water to flow, while the second floor was elevated at 20.5 meters, which is higher than the maximum recorded flood levels.

During super typhoons, SM Marikina’s resiliency saves an average of Php1 billion in terms of losses from business sales alone. This means that it is able to help its tenants, especially the micro, small and medium enterprises that depend on the mall for their business continuity and growth.

For its neighboring communities, SM Marikina also serves as a safe haven and a first responder to families who are affected during calamities. It also provides free parking spaces for those who are stranded and need a safe place to wait for flood water to recede.

“Our ultimate goal is to help build the resilience of our stakeholders. This begins by building our own resilience to serve as a good foundation they could rely on especially during calamities,” Garcia-Hsu said.

Beyond the city of Marikina, building on stilts may be experiencing a revival in other parts of the world as urbanization begin to rise along with a greater demand for greener spaces. This would allow for high rise developments while keeping ground levels reserved for much needed green open spaces.

While it took SM an additional 15% in its capital investments to make SM City Marikina a disaster resilient mall, the group sees it as an essential investment in its commitment to create shared value for its stakeholders. This, complemented with a science-based approach on climate scenario risk analysis, allows SM City Marikina to defy odds and prove that integrating resiliency is the way to a climate resilient future.

Have your breakfast and save the planet

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 World's first breakfast set made from 100% bio-based plastics launched in South Korea, with impact in the Philippines

Products come with high-quality features with a low environmental impact

Philips Domestic Appliances (DA) partners with EcoMatcher to plant trees with every purchase from the Eco Conscious Edition

Philips DA invests in a few thousand trees to be planted by an NGO in the With the Eco Conscious Edition, Philips Domestic Appliances introduces the first complete sustainable breakfast set made with 100% bio-based plastics    from plant oil waste. The breakfast set is designed to offer consumers a green alternative and supports our collective Philips Domestic Appliances’ ambition to grow responsibly and sustainably. The Eco Conscious Edition includes a modern designed kettle, toaster, and coffee maker that comes with different energy-saving functionalities.

In line with the sustainability push, Philips Domestic Appliances is partnering with EcoMatcher to plant trees with every purchase from the Eco Conscious Edition products i.e., each item comes with a tree that can be redeemed.  At EcoMatcher, there is emphasis as well on the social and economic impact tree planting can have on societies, partnering with foundations with a focus on long-term and sustainable empowerment and development on local communities . 

Consumers can redeem trees and track every tree with satellite maps. Philips Domestic Appliances will create a forest by initially investing in a few thousand trees and will work with EcoMatcher’s NGO partner in the Philippines, Fostering Education & Environment for Development (FEED), to plant the trees.  Trees can be tracked on EcoMatcher’s website as well on EcoMatcher’s iOS/Android app. Consumers can name their tree(s), see where it is planted, track its CO2 performance online, and so much more. What’s more, through ForestSounds, tree recipients now can immerse themselves in the local environment of their tree by listening to the sounds of the tree's location. 

High-quality features with a low environmental impact

The complete, durable breakfast set consists of three kitchen utensils: a kettle , toaster  and a coffee maker . The set of these three products accounts for 21% less CO2 emissions . Even the packaging is eco-friendly. 

Sustainably designed with 100% bio-based plastics

The introduction of biologically based plastics made from used cooking oil as part of the product assembly not only means a reduction in water pollution, CO2 emissions  and overall use of natural resources, it represents a breakthrough in the field of developing and manufacturing sustainable materials. A more environmentally friendly production process has emerged: it starts with sunflowers that are processed into cooking oil. After the cooking oil is used in kitchens it is safely collected and transported to a factory that specializes in processing waste products into biobased plastic granules. These granules are then used by Philips Domestic Appliances to manufacture the Eco Conscious Edition. 

5000 Series Eco Conscious toaster

Make your toast exactly how you like it thanks to eight browning settings including a reheat and defrost function. The automatic power button ensures energy savings. It comes with a handy crumb tray and a removable dust cover to close the appliance when storing. List price: ₩99,000.

5000 Series Eco Conscious kettle

Get your favorite wake up beverage quick and easy every morning. Our kettle comes with a capacity of 1.7 liters and an easy-to-read water level indicator. This way you know exactly how much water you need for the number of desired cups and you don’t need to waste a drop. The automatic power button also ensures energy savings. List price: ₩99.000.

5000 Series Eco Conscious coffee maker

Enjoy your coffee’s great taste and aroma every morning. Thanks to the “aroma twister” you enjoy the taste and aroma of your favorite coffee to the fullest. In just 10 minutes you brew no less than 10 cups, saving you energy. List price: ₩129,000.

Nicholas Lee, Market Leader and Vice President, Philips Domestic Appliances said, “The Eco Conscious Edition products represent one of the next steps on our journey towards achieving a comprehensive set of commitments across all the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) dimensions. We are also very pleased to partner with EcoMatcher, an innovative platform that allows consumers to track and watch their trees grow in a transparent way. Our vision is to grow this forest in time thereby offsetting our carbon footprint and at the same time, help the planet and local communities.” 

B.K. Shin, Country Manager, Philips Domestic Appliances South Korea said, “We are seeing more Korean consumers willing to buy eco-friendly products and they are willing to pay more for them . Our ambition is to eventually create a complete Philips Domestic Appliances collection of products designed with sustainability in mind. By introducing bio-based plastics made from used cooking oil, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, we help to reduce water pollution, we limit overall use of soil resources (meaning a lower impact on food production) and we create products with parts that are recyclable.” 

The products are available on online malls and Coupang, and some Lotte department stores. 

For more stories about Philips Domestic Appliances, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Funding helps promote electric vehicle uptake in B.C.

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Community groups and local governments throughout B.C. can receive funding through the province’s Community Outreach Incentive Program to educate and encourage people to switch to electric vehicles.

“We’re helping to raise awareness about the many benefits of EVs in communities across B.C. As more and more people make the switch to EVs in all parts of the province, everyone benefits from cleaner air and less pollution,” Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, said in announcing the initiative. “And by reducing carbon emissions and using clean energy to get around every day, we’re working toward our CleanBC plan to build a stronger, brighter future.”

The Province is providing $118,000 through the Incentive Program under a partnership with the Emotive outreach and awareness campaign to support B.C. communities, organizations and local governments delivering local and regional EV-awareness campaigns that include video production, EV charging, EV events and demonstrations.

This year, funding was also provided to the Clean Transportation Targets and Planning pilot that supports target setting, policy planning and implementation to encourage the transition to EVs as well as other forms of transportation, such as walking, cycling and public transit.

“More people than ever before are discovering the benefits of switching to electric vehicles in communities across the province,” noted George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

Among those funded in this round of Community Outreach Incentive Program is the Musqueam Indian Band, receiving $13,000 to create a series of videos showcasing Musqueam residents and staff sharing their EV experiences to promote the health and environmental benefits of EVs. Funding is also supporting research and planning for future electrification of the Musqueam vehicle fleet.

“Experiencing the adverse effects of climate change in recent years has made reducing on-reserve CO2 emissions a priority for Musqueam membership and administration,” said Ehsan Haghi, project lead and community energy specialist, Musqueam Indian Band. “The COIP funding enables the band to provide information to the membership about the cost of purchasing an electric car, the financial and environmental benefits of switching to an electric car and critical factors to consider when buying an electric car.”

The Resort Municipality of Whistler and District of Squamish received $9,960 to create videos that profile EV drivers in the commuter workforce in the Sea-to-Sky region and host a webinar to educate people about the advantages of EV ownership.

The programs align with the goals in the Province’s CleanBC Roadmap to 2030, which details a range of expanded actions to accelerate the transition to a net-zero future and achieve B.C.’s legislated greenhouse gas emissions targets. Included is a required 26 per cent of light-duty vehicle sales to be ZEV by 2026, 90 per cent by 2030 and 100 per cent by 2035 – five years ahead of the original target.

Today, B.C. is leading the country in transitioning to EVs with more than 60,000 light-duty EVs on the road, the Province said.

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Philippine Post Office Launches activities for National Women’s Month

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The Philippine Post Office joins the nation in celebrating 2022 National Women’s Month with the launch of a series of activities to commemorate the event which was held in front of the historic lobby of the Manila Central Post Office in Liwasang Bonifacio.


Philippine Commission On Women Deputy Executive Director Maria Kristine Josefina G. Balmes was invited as guest speaker.


Director Balmes talked about the gains achieved for women and girls, and actions towards gender equality and spoke about the steps that must be taken to ensure progress in empowering women. She noted that even prior to the celebration of National Women’s Month, the Post Office has already honored and immortalized in Postage Stamps the Filipino women who have brought pride and inspiration to the country which include First Filipino Olympic Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz, Yuka Saso, the First Filipino to win the US Women’s Open, Lea Salonga, Monique Lhuillier, Josie Natori, Olivia “Bong” Coo, Gloria Romero, Rosa Rosal, Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos and Susan Roces.


The Philippine Post Office is proud to pay tribute to women letter carriers and frontline workers nationwide. Women Letter Carriers in Mega Manila Area (National Capital Region) were given plaques of recognition for their loyalty and outstanding contribution in the postal service.


“They (women letter carriers) have not only taken good care of their families but also nurtured our postal business and raised the standards of our public service”, Postmaster General Norman Fulgencio said.


He added. “We are proud that almost half of the Post Office workforce is composed of women and perhaps this is why we are headed towards a more progressive and mapagmalasakit (compassionate) Post Office”.


“The Post Office emphasizes the importance of equality among men, women and other gender. Hindi po tayo tumitingin sa kung sino ka man, what is important is your integrity, diligence, and competence. We admire and respect women everywhere. They deserve a safe and conducive working environment, which the Post Office will always provide”, Fulgencio said.  


The National Women's Month Celebration (NWMC) theme from 2017 to 2022 is "WE Make CHANGE Work for Women", which highlights the empowerment of women as bearer of change that is anchored on malasakit (compassion) at pagbabago (change).


Spearheaded by the Human Resource Management Department, the Post Office celebrates Women's Month this year with events lined up to celebrate National Women’s Month. These include a Stamps Design Contest, a Lecture on Sexual Harassment and Safe Spaces Act, Health Services Engagement, Gender and Development (GAD) Day Care Reunion and honoring of “Solo Parent” Employees. 


The façade of the historic Manila Central Post Office Building was illuminated with Purple. It is the color of International Women’s Day which signifies justice and equality.

Mobile vs. PC Gaming

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PC games have dominated the market for decades, but gaming has continued evolving over the years. However, mobile games have grown in popularity in the last decade, controlling almost 50% of the revenue in the gaming market.

While both platforms offer a wide range of games, many still wonder which the better option between computer and mobile gaming is. Let’s see the answer in this article.

Gaming on a Smartphone

Smartphones are the new favorite devices for millions of gamers in the industry. These devices are highly affordable compared to consoles or gaming PCs and they also lower the entry barrier for mobile game development companies. Even without spending money, developers can create a basic-level mobile game using free tools and assets readily available online.

The convenience of carrying a mobile phone everywhere we go has also contributed to their popularity on the gaming market as lots of players enjoy playing games while on the go. Additionally, they don’t need to be plugged into the power source all the time and you can easily carry your power bank to recharge them at any time.

Besides their convenience, mobile technology is constantly improving and developers are continually creating more immersive games while reimaging the old ones. Moreover, mobile game developers have entered the gambling and esports market, with operators like Betway leveraging this trend through their sports betting app that offers hundreds of games to wager on.

Gaming on a PC

To lots of gamers, having a gaming PC is crucial for any player who takes this favorite pastime seriously. To some extent, that’s quite believable as PC systems feature robust hardware that can handle the high-quality graphics featured in most modern games. However, mobile phones have also rapidly evolved in the last five years and they can offer good storage space and support high-definition graphics.

PCs cover a long journey, ranging from casino games at sites like Betway to online survival war games. Their processing capacity and visual offering are essentially unrivaled, with lots of PC games supporting a high level of customization. Unfortunately, you'll need to set aside a bigger budget compared to mobile gaming for you to create a system that fulfills various needs.

Despite the cost implications that PC gaming comes with, the systems are upgradable. That means you’ll always have the option to add or replace the components with new, powerful ones. Additionally, you can use your desktop for various activities, including work.

Mobile Or PC Gaming: Which One Is The Better Platform?

Mobile phones have significantly evolved to become innovative, powerful, and beneficial gadgets for different users. In the gaming world, phones have grown to handle games with high-definition graphics, immersive stories, and lots of storage demands than they could handle years ago. For instance, some flagship smartphones are using DDR4 RAM technology, which is typically common with PCs. However, mobile gaming is typically popular with casual gamers, although developers are creating sophisticated titles like Fortnite and PUBG mobile.

PC gaming is less casual and it features lots of AAA and competitive games which players enjoy. For instance, PC games like Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto V, League of Legends, and Dota are dominating the esports market and there are no mobile versions for them. However, gaming companies are introducing AAA games to mobile phones.

Gianluigi Buffon's bad luck in major tournaments

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Nobody can argue with the fact that Gianluigi Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in history. Whenever keepers of that quality are on a field, make sure to visit 1xBet in order to start betting on them.

Probably the most important highlight of Buffon’s international career was winning the 2006 FIFA World Cup with Italy. However, he has missed many matches of major international tournaments due to injury. Some of the competitions that he missed partially or fully were:

the Euro 2000;
the 2010 FIFA World Cup;
and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Probably the worst of these episodes came during the Euro 2000. At that moment, Buffon was only 22 years old, however, he was already the starting keeper for the Italian side. Obviously, Buffon was selected as part of the Italian squad that was going to take part in that competition. All the Euros and other major football competitions are available at 1xBet for placing wagers.

However, a few days before the beginning of the tournament, the keeper suffered a broken hand. For this reason, Francesco Toldo, who was originally the second goalkeeper in the squad, played during the competition. Also, Christian Abbiati was called to have three keepers in the squad.
The negative streak continues

Six years later Buffon played all the matches in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which saw his squad becoming champions for the fourth time. When visiting 1xBet mobile, fans will find multiple opportunities to wager on those fantastic football tournaments.

However, the 2010 and 2014 World Cups wasn’t so positive for the Italian. The squad had a disappointing performance in the 2010 competition. In fact, the performance was so bad, that they finished last in their group.

The first match of the Italians during this competition was against Paraguay on the 14th of June. The match ended 1-1 with goals from Daniele de Rossi and Antolín Alcaraz. Before the end of the first half, Buffon looked like something was not right. He seemed to have pain in his back. To not risk things further, Buffon was replaced by Federico Marchetti during the half-time. Marchetti played the two remaining matches of the Italian team. The mobile 1xBet site features all the matches of the Italian national side.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was another opportunity for Buffon to redeem himself. He was selected as part of the Italian squad.

However, prior to the first match against England, it was reported that the keeper was suffering physical problems. This was soon proved right when Salvatore Sirigu was chosen as the starting keeper rather than Buffon. However, Buffon recovered to play the two remaining matches.

Rebisco eyes international podium finishes through committed support of PH volleyball

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The beach volleyball men’s and women’s squads left for Brisbane Tuesday night while the men’s volleyball team will be off to Qatar on March 20 as part of their preparation for the 31st Southeast Asian Games in May. The women’s team is scheduled to train in Brazil in April.


All national teams will train for two weeks in world-class environments in top-notch volleyball countries.


The Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) and national team patron Rebisco arranged a fitting send-off for the squads – 16 men in indoor volleyball plus six men and six women in beach volleyball -- via a well-attended virtual press conference Tuesday morning.


“This foreign training is of paramount importance, because it gives us a lot of exposure,” PNVF President Ramon "Tats" Suzara told the media. “Foreign training helps our national teams improve.”


Noric Ng, Business Unit Head of Rebisco, reiterated Rebisco’s commitment to supporting the PNVF’s national team program. He said he believes the teams will do well not only in the SEA Games in Vietnam in May, but also in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.


“Rebisco has been and will always be firmly committed to the sport and to the improvement of all our teams,” he said. “We love the sport with a passion. That is why we support it at all levels—from training coaches and referees in the grassroots, to giving young people a chance to get better at the game in high school competitions, to supporting collegiate teams and participating in the professional league.”


Supporting the national teams since 2017, Ng said Rebisco’s desire to help the national volleyball program is so that Filipino athletes can be competitive in international competitions. “It is a sacred duty,” Ng said. “We do it for national pride.”


“Rebisco’s goal is to help the PNVF grow the sport and make volleyball an expression of the Filipino soul, locally and internationally. Our dream is that one day we can finish at the podium in a competition of nations,” Ng concluded.

Pinoy filmmaker wins special prize in New York

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Award-winning Filipino filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Richard Soriano Legaspi won the Special Honor Mention at the sixth edition of the 21 Islands International Short Film Festival in New York City.

Legaspi added another feather to his cap when his experimental short film “Job Order” was announced winner of the special prize during the festival’s awarding ceremony last February 23.

The film reflects on the daily journey of migrant workers in Taiwan as it shows the geography and culture of the island through a fast-moving narrative and as a reflection of their limited time.

The 21 Islands ISFF features animation, experimental, and live action films “from island nations, island states, island cities and island territories around the world.”

This year, it also screened selected films from Australia, Canary Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Madagascar, Madeira Island, Malta, Manhattan, Montreal, Puerto Rico, Sardinia, Sicily, Singapore, Taiwan, Tenerife, United Kingdom, and Vancouver Island.

“We showcase short films that depict stories that express cultural, philosophical, and aesthetic perspectives shared by artists living and producing their work in islands and their respective audiences,” 21 Islands ISFF curator, filmmaker, and media producer Melisa Ramos explained.

“Job Order” was selected “from thousands of multilingual submissions originating in hundreds of qualifying locations worldwide.” The experimental film was previously shown at the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival in Greece last October.

Completing the circle of winners are “Hedy” directed by Andy B. Clarke (Ireland), Best Film; “Martin’s Vantage Point” by Chedey Reyes (Canary Islands), Best Script; “Before the Beauty is Gone” by Mackai Sharp (Vancouver Island), Best Editing; “The Hole” by Fang Hsin Kai (Taiwan), Best Animation; “Hello” by Oldren Romero (Cuba), Best Cinematography; “Nostos Algos” by Juan Diego De Leon (Dominican Republic), Best Direction; “Pacing the Pool” by Radheya Jegatheva (Australia), Best Documentary; and “Cacos” by João Brás (Madeira Island), Audience Award.

The festival, which shines a spotlight on island life in its richness and diversity, was presented by Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, “a multigenerational performing ensemble, multidisciplinary arts presenter, and owner/steward of bilingual arts facilities” in The Bronx and in Manhattan, NYC.

“A diverse cross-section of the community served by Pregones/PRTT participates in the festival selection process. Artists, activists, scholars, audience members, and neighbors of diverse age and cultural heritage evaluate over 1,500 multilingual film submissions from more than 200 islands worldwide,” the organizers revealed. The finalists then competed for both Festival Jury and Audience Choice awards.

Legaspi is a three-time Gawad Alternatibo awardee of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, winner in the screenplay category of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, and a recipient of the UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate, eventually becoming a resident artist of the Università delle Idee, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, and winner of the ILLY Can Prize Design – Art for Social Change in Italy.

His other films have competed and won in different film festivals in the Philippines and around the world.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

CNN hosts first virtual Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates in the Philippines with Microso

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CNN Philippines hosted the first presidential and vice-presidential debates at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with a virtual audience, in partnership with Microsoft. Citizens were able to participate in the Philippine electoral and democratic process, while maintaining restrictions in place during COVID-19.

Ahead of the national elections in May, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has planned three presidential and vice-presidential debates. In addition, news organizations are also given the opportunity to conduct COMELEC-accredited debates of their own to further give voters across the country insight into candidates’ policies, priorities, and positions on pressing and current issues.

CNN Philippines’ presentation, titled “The Filipino Votes” was set for February 26th and 27th, 2022 at UST’s Quadricentennial Pavilion, for vice-presidential and presidential candidates, respectively. However, with limitations on public gatherings still in place due to COVID-19, they faced the challenge of replicating the audience atmosphere and direct engagement that would feature in the event under normal circumstances. For this, CNN Philippines partnered with Microsoft to power a virtual audience experience using Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams, a combined virtual audience of nearly 800 individuals from various segments of society including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), senior citizens, students, professionals, and various other social groups were able to attend the debates, interacting and responding in real-time to both the candidates and CNN Philippines’ news anchors who served as moderators for the event.

“Technology has been at the forefront of the world’s response to COVID-19—enabling nations and communities to adapt, thrive and to sustain our way of life in spite of the challenges we continue to experience,” said Microsoft Philippines Public Sector Director, Joanna Rodriguez. “As an organization, we’re committed to ensuring our technology benefits the world around us, driving lasting innovation and purposeful impact today and for the future. We’re excited by the opportunity to do just that for the Philippines. This partnership with CNN reflects the transformative nature of digitalization and its cross-cutting purpose – democratization of technology to empower the government, the institutions and the citizens of the country.

“The Filipino Votes” convened nine of the country’s ten presidentiables and seven of nine vice-presidentiables, making it the most well-attended media-led candidate debates so far in the lead up to the May 2022 elections. Both debates were broadcast live on television and CNN Philippines’ online channels and have reached more than 4.7 million Filipinos nationwide. The debates are available on demand via CNN Philippines’ social media channels.

"The May elections will be a critical crossroads for the Filipino people, a test of our resolve to strengthen the rule of law, human rights fundamentals, accountability and transparency of government. And our debates will serve as our modest contribution towards this end. Microsoft's team of engineers, project managers and technicians provided us the technology and platform to set up the debate’s virtual audience and showcase an immersive and communal viewing experience to our viewers," said CNN Philippines President, Benjamin Ramos. "We at CNN Philippines are so proud to partner with Microsoft as we successfully staged a very important event which educated and informed our electorate as we draw closer to decision day."

In line with its national commitment, Microsoft Para sa Bayan, Microsoft Philippines has been working closely with national and local governments, businesses across industries, and communities to accelerate purposeful innovation and digital transformation through a broad range of initiatives, technology interventions, and skilling efforts to empower stakeholders and create sustainable societal impact.

"For 27 years now, Microsoft has been a partner to the Philippines. We have always been and will continue to be allies in nation-building," said Rodriguez.

Microsoft Teams is a secure teamwork and collaboration platform that brings together apps, communication tools, and shared spaces that people and organizations need. Its powerful meeting and videoconferencing capabilities allow for thousands of users to join calls, making it a trusted virtual event platform since the pandemic, seeing similar use in the Parliament of the Maldives, and Malaysia’s youth-led Digital Parliament. Its Teams Live Events capability allows users to broadcast to up to 10,000 participants and its Together Mode uses AI segmentation technology to digitally place participants in a shared background, creating the feel of an in-person gathering.

It’s all out irresistible deals at The Metro Stores Sidewalk Sale on March 18 to 20

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Catch the biggest price markdowns on supermarket and department store finds at The Metro Stores

Doing it BIGGER and BETTER every year – The Metro Stores is back with its first big sale event of 2022. It’s all about making life easy with affordable shopping of extensive product selections at The Metro Stores Sidewalk Sale from March 18 to 20.

In a bid for an exciting invitation for customers to march back to the stores and to re-engage them with the shopping experience they missed, The Metro Stores is kicking off it’s first sale event of the year with up to 70% OFF discount, and Buy 1 Get 1 deals on great finds. #ShopTheMetroStores in-store at Metro Supermarket and Department Store branches nationwide or online at

Need an upgrade on home appliances? Big discounts for even bigger savings await at the Metro Department Store on houseware, storage essentials, electronics and major appliances and furniture. Metro shoppers can avail P8,995 off on a 65” UHD LED TV with a free soundbar, or bring home a new aircon at P15,497 off. Add in some cooking ware and save P899 on cooking pots and P575 off on portable barbeque grills for more delectable dishes at home.

Make comfort and affordability meet with up to 40% off on sofa sets and recliner chairs for your living room or give your room a quick makeover with storage and organization products at nothing over P300.

There’s more to purchase as the sale does not stop there. Now’s the best time to fill up the pantry and grocery essentials with the lowest price markdowns. Take advantage of bundle deals with free items on meal staples, such as fresh meat and vegetables, snacks, and even toiletries, cleaning items and more from Metro Supermarket.

That is just a sneak peek at the headline items to be featured during the Sidewalk Sale. At The Metro Stores, there’s always something new to discover. Shoppers can expect to buy more and save more with the wide selection of products at jaw-dropping prices in The Metro Stores’ first big sale of the year.

Customers can also avail of The Metro Stores’ Personal Shopper services through call, text, or Viber! Visit for more information.

Visit the nearest Metro Supermarket and Department Store to get first dibs on the participating products on sale or #ShopTheMetroStores online via Join The Metro Stores Viber community to stay updated on the latest sales, promos, and announcements.

About Metro Retail Stores Group Inc.

The Metro Retail Stores Group Inc., previously known as Gaisano Metro, is a retail company that built its first Metro Department Store and Supermarket in Colon, Cebu City in 1982. It has grown to own and operate over 60 branches of supermarkets, department stores, and hypermarkets in Luzon and Visayas with heightened presence in Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, National Capital Region (NCR), Central Visayas, CALABARZON, and the Bicol Region.

As one of the largest supermarket and department store chains in the country, Metro aims to make life easy for its customers by offering wide and assorted product selections at affordable prices through convenient ways. Customers can #ShopTheMetroStores in-store or order online through and have it delivered straight to their homes or picked up at the nearest Metro branch.

Follow on Instagram and The Metro Stores on Facebook or join The Metro Stores Viber community to stay updated!


Doing it BIGGER and BETTER every year – The Metro Stores is back with its first big sale event of 2022. It’s all about making life easy with affordable shopping of extensive product selections at The Metro Stores Sidewalk Sale from March 18 to 20.

Need an upgrade on home appliances? Big discounts for even bigger savings await at the Metro Department Store on houseware, storage essentials, electronics and major appliances and furniture.

Take advantage of bundle deals with free items on meal staples, such as fresh meat and vegetables, snacks, and even toiletries, cleaning items and more from Metro Supermarket.

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