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WorldHotels Begins A New Era Of Hybrid Conventions At Kobe Portopia Hotel In Japan

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WorldHotels, a global brand representing over 200 of the world’s finest independent hotels, is proud to showcase successful hybrid conventions at Kobe Portopia Hotel in Japan. According to statistics released by the Japan Tourism Bureau (JNTO) in 2018, Kobe Portopia Hotel ranked first position for hosting the most number of international conventions among Japanese for two consecutive years. To continue its impressive track record, the hotel recently introduced an innovative hybrid MICE experience based on the stringent “Three Cs Rule”, which mandates avoidance of closed spaces, crowded places and close contact.

A pioneer of MICE service providers in the post-pandemic world, Kobe Portopia Hotel led the way in executing large scale events while protecting the safety of its guests, associates and public health. From 25 to 27 August 2020, the hotel hosted the 49th Annual Meeting of the Interventional Radiology (IVR) Society Japan using a combination of in-person and virtual meetings via live broadcasts. The landmark event was attended by 1,918 delegates including 383 guests who were physically present at the event.

“WorldHotels is proud to feature the celebrated Kobe Portopia Hotel in our WorldHotels Elite collection. Renowned as an innovator in the Japanese hospitality scene, it continues to set the new industry benchmark for hybrid MICE events amidst the pandemic. This remarkable pioneering spirit complements WorldHotels’ commitment to elevated delivery of service and amenities. As Kobe Portopia Hotel marks its 40th anniversary in 2021, we look forward to many more remarkable milestones together,” said Roland Jegge, President Asia Pacific for WorldHotels.

In response to safe management requirements due to the pandemic, Kobe Portopia Hotel piloted the first hybrid convention in August 2020. Digital transformation through broadcast technology and contactless events management systems, the hotel successfully executed while safeguarding the health and safety of all delegates, its associates and the local community. 

Notable precautions that were introduced for the hybrid event include:

A thermographic camera is placed at the entrance to screen delegates’ temperature

Capacity limit of event venues was reduced to ensure safe physical distancing rules

Service style for the luncheon was adapted in order ensure a safe yet delightful gourmet experience for the delegates

Style of the Luncheon Seminar changed in order to ensure the safe distribution of food for the participants 

Ample hand sanitizer stations were created throughout the venue

All delegates were encouraged to register with the contract tracing system created by the Japanese government

Since April 2016 Portopia Hotel has been a designated administrator of the Kobe International Convention Center and Kobe International Exhibition Hall. One of the hotel’s greatest strengths is understanding the needs of both organizers and participants, providing a one-stop-shop on behalf of the hotel, convention center and exhibition hall facilities. Portopia Hotel has a proud legacy of impressive achievements over the years. In addition, the hotel has developed with the nation’s first “MICE/Regional Tourism Personnel Training Program for Inbound Demand”with Kwansei Gakuin University’s Graduate School. It is looking to further personnel development in the MICE industry through collaborations between industry and academia. Portopia Hotel aims to provide a premium experience to organizers and participants while contributing to Kobe city by hosting conventions that have a high economic ripple effect. As Kobe Portopia Hotel celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021, the hotel aims to further strengthen itself, both in “software” and “hardware”.

For more information, please visit Kobe Portopia Hotel, Japan. .

Microsoft Launches Surface Pro 7+ for Business, Surface Laptop Go for Business and Surface Go 2 for Business in the Philippines

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Purpose-built to empower people, teams, and classrooms in the new digital age

Surface Pro 7+, Surface Laptop Go and Surface Go 2 joins the Surface for Business portfolio – offering the versatility, connectivity, and security that enterprises and educational institutions need to adapt to the changing landscape.

Microsoft today introduced Surface Pro 7+ for Business, Surface Laptop Go for Business and Surface Go 2 for Business for commercial and education customers in the Philippines to support business productivity and continuity in remote and hybrid working environments. Surface Laptop Go and Surface Go 2 will start shipping today and Surface Pro 7+ for Business will start shipping from 8th February 2021 via Surface Commercial Authorized Resellers Nexus Technologies Inc., Accent Micro Technologies Inc., Advance Solutions Inc., and ePLDT Inc. 

“Surface is more than a device — it is a strategic enabler for businesses. We are committed to designing technology that fosters productivity, creativity, and connection to empower people to be successful. We have spoken at length with many of our customers in the last year, listening to their journeys into remote everything. These discussions combined with extensive commissioned research and the work done by our Applied Sciences group, have helped us understand their rapidly evolving needs,” said Andres Ortola, Microsoft Philippines Country General Manager. “This was a critical part of our development process for Surface – ensuring commercial customer voices are not only heard but brought directly into our product development.” 

Microsoft found four key learnings during customer conversations and from research:

1. The future of working and learning is hybrid and requires more flexibility: Views on remote work have changed, 82% of managers say they will have more flexible work from home policies post pandemic, and 71% of employees want to continue work from home at least part time. People are sharing spaces throughout their home and are moving locations more throughout their days to stay productive and accommodate others.

2. Connectivity is critical to uninterrupted business operations: With multiple people in a household now connecting from home, it is putting a strain on bandwidth - where people are using their cell phones more often as hot spots for online meetings due to poor internet connectivity.

3. Camera to camera is the new face to face: Microsoft has learnt through research that people are feeling more empathetic to one another now, and through the lens of a video call they have a better view of life at home and even feel more valued and included as a remote contributor in meetings with everyone being in the same virtual room.

4. End to end security from chip to cloud is more critical than ever before: Organizations need their data and workflows to be secure to enable remote and hybrid work. Devices need end to end security features to enable the productivity needed to maintain business continuity.

Surface Pro 7+ for Business

Surface Pro is by far the most widely adopted Surface device across enterprise and education customers and Microsoft continues to be inspired by its customers and their use of Surface.

Surface Pro 7+ also comes with the latest 11th Gen Intel Core Processors, 2.1 times faster performance, and longer battery life of up to 15 hours. The device offers the versatility people need to work wherever, whenever they want. In addition, with both USB-A and USB-C ports, Surface Pro 7+ offers the adaptability to dock into external displays and leverage the needed peripherals for a full workstation set up. Microsoft has also integrated front and rear facing cameras into Pro 7+ with 1080p full HD video along with Dolby Atmos speakers and dual far-field Studio Mics so people can be seen and heard.

Surface Pro 7+ will come with a lightweight, sustainable commercial packaging that is 23% lighter than the previous generation and made from 99% natural fiber-based material, of which 64% is post-consumer recycled content. These updates are also reflective of Microsoft’s continued commitment to sustainability.

The Surface Pro 7+ for Business is priced at PHP 72,490.00.00. 

Security, Deployment, and Manageability by design with Surface Pro 7+

For the first time, Surface Pro 7+ will ship with Windows Enhanced Hardware Security features enabled out of the box. The devices can be managed and updated through the cloud from the first moment the device is turned on and throughout the device lifecycle without IT having to physically touch the device. Customers can have peace of mind in knowing they get great security without compromising employee or student experiences. Microsoft has accomplished this through tight integration between the UEFI (modern BIOS), firmware, and the Windows operating system stack and have shared their implementation of the Microsoft UEFI as open source on GitHub as Project Mu.

Surface will also use the latest Microsoft deployment capabilities like Windows Autopilot to enable devices to ship directly from the factory to people’s homes and be ready to go with security policies, applications, and settings applied. Windows Autopilot gets people online, connected, and productive as quickly as possible, and eliminates time consuming re-imaging and manual device set up for IT departments.

Finally, Microsoft recognizes the importance for customers to be in control of their data. Surface Pro 7+ will also feature a removable SSD for data retention, to support the security and privacy needs of commercial and education organizations. This feature, combined with Microsoft BitLocker protection, makes it easy for customers to retain sensitive data if something happens to their device.

Surface Laptop Go for Business

Surface Laptop Go has a beautiful 12.4” PixelSense touchscreen display[1], large precision trackpad and a full-size keyboard with 1.3mm key travel for an accurate and comfortable typing experience. The sleek, streamlined design comes in three durable and lightweight metal finishes in Platinum.

Surface Laptop Go is powered by Intel’s 10th generation i5 Quad-Core processor with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage[2] and is optimized for performance and battery life. For a quick and secure sign-in, the Surface Laptop Go 10th Gen Intel® Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD has a Fingerprint Power Button with One Touch sign-in through Windows Hello. One Touch sign-in also provides fast, secured access to OneDrive for Business Vault files and more, so users can jump in quickly and be productive.

Surface Laptop Go feels snappy and fast taking full advantage of cloud connected experiences like Microsoft 365 and online storage. With up to 13 hours of battery life[3] plus Fast Charging, it will keep up with enterprise and education organisations’ users all day.

Whether learning or working, people are using their camera, speakers, and mics more now than ever before. Surface Laptop Go has a built-in 720p HD camera and Studio Mics, enabling classmates and colleagues to see and hear each other clearly. Omnisonic Speakers and Dolby® Audio surround users with amazing sound – whether on a video call, watching a movie, listening to music and more. To help users connect, there are both USB A and USB C ports, an audio jack, and the Surface connector.

The Surface Laptop Go for Business is priced at PHP 44,990.00.00.

Surface Go 2 for Business

Surface Go 2 has a thin, lightweight design with a 10.5-inch PixelSense display, improved battery life and a model with up to 64% faster performance than the original with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ M options for the first time. It has added Studio Mics, dual microphone solution, to increase voice clarity and reduce background noise for Microsoft Teams meetings or video chats, and a 5MP front-facing camera delivers sharp video even in low light. Additionally, the new Camera app for the rear-facing camera makes it easy to scan documents and whiteboards – whether users are sharing notes from a meeting or turning in homework. Paired with Surface Pen, Surface Go 2 allows distance learners and remote workers to stay digital, while unlocking the power of natural ink for things like drawing diagrams, marking up documents or working through math equations. The Surface Go can be paired with a Platinum Type Cover.

Surface Go 2 for Business is priced at PHP 38,990.00.00.

Surface for Business Accessories

Complete the experience on Surface Pro 7+ for Business with the new and improved Signature Type Cover (Black color), Arc Mouse (Platinum color) and Pen (Black color) that complement for enterprise customers. For Surface Go 2 for Business, pair with the Type Cover (Platinum color). The Surface Dock 2 transforms the Surface device into a desktop PC with a 199W power supply to charge Surface devices, plus USB-C® ports that support dual 4K monitors at 60Hz.

Surface for Business

Surface for Business devices provides specific experiences and features built especially for commercial customers including enterprise-grade security, and leading modern management with Autopilot, Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) and Microsoft Intune. Windows 10 Pro comes standard on Surface for Business devices, offering additional built-in security and management features that lets our customers focus on running their business. In addition to the standard hardware warranty, Surface for Business customers get free Advanced Exchange - a warranty service with expedited device replacement, at no additional cost.


The latest Surface for Business devices will be available in the following configurations in the Philippines:



Suggested Retail Price (in PHP)

Surface Pro 7+ for Business 11th Gen Intel® Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD (Available in Platinum)


PHP 72,490.00.00

Surface Laptop Go 10th Gen Intel® Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD

(Available in Platinum)


PHP 44,990.00.00

Surface Go 2 8th Gen Intel® Core m3 Processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD

(Available in Platinum)


PHP 38,990.00.00

·        Surface Type Cover for Surface Pro (Available in Black)

·        Surface Type Cover for Surface Go (Available in Platinum)

·        Surface Arc Mouse (Available in Platinum)

·        Surface Pen (Available in Black)

·        Surface Dock 2

PHP 7,290.00

PHP 5,790.00

PHP 5,150.00

PHP 5,075.00

PHP 14,999.00



Crystal White: The new face (or cleavage) of online LIVE selling

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Wala akong nakikitang mali sa live selling na nakalabas yung DD. Alam niyo kung ano yung mali? Yung husgahan niyo yung buong pagkatao nung dalawa nang dahil lamang sa isang basic marketing strategy. Naghahanap-buhay lang sila. Wala silang niloloko." - Christian Albert Gaza

Sabi nga ni Bruno Mars jump on it

If you sexy than flaunt it

If you freaky then own it.. 

if you have it then share it.. 

pag inggit then pikit it.

Don't mind the bashers. They are only insecure because hindi nila naisip yon. They are the new face of online selling. *I salute* such a creative mind.

Haters gonna hate. That's all they do.

Just ignore na lang that kind of people.. Hindi nakakatulong at nakakaperwisyo pa sa paghahanap buhay ng iba... Dapat sa mga taong yan itali sa puno at ipakagat sa langgam ang kanilang ano... hahaha!

Respect everyone's hustle. Ganun lang yun. Tuloy-tuloy lang tayo.

Ang nagrereklamo lang naman eh yung mga jowang selosa at online sellers na hindi makabenta. Kailan ulet live nila?

It's just like attending a carshow or motorshow with the model girls offering parts or oil right? Sexy ladies with curves and plumps in the right places bring in spectators even if it's just to take photo ops with the ladies, the cars do get noticed too.

Walang mali doon. Nagpapasalamat pa nga ako dahil sa live nila idol ay ang laki ng naitulong nila sa pagtangkad ng ilang mga binata.

Mga inggit lang yung mga putak ng putak kaya Madam Crystal White. Ipagpatuloy niyo lang yan. Kami ang mga supporters ninyo.

Baka po lumalakas na kayo. Marketing strategy din ng kalaban yan. Siguro tuloy lang hanggat ok kay FB. In this generation, balewala na po ung ganoon. Sa PornHub nga isang click mo lang nandoon na lahat. Eh ano ba naman yung cleavage lang. Di mo alam kung now lang mga nakakita ng cleavage eh. Mga nagkakagulo amp. 

Ako, I'm focus more on the shoes, naka three na ko na kuha. Lol!

Akala kasi nila niloloko sila pero lahat alam na totoo yung mga nakikita natin. Ang laki talaga ng AMERICAN SIZE NA SHOES.

Ang concern lang siguro ng iba ay may mga menor de edad na pwede makanood.

Mga mapanlait kasi yung iba at mapanghusga agad ng tao akala mo ang gaganda at ang gagwapo kung makalait pa. Wala namang ginagawa sa kanila yung tao. 

Eh di kung ayaw nila yung live di wag silang manood. Napaka simple lang nun eh. Kasi mga insecure lang yun at mga inggitera at mga walang magawa sa BUHAY. At least kayo nagtatrabaho ng marangal pero SILA puro panghuhusga at panglalait lang ginagawa kaya di umaasenso sa BUHAY. Crab mentality talaga!

Di naman nakalabas eh so pakilabas na lang. Pikit mata na lang sana para sa mga inggit. Ako ay walang problema kahit labas na lahat. Pabor pa nga yun.

Nasanay lang tayo ng Maria Clara style kapag nagbebenta. Ito na siguro yun ika nga evolution bago kasi sa atin yun strategy nila. Pero ok nga nakakatuwa din kasi. Naisip ko din ito kaso wala pumayag dating mga kakilala ko.

Ginagawa nga din ng mga game streamers yan eh, at wala nmn mali doon. Ipagpatuloy nyo lang. Sarap kaya sa eyes.

Wala namang mali sa live selling nila. Basta medyo mag adjust lang konti. Pa atras para po kita yong kabuuan ng item. Lol.

Parang ang lumabas tuloy eh kasalanan pa nila na meron silang malalaking hinaharap... A future filled with promises.. Ang mga lalake naman ay sumasang-ayon ng husto sa Marketing Strategy nila kaya ipagpatuloy nio lang.

Sadyang marami lang talaga na makikitid ang utak. Pero mas marami kaming kalibugan ang alam. Sorry to say! hehehe

Tuloy mo lang yan. Marami kang napapasayang mahilig sa shoes...rather sa....

For those na naiinggit, magpalaki na lang din kayo ng DD para may pantapat kayo...o gayahin ninyo strategy ng isang ito.

Actually they don't need to show their breasts or any of their assets. People will buy their stuff if they are truly quality. Lol...who am I kidding, sex sells! Cleavage gives you enough to fantasize about imagining the actual.

Masyado kasing malilibog ang Pinoy! Ang bilis naman labasan! Lol!

Dont mind them po. Just mine me ma'am Crystal White!

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