Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Where is My EDSA: Remembering the Revolution that was F*cked Up

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"The anniversary of EDSA 1 will be marked with such great irony this year; the President supporting online libel and threatening press freedom, at the same time defending his appointment of a police general to the martial law compensation board. Both instances are betrayals of what the people stood for in EDSA 1 - freedom and justice. 
Both instances show the disconnect between EDSA and Aquino, how the latter has become the anti-thesis to people power. The President has only succeeded in highlighting the unfulfilled promises of EDSA 1, reminding us that many things have remained the same or have worsened under the second Aquino regime. EDSA however also reminds us that true power lies with the people, and that they must use this power in the face of oppression." - Inday Varona

After the revolution, the "players" divided the spoils among themselves and the Filipino people up to this day were left out. A lot of its ideals have long been betrayed.

Cyber libel cases will only favor the powerful, rich and the privileged. The threat to our civil liberties is real. This was prioritized rather than Freedom of Information (FOI)? Anyare?
Let us not forget it was this Senator from Iskul Bukol who added the online libel provision. They say the devil is in the details, and boy, you can see the devil's hands all over when congress passed the Cybercrime law.

Did you notice also that when there's a national issue involving the government, there will always be a senseless Kris Aquino issue coming out. "Kapag may malalaking usaping pambayan parati ring may balita kay Kris Aquino?" And lately in the news, a lot of Cybersex rings getting caught - just to justify the Cybercrime law?

We were right to rebel against tyranny. We were right to oust the dictator. Whatever else happened after that ... hay naku, we let that happen, too ... Filipinos only have themselves to blame...oh well.

EDSA revolution is like remembering a past love, we can either romanticize it or admit to ourselves that we f*cked up.

Today if we criticize, if we continue to fight injustice, if we passionately protect our freedom to speak, it is because we still believe we deserve a better future for ourselves, for the next generation and for our country.

We will continue to ask: Where is my EDSA?

*Inspired by the words of Nap Beltran

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