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The New Sleek Sophistication: The New BRAVIA OLED A9F

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The living space is the entertainment zone for families. Television remains to be the focal point of home entertainment, making it the centerpiece in every living room. This area represents a space for family bonding and get-togethers, to be in the know, and be entertained when you want to binge on a good TV series at the end of a long day, or perhaps just a weekend getaway right at your couch.  Television is what we switch on so that we can switch to relaxation and amusement. 

Find the right balance between advancement of technology and luxe design sophistication with the new BRAVIA OLED A9F.  Pictures and sound come together in perfect harmony as the OLED screen and MASTER Series Technology brings in realistic entertainment on this 4K OLED HDR TV. Integrate functionality with style to demonstrate comfort, elegance, and entertainment with a TV which blends well with your living room space.


The BRAVIA OLED A9Fs aesthetics came from SONYs passion to designing a multi-functional TV in style. The sleek and classic design would complement your living room entertainment space and turn the TV into a modern stylish furnishing.  Make your A9F the rightful dominant feature, while seamlessly blending it into the overall living room aesthetic. Whether it is switched on or switched off, the A9F is crafted with a glass like feature that exudes a commanding presence. Experience true colors when turned on, the picture emerges with vivid real-world colors courtesy of the TRILUMINOS Display that maps colors from a wider palette, faithfully reproducing every shade and hue in the picture.

The BRAVIA OLED A9F meets the strict criteria of top SONY engineers to hone beautiful images into reality that is at par with its physical design that would surely make your home more stylish and modern. It exudes minimalism styled with softness: the screen being a single slate with only a stand in the back to hold it up. The picture quality features OLED as display device with Pixel Contrast Booster; eight million self-illuminating pixels and Sony-original panel controller for OLED brings a significantly enriched visual experience with unprecedented black, authentic color and a wide viewing angle for your entertainment pleasure.

The Sony A9F Master series TV will be available in the Philippines starting October.

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The Truth About What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep

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For the longest time, humans just assumed nothing of importance happened to us while we slept. Strange images and the occasional nightmare, but that’s all. And we recently learned that this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth! Quite a lot happens to you while you’re asleep, a series of nightly steps on which your body relies on for good health.

It turns out that when you don’t get enough sleep, quite a lot can happen as well -- and it’s not very good.

Here are a few things you should know about what happens when you sleep, as well as what can go wrong when you don’t get enough rest each night!

What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep

Each night when you sleep, your body goes through a series of cycles that fall into one of two categories: non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and REM sleep. The first four stages of sleep are non-REM sleep.

During the first stage, you move back and forward between being awake and unconscious. It’s in the second stage that you become more disengaged from your surroundings. Your body temperature also drops a little.

It’s in the third and fourth stages that you enter the most restorative aspect of sleep. At this point your blood pressure drops, muscles relax, and your breathing slows. It’s also at this point that your body increases the blood supply to your muscles and performs actions like muscle repair. Once you reach these stages of sleep, the body begins to energize itself and release vital hormones.

The final stage, REM sleep, typically occurs about 90 minutes after you fall asleep. In a typical night, you enter REM sleep every 90 to 110 minutes. Although we associate REM sleep with dreaming, it’s also a very crucial and healing state of rest. Studies show that REM sleep is vital for energizing the mind and body, fueling you to get through the next day.

It’s important to note that you don’t experience each stage evenly or predictably. When you first go to sleep, you’ll be more likely to experience deeper sleep (third and fourth stage). However, right before you wake up, you’ll likely move between the first two stages and REM sleep.

When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Now that you understand how crucial it is to curl up under your blankets at a decent hour, it’s just as important to know the consequences. What happens to the average person when they’re sleep deprived? Scientists have studied the topic for decades and found that poor sleep patterns can have some devastating consequences.

A lack of sleep often contributes to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. You might suffer physical consequences as well, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. If you’re hoping to get in shape, not getting enough sleep can even affect muscle growth!

If you want a mind and body that works its best, you need to make sure you’re getting into bed at a sensible hour and getting at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Best Choice Awards' Star-Studded List of Awardees for 2018 Shine Bright at Gala Night

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Being an awardee ourselves, we are sending our warmest and sincerest congratulations to all the Companies, Brands and Achievers for the Best Choice Awards for the year 2018!

We could totally relate how ecstatic you are feeling right now for such an honor. Being appreciated together with a room full of fellow achievers is worth remembering.

It is with great pleasure to receive the recognition, not to fail to mention that we received a Hall of Fame award for winning three consecutive awards in a row. It truly inspires us to sustain our never-ending motivation to push our efforts even more. Recognitions like these are what gives us the reasons to keep on waking up with all smiles after a well-rested sleep. This is because all our hardships are getting noticed. It is the most rewarding achiement to attain because what good is our presence if we remain anonymously just among the noise in the world. To stand out among the rest is beyond inspirational.

We would like to thank our printing solution partner Beng Girang from CTG Printz, also an awardee, for receing the award in behalf of Wazzup Pilipinas.

Our community is composed of not only bloggers but also of various individuals from different industries collaborating with us to achieve a common goal.

With notable personalities giving key messages, entertainment and also receiving awards themselves, we know this community of achievers, may it be brand, company or individual, give that extra special aura during the awards night.

The likes of TV personality Queen Mother Karla Estrada, OPM veteran singer Jaya Ramsey, comedian Isko Salvador more popularly known as Brod Pete, Tawag Ng Tanghalan at It's Showtime's Noven Belleza and Marielle Montellano, all-male singing group BoybandPH, dance group PHD Dancers, Mentalist Justin Pinon, etc., surely made the night extra special and inspiring to be lined up as fellow awardees with these big names.

Karla Estrada's real-life story is also very inspiring and quite touching too. We learned that celebrities are just like us who get depressed and suffer similar challenges and struggles just like the rest of us.

Foodcart Franchise Entrepreneur Rebecca Topacio's talk also gave the attendees significant thoughts to digest aside from the fabulous dishes served at the Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood, Libis Quezon City.

Special mention also goes to the Hollywood celebrities impersonators who were so fun to look at and hacmve photo ops or groupfies with.

Just like every year, the awarding and gala night keeps on getting better and brighter as more and more are being honored as recognition to their valiant effort in their respective fields or industries. We do need that annual push to help us evaluaye our performances. It helps us gauge the customers perception so we could constantly improve and keep updated to catch up with what's in or trending. It is not bad to worry and become paranpid sometimes if the competition is getting ahead of us, or we are losing customers because we may be too complacent of our business process. In short, we should keep up with the cobstant changes so we would remain the preferred choice, the Best Choice!

Congratulation again to our fellow awardees. Just like all of you, we remain steadfast to always be the best version of ourselves by continously innovating and listening to our customers, in our case our readers, viewers, partners, sponsors, correspondents, contributors and core team.

"And it's a wrap! Congratulations to all Awardees! Thank you for the support and hope to see you for the BEST CHOICE AWARDS 2019!  Another successful event brought to you by PESMS Events Management."

Photos creditvto Beng Girang of CTG Printz, Nestor Tugade Laydetos of Light TV and Best Choice Awards Facebook page


Center for Student Internship Holds Internship Empowerment Seminars

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Internship at a business establishment allows for further and more extensive growth among students since actual real-life experiences are best learned outside the school grounds. Nothing beats being trained personally by those who live and breath the actual work on a daily basis. Our professir could only do so much because the best way to totally immerse ourselves in the working conditions is to be there doing the hands-on work where situations are greatly diverse and unpredictable.

Thus, we should grab every opportunity to stregthen our knowledge and skills because the only limitation to our success is when we stop learning new things.

I recently enjoyed a whole day event at the Life of an Intern event at the Fairmont Hotel on October 25 with the J8 Center for Student Internship (CSI) for their Life Of An Intern and Hotel Re-Familiarization Seminar featuring executives from hotels in Thailand, the Thailand Embassy, CHEd, etc.

The annual event organized by J8 CSI gathers university students around the Philippines for the CHED SIAP Thailand. It is attended also by the deans, professors and/or heads of universities. The seminar aims to empower the students by familiarizing them about the internship program and the participating hotels where they may possibly do internships for several months, specifically 3 to 6 months, of being outside the Philippines doing OJT at a foreign country only two hours away by plane from Manila.

With its proximity, Thailand is an ideal country to visit and do internship since it also boasts of being a top tourist destination not only because of its instagrammable tourist spots but also because of its world-class hotels and resorts. I've been to Thailand for 7 days yet I never really was out of place because as a Filipino, its easy to blend in with its people since our race are similar in features. Just like us, they have high regards to family especially their parents whom they take good care even during their old stage. Family is closely-knitted so expect similar treatment to their friends and visiing guests. When I visited Thailand, our friends from the country personally toured us around until night time. They even taught us a few Thai words so we can cope in haggling during shopping at their many malls or markets. Lol!

Majority of their food is known to be spicy so expected a couple of days trying to manage the spicy level, but you'll surely get to adjust from it after a few more days. My fellow blogger suggested we could probably invite them to Bicol so the Thais would be perfectly at home. Think of Bicol Express or our Sili Ice Cream from 1st Colonial.

The executives from Thai Hotels and Resorts who were present at the event were Nontawan Engchuan of Krabi Tipa Resort Group, Sirinya Suankaew of Sugar Marina Group, Junjira Khonwai of Le Coral Airport Lounge Group, and a fellow Filipino who loved Thailand so much he never left - Glen Ferrer from the Kata Group.

The initial part of the program was a panel discussion among the previous trainess where they shared their memorable abd life-enriching experiences amidst an equally excited audience eager to hear about how they spent their days in Thailand. I'll add here the names of the students if I get the list of their names.

Aside from hearing the talks of four guests from the different Thailand hotels and resorts, and the three heads of the universities, we also had the opportunity to interview them personally. It was an interesting discussion especially when we hear Filipinos shining above the other nationalities with their exceptional work ethics, and fluency in the English language - an advantage we have since it is our second language. My kids are even more fluent in English than the vernacular so they would sometimes have a hard time understanding some Tagalog words. Since majority of the best shows and movies would come from foreign countries, we tend to patronize them more and thus the proficiency in English rubs off towards us to the point that we would rarely speak in full Tagalog. Thonk of Taglish, or better yet, totally speaking in English all throughout a conversation with others.

The heads of three schools pressent at the event were Dean Irene De Villa PhD of the University of Batangas, Dean Marilen Pablico, DBA of the  University Of Northern Philippines and Prof. Sandra Morales, MBA of the University Of The East.

There was also a talk from the representative from the Thailand Embassy. Urawadee Sriphiromya, Charge d' Affaires, was supposed to attend, but she just sent a representative who was the one signing the VISA applications.

Saving the best for last, Dr. Teoticia Taguibao, Consultant and former CHED Director is introduced by Dominic Amayun, PhD, J8 CSI Center for Student Internship Managing Director, to deliver the closing remarks.

Dr. Taguibao delivered a strong and inspirational message beneficial to the students who would soon go on internship. It caught my attention well for being a powerful closing message with impact that could significantly resonate within if the audience would listen with intent.

The list of participating schools in the internship program include University of Northern Philippines, Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College - Sta. Maria Campus, Don Mariabo Marcos Memorial State University Mid-La Union Campus, St. Louis College - La Union, University of Cagayan Valley, Isabela State University Cauayan Campus, Nueva Vizcaya State University, PLT College, University of the Assumption, University of Perpetual Help System Molino, Las Pinas and Calamba Campus, University of Batangas, University of Northeastern Philippines, University of the East, and Adamson University.

The exposure of Tourism and/or Hospitality students in an establishment outside the country would be an awesome experience for them since the professionalism, class and work ethics could help them to be globally competitive. The foreign setting would definitely help them understand the culture of other nationalities too. Being in a neighboring country away from friends and families also prepares them to be more independent and could also help them immerse in an environment where they could tap into their full potential.

When we go beyond or outside our comfort zone, it could trigger an instinct for survival and/or passion to impress. Thus we could develop into a more confident, responsible and reliable working habit since our performance is crucial in identfying our weakness and strengths. Also, with less of the distractions brought about by peer pressure when at a familar surrounding lime home, we tend to lose focus of our main goals or objectives. This is the similar reason why company workshops are held out of town or far from the office premises, so employees can concentratevon the tasks at hand. I believe the Thailand experience would be a very memorable opportunity for them to enhance their skills and knowledge and be more empowered to stand out and daring to exceed expectations.

Good luck to the students joining the CHED SIAP and may they bring home with them not just the learning experience but also the admiration from their hosts hotels and resorts, as well as the friendship with their fellow interns from other countries.

We have photo and video coverage of the event posted on our official Wassup Pilipinas Facebook page at

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Happy 30th Anniversary to Puratos Philippines

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Every milestone is considered an achievement worth celebrating. The moment becomes more memorable and significant when recognized as an integral part of your life. It becomes extra special when we celebrate the occasion with our friends and loved ones. There is nothing more vibrant seeing them rejoicing as well.

This is why a trusted baking products brand opted to celebrate a momentous event together with the most special people for them - their customers!

Congratulations to Puratos Philippines for being a reliable and well-loved high-end brand for baking products used for breads and cakes. Filipino businesses involved in the mentioned pastries are giving the Puratos brand a thumbs up, if not two thumbs up, and though their only comment is that Puratos products are a bit expensive, it is only because the brand stands out as a top of the line.

To believe that we do have to pay more for quality, that mindset of preferring to choose a more expensive brand, is a lot more rewarding since this will surely cascade to the rest that we do love our friends, families, customers or everyone whom we serve the breads or cakes we baked from Puratos products.

Based from the testimonies of the attendees during the 30th anniversary celebration, Puratos really gives a great impression because it delivers well even beyond expectations.

If you want to hear more direct from the event attendees present at the celebration that happened the whole day at SMX Convention Center of SM Aura, check out some of our videos uploaded on our Facebook page.

We also interviewed the Puratos Philippines executives (General Manager and Marketing Head) including the Regional Head. They give us the confidence in Puratos products to continue being the most preferred brand whether the customers may be housewives, bakers, purchasers for the kitchen team or the business owners themselves.

As mentioned on stage by one of the Puratos executives, the celebration was also for potential new customers - attendees knowing about Puratos either for the first time or now able to finally taste and see first-hand the Puratos experience. They who would surely be turned into avid admirers of the brand now that they've seen the baking possibilities and how they are rewarded with food samples, and merchandize won from the games, and/or lining up at every booth during the event to bring home some souvenirs from Puratos Philippines.

Again, congratulations to Puratos Philippines for their 30th anniversary and may the brand have 30 more years and beyond because great products deserve to last forever.

Fot more videos and photos from the event, go to our official Facebook page ( and be amazed.

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