Friday, November 30, 2012

The Pink House Salon Opens Its Doors to the Neighborhood

Had some well-deserved pampering by friendly and always smiling beauty experts at the comfort of a home-like salon located in a friendly neighborhood somewhere in Pasig city.

Their three storey house offers hair, nails, spa, massage, and even make-up services at a price that's community friendly!

The Pink House Salon and Spa is a community salon located at 8 Dumandan Street Santolan Pasig City (just one tricycle ride away from the Santolan LRT Station and SM Marikina). A three-storey residential house in a residential location was converted into a cute and cozy pink salon.

Philips Gives Us The New Obsession Walkthrough Experience

The Philips Black Box ushers in The New Obsession as it hits Manila during the Yahoo! Techno Storm Expo at the Trinoma Activity Center. The Philips Black Box is a special sound cube designed for uninterrupted audio listening to various Obsessed with Sound speakers and headphones that it houses.

The Philips Black Box aims to provide an authentic listening venue for consumers wherein they can truly test Philips’ range of Fidelio products and accurately evaluate it for themselves. The enclosure will give consumers a whole new appreciation of high quality, crisp audio, and of hearing music exactly as the artist intended. Every detail of sound can be heard with the best quality audio output through the Fidelio range of products.

Inside the Black Box are the Philips Fidelio range of headphones and speaker systems, which are all high fidelity audio systems tailor-made for the discerning sound lover.

The Fidelio Range

The SoundBar is Philips’ range of all-in-one speaker systems that are designed and engineered to play high definition movies and music, wirelessly or otherwise, and at the same time producing high quality audio true to the original.

The range includes the SoundBar CSS5123 that boasts of superior sound quality due to its integrated powerful speakers and wireless subwoofer. According to Philips, its precisely angled speakers create a surround sound effect (Virtual Surround Sound Technology), while its DoubleBASS technology enhances the bass for deeper, fuller effect.

The SoundBar HTL5120 on the other hand, is equipped with an integrated subwoofer, Dolby Digital integration, as well as an orientation sensor that instantly optimizes audio quality regardless of the speaker’s placement. Bluetooth connectivity also allows users to play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The SoundBar CSS2123 and CSS2115 are smaller sized speakers that churn out big sound as both eliminate muffled audio due to two dedicated tweeters. It also utilizes Virtual Surround Sound, DoubleBASS, and Digital Dolby technologies.

Audiophiles looking for premium headphones that deliver crisp and true-to-original sound will appreciate the Fidelio L1 and Fidelio M1. The over-the-ear L1 headphones offer powerful, vented and pre-tilted neodymium drivers as well as a semi-open back architecture that provides more natural and uncolored sound. It is designed to control sound leakage and has a vent in the drivers’ center for a controlled bass and transparent mid-range. Meanwhile, the M1, which is primarily intended for outdoor listening, preserves sound details due to an acoustic seal that’s built in the internal chamber. Double-layered ear-shells also result in cleaner sound and reduced vibration.

The Fidelio SoundRing DS3880W is a sleek, wireless, dock-and-charge circular speaker, also making an appearance in the Black Box. With a premium-looking 360-degree design, the SoundRing offers powerful sound, evenly distributed in a room. Four high-definition directional speakers create an omni-sound effect, allowing the speaker to radiate clear sound regardless of its position. It is equipped with a proprietary wireless technology from Apple called AirPlay, for easy connectivity and streaming. Users can also charge their Apple devices through the USB port located at the charging base.

Travellers can gain a companion in the Shoqbox, a compact speaker that delivers clear, big sound through powerful twin drivers. Ideal for the great outdoors, it produces clear and deep bass with acoustic precision and operates on Bluetooth technology, allowing users to stream music from any Bluetooth device. Bluetooth also allows users to pair two Shoqbox speakers and get stereo sound from left and right. The Shoqbox can be controlled through motion sensor and a built-in microphone is also available for taking those phone calls hands-free.

The Fidelio Docking System for Android is the first of its kind, allowing wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, and charging Android devices via docking. An innovative FlexiDock system allows users to adjust the dock to fit the Android device. The speaker offers clear and balanced sound, even at high volumes due to a curved back design that’s also best for acoustics. The curve increases the stiffness of the speaker cabinet, dramatically reducing internal resonance and resulting in crisp, high-definition sound.

For Apple users, the Fidelio Wireless Speaker with AirPlay will do the trick. Designed for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and AirPlay-enabled Apple devices, this speaker utilizes AirPlay technology that allows users to play music wirelessly Its SoundCurve design provides an optimal medium for sound reproduction.


Experience for yourself authentic high-fidelity audio by visiting the Philips Black Box located now until December 2 at the Trinoma Activity Center during the Yahoo Technostorm Expo. The Black Box is also set to make its way to various malls across Manila over the next few months.

Yahoo! Technostorm Expo : Bringing the Latest Technology and Gadgets

Technostorm – an on-ground exposition featuring cutting-edge products and services from leading global and local brands. This includes Microsoft, Smart Telecom, Nokia, HP, Epson, Sony, Wi Tribe, PLDT, Sharp, Sun Cellular, LG, Samsung, Lazada, Globe and Phillips.

Hosted by Yahoo!, the expo runs from November 26 to December 2, 2012and accessible to anyone who is a technology enthusiast. Filipinos can now visit the Technostorm expo to experience the products, watch demos, attend the tech talks and hear from the experts before contemplating on making a purchase.

Technostorm began with a Virtual Expo” on Yahoo!, featuring the up-and-coming products and services of the country’s leading tech, telecommunications and connectivity brands. Utilizing Yahoo!’s rich media solutions, the brands created an interactive web page complete with product information, drive-to-site links, video features and a full preview of the gadgets before bringing these online experiences to the Filipinos on-ground.

“Technostorm is a celebration of all things tech. Yahoo’s digital capabilities provide a unique platform for Filipinos to explore, discover and understand the world of technology, and bring them face-to-face with gadgets and devices that create connectivity,” said Arlene Amarante, Country Ambassador and Sales Director of Yahoo! Philippines. 

“At Yahoo!, we are always looking for creative ways to connect people with what matters most and are committed to bring inspiring and entertaining experiences to our users.” Amarante concluded.

Watch out for my article about the Yahoo Technostorm Media Conference soon!

Meanwhile, here are some pics of what to expect from your visit at the Trinoma Activity Center, Ground Floor from November 26 until December 2.


Learn To Launch Competition Preview

Formerly known as Andersen Consulting, Accenture just recently held a warm-up hackathon at their Cybergate Tower office called learn to Launch. Below are some preview pictures of what transpired during the event. I will update this posts once they release the official press release.

Thanks for the opportunity to get some pictures, though I was informed later that it was not allowed in that particular room. Lol!

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