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Maria Ressa winning the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Nobel Peace Prize is the most prestigious award in the world. Some of the most notable laureates are Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr.,  and past Presidents of the United States. Hindi po nira-raffle lang at binubunot ang nanalo. Anybody who won means they were up against world leaders and institutions. People who wins a Nobel Peace Prize is treated as VIP anywhere they go in the world like if they visit a country, that country will be honoured to be visited by a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Regardless of your political ideologies, you should feel honoured that a Filipino is in the same list as Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr., all of which are important leaders in history.

The laughing reaction to posts we don't agree with has become the weapon of the paid trolls, the clueless and the hateful, but in reality, they're just frustrated because they don't have a foothold on any information at all (the tedious Nobel Prize selection process, things Ressa did and didn't do), except their feelings and beliefs. While others (trolls) are being paid to do it, most are just uninformed. C'mon Pinoy netizens, be better than that!

Some people are just afraid of the truth, that when someone is as brave as her, fights for those that they believe in, and wins something as big as this... Their egos are shattered and turns into tiny particles.

But I'm sure Duterte would say something like this "The Nobel Peace Prize Award only serves the interest of the West. It should reform itself to remain relevant." Hehehe

Kayong mga umaray at gusto pumigil sa boses ni Maria Ressa ay tumulong actually na itulak para makamit niya yung Nobel Peace Prize. Sana hinayaan na lang ninyo siya magtrabaho, eh di sana hindi niya kailangan ipagtanggol yung karapatan ng malayang pagpapahayag. Kapag hindi kayo tumigil next year ABS-CBN naman ang tatanggap ng Nobel Peace Prize. Lol!

Congrats Maria Ressa! Such a great honor for our country to be recognized with a Nobel Prize. Professional journalism is so important in this day and age. Too many paid hacks and propagandists putting out what passes for news nowadays. So much misinformation and disinformation without any respect for facts. May your win inspire us to demand better reporting without compromising the truth, regardless of whom it favors. It is a good day to be a Filipino.

Sadly, the problem is still happening. Filipinos should not fear for their lives for criticizing the wrongdoings of their own government.

This post and others like it will trigger somewhat of a troll frenzy. I don't expect people to agree with our views all the time, but the troll frenzy just shows just how terrible the state of journalism is in this country, not to mention civil discourse. We don't have to like or agree with people to respect them and what they have done for the country. At the end of the day, we are all Filipinos and anything we do to bring honor to the country should be celebrated. At the same time, we're not weeding out the hundreds of obvious fake accounts that will react to posts like this - yet another hinderance to true fruitful engagement on social media. We'll just let you be but also interact or reply when necessary to enlighten.

The "healing" president has bled his true colors: Isko Moreno is a political butterfly and now less of the man he used to be

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

A day after Leni Robredo painted the town pink, Isko Moreno has revealed his true colors. His decision to side with the Marcoses, use Duterte's rhetoric, and bash Leni of all people has disqualified him from being part of the opposition.

Isko Moreno downplayed rival Leni Robredo's stance on the possible return of a Marcos scion to Malacañang.

The late Marcos patriarch declared martial law in the 70s, enabling thousands of human rights abuses and plunder of the nation's coffers.

Dismissing a nation's political and historical struggle for democracy, (one that he is partly enjoying now) as an insignificant strife of petty family drama is a RED FLAG for a future political leader.

VP Leni Robredo says Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s position towards the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was one of the reasons that finally pushed her to run for president: Merong mga non-negotiables and yung mga Marcos, non-negotiable yun sa akin.

Asked what really made her decide to run for president, Robredo says: "It's the realization from the talks na mahirap ipilit na hindi naman kayo aligned. It would have been the easiest thing for me [to not run]. Ready na kong magagalit sa akin yung supporters, ready na ko doon."

“Marcos is non-negotiable” is such a powerful phrase. That is justice, not vengeance. Let us make #MarcosNonNegotiable in 2022 and beyond or until the Marcoses, whoever remains of them APOLOGIZE to the Filipino people for the crimes committed by Ferdie and Meldie.

Sorry but my hunch about him is now confirmed. He may have been the best Mayor Manila ever had, no doubt on that but it’s too ambitious or too early to run for President. His ambition has made him show his true color. His thinking, belief, and attitude all went sideways and now he's full of himself. He is just after all the votes so that's why he is trying to gain the nod of the DDS, the Dilawans and those in between by trying to campaign with the narrative that he will be a "healing" president.

His true color came out early as expected huh?! The so called "healing" he is attempting to accomplish will never succeed until there is closure. People won't just forgive and forget. Moving forward should include an admission and apology by the Marcoses with regards to how they plundered and caused chaos throughout their years of reign. Honestly, the issues about the Marcoses won't die down until there's accountability for their crimes committed to the Filipino people.

Isko Moreno is looking cheaper and cheaper as the days pass. Let’s all be an educated voter. Do not be swayed by his sweet promises, scandalous accusations and bragging of achievements as if he is a Duterte 2.0. We deserve someone better than Isko Moreno.

Many thought he was different, a good politician from how he managed things in Manila. But he became too ambitious & too eager for the highest position. And now his true color(s) is/are starting to show. Thus, the respect for him has been flushed down into the toilet bowl where it belongs.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa awarded with 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.

Maria Ressa is 1st Filipino to win Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to safeguard freedom of expression.

By "1st Filipino to win Nobel Peace Prize," we refer to the award given as an individual. The other Filipinos who received the Nobel Peace Prize were part of a group that won the award.

Ressa counts 9/11 attack and Cambridge Analytica's operations in Philippines as biggest stories she covered. 

"We are being insidiously manipulated by what has become a behavior modification system. And this is part of what you’re hearing being exposed at the US Senate..."

"There is no better time to be a journalist. You know the times when it’s most dangerous is the times when it’s most important. This is the best time to be a journalist.

Journalism will test you mentally, intellectually, physically, spiritually, morally. You learn to draw the lines.

How do we get back to a world that has technology working within the framework of democracy? How do we get back to a world where the technology that delivers the news to us is governed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

How do we get back the things that have made humanity resilient because in this information ecosystem, it will tear us apart. So I guess this gives us renewed energy. We’re on the right path. We keep going."

“A world without facts means a world without truth and trust. And if you don’t have any of those things, you certainly can’t conquer coronavirus, can’t conquer climate change.” 

Rappler on Ressa's Nobel Peace Prize: 

"Rappler is honored – and astounded – by the Nobel Peace Prize Award given to our CEO Maria Ressa. It could not have come at a better time – a time when journalists and the truth are being attacked and undermined.

We thank the Nobel for recognizing all journalists both in PH and in the world who continue to shine the light even in the darkest and toughest hours.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the daily struggle to uphold the truth, who continue to hold the line with us.

Reacting to Ressa's Nobel award, Justice Sec Menardo Guevarra: As an ordinary filipino, I am happy that a fellow Filipino has been included in this year’s roster of Nobel peace laureates. It is every citizen’s duty to safeguard freedom of expression in our country.

Ressa has faced around 10 cases prosecuted by the DOJ, one of which ended with her conviction by a Manila court for cyber libel filed by businessman Wilfredo Keng. It is on appeal at the Court of Appeals.

Rights groups have argued the number of raps filed against Ressa alone is proof this is a press freedom/freedom of expression issue.

Guevarra says freedom of expression is a consideration in prosecuting her but invokes "certain very well-defined limitations." 

This year's Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to journalists Maria Ressa of the Philippines and Dmitry Muratov of Russia for their fight for freedom of expression.  

“I would like to thank President Duterte. Without him I would not have won this award.” - Maria Ressa accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe. 

Some past winners:


Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai “for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education” 


Barack H. Obama “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” 


Nelson Mandela and Frederik Willem de Klerk “for their work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa” 


The 14th Dalai Lama “for advocating peaceful solutions based upon tolerance and mutual respect in order to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of his people”


Mother Teresa “for her work for bringing help to suffering humanity” 


Martin Luther King Jr. “for his non-violent struggle for civil rights for the Afro-American population” 


Theodore Roosevelt “for his role in bringing to an end the bloody war recently waged between two of the world’s great powers, Japan and Russia” 

The National Union of Journalists of the Phillippines commends Ressa for the Nobel Peace Prize award, saying the prize is not only a recognition of her work but of the importance of freedom of the press and of expression throughout the world.

“Hello President Duterte! I ask the government do it’s job and stop abusing it’s power!” 

Noong huling SONA ay na outshine si Duterte ng Gold medal win ni Hidilyn Diaz that was redtagged by the Duterte administration. 

Ngayon, yung pa circus sa COC filing, natatabunan ng Nobel Peace Prize ni Maria Ressa of Rappler sa headline.

A new level of standards for journalism has been set. Time to measure others against this new benchmark.

Ano kaya feeling ng mga DDS na nang-bash kay Maria Ressa, sa pagkapanalo niya ng Nobel Peace Prize?

Baka sabihin nila dilawan ang Nobel Prize Committee.

Meron na naman diyan na magsasabi: “Dilawan yang Nobel Peace Prize na yan.. Biased!”

Malapit na rin naman po magka award si Duterte na international e. Galing sa ICC nga lang.

Marami talagang nagawa si Tatay. Sa panahon lang ni Duterte yarrrnnn. Basta sa panahon lang ni Duterte may Nobel Peace Prize na Pinoy. Hahahaha!

Hala $1.14Million ang Nobel Peace Prize Money. A million taga sa mga tao sa Malacañang.

Maghanda na kayo COA. Ipapa-audit na ang Nobel Peace Prize sa inyo.

Nagmumurahan na naman sila sa Malacanang!Ikaw kasi! Ikaw kasi!

May bubula na namang bibig sa Rant to the Nation sa Lunes.

I wonder how those people would be able to sleep tonight… Imagine all that effort, time and funds and the result is a Nobel Peace Prize?!? I know I’ll be sleeping soundly.

The writing's literally on the wall na, for this admin. But then again we can't be so complacent.

Turn of events, lots of twists, then Maria got that award. Whatever it is, congrats to her. It is a very well deserved accolade. I feel proud as a Filipino that a kababayan would bring home the Nobel Peace Prize amidst prosecution by her own government.

As they say, things happen for a good reason.

Congratulations Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov on your Nobel Peace Prize.

This recognition is a reminder that no society can be free without journalists who can investigate wrongdoing & speak truth to power.

Press freedom is vital for peace, justice and human rights.

Nobel Laureates Malala Yousafzai & former Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos share their congratulations with Maria Ressa, now their fellow Nobel Peace Prize awardee. 

Both praise the award as a recognition of the role of press freedom in defending democracy and peace. 

Samira Gutoc must be regretting her decision of joining Isko Moreno's team

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Isko Moreno was mocking Otso Derecho candidates...while having Marawi civic leader Samira Gutoc in his team?!

Isko says he won’t bicker with the Liberal Party but underscores that people are already tired of their narrative: “Kaya nga nainidoro sila.”

Inidoro (toilet) was a insult hurled vs Otso Diretso senatorial bets in 2019.

Samira Gutoc was part of Otso Diretso. 

A vote for Isko is a vote for Marcos-Duterte-China. Do not be fooled. Also, Samira blink twice. Nakakaloka ka.

Isko talking shit and Samira just standing there doing nothing?

I guess winning over values minsan no?

Akala namin ayaw niya sa bastos na pulitiko? Sayang kung magpapatuloy siya under Isko Moreno. Ngayon pa lang lumalabas na agad ang kayabangan at kabastusan lalo na sa isang babae. Para din siyang si Duterte. Dinamay pa yung mga kapartido niya dati sa sinabi ni Yorme na "INIDORO".

Samira not clapping means she's not in fabor of Isko's trash talk. May oras pa to redeem yourself and go back to your real roots.

By identifying herself with a middle grounder like Isko, Samira has become disconnected, discombobulated, disjointed.

I planned on voting for her until she took sides with Isko who is slowly showing his bias and political color.

Semira is damaged goods now.  Also, Isko is more like a fence-sitter.

Does she really want to throw her support behind this man and become the next Duterte? Please lang. I still want to believe she's better than that.

Seeing Samira Gutoc behind this trapo makes me feel betrayed.

"Patience" is the biggest lesson of the year.

Samira Gutoc wasn't patient enough. Konti na lang iintayin niya, hindi pa nagawa.

She would be loved even more if she would go back to her senses and quit Isko’s slate. She’s too good to be in the company of the likes of Isko Domagoso.

She can still extricate herself from Isko. And be her courageous & principled self. It's not too late. She should not let Isko's honeyed worlds lure her.

Samira's best move now is to pull out from the race, so she can salvage whatever is left of her reputation/credibility.  All her work, down the drain.

Samira's obsession to become a senator is what pushed her to do the unthinkable. Akala niya si Isko na ang sagot. She just exposed her lack of political savvy. Isko won in Manila simply because Manilenos were tired of aging Erap. That's it.

Moreover, Isko's rough talk and drama suits the Tondo taste and crowd.

What we need on a national level is an equal balance of competence, statesmanship, right principle and stand.

It is heartbreaking and disappointing to see Samira stand behind Isko. I hope she speaks up.

Isko may have his efficiency as a leader, but that speech is very telling of his morals, principles, empathy....and adding in the narrative of "yellowtards" is shocking!

Samira should have gone back to her grassroots, expanded the network and gun for a congresssional seat or a party-list.That would have been sellable. She's the biggest loser in this election. She just lost whatever voter base she thought she had.

Abandoning her friends from 2019 for clout. Don’t she dare say she transferred due to better principles. Dahil asal kanto boy pa din at Marcos and Duterte enabler si Boy Etneb.

Samira Gutoc lumipat ka na..Seriously! Kapag hindi pa lumipat itong si Samira Gutoc, ewan ko kung gaano pa karaming botante ang lalong magdadalawang isip na iboto siya.

#LipatSamira #SamiraGutoc

Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa's filing for a President run could be in preparation for a Sara Duterte substitution

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa files COC for President, PDP-LABAN.

His running mate is Sen. Bong Go, who earlier filed his COC. Party secretary general Melvin Matibag dubbed the tandem as "Ba-Go 2022."

Bato filing his candidacy for president shows that the playbook has only one strategy. The substitution rule must be stricter and only be used in special circumstances. Otherwise, it becomes prone to abuses, like what we are seeing here. Obviously, something is brewing.

Tumakbo ka, hindi dahil gusto mong maglingkod sa bayan. 

Tumakbo ka, dahil iniutos lang sa iyo so kapag naging presidente o bise presidente ka ...IKAW AY SUNOD SUNURAN LAMANG.

Playtime 101 Module: SUBSTITUTION

Just like what Tatay Digong did last November 2015, Mayor Inday Sara will probably SUBSTITUTE for Bato next month. Her national headquarters is ready. Same old story. They might want to hire Ricky Lee for a better script this year.   

Recreating what they did back then? Hoping for the same result?  Ang dramarama sa gobyerno. Like, people already knew the plot.

If there will be a substitution between Sara and Bato later on, then wala talagang isang salita at paninindigan ang mga Duterts, given that Sara announced that she won’t run presidency. It will says a lot about their principles and values. 

Meanwhile, Maria Ressa of Rappler winning the Nobel Peace Prize on the day Bato declares running for President is just poetic.

Isko Moreno continues to show his true color, calls VP Leni Robredo a fake leader

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno hits Vice President Leni Robredo. Moreno reacts  saying her stance on Marcos family pushed her to run for president: “Yan lang ba ang dahilan bakit siya (Robredo) tatakbo?” 

'You cannot talk of unity eh you yourself hindi mo nga ma-unify sarili mo. You are not even proud of your party, oh my god. Kung kaya mo iwan yung mga kasama mo, paano pa kaming 110 million Pilipinos?'  

“Yung mga mabubuting portion na puwedeng i-adopt ngayon at puwede kopyahin… there are things na puwedeng kopyahin sa nakaraan pero we must move on.”

“Kung may mga masasama, pang-aabuso, pagnanakaw, hindi kinokopya yun.” 

“This is the reality of our lives today. Hindi ninyo puwede isubo sa Pilipino yung away ninyo… Puwede ba pagpahingahin na natin sila President Cory, President Marcos. Bakit ba tuwing eleksyon sila ang bida? Puwede bang Pilipino naman ang bida?” 

The Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer reacted to comments that he is a secret candidate or a lite version of President Duterte. 

Domagoso says he won’t bicker with the Liberal Party but underscores that people are already tired of their narrative: “Kaya nga nainidoro sila.”

Inidoro (toilet) was a insult hurled vs Otso Diretso senatorial bets in Halalan 2019.  

But Moreno is just trying to court DDS/BBM voters.

Another problem with Isko. He abandoned Manila because of his ambition. Remember that.

Isko Moreno on WithdrawIsko hashtag that trended yesterday: Karapatan ko rin naman tumakbo diba? Akala ko ba nagra-rally sila ng demokrasya? Bakit yung demokrasya ba sila lang ang may-ari? Or yung demokrasyo pinapraktis ng isang daang mahigit milyong Pilipino? 

Ay nagpapakita na ng kulay. Walang modo din magsasagot.

Isko is clearly threatened by an empowered woman. Another proof why Isko does not belong to the real opposition.

Yun pwede nang alternative sana kaso nagsuot ng clown mask. 

Natataranta na yan kaya ganyan!! imagine even majority of his colleagues from the entertainment industry majority doesn't support him.

Walang sinabing masama si VP Leni sa kanya pero bakit siya ganyan. Nakakaawa siya at sana magising ang mga tao na dapat ay boboto sa kanya. Hindi ba pwedeng mangampanya na lang siya ng wala siyang sinisino? Harap-harap sa salamin, Yorme.

Isko is definitely a Duterte 2.0. 

Istilong Duterte! Yes, it's likely he'll transcend into a dictator since he's pro-Marcos. As of now he's just a puppy and still growing while BBM is already considered as a wolf.

Kung kaya niyang bumalimbing, ano aasahan ng 110million na Pilipino na hindi siya babalimbing kapag nakaupo na siya. Baka ibenta niya din ang Pilipinas sa Tsina.

Martial Law and it's devastating impacts on the country is not just about the Aquinos vs. Marcos. It's the Filipinos whose lives were harmed or lost because of the dictatorship. we can't let it lie when there has been no real justice.

Paano mo pagpapahingahin, eh tumatakbong pangulo ang anak na hindi pa rin inaamin na magnanakaw ang angkan nila? Ano yun, ibabaon mo na lang sa limot? Tama nga si Leni sa desisyon niyang tumakbo. Hindi pwedeng ipaubaya kay Isko, at sa iba pa, ang laban ng mga naagrabyado ni Marcos.

Buti pa si Marcos nakapagpahinga. Eh yung mga pamilya ng mga biktima na hindi pa rin nakikita? Yung utang nating hindi pa makapagpapahinga?

So Isko, tanong ko lang, dapat ba kalimutan ang mga napatay sa Martial Law noon? At gusto mo ba ibalik sa Malacanang ang isang Marcos?

Sila President Cory at Marcos ay parte ng kasaysayan at hindi dapat kalimutan ng mga Pilipino lalo na sa mga botante. Ang mga nangyari sa Martial Law ay nagsisilbing guide para hindi na bumalik ang bangungot - ang mga Marcos.

Mismong si Imelda and family nga hindi pinagpahinga si Ferdinand Marcos, hindi nilibing not until recently lang. BBM still uses (always mentions) his father to campaign. Why single out VP Leni mentioning Marcos?

Kami rin ayaw namin makabalik ang mga Marcos lalo na si Bongbong na makikita lang pag may eleksyon, ginagastos ang ninakaw ng pamilya para baguhin ang history. Hanggang sa kaapuapuhan nila, hindi maitatanggi si FM ay diktador, magnanakaw, mandarambong at abusado sa kapangyarihan.

Sabi nga ni Leni, "kung hindi mo man lang kayang sabihin na mali ang mali, kaninong panig ka ba talaga?"

Bulag sa kasaysayan. Patuloy pa ang laban sa mga Marcos dahil nagpupimilit silang bumalik sa poder ng kapangyarihan. Laban ito ng mga Pilipino.

Ang pagpapasasa sa kaban ng bayan habang nagugutom at naghihirap ang marami, pagpatay, pag- torture, atbp ay nangyari dahil sa pagiging gahaman ng isang pamilya kaya tama lang na di sila makabalik.

Excuse me? Anong away? WALANG AWAY! Pagkilala yan sa mga mali from history. Sa West, outlawed lahat everything about the Nazis. Look at where Germany is now. They did not forget their dark past so they're moving forward progressively.

Aralin niya kasi ang kasaysayan at ang sitwasyon ngayon. Huwag siyang umasta na wala siyang alam na gusto niyang maging 'neutral'. Klaro na wala siyang paninindigan. Hindi niya alam ang tama at mali.

Ano pinagsasabi mo...Hindi mapapahinga yan hanggang walang hustisya at pananagutan.

Take note of the, "karapatan ko" & "sila lang ba". I'm sorry but it sounds like he is just running for his own good and not for a cause, definitely not for the people. And why drag Leni? Hindi pa nga nagsisimula, halatang takot na.

Not Isko Moreno talking about Party Loyalty when he jumped from Nacionalista to UNA to PMP and to National Unity Party. All that from 2006 to 2016. 4 parties in a span of 10 year. Sya ang depinisyon ng Political butterfly.

Isko Moreno has been affiliated with the Villars' Nacionalista (2006-2010), the Binays' UNA (2010-2014), Erap's Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino, PMP (2014-2016) and National Unity Party (2016-2021).

Paano kaya magkakaroon ng unity si Isko Moreno kung siya mismo ang nang iiwan dahil papalit palit ng partido when it suits him.

Let it be known that Isko Moreno as switched parties several times in the last decade. The man is reading a script. It’s an act. He’s an actor. He’s acting. 

Who needs a leader who’s only loyal to a party, anyway? We need someone whose loyalty is for the entire Filipinos. 

Unfortunately, it’s not Isko. Cut the crap!

Domagoso: "Wag kayong malilinlang sa pagpapalitan ng kulay... Ang tanso, tubugin man ng ginto ay tanso pa rin... Fake leader with fake color is a fake character."

Domagoso: "Panindigan ninyo ang pangalan ng partido natin: Aksyon, hindi reaksyon." 

Namamangka sa dalawang ilog si yorme..pero hindi niya yan ikakapanalo. 

So based on their recent speeches, Leni's problem is Duterte or Marcos running the country to the ground. Isko's problem is... Leni. Noted.

Parehong linya ni Imee, “move on”. Bida? Ano to pelikula? Withdraw ka na lang! Bye.

What does he mean by same style as Cory? Pakiexplain. Leni is strongly pro RH and has significantly more experience in public service. This is such a weird generalisation.

Such a weird generalization just because they are both women. Leni is not Cory. She is a human rights lawyer prior to entering politics, and when she did enter politics, her track record has shown only competence and dedication to public service. 

She is more than just a widow. She is a lawyer advocating for human rights. She passed 110 bills in a span of 3 years and carried the pandemic response despite having insufficient budget.

The more Isko speaks, the more I'm thankful that unity talks with him failed. His politics of framing the issues with Marcos rule as a feud between two families has no place in my ballot.

People died and billions were plundered, Brenda.

Kahit na sabihin natin na he's going to overlook the Marcoses for money, for support, for allegiance.

Why do we have to settle for overlooking injustice at all?

We're way past the Marcos vs Aquino narrative -- and IT HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT THAT. It's about the atrocities and systemic abuses of the Martial Law regime which are still affecting us up to now. Huwag kang magtanga-tangahan Isko.

JUSTICE and REMORSE first before healing and reconciliation. Ibalik muna ang lahat ng ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Never again sa pamilya Marcos na nagpahirap sa sambayanang Pilipino. Si Yorme Isko ay nagpopromote pa ng culture of impunity. LENI-KIKO kami!

Philippine Post Office celebrates World Post Day Oct. 09

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Philippine Postal Corporation (Post Office) is proud to celebrate “World Post Day” on 09 October 2021 in solidarity with Postal Workers around the World in serving communities in time of crisis.

World Post Day is celebrated each year in connection with the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in the Swiss Capital, Bern. World Post Day was officially declared by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan in 1969. The Philippines is an active member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which is composed of 192 member countries around the world.

Postmaster General Norman N. Fulgencio wishes to thank the diligent Filipino postal workers- our frontline heroes- who work hard to provide the much needed public service that our countryman deserves.

The Post Office recognizes that Digitalization and Modernization are crucial ingredients not only to meet organizational objectives but also to keep employees productive, and motivated.

Given the uncertainty brought about by the recent challenging circumstances, this would be the opportune time to introduce its campaign for a better and improved Postal Service.

The Post Office is digitalizing its frontline services which is considered an important step towards achieving an inclusive growth and a huge call to our shift towards a more modern Post Office.

Anchored on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Philippine Development Plan, specifically on enhancing the Social Fabric (Malasakit) towards improving the processing and delivery of Public Services, the Filipino people deserve no less than the best postal service by global standards.

As a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the Post Office is mandated to adopt continuous innovations and integration of its domestic and global networks, to be the primary development partner in providing postal services especially in missionary areas.

Meanwhile, The Post Office announced the winners in the recent 50th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People held at the Manila Central Post Office. The theme for this year's contest is: "Write a letter to a family member about your experience of Covid-19". First Place: Ms. Sittie Hanna S. Paca, Grade 8, Lanao Del Norte National Comprehensive High School; Second Place: Ms. Deynnasha Grace L. Vente, Grade 9, Simonoc National High School; 3rd Place: Ms. Glorious Zahara Exylin C. Alesna, Grade 6, West Central Elementary School. #POSTOFFICE #postalservice #EMS #ordinarymails #registeredmails #mailservice #mails #parcels #shipping #HatidMalasakit #letterwriting #letters.

Thank you and Happy World Post Day!

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan will run as Leni Robredo's Vice President running mate

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Senator Kiko Pangilinan has filed his COC for Vice President accompanied by his running mate, Presidential aspirant Leni Robredo who filed her COC for President yesterday.  

Pangilinan also signed the Comelec’s integrity pledge after filing his COC for VP. We also saw other candidates doing the same but how many of them are really with integrity?

Sa lahat ng nag file ng COC in general.... sana talaga nabasa nyo yang pinipirmahan nyong "Integrity Pledge". Just saying!

Pangilinan, a Liberal Party stalwart, was wearing a green shirt. Apparently, it is now his branding color.

Grabe yung sacrifice din ngayon ni Sen. kiko. He would've been a shoo in in the senate but he'll run as VP to help VP Leni. Secondary ang ambition and pride. Ang sincere na "para sa bayan"

Achievements and credentials of soon to be VP Kiko Pangilinan:

Kiko got emotional with his speech. You know this wasn't easy for him. He's still shaky and others will take that as a weakness but this man has been in public service for years! Plus he advocates for farmers, that alone is enough reason for me.

Kiko Pangilinan may not be compelling or visible enough, plus he carries the Liberal Party President stigma. But out of all who is gunning for the Vice President post, Kiko Pangilinan remains to be the most credible, most viable, and easily the best choice.

Among Atienza, Go, Ong, Sotto and Pangilinan, walang duda that the most qualified candidate to fill VP Leni's shoes in the OVP is Sen. Kiko Pangilinan.  

Choosing Kiko Pangilinan is a no-brainer. Kiko is the best and only choice.

Aside from his long government experience, Sotto has the Eat Bulaga army behind him. He may be more refined-looking, but he is a Duterte enabler and if you'll go review his history, he has many unflattering moments in his past.

Atienza was Former Environment Secretary of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyi, and was known to be a mining investor concurrently. He was engaged in destruction of heritage sites and closures of parks. Against the RH Law, an enemy to the LGBTQIA, anti-divorce. He was also involved in plunder charges while he was mayor.

Willie Ong is a staunch supporter of Duterte. He has been supporting most of his policies. Known to include pseudo-science in most of his videos. No experience at all. A DDS through and through.

Now, we all know who the presidential Pambansang Alalay Bong Go is...and how he has been Duterte's sidekick since he was Davao mayor.

Sonny Trillanes could have been a choice for VP because he is highly qualified also, but he'll be hard to root for because, sa totoo lang,  napakatapang kasi ng personality niya. 

Both VP Leni Robredo and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan were among the thousands of students who joined the mass protests against the Marcos dictatorship.

VP Leni was an economics student in UP Diliman, while Sen. Kiko was a UP student leader.

Who would've thought that ~40 years later, VP Leni and Sen. Kiko would stand again, this time together and with the people, against Duterte's de facto martial law and a possible return of another Marcos to Malacañang.

The prospect of #LeniKiko2022 sounds nice. 

There is always room for improvement for both candidates but Leni is a tried and tested woman of action while Sen. Kiko is a levelheaded legislator and from what I can see, they have public service as top priority.

Also, despite the fact that they're just on their way to the top, they didn't hesitate to speak up and use their platforms well. At this moment, they have captured all the Filipinos' hearts. 

Being a public servant is not just about the money, the name, or the position; it's also about the people you meet along the way.

Make certain that you are a public servant since your WHYs are all important enough to be sacrificed. For the country, every sleep you sacrificed allows them to witness another day, for those who still need time to live their purpose, and for those who simply need to be treated with the dignity they deserve. Be in, and you'll be able to survive anything. All of your suffering and shaming from others will make sense once you understand why God has led you to this place. 

#LeniKiko2022 tandem is giving me Cosmo and Wanda realness yas fairy godparents. I wish for a better future for everyone here in the Philippines.

No whiff of corruption. Untainted names. God fearing leaders. I can see a more calm, dedicated, direct-to-the-point and committed servant-leaders in them.

If we want a decent leadership sa 2022, let us work for this two. Ipakilala pa natin sila sa tao. These two worked beyond the cameras. These two have great hearts.  

No to people na puro fake news, we stan and vote for these two people who would be great for our country.

VP Leni and Sen. Kiko's political colors is pink (and blue) and green.

I saw a TikTok post that says it seems we are winning because all we see online are streams of pink (and blue, green for Senator Kiko Pangilinan)—but that is just within our circle. 

When we see streams of these colors even beyond our screens, that's when we succeed. 

So let us spread the news to all our friends, family, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and other acquaintances. 

And we don't just stop with informing—

we rally with and for her.

We use our voices, forces, our sources, our energy.

We go out and register and vote.

We relentlessly fight the hard fight,

we don't stop til everything within our vision is pink. 

It's our fight too.

In this tandem, i can see a new brigth future for the Philippines. They gave us hope that Phils. will be known again as have one of the good, smart and true leader in the world.

"We are defined by the choices we make" – not the color we wear.- VP Leni Robredo echoing Albus Dumbledore. 

We are all aiming for change and betterment, kaya magparehistro ka na at sama-sama tayong bumoto para sa bansa. 

Decide for what's right not just for you but for the whole country!

I will be wearing pink and green this May 2022.

We're all aboard the #LeniKiko2022 train! No one else comes close their competence, compassion, and commitment to the people.

Oceania Cruises unveils 2023 Europe and North America Collection of voyages

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line opened its recently unveiled 2023 Europe and North America Collection of voyages for sale to the general public. Featuring seven ships sailing 179 itineraries, which call on more than 260 ports, this new collection is the line’s most expansive and diverse offering to date.

Charting the alluring coastlines of the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Baltic and Scandinavia, Alaska, Canada, and the Colonial Americas, each voyage is a masterpiece of exploration that reveals iconic cities, off-the-beaten-path villages, and dramatic, unspoiled natural wonders

“These new voyages are ideal for discerning travellers seeking to re-discover the world,” stated Bob Binder, President & CEO of Oceania Cruises. “Whether they are retracing familiar paths or setting off to uncharted territories, they will find endearing smiles, enthralling cultural elements, and fascinating culinary experiences.”

Featuring 30 to 50 percent more time in port than premium cruise lines, this new collection of itineraries features 190 overnight/multi-day stays in both marquee and boutique ports of call, along with hundreds of evening and late-night departures, all of which afford guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history, culture, and cuisines of the destinations.

2023 Europe and North America Collection Highlights

  • Voyages range in length from 7 to 56 days
  • Nine new, off-the-beaten-path ports of call: Kalundborg, Demark; Nordfjordeid, Norway; Oban, Scotland; Runavík (Faroe Islands), Denmark; Torbay, UK; Limnos, Greece; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Lipari, Italy; Eastport, Maine
  • 57 Grand Voyages promise epic exploration opportunities
  • The ultimate in small-ship Mediterranean immersion with 102 itineraries to choose from
  • More than 40 cruises and Grand Voyages to the Holy Lands of Israel and Turkey
  • Riviera offers 14 voyages to the British Isles, Ireland, Iceland, Norwegian Fjords and Greenland
  • Marina reprises her perennial series of Baltic capitals and Russia voyages with more than a dozen sailings
  • The inaugural season of Vista with 18 voyages in the Mediterranean, Greek Isles, Holy Lands, British Isles, and Colonial Americas
  • Regatta sails 13 Alaska cruises ranging from 7 to 20 days
  • Insignia and Vista offer 14 departures from New York, Montreal, and Boston focusing on the Canadian Maritimes, Colonial Americas, and Bermuda


Top 10 Highlighted Voyages from the 2023 Europe and North America Collection


Picturesque Mediterranean | 14 April, 2023
Riviera: Venice to Barcelona, 10 Day
A truly outstanding showcase of culture, history, and exquisite cuisine is on display with nine ports of call in Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, and France.

Turkish & Hellenic Gems | 4 May, 2023
Marina: Athens to Istanbul, 7 Days

This voyage overflows with history as it focuses entirely on Greece and Turkey with calls in Ephesus, Bodrum, Antalya, Rhodes, and Mykonos and culminates with an overnight stay in sultry Istanbul.

Scandinavia & Baltic Allure | 2 June, 2023
Marina: Amsterdam to Copenhagen, 12 Days

Discover the ultimate expression of the beauty and wealth of culture that the great Baltic capitals are known for with cities like Oslo, Aarhus, and Berlin. An overnight in St. Petersburg offers the special opportunity to experience the White Nights festival in all its glory. 

British Isles Discoveries | 11 June, 2023
Riviera: London to Belfast, 18 Days

An intriguing blend of marquee ports like Edinburgh, Belfast, and Dublin blended with off-the-beaten-path ports such as Killybegs in Ireland and Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands offers numerous surprises as the voyage explores a total of 16 ports in 18 days.

Vikings, Fjords & Legends | 1 July, 2023
Marina: Oslo to London, 10 Days

Sailing the return route of the Vikings, this voyage is a virtual kaleidoscope of fascinating history and fairytale landscapes. Exploring the best of Norway and the Baltic capitals, cosmopolitan flair is keenly balanced with natural splendour and the unparallelled majesty of the Norwegian fjords.

Greenland & Nordic Gems | 21 July, 2023
Riviera: Reykjavik to Oslo, 15 Days

Nature takes centre stage on this cruise showcasing the geysers and hot springs of Iceland, unspoiled glaciers of Greenland, ancient archipelagoes in the North Sea, and the unspoiled beauty of southern Sweden and Norway.

Alaska & California Treasures | 7 September, 2023
Regatta: Vancouver to Los Angeles, 20 Days

All of the premier Alaska ports, Hubbard Glacier, the Inside Passage, Astoria and an overnight in San Francisco come together in a great adventure brimming with variety and contrasts.

Legendary European Adventure | 26 September, 2023
Riviera: Amsterdam to Venice, 34 Days

This voyage encompasses the most iconic destinations of Europe’s North Atlantic and northern Mediterranean coasts with overnights in Bordeaux and Venice, plus Bilbao, Lisbon, Seville, Barcelona, Provence, Portofino, Florence, Dubrovnik, and more.

Holy Land & Aegean Majesty | 6 October, 2023
Nautica: Jerusalem to Rome, 11 Days

Experience 360 degrees of history with standout classics such as Rhodes, Ephesus, Athens, and Santorini, plus an overnight in Jerusalem, capped off with the inescapable allure of Sicily and the enigma that is Naples.

Canada & New England Charms | 19 October & 30 October, 2023
Insignia: Boston to Montreal, 11 Days

Incomparable fall foliage, romantic storybooks ports and a bounty of American and French culinary experiences define this itinerary that showcases the crossroads of European and American history.

For additional information on Oceania Cruises’ small-ship luxury product, exquisitely crafted cuisine, and expertly curated travel experiences, visit, call +852 2165 6010 (Hong Kong), +65 31 651 677 (Singapore), or speak with a professional travel advisor.

Bicol International Airport is Igned, Sealed and Delivered

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Hurdling through all kinds of roadblocks along the way, the Bicol International Airport (BIA) will now start its first commercial operations on Friday, 08 October 2021, after President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Transportation Secretary Art Tugade inaugurated the international airport on the 7th of October 2021.

“Mr. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Sir, here is the Bicol International Airport, delivering to you for the use of the Bicolanos at ng buong sambayanan: SIGNED, SEALED, AND DELIVERED, Mr. President,” Secretary Tugade said, addressing President Duterte during the airport’s inauguration ceremonies.

Faced with a challenging task and having experienced unforseen mishaps and delays, Secretary Tugade said the BIA has “planted a seed for international connectivity and convenience. Not only national and domestic but international as well.”

Tugade said that he made it his personal commitment and crusade to finish the BIA despite criticisms and doubts after it broke ground last 8 December 2016.

“’Yung alinlangan at duda na ‘yan ay sinamahan ng unos at bagyo na kung saan naantala yung proyekto. Hindi nakuntento ‘yung unos at bagyo, dumating ang pandemya at naantala na naman ang proyekto. Hindi ‘ho natigil dyan, dalawang beses akong sinunugan dito sa project na ito,” Tugade explained.

President Duterte said the BIA is yet another milestone in the Build, Build, Build Program that fulfilled the administration’s mission of improving the lives of Filipinos by providing quality infrastructure projects that allowed greater connectivity and mobility, created more jobs, and boosted economic activities in other regions.

“This airport, dubbed as the ‘Most Scenic Gateway’ in the country, promises to provide unforgettable travel experience, not only of visitors but many Bicolanos,” President Duterte said.

“I am confident that once fully operational, this airport will be able to serve the needs of those which is expected—two million passengers annually and provide efficiency, reliability and safety standards to ensure the modern airport,” he added.

Tugade said the BIA is now night-rated and will start night operations in November.

With the iconic Mayon Volcano as its backdrop, the country’s “Most Scenic Gateway” will offer domestic and international passengers contactless properties that are innovative solutions during the pandemic, making airport travel effortless, safe, and convenient.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), the BIA has tapped the services of the developer of the Clark International Airport (CRK) in Pampanga, which will equip the BIA with the same high-technology features of the CRK, including contactless baggage handling and a food ordering system in the near future.

Once operational, the BIA can accommodate a total of two (2) million passengers annually and is expected to boost air traffic in the Bicol Region.

Tugade stressed that the BIA will transform Bicol Region into an economic powerhouse and provide economic, tourism and employment benefits to its neighboring provinces once it starts operations.
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