Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Miley Cyrus Warning: Explicit Content, Refunds Not Allowed

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Angry parents are demanding refunds from Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour due to explicitly sexual scenes. parents allowed their kids to go to a concert that was called 'Bangerz' and then get upset when the show is not a wholesome Taylor Swift experience?!? Everyone knows Miley likes licking hammers and wearing undies as 'outfits' what did they expect was going to happen at this concert?!?

If parents can't be bothered to do a little research into what her show is about, that's their problem. Also, if children who see her as a 'role model' nowadays think it's okay to act like that in everyday life, being underage, and not a performer, then the parents are doing something wrong. NOT Miley.

It would be like taking a kid to a Marilyn Manson concert expecting him to sing children's song. It makes no sense! The parent's need to be kicking themselves for not exercising enough discretion in their decision process!

Parents should be encouraging their children to seek out appropriate role models and if the child likes Miley's music, parents could even discuss the sexual nature of the singer's performances and why for example, it is not deemed appropriate for younger audiences to copy her actions if they are concerned. Miley Cyrus is not a children's entertainer, she is a grown woman who can make her own choices.

What she does on stage is an ACT! She does it for attention, and thus ticket sales. I do not believe she goes around having sex with multiple partners. If she does, so be it, but what is going on here in these pics does not make her a slut. That's a very derogatory name to call a woman. What's a man who engages in sex with multiple partners? A playa! See the difference? A celebrity putting on a provocative stage show is not a slut.

Miley is *purposely* trying to break boundaries, just like Madonna did. if you don't know this, you're either an idiot or fooling yourself. If you want to live in a free country, you might actually occasionally meet up with some people feeling free to do what they like, people like Miley Cyrus. If you want to live in a society of repression, go check out the rest of the world.

She isn't Hannah Montana anymore folks. She was a role model for the little girls who went to see her shows. But not anymore. Everyone grew up, including her. The point is, she's no longer a children's entertainer. Would you have her center her entire career around what she did in her teens? If your precious kids can't handle mature videos, maybe you shouldn't be letting them on the internet unsupervised.

Plus all this media attentions good or bad, either way its good for her.. even if I was to say she has a bowl cut, needs to do squats and looks like a transsexual, its still attention for the slut. Given all the negative media attention regarding Miley, including her tweaking and grinding up against Robin Thicke's groin, why oh friggen why would you take your children to her concert? You don't deserve a refund on account of your own stupidity.

Back when singers could actually sing - they all dressed decent - no one needed to make whores of themselves to try and sell records. Right now, we all know that most performers have become very explicit. and news flash, explicit sells... trashy and raunchy are what makes money. 
 To whom it may concern, The concert is called Bangerz, why are you taking kids in the first place, to see Pop Porn? Secondly, Why would anyone in their right mind spend X amount of dollars on going to see a girl in high waist thongs dance and pretend they're having sex on stage to "pop" music when for less money they could go and see the same kinda girl in the same type of outfits but with better tits, music and more skill on a pole? Wait till the kids are old enough and take them to a real show at a strip club.

This falls on the parents not Miley. Miley is a grown woman, and her image changed. I don't particularly like her or her music, but if you expected to send your kid to a Hanah Montana concert, then you having been living under a rock.

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