Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grab Taxi for Transportation Convenience

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GrabTaxi is an automated smartphone based booking and dispatch platform for the taxi industry in the Philippines.

GrabTaxi aims to revamp these local taxi markets by introducing simple, cost effective mobile-based technology to both the supply (dispatch companies) and demand (passenger) sides of the distribution chain.

With this technology, GrabTaxi hopes to optimize the matching process between taxi fleets and passengers.

Grab Taxi’s vision is to revamp the Philippines’ taxi industry, making it a safer and more efficient means of transport we can all be proud of.

Athena : The Goddess of War!

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Everyone of us has their own favorite Gods or Goddesses. It's very difficult to choose among them. We sometimes imitate or even idolize them. Greek Gods and Goddesses inspired and contributed a lot in Literature and how we look in different pieces. Even though I liked many Goddesses, this Goddess caught my heart.

If I were to be a Goddess, I would choose Athena. She is the Goddess of wisdom, civilization, courage, inspiration, civilization, strength and strategy and also referred as "The Virgin Patron Goddess of Athens" I learned to love her when I was reading The Percy Jackson Series and when we tackled our World History III . Her character there caught my attention and started liking her since then. According to our History teacher back in third year, Athena was remade as the favorite daughter of Zeus, born fully armed from his forehead.

Her story of birth comes with different versions. Zeus had his first wife, Goddess Metis. There was prophecy that Metis' child will be more powerful than Zeus. Zeus feared that and did everything to stop Metis to conceive. He turned Metis into a fly and swallowed it. He was too late, she already conceived Athena. He thought that he was successful but after some days, he experienced headache. He asked his children to help him, no one but Hephaestus had the idea to help. He commanded Zeus to lie down and started to cut his forehead with Minoan Axe. Suddenly, a beautiful and fully armored Athena came out and shouted "and pealed to the broad sky her clarion cry of war. And Ouranos trembled to hear, and Mother Gaia..." that's why, she was also called the Goddess of strategy, a very clever Goddess!

Globe GCASH Awards Brand-New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Units To Bantay Bata Donors

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Twelve (12) lucky Bantay Bata donors were given a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 each in a special raffle draw by Globe Telecom subsidiary G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI) in partnership with Bantay Bata 163.

Winners were actual Bantay Bata donors from April 26 to June 26, 2013. Every donation of at least P10 via GCASH earned them one (1) electronic entry each for the special raffle draw held last June 28.

The winners were Gilbert Lucila from Legazpi City, Rowena Canilao from Caloocan City, Luz Cruz from San Fernando City, Carmelito Lariosa from Bais City, Charlene Venancio from Sta. Maria City, Leah Bonus from Mabalacat City, Mirla Reyes from Batangas City, Joyleen Mateo from Manila City, Ferne Narciso from Manila City, Maria Gina Ferrer from Cabanatuan City, Erika dela Cruz from Makati City, and Jhon Torrento from Cagayan de Oro City.

Globe is Official Technology Partner of Ironman 70.3 Philippines

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Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom will be the official technology partner of the 2013 Ironman 70.3 Philippines, the country's premiere triathlon event scheduled on August 4 at Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort in Cebu City.

This is the fifth year that Globe will provide high-speed broadband internet service in support of Ironman 70.3 Philippines.

By making fast and reliable internet connectivity available at the venue, Globe would enable participants, and even the public to go online anytime they want so that they can post status updates in popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Friday, July 19, 2013

ZEUS!: God of All Gods

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Who are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades? They are the Greek Gods who ruled the sky and thunder, the sea, and the underworld. The one that amazed me was Zeus’s strength and leadership. Among gods and goddesses that belong in the mount Olympus, Zeus was the highest god, for he is the god of all gods and mortals. In Romans he is called Jupiter, in Hindu he is called Indra and in Etruscan he is Tinia. Betray him once and you will taste his wrath!

Zeus was the youngest of the six children of Cronus and Rhea. His brothers and sisters were Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. Cronus swallowed these five siblings of Zeus. Cronus swallowed them because the oracle said that he was to overcome by his own son until Rhea heard about this. Rhea then find a way to give birth to his son Zeus, so he went to island of Crete and as a replacement for the baby, Rhea gave his husband a rock wrapped in swaddling clothes which then ate by Cronus.

ArtWearAble at The Yuchengco Museum : Open Until Sept 7

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Contemporary artists see the human body as a canvas for expression as well as for adornment. By creating pieces for the body, they blur the line between functionality and embellishment, storytelling and shock appeal, and design and aesthetics.

In line with its direction to feature Design as Art/Art as Design, the Yuchengco Museum is spearheading a series of exhibits entitled ArtWearAble. The ArtWearAble series will highlight artists who not only explore materials and design, but also merge the traditional, ethnic, or elegant with the industrial, recycled, outrageous, and innovative.

The result is works of art meant to be worn as daring statements with drama and flair. The inaugural group exhibit will present expressive fine art and modern jewelry by the country’s most recognized painters, sculptors, designers, and architects.

YC James Yen Center : Home to the IIRR

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We are pleased to introduce to you an attractive venue for your research, learning, reflection, training and conference needs.

The Y.C. James Yen Center offers opportunities for sharing knowledge and practices in its various accommodation and function halls. The Yen Center is home to the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR), a development and learning organization with over 50 years of experience in learning about and sharing participatory approaches to rural development.

Located in and borders the towns of Silang, Cavite and Dasmarinas City, the Yen Center is an international training and conference facility which offers 63 hostel rooms, 7 function halls, a spacious dining hall, camp sites and outdoor activities, nature trails and a swimming pool. The Yen Center also houses a small museum and a memorial to Dr. Y.C. James Yen. Demonstration sites on climate smart agriculture are also found within the 52-hectare campus.

NUVALI Bags Bronze for Greener Campaign

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Great news! NUVALI won the prestigious Bronze Award at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity for the Koi Fish Feed Invite project.

A Bronze trophy was awarded to NUVALI’s Koi Fish Feed Invite for successfully carrying out design and environment responsibility all in one. The Koi Fish Feed Invite was a campaign for Ayala Land’s eco-friendly community, NUVALI which is a home for massive schools of koi fish in its multi-functional lake, situated in the greener side of Laguna.

Aesthetically designed to function as an invitation and likewise as fish food, the Koi Fish Feed Invite was made of materials derived from natural ingredients, printed with edible ink in patterns mimicking the koi’s one of a kind scales.

Sprinto at WU Fest 2013

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WU! Manila, a new magazine in town has officially launched its brand through WU Fest 2013. As what they always say, whether you're fresh off the plane or a balikbayan rediscovering your beloved birthplace, WU! is here to help you find out Whats Up in Manila. Or should we say, what's awesome about Manila! And that's what they did! They've promoted anything and everything awesome about Manila through remarkable entertainment such as the bamboo bike display, yummy food -- not necessarily all Filipino but the hospitality made all the difference, and live music from talented Filipino underground artists.

And speaking of awesomeness; one booth in the said fest that caught everyone's attention is the Sprinto booth that sells awesome collection of shades. The standouts would be their Manila, Tokyo, and a new model with wood temple called Shenzhen.

Sprinto is fast gaining popularity in Manila because of its stylish yet functional collection of shades through its iDefine polarized lens and iShock polycarbonate lens features. According to its Marketing Director, Pawlo Misolas, “We believe that shades should be fashionable, protective and affordable and I think that we’ve got the right balance of all three.”

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chinese Merchant Families: Flexible and Border-Crossing Practices as Adaptive Strategies in Spanish Philippines

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Changing names, transferring resources, adopting sons, intermarrying with local women--these are just some of the "flexible" and "border-crossing" practices that Chinese merchants and their families have adopted over centuries as a way to adapt to or circumvent colonial and national policies to control their bodies, resources, mobility, and identities.

Richard T. Chu is Five-College Associate Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has published various articles focusing on the history of the Chinese and Chinese mestizos in the Philippines and centering on issues of ethnicity, gender, and nationalism.

He is also the author of Chinese and Chinese Mestizos of Manila: Family, Identity, and Culture 1860s–1930s (E.J. Brill, 2010; Anvil 2012) and Chinese Merchants of Binondo during the Late Nineteenth Century (University of Santo Tomas Press, 2010).

Lifebit: Capturing Life’s Moments Via Mobile

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 “We make documenting life addicting.” With this simple statement, Eric Clark Su sums up what new mobile application Lifebit is all about.

Eric, the co-founder and CEO of Twidle, Inc. which developed Lifebit, wants an exciting and extraordinary mobile diary that is a far cry from the usual tedious type which contributes to about 95 percent of online journals being abandoned in the first four months of use.

Lifebit makes journaling a delight through a game-like system of scoreboards, creative editors, and quests that levels up passion badges.

“We boiled down the essence of the best games, injected it into the old boring journal and came up with an experience – a sort of game layer on top of one’s life. We can capture life’s moments freely through photos, doodles, text, and later on, even through video and link them to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler wherever we may be,” said Davao-based Eric who leads a 13-man team. 

Globe GCASH Gives P100k to Winner of OMGCASH Promo

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“The OMGCASH! P100,000 Araw-araw Pa-Premyo promo is our way of expressing our gratitude to our growing base of GCASH users for patronizing GCASH through the years,” said Paolo Baltao, president of G-Xchange Inc and operator of GCASH.

With OMGCASH! P100,000 Araw-araw Pa-Premyo, Globe GCASH subscribers have the chance to win P100,000.00 worth of GCASH everyday up to July 25, 2013 by simply using GCASH to buy load, pay bills, send money, and donate.

Globe Telecom, through its mobile commerce arm Globe GCASH, recently awarded P100,000.00 worth of GCASH to Felgen Nino Andrada, one of the winners of the OMGCASH! P100,000 Araw-araw Pa-premyo Promo.

All-Day All-Play Action at Toonami 3x3 Hoops Showdown

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Lourdes School, Claret School & Colegio San Juan de Letran reigned supreme among 12 participating schools.

Toonami, television’s most exciting superhero channel, recently hosted the TOONAMI 3x3 HOOPS SHOWDOWN, the ultimate basketball tournament last Saturday, July the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia

The all-day, all-play tournament gathered together 35 teams from 12 Metro Manila schools that competed across three age divisions.

Winners for each division are as follows: Lourdes School of Mandaluyong defeated Don Bosco Makati with 11-7 points in Division 1; Claret School of Quezon City emerged victorious with a one-point lead against Pasig Catholic College, 9-8 in Division 2; and Colegio San Juan de Letran triumphed over Diliman Preparatory School 11-9 points in Division 3.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IT Jam 2013 : Meet and Mix

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Soft Micro Enterprises is hosting the 1st IT Jam Philippines happening on August 16, 2013.

IT Jam Philippines calls the participation of developers, designers, entrepreneurs and testers, for exchange of ideas and collaborate for development projects.

The event will be designed a mix of "BarCamps" and traditional sessions, which topics will be submitted and voted on by the participants.Attendees are highly encourage to give a demo, a session, or help with one, or otherwise volunteer / contribute in some way to support the event The people present at the event will select the demos or presentations they want to see.

The event will also include hackathon and up for grabs are some premium items.The participants are asked to bring their own machines which will be used for application development.

The speakers for this will be BlackBerry, Smart DevNet, Chikka, Ideaspace, Intel, IRRI and Microsoft.

Venue will be announced soon.

The Amazing Tripartite SpecFic Book Launch! : Three Book Launchings In One Day

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The UST Publishing House, Flipside Publishing, and Kestrel DDM invite you to the launch of 'Philippine Speculative Fiction volume 8', edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Nikki Alfar, 'Now, Then, and Elsewhen', a short story collection by Nikki Alfar, and the digital edition of the 'Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction, 2005 - 2010', edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Nikki Alfar.

Ours has regularly been called "the most fun book launch of the year", so do join us for an afternoon of laughter, merienda, and the inevitable teasing of Eliza Victoria. And probably you. And probably me. But, you know, we believe that mockery is the sincerest form of friendship.

(Please note that this will be held at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at EDSA Shangri-La MALL, not the hotel, and also not the 26th Street Bistro at the new wing. It's the ground-level Coffee Bean, facing the driveway.)

Do feel free to re-post this indiscriminately! :)

2nd Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

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Register today to confirm your seat(s) at
(Early bird rate of P750 can be availed till July 31, 2013 only. Lunch is included.)

Relevance, Consistency, Participation.

Work with influencers and brand advocates to generate awareness and interest in what you have to offer.

Develop activities and advocacies that will take your brand image to a different level. Let your customers define what your product is for them, take ownership, rather than you dictating what you want it to be.

The 2nd Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Manila #dimsummit aims to empower entrepreneurs, marketers, and advertisers with insights on working with influencers and brand advocates.

It is also an ideal conference for those who are aspiring to become influencers and recognized brand advocates.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Kindly contact Janette Toral for details.

Maghihintay Pa Rin Summarized

Wazzup Pilipinas!

ARTISTS: Bianca King, Dion Ignacio, Diva Montelaba, Julia Lee

The story begins with Geneva de Villa a wealthy young lady who, despite having all the riches, longs for the love of a complete family. Right after her father died, all her mother Rio did is to tend their business, the De Villa Maritime Corporation and Manning Agency and treat their employees unfairly.

In the same company, Geneva meets Kiko Sebastian, whose father works in De Villa's agency. While working abroad, his father got sick and eventually died. Like any other case, Kiko didn't get any help from the agency. Fortunately, Geneva helps him until they became friends and developed feeling for each other.

Despite Rio's refusal of their relationship, Geneva fights for her love for Kiko and willingly endures the hardships of being poor. She will then meet Kiko's mother, Trinidad and siblings Cholo, Lita, and Bebot. She will also get close to one of Kiko's friends named Orlando Ramirez, who secretly admires Geneva.

A Goddess for a Day : Hestia

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Why are people addicted to myths? That’s the question almost everyone had been talking about. For me, reading Greek mythologies is so exciting. It is like being in a whole other dimension. Thinking about the supernatural capabilities of the gods and goddesses really enhances my imagination to the point that I consider myself as one of them too.

If I would be given a chance to be a goddess for a day, I would be Hestia. Most people know Hestia as the virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, and the state.

She is one of the goddesses of the first Olympian generation, along with Demeter and Hera. She was a daughter of the Titans Rhea and Cronus, and the eldest and youngest sister to Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Hades. She also rejected the marriage suits of Poseidon and Apollo, and swore herself to perpetual virginity.

Charice : Hottest Lesbian in the World?

Wazzup Pilipinas!, n American lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) website has named Filipino singer Charice as the world’s hottest lesbian.

Charice could not believe that she topped the list of the world’s hottest lesbians. She is only 21 years old but she has already come a long way since she joined the music industry starting with her joining the the ABS-CBN talent show “Little Big Star” in 2005. Charice said she is proud to represent the LGBT community.

“Wala akong masabi. Nung nakita ko yung list, talagang inuna from 105, nakita ko na No. 1. Malaking achievement na iyon,” she said.

“Nadagdagan ang confidence ko. I’m very flattered, honored and proud din for representing the LGBT. Thankful ako sa autostraddle,” she said.

Charice made local and international headlines after she admitted last June that she is gay. While she is not currently on good terms with her family, Charice said she feels "free" after coming out.

Buddha Bar Manila Now Has Ladies Night Every Wednesday

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The hip and hot party spot in the metro, Buddha-Bar Manila, celebrates girl power every Wednesday night as they launch their very own, Ladies Night! The weekday warrior women are in for a special, ladies only treat on Wednesdays only at Buddha-Bar Manila. Metro ladies are exclusively invited to party the night away with overflowing, unlimited, and best of all, FREE sparkling wine from 9PM ‘til 12 midnight. The Wednesday Ladies Night asks NOTHING from the hardworking gals, just simply come, bring your friends, and enjoy girls’ night out only at Buddha-Bar Manila.

Buddha-Bar Manila is at Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. For reservations contact +6328566859/+6328566719. Follow Buddha-Bar Manila on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BuddhaBarMNL.

Greek God Hades: The Unseen One


Wazzup Pilipinas!

I know that most of us think that Hades, a Greek god is bad or an antagonist because he is the "God of the Underworld" but no, he is one of the Greek god who is kind and trustworthy according to our Social Science III teacher. Before I compare my personality with the Greek god Hades let me tell you something about the Greek god Hades.

Hades was the King of the Underworld, the god of death and the dead.The name Hades is also synonymous to the word "Hell". He presided over funeral rites and defended the right of the dead to due burial. Hades was also the god of the hidden wealth of the earth, from the fertile soil with nourished the seed-grain, to the mined wealth of gold, silver and other metals.

Hades was devoured by Kronos as soon as he was born, along with four of his siblings. Zeus later caused the Titan to disgorge them, and together they drove the Titan gods from heaven and locked them away in the pit of Tartarus. When the three victorious brothers then drew lots for the division of the cosmos, Hades received the third portion, the dark dismal realm of the underworld, as his domain.

Hades : Behold the God of the Underworld!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Mortals! Bow down before the mighty God Hades! For your souls will be his property when your day has come... Nah just kidding.

Wazzup everybody! I created this article to give some information about the scary, hideous, "unseen one", harsh, yet soft-hearted God of the underworld, Hades.

So, the God Hades (also known as Pluto in Roman) was the ancient Greek God of the underworld, which means he rules among the souls of the dead. Hades was the Oldest among the three sons of Cronus. His mother was Rhea, and his brothers and sisters were Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hestia, and Hera. Among the gods, Hades got the power to rule over the Underworld, and the souls of the dead. Because Hades lives in the Underworld, he was called the "unseen" one because only those souls of the dead ones can see him.

Artemis: The Goddess of the Hunt and Wilderness

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Artemis was born the daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of Apollo. Artemis was born one day ahead of Apollo on the island of Delos. She then aided her mother to Delos where she actually helped in delivering her brother Apollo. This also made her a goddess of childbirth and protector of women. Artemis is identified as a goddess of many different things depending on what legend you're reading. In most cases, she's the goddess of the wilderness, wild animals, and the Hunt. She's also been said to represent the moon, childbirth, and fertility.

Artemis has frequently been depicted as a tall, slim woman, with sculpted features, dressed in a short tunic, and driving a chariot pulled by silver stags. She frequently carried a bow and silver arrows, and appeared to either be wearing animal skins, or else having animals, especially fawns, by her side. If Artemis was your friend, then she was your friend for life; and if one of her friends ever happened to be in need, Artemis would act quickly, using her sharp wits to rescue and protect them. However, when anyone happened to do something wrong, Artemis handed out her punishment quite swiftly, even though she was supposedly opposed to violence. 

ASUS In Search of Incredible: Experience Home

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Experience Living the ASUS Way. ASUS inspires everyone to experience the new touch generation.

Following the success of the ASUS Experience Zone earlier this year, ASUS once again will hold another Experience Home Event this July 18-21 at the 3rd floor bridgeway of SM Megamall.

Featuring a very comfortable open house set-up, the ASUS In Search of Incredible: Experience Home will display a wide range of ASUS’ most incredible notebooks and tablets such as the new ASUS Fonepad, VivoTab Smart, VivoTab, Zenbook Touch as well as the ASUs VivoBook, the No. 1 touch notebook in the world, in different parts of the house such as the bedroom, the living room, kitchen and study room to let everyone discover the things the products have to offer; providing service and pleasure to every customer’s work and entertainment necessities.

Globe Telecom Uncovers 15 Cases Of Illegal Repeater Use, Sale

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Globe Telecom reported it has uncovered and resolved 15 cases involving the use and sale of illegal repeaters or signal boosters following concerted efforts by the company and police authorities to tackle the issue.

The leading telecommunications company launched the campaign against illegal repeaters or signal boosters in 2011 following increasing incidence of signal interference cases, as gleaned by the company’s network monitoring group.

“Everyone needs to understand that the use of illegal repeaters or signal booster without permission from the carrier concerned is against the law as it causes interference and adversely affects other subscribers,” said lawyer Froilan Castelo, head of Globe Corporate Legal Security Group.

Globe Raises Questions Over NTC Results

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Based on the second quarter National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Benchmarking results, it is evident that the Globe network performance has progressively improved. Globe surpassed all NTC standards, which indicate that its modernization program is delivering on its objectives.

However, Globe Telecom said its continuous drive towards superior network quality and performance calls for a deeper look into the numbers revealed by the NTC tests.

"The network performance measurement equipment of Globe generates network quality KPIs and more extensive drive tests done by Globe, including the NTC drive test routes, showed a major difference from the latest NTC test results. This may indicate a need to jointly review the latest NTC results in the interest of transparency," said Cris Crisostomo, Globe Head of Service Quality, Network Technical Group.

“We have registered our concerns with the NTC in relation to this matter and now ask for a further review and evaluation on how the results were arrived at by the NTC,” Crisostomo said.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Athena : The Bravest of Them All

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In this world people have different beliefs, different perceptions, and different point of views and to make it simple all of us have our own individual differences. Some people won’t agree that there are such gods and goddesses. For me, there are gods and goddesses but they did not exist in our world, they exist in other world. When I was reading about the Olympian gods and goddess, I feel like I am in their world.

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Athena is also a companion of heroes. She is the goddess of heroic endeavor. She is the virgin patroness of Athens. Athena is a symbolism of brave woman who can fight for what is right. She also has the abilities and skills in being a warrior. She has the strength to fight and the strategy to win a battle. She has the intelligence that helps to make strategic battle in the Athens. She is not just good in battles and intelligent but she also can make arts and crafts in a strategic way also.

Artemis : The Untamed One

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When Greece is one of the topics on a discussion, we never forget talking about their Gods and Goddesses. Well, If I'm going to pick one, I will surely pick Artemis. I think that she is very unique among all the Goddesses.

She's the daughter of the God Zeus and Leto, twin sister of the God Apollo. In Rome, she is known as Diana. She's the goddess of the moon, hunting, wild, animals, wilderness , and protector of young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women; she often was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows.

Artemis as the sister of Apollo, is a kind of female Apollo, that is, she as a female divinity represented the same idea that Apollo did as a male divinity. Pretty cool right? When Apollo was regarded as identical with the sun or Helios, nothing was more natural than that his sister should be regarded as Selene or the moon, and accordingly the Greek Artemis is the goddess of the moon.

Artemis : The Huntress of the Forest

The Huntress of the forest,
Healer of sickness, 
Protector of the children
A forever maiden,
Patron saint of childbirth,
The illuminating light,
The moon goddess

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do you guys know who the major Greek gods and goddesses are? Do you even know what Greek mythology is? 

If not then let me give you a quick discussion about them. 

So first, Zeus, which is also the god of sky, the king of all gods has a queen named Hera. Hera is the goddess of marriage. She is responsible for keeping her family united and punished those who will try to make mess with it. Zeus has other siblings named Poseidon (god of the sea), Hades (god of the underworld), Demeter (goddess of harvest and grain), and Hestia (the calm goddess of the hearth). Zeus is a very loving person that is why he ended up having children to other goddesses and nymphs. Two of the offspring of Zeus are Apollo and Artemis. The former is a boy, and the latter is a girl. These two faced many problems even before they were born. But they both conquered and even become one of the major gods and goddesses. They are both my favorite, but I like Artemis most.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Athena : Goddess of Wisdom

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Zeus, the king of all gods had a relationship with a titaness of wisdom named Metis. Obviously something will happen between them and Metis became pregnant. Zeus immediately found out and feared the possible consequences of what they did. It had been prophesied that Metis would give birth to an extremely powerful child, who will overthrow Zeus – just like what his father Cronus, did to Uranus, his grandfather. The extremely powerful child is no other than Athena. In order to prevent the crucial consequence, Zeus tricked Metis and transformed her into a fly and swallowed her. Well, he was too late: Metis had already conceived a child. She might not be a goddess but Metis also have powers, she began making a helmet and robe for her fetal daughter.

Zeus experienced great pain in his head the past few days after he swallowed Metis – this was because of the hammering as Metis made the helmet. In order to know what causes the pain Zeus called his son, Hephaestus. Hephaestus clove his father’s head with an axe, giving rise to Athena's birth. Fully grown, armed, and armored, Athena leaped from Zeus’ head. The reason why Athena is full of wisdom is that she came out from his father’s head making her now the goddess of wisdom. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, handicraft and strategic warfare. Her roman name is Minerva.

Facebook Can Make or Break The World : Rumor Mongering Online

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Rant or rave about it - online!

A great thing about Facebook, and its likeness like Twitter or Instagram, is that we can use it to bring out a lot, if not all, of our frustrations. It is a medium where we can rant about the despicable acts of individuals or groups that put shame to our nation, curse those that humiliate the very essence of our personality, and inform or warn our friends, colleagues and the rest of the online community against erring and misguided elements.

Wait a minute! Is rumor mongering something we should be proud of?

Facebook and other social media are indeed a very powerful tool. We can make the entire world know of our situation with just one click of Share or Retweet, even a simple Like can mean a lot of things for many. We can make someone or an establishment very popular, and likewise, we can influence and spread rumors that can destroy a person, a company, and even a country. Be very careful and responsible in using it. It can make or break an individual.

Glee Star Cory Monteith Found Dead in Fairmount Pacific Rim Hotel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Glee Fans have a lot to weep about upon the discovery of the dead body of one of its famous lead star.

Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada last Saturday, July 13. Cory Monteith plays Finn Hudson in the musical TV series Glee checked in at the Fairmount Pacific Rim Hotel last July 6 and was expected to check out on Saturday, July 13. After missing his check out time, the hotel staff went up to his room located on the 21st floor only to find his lifeless body on the floor.

No foul play was suspected and Monteith is suspected to have died of an apparent drug overdose. According to reports, Monteith had already been dead for several hours before his body was found.  No confirmation yet until an autopsy is done on the body which is scheduled on Monday.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Celebrities and Fans Express Support For “Superbook”

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I brought my two boys at a Superbook event held at the Robinson's Magnolia mall last Sunday. We got there 1 hour early but decided to wait until it starts since we wanted to reserve a front middle seat to get a better view of the show.

We actually have a formal invite from the organizers so the first two rows were already reserved for their guests. But still we wanted to be in the middle of the front row so we never let go of our seats.

In only just a few minutes, the entire space allocated for the people interested in watching and joining the event were already full to the rim. Some of the kids had to sit on the floor in front just to get a glimpse of Gismo, the lovable toy robot in the Superbook TV show.

Athena : The Goddess of Wisdom

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Maku Mei Manuel Chan
Wazzup Pilipinas!
First of all, I want to express my salutation and adoration for Athena. I don’t adore her to the extent of worshiping her. I just simply admire her for her qualities. Athena is the epitome of a woman. She is the goddess of strategic war, wisdom, crafts, justice and inspiration. She became the patroness of Athens by simply because she has the qualities to be so.

As I read through the myths about Athena, one statement caught my eye. It says, “Though Athena is a goddess of war strategy, she disliked fighting without purpose and preferred to use wisdom to settle predicaments.”

Globe-SingTel Scholarship Grants Awarded to Top Students of UP, Ateneo

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Two senior college students from the country’s top universities were chosen as recipients of this year’s Globe-SingTel Undergraduate Scholarship Program after undergoing a rigorous screening process.

Gabrielle Angela Santos and Gabriel Roberto Barrios underwent a difficult screening process that included intensive interviews, leadership and behavioral assessments. The entire selection process initially involved 100 applicants.

Santos, 20, is taking up Industrial Engineering at the University of the Philippines while Barrios, 22, is taking up B.S. Communications Technology Management at the Ateneo De Manila University. Both of them will be given a two-year full scholarship covering tuition fees and allowances.

Both of them, upon graduation, will also be given an internship stint in SingTel and the chance to be a part of the management associate program of Globe or SingTel.

Demeter of Greek Mythology

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Every time I heard about these words; GREEK MYTHOLOGY, I always got a goosebumps. Because I remember how great those deities are. Greeks do believed about them because of the supernatural power they have. They taught that this gods and goddesses were the reason why the things around them happened. And they presided over every aspect of human life in ancient time.

In this belief, there are 12 great gods/goddesses, whom Greeks considered as the Olympians. They lived in Mount Olympus and somehow related with the god of gods, Zeus. They were the principal deities of the Greek pantheon. Specifically, the twelve Olympians are Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Athena, Hestia, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, and Hermes. Sometimes, Hades was excludes because he resided permanently in the underworld to judge the souls of the dead.

Charina Sarte Reinvents the Way People Look at Uniforms

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The premiere resortwear designer shares her inspiration on designing uniforms of Globe Store staff in Boracay

Gone are the days when uniforms have to be boring and traditional. Enter premiere resortwear designer Charina Sarte who has defied that perception when she forayed into uniform design, making us see the traditional work wear in a totally new light.

Customers and bystanders alike coming in at the Globe Store in Boracay will surely feel the island vibe with the accommodating and friendly staff garbed in Charina Sarte-designed uniforms. With graceful designs, beautiful fabric selections, and exquisite craftsmanship, each piece of the uniform ensemble makes it truly unique and special.

Hera : Olympian Queen of the Gods

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Hera came from the Greek word Hera, literally "protectress," related to heros "hero," originally "defender, protector." She is the queen of the heavens and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires. In Roman mythology, the goddess Hera is known as Juno. She is the wife of Zeus and daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She was usually depicted as a regal woman in the prime of her life, wearing a diadem and veil and holding a lotus-tipped staff.

Although Hera was one of the fairest goddesses in Mount Olympus, Zeus was giving Hera plenty of reason to be suspicious and jealous; Hera therefore used to stay in high places in order to keep an eye on her husband's doings. Hera was rarely nice to the many children Zeus had by other mothers. There were times she would also interfering, causing harm to Zeus' mistresses, since Zeus himself was invincible.

Demeter and the Seasons

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Demeter is the goddess of harvest, agriculture, grains and farmlands.

Demeter is the daughter of Cronus and Gaia and sister of Zeus by whom she became the mother of Persephone. When Persephone was abducted by Hades, lord of the underworld, Demeter wandered the earth in search of her lost child. During this time, Demeter was refusing to feed the earth by growing grains, which caused a great and terrible famine on earth. Since no one else could do her job, Zeus-- ever mindful of god's needs for worshipers-- decided to sent Hermes to the underworld, ordering Hades to restore Persephone to her mother. However, before Persephone left, she ate six pomegranate seeds which bound her to the underworld forever. And so it was arranged that Persephone would spend six months a year above ground with her mother, but she would have to spend the remaining months in the land of dead with her husband.

And that is how it has been since then, according to the story: that's why we have the seasons.

Demeter : The Sustenance of All Mankind

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I was in my junior year, when we have first discussed this 'Greek Mythology'. I was amazed that time and it's kinda interesting to listen to. That's why every time I heard about these words, I always got a goosebumps. Because I do remember how great they are during those era.

Greeks do believed about them because of the supernatural power they have. They thought that this gods and goddesses were the reason why the things around them happened. And they presided over every aspect of human life in ancient time.

Goddess Demeter : Reason of Seasons

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“Ceres” is the Latin name for Demeter. Demeter is the goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. It is Demeter that makes the crops grow each year. The first loaf of bread from the harvest is scarificed to her. Demeter is the goddess of the earth, of agriculture, and of fertility in general. Sacred to her are livestock and agricultural products, poppy, narcissus and the crane.

Demeter is intimately associated with the seasons. She is pictured as a mature motherly figure. Her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades to be his wife in the underworld. In her anger at her daughter's loss Demeter laid a curse on the world that caused plants to wither and die, the land became desolate. Zeus became alarmed and sought Persephone's return.

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