Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ristorante Bigoli: Going Italian in Eastwood

Wazzup Pilipinas!

After an event in Ortigas, Pasig ended early at around 2 pm, I decided to go directly to a restaurant in Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City. The restaurant was the venue for another event where I was also invited and it scheduled at 6 pm. It was very inconvenient for me to go home and then out again with just a few hours to spend.

I was invited to an event that was primarily arranged due to a tie-up between Ristorante Bigoli and Zomato. Ristorante Bigoli is an Italian Restaurant with branches at Eastwood, Trinoma and SM Fairview while Zomato is an online restaurant guide which started in India and provides information on restaurant home deliveries, take-outs, cafes and nightlife in the cities of India, Brazil, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Zomato has already partnered with several restaurants in the Philippines and invites foodies (both bloggers and non-bloggers) to submit restaurant reviews to their site. It has some ranking or points system where reviewers level up and get rewards.

Dutdutan Trece Showcases Tattoo Art Galore : Awesome Ink Masters and Models at the World Trade Center!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Right in the middle of the devastating URCC fights and the exhilarating P.O.D. performances, I went around the Dutdutan Trece booths to meet with as most of the awesome ink masters - one booth at a time!

My intention was to be able to take photos of the creative tattoo artists and their models with their logos or brand name behind so I could proudly post all of their photos on my blog. But the booths were so plenty, and there were so many interesting personalities and fascinating tattoos to immortalize into digital photos, to capture their images using my camera - which ran out of battery even before I had the chance to take photos of majority of the participants and event attendees.

It was truly a huge crowd of liberal-minded individuals who have made their body a canvass of art that further emphasizes their attitude and unique personality. I would like to think that having a tattoo increase your guts and makes you a little more confident. It is a creative medium of expression to show the world our individuality!

Tattoos were all around and all over everyone's body! Masterpieces created for everyone's pleasure!

Drum Duel Contestants Battle Tonight at Dutdutan Trece!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

For the drum duel competition at Dutdutan Trece, there will be a total of eight two-man teams that will soon be rocking the World Trade Center with their pretty wild noise of their drums. There was even a cool brother and sister team, with the guy on base and her sister on the drums!

Wow! I think she's the only girl contestant but I'm not really sure since there were still a few who have not arrived yet for the practice.

I was lucky to have been at the World Trade Center (WTC) earlier than the event time since I just came from a three-day event at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Manila and we checked in and stayed at the Sofitel Manila Pavilion hotel - very near from the WTC.

Get to see some of the teams below when you read more!

FHM Bikini Babes Ready to Flaunt Their Assets at Dutdutan Trece!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I had the opportunity to drop by earlier during the second day preparations of Dutdutan Trece at the World Trade Center and had the chance to chat with and take photos of some the contestants of the FHM Bikini  Competition.

According to the FHM Bikini contestants, there will be ten of them battling it for the best babe in bikini. The eight girls were early that day so I only lack two of them. I arrived at around 8:30 am and they were already there for the practice happening at around 10 am. The actual bikini contest will be held at around 11 pm close to midnight!

These girls had no make-up on, yet they were already oozing with beauty and sensuality, what more after they beautify themselves and don their skimpy outfits tonight at Dutdutan Trece happening at the World Trade Center!

Philips SoundDot : Bring Your Music Everywhere

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Get up, clean the house, shower, go to work or school, sleep, and eat in between. These are activities we’ve turned into a routine everyday—give or take a few parties and/or vacations. Wouldn’t we all want to change it up a little to make doing these things much more fun?

Spice up your day by throwing in some music into the mix, using a portable mp3 player that you can bring with you anywhere, no matter what you’re doing.

“The Philips SoundDot range can be used for almost any activity,” remarks Ms. Poi San Mok, Philips Marketing Manager for Lifestyle Entertainment. “It’s compact and with an advanced yet delightfully simple design, making it a reliable mp3 player that’s small in size but big on fun.”

Nuvali Celebrates Nature And Generosity

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In NUVALI, the love for nature and for one another go hand in hand.

As part of Ayala Land Inc.’s 25th Anniversary, one of the country’s most successful and well-loved mixed-used developments, NUVALI gives thanks to the community through the Random Acts of Kindness Day.

BIG, BIG, BIG surprises await everybody!

Just like the first time they did a similar event at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, many passersby were surprised to see the gift-giving event open to everyone within the area.

Head on to NUVALI, Sta. Rosa Laguna on Saturday, September 28, 2013 and experience generosity like no other.

How to get there? Check out the instructions by reading more.

Metro Manila Skyway (MMS) Stage 3 Project Approved By Malacanang

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Traffic weary motorists have relief coming soon. Malacanang recently approved the contract for the Metro Manila Skyway (MMS) Stage 3 Project which will connect the Southern Luzon Expressway to the Northern Luzon Expressway. The project will be fully funded by the Citra Central Expressway Corporation at an estimated cost of Php 26.5 billion and will be overseen by the Department of Transportation and Communications and the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB).

This new road is expected to help decongest EDSA and other major roads such as Quezon Avenue, Araneta Avenue, Nagtahan, and Quirino and greatly reduce travel time from Buendia to Balintawak from the usual 2 hours or more to just 15 minutes. In a 2013 report released by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), it estimated that around Php 2.4 billion worth of economic and opportunity loss is incurred daily due to traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

The flood free, mostly elevated 6 lane expressway, has an approximate length of 14.2 kilometers and will help reduce pollution, provide greater comfort and safety to the motorists and result to large savings in travel time, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. It will also provide around 6,000 direct jobs and an additional indirect jobs of around 10,000 during construction. 

Qualcomm Mobile World by the Numbers

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How much do you know about the mobile world?  

Studies show that 68% of people sleep with their mobile device next to their bed while 85% admitted that they can’t go a single day without their mobile. Filipinos are rapidly adopting the mobile lifestyle, listing their top four mobile activities with their mobile phone as emailing, surfing, social networking and taking photos.
As we continue to ride the mobile tide, we expect more from our mobile phones. Qualcomm gets to the heart of these devices with processors that enable longer battery life, lightning fast communication and unbeatable efficiency for a better mobile experience.
We are sharing with you an insight on the mobile world by the numbers.

3M Innovation Tour : 3M Unveils Latest Innovations Through Office Tour

Wazzup Pilipinas!
The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company started as a means to find mineral deposits for abrasives. Now, 3M has become the leader in abrasives, adhesives, and hardware products worldwide, and as a way of thanking the people, especially the Filipinos, in patronizing its products, 3M once again opened its doors to the public through its 3M Innovation Tour at its Makati office along South Luzon Expressway.

Rika Kamibayashi first welcomed us and gave us a briefing on what to be expected in the tour.

Then we set sail to a trip to the entire Customer Technical Center. First up was the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Room where we found out that what we usually call "scotch tape" should be precisely called cellophane tape. Here are some more of the industrial adhesive products of 3M.

Epson Helps Typhoon Maring Flood Victims in Laguna and Aurora

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I admire private companies who incorporate social responsibility in their business. It always gives me pleasure to hear about companies who would exert the extra effort to provide donations or relief good for our brothers and sisters who were affected by man-made or natural disasters.

I hope all private companies will follow the example of those companies who allot a fortune of their budget to provide for the needs of our fellowmen stricken by unfortunate circumstances.

A great example is when the Epson group of companies donated PhP1 million to the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) to help victims of the destruction brought by the southwest monsoon (enhanced by Typhoon Maring/Trami) last August.

Twitter Alerts: Critical Information When You Need It Most

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Twitter has launched Twitter Alerts, a new feature that brings us one step closer to helping users get important and accurate information from credible organizations during emergencies, natural disasters or moments when other communications services aren’t accessible.

We know from our users how important it is to be able to receive reliable information during these times. With that in mind, last year we announced Lifeline (a feature that helps Japanese users find emergency accounts during crises), and since then, we’ve been working on a related feature for people around the world.

If you sign up to receive an account’s Twitter Alerts, you will receive a notification directly to your phone whenever that account marks a Tweet as an alert. Notifications are delivered via SMS, and if you use Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android, you’ll also receive a push notification*. Alerts also appear differently on your home timeline from regular Tweets; they will be indicated with an orange bell.

Tweet Non-Stop for Free with Sun Cellular's Tweet Forever

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Sharing information in real-time is now the trend, especially with the boom of social media. And with this, not being able to tweet something as it happens or not getting more updates tends to leave us in the dark or left behind.

This new amazing promo gives you unlimited Twitter for free. Now, you can share your thoughts, updates, pictures and videos anytime, anywhere with the power of Sun’s consistent, fast and reliable connection.

With Sun Cellular’ s Tweet Forever, Sun Mobile Internet users can enjoy free Twitter until November 15, 2013. There’s no need to text any keyword, spend money for the offering or subscribe to any special promo. All you have to do is type in on your mobile browser to enjoy this amazing social media offering.


Wazzup Pilipinas!

Who run the world? The question that we nervously (but somewhat hopefully) asked ourselves that day. The day that we all had been waiting for. The day where we started off arguing and ended up winning. The day I will never forget.. AEROBERZ! August 16, 2013.

Honestly, we weren’t ready. We weren’t even finished with the whole choreography! And yes, we crammed. We crammed our last steps that same day of the aerodance competition. Running (not really just walking) up the stairs to the 7th floor and back, borrowing time for us to have our practice, trying to find speakers that could actually work. We were tired.. Dreadfully tired.

It was around 3 I think? The competition started. We were all happy, ecstatic and nervous at the same time. Happy that the day we all we’ve been waiting for has finally come. Ecstatic to finally be able to perform andshow off all the hardwork we had exerted for this competition. And lastly, nervous that what if we mess up?

We were third in line to perform. I guess we’re pretty much lucky? Marx…Coper… and finally our section, BERZ!

ABS-CBN Stages Simultaneous 5-City "One Run, One Philippines"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

One Run, One Philippines,” the five-city simultaneous advocacy run of ABS-CBN in the Philippines and the United States this October 6 as part of ABS-CBN’s 60th anniversary celebration.

Thousands participants are expected to take part in the “One Run, One Philippines," in five cities to save five environment projects including Pasig River rehabilitation.

In cooperation of ABS-CBN Foundation’s Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP), Regional Network Group (RNG) and The Filipino Channel (TFC), the “One Run, One Philippines” will invade Quezon City, Cebu City, Bacolod City, Davao City, and Los Angeles (USA) to clamor for the protection of various environmental advocacies.

Success! We are UnbelievaBerz!

Wazzup Pilipinaaaaasss?!!

Many activities were given by the school to help us explore our talents and especially, to know more and bond with our classmates. These past few months, I can truly say that it was so exhausting but exciting. First, we prepared for our Aerodance. We practiced for many nights and days for the competition. We exerted so much effort because we were pressured. Last year's champion were from IV-Berzelius which is my present section. Many stressful moments that we've encountered especially in Leira's part. She patiently choreographed our steps to make it presentable.

The most exciting part is that we crammed our steps! We practiced one day before the competition. It took us 5 hours to finish the last part of our aerodance, the cool-down. Many  were raising their voice because of the mistakes we made. Our parents were calling us because it's already late. Leira and Cherry decided to continue practicing tomorrow, which is the competition day. We were very nervous because it's not perfect and maybe we will present it badly.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Section Boyle's Pistang Pinoy Celebration!

(Pistang Pinoy of IV-BOYLE, photo courtesy of Lois Baguio)
Wazzup Pilipinas!

Every year, we celebrate Pistang Pinoy. It is the most awaited school event every August. Since it's our last year here in PCSHS, we made everything fun! Students from IV-BOYLE had there food catered by the Tuazon twin.

They had prepared Filipino dishes like Sisig, barbecue, Chopsuey, Calderetang manok and Pansit Malabon. Do not forget rice, Filipinos most staple food!

Sixth batch also has their own ice cream cart which roams around for whoever who wants ice cream. YUM! After everyone had eaten, event organizers had their games! Crazy yet fun!


Wazzup Pilipinas!

Pasig City Science High School celebrates the annual Pistang Pinoy last August 2013. Just so you know, Pistang Pinoy is the annual celebration of Buwan ng Wika in our school. This is an event wherein students bring different kind of Filipino food,dress in a Filipino inspired costume and practice hospitality. But before the feast,we are required to so upstairs for the awarding ceremony.

Actually there are many contests during the Buwan ng Wika. Balagtasan, Pick up lines, Likhang awit and many more. I can say that we, IV-Berzelius is very supportive to our representatives. When I say supportive, I mean it.

Unbelievable Aerodance

Wazzup Pilipinas !
Aerodance Competition! We're all excited because this is our time to make Copernicus shine in front of many people.All of us was encouraged to do our best because our goal was to be the champion so that we will be the representative for Paskotitap that will be held on December.There are times we're bothered because Sir Gabby kidding us that we were on 5th place based on routines and music but we didn't believed on that.We always thought that the other sections are good than ours so we will do our best to beat them.

All seven sections are ready and nervous.Copernicus was the 2nd contestant so after the 1st contestant we all stand up and show our aerodance to many people.After 7 minutes,we're done to exercise and we're so tired but it is amazing.We're happy because we know that we can fight and we did our best.I saw some teachers cheering us and I saw their faces that they had fun on our aerodance that is because of our "Whoops-Kiri".

All sections are done to perform their aerodance then we're all requested to stand up because we will dance the wellness.For me, this is the happiest part because all of us dance the wellness well-synchronized and we're all energetic and happy.

Home of the Champions

Wazzup Pilipinas! 
In schools, culminating activities and contests will never be gone throughout the year. It is the time where we excel not just only in academics but also in different aspects by competing with others. In fact, it is one of the much-awaited parts of students in their school year; it makes one to work with determination, cooperation and unity or simply to work as one family.

These past few months I have accomplished many things. First was the Aerodance Competition, I wouldn't be saying that it’s only my accomplishment; of course without my beloved classmates I wouldn't be able to win that contest. Yes, you read it right! Last August 16, 2013, we were proclaimed as the champion of the said competition having the ‘booty shake moves’ as our trademark.

Right after the Aerodance was the Balagtasan 2013 for Filipino month. I was tasked to represent my section and contend with other representatives of third year and fourth year. Luckily, our section was proclaimed as the champion for that contest.

Come! Let's Sing!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do you like to watch singing contests? How about being in one?

 In this article, I will talk about the singing contests that we’ve been in our senior year. Come and read it, then let me know what you think.

Topic no. 1:

The Voice of Boyle

Most of us like to sing. But not all of those that like to sing have the confidence to do what they like. And maybe that’s the cool thing about The Voice; because you can sing your hearts out without getting embarrassed since the judges wouldn’t know who sang the song unless they turn around. It’s such a great concept and applying this to a project is what I can say: Genius!

The rules were pretty simple: For every judge that turn for you, you’ll get a +5 on your grade.  If we will be able to get all the 5 teachers to turn their chair for us, we will get a +5 for our Periodical Exam. It seems hard, but looking at the bright side, it’s an easier project than regular Mathematics projects.  And it’s a group project making it a lot easier for us.

Last Year For Us and for Pistang Pinoy

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Maybe you are asking yourself what "Pistang Pinoy" is. Well, it is an event in my school, Pasig City Science High School, similar to Buwan ng Wika. We gather all together for a once in a year feast of different filipino foods. But before this feast we had a program at our gymnasium. Everyone was really ecstatic about this event, including me.The awarding of winners was also held during this day, luckily our team for the Balagtasan won and they were champion. Good job guys. Anyway, we, IV-Berzelius, also had a few photo sessions with our adviser here is one.

After that photo session and the program we were allowed to go back to our classrooms and have our own program. There was also a contest for every year level, our foods were checked and the room decorations. One judge came into our room, tasted our food and then gave judgments about it. 

Toughest August

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A lot of activities our being held in our school every month. But for me August is the busiest and toughest month of the year because it’s Filipino month. There are a lot of competitions and programs prepared by the Filipino department. Some of them are balagtasan, masining na pagkukuwento, maunawang pagbasa, talumpatian, likhang awit, and of course Pistang Pinoy.

Another event that made me busy this month is the 20th Division Secondary Schools Press Conference. I was one of the young journalists who were sent to compete with 10 other high schools. It’s my second time to represent our school. Unfortunately, I haven’t won any award until now. I would be competing again this coming October for the regionals and I really hope to take home the bacon this time. Pray for me! 

Our Song. Our Chance.

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Everyone experiences failure and we must not take them negatively instead we should use it as a motivation to strive harder for success. Failures must not be a burden we have to carry every time we remember it, it is there to be a lesson.

We experienced failure on our first competition as a section, during our Aerodance. It really made me feel hopeless because that was the same scenario last third year, my section ranked lowest on the said competition. Why does it need to happen again this year? Why can’t we just be on the middle that will do, why lowest again? But one contest took  the hope out of me, the “Likang Awit”. It is one of the contests brought up by the Filipino department for the “Buwan of Wika” celebration. I thought that, if our section is not up for dancing competitions, maybe we can compete with singing. There is always hope and another chance to prove that we are something.

Every section from Grade 7 to 4th year are included in this competition. We, 4th year students,  will have to choose from the songs we composed for our project in Filipino that 1st Grading Period. Each section have 2 songs for an option.  In our case, we did not use the composition of my group because it is really not qualified for competition. Luckily, the other group from our section made a really amazing song. The song is entitled “Tara”. Alo, one of our classmates, really made a good tune which is easy to sing along and remember. The lyrics which is written by Gee, is also good.  Thank God we have them.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Won’t Stop : Hello and Goodbye

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Tuloy po kayo”- a line always heard from a Filipino household accepting their visitor/s.

Nowhere in the four corners of the world can you find a group of people where the hospitality is as much as the Filipinos. Here in our land, everybody, regardless of color, appearance, status, or any differences about that matter, are treated equally and served them with a smile. Filipinos are unique like a colored balloon in a daguerreotype picture of a park making it standout from any elements caught inside in that picture.

What makes Filipino’s hospitality remarkable? Well, there are lots of reasons why this trait store in everyone’s heart and mind. Like for example, the usual greetings of Filipinos when they are interacting with others. Filipinos say to their guests the line “feel at home”.

After they've come, they may leave a little bit disaster in the house, be ashamed on that, still it’s nothing to them. We are so importunate on asking randomly if they have eaten already and not too forcibly give the plates to them to eat whether they are already full or not, “Huwag tanggihan ang grasya”, always said by Filipinos.


Wazzup Pilipinas!

There are times that we should know when to look back to able to appreciate all the things we have today and to know whom we should thank them for. In order to do that, our class was chosen to compete with other sections from different year levels by singing an original song . Our song entitled "Tara!", recalled the times when our ancestors were just starting to figure out the way of life, how they communicate with each other, what were their beliefs, how did they see things in a different perspective.

But before the competition, we encountered problems that have somehow made us lose hope. We had a hard time because we were not able to practice that much. We had too much going on, too many projects, too many requirements to pass in just a short period of time. Luckily one of our teachers saw potential and offered us some help. He suggested ways on how to make our performance better and livelier. Our plan was to make our performance look like a variety show that would showcase our talents. To show people that we, as a class, are united and that we are there to have fun and compete.  

A Dance to Remember

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The 16th of August. Usually a regular day for high school students like us; where we sit down on our desks inside our classrooms, listening to lectures of our teachers, taking various tests and draining all the blood and air from our brains. But the 16th of August this year was very different from the other year's. It was the day where the P.C.S.H.S. Annual Aerodance Competition was held.

Almost all of our fellow Pascians are gathered in our school gymnasium to witness the various presentations of different competitive sections of the Senior year. It was truly a delightful day, positive spirit is flowing throughout the gym. Every audience is anticipated for the entertainment, every judge is merely prepared to place upon his/her criticism, and every contestant is prepared to show what they can do. We are very excited then that when the announcer started to speak infront upon the podium, to initialize the competition, we shouted atop our lungs. After several introductory activities--Like the doxology and the singing of national anthem-- The event has finally started.

The Voice of Pascian

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Many students think that Mathematics is a boring subject, but I don’t. We have lots of fun during our Math time in school. Especially during the first quarter where our Mathematics teacher required us to make a song that has to do something with our past lessons in Math. Each group should have 4 to 5 members only. You should also come up with a name for your group. I was grouped with Cherisse Tuazon, Ruth Balasabas, and Daniella Sumagaysay. We named our group f(x).

We started choosing the song that we would use as the basis for the melody. That time one of the famous songs was "Cups" by Anna Kendrick, which was featured in the movie “Pitch Perfect”. After that we began to write the lyrics for our song. The topic that we chose was the point-slope formula. This was one of the hardest things that we encountered in the process of completing our project. We had ups and downs throughout this step. There were lot of arguments about the correct words and correct melody for the song. But with all those things going on, we were able to come up with a song.

Common Denominator

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

17th day of September. Tanghalang Pasigueño. Team Araw. Fourteen representatives, but only one goal. 
I can say that we’ve been practicing for so long. Too much things had been sacrificed. Even in times of bad weather, we’ve all been together. Yes, everything is tiring, but definitely it was all worth it; from the practices, preparation, problems that just came up, everything. 

That day will always be memorable for me and I believe for all of us, not just because that was my first real interpretative dance contest I joined but also because the contest itself and the venue were absolutely legit. 

On the contest proper, one thing I know is that I enjoyed every single second that passed while we were performing. Every school, every contestant prepared their own explosions for them to win. But only one should win, luckily that’s us.“And the winner is… contestant number 6! Pasig City Science High School!” the line we won’t forget, ever. And honestly it took us how many days to recover and to relax ourselves from too much bliss.

A Family To Remember

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last August 16, 2013, our section, IV Berzelius, was proclaimed as the champion in the Aerodance competition. We are all filled with overflowing joy when we learned that we continued the legacy of the former batches. Aside from that, we are amazed to know that we have made history as the last champion in the said competition.

I know each section have exerted their efforts and I’m glad to say that those efforts were not wasted. The joy of performing in front of our fellow Pascians is enough as a reward. Seeing the welcoming smiles and hearing the loud cheer of the Freshman and Sophomore students are more than enough for us to be uplifted and motivated to do our best.
To add up to Berzelius’ outstanding accomplishments was the title “Natatanging Pamilyang Filipino”. Since this is our last school year here, we decided to make the celebration unforgettable. We designed the room and made sure that it would give you a comfortable ambiance, one that can be felt whenever you’re with your families or loved ones. We also assigned people who will entertain our guests and show them the different Filipino customs which are portrayed by our fellow classmates within the four corners of the room.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bringing Home the Bacon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

During September, many events are happening, especially in schools. Many programs and activities are being held, holidays that are being celebrated, storms that are being reported, and of course, contests or competitions that are being opened. In schools, joining contests is necessary. Teachers, students and even staffs are always busy for them. It doesn’t matter if it is a quiz bee, a sports fest, art or dance contest, but the point is that we are willing to join and eager to win.

In our school, Pasig City Science High School, a memorandum was sent to our trainer and school paper adviser, Ms. Riza Zuniga. Secondary Schools Press Conference was going to be held at that month and it will take place at Sta. Lucia High School in Pasig. Some of us were chosen to join the competition.

Gee Ann Barro, Alonzo Miranda, Shana Enaje, Audrei Ruiz, Lui Banzon, Nicole Saludares, Lucel Bael, David Islanan, Jeromir Bondoc, Aurora Valles, Angela De Guzman, Marjhane Raña, Ivan, Shanney Garay, I, and others were the representative of the school. All of us were assigned in different category and I was assigned in Editorial Cartooning and Photojournalism, English category. We trained and prepared during weekdays until the competition. We practiced our skills and our trainer gave us some tips. We prayed and hope that we will win.

Being Different Makes IV-Boyle Special

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Second Periodic Test is coming and the things that happened during our first quarter and the past weeks are now history. This article is not about the events in school which are so common like “Pistang Pinoy” and “Aerodance” and I would like to make you connect with my article because what we do in school is also unforgettable and sometimes unplanned which makes it special.

We treat our classmates like our siblings. They are our peers and we have to get along with each other. The bond between us can never be replaced because we are holding on to each other despite the challenges we are going to face throughout the school year.

During the first quarter of our school year, we have experienced things that are mostly unexpected yet these brought happiness and strengthen our friendship. 

Carinderia Queen 2013 Candidates

Just like Magnolia the memory is still fresh when the Reigning Carinderia Queen 2012 Ms. Luisa Matsushita of Chezta Eatery was hailed as winner.
Just like Miss Universe Pageant it is time to bid farewell and pass her crown to the next Carinderia Queen.
Who Will Be the Next Carinderia Queen?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The ultimate carinderia food trip of the year is all geared up and ready to satisfy our tummies and minds with an amazing line up of mouthwatering dishes at the Magnolia Fresh Chicken Carinderia Fiesta 2013 this October 11 and 12, 2013 at the World Trade Center.

One of the highpoints of the 2-day event is the search for the next Carinderia Queen and this is definitely not your cookie cutter kind of beauty pageant.

Beyond Beauty – Carinderia Queen 2013 Pageant is in line with Magnolia Fresh Chicken Carinderia Fiesta’s objective as an advocacy program - which is to encourage every kusinera and carinderia owner to take pride in their craft. To salute the service frontliners and our alternative nanay, ate, or tita during our breakfasts, lunches and dinners the hailed Carinderia Queen will serve as the ambassador for all the carinderia owners.

Mark Joseph Solis : Apologized and Said "I'm Just A Poor Boy, Nobody Loves Me"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sabi nga niya sa interview, dala lang daw ng kahirapan kaya niya nagawa. Shame on you, Mark Solis. Sana ikaw na lang gumawa o kumuha ng litrato - malay mo ikaw pa ang nanalo. Kaso iba ang ginawa mo. Ninakaw mo ang talino ng ibang tao. Pinaghirapan ng ibang tao, tapos kukunin mo lang ng basta-basta?

Kung pakikinggan mo ang sagot niya, walang remorse. Ibabalik ko "na lang " ang napanalunan ko. Leche!

If he has remorse, he could've said, "Ibabalik ko ang hindi akin at at tanggapin ko ang hatol sa mali kong ginawa. Sorry."

11 times he joined photo contests, he won 4 contest already. Different photos submitted in different occasions. All from flicker from different photographers.

I'm sure all his life, it's been a lie. The way he move, acts and what he showed specially after watching the video. His calmness and his acceptance speech was so define. I think this guy is sick.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Filipino Versus Japanese Culture

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Japan is often considered more "Western" in culture than other Asian countries. Compared to the Philippines, there are certainly a lot of similarities.

But Japan and the Philippines do have many cultural differences as well. Though no people can be generalized as a whole, and, like Philippines, culture can vary from region to region. Filipinos and Nihonjins have many differences in terms of culture, beliefs and practices.

As a Nihongo student, I cannot avoid comparing Japanese practices to ours. I do admire our culture, but I cannot help loving the Japanese culture. Here are some cultural comparisons.

Pico De Loro Cove : Promoting a Sustainable Lifestyle and a Weekend Getaway

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Located within the scenic Hamilo Coast, Pico de Loro Cove offers residential condominiums, a hotel, and a beach and country club with the most extensive leisure and recreational amenities in Nasugbu, Batangas.

The entire development promotes a sustainable lifestyle, with low-impact structures situated between the sea and a lush mountain range.

The Residential Condos are made up of eight mid-rise buildings surrounding a four-hectare salt water lagoon. Spacious interiors and a wide array of unit sizes are available for you to choose from. Durable and weather-resistant materials allow for easy upkeep while round-the-clock security, reliable utilities, property maintenance, and other modern amenities give you the peace of mind you seek.

Stanley Chi Congratulates Wazzup Pilipinas for Being One of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013

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When I told Stanley Chi that my blog won as one of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013, he immediately accepted my request for a congratulatory video. I told him I would like to use the video on my Thank You speech during the recognition at the 2nd Digital Influencers Marketing Summit.

But due to "avoidable" circumstances, the time allotted for the presentation of winners got cut short to a few minutes of speech. We were told we can just share the history of our blogs via a webinar that will be scheduled on Sunday, September 29 at around 5 pm.

Well, I actually already posted Stanley Chi's congratulatory message at the Wazzup Pilipinas Fan Page, but I decided to create a dedicated blog so that more people would see the videos. Why? Because the guy painstakingly made three versions of the congratulatory video for me.

NOYPI That's What I Am

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"Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other good"- Aristotle
Well this old man taught me one thing, all material things our not enough nor fully satisfy our desire which can only be filled by people you care and love.

Well this is my family and we have known each other for 3 years. And as Filipinos we have this tradition of having 1 day of grandeur and eating all kinds of Filipino food we want.Since I am already a 4th year student my journey of being a high school student is about to end but this amazing people who joined me in my journey will serve as a beautiful memory.

As I have said awhile ago as 4th year we did everything possible of doing...And what a beautiful day to start it by winning the BALAGTASAN placing as champion and also winning the PAMILYANG PILIPINO because we are a great family aren't we??

LINE version 3.9.0 Unveils Snap Movie and Video Call

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"I would like to share with you the newest update on LINE. Introducing the Video Calls and Snap Movie, available today for update (Version 3.9.0). Now you can Video Call and Snap Movie with your LINE friends."
Here is something much awaited by many Filipino LINE users. 

LINE, the world’s leading mobile messaging platform with 240 million users worldwide, has announced that the 3.9.0 version of LINE will be released worldwide. Powered with video features such as Snap Movie and video call, the updated version has opened up a new ground of dynamic mobile communication where users can enjoy various communication tools in one platform.

Snap Movie, a video recording and sharing feature, allows users to create 4-10 seconds of personalized video clips with their choice of background music. In addition to using text and stickers, users can now share special moments via creative and dynamic video messages with their friends and family around the world.

Users can post the video clips on their Home and Timeline, where they will be automatically played on a loop. The video clips that have been saved onto the users’ mobile devices can be uploaded on other social networking platforms as well. There will be 9 different background songs to choose from, and more music will be added soon to fit with a wide variety of situations and scenes. The Snap Movie feature has been released on iOS, and will soon be available for Android users.

Kiray Celis : The Mystical Revenge Transformation

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I can relate very well with all the "panglalait" to Kiray Celis during the Star Magic Ball. Most of us have a false interpretation of what is beautiful brought about by years of brainwashing mostly influenced by all those beauty contests and modelling competitions.

The photo collage of Kiray Celis has gotten the attention of many netizens and have expressed their confirmation that Kiray has indeed turned out beautiful thanks to the efforts of beauty stylist Fanny Serrano and professional lensman MJ Suayan.

They were able to bring out the inner beauty of the former child star most often referred to as the younger version of Pokwang and Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao.

Below is the message posted on Fanny Serrano's Facebook account:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Throwback to the 80's : The Ultimate Rewind Concert of KZ Tandingan

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November 23  is surely going to be a date to remember! Let us give it up for new artists to sing the 80s hits with a twist!! 

In 2010, a survey was conducted by Music Choice and over 11,000 participants revealed that the 1980's is the most favoured music decade of the last 50 years.

If you missed 80's music such as "Billie Jean", "Sweet Child of Mine", "Summer of '69", "Livin' on a Prayer", then you're going to love the 80's concert lead by Philippine's celebrity singer KZ Tandingan and other celebrity singers.

In this concert, you're going to reminisce the good old times, sing great songs by popular artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Janette Jackson, Cyndie Lauper and much more.

To reserve your tickets (VIP nearly sold out, Regular and Balcony tickets available) simply text your name and email to : 0917 243 3920!

Aerodance Competition : Whoops Kiri !!!

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What did we accomplish last August 18, 2013?

We got the third place at Aerodance Competition. I'm happy because we won because I myself have never been part of a winning team.

I know, we weren't close and there was a misunderstanding in our class because of our differences but we managed to solve that misunderstanding and build a bond among us.

During the aerodance competition, we were given a chance to bond with our classmates, and even with our schoolmates, and to show our talents in front of them.

Berzelius and The Events to Remember

Wazzup Pilipinas!

During Filipino month celebration, Pasig City Science High School held an event; called ‘Pistang Pinoy.’ It is one of the most awaited events in our school. This event shows the festive theme of our country. Each section, from freshman to senior, designed their room and prepared some Filipino foods for the ‘Natatanging Pamilyang Filipino’ title.

But before that said event, the school have different competition for all students in connection to the Filipino month. Just like, balagtasan, talumpatian, likhang awit, basag lines, maunawang pagbasa and etc. Each contest has different competitors.

We used to support our own representatives. We pray first at the interfaith room, for God’s assistance. And when it’s already the contest, we sometimes asked time to the subject teacher in-charged just to watch their performance.

Hostelling International's The Big Blog Exchange Wins 1st Place for Marketing Innovation!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Hostelling International is pleased to announce that their project, the Big Blog Exchange, has been awarded the first place accolade for Marketing innovation in the WYSE Travel Confederation’s Global Youth Travel Awards!

The Big Blog Exchange, the largest blog contest in history, was recognised as the most inspiring and innovative marketing campaign of the year with WYSE praising the campaign as creative and inspirational as well as standing out as the only campaign of its kind in the world.

Hostelling International was all thrilled with the result. Their CEO, Mikael Hansson, says: “We are delighted to be honoured for this campaign. The response to our Big Blog Exchange has been overwhelming, allowing us to promote our organisation to around 170 countries in such a short space of time. Sharing the experiences of the winning bloggers has also proved how global interaction can inspire young people to spread peace and understanding throughout the world, which has been part of our mission for over 80 years.”

Who Run the World? BERZ!

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Everyone has their own expectations, hopes, and fears about their senior year of high school. My senior year contains all of the above and more. This year teaches me many things such as; leadership, time management, and appreciation for the people who became a part of my life.

Honestly, our section didn’t have a great start because we came from only two sections. So the tendency is for us to miss our old sections and that’s what happened. We can’t help comparing them with our past classmates. But we realized that we can’t do anything because past is past. We just have to deal with it. So as time passes by, we’re starting to feel comfortable with each other.

In fact, we won first place in the Pamilyang Pilipino contest during the Pistang Pinoy in line with the celebration of the Filipino Month. In that contest, judges will go inside the classrooms and judge the food, the presentation, and the company, because Filipinos are known to be very hospitable when it comes to their visitors.

Mabuhay Fiesta at the Mabuhay Restop : Showcasing Filipino Ingenuity at Its Best!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I never expected it would be that great!  I really thought the Manila Vanilla could no longer be surpassed by other performances at the Mabuhay Restop but the surprising showcase of talents performed alone by the charming star of the show was all that we needed to make our night a very memorable one.

Most of my friends were actually there after an event that recognized Wazzup Pilipinas as one of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013 as presented by Digital Filipino of Miss Janette Toral. This made the event at the Mabuhay Restop an after-event Victory Party to celebrate our win.

It was incidental that the night was very special for us, and the presentation of the new show called "Mabuhay Fiesta" made our night truly complete.

An Event that is Worth Remembering

 Wazzup Pilipinas!

August is the month when Filipinos celebrate an event called Buwan ng Wika. In our school, it is well celebrated every year. It is like conducting a barangay fiesta inside our school. Students are allowed to bring Lutong ulam. Everyone is wearing their chosen Filipino outfit. And contests related to Buwan ng Wika is managed.

One of these contests is Pamilyang Pilipino wherein a guest will enter each and every classroom to see whether which classroom shows how hospitable Filipinos are.
Another is the Pickup Line wherein contestant, a representative of every class, will pick a word and give its Banat Line for the person at the middle. The contestant with the most convincing words will win.

Alfa Sings at Le Cafe Curieux

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When I received an invite to attend the very first singing engagement of Alfa I already made a pre-event write-up about her at I also decided to embed some videos from her YouTube account on the article so I could also preview how she sings.

I was so starstruck because her voice was really dreamy! and her beauty was angel-like. I could say that she also has a very pleasing personality when we finally met her in person during her gig at the Le Cafe Curieux, a French bar and restaurant in Makati.This performance at Le Cafe Curieux was to be the first among her series of gigs around the country.

When we heard her sing live, she was even a lot better in person! Too bad the weather was not that cooperative! It rained during her performance but we considered it a blessing sent from above.

I was also surprised seeing her during the PHILTOA Philippine Travel Mart event where the Tourism Promotions Board of the Department of Tourism also invited her to perform. That was where we had a second opportunity for a photo ops.

Berzelius : A Family that You’ll Never Forget

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last August 16 2013, we had our Aerodance. Seven different sections battled after more than 1 month of practice and waited for this day  to come.

Before the event, of course, we didn't forgot to pray to God and asked for guidance. Copernicus got the 3rd place who showed a very lively performance with their smile on their faces, Lewis for the 2nd place who showed an amazing and an extraordinary choreography and we, Berzelius got the 1st place whom I know gave the best and smiled in the whole performance just like we’re playing.  

After the program, we find time to thank God for what He had given us and for the opportunity of continuing the legacy of the previous Berzelius students.

Month-Long Celebration for Every Juan

Photo taken by: Lois Nicole Baguio
Wazzup Pilipinas!

In January we celebrate New Year; February for Valentine’s Day; reminiscing our loved ones during the month of November and December for Christmas. But do you ever know what occasion during August? Every Juan dela Cruz must know the correct answer. The month of August is the time where Filipinos celebrated its very own traditions, cultures, delicacies and proudly Filipino materials. This is the month that Juan celebrated the heroine acts of our hero's. This is the time where Filipino around the world unites to celebrate the perks of being a Juan dela Cruz.

In our school, celebrating Filipino month is a tradition for the administration, teachers and students. Students can freely join the different contests conducted by Filipino teachers. They can join to what contests they are good at, for example balagtasan. Likhang awit, maunawang pagbasa, balagtasan, talumpatian and basag-lines are examples of contests that urge the students to show their own thoughts and ideas. But the most exciting part in celebrating Filipino month in our school is Pistang Pinoy. Pistang Pinoy is a traditional fiesta conducted evry end of August in every room wherein students can only eat Filipino foods and show their artistic way of decorating their rooms.

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