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Presidential daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio emerge as top presidential bid on Pulse Asia survey

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio emerged as an early frontrunner for the 2022 presidential elections, according to a recent Pulse Asia survey. Former Senator Bongbong Marcos and Senator Grace Poe are tied at the second spot."

That Pulse Asia survey, if genuine, really is concerning. But we should heed Camus’ warning in The Plague: “the habit of despair is worse than despair itself.” As previous polls conducted two Decembers before presidential elections show, it is still very much early days. 

The polls are snapshots of opinion during the survey period, not a prediction set in stone. Otherwise, we’d be talking about the legacy of President Manny Villar and the administration of President Jojo Binay. But the Pulse Asia survey, if genuine, IS a call to action. 

One immediate and urgent takeaway for democratic forces will be unpopular among certain groups, and will definitely be expensive: At the risk of being called epal (a strong middle-class issue), they must make themselves and their issues better known thru ADVERTISING AND PR. 

Much of what they need to do is PR in the old-fashioned sense: performance recognition. Some of the most productive senators are only in the 11-16 range (@kikopangilinan, @risahontiveros); this is a shame, and is doubtless partly the result of targeted disinformation. 

The targeted harassment of @SenLeiladeLima has brought the 2016 12th-placer to the 32-39 range. The sustainable way to raise her numbers, and those of others and of @lenirobredo too, would be to run ads, billboards, socmed with pre-election content. 

Our election laws have this loophole—and authoritarian enablers & pro-Beijing traitors will certainly use it. When democracy itself is at risk, should democratic forces avoid pre-election campaigning to avoid “becoming monsters too”? I think that means the real monsters win. 

Written by John Nery

Duterte refuses to reveal usage of Intel funds to Congress

Wazzup Pilipinas!

President Rodrigo Duterte has vetoed about a dozen provisions of the 2021 national budget, including one that requires the executive branch to submit quarterly reports on the use of intelligence funds to Congress. 

Duterte refused to report to Congress how intelligence funds are being spent, saying that such reports should only be submitted to him.

Sus magtataka pa ba tayo? Yung funds nga ng pandemic hindi natin alam kung saan napupunta. Barya sa taong bayan, milyones sa bulsa nila.

Define TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in the Duterte context. Obviously, he doesn't believe in these. He really believes that he is above the law, and immune to all rules and regulations. He and his men are exempted from following the law and become decent members of the society. 

The transparency of this admin is as clear as a murky water... full of well-fed crocodiles.

Ayaw niya ng corruption pero hindi naman transparent. NaDuterte ang mga DDS kaya lang nandamay pa. Magparehistro for 2022 election PEOPLE! This atrocities have to be stopped.

And who else would defend them but his paid supporters aka what he calls as "advocacy" groups which we all know as the troll farms.

Intel funds is his most lucrative racket obviously.  If he reveals where he is spending it he would be impeached faster than the cusswords he spits out per minute. And he is still answerable to Congress methinks.

So how are intelligence funds audited?’s supposed to be called “secret funds”?

Without transparency, one won’t be able to tell “national security spending” from “embezzlement”. There must be assurance in some other form rather than take his word for it.

So his men are also hiding by example. I mean leading ..... nag auto-correct. lol

Kung walang tinatago, ano ang kinakatakot?
Yan lagi bukang-bibig noon ng mga DDS. Bakit tahimik sila ngayon. Napaghahalata talaga.

For his eyes only, para hindi macompromise daw ang safety at security ng bansa....o ang budget for the trolls.

Maybe he wants to surpass the richest people in the Philippines. After his term...he can already buy the entire country! Dadaigin pa ang Marcos family.

Para din mga Chinese, magaling humawak ng pera. Naku ha... Mukhang sinasanay na tayo... Malapit na ba tayong maging Philippines, a province of China?

Pera ng taong bayan yan! Karapatan namin malaman kung saan niya ginagastos ang bawat sentimo...lalo't maraming nagugutom na Pilipino!

Gagamitin yan sa election campaign. Sisiguruhin nila na sila pa rin at kaalyado nila ang mananalo para tuloy pa rin  ang ligaya.

72.5B for COVID-19 vaccines but ONLY P2.5 B is guaranteed under the 2021 budget. The remaining 70B needs to be sourced from LOANS or EXCESS NON-TAX revenue collections.

Pero GUARANTEED ang P16.4 B for anti-insurgency & P9.5 B for CONFIDENTIAL & intelligence funds.

Ang galing!

Congress please overturn the veto. Questionable ang ganyang galawan.

Congress has enough ammunition to impeach Duterte, yet majority will not move in return for their share of the loot.

Kurap ng kurap ah! Di pa ba tuluyang pipikit! Daming magnanakaw sa gobyerno!

Reacting to the report, Senate Pres. Tito Sotto said:

"I may agree or disagree but if it involves national security, then I can see his point."

The DDS are saying mga tanga raw tayo na naglipana na naman. Hindi raw kasi natin naiintindihan na detrimental ito sa national security.....baka financial security ng nga buwaya.

I can’t wait for the next government. So tired of this f*cking administration.

#JusticeForTumandokMassacre: Stop Killing Farmers!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Tumandoks, one of the indigenous peoples of Panay island, greet the new year with a bang—but not the sort of bang that comes with a celebration. 

We condemn yet another act of state terrorism during what ought to be a season of rest, reflection, and recreation. 

Military-police operations killed Tumanduk indigenous peoples and arrested several others in Panay! Walang holiday, holiday sa mga pasista!

Did you hear what police and soldiers did to the Tumandoks? 

All over Panay, like terrorists, they barged into the homes of indigenous farmers at dawn, killed 9 farmers and arrested 15.

Victims were known leaders of Tumanduks tribe resisting megadam projects and landgrabbing. "Due to their strong resistance against the construction of the destructive Jalaur Mega Dam and their continuous fight for IP rights, they have been tagged by military forces as members of the rebel groups."

TUMANDUK is an organization of the Tumaduk tribe resisting the construction of the Jalaur  River Multipurpose Project – Stage II (JRMP II) in Calinog, Iloilo. 

Tumanduk farmers in Alibunan, Agcalaga, Sumuroy, and Barangan villages in Calinog, Iloilo are constantly threatened with the construction of the P11.2-billion mega dam. Their persistent resistance have delayed for several years the construction of the mega dam.

The Tumandok indigenous people resides in the mountainous areas of Capiz and Antique. They have been actively opposing the construction of the Jalaur Mega Dam in their ancestral land which will greatly affect and destroy their community’s land and livelihood.

The police are the real terrorists! The perpetrators were from PRO-6, PNP-CIDG, 12th IBPA, and Tapaz Municipal Police.

The 12th IBPA is also the Philippine Army unit who is accountable of all the killings of farmers and hacienda workers in 2018 in the Negros island. 

Source: Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas 

They could not yet disclose the name of the judge who issued the search warrants.

IP leaders were UNARMED when state forces murdered them at their homes. 

State forces massacred and brutally murdered nine Tumandok farmers just because their farmer's alliance that wanted land and justice were labeled as "terrorists". Injustice and oppression continues.

PNP and AFP elements said the victims fought back as authorities were serving warrants early morning Wednesday in Barangay Lahug, Tapaz in Capiz. The familiar made-up script to justify their horrible extrajudicial killings.

The attacks in Tapaz, Capiz are reminiscent of the SEMPO in Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental that led to the massacre of six individuals and arrest of 15 others on December 26, 2018 led by then PRO-7 Director Debold Sinas.  

The government justified their massacres on indigenous people as "necessary" to stop the New People's Army and even label innocents as NPA, but in reality the government uses terrorism as an excuse to silence those who stand against fascism.

Anong klaseng news reporting ‘yan! Stop peddling this “NPA” narrative. 

Roy Giganto, a Tumandok leader and local village councilman was among those killed. The victims were red-tagged and claimed by the PNP as 'high-value individuals' of the CPP-NPA. They are civilians defending their ancestral lands.

Farmers aren't NPA! Activists aren't NPA! Minorities aren't NPA! Stop playing DUMB!

BAYAN MUNA Rep. Eufemia Cullamat strongly condemned the same  joint operations of  the army's 12th IB and police. 

Peasant activist Lorenzo "Dodoy" Paña of Brgy. Bantolinao, Antequera, Bohol was gunned down by unidentified motorcycle riding men around 9:00 am today near a bridge at Brgy. Dorol, Balilihan.

Lorenzo was a former officer of Hugpong sa Mag-uuma Dapit sa Kasadpan (HUMANDA KA), a district formation of Humabol chapters in the first district of Bohol.

Lorenzo was on his way to bring lunch for his son working at a nearby construction site when he was fired upon by the perpetrators.

It can be recalled that on June 26, 2018, his house was subjected to a warrantless search by around 30 members of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics). Members of his family complained of maltreatment during the said incident.

In previous years, the Paña family had also reported being harassed by state forces.

In 2018, Lorenzo along with his wife and children voluntarily worked for the construction of the coconut processing plant in Brgy. Tinibgan, Maribojoc which now produces virgin coconut oil.

NNARA-Youth UP Diliman vehemently condemns the cold-blooded, state-sponsored killing of Lorenzo Paña. Reports of his murder coincide with the massacre of nine Tumandoks in the province of Capiz.

The extra-judicial killing of Lorenzo and the Tumandoks raises the peasant death toll under the Duterte regime to 305.

Mario Aguirre, a barangay council member from Barangay Lahug also among confirmed killed. 

"SAKA said, 'Instead of counting presents this holiday season, the Filipino people are counting corpses.'

Instead of Santa's sleigh, we got Satan's slay!

The injustice in our country is just— it just exist everywhere. And we aren't happy!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Page 365 of 366: Before the pandemic year 2020 ends

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Tomorrow, December 31 2020 at 11:59:59 this book will finally closed and the story we had this year is about to end and at exactly 12:00:00 a new book will be open and a new story is about to start. And now, I am ready to open a new chapter, a new beginning.

Ready to close the book and forget the characters that exist only in my prologue but no longer in my epilogue.

Thank you 2020 for making me realize to finally let go of unreciprocated love, to accept things for what it is and to be genuinely happy for the things that are meant for me.

2020 was not an ordinary year.. A lot of things happened. A lot of things that we didn't imagine that will happen, actually happened.. But I'm thankful that this year, for the people who made this year bearable.

This year, we did nothing but survive. We did nothing but motivate ourselves to wake up with a positive mind. We mustered everything in us to keep ourselves from falling off track and give it all up because we felt so tired, the kind of tired that rest could never cure.

We've tried our best to let go of the heartaches. Now, it's time say goodbye to our painful memories and burn them in our minds. We are hoping for happy experiences this 2021.

I just wanna say thank you to all people who have been part of my life this 2020. I hope we continue to flourish in 2021 and the next years to come.

Thank you for shaping me to become a better version of myself. May the next chapter replenish every dark and bright memories you gave with new great adventures.

Thank you for everything. 2021 time to start something new. Repeat after me:- "I'm about to walk into the greatest year of my life!"

#RizalDay: Remembering the martyrdom

Wazzup Pilipinas!

On this day in 1896, national hero Jose Rizal was executed in Bagumbayan, Manila. Every December 30, the nation remembers Rizal's martyrdom which ignited the Philippine revolution against Spain.

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines leads the commemoration of the 124th death anniversary of Jose Rizal in Luneta, Manila.

President Rodrigo Duterte is represented by Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana.

The more appropriate honor that mayor Isko Moreno could have given Rizal is when he speaks against the lies and hypocrisy of the government he serves. There is dissonance when he strikes against non-FDA approved products in Binondo then keeps quiet about the use of illegal vaccines in AFP.

In commemoration of Rizal Day, let’s remember some of Pepe’s famous sayings. 

"Justice is the foremost virtue of the civilizing races. It subdues the barbarous nations, while injustice arouses the weakest."

Police Brutality is not an isolated case.

Winston Ragos was killed by policemen who thought he was going to pull out a gun. 

A group of policemen ambushed army intel officers and tampered the crime scene.

Fabel Pineda was raped and killed by policemen when she filed a complaint against them. 

Kidnap-Slay case was done by policemen. The victim was beheaded.

Mother and son Gregorio were shot pointblank with two bullets each by policeman Jonel Nuezca who has previous dismissed homicide cases.

Duterte repeated said that he would protect the policemen and would assume the responsibility to their misdeeds.

"Filipinos don't realize that victory is the child of struggle, that joy blossoms from suffering, & redemption is a product of sacrifice."

Duterte's failed promises are numerous to mention. He also allows the rampant red-tagging of progressive groups critical of the government.

"There are useless officials, evil, if you like, but there are also good ones, and these are not able to accomplish anything because they encounter an inert mass..." 

Here are some of the most shameless factotums who red-tag people carelessly. A thread

1. Red Tagger Parlade often makes baseless accusations. In 2018, he accused the opposition of conspiring with the Communists to oust Duterte. He even made allegations that student organizations were being exploited by the Communists. 

Parlade is pushing for social media regulation but he can't substantiate the basis of doing so. He thinks it is a gray area in the Anti-Terrow Law that needs to be included in the IRR.

He was was booed out of the NUPL Philippines forum which he crashed in because organizers and attendees had enough of his lies. 

2. Red Tagger Lorraine Badoy maligns anyone who is against her.

She is a rabid. She carelessly red-tags any critics of Duterte and defends Mocha Uson. 

She red-tags even journalists thus putting their lives at risk. She has used her post to continue red-tagging even the Makabayan Bloc.

3. Red Tagger Cardema wanted to be a partylist representative so he could bring his red-tagging agenda in Congress. He was disqualified so now his wife replaces him. 

Cardema made it very clear that the plan was to make Ducielle Cardema withdraw before the election to pave the way of a possible substitution. She was a last minute choice to be 1st nominee. The 5th nominee is also a relative. 

Cardema red-tags legitimate youth and partylist groups but can’t present any evidence to support his claims. 

“Our liberty will not be secured at the sword's point... We must secure it by making ourselves worthy of it...tyranny will crumble like a house of cards, and liberty will shine out like the first dawn." 

The fabricated cases against Leila De Lima stemmed from being a strong critic of Duterte. 

When De Lima launched a senate inquiry about the Davao Death Squad & she expressed her strong opposition to the Drug War, she became the primary target of Duterte.

Part of Duterte's efforts to silence her was the House of Representatives hearings that crucified her as an immoral and corrupt DOJ secretary. 

The primary witnesses against her are CONVICTED CRIMINALS and yet the government & Duterte’s allies found them to be more credible. What a joke! 

The PNP even barred anyone from visiting de Lima citing the pandemic but they were allowed to do mañanita for Sinas. 

AMLC & PDEA cleared de Lima because they didn’t find any evidence linking her to the drug trade in Bilibid. 

The cruelest treatment to the Reina Mae Nasino, mother and her baby River who was separated from her, thus causing the baby's death, was on full display during the wake and burial of the child. 

There seems to be a pattern because another peasant leader, Amanda Echanis with her child, is jailed for the same charges. 

Let’s discuss food security, Duterte promised to dismantle the cartel of illegal rice smugglers via Rice Tariffication Law but it has negative effects to the farmers. 

As a consequence, the price of locally produced rice significantly drops.

Duterte promised land reforms by providing support to the beneficiaries. This admin is the slowest in the implementation of land reforms.

Duterte promised to return the coco levy fund to farmers. But Duterte vetoed the bill that was meant to do just that.

"The youth is the hope of our future." 

There’s no such thing as Bobotante but disillusioned due to failure to deliver campaign promises. There must be higher level of discourse such as debates to discuss policies not a grand circus. 

It is not enough to just vote on #Halalan2022 but we must guard our vote and report incidents of election frauds/election related violations to COMELEC & other election watchdogs 

In 2019, PPCRV launched a voter’s education online course to help eligible voters assess/evaluate candidates better. 

Each vote makes a difference in every election. We must treat our vote that we are voting not just for ourselves but for our country and countrymen. 

On this day, we celebrate a national holiday dedicated to the anniversary of Jose Rizal’s martyrdom.

May we never forget his works and sacrifices that sparked a revolution leading to the freedom and democracy of the nation. 

May his ideals and patriotism inspire us to help our country usher in a better, fair, and inclusive future. 

"To live is to be among men, and to be among men is to struggle, a struggle not only with them but with oneself; with their passions, but also with one's own."

"I die without seeing dawn's light shining on my country... You, who will see it, welcome it for me...don't forget those who fell during the nighttime."

~Jose Rizal speaking through "Elias" in Noli Me Tángere

Credits to Tea Sommelier for cover photo and most worded entries

CTTO to the rest of the illustrations

Amid the pandemic and massive corruption, Philhealth contribution rate to increase in 2021

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Filipinos should expect to pay higher member contributions to PhilHealth beginning next year.

PhilHealth is implementing the scheduled contribution rate and adjustment in income ceiling for force, pandemic or not!

They steal P15 billion of our money and have the temerity to increase the contribution rate? Ang kapal ng mukha ng PhilHealth.

They say they recognize that the pandemic is taking its toll on Filipinos. However, it is bound to implement the Universal Health Care Law.

Those earning below  P10,000 shall be fixed at P350/month while those earning P70,000/month or higher is fixed at P2,450/month.

Ok...let's do some deductions but let's all note that we are in a PANDEMIC right now okay? In case we miss that fact

SSS = increase in contribution

Philhealth = increase in contribution

salaries = NO. FUCKING. INCREASE. AT. ALL. because. we. are. in. a. FUCKING. PANDEMIC!!!!

Buti pa ang mga OFW umalma sa Facebook at na suspend ang contribution nila.  Tayo tuloy ang bayad habang walang convicted high-ranking officials.

Lawmakers in August investigated PhilHealth for alleged corruption as whistleblowers accused executives of pocketing some P15 billion ($309.6 million) in funds.

Kung di pa kayo galit sa mga tarantado sa Philhealth, and by extension, Duterte, after this, then I am sorry - you need to rethink your life choices.

But wait there's more...

2022 - Premium rate will be 4%

2023 -  4.5%

Ah wait there's still more...

2024 to 2025 - 5%!!!!

How to oppose? May petition ba or anything na need ko fill up-an para ipahiwatig na ayoko?  Pahingi link. Tanginang gobyerno to, ang hirap na nga ng buhay, gagatasan pa tayo. Asan yung 15B??

PhilHealth has the audacity to increase our monthly contribution and make people suffer when the corruption issue wasn't even addressed yet. 

Hindi ba talaga uso ang HIYA sa government na 'to? Ganun lang ba yun? Higher contributions, higher chances of corruption? Preparation for the next election campaign?

I'm tired of this government. The future of the people in the Philippines is bleak. 

They are milking us even when the pandemic has crippled us and they are still investigating the swindled billions.

Wala na nga regular na trabaho karamihan eh. Kawawa talaga mga workers sa administration na eto. Itataas para mas marami silang nanakawin. Ginawang gatasan mga Pinoy.

So we’re talking about how much money an episode of Sweet Home costs and came to the point where we discovered that the money stolen from PhilHealth funds is BIGGER than a season’s budget of Netflix’s most expensive show - The Crown. Imagine how much money that is. 

Note also that SSS contribution is set to increase by January 2021. Dobleng dagdag na ibabawas sa sweldo natin inspite of the pandemic?

January means bayaran ng insurance, PhilHealth, and SSS. Start the year with gastos. Huhu.

Bago taasan ang contribution sa PhilHealth, ibalik muna ng mga opisyal na yan ang 15B na kinulimbat nila. Dapat ring managot lahat ng kasabwat dito. Papahirapan na naman ang mga mamamayan samantalang yung mga tiwali ay hinayaan lang makalusot sa ginawa nila. 

I don't think it's feasible to proceed with the contribution increase for 2021 in a middle of a pandemic. Let alone a pending case on the Php 15 Billion Philhealth fund.

Philhealth is raising funds because it's been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy by corrupt officials who, for some reason, have avoided media scrutiny for the past couple of months. 

FYI, ang average premium ng HMO for an employee under corporate account is 15K for 150K MBL. May Inpatient and Outpatient Coverage.

The premium below is roughly 30K/yr with limited coverage pa! Tangina! I hate it here in this country. Mapapamura ka na lang talaga!

Mas OK pa sa private HMO.

Dito sa Philhealth, yes libre consultation pero pipila ka simula ng 5am.

Mag life insurance na lang tayo kung 2.5k ang monthly mo. Ang lala! Huwag na tayong magbayad dahil nanakawin lang din naman nila. Sayang lang ang pagod natin dahil sa kanila lang mapupunta!

My wish for 2021 is we stop asking people why they’re single or gotten fat.

There are more important things to ask like Where is the 15 billion pesos, Philhealth?

Duterte reminds the public that presumption of innocence remains until conviction. WTF! He understands presumption of innocence and applies it to Philhealth officials accused of corruption...but does not apply it to red-tagging & drug cases. Selective justice?!

I think we don't need a vaccine anymore, because during the pandemic, our immune system is building antibodies against what it is expose to such as "Government's incompetence", "Duque's a disappointment", "missing 15B PhilHealth fund" and the list goes on.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Roque Considers Vaccines as merely Christmas tokens or gifts of negligible value

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque argues the smuggled vaccines could be categorized as a Christmas season “token”, or occasional gifts of negligible value, so there could be no corruption involved."

WTF! Gifts of negligible value when vaccines are the most prized possession in this time of the pandemic? Sinong niloko mo?

Also, under Republic Act 6713, public officials and employees shall not solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value "from any person in the course of their official duties or in connection with any operation being regulated by, or any transaction which may be affected by the functions of their office".

Tantanan mo kami sa kagaguhan mo Harry Roque. Walang magandang lumalabas sa obvious na kawalanghiyaan ninyo sa pagsisinungaling.

Roque has no ethics whatsoever. He should be disbarred as a lawyer. Twisting the law at a time of crisis.

Tubig ba ng dolomite beach ang laman nung vaccine kaya token lang ang tingin nila sa incident na yun. 

Wala daw value yung vaccine??!!!!! Yung gamot na pinakaaasam-asam natin na kontra sa hindi makitang kalaban eh wala daw halaga. Yung pinagpuyatan at pinagkagastusan ng mga eksperto sa medisina ay hindi binagyan ng halaga. Juskupo! Apakababoy mo, Harry Roque! Sinusunog ka na ngayon pa lang!


Pucha. Naguunahan pala mga Pharmaceutical Companies to formulate a vaccine of no value. Gumasto pala mga bansa to purchase something of no value. DUQUE dropped the ball with Pfizer kasi its of NO VALUE.

Is it really the job of a Presidential Spokesperson to lie and play stupid? Does he really think we are that dumb to believe him?

Occasional gift... meron pala yun sa mga government officials. Palamuti lang pala yung mga nakikita ko na “bawal ang regalo” sa harap ng offices nila.

Mga DDS, pakitanggol naman si Roque! Hirap yata lusutan nito noh?

We heal as one after they heal muna? Oh come on. Please stop fooling us. All of them are going to pay for all they've been doing to us.

No matter how they downplay it, illegal pa rin. What you should call now is accountability.

Lol! even “gifts or tokens” still needs proper declaration before ma import sa Pilipinas legally! Ipahiya pa niya sarili. Push lang.

Smuggled, Unregistered and not authorised by FDA or DOH but d30 authorised its use...

Roque said he does not know how the Chinese-made Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine entered the country without any authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. 

Some members of the Cabinet and the military have been inoculated with said vaccine. 

Unang-una dpat wala sa bokabolaryo nila ang salitang “di ko po alam.” Sa simpleng kompanya nga lang alam ng empleyado ang tungkulin niya. Hay Pilipinas....I really want to leave this country full of corrupt government officials.

Binababoy na ni tuta ng Tsina ang Pilipinas.

At tahimik ang mga militar dahil tinapalan sila ng pera?

Kapag para sa kanila, gagawan at gagawan ng palusot.

Kapag against sa kanila, gagawan at gagawan ng butas.

Jusko mga Pinoy, gising naman tayo jan! 

Dinamay man lang sana nila sa "token" ang medical workers. Sila po ang mga sundalo ng taong bayan laban sa pandemic na ito. Yung mga PSG, iisa lang ang ayaw na ng intellectual na taong bayan sa kanya na walang ginawa kundi lumipad pauwi sa Davao, at sermunan lahat ng hindi niya kaalyado, at pakawalan ang lahat ng mga kakampi niya.

Looking forward ako sa panahong naghihimas na ng rehas ang mga ito. Nakakasawa na yung mga kagaguhan nila. Hindi ko na alam talaga. Nakakapagod na. Yung alam mong mali na yung ginagwa nila pero parang wala tayong magawa para maialis sila diyan.

Observance of the 124th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Jose Rizal

Wazzup Pilipinas!

DND Secretary Delfin N. Lorenzana, official representative of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, will lead the observance of the flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremonies at the Jose Rizal National Monument, Rizal Park, Manila on 30 December at 7:00 a.m. This year’s theme is “Jose Rizal: Inspirasyon sa Pagbangon at Paghilom ng Bayan”

DND Secretary Lorezana will be joined by National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) Chairman Rene R. Escalante, Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, and Supreme Commander Sir Elihu A. Ybanez, KGCR.

The simple event will have minimal attendees, adhering to the prescribed health standards/guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).

President Rodrigo Duterte will deliver a virtual message after the flag raising and wreath-laying activity.


WHEN: DECEMBER 30, 2020 | Wednesday | 07:00 AM 

WHERE: Jose Rizal National Monument, Rizal Park, Manila

The commemorative program will be replicated at the Museo ni Jose Rizal – Calamba, Laguna and Museo ni Jose Rizal – Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte. Museo ni Jose Rizal – Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila will hold a simple wreath-laying activity to honor Rizal.

Various activities related to Rizal and his martyrdom have been scheduled on line. For a complete list of Rizal Day Activities, you may visit the NHCP website at

The NHCP is the national government agency mandated to promote Philippine history through its museums and publications, and preserve the nation’s historical heritage.

How the Philippines Can Build Back Greener After COVID-19

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Protecting the world’s land and ocean resources outweighs financial costs at least five-to-one. Globally, this can lead to USD 250 billion in increased yearly economic output, plus USD 350 billion in improved ecosystem services annually.

By investing in the natural systems that give Filipinos clean water, air and other resources, we can generate jobs and create a more resilient nation.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the vulnerabilities of many Philippine sectors. The Department of Labor estimates up to 10 million Filipinos may lose their jobs by the end of 2020. Environmental frontliners have been particularly hard-hit.

In Occidental Mindoro, 35 wardens and 24 rangers from the Mts. Iglit-Baco Natural Park and Tamaraw Conservation Program were affected. Around 100 rangers protecting the Pasonanca Natural Park in Zamboanga lost their jobs.

To keep some of these frontliners afloat, several institutions launched creative fundraising initiatives. The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) of UNDP and DENR through the Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR-BMB) for instance, raised over PHP1.4 million for Mindoro’s rangers and wardens.

Investing in Nature Key to Resiliency

Safeguarding biodiversity reduces future health risks and makes society more resilient.

This piece hopes to spur ideas to generate resources and jobs for conservation, while helping better guide the allocation and implementation of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases or IATF’s PHP 1.3 trillion stimulus and recovery package.

Around PHP650 billion of the stimulus package has been allotted for the Enhanced Build, Build, Build Program, which covers the construction of climate-smart and resilient infrastructure.

These include greenscapes, rainwater harvesting systems, nature-based solutions to floods, droughts and typhoons, green infrastructure in public parks, integration of wastewater management plus the creation of new spaces such as greenways and community food gardens. All these can enhance biodiversity and ecosystems in a given locality.

The related ARISE Act recommends the development of an Economic and Ecological Resilience Plan (ERP). Climate change adaptation and mitigation investments are highlighted to reduce emissions and welcome climate-resilient development paths towards a green economy. Relevant provisions include better strategies to improve air quality, water availability and the proper treatment of solid and infectious wastes.

Most of the investment provisions in the proposed ARISE Act aims to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while jumpstarting the economy. The stimulus package is heavy on economic provisions and budget appropriations to enable the country to recover faster, but with proper environmental considerations. Nature-positive solutions can create stable jobs and protect our planet.

Below are seven steps for the country to build back greener:

1) Include Protected Areas (PAs) and key biodiversity areas (KBAs) as key elements of nature-based solutions. We need to leverage our natural capital, particularly the untapped potential of our PAs, and ensure that protecting nature is central to our green recovery agenda.

2) Invest more in our PAs and KBAs. Our protected areas have been heavily-dependent on government appropriations and external fund sources. The passage of the ENIPAS Act is a breakthrough for PA investments, but a large financing gap remains.

For instance, the proposed budget for FY-2020 was PHP3 billion. In a survey conducted by BIOFIN and BMB with PA officers in 2018, the country’s legislated PAs need at least PHP14.3 billion to operate at full-capacity from 2020 to 2022. BIOFIN estimates the annual PBSAP gap to be almost PHP19 billion, revealing the need to find alternative ways of raising funds.

This will cover personnel cost, programs, management and operational expenses for biodiversity and habitat protection, research, monitoring and restoration; community development and resource management; conservation and public awareness programs; institutional strengthening, partnerships and capacity-building.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives should ensure that our PAs and KBAs have adequate funding. Our PAs have the potential to generate jobs for displaced workers and new business opportunities.

3) Fast-track the passage of the following congressional bills:

a. House Bill 00260 – An Act strengthening the national policy on access and benefit sharing from the utilization of Philippine Genetic Resources.

b. House Bill 00265 – An Act providing for a revised Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes.

c. House Bill 00268 – An Act providing for the collection, characterization, conservation, protection, sustainable use of and access to and benefit sharing of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes.

d. House Bill 2894 – An Act institutionalizing the Poverty Reduction through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Program and promoting social enterprises with the poor as primary stakeholders.

e. House Bill 2895 – An Act rationalizing the economic regulation of water utilities, creating the Water Regulatory Commission and for other purposes.

House Bill 6878 – An Act strengthening the implementation of the National Organic Agriculture Program amending for the purpose Republic Act 10068, or the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010.

4) Embrace Agrobiodiversity. Agrobiodiversity encompasses the variety and variability of animals, plants and microorganisms used for food and agriculture, including crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries. Examples of programs that support this are the National Organic Agriculture Program, Philippine National Aquasilviculture Program, Fisheries Resources Development and so forth. The stimulus package should embrace, fund and help prop-up agrobiodiversity programs.

5) Leverage partnerships and private sector engagement for PAs. This includes CSR and potential models of people-centric programs for PAs. As PA managers prepare management and investment plans to comply with the ENIPAS Act, they should venture into project design and development.

This will allow PAs to generate viable programs, projects, and activities that the private sector can invest in. Examples are biodiversity-friendly enterprises, assistance to displaced workers, technical and vocational learning and so forth. Likewise, LGUs should increase investments and interventions to support PA development by allocating significant portions of its 20% development fund to support PA programs.

6) Strengthen human resources. There is an opportunity to maximize incentives and leverage the provisions of the Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2016 (RA 10771). Local and district programs should encourage engaging TESDA and local state colleges and universities to provide skills-training for rangers and park service-providers.

Many of these rangers are farmers, fisherfolk or indigenous people and have been risking their lives to patrol our PAs. Together with DENR, it is time to develop a course which can be accredited as a minimum requirement for rangers to be regularized and given plantilla positions.

7) Maximize technology and citizen engagement. As the country shifts to a new normal, maximizing the use of technology and web-based online platforms becomes more relevant. In light of PA and park closures, creative means must be employed to generate revenue. DENR and PAMOs with private-sector partners can explore the possibility of doing online or virtual tours, similar to those being done by museums and zoos, with certain fees or donations. Products and services from this initiative can also enrich the education of online students.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that PAs and KBAs cannot rely solely on government appropriations and other traditional income sources. Our PAMOs and other partners must determine appropriate finance solutions best-suited to their respective programs, projects and activities.

As UNDP-BIOFIN puts it, finance solutions are not limited to generating revenue or mobilizing new resources: they entail realigning of existing resources, preventing future costs and improving the delivery of existing finances. To weather these tough times, our PAs and managers must learn these elements to make their respective PAs financially-resilient.

This global crisis is the country’s best opportunity to rearticulate development strategies and policies towards truly equitable, environmentally-sound and sustainable growth.

We are in the midst of one of the most trying times in our history. But by correcting our past mistakes, we can mend our broken relationship with nature.

Written by: Hon. Josephine Ramirez Sato

Airfunding: Makes Christmas Memorable for Sick Children in Central Luzon through Christmas Gift-giving Project.

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Gift-giving is a tradition that will never cease to be the center of Christmas celebrations in the Philippines. Airfunding has chosen several hospitals in Central Luzon as their beneficiaries this year. The beneficiaries are indigent patients confined in several state hospitals and cancer-stricken children.

100 children, mostly with serious health conditions and disabilities particularly from Zambales public hospitals were treated to a day full of love and appreciation in the recent Airfunding Cares Christmas Gift Giving activity.

Airfunding Cares is an initiative project of the company as part of its core commitment to reach out to the less privileged sectors of society. The successful event inspired the management of Kiheitai Inc., the parent company of Airfunding to make the event a yearly tradition.

Airfunding Cares is committed to raising $ 10,000 to help more people in the Philippines especially the Cagayan and Tuguegarao province who suffered the most because of the flooding brought about by typhoon Ulysses.

In addition to the company campaign, the site hAirfunding serves as a global platform for donations for people in need of medical assistance, relief/calamity aid, or any cause that needs funding where people can share their act of kindness through small donations to their chosen causes. It can be recalled that Airfunding was constantly giving help to Filipinos in need since they have opened their platform for Philippine use. Different relief operations were made to help typhoon Rolly and Ulysses hard-hit areas among also received more than 100 new projects for the same cause. Filipinos from all over the world created fundraising project on Airfunding is a fundraising platform that specializes in small-scale projects made by individuals, groups, or local NGOs, for a personal cause, community initiative, an event, or just anything that needs funding. It's a keep-it-all crowdfunding platform, so project owners keep the entire amount collected even if the target hasn’t been met.

Why keep-it-all platform? " We believe that even a small amount of money would be a real help to project owners. That’s why we decided to make a keep-it-all platform. Our business model relies on tips from the supporter. It’s essentially just a commission but, when you support a project you can choose to tip a percentage of the amount." - says Ryosuke Abe, CEO of Co-Founder of Kiheitai Inc., the parent group for Airfunding.

There is help beyond borders and barriers, Airfunding has over 10,000,000 supporters around the world and can be accessed in 200+ countries. Airfunding is free to use, anyone can register and start creating projects in less than 5 minutes. Airfunding hopes to attract more Filipinos to create more projects, whether for personal, for the community or for any cause (so that the world will see and send their support). 

#NoToVIPVaccination: Dapat ang mayor muna ang mauna?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Instead of prioritizing the safety and security of vulnerable groups and healthcare workers in the Philippines, the government chose to vaccinate their soldiers and Cabinet officials firsthand.

#NoToVIPVaccination trends because government violates the law, disregards the people’s welfare, and prioritizes VIPs yet again. 

Food and Drugs Administration Director-General Eric Domingo said his agency has yet to authorize any vaccine for use in the country, and it is illegal to import and administer unlicensed drugs. 

Regardless if the vaccine is approved or not, the government, still, had the guts to hide this “priority” vaccination from THE PEOPLE. 

All throughout this pandemic, Duterte exhibited his epic uselessness and inutility. He is consistent in exploiting COVID-19 to perpetuate his reign of plunder and corruption.

"I don’t think there’s anything wrong about that. There is no law that says you cannot take any medicine or vaccine that FDA has not approved," Tito Sotto.

"Last I recall, there is even no law vs. suicide. So, what's the fuss?" he added. 

There is a law HOWEVER that says you CANNOT prescribe any medicine or vaccine that FDA has not approved.

Also, the fuss is the sheer UNFAIRNESS of it all.

"Uulitin pa ba natin ang ganitong set of politicians next term?"

Hanggang may mga die-hard supporters of these politicians, sadly, they will still have a seat in the government.

The priorities really jumped out. Fascists protecting the fascists. There's nothing good we can expect from this administration up until the very last days of this year. These unfair and unethical acts will be happening until 2022. 

This whole thing stinks. It involves public officials, using vaccines that did not have FDA approval, hence likely smuggled into the country, whose use is not FDA-approved, and whose announcement reeks of neglect of the people.

Sinovac or not, it's f*cking horrendous how the ruling class would prioritize themselves and their armed thugs in vaccination after telling the rest of us to go DIE for the economy the past few months and leaving us with just a few thousand pesos to live with.

My mental health is acting up right now because of this news. I can't avoid this kind of topic. I feel like we need to voice out our concerns. If we can't rally at least make this trend. Our GOVERNMENT is putting us in danger. 

This is why they don't want the travel ban, they are already protected. F*cking pieces of shit. In addition na di natin alam mamaya may kickback yang mga yan sa mga medical supplies and other stuff used to supply our hospitals!

Waiting for the new strain to hit the country before enforcing travel ban because they got themselves vaccinated already... So are they trying to run an effectivity testing to it now?

History is bound to repeat itself, and time and time again the Duterte regime has shown ineptitude in delivering health-based solutions to contain the pandemic. 

While our healthcare workers are being denied of accessible & efficient vaccines, the militaries are being prioritized.

Wala pa rito yung usapin ng salary and bonus na nareceive.

Just as how they want to preserve social inequalities, they also want this virus to stay.

This government, being self-serving more than ever, will consciously deny our HCW and vulnerable groups immediate access to efficient vaccines.

My hope for this country is getting dimmer and dimmer every day.

The real heroes are being treated like beggars for proper treatment, benefits and compensations. My expectations were low, but I thought that the clowns of this circus should've known better. 

What an insult to doctors and nurses that are non-stop working just to help everyone?! Parang basura lang ang trato sa mga medical workers dito sa Pilipinas.

Doctors and nurses are dying, and the first group of people to have the vaccines administered to are these trigger-happy murdering cunts.

Our government is really something. They think there are smart and wise, but THEY ARE STUPID. I hope they woke up and realize that there is something wrong going on in their heads. Brains need to be checked,  at least vaccine their brains. 

We should stop serving elite people this "special service" and be equal with one another. 

"There's no more money for vaccines", while there are budget increases for the AFP and the rabid red-tagging machine, the NTF-ELCAC.

19.1 BILLION for the NTF-ELCAC's generals to enjoy. That's enough for 5 MILLION Filipinos to be vaccinated.

Even though we demand for this one (the hashtag), we all know that it's gonna happen. We're just clowning ourselves.

We all have the receipts and proofs. No more explanations or talks. 

We're tired of it. 


Cover illustration: Alay Sining Fine Arts

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