Saturday, November 14, 2020

#PhilippinesNeedsHelp: Any donation in cash or kind will be a big help

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Filipino Resilience” should not be used as shield against this typhoon! It does not justify the lack of help they are now experiencing. Typhoons are not new to our country, tell me why the government is not investing on this. All we see are construction of roads that do not really address the issues of the poor but only of rich and affluent businessmen and traders. 

Please help us spread about the situation in the Philippines right now. This might not affect you like it's not affecting me, but places in Marikina, Rizal, Pasig, Cagayan, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Isabela, Quezon, etc., has sunk and many lives were lost, properties damaged, survivors either at evacuation centers or cleaning up after the mess brought about by the flood. They need help, please donate if you can. 

We desperately need a platform to spread awareness on what's happening in our country so please do understand and please help us spread if you can by sharing this post.

People are stranded for more than 24 hours and many of them have not eaten a single thing since then. Their phones are probably dead by now so they can’t ask for help anymore. They’re only left to scream for help.

Let’s all pray for a sunny day so the water would subside and the rescue operations to be continuous. 

Many needed to be saved yet the priority were given to VIPs like Debold Sinas.

Duterte promoted him instead of punishing him for having "maƱanita" during ECQ. Now Sinas is also the same person who has been rescued along with his things by 3 rescue boats while his countrymen suffer.

Magat Dam spilled water just this 9am so it is expected that the water will still rise and THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT YET RESCUED.

Please spread more information so the authorities could rescue all those stranded before the sun sets again.

The Office of Civil Defense in Region II said they are responding the best way they can to calls for rescue from stranded individuals in Cagayan, but the water current is hampering efforts. 

San Mateo dog pound needs help because dogs are still trapped on the roof for hours and has been waiting for rescuers to help them. Please share this for faster help response with these animals.

Please share this post so we can help a thousand lives. Our country is facing constant calamities and many people needs our help. Even if we can't provide help to all at least by simply spreading awareness, it is already a big help

I have decided to use this platform to spread awareness of what's currently happening in the Philippines right now. People are dying and they're continuing to cry and plead for help. We are knocking on everyone's hearts, please help our fellow Filipinos.

We are currently doing a donation drive to help our fellow countrymen who are in need.

Any amount of donation is a HUGE HELP. 

#boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics trends online because of its savage CEO

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Warmonger “butangerang” CEO, “public figure??”

“Confidence usually is silent. Insecurity is loud and it produces a lot of noise but provides very little in substance. “ 

Funny how the hashtag #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics only made the brand famous. Who’s winning now?

Remember that every kind of publicity, may it be good or bad, is still publicity, and the brand is more likely to be infamous if all your hate are baseless and unfounded.

Lol. People think that by commenting this hashtag, people would stop buying Colourette Cosmetics. Bad publicity is still publicity. Ya'll giving Colourette cosmetics free advertisement. 

Colourette, whatever was said throughout the love and hate on social media due to statements said by its CEO, Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera, is a good brand. Not the best, but still a good brand. 

Did Nina blew it all up?

Is she really discrimating the DDS peeps?

People are comparing it with resto owners denying black customers to eat in their restaurant during the 50's era. Justifiable or not?

Are you going to boycott and try other brands instead that values all customers? Or are you going to support it for standing up and calling out to the inadequacies of the government, specifically the President?

Why I stand with her? Because she's so brave. She's not even afraid that she might endanger her company because of his political opinions. She talks about the unheard government incompetence and injustices. Something every Filipino should be doing amid the troll farms disguised as advocacy groups on social media.

She started it all. Nina reposted on her FB account an image or pic of the president sleeping while in the midst of calamity. DDS are saying that she's not spreading or raising her voice, but encouraging people to hate the government in the middle of calamity.

That's her perception. Whether it's right or wrong, it is what we conclude seeing how the president seems to be always absent during an impending or ongoing calamity, and would only be visibly seen afterwards, with very little actions too since lately all we see about him are photos taken mostly by his his sidekick Bong Go who is now a Senator but still his trusted personal aide.

Then with a certain Tio Moreno

People on #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics are mad about Nina not wanting DDS customers while forgetting the fact that businesses have a right to refuse service.

To clear things up, DDs were telling Nina that they're cancelling their orders and she told them to post the order# so she can cancel them herself. The og twt was addressing the fact that people are saying she is discriminating against these people due to their political beliefs.

Nina knows that she has the audience, she knows that she’s a public figure and should use these privileges so that the unheard will be heard. She is fighting for the poor and the oppressed, she’s fighting for the hungry mouths and roofless heads. My respect for her.

You don't have to be apologetic Ms. Nina. We protect you because we know that is correct. You are one of the voice for voiceless people like youth. You amplify our objectives. We thank you!

As mentioned, kahit latagan mo pa ang mga DDS ng pagkahaba haba at factual na argument, ang irerebutt pa rin nila is ad hominem:

body weight

skin color

kili kili

sexual harassment


and so on... basta lahat ng malayo at walang connect sa argument.

I think the most hilarious thing about this is that DDS Colourette fans cannot comprehend that Nina was talking about THEM. DDS ka pa rin even after the mismanagement of Covid? Nina called the DDS tanga.

Is this the Philippines? Kung saan kung hindi ka sang-ayon sa opinyon about the government or president ay i-personal attack? Please we are in a middle of big crisis. Let's be united and help each other. Let's change ourselves first for the better. And please be open minded! Accept, Respect, and Pray. Iisang bansa at tayong lahat ay Pilipino.

Actually, kung hindi ka galit sa gobyerno ibig sabihin wala kang paki or hindi ka apektado sa mga pinaggagawa, or sa kawalang ng gawa, nila.

Before I would ask myself everytime I see u answering Qs on Tiktok " hindi ba siya nahihiya? parang harsh naman" but i realized, that's bravery. Not being afraid of saying what is right, and fighting for our ownselves. 

Do we need to choose our battles? Those clout-chasers are obviously trying to discredit her and her company. There's so many issues coming out? Does she need to answer every accusation? Surprised that she's diligently using her platform, like TikTok, to correct every one of the naysayers.

Her heart is in a good place and is speaking in behalf of the people who can’t find their voice because they are scared. Sana mas dumami pa ang mga kagaya niya. Para lumakas ang loob ng sambayanang Filipino. Huwag tayong paaapi.

Grabeeeh!! People are really out there ruining someone’s livelihood for simply exercising her right to speak up and voice her concerns.

Keep slaying Miss Nina! Yes, you are THAT bitch and we STAN! 

Do not #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics, boycott a government deaf, blind and inutile to the death and suffering of Filipinos.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Typhoon Ulysses is giving us Ondoy feels, and I don't like it

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There's currently a storm going through NCR and Calabarzon of the Philippines.

The winds are so angry and it hasn't stopped raining since early in the afternoon. Not to mention, the electricity has been going on and off.  Hopefully the Internet powered by Converge here in Montalban (Rodriguez), Rizal will remain up.

Parang Ondoy lang ulit shuta!

Walang tulugan!! 

It feels like I'm back during the first days of Ondoy here way back in 2009. This is so scary!

Never been this scared of storms until Ondoy came. Now Ulysses feels like Ondoy. Traumatizing because we got caught in the flood where our rented business establishment got totally submerged under water. Only the roof was left showing. All our computers and other equipment (since it was a computer gaming center and Internet cafe) all got soaked in water for a few days. 

The brown coffee-with-creamer-like flood waters just went up really fast and it became difficult to evacuate. Even our car was totally under water for days. We sold that car eventually since it never ran as good as it was before, and all those signs of the flood just brings back traumatizing memories.

My daughter got sick for a month afterwards. Even the doctors in the hospital couldn't figure out what's wrong with her. Only to leave the hospital after exerting all efforts for cure. My wife even approached an "albularyo" since the doctors exhausted all laboratory tests and medicines already.

These rain and winds are bringing back some serious typhoon anxiety. Ondoy made me shift my fear to flooding, and these middle-of-night howling winds are reminding me why our typhoon warning signals are based on wind speed.

Ondoy-mentality: you don't sleep during a storm because Ondoy was as real as things get.

Trying to calm down because my head is panicking. Traumatic na yung Ondoy. Tama na, please stop!

It's already 1 am as of this writing but the rain and wind is still strong, and seems going stronger every hour now.

Just like Ondoy, the rains started late afternoon until early morning the next day. I just hope all our flooding systems as well as pumping stations will work without any flaws. 

While both our residence are at safer areas now since our Pasig home is on the 5th floor of a building, while our residence in Montalban is on relatively high ground. Our eldest child was left alone in Pasig while the four of us are here in Montalban. Ondoy flood submerged the streets around us back then making our roof an island back in 2009). 

Water level at the Marikina river reached close to 16 meters as of 11:14pm last night. The water level may have already reached 16m, which means voluntary evacuation already happening, while a 17m water level triggers forced evacuations. No updates sen posted yet.

Now, that the Marikina river is rising again and is now at critical levels, if this rain won't stop, we might be experiencing another flood like what Ondoy caused.

So I guess there's no sleeping tonight until daybreak.

Just please stop complaining about getting the NDRRMC alerts. Just appreciate the effort NDRRMC is doing. Because we didnt have that when Ondoy and Yolanda happened. 

Every other day we get news about a flood or an extreme weather event ravaging a town. This didn't used to happen this often. Ondoy was considered a phenomenon. It seems relatively ordinary now. I don't understand how people can still deny climate change.

Ondoy happened Sept 2009 and now all the typhoons are happening during November. Climate change is real. 

The power fluctuations is making me nervous. Please don’t be another Ondoy.

Stay safe everyone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Manila RTC Judge allegedly shot dead by her own court clerk

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Judge Ma Theresa Abadilla of Manila Regional Trial Court was shot inside her chamber. The suspect is her branch clerk, lawyer Amador Rebato, according to Manila Police District.

Capt. Henry Navarro, Manila Police District Homicide Chief gave an initial update on the death of Judge Abadilla, who says the gunman was depressed while tendering his resignation. It is still unclear what triggered him to use his firearm. 

Judge Abadilla had to be taken down the stairs from the fifth floor while on a chair because the elevator was not working, police said. 

A doctor from the Medical Center Manila has declared Judge Abadilla dead while undergoing treatment at 3:15pm today, according to the Manila police.

According to a city hall security force report given to Mayor Isko Moreno, the suspect was "seen feeling uneasy and shuddering while being questioned by Judge Abadilla and without question shot her at point blank range to the head."  

The alleged gunman has also died after shooting himself, and was still inside the office of the judge.

The body was eventually brought down from the crime scene. Authorities then coordinated with the relatives of the judge and the clerk of court. 

Rumor has it that Judge Abadilla discovered an anomaly involving the suspect.

It is worthy to note that Judge Abadilla, acting as a Pairing Judge, presided over the bail hearing of Rappler's CEO Maria Ressa last year due to Presiding Judge Rainelda Estacio-Montesa's absence.

Judge Abadilla's gunman shot himself dead as well? I can't help but think something's fishy here.

Proven na ba na yung court clerk talaga ang pumatay? Who was the witness? There was no mention of names of the witnesses. Pwede kasing setup yan.

According to a source, "Judge Abadilla, who is described by her colleagues as kind but straightforward, has called the BCC, Atty. Rebato, to her Chambers to explain serious irregularities being committed by him."

Source adds: "He then shot the Judge then turned the gun on himself. Clerk of Court has a number of admin cases in Supreme Court.

We still do not know the real story behind such tragedy, but from what I gather, I hope they will also take notice that mental health is also something we need to consider for the members of the Bar.

Judge Abadilla previously worked in the office of then Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin and Teresita De Castro. 

Ex-Chief Justice Bersamin says he is saddened by her senseless death and condoles with the family.

She is the daughter of the late Metrocom General Rolando Abadilla. 

The case of Norman Mangusing aka Francis Marcos for trafficking and estafa was recently re-raffled to her sala after the former judge inhibited from the case due to death threats. 

Judge Abadilla is the 8th judge to be killed since the Duterte administration in 2016, the 51st in the legal profession (which includes both prosecutors and lawyers).

The President himself stated live on national TV his wish to legalize gunning people down.

And this is what happened hours after his statement: Judge Abadilla was shot inside the Manila City Hall. 

What a sad day for the legal profession today. It's was also a race to the bottom in the reporting of the incident involving Judge Abadilla. 

Some media outfits uploaded the video of her being brought to the hospital, unedited, in full color, without blurring her face, body, etc.

Konting respeto naman po.

Condolences to the bereaved families of CoC Atty. Rebato and Judge Abadilla. 

Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta says passing of Judge Abadilla, whom he knows to be an “upright and highly competent magistrate,” a big loss to Judiciary. He condoles with family who comes from same province. Says he instructed Court Ad Midas Marquez to employ stricter measures. 

Sale or Scam: Online Shopping has become something else

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Potang 11.11 Sale lang hiya, as if andaming pera no? Eh pandemic pa rin. Pa-KPop at Kris Aquino pa more, sigeeeee. 

Last thing I want while I'm working is being auditorily assaulted by "sHoPEE 11.11 SHOP NAA". And it's not even my phone! My neighbor won't turn off her notifs at rinig hanggang dito sa amin eh umuulan pa ng malakas yan.


I still mark myself safe from the 11.11 SALE. Kakaunti na lang yata making disiplinado at malakas ang fighting spirit to go against an obvious brainwashing to buy what we don't really need.

Besides, pandemic nga. Better na gumastos only on necessities. 

But if you're among those who believe they bought only the necessities, think again about the real meaning of necessity.

Sorry sa rant. Sobrang yabang kasi nung iba. Hindi naman sila si Heartless Evangelista.

I tried checking the Lazada and Shopee sales...kaso hindi naman pala sale kundi scam.

A certain product that was previously around P800 is now around P1200+

So when you apply the voucher and/or free shipping, parang ganoon din ang final price.

Meron namang mga bumaba pero mga hindi ko kailangan at priority....which makes the statement below a big false for me:

"shoppers undoubtedly took advantage of the big discounts to stock up on these essentials"

I don't think there are "essentials" that are a must that could only be bought on these online shopping portals. There have been many instances that I bought items only to find out they are sold cheaper outside if you know where to look....even during non-sale conditions.... especially if you buy in bulk.

Lazada and Shopee should also check for those instances when sellers purposely jack up the prices when sales are nearing so they could lower them on the day of the sale.

Also, no matter how low or almost free some items are, if you don't really need them, then they are practically useless and worthless. They will just accumulate at our home gathering dust....or expire if it's food.... especially when my kids do not like them or have moved on to something else...or something better.

The only advantage is you don't need to haggle for the price compared to other "market" sites where the sellers would say "PM for details" before you could get the price.

However, if you're great in haggling, you could even get the items at a much lower price.

So we are left with just convenience. ..since we could comfortably shop on our mobile phones or laptops while sitting pretty at our homes...not really challenging for me.

How To Enjoy The Biker Lifestyle: In 7 Steps!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

So, you want to live the motorcycle lifestyle? Well, good news! Many people in the Philippines are starting to spend a lot of their time on their motorcycle touring throughout the country and finding new destinations to explore and enjoy. If you are attracted to that lifestyle, it is not too hard to get started. Here are seven steps that will help you begin your motorcycling lifestyle without becoming completely detached from your normal life. Remember that the secret of enjoying the motorcycle lifestyle is to keep a balance between your everyday duties and responsibilities and finding the time to explore the world in the middle of all that! With that in mind, let's check out the 7 tips that we have for you.

1. Manage your finances

Living the biker lifestyle is not completely free of expenses which you'll have to shell out for fuel and other regular maintenance on your motorcycle to keep it in perfect performing order. In order to maintain a steady flow of money, you will need a steady job or a source of income that a generates money for you passively. Look for jobs that does not restrict you to a fixed place so that you can continue to enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle as well as keep on generating a steady income to meet your daily expenses. There are different ways of doing that: many riders in the Philippines are choosing to become YouTube creators and generate money by monetizing their channels; another way of generating online income is to get into affiliate marketing and make money through those avenues. Last but not the least, many riders are also choosing to become delivery people and earn money by delivering parcels from one part of the city to the next which satiates their wanderlust as well as gives them the opportunity to make money.

2. Set small goals

In order to sustain the motorcycle lifestyle, you need to set small goals for yourself but both financially and goals in life. A good way to do that is to follow the old biker lifestyle of making setting small expectations out of your life and then taking small steps towards your goal every single day a little bit at a time. For example, if you are planning to travel 10,000 kilometers in the next 30 days, you need to break them up into small journeys which you can complete in a day or two without stretching yourself or your machine. In addition to that you will also have to take care of your money matters because travelling such a long-distances will require you to have a backup plan to cover expenses that you cannot possibly anticipate. 

3. Have a side hustle

The most fundamental biker philosophy is to do whatever job to you without being picky about what you are doing unless it is something that is morally reprehensible for you. Always make sure to have a job with you that complements your desire to see the world as well as one that pays you handsomely so you don't have to work a lot of time and focus on travelling more rather than working long hours every day. Instead of focusing on making a lot of money in your life, the motorcycle lifestyle and philosophy that we recommend is to become rich in terms of experiences and connections with people around the world. Choose a side hustle or a passive source of income that lets you make more connections with people and create values in their lives and deliver happiness, which will enrich you emotionally and keep you motivated to overcome all the challenges that you are going to face while living a motorcycle lifestyle.

4. Care for your bike

You will also need a motorcycle that can sustain the stress and mechanical demands that you are going to make out of it while riding long distances every day. Choose lifestyle motorcycles which are recommended for long distance travelling such as adventure motorcycles and trusted commuter bikes which you can either purchase second hand from the used market or a brand-new bike that is within your budget. After purchasing a motorcycle, the main expenses that pile on over the years is regarding the maintenance and normal upkeep which is very important especially if you are planning to travel long distances because you do not want any problem to stop you in the middle of the road with no help! Before going out on a trip, make sure to take the motorcycle to a mechanic and have it thoroughly checked for mechanical faults and preemptive maintenance. It is also a good idea to replace the machine oil and other fluids if you have not done that for a very long period of time. For riding in cold conditions, you will need special winter tires which will keep you safe on slippery and snowy surfaces.

5. Take your safety seriously

Many riders in the Philippines living the biker lifestyle do not think a lot about their own safety which is a big mistake that can lead to a lot of expenses or worst, an accident, which is the last thing you want! Always make sure to use proper motorcycle riding gear including a high-quality branded helmet and other riding accessories such as gloves and boots at all times. In addition to that you will also need a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers mechanical problems and other unanticipated expenses as well. Whenever you have to park your motorcycle in an unknown destination, lock it down properly using chains and padlocks to a fixed and stable post or structure.

6. Brush up on your camping & cooking skills

Living the motorcycle lifestyle means that you will have to be on the road most of the time, and that means you need to learn how to cook your own meals. For most men in the Philippines cooking is not a problem but if you have never done that before, check out a few YouTube videos or ask your female relatives to teach you a few basic skills. To cook your food on the road, you will also require camping stoves and fuel (butane cans) which you can purchase in bulk very cheap from online marketplaces.

7. Get a comprehensive travel insurance

Like we mentioned before, you will need comprehensive travel insurance to become completely stress-free and tension-free to enjoy your rides more and worry less about covering unseen expenses on the road. The most effective way of doing that is to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance that covers everything from health problems to mechanical problems on your motorcycle, along with roadside assistance assurance. Check out all the relevant travel insurance plans that you can find in the Philippines before setting out on the road to live the biker lifestyle!

Summary: So, you want to live the motorcycle lifestyle? Well, good news! Many people in the Philippines are starting to spend a lot of their time on their motorcycle touring throughout the country and finding new destinations to explore and enjoy. Here are seven steps that will help you begin your motorcycling lifestyle without becoming completely detached from your normal life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Pia Cayetano fumes after Risa Hontiveros called for probe over 2019 SEA Games Facilities

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Sen. Pia Cayetano fumes after Sen. Risa Hontiveros called for full-scale probe into the P9.5 billion funding used to construct sports facilities for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games"

Pia's brother Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano served then as the chairman of the PH Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee. 

Pia blasts Risa for her allegations: "I am embarrassed that we choose to make a political issue out of a world-class facility...So paano, puro bulok na lang tayo?"

Pia: "Paano magiging "white elephant"? Do you even know what are the conditions of our sports facilities para sabihin mong 'yong world-class na 'yon magiging white elephant?"

Pia really popped a vein about this investigation.

Like Pia you have something to hide that mere suggestion of investigating the SEA Games facilities in New Clark City really got you mad?

But basically, Pia's statements do not address the issues Risa raised.

May tinatago ka 'teh? Takot kang mabulatlat yan sa kapatid mo kasi may cut ka din?

Guilty agad 'teh ang pakiramdam namin sa rant mo. Ibabalik ko madalas sabihin ng mga DDS, kung walang ginagawang masama, wag matakot.

No Pia, we respect and honor the National Athletes, the infrastructure is not the athlete. We love them... But not the Overpriced Cauldron by another Cayetano, your brother Alan Peter..

Pia should not be angry! Simply present to the public an audited report and let the documents speak for itself!

Sige let’s change the headline. Let’s make it about you fuming mad and being defensive about the cauldron and other white elephant built in New Clark City. Investigation ang hinihingi, at hindi pa kayo sinasabihang guilty. Takot na takot na ba kayo? Lol.

If Pia Cayetano really gave a damn about Pinoy athletes, the more she should push for the investigation for any anomalies in the SEA Games hosting to ensure that all money went to the improvement of facilities, purchase of equipment, ++, and not a single dime sa own pocket ng iba.

Pia's impassioned 'patriotic' rage over Risa's call for investigation into the P9 billion sports arena deal? Too much. Way overboard reaction. They're hiding dirt, is my impression. And desperately so. Facts are facts and they want them hidden.

Wow. The true colors of Pia Cayetano, which she has carefully concealed for decades, are now on full display. From being exposed as a fake feminist to being your run of the mill trapo.

My disappointment for Pia continues to grow. A “feminist” but has enabled the fascist misogynist actions of Duterte. A supposed bike advocate but has no meaningful legislation on active mobility. “Anti-corruption” but fumes at a probe bc her brother is involved.

Remember that time that Hidilyn Diaz (women's weightlifting silver medalist in the Rio Olympics) literally went to her IG account to ask for private sponsorship.

I would like to know kung nasaan si Pia Cayetano nung mga panahon na yun.

What a joke.

Wtf happened to her? She was like the future of Philippines' politics back in the day. His dad was one of the most respected Senators too.

Money, honestly. Politics is the family business and siding with the administration, whoever they are, possibly gets them profits.

Corruption must be huge enough for Alan Cayetano to spend years behind bars under a just regime and law-abiding Supreme Court.

Probably the same (albeit feigned) enraged reaction I make to my wife when she points to me as the culprit to an offense to their olfactory. 


Sorry Pia, you continue to swim the abyss. You became shameless with your "gigil" reaction to the impending probe. If it's built out of public funds, we're interested to have it probed especially that COA flagged it. Why not welcome it to clear your bro's name?! Takot?! 

Pia Cayetano is cancelled!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Vice Ganda: Sinong mas straight?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Vice Ganda got disowned by his own community. 

Practice lang.

It's clear that Vice Ganda did not know about the series. He and the it entire show didn't get the advocacy and the message of GSP. So, never again!  

The question 'Sino ang mas straight?' Not funny!

You can see how Ian and Paolo got awkward with the question. 

Asking that assumes na meron laging guy/girl sa relationship. Putting LGBT in heteronormative (straight relationship) expectations.

For queer relations, there may be two gays or two lesbians or any combo, would not matter. And besides, personal matters are best left personal.

1. Stop  who's the guy/girl in queer relations and stop making gameshows out of very personal matters.

2. Being LGBT+ does not auto-remold one's backward attitudes on SOGIE.

3. Educate, take up space and fight.

Vice Ganda should know better, but she seems busy being a tool for heteronormative media.

It saddens me that actors from a BL series were treated as sexual objects and pressed with heteronormative standards in the show. Vice Ganda, you could have done better. listen to the LGBT community. You should all not be regressing.

It isn't the first time that Vice Ganda has this tone-deaf remarks. For someone that has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade w/ such privilege, it's disappointing that he still chooses to be ignorant on crucial matters such as LGBT discourses. Nakakapagod.

You know what needs straightening? 

The twisted backward notion that homosexual relations need to fit heteronormative expectations. The failure to understand the complexity of LGBT beyond sexual stuff.

Goes to show that both our media and culture are intensely backward, and it will take a lot more than BL shows and a Twitter echo chamber to change the conditions that make them in the first place. Educate, educate, struggle, struggle.

Eh divided nga ang LGBT. Mas marami, wapakels. Yung iba sila pa mismo una manlait. Look at Vice. Patawa lang sya dahil dun pera niya. Yun lang nakita nyang role niya.

It is simply the unwillingless to see the world in terms other than the received heteronormative orthodoxies. I would be embarrassed to be involved with something this outdated.

No more educating. I should be allowed to hate the likes of Vice Ganda who possesses both social and economic capital, who has had all the time to learn about this community should they actually wanted to, yet never did.

If you're still wondering why so many Filipinos admire Vice Ganda but deny the LGBT+ basic human rights, it's because Vice reduces her gender identity to only a form of entertainment or whatever that sells, instead of utilizing her platform to amplify the plight of the community.

Unless he actually learns about sensitivity and makes use of his influence for good, Vice Ganda will never be a respectable gay icon.

He is an icon, alright. But in so many wrong ways.

Ang foundation ng career niya ay base sa insensitivity.

He doesn't have the respect of a huge chunk of the community. No sensible queer person respects him.

Walang ambag sa sariling community kasi. He is a gay person so full of himself. He will never be effective to represent the LGBT community.

Vice Ganda is not an LGBT ally. The only thing the comedian knows is horribly making fun of people, including those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Tasteless, cheap comedy.

Of course Vice Ganda's still problematic. Let's not forget that they enabled Duterte's rise to power. Only gets serious and political when it affects them, and continues to perpetuate tropes against members of the LGBTQ+ community with "sino ang mas straight/tigasin/kulot?

Even when the ABS-CBN shutdown happened, AFAIK they didn't even bat an eyelash

They just setup shop sa YouTube.

Literally just one tweet about praying and that was it. Back to business, because it didn't affect their livelihood. The privilege.

Make it make sense? Also the subtle innuendos with the other terms listed? Just shows all y'all do is sexualize and use the LGBTQIA+ community for entertainment. 

Vice Ganda pulling off a stunt like that for the straights? I'm not surprised because majority of the bitch's demographic are straight ppl so he will perform what is appealing to the straights which is "funny" gay stereotypical jokes. Gross. 

Also LGBTs don't recognize Vice Ganda as part of the community.

How does it feel to be a queer and a tool of hetero-patriarchy? I dunno, ask Vice Ganda

Hetero-patriarchy - In feminist/queer theory, it's a socio-political system where (primarily) cisgender heterosexual males exert authority/dominance over cisgender/non-conforming females or other sexual orientations and gender identities.

It seeks to reinforce heteronormative values as the only identity acceptable meanwhile oppressing other genders, gender identities, and other sexual orientations through domination of the media space, pushing anti-LGBTQIA+ policies, reinforcing hetero social norms etc.

Vice Ganda is the problematic gay y'all need to call out. They don't acknowledge nor do they apologize for any problematic thing they do.

How can Filipino families be acceptive of the gays when they are seeing vice ganda as an “example.” 

Instead of apologizing and learning they dismiss it by saying "toxic kayo dapat good vibes lang" then proceeds to justify what they did.

It's proof that Vice Ganda is tone deaf and having a queer person on your team does not mean you have a queer-friendly show.

Isn’t there anyone on it's Showtime Na’s team that is part of the LGBT+ community that could’ve flagged this and explained why it’s wrong? 2020 na guys, nandiyan pa din kayo. 

This is exactly the “stereotyping” that they talked about in #GSP. The irony of it happening to the actors in real life is very telling of how much work there is to be done SMH.

This is exactly the micro-aggression talked about in #GSP what a shame.

How ironic given how the series teaches us the exact opposite.

Nakakahiya! Kesehodang hindi tungkol sa sexuality ang buong tanong mali pa rin sya! Just for the sake of viewership ganito ang gagawin Ng It's Showtime Na sa mga guests nila?!

Vice Ganda’s always been a problematic gay, the way this sis never learns.

Really the range of his humor is making other people feel bad or uncomfortable from his bad jokes. He literally only has like one or two movies that were actually tolerable to watch.

Paolo’s awkward smile and Jan’s shift in body language after that awful question left Vice Ganda’s mouth. 

I understand the frustration, it was an unfair situation that happened on It's Showtime Na and it deserves the criticism that it's getting. 

Vice Ganda and Ellen DeGeneres are in the same category of "could've been the icons we needed but..."

But we shouldn’t put all the blame to Vice Ganda only because the one who was really at fault and should also be blamed here is the segment producer/writer.

Though that doesn’t mean Vice Ganda is excused, because she’s still accountable for this as a host of this segment.

It's OK to be angry, but it must be directed towards the root of the problem. Be angry at Vice Ganda if you must. She's been at that business for so long. She has the resources to be educated.

Only in the Philippines: Congratulations to Debold Sinas, new PNP Chief

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Duterte appoints Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas as new Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief.

Sinas is rising to power as the new chief of the PNP despite figuring in the bruising "maƱanita" controversy.

Goodbye forever, police integrity!

Why is it that almost every time my country is trending I immediately know it's not good? 

Only in the Philippines where you can break every law and still be a house speaker, a senator, a president, and a police chief.

In other countries, its leaders will go much further to resignation just because they violated their health protocols for the pandemic. Only in the Philippines where one gets promoted instead. 

Leaders should be an example, not an exemption.


A violator of health and safety protocols will have a promotion. 

The "Only in the Philippines" has always been about negative news lately but never became positive. Let's try to change just like what happened to America with their new President Joe Biden, and farewell are in order for Donal Trump.

In the Philippines, we should be saying goodbye to our President, and let the Vice President lead instead because this has been the worst part of our lives so far with the current administration.

The mananita quarantine violation should not have gone unpunished. They should have strictly implemented a punishment especially that the violator is a government official. Lead by example...otherwise resign.

Another great clown has been appointed to a higher position so I think the President's job nowadays is to give his detractors everything to hate him more from.his circus government.

Cover photo credit to @cartonnistzach

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