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Illuminate: Ignite the Light Featuring the Albert Andrada Collection

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Albert Andrada's beautiful and stunning creation were worn by some of the renowned Pinay beauty queens of the country. Illuminate: Ignite The Light, The Albert Andrada Collection was held on May 26, 2016 at the One Esplanade in Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City.

World-class Fililipina beauty queens including Miss World 2015 Top 10 Hillarie Danielle Parungao
Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Gabrena Ong, Miss Globe 2015 Ann Lorraine Colis, Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2015 Leren Mae Bautista, and Miss Intercontinental 2015 1st runner-up Christi McGarry.

All of them wearing beautiful gowns designed by world-class Filipino designer Sir Albert Andrada.

Viral newsmaker and former Binibining Pilipinas-Universe Maria Isabel Lopez also graced the runway during this Lumina Events show. After many years, Maria Isabel Lopes is still so graceful and exudes the real beauty queen aura unlike other past winners who allowed themselves to look like real grannies. 

We also saw Miss Universe Philippines 2011 Shamcey Supsup that is slim and sexy even after a recent pregnancy.

The event also featured other designers such as Rocky Gathercole, Bessie BesaƱa among others showcasing their collections modeled by Main Models.

Reigning Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong came out with designer Albert Andrada in the conclusion of Illuminate: Ignite the Light fashion event.

Congratulations to Albert Andrada for the fabulous collection.

Mynt Reaches Out to the Unbanked Via FinTech

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There is an urgent call for financial inclusion among a significant portion of the population as the country builds a healthy cash flow in the communities, prompting Mynt, a wholly-owned financial services company of Globe Telecom, to step in and provide the unbanked and underserved sectors a chance to take part of the shared growth for consumers and businesses.

“Mynt sees an opportunity to create a financially inclusive environment that will cater to every person who does not have access to formal financial facilities and services. We already started with the Philippines and will eventually move into the ASEAN region. Right now, there are about 1.5 billion people in the region who are unbanked and underserved and who can benefit from financial technology,” said John Rubio, Mynt President and CEO.

At present, three out of four Filipinos aged 15 years old and above do not have accounts with banks or financial entities, 95% of Filipinos do not have credit cards and 40 % of Philippine municipalities do not have access to physical banks.

“With no credit cards and no banks, many people succumb to informal lenders. Many of them also find it costly to send money. But with FinTech, anyone can have access to consumer loans, micro finance, various payment platforms, domestic and international remittance, and digital bills payments, among others,” Rubio said even as he pointed out that the rapid adoption of FinTech is necessary to create a digital nation which could further help the country move forward.

Wazzup Pilipinas Founder to Receive Award for Blogging Industry Achievement

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ross Del Rosario, founder of Wazzup Pilipinas (the self-declared Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas or the National Blog of the Philippines), will soon be receiving another award for "Best Choice Achievers for Accomplishments and Success in Multimedia Advertising Opinion Blogging Industry."

This is not the first time that Ross Del Rosario will be recognized for his achievements in the blogging industry. He was previously conferred a similar award a few years ago due to his accomplishments in managing the Wazzup Pilipinas community blog. We should also mention the numerous awards conferred to the community blog site itself. throughout the three years of its existence.

The Wazzup Pilipinas blog site started only on March 2013 but it has already received several awards every year for both blog and founder. Though the founder notes that he owes everything to the community of bloggers, contributors, partners, readers and followers of the blog site in making the Wazzup Pilipinas blog very successful as one of the leading blogs in the Philippines, we should mention his unwavering determination to keep Wazzup Pilipinas among the most notable blogs in the Philippines through several collaborations. He believes that opportunities should be shared with everyone so that blessings and rewards would continue to be plentiful.

Wazzup Pilipinas has been a very popular blog site for media partnership of events and brands and has partnered with so many organizations and companies including colleges and universities for their events and advocacy programs. It has been known to promote everything that is happening in the Philippines but has also collaborated with international brands and movements.

We would like to congratulate our founder, Ross Del Rosario, for his remarkable achievements in blogging. We would also like to thank all of those who appreciate his efforts and have continued to partner with the blog site all throughout the years.

Japanese-Peruvian Cuisine at Buddha-Bar Manila with Chef Shigeki Iimura

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Chef Shigeki Iimura, world renowned chef and Corporate Japanese Chef of Buddha-Bar group, visited Buddha-Bar Manila to introduce new Japanese-Pevuvian cuisines to its customers. That means more choices to choose from for those who love to spend their dinner at this cool restaurant in Makati.

The awesome culinary treat, held on May 20 and May 21, is a world-class experience since not everyday do we meet chefs from foreign lands. Not only were the dishes superbly appetizing on both their look and taste, but the opportunity to interview Chef Shigeki is something very memorable for me. I am always fascinated with individuals who possess a lot of creativity and chefs are known to be very imaginative and innovative in coming up with unique concepts that will surely make you want to keep coming back for more surprises from their kitchen.

Japanese-Prevuvian is also known as Nikkei cuisine, this particular type of cooking has its roots in South America, where there is a huge convergence of Japanese and Latin American culture. Best described as a fusion of Japanese food made with Peruvian ingredients and cooking technique, Nikkei cuisine has become a global food trend among many cities worldwide.

I was the early bird so I got to be the first to interview Chef Shigeki who was very willing to accommodate my request. Actually, the Restaurant General Manager was the one who arranged that I get that interview to make my time more productive. I knew that it might be a bit difficult oif I request for the interview later or at the end of the event.

Friday, May 27, 2016

#YouThinkYouCan Do Anything with the New Cadbury 5Star

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Dare to break out of your comfort zone and prepare to take on the world, the universe rather, with a little push to go on full from the newest, craziest, chocolatey goodness of Cadbury 5Star.

At a recent launch held on May 27, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati city, we were treated to the newest product from Mondelez Philippines, makers of our favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk and Toblerone chocolates.

As expected, lots of Cadbury 5Star chocolate bars were being given away to the attendees of the event by simply doing the challenges. They get the chance to win loot bags from Cadbury 5Star if they post their challenge online and gets chosen as a lucky winner.

Cadbury 5Star offers a new chocolate experience but with the familiar, velvety smooth Cadbury milk chocolate wrapped neatly around an exciting blend of gooey caramel and a soft chocolatey center. We could feel the crunch of the crispy biscuits inside which makes the experience totally awesome! This particular brand of chocolate is available in two sizes (15g and 35g) for P10 and P34 each.

The world is our playground but the last thing anyone wants is to find themselves doing the exact same thing every day. The world is bigger than what we see, so we shouldn’t just waste it on what we already know, or what we've been doing as an everyday routine.

With one bite of the new Cadbury 5Star, you’ll think you can do anything that you might just want to pack your bags, travel the world, become fearless and daring, and do some of the things on your bucket list.

Adolescents Do HIV Awareness with Journey To Panagimpan

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Just as we are about to transition from President Benigno Aquino Jr. to President Elect Rodrigo Duterte, and the Philippines is sitting on a failing grade for the Millenium Development Goal’s HIV Program, some youth and adolescents join forces to campaign against HIV Stigma and promote awareness and family discussion about a virus that has been infecting some 27 persons a day. 

The Youth/Adolescents Health Advocates’ Network or YAHA Network will stage a play-variety-musical and interactive show “Journey to Panagimpan”, written by Crisaldo Vicente Pablo and directed by Ryceanne Manlulu and Francis Adarlo, on Saturday, June 4, 2016, at 6 pm at the Quezon City High School, Scout Ybardolaza corner Kamuning Road, Quezon City. 

Journey to Panagimpan” is a comedy drama musical show on adolescent gender identification and expression, parenting and family support, HIV and AIDS. The show is part of The LoveLife Project’s campaign “Positive Journeys: Adolescent Moments of Confrontation with HIV” which has a series of workshops on HIV for adolescents and parents, a community and campus tour of the advocacy movie and/or the interactive play variety show. The LoveLife Project is about to shoot the advocacy movie “Ang Timeline ng Buhay ni B” about an adolescent who gets infected with HIV and his journey through life as a person living with HIV. 

In partnership with Quezon City Health Department’s Adolescent Health Program and the QC STI AIDS Council, The LoveLife Project for Health and Environment Inc., InteGreat Media Inc., Crisp Essential Media, National Youth Commission and Batasan Hills Barangay Council for the Protection of Children, The LoveLife Project recently conducted an independent advocacy media acting and production workshop for adolescents with attendees coming from Quezon City Barangays Batasan Hills, Commonwealth and Kaunlaran, Cubao.The LoveLife Project is composed of award-winning media professionals who believe in holistic approach to being healthy, happy and productive. The LoveLife Project intends to work with government agencies and private institutions to design a massive multimedia program on HIV education, inclusive of gender and sexuality, adolescent wellness and empowerment. 

Dance for a Reason, Dance at The Parc

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you into dance? Perhaps, an aspiring professional dancer, a dancer in your past life (as in before work got in your way), a student-artist who wants to improve himself/herself, or simply someone who wants to learn how to dance? We know you love dance in one way or another. That’s why, we’re bringing you Dance at The PARC.

The PARC Foundation, in cooperation with Daloy Dance Company, Next.Ep, and eXcellerate Dance Company, presents Dance at The PARC, a series of dance classes including Basic Jazz, Advanced Jazz, Contemporary, Creative Movement, Movement Meditation, Jazz Funk, and Urban. It will run from June 1, 2016 until December 15, 2016.

Here are some reasons why you should try it:

1.     The venue, The PARC Manila, is close to business districts and schools. It won’t be as hard to find as your forever is!

2.      You wouldn’t have to worry about your 9-5 job / class. We thought of that already! All our weekday classes are scheduled from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM and we made sure we have Saturday classes too! So whether you’re a working professional or a student, busy building your needy relationship with your job or acads, Dance at The PARC can help you find time for your other love which is dancing.

3.    There are plenty of classes to choose from. You wouldn’t have to settle for less. If you think you and dancing are currently very much in love, you can add spice to your relationship by enrolling to further enhance your skills. Let’s say you’re already good in jazz, then you can try Advanced Jazz or you can learn Contemporary instead. On the other hand, if you’re just starting, you can try Basic Jazz, or get to know your body more through Creative Movement and Movement Meditation. Not to mention, you can try Urban and Jazz Funk as well. You might even be discovered for it, you’ll never know.

4.     Dance at The PARC can help you stop being bitter about dance not loving you back. ‘Coz we’re pretty sure our dance masters will be patient and kind with you. They will guide you in bringing out your inner dancer.

5.   And like those reasons are still not good enough, you can even try each of the dance classes for FREE. Yes, you’ve read that right, FREE. And after your trial/s, you can enjoy the dance classes, no matter what genre, for as low as P150 per session -- if you avail of the Titanium package which is well, unlimited!

6.  Most importantly, it’s FOR A CAUSE. Dance at The PARC is one of The PARC Foundation’s programs to support performing arts groups in developing their skills and sharing their artistry to the youth. As a newly established non-profit organization, The PARC Foundation aims to help make performing arts become a part of every Filipino youth’s life. By joining Dance at The PARC, you will not only improve your dancing skills but you will also help the artists and the foundation itself with its causes and take part in the beginning of achieving a big dream, which is the establishment of a Performing Arts and Recreation Center at the heart of Metro Manila.

For more info about Dance at The PARC, you can like The PARC Foundation’s Facebook page: You can also join our event page:

Another way that you can support our foundation is by helping us raise funds for the construction of The PARC (Performing Arts and Recreation Center) Manila. Kindly contact Ms. Alecks Ambayec at 09173490917 or at for donations.

SAP Technology Targets Inequity in Workplaces Around the World

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SAP SE today announced plans to build new capabilities within its SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite to help improve workplace diversity. Using text mining and machine learning based on the SAP HANA platform, the initiative aims to help companies review job descriptions, performance reviews and similar people processes for potential bias and suggest changes to encourage equity. The announcement was made at the 28th annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference.

These new capabilities will complement existing SAP SuccessFactors offerings that already help address inequity. Analytics and reports focused on diversity and inclusion are available to help organizations identify and track where biases exist in talent acquisition and management processes — recruiting, compensation, succession and the like — coupled with guidance on actions to take to address those biases. SAP is also exploring applications for mentoring programs that will help people from historically disadvantaged groups more effectively navigate and develop their careers, as well as tools for balancing family and work that will integrate elements of benefits, scheduling and management into a single process.

“Diverse teams are high performing teams,” said Mike Ettling, president of SAP SuccessFactors.* “We’re always looking at how innovative HR technology can improve people’s work lives. Our HCM solutions simplify and standardize HR processes for organizations across the globe. Addressing inequity fits into our focus on built-in intelligent services and recommendations. Today’s innovations, and those to come, are designed to help companies find and address opportunities to build inclusive cultures, prompting managers and HR professionals to make intentional decisions as they attract, hire, develop, reward and promote people.”

Mikael Daez Advocates Travel & Love for Culture Invades YouTube

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I've personally known model/actor/host Mikael Daez for almost three years now and from the day we met at the Cosmo Bash 69 event up until today, he has not changed as an individual and as a friend. His crazy showbiz schedule was the one which got busy to busier to the max is the only change.

Mikael wants to live his life to the fullest and he wants to take as many people with him as possible.

Using the power of social media, the Kapuso star is inspired to advocate the love for culture and shares his experiences through his own perspective by making video blogs --- aka vlogs.

You can check out his YouTube channel, MrMikaelDaez as it takes pride on informative clips that can help anyone who is hungry for an adventure gets the best out of any trip. From finding the right restaurants to getting in the know for of the latest in art. Mikael is one step ahead to those who have been doing travel blogs. His key to paradise is spontaneity. Nice one, right?

In one of his vlogs, he encourages his viewer to get rid of any plans and just do anything when the timing feels right. Hungry? Look around and choose what your heart and tummy tell you to. Up for coffee? Mikael is such a coffee lover so skip those local apps and just ask the locals where they would typically want to get a cup. The magic of spontaneity never disappoints, as he would believe.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Resort Wear Competition Winners

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Congratulations to the winners of Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Resort Wear Competition.

GOLD- Lubang, Occidental Mindoro
SILVER- Zamboanga City
BRONZE- Palo, Leyte

MS. PONTEFINO RESIDENCE- Puerto Princesa, City

Pontefino Hotel and Residences hosted the event of #MPE2016 Resort Wear Competition. Pontefino Hotel and Residences is located at Gulod Labac, Batangas City. PonteFino Hotel is a 4-star hotel with a 5-star amenities. They have the Mansions, Prime, Condo Unit, Residences and Terraces. Additional to the Hotel are the townhouses inspired with the townhouses in San Francisco, California with a NEO-VICTORIAN style architecture, the PonteFino Prime and Residences.

Judges were Ricardo Castaneda, Dr. John Cenica, Gerry Valenciano, Atty Fidel Esconde, and Christel Roca, 

There was also a swimwear or swimsuit fashion show showcasing all candidates flaunting their beautiful bodies.


Duterte Approves Hero's Burial for Philippines' Dictator Ferdinand Marcos

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Do you think presumptive Philippines President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte should allow former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos to be buried in the "Libingan ng mga Bayani"? To our presumptive president Duterte, I think it's best to consult the Filipino people first thru a referendum before making this decision.

I like the developments during martial law under ex president Marcos but I do not agree on the merciless killings. We should give respect to those who claimed victims of martial law. There were so many martial law victims who's bodies were never they were not given a decent burial at all...and now a soldier who didn't die fighting for his country but a President who died without returning the ill gotten wealth shall be buried with the real heroes? Is this an insult to all those real heroes in that heroes cemetery? Justice was never given to those who suffered in their cruelly and dictatorship, and now this vindication?

Marcos being a soldier is irrelevant; he stole billions and violated thousands who he was supposed to protect and defend. Why would we honour someone a "hero" when he intentionally took our rights and freedom because of power and greed?

So Duterte plans to rebury Ferdinand Marcos? Is it a reconciliation? Is he seeking the support of the Marcos clan? or is this a clue to the sort of regime he wants to establish? After all, Marcos was democratically elected and quite popular too.

All About Your Pets on Animal Planet

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Whether you are a dog lover or a certified cat person, there is one thing all pet owners can agree on: pets are part of the family, and we will do everything to love and care for them. This June, celebrate the universal love we have for the furriest members of our household with Pet Week, which airs from June 6 to 10 on Animal Planet.

We consider these furry companions part of our families, our best friends and confidants, but how much do we really know about the secret lives they lead? In The Secret of Life of Pets, find out that while we think we may know the meaning of each sultry purr or excitable slobber, the reality is that we actually understand very little. Our pets are animals with their own agendas. Once we leave the house, close the cage or turn the lights off and go to bed, our pets continue their remarkable stories away from prying human eyes. This Pet Week special brings you a collection of heart-warming, informative and often hilarious tales that reveal not only the astonishing truth about our pets' behaviour, but also shed a light on what that behaviour really means. The Secret Life of Pets airs from June 6 to 9, Monday – Thursday, at 8PM.

Pet Week is not complete without a celebration of man’s best friend. Which breed was JFK Junior’s best friend? Which spaniel is known for clearing counters? Which herding dog climbs on the backs of sheep? Which is the only breed native to Argentina? Find out the answers on this episode of Dogs 101. We’ll meet the Briard, the Canaan dog, the Dogo Argentino, the Japanese Chin, the Clumber Spaniel, and the Australian Kelpie. This special episode of Dogs 101 airs June 6, Monday at 9PM.

Jessy Mendiola: Sexy in Swimsuit All The Way from Boracay

Wazzup Pilipinas!
"My body may not be perfect but that will not stop me from being confident with myself. I've had my fair share of body shaming comments. So I know how it feels like to be called "FAT" or "TUMABA". Well, just to inform some of you "PERFECT" people. We all come in different sizes and shapes but that shouldn't stop us from being happy with our own bodies. There are times that you will gain weight and there are times that you will lose it. It's normal. It just shows that you are a human being. So whether you are curvy, malaman, skinny, too skinny, on the plus size or even on the plus plus size, you have ALL the right to be confident with yourself because that is who and what YOU are. If you don't love yourself enough, who else will? Think about it. So go ahead girl, wear that bikini and FLAUNT it. After all, it's YOUR body. Not theirs. Sabi nga ni Demi Lovato "What's wrong with being confident?"" - Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola gets basged over Instagram bikini photos and even to the point of body shaming her but many of us know better. Admit it or not, some could not handle her hotness. Instead of being appreciative they rather be in the side of negativity and criticism.

About the many bashers talking about her bod, all I can say is that she's too humble to accept they are definitely wrong and that she possess a body that Goddess can only have. I hope she is smart enough to understand their insecurities and dismay.

Poker King Cup Standalone Event Launching in June

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Riding on the event’s successful launch during WPT National Philippines in January, which amassed a total of 312 entries on a 50,000 USD guarantee, and the recent follow-up at the WPT National Korea in May, which improved upon the original with a lot more goodies, and saw Mainland Chinese player, Fan Fan, bag the top prize at 17,136,000 KRW, the newly-minted special Poker King Cup trophy, a full set of PKC limited-edition merchandise, and tickets to the upcoming event, Poker King Club is now poised to launch the first-ever Poker King Cup National, a standalone event to be held in Asia’s prime poker destination, Manila, this June. The event will have one Main Event flanked by three side events over a five-day period.

The tournament will be held at the Solaire VIP Level 2 in Solaire Resort and Casino, Manila from June 9 – 13, 2016, and will feature all the hallmarks of a Poker King Club event that the brand has become known for. These include a number of well-structured events, created specifically for the client base, a number of amazing, tailor-made prizes and trophies made for the event, and a whopping 4,000,000 PHP guarantee.

During his recent interview with DZPK, here is what Poker King Club President, Winfred Yu, had to say regarding this milestone in PKC’s venture into live-tournaments:

“The overwhelming response we got from the players who joined our first event in Manila gave us a very optimistic outlook regarding our event and the further development of poker in Manila. This is why it was an obvious choice to have our first standalone event in Manila. We are optimistic that it will gain popularity and followers that would want to follow it, so it’s not just another event.”

Some players who already have their tickets for the tournament include the four lucky winners who received the Poker King Club National ME tickets as part of their prize, including:

Champion of WPT National Korea ME – Xu Yiguang

1st Runner up of WPT National Korea ME – Sun Xijie

2nd Runner up of WPT National Korea ME – Duan Qifeng

Poker King Cup Event Winner – Fan Fan

Poker King Cup will be held from June 9 – 13, 2016 at the Solaire VIP Level 2 in Solaire Resorts and Casino Manila. The Main Event Buy-in is set at 13,500 + 1,500 PHP.

Yamaha Launches Sentrong Sanayang Teknikal ng Kabataan in Cavite

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Yamaha Motor Philippines
, Inc. continues to deliver astonishing service to the Filipino Community that goes beyond providing a mode of transportation with the development of training facility. The Sentrong Sanayang Teknikal ng Kabataan aims to be an institution that delivers lifetime technical skills to scholars and beneficiaries that ensures not just an education for those who will be part of it but also a brighter future.

The brand worked alongside Social Ventures Multi-purpose Cooperative which was represented by Chairman of the Board, Edgar Luis P Sevilla and their administrator Antonio s. Espineda; also with Pangarap Foundation, Inc. represented by Vice President, Kevin Connolly. Together they developed this facility which will be used to train, develop, and produce top motorcycle professionals. The opening ceremony was also graced by YMPH President, Mr. Toru Osugi; Corporate Service Director, Alfredo Lejano; and HR & IT Manager, Ms, Marilou Galit.

Yamaha also donated equipments and tools that will be used in the facility and the surrounding community received school bags, canned goods and apparel. This milestone is goes to show Yamaha’s dedication to the Filipino Community, one that will not stop Revving Hearts.

Yamaha Grand Prix 7 In Malaybalay

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. held the 2nd Leg of the Yamaha Grand Prix 7 in Malaybalay, Bukidnon a second trip to the city after having the competition held there last year.

The opening remarks for the event would come from the Sales and Marketing Director, Kaoru Ogura, who shared his gratitude to the people in attendance who are once again part of the YGP. The race was a search for the best riders in the country, those who are skilled enough to compete on an international stage. This is all part of the company’s step-up plan that will take local riders beyond the ASEAN CUP and towards a higher level of competition.

The categories and the winners of this leg are:

Vega Force i SS UB
Clint Sande
1st runner up
Joel Buguis
2nd runner up
Vir John Namoc
150 Open UB
Vingie Coloma
1st runner up
Clifford Bacus
2nd runner up
Garry Caneda
130 Open UB
Durraine Dan Carlos
1st runner up
Garry Caneda
2nd runner up
Vingie Coloma
Mio 125 Mxi
Amber Torres
1st runner up
Bon Jovi Violan
2nd runner up
Fortunato Carbajal
160 Open AT
Durraine Dan Carlos
1st runner up
Kris Carlo Samoga
2nd runner up
Jaypee Obedencio
Fun Race UB
Dingding Arthel
1st runner up
Marc Mabayao
2nd runner up
Taal Elfox
Fun Race AT
Harvey Catalan
1st runner up
Gene Sambling
2nd runner up
Roel Abao

The Yamaha Grand Prix is in full swing with Mindanao’s best showing their capabilities. Yamaha will be seeing the best of Visayas in Kartzone Cebu on June 19 for the third leg which will be nothing short of spectacular.

PH Telco to Tap TV White Space Frequency for Broadband Use

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A Philippine telecommunications company is considering to adopt the TV white space frequency for broadband use in line with its commitment to improve the state of internet in the country especially in remote and outlying areas in the country. The move would maximize available spectrum given rapid increases in data consumption amid growing smartphone penetration.

In partnership with the Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology, Globe is currently pilot-testing the use of the frequency for broadband service in several areas in the country, including Bohol and Cebu. The initiative is expected to provide an alternative wireless network that will provide data connectivity in far flung areas in Visayas and Mindanao.

“To help improve the internet experience of our customers, Globe is working on enhancing cell site density of our network, a prerequisite in providing additional bandwidth capacity amid exponential growth in data use. However, building a cell site has proven to be a major challenge for us and we couldn’t build cell sites as fast as we want to. We hope that making use of available spectrum would enhance bandwidth capacities and allow our network to transmit enormous amount of data at faster speeds,” Globe Senior Vice President for Network Technologies Strategy Emmanuel Estrada said, noting that construction of a single cell site involves about 25 permits with at least 8 months lead time.

According to Estrada, another obstacle in rolling out broadband service in rural areas is that the concentration of establishments and households does not make it economically viable for telecommunication providers to deploy broadband facilities. He said the TV white space technology is expected to address this concern. TV white space is considered an ideal wireless data delivery medium in the Philippines because of its long distance propagation features and the ability of its signals to travel over water and through thick foliage. The latest TV white space equipment can deliver up to 10 megabits per second of data throughput at a maximum range of 10 kilometers and can accommodate numerous customers at any given time.

Chef Claude Tayag's Bringhe Won People's Choice for Embassy Chef Challenge 2016

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Congratulations to Chef Claude Tayag, famous chef of the Philippines' Bale Dutung, for winning the People's Choice award at the Embassy Chef Challenge pon May 25, 2016 held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington DC.

The Embassy Chef Challenge is an annual competition brings hundreds together hundreds for an evening of music, arts, culture, and of course, amazing cuisine! It is an evening of international culinary skills from the best chefs in the world!

“This is the first time that the Philippines will join the Embassy Chef Challenge. It is a significant step for our culinary diplomacy as cultural and economic objectives drive our participation. We want to celebrate our cuisine, bridge cultural differences and foster international understanding, and promote Philippine ingredients and products,” Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia Jr. said.

Chef Claude Tayag is the Philippines' representative for this year's Embassy Chef Challenge where chefs competed for our vote to win the People's Choice Award and the Judge's Choice Award. 17 countries were in the competition and it is the best of luck that our very own was voted as the People's Choice. Countries include Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Jamaica, Nepal, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Uzbekistan & Venezuela (countries subject to change).

Sorry to Spoil Your Warcraft: The Beginning Movie

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"I knew nothing about the computer game but this film version turned out much better than what I was expecting. Amidst all the brutal violent CGI battles between humans and the Orcs, this film extols virtues of nobility, honor, fair play and sacrificing for the common good." - Fred Hawson

Is it true that Warcraft: The Beginning is better than X-Men: Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Nah! Judging by the first reviews, the Warcraft movie is only something you'll enjoy (maybe) if you're a hardcore Warcraft fan already. Is it another great video game adaptation or another grind? We all know the fate of most video game movies. But would it be different this time?

Some were saying there's just too much CGI. It's a fantasy realm filled with mythical creatures, magical spells, and though it has a veneer of grandeur and some intriguing exotically named characters and locations, it became a lifeless watch. "Warcraft will definitely be one of those bookmarks in life. For most people, it's just going to be a movie."

Director Duncan Jones, a self-professed Warcraft fan, has clearly put a lot of love and care in to fleshing out a story, but it’s questionable whether it was ever really merited.

The Wrap calls it "...a fun-starved dud that’s not even unintentionally hilarious."

For those interested in the Warcraft Lore after watching Warcraft: The Beginning movie. Check out this YouTube Videos below featuring the original background stories behind World of Warcraft..

"The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home."

Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) and written by Charles Leavitt and Jones, the film starring Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Rob Kazinsky and Daniel Wu is a Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment production.

The producers are Charles Roven, Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Alex Gartner and Stuart Fenegan. Jillian Share, Brent O’Connor, Michael Morhaime and Paul Sams serve as executive producers. Rob Pardo, Chris Metzen, Nick Carpenter and Rebecca Steel Roven co-produce. Warcraft will be released by Universal Pictures.
PS: No, the movie was not truly "the beginning" of the Warcraft Universe - not even close.

AXN Announces The Amazing Race Asia Season 5

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The Amazing Race Asia, the world’s most popular adventure reality series, is returning to AXN later this year and this time it’s more adrenaline-fueled than ever before.

In this latest season, 10 teams of socially savvy, fearless warriors from all over Asia will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, traversing the globe and proving their mettle on a quest to be crowned the all-out champion. The highly anticipated series will be hosted by Chinese-American actor and host Allan Wu, who was the face of the race for AXN’s first four seasons.

“The Amazing Race Asia takes viewers on the world’s most thrilling adventure where drama, surprise and intensity all collide in a highly dramatic edge-of-your-seat experience,” said Virginia Lim, Vice President and Head of Content and Marketing. “We’re seeking dynamic teams who embody the AXN attitude that is smart, tenacious, determined and strong. A passion for social media is also a key requirement as contestants will be engaging with AXN’s viewers and sharing their heart-pumping experiences throughout the race.”

Travelling to multiple countries in the shortest amount of time, each team will arrive at a new destination where they must compete in a series of physical, mental - and often emotional -challenges. Only when the tasks are completed will the teams learn of their next exotic location. Teams who fall the farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning The Amazing Race Asia and the USD$100,000 cash prize.

Be Part of the Action. Apply Now!

The casting call is ON via AXN’s website:

All interested participants can submit their applications in teams of two, and must be living and/or working in Asia. All contestants are required to be over 21 years of age, must speak English, and possess both a valid passport and an international driving licence.

Participants can visit, fill out the application details and send AXN a link to their audition video of up to three minutes’ in duration. All information on The Amazing Race Asia can be found on

The Amazing Race Asia is brought to you by Wonderful Indonesia.
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