Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things To Do This Summer!

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Wazzup Pilipinas!

With the days quickly passing by, summer is approaching quite fast. Well,... that only means one thing: Vacation is near and we would be able to sleep all day as long as we want without worrying about requirements we need to finish, things we need to review, and other school/work related stuff that really stress us out.

Though often we found ourselves being bored with nothing to do hence wasting our days watching TV or sleeping all day long until the time comes and we need to go back to our stressful lives. Well, fear not! This article might help you this upcoming vacation to spend your time rather than being at home all day long.


                                                                                                (credits to zerochan)

In summer, we often find ourselves sweating and thirsty from the hot temperature this earth is giving us. And for my first suggestion, GO ON AN OUTING. Plan an outing and go to a beach with your family, or friends. Or maybe you would like the old water balloon fight with water guns and a kiddie pool which I also recommend.
                                                                                     (credits to zerochan)

Well, if you don't prefer to go place to place, why not try learning music? Try taking up guitar lessons if you're interested in playing one. Singing? Try taking voice lessons to enhance your techniques and record your voice as you practice. Who knows, you might be the next YouTube star!

                                                                                      (credits to zerochan)

If you like to try being fit, why not try doing sports! Well, maybe this vacation would be the chance to burn all those calories you don't want in your body and start the life of being fit. Try playing Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, or other sports that you would be having fun.

                                                                                      (credits to zerochan)

Now if you love Anime or maybe other great fandoms out there, try cosplaying and attending conventions with your friends to spend the day. Mark your calendar for the day and try cosplaying as a group which, I thing, the best experience for your very first cosplay.

                                                                                      (credits to zerochan)

Well, if like to earn profit this summer, I suggest you take summer jobs. You can apply some side-lines from your relatives who would be willing to pay you in exchange of your work. Maybe you can also try to stand a shop of your own.

                                                                                (credits to zerochan)

And lastly, if you are that concern about your grades, why no try to attend summer schools. There are a lot of review centers that would be available this summer and if studying is the way of your relaxation then I suggest you take this option.

I know that there are a lot of other things you can do this summer but I like to keep things limited. If you would be asking how I spend my summer, I usually play video games, movie marathon and other usual stuff people in my age usually do. If you have more suggestion to enjoy your vacation this summer, feel free to comment below! Or maybe share the experience how you made your summer worth it or how you spend it unproductive . See you next time and adios~!

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  1. I know that summer is fun when you have something to do but what if nothing? My summers were always been like that. So, I played my favorite sports like badminton, basketball, and soccer. Sometimes, I'm going to an anime convention together with my friends and take pictures with some cosplayers and buy some anime merchandise.

  2. One of the things I've always looked forward to: SUMMER. It's weird how time flew so fast and it's almost the end of the school year, too.

  3. This summer I will enjoy the rest of my days here in the Philippines and do crazy stuff like csoplaying (LOL) and do somesummer jobs which I usually do every summer but every summer I always get the so called summer-fever which I hate the most.


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