Friday, September 18, 2020

PHLPost celebrates National Teachers’ Month, urges student to write via online


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The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) invites all students to join the “Dear Teacher” online letter writing contest to express their gratitude to their beloved teachers.


In cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Metrobank Foundation Inc., the PHLPost’s Salamat Po Letter Writing Advocacy Program encourages students to recognize their teachers through the art of letter-writing in celebration of National Teachers’ Month.


According to PHLPost, even during the pandemic period, they are doing this annual letter writing contest via online to effectively promote and appreciate the hardwork and sacrifices of our teachers in molding the students to become better persons in society.


Students shall compose a short, one-page handwritten letters expressing their gratitude to their beloved teachers.


Participants shall photograph their letters, post it on Facebook and tag this Facebook page @salamatpoletterwriting or may email at:


Winners with the best handwritten letters will be selected, to receive a special prize from PHLPost.

#DuterTIWALI: Who Wants to Oust the Turtle? trending in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are we supposed to act like everything is okay? 

I'm currently reading  a book which talks about what happened to our country during Marcos' leadership, dictatorship to be precise, and guess what walang pinag-kaiba sa kasalukuyang administrasyon. 

Anim na buwan na ang nakakalipas simula ng mag community quarantine, ngunit wala pa ring ma ayos na plano at solusyon ang gobyerno para sugpuin ang pandemya.

Say it with me, health crisis requires health-oriented solutions! 

This government received billions from donations and LOANS to respond to covid-19, but 7 months into quarantine, the government still hasn't established concrete health solutions and failed to properly aid Filipinos who are starving and losing their jobs.

Sa kabila ng pinakamalalang krisis, nagawang unahin ng gobyernong ito ang pangungutang at mandambong!

Singilin ang kawalang bahala ng estado sa pagpapatupad epektibong COVID-19 response!

Ang sigaw ng masang Pilipino ay mass testing, suportang medikal, pangkabuhayan, at edukasyon! Hindi pandarambong at pamamasista!

Mas inuna ng rehimeng Duterte ang pansariling hangarin kesa sa resolbabin ang mga pangunahing hinaing ng lipunan! Ang sigaw ng mamayan mass testing, bakit binasura nyo? Imbis na ituon sa pandemya ang budget, bakit ibinulsa nyo?!

The images below of a Who Wants to Oust the Turtle  are funny yet their impact is so real. Life is not a game, but it feels like we're being played.

Ang presidential at congressional pork ay idineklarang unconstitutional ng Korte Suprema. Pero gumawa Ang gobyernong ng bagong porma nito upang magmukhang legal at pinaaprubahan ito sa mga tao niya sa Kongreso.

What happened to the statement that "Even just a whiff of corruption, and you're out."

Corruption has worsened in the Philippines where many officials accused of abuse of public funds are prompted and reappointed. 

Remember Philhealth, PCOO, and NYC corruption?

Huwag na huwag nating kakalimutan ang pagbulsa ng rehimeng ito ng PhilHealth funds! Kung kailan may pandemya saka pa nila napag-isipang ibulsa ang pera ng taumbayan!

Tandaan na idol ng administration na ito si Marcos. At ang pera ng mga mamamayan ay ipinanggagastos para magpakalat ng mga mali at rebisyunistang impormasyon pabor kay Marcos.

Magkaibang panahon pero parehas ang mga pangyayari, ang nagkaiba lamang ang mukha at pangalan. Kilalanin ang tuta diktador, at pasista na si Marcos at ang kanyang kahalili.

This government never fails to reward violators of his regime's own laws. Sinas, for one, is known for his blatant disregard of quarantine protocols without ever being accountable — while the common folk who violate suffer harassment, jail time and some even death.

Huwag magbulag-bulagan sa kapulpulan ng kasalukuyang rehimen!

The only thing this government never failed to do is disappoint us every single day with their anti-poor and stupid agendas being shoved into our faces whenever we open our socials and news sites.

As Marcosian tactics resurface in this intensifying tyrannical regime; history clamors that  its dictator must fall. Remember those who fought to forward a democratic landscape for people’s rights. 

Isang tingin palang sa inihandang badyet ng pamahalaan sa 2021, hindi maipagkakaila na hindi ito ginawa para sa ikakabangon natin mula sa pandemya. Imbis, ginagatimpalaan nito ang pasismo at pag-aalay ng kaban ng bayan sa diktador.

Sa 2021 budget, tanggapan mismo ni Duterte ang may pinakamalaking nakalaan pagdating sa "confidential and intelligence funds" (P4. 5B).

Payag ka, 'yung government mo, ang laki ng allotted budget pa re a sa intelligence? Mas malaki pa sa education at health needs IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC?

Tapos hindi mo alam kung saan 'yon mapupunta, kasi hindi naman p'wede i-audit for public knowledge?

Tutulan ang hindi makatarungang pagbabahagi ng pondo ng gobyerno! Itigil na ang pamamasista at puksain ang pandemya!

Sa kasalukuyan, maraming tanggapan ng gobyerno ang ginawan ng "duplicate" ni Duterte upang patuloy na makapagkamal ng limpak-limpak na pera.

Walang katarungan sa kamay ng kasalukuyang rehimen. Lantaran na ang pang-aabuso sa mga mamamayan.

In the continuing struggle for national democracy, lingkod-bayans should, now more than ever, stand to end tyranny and dictatorship!


Sa halagang ₱1.86 trillion na inutang ng gobyerno sa loob ng pitong buwan, ilan ang napunta sa maayos na pagtugon sa pandemya?

If you really love your country, show it by doing, not by supporting who's sitting in Malaca├▒ang. Make actions for the sake of all not for the sake of politicians.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Pasalamat lang talaga sila't may pandemya ngayon kundi baka nagka EDSA III na. G naman eh, face shield tsaka face mask at gatoneladang alcohol. Char. 

Still dreaming of the Philippines without #DuterTIWALI





Thursday, September 17, 2020

Better Ways of Dealing with Stress During A Crisis


Wazzup Pilipinas!

The world is rapidly evolving due to the Coronavirus scare. It has forced so many lifestyle changes that some people can’t really cope up. Stress, fear, and anxiety levels are now at an all-time high.

In an article “Coping with Stress” published in, fear and anxiety about a new disease and its implications can cause strong emotions in both adults and children. The same article cites that public health actions such as social distancing can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The reality is stress will always be a part of our lives. If managed properly, it can be a driving force to reach your goals in life, but if not, it can lead to depression and all its bad implications. So here are a few tips to effectively manage one’s stress levels during this pandemic:

Strengthen your mental well-being by meditating. According to, Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, meditation, and relaxation. It is clinically proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. 

Yoga can be done by anyone and at anytime of the day without any timeframe. But for people who are just not into it, a simple 10-minute meditation everyday can do wonders for mental health. Meditation can also be as simple as winding down somewhere quiet and taking deep breaths to clear the mind.

Seek support from family and friends when things get too much. Take time off and reach out to family and friends. They may be the best people to lend their ears and give emotional support. Even quick, regular video calls with loved ones can do wonders to get a chance to vent out emotions that may cause anxieties.

Stay active to keep moving forward. Every health professional would always include this in their topmost tips for relieving stress and anxiety. Exercise has a lot of mental and bodily benefits. One immediate effect is the increase of endorphins or “happy” hormones in the blood. Happy hormones quickly change one’s mood for the better. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg; the physical benefits are enormous. Exercise makes your body stronger so it would be more resistant to stress and infection. So, grab that sports towel and start moving!

Seek professional help. This might be one of the better options to overcome anxiety and depression. Psychologists and psychiatrists are best equipped to provide the scientific and medical approach especially to those already greatly affected negatively with too much negative emotions.

Do what you love. Keep the mind at ease by taking breaks from work and doing what you love. It can be a simple hobby of baking or organizing your closet – anything that can distract the mind.

Tanya, an online seller, cross-stitches whenever she feels the onset of boredom and stress. Advertising manager Jamie Silva’s propensity to smoke cigarettes has always been her quick fix to stress and anxiety. However, the long-term health hazards of traditional cigarettes far outweigh the stress he experiences because of work.

Upon hearing of a heat-not-burn device called MOK, a better, less hazardous alternative to smoking, Jamie immediately made the switch. “I have been using this heated tobacco device and have never felt the ill effects of conventional cigarettes. It doesn’t produce smoke, so I don’t smell like burn tobacco plus it gives the same tobacco taste I look for in cigarettes,” he said.

MOK is a revolutionary HnB device that allows smokers to enjoy that same tobacco experience but with reduced risks. Since it simply heats tobacco rather than burning it, the harmful toxins & second-hand smoke associated with combustion are eliminated. 

Its proprietary heat-not-burn stick called COO is 100% made of real tobacco leaves and comes in three flavors GOLDEN HUE (light blend), BLUE HUE (mentholated) & NEW WAVE (mentholated with capsule inside the filter). MOK & COO are available in LazMall and Shopee Mall. 

You can also visit their website and physical stores in 4F Eastwood Mall and Lower Ground Floor SM North Edsa.

DICT Head Honasan Says Internet Speed in the Philippines is "Not Bad"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"“We are not doing badly. We have improved a lot.”

For DICT Secretary Gregorio Honasan, the county’s average internet speed of 3 to 7 mbps is not as bad as it seems, even when compared to neighboring countries with internet speeds of up to 55 mbps."

Is he serious? Not doing badly? We pay for a speed of up to 100 mbps, but get service for only between 3 and 7?! Isn’t that robbery? Just saying...Let us wait when the 22 million students go online on October 5.

Does this ex-military and former senator know how the Internet supposedly works and how things can be efficiently and effectively done with better services? He does not know what he is talking about... and yet he heads the DICT! The best and the brightest talaga.

From the looks of it, Honasan is not a good fit for the DICT. A DICT Secretary na walang alam sa speed requirements ng online work and schooling? Hanggang Facebook lang siguro alam niya as function at silbi ng Internet. Magresign na lang siya dapat! Hindi yung laging ibinabandera ang incompetence at ignorance nila.

Actually, thats very BAD. He better resigns asap as he cannot understand basic technology needs. This has got to be the most recent idiotic statement I've heard lately.  It's like saying if you ignore the nasty taste, it tastes good.

Well, this government has a fair share of square pegs in round holes. This is what we get when we appoint unqualified people to the post.

Just because we're used to the Internet speed does not mean we have to settle for it. The slow Internet is making us less productive and far less efficient at doing what we ought to do, especially now that the Internet is our most convenient form of communication (Be it for education, work, or simply ordering online).

Anyone who has come from a different country and arrived here can definitely attest that the wiFi here is absolutely terrible.

Specially now that mostly, if not  everything, is done on-line. This is the time that telcos should step-up and give it their best shot. Our students and employees (working from home) highly depend on them.

The government often settle for less; they settle for below mediocrity, but at jacked-up prices so they could keep high kickbacks for their personal gains. They do not aim for more. This is the reason why we often get poor services. Stop mediocrity. Filipinos always deserve what is better, if not the best.

Self-interest is more important than the public. They wouldn't say that if they will not receive something on their end.

Sadly this kind of corruption has become a blatant and common practice amongst the elected and appointed officials alike.

We should also criticize and obligate the telcos to provide faster and better Internet service since they were the ones granted the franchises.

3 to 7 mbps for the prices that we have to pay for is a slap in the face for the clients. The best thing to do here is either to lessen what clients have to pay for Internet or upgrade speeds that is appropriate to what people pay. 3-7 mbps for more than P1k tapos lagi naman disconnected, nawawalan tapos mahirap pa mag contact ng customer service is a disservice to their clients. 3-7 mbps is a far cry from 55 mbps. Palibhasa, high ranking officials do not have the same Internet problems as normal people do. He may be enjoying the highest speed avaible at both his office and home, while our tax is paying for it.

We have the slowest internet speed bit still being charged the highest among countries with internet services. We should get the one we pay for. But if we pay for 50 mps, and not even get 5, it's called cheating the customers.

The people are not satisfied. We don't care about other countries' Internet speed/services. Fix ours because clearly there is a problem, and he should stop sugar coating his every statement. If he can't fix the problem, then resign and let the capable ones fix it.

We need to fix this problem the soonest. You will definitely see improvement in our country once you do. We'll stop being a third world country once we get the lead on our Internet experience.

It's frustrating that we have to settle with mediocre minds that are satisfied with what is less than average. Wouldn't it have been better to target for the stars and to achieve something extraordinary.

But most of our government officials are not reaching for the stars but their pockets instead.

We definitely needs some infrastructure upgrading for the Philippines!

Comedic. Hasn't Honasan gotten out of the country to really know how substandard our Internet speed is compared to the others.

3 to 7 Mbps was the average Internet speed in Thailand 12 years ago. Now you'll just be paying around 1,100 pesos (in Baht equivalent) for a package with 1,000 mbps download and 200 Mbps upload.

In France you can have 5 Gbps download and 700 Mbps upload only for 1500 pesos equivalent, with 100 TV channels included.

“We have improved a lot.” Nag-improve KA nga naman talaga.

From an old Nokia 3210, Information and Communications Technology Secretary Gregorio Honasan has upgraded to a smartphone.

“I am happy to report to you, Mr. Chair, that I am actively involved in using my smartphone.”

Honasan as Philippines’ ICT chief: Does he meet DICT law requirements?

With people like him in government, I believe it's not going to happen even after 100 years in the Philippines.

If Honasan says yes to this then he is part of the problem accepting mediocrity. Paano tayo uunlad kung very good na ngayon ang “puede na” ?

Mindset na "pwede na" ay "ok na" kaya ayun masyadong naiwan ang Pilipinas ngayon. Yung mga walang alam sa puwesto ang pilit inalalagay, kaya sobra atrasado na ang bansa natin. Hindi mo alam kung utang na loob, o kung ano man kaya sila na appoint sa puwesto na wala silang alam kaya mismanaged ang government agencies or bingi sa mga hina-ing na serbisyo para sa mga Pinoy, at kaya parating catch-up ang Pinas sa ganyang mentality.

Tone-deaf statement. When a politician says.."we're not doing badly, that usually means, we're doing badly.

Basically, "we should be happy with mediocrity" is what he is saying. It's funny when we sometimes feel that we are on top of our game and suddenly realise we are nothing but BENCH PLAYERS only.

Would it kill him to acknowledge that this is a problem and then say they're working hard to bring the country's internet up to speed? It would have been a good chance for him to enumerate what his team is doing to work towards a solution.

Now, all he has done is give people ammunition to say, "Ah, you see! Government officials are out of touch and really don't have a f***ing clue."

When we put clowns in our government's offices then sure enough we get a circus. But in this case, we are not laughing!

Reno Liver Spread is among those tagged by FDA as unregistered

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"The Food and Drug Administration warned the public against purchasing and consuming some food products and supplements, as these items have no corresponding Certificates of Product Registration."

FDA warns the general public NOT TO PURCHASE AND CONSUME the following unregistered food products & food supplements:

1. RENO BRAND Liver Spread
2. MIRACLE WHITE Advance Whitening Capsules Food Supplement
3. TURCUMIN 100% Natural & Standardized Turmeric Curcumin
4. DESA Spanish Style Bangus in Corn Oil
5. SAMANTHA’S DIPS AND SAUCE Spanish Sardines Paste Sauce


The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) announcement that Reno Liver Spread is among those without registration from their agency was not just a surprise but more of a shock.

We've been using this product even during my younger years. I literally grew up with it as one of my favorite sandwich spread. If you'll ask me to choose between peanut butter or the liver spread, I will without any hesitation pick the latter. This has been a must ingredient everytime we cook kaldereta, menudo, etc.

I would like to know since when did Reno never had been registered? Was it from the very beginning, or does FDA actually mean just an expired or nonrenewed registration?

I think the brand has been around longer than Juan Ponce Enrile, it is a staple ingredient to many Filipino recipes. Are they sure, or they just want to promote another liver spread brand for consumers?

If they have not been registered ever since, then what took FDA so long? This only shows how incompetent FDA is!

We support Reno even if it has no lavish commercial, ad or any campaign to boost its sales. Though there are other brands out there it is our top choice. It is one of our most trusted by brands! We will only get another brand if there's no Reno around.

However, this would also mean 90% of the food being sold by cottage industries under the current situation would have to be banned as they wouldn’t have an FDA registration.

Caveat Emptor is expected for backyard food products. If FDA is issuing a warning just for compliance, they should just make a separate issuance, and not a public health warning but just a disclaimer.

Registration to a government agency is just a formality. We have more trust on Reno than the government. People trusting Reno Liver Spread more than DFA says something a lot about our trust issues with government. Yet, they insist that they are not in the position to lie eventhough there has been a multitude of instances when government officials have broken our trust by breaking their word or promise.

"Kay Reno pa rin, babalik sigaw ng damdamin. Kay Reno pa rin sasaya, bulong ng puso kooooo lol"

We stand by Reno Liver Spread!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

021 Maker Space Holds First Community Outreach Program

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As part of addressing common concerns in this time of pandemic and giving back to the community, the 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator conducted its very first Community Outreach Program on September 12, 2020, with the theme " We Care, We Share. Together We Can Do Best. " The said community event was in participation with the Philippine Dragon Media Network (PDMN) and XBistro Laboratory.

The chosen beneficiaries are the poor families of Barangay 282, San Nicolas, Manila, the Medical Frontliners of Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital in Binondo, Manila and some street dwellers in the areas of Binondo, Sta. Cruz and Intramuros.

A total of 200 poor families of Barangay 282 benefited from the community outreach program. Each family received a food bag with rice, canned goods, instant noodles and face shield. The activity at the barangay was realized with the support of Barangay 282 Chairman Steve Yap and Council. The 021 team donated 4 gallons of alcohol to the barangay and a certificate of appreciation was handed to Chairman Yap for their assistance in ensuring a smooth and peaceful event. 

Also, with the help of the volunteers from Starlight Business Consulting Services, the team were able to randomly distribute a total of 100 food bags to the poor street dwellers along Binondo, Sta. Cruz and Intramuros, Manila.

Furthermore, as a part of the community outreach program, they donated a total of 100 meal packs, cooked with love by XBistro Laboratory, to the Medical Frontliners of Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital in Urbiztondo St, Manila. Aside from the food packs, a Certificate of Appreciation was handed to thank the hospital frontliners for their selflessness and for relentlessly fighting against the Covid19 virus. 


" We know that what we gave to our poor fellows and the medical frontliners today were not enough, but we hope that our small gesture could make a difference to them," according to the 021 Maker Space representative.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tips to look for when selecting bitcoin trading Bot?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The cryptocurrency market has become as mainstream and each dealer needs to make it greater than bitcoin exchanging. In any case, it is an unpredictable market that can be hard to keep up, particularly thinking about that it is a market that never rests not at all like the securities exchange. 

Exchanging vessels have been created to make things simpler for merchants. An exchanging bot can be characterized as a product program intended to interface legitimately with monetary trades so as to get pertinent data and decipher it so requests can be purchased and sold by shippers.

In short Bots settle on choices through market value development observing and the utilization of pre-set up rules to forestall misfortunes. Boot breaks down market activities, for example, value, volume and request as per your inclinations and as a merchant tastes and chooses. 


On the off chance that you are into bitcoin exchanging, at that point you can get started the best bitcoin exchanging choice to make the cycle simpler for you. However, presently that endless bots are accessible, how would you know which one is better?

Simple to tweak and use

The interface of a decent business bot ought to be anything but difficult to use by a merchant, including the individuals who think nothing about coding. Make it simple to discover all the data you need and plainly show the advantages along with all parts of the business, including buy requests and current deals. 

You should simply enter your pair and number and afterward start your exchanging with a tick of a catch. Notwithstanding being straight for first-time clients, redid business boot is far better. With this capacity, you will be in a situation to perceive how the skin looks so you have a program that you are glad to utilize inevitably.

Working framework similarity

Not all bots are planned the equivalent and not all traders utilize a similar working framework. Therefore, you need to get a stage that deals with the working framework. With this sort of boot on your part, you can get to your business from Linux, Macintosh or Windows relying upon the gadget you are utilizing. 

You should connect any PC to keep exchanging with your requests and settings on the USB working framework. StandBone that doesn't need establishment and is viable with all frameworks will in the end up being extremely simple.

Backing for sets, coins and trades

Notwithstanding bitcoins, you might be keen on different combines, trades and coins. So it might be more useful to discover a vendor's boot that can oblige the different coins offered by the enormous trade. 

A total stacked crypto bot will work incredible for a decent kind of dealer. Other boot includes that can be useful are warnings and detailing, among others, ongoing and recorded backlinks. Discover what the merchant can do with bread and pick in like manner.

Duterte: "I'm Sorry" for Philhealth Officials who have to undergo trial

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“I’m sorry for them but you have to undergo trial,” says President Rodrigo Duterte. This reminds me of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's "I'm sorry." after she was recorded conniving with a COMELEC official to rig her votes.

He’s “sorry for them”? The President is sorry for the Philhealth executives tagged as Mafia, he's not mad , hindi nag mura. Ang bait niya talaga.

Why apologetic to corrupt PhilHealth officials?

Don't be sorry for people who steals money from the Filipinos. I know that the government hates competition, but they have to be tried.

He should apologize to people of the Philippines because he appointed those people that compromised the health and safety especially of those sick poor people of the country that needs proper medication.

That's a 100 percent lie. No corrupt government officials will be charged under his evil watch. Second to the late dictator Marcos, this son-of-a gun from Davao is the embodiment of a truly shrewd, lying, self-serving corrupt leader. Of course, with dictatorial tendencies.

Has he from the start of his term jailed any corruptors?...None. This government is a scam. Poor Philippines!

Filing lang naman.  Tapos moro-moro trial at babasahan ng hatol bago matapos ang termino. Ang hatol, NOT GUILTY.  Para kung ang papalit na admin sa mid 2022 ay hindi kakampi, hindi na pwede kasuhan sina Morales and company dahil double jeopardy na.

Sacrificial lambs! The bigger fish is about to slip the dragnet. It is just to appease the masses. Then after.... Poof!!!, abswelto.

Kaganda at kayaman ng retirement ng mga allies niya.

Why does he need to approve it? Teka po, does filing of charges need the president's approval? Why on Earth do we need his approval? You say sorry to the Filipino people and to the PhilHealth contributors, not to the plunderers. Our hard earned premiums were robbed by your appointees. And we don’t want to see that once they are convicted, like the rapist and killer Pemberton, that you will grant them absolute pardon afterwards.

I can't say it enough! This could be another ABSOLUTE PARDON coming! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

It is the mandate of NBI, Police, DOJ, ombudsman, anti corruption task force to do it...So kapag hindi niya approved, walang kikilos???!!!

No raps against Duque. As expected. He's covered with the Godfather's mantle of protection. As usual his favorite crony Duque is absolved!  PAANO si DUQUE?
The senate recommended cases to be filed, to include Duque, but why has Du30 cleared him!?!

That's Du30 inJUSTICE! Nakahihiya!

Now Invoking due process — presumption of innocence until proven guilty — when convenient, when those involved are allies. I hate corrruption ba talaga? Just a whiff of corruption and you’re out, anyare?

Filing charges is one thing. Convicting these corrupt officials and sending them to prison is another thing. Let’s wait and see how good the government prosecutors are.

He shouldn’t have used the word sorry to begin with. I’m waiting on those scolding reproach that always included whenever he speaks about his enemies.

These "rakets" have been going on far too long under his nose— bad luck it’s been found out now in the open.  The president must be complicit in cahoots with Duque.  His hesitation to fire Duque is compellingly obvious.

Well, good luck Philippines because on another part of his "recorded and edited" talk, he did say he was not in government to lie. But we do know the real story concerning how he became the biggest scammer the Philippines ever had - think 3 to 6 months, jetski, contractual, and a lot more issues he is directly involved in that contradicts his statement below:

A Tribute to America's Butt....I Mean Dick!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Seasoned online freelancers automatically checks all their means of communication - email, social media, SMS, etc., The only source of information they can't access is the regular gossips of the neighborhood chismosas.

Since "online" is where bigger opportunities are right now that "events" in the Philippines are put on hold because most bricks and mortar businesses have either closed down temporarily or permanently, while others laid off most of their non-essential staff.

Those who have been a digital enabler their whole life even during or immediately after graduation from college are at an advantage. We should always be 24/7 connected and well-informed since not everyone in the world is asleep. While we are counting sheeps, some of the peeps are busy seeking for their best collab opportunities.

But then comes America's butt...I mean dick...and as expected, it was quickly screenshot, shared and reacted upon for the whole world to ponder if it's real or setup to steer everyone in a frenzy..

Hell, we were probably bored or sleepy but many were out in awe as to the authenticity of the Captain's IG Story.

But instead of other people hating the accidental post, many thought of protecting the actor who played the role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

And though Chris Evans portrays a character called the Captain with Bucky his side-kick, that has been rumored having a more intimate relationship together, just like the dark knight Batman and the boy wonder Robin, noone put out the idea that Chris could be wildly experimenting his sexual orientation and preference.

Everyone loves both the actor and the hero that he has successfully projected as a mighty Avenger.

Though I can imagine the reaction of the Avengers team after seeing his flag raised high.

JK Rowling's Latest Harry Potter Book is About A Murderous CIS Man Who Dresses as a Woman to Kill His Victims

Wazzup Pilipinas!

JK Rowling's latest book is about a murderous cis man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims

"The “meat” of the 900-page novel is an investigation into a cold case: the disappearance of a woman in 1974, believed to be a victim of a cis male serial killer whose modus operandi is dressing as a woman.

“One wonders what critics of Rowling’s stance on trans issues will make of [the] book”

Quickly, Troubled Blood was criticised on social media." - Pink News

I legit thought this was a satire news article like The Onion but... it's real....??? What the hell!?

Oh, for forks sake. This trope is very damaging and so untrue. Amigo viu essa? I cannot believe! She ain’t even trying to hide it now. On second thought, don't go write something else JK. Continue beating harry potter to death. Never liked Harry Potter anyway. Joke!

In 13 years JK Rowling went from retroactively making main characters from Harry Potter queer to becoming obsessed with hating the trans community. It’s almost dizzying.

The latest JK Rowling news took me from “love what you loved about her past work without giving her any new money” to “f*ck her, Harry Potter, and all of Hogwarts forever.”

I know there are still people, even trans people, who still draw strength from how you learned resistance from her as a child. 

But as for me and my house, we will cancel JK Rowling forever.

Yes, we’re viciously intolerant of transphobia. To be super clear, she’s writing trans exclusionary propaganda. On purpose.

I’m often ok with artists I appreciate having different views than me on many things. But there is a point at which an artist becomes so abusive that I can no longer consume any of their work. 

Propaganda to harm people I love is definitely in that category.

Something about Harry Potter stans using the fact that JK Rowling is literally endangering trans women's lives to get views on their fancams does not sit right with me.

JK Rowling isn't even known for Harry Potter anymore, just for being a giant Transphobe. Went from writer of one of the most successful book series in history, to "That Bigoted Bitch".

Maybe our mamis were right calling Harry Potter satánico the way JK Rowling's been behaving.

JK Rowling must be catapulted into the vacuum of space as quickly as possible.

When I saw the hashtag #RIPJKRowling, I thought JK Rowling has died.

What's a cis lol (no for real, idk what is that term)?

Looking it up, it means you identify with the gender assigned to you at birth :)
Harry Potter dominated such a long portion of my life that seeing all the transphobia is truly heartbreaking. 

Today is a really hard day. She ruined one of my favorite things in life. I cannot believe how horrible she ended up being for someone I admired so much.

Better for it, since Harry Potter is full of antisemitic tropes.

Actually in Harry Potter every man wears a dress. I’d wear so many dresses. Ron literally dresses as her aunt at some point. Dresses look super comfortable. I'm gonna start wearing them unapologetically. 

Meanwhile, in Scotland, they've always been forward thinking! Enjoying the breeze on their arse cheeks.

In Harry Potter terms, JK Rowling has become Cornelius Fudge, unwilling to believe she’s been wrong all this time and doubling down on her transphobia. 

She supported Voldemort the whole time.

Being unwilling to admit/accept that there HAVE BEEN a number of transwomen who have raped & killed women achieves what, exactly? We can admit that people in general are poisoned with misogyny, but not transwomen? We're ALL raised in a patriarchal culture that rewards misogyny.

And there I was yesterday, standing at the bargain bin outside a bookstore, contemplating whether I should buy Lethal White for $1. I didn't buy it, mostly because of these newly ambivalent feelings towards her.

But also why do these books have to be 1000 pages long?

Too much power, no editors to challenge her?

See also 9 hours of Hobbit movies.

I'll never see this characters the same way as before after all of this.

Are we just a bunch of narcissistic fetishists and cosplayers mocking a woman who dared to speak the truth? Should our self centered fragility is nobody else's problem?

But it does sounds like she is rewriting Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho or Norman Bates who does the same thing.

This was already a Brian De Palma movie. I’ve been thinking that ever since I heard this news! At least when it was Brian De Palma, we all knew it was going to be sensationalistic pap going into the film. I doubt Rowling is equipped with that level of self-awareness.

1980 movie Dressed to Kill but why would she bother with an original idea this late in the game? 

They say transvestitism is a very common paraphilia among serial killers. Can somebody confirm if that is true?

I always thought I would one day share Harry Potter with my future children. But JK Rowling's transphobia is simply too much to enjoy the world she created the same way.

I think the Potter films hold up better than the hooks, given Rowling’s transphobia, as films are very much collaborative efforts—the product of hundreds of people working together. 

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry. The lovely Alan Rickman—not Rowling— will always be Snape.

I've made it a point that as soon as I can retrieve my books from storage, they're all going into the Goodwill bin. And I'm still not sure that I wanna do that instead of the trash but at least this way they'd be a tax write off. 

Are there plenty of books to read by authors that aren't transphobic?

Jk Rowling isn't transphobic in the same way the Nazi's weren't antisemitic.

She is revenging, using her only weapon.

It’s time that we retrospectively look at the hook-nosed goblin bankers, the Irish wizard who blows things up, the Chinese witch sorted into the ‘nerdy’ House in Harry Potter and recognize the stereotypes not as accidents but as bigotry deliberately written into children’s books.

Are you patiently waiting for JK Rowling to die so we can enjoy Harry Potter again?

The Harry Potter fandom is at a crossroad. I see a lot of "what about the HP fans, who worship her without question!!!" every time JK Rowling lets her bigotry fly. 

There are still plenty who need to lean away from the hero worship. But I need you to know the questioning started a long time ago. 

I’m worried for the young trans and nonbinary readers who have been betrayed by Rowling. I think about the responsibility we all have to end our support of her.

I'm struggling with this myself, with Rowling and Ronald Dahl specifically, along with a good amount of others.

I came to my conclusion I'll continue to enjoy the art, while for any living artists, stopping to support them financially.

But it's a tough place to be in.

In memory of JK Rowling, she’s not dead but she killed her career by being a transphobic piece of shit.  

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