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Needs, not money should guide fair access to COVID-19 vaccine

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The roll out of COVID-19 vaccines in high-income countries is threatening to disrupt fair access to vaccines for all, Save the Children warned in a statement today. Even as some of the first wave of vaccines are now being reserved for all countries, governments of richer countries should not hoard the limited initial supply of available vaccines -- instead they must ensure a distribution based on needs and not on wealth, the organisation said.

Kathryn Bolles, Global Director for Health and Nutrition at Save the Children said:
“Countries who can afford life-saving vaccines should not have access over countries who cannot – one life is not worth more than another. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to infect hundreds of thousands of people every day, claiming more than 1.6 million lives so far across the globe[1]1].

“That means children are losing their parents, family members, teachers, and health care workers, which is deeply impacting their lives and the lives of their families. The economies they live in are hard hit, pushing them into poverty. It’s unfair that some poorer countries must wait months or possibly longer for the vaccine.

“When this outbreak started, there were global commitments that people in lower and middle income countries should have equal access to any vaccine, but it seems that notion has shifted. Wealthier governments should not choose nationalism but instead uphold the spirit of equitable global access, including by supporting COVAX to urgently provide support to ensure people around the world are vaccinated. As thousands of people continue to die every day from COVID-19, and hundreds of thousands more are infected, time is of the essence.

“Governments must commit to expanding the supply, access and availability of vaccines, and all involved need to support the sharing of COVID-19 data and technology by committing to C-TAP, the COVID-19 technology access pool. Investment and collaboration with vaccine manufacturers in developing countries should also be prioritised to unleash supply to local and regional populations.

“We understand it will be difficult to ensure equal access of the initial supply of vaccines, but governments must do what they can to make sure it’s as fair as possible and not further accelerate the huge global inequities we face today. This pandemic has stressed that our own protection is rooted in the protection of others - no one safe until everyone is safe.”

Scamdemic: Intentionally scared to be easily controlled?

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Is this scamdemic worldwide? Should we end this madness?

Seems like the scamdemic is not yet over. It will be accompanied by typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, asteroids, volcanic eruptions, etc.

Not so fast! Bill Gates promised there will be an even bigger plandemic coming in the next two years.

God has shown me a cataclysmic event is coming soon ... and we're waiting for aliens to finally reveal themselves so we can do an intimate interview.

Plot twist! It was aliens behind all of it all along! Aliens definatley next. The devil gets great delight in telling us beforehand. It’s like this whole fiasco. They’ve already told us we just weren’t listening.

Think you missed out the Biblical Plagues.

The frogs I could live with, but the rest, no thanks!

Actually kind of surprised Bigfoot, Lockness, Mothman, unicorns, and mer people didn’t make the list. It is 2020.

Come on the asteroid... at least it would be quick! Would put an end to this purgatory!

I kinda wanted zombies to be honest. Always wanted to express violence but in a way that doesn't make me feel bad. A bit gutted.

There still almost two weeks left till the end of 2020. Plenty of time for all that.

Can we just get them all at once and get it over with please?

The fear and panic is strong in most of us, but these pulpoliticians have never faced so many people awakened calling them out. If they're not afraid to gather in a crowd and avoid social distancing, then this pandemic is indeed a scam.

Oh and global warming... even though the hole in the ozone layer from the '80s is gone.

Don't forget climate change or global warming... even though the hole in the ozone layer from the '80s is gone. things that will finally bring this #Scamdemic to a grinding halt, is the way politicians and 'so-called' celebrities, lecture us plebs on what we should or shouldn't do...& then proceed to do exactly what they told us not to.

Hypocrisy rules OK.

You don’t need to die of covid, you just need to have tested for covid. Even these fake, fluffed up numbers don’t excuse what we’re doing to the economy right now.

I hope you are all alright.  I hate to witness the mental health damage this is doing to my own family and friends.

Cong TV and Viy Cortez Brokenhearted Over Miscarriage

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"YouTube couple Viy Cortez and Cong TV are brokenhearted over the loss of their unborn baby Kidlat.

Last Saturday, Viy made the emotional revelation in a vlog titled “Blessing” that she suffered a miscarriage, only a few days after learning she was six weeks pregnant"

In a YouTube video titled "Blessing," a tearful Viy Cortez revealed that she recently found out she was pregnant, only to miscarry a few days after. 

"Losing a child, no matter what age, makes your heart break in places that you never knew existed.

I never go to hear your cry. I never saw your beautiful eyes. I never touched your soft skin. I never saw your feet kick. But you are my angel and you will forever be missed." - Viy Cortez

"Ayokong kwestyunin ang Diyos.Gusto kong magtiwala sa kanya"

This got me, when we are in so much pain sometimes there's this doubt and we question why? But upon watching ate Viy's vlog on losing her baby it taught me that everything happens for a reason.

It really hurts when a mother lose her baby. Rest in Peace baby Kidlat.

Sending hugs for Viy Cortez and Cong Tv. Baby Kidlat is with Emman Nimedez now. 

Cheer up! Maybe it's not the right and perfect time to have and keep that baby. I know God has a plan for you two. 

However, I don't think getting pregnant before the marriage is okay. I'm not overly conservative. Remember, there are kids watching their vlogs. They may get the wrong ideas.

Though we also know that Cong and Viy Cortez will be a better and amazing parents in the near fture. Hopefully they'll also get married soon. God always has a plan. Trust in him.

UnionBank of the Philippines develops virtual platforms to continue serving customers safely during COVID-19

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Through Microsoft technology, UnionBank empowers employees to create platforms to deliver excellent customer service throughout the pandemic

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank), one of the largest and profitable banks in the country, continues to redefine banking by introducing automation to its Treasury & Investments Channel Management (TICM) workflows and experience. Built on Microsoft technology, UnionBank is creating solutions that optimize operations and allow them to better serve their customers and stakeholders in a remote everything world.

The TICM unit of UnionBank handles large volumes of outward remittances daily that rely on face-to-face transactions. With the Philippine Government's imposition of Community Quarantine, these transactions had to be conducted remotely by both the customers and the bank's staff. Looking to create an easy-to-use, virtual platform for everyone involved, Dapple del Mundo, Distribution Operations Team Lead of TICM at UnionBank, looked into the bank's partnership with Microsoft and expand the bank's utilization of their solutions through Microsoft Power Platform.

"One thing we like about using Microsoft apps is that it's already here, it's not an added cost, unlike asking an external or third-party developer to develop something for us. In terms of editing or updating, it's easier now since we can do it ourselves", del Mundo said.

Covid-19 Pandemic Drives Innovation

The Microsoft Power Platform is Microsoft’s low-code platform that allows everyone to build web and mobile apps, improve workflows, and gain insights from data while ensuring security. It enables people with little to no coding knowledge or experience to become developers and build intelligent solutions that integrate seamlessly with the rest of Microsoft’s world-class products and platforms. It serves as an end-to-end business solution, maximizing productivity, efficiency and collaboration in a remote everything world.

To manage efficient transactions remotely, the TICM harnessed Microsoft Power Automate. This application within Microsoft Power Platform allows users to easily create automated, multistage workflows across a variety of services and applications. One of its primary functions is to boost users' productivity by saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration using hundreds of prebuilt connectors.

"What surprised us were the learnings that we got from this flow—this one single approval flow that had multiple conditions and a tricky setup—we managed to adapt and mirror it with other bank processes like bond issuances," explains del Mundo.

The Treasury and Investments Channel Management (TICM) unit saw an immediate improvement on its productivity and efficiency; resulting in improved client transactions and faster service despite the entire experience being conducted online. According to del Mundo, the bank was able to simplify the whole process of remitting. It also significantly improved the coordination and communication between Treasury and Remittance through Microsoft teams. This allows them to have visibility to internal processes in real-time to track the approval procedures and give timely feedback.

Digital Banking Benefits Employees and Customers

UnionBank Trust & Investment customers can now receive copies of their statements, proof of investments, and remittances with e-signatures that can be easily accessed remotely—anytime, anywhere.

Through UnionBank’s continuing innovation, customers benefit constantly through improvements in their experience that are not only more convenient but ensure their safety and peace of mind during this unprecedented period. Moving forward, they maintain their focus on driving innovation within their organization to provide the best service and experience possible, transform banking in the Philippines and aid in the nation’s economic recovery.

"It is imperative we extend the capability of automation not only to our IT team, but across all employees of the bank," says Paulo Martin Santos, Enterprise Communication and Collaboration Head at UnionBank. "Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, now our whole team can truly be digital to the core. This is just one clear example from our treasury group, but we have several groups building their own automation without coding".

Tropical Depression "Vicky" is now over the Sulu Sea

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Dearest Typhoon, 

It may appear unusual and irregular to raise our hearts to you in JOYFUL WONDER, for in the past generations you have been considered a threat that the humankind and the rest of the world must fear. But today, we welcome you in gratitude as a NECESSARY EVENT on this planet. You are part of the Creator’s wisdom that guides the beautiful course of the universe.

We acknowledge our vulnerability against you. We are not masters, after all, but lame creatures that cannot escape from your wrath. We have confused our arrogance against the power of nature. Both good and bad people must endure from you.

You do not come to punish us. Considering that you hit us SEVERAL TIMES in a year, it is never a surprise when you visit us frequently. This is a chance for us to observe you in RHYTHMIC REGULARITY. There is enough time for us to prepare or flee. You are making us humble and wise.

You are not our foe. We do not wish that you spare us and our loved ones from your rage. THE REAL ENEMY IS OUR UNPREPAREDNESS, our attitude of complaining and blaming, our reduced minds of not owning responsibilities and duties to protect ourselves from the risks of living in this world.

And so, we thank you, dearest Typhoon. We beseech you to inspire us all to grow in humility. When our loved ones cannot defend themselves from your grand fury, inspire us all to show them charity, to ease their suffering, to provide for their immediate needs, and to live simple lives in SOLIDARITY and COMPASSION.

Sincerely yours,

Filipino people

Hazards affecting land areas:

• Strong winds: Areas under Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal (TCWS #1) will have strong breeze to near gale conditions during the passage of the tropical cyclone. However, it must be noted that gusty conditions are likely over most of Luzon and Visayas that are not under TCWS (especially in coastal and mountainous areas) due to the surge of the Northeast Monsoon.

• Heavy rainfall: The combined effects of Tropical Depression VICKY and Tail-End of a Frontal System (Shear Line) will bring:

     o Today: Moderate to heavy with at times intense rains over CALABARZON, Bicol Region, Visayas, Aurora, Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte, Camiguin, Misamis Oriental, Oriental Mindoro, Marinduque, and the northern and central portions of Palawan including Calamian, Cuyo, and Cagayancillo Islands. Light to moderate with at times heavy rains over mainland Cagayan Valley, Apayao, Kalinga, Mountain Province, Ifugao, Metro Manila, and the rest of Central Luzon, MIMAROPA and Cordillera Administrative Region

     o Tomorrow: Heavy to intense rains over Bicol Region, Quezon, Aurora, Isabela, Quirino, and Nueva Vizcaya. Moderate to heavy with at times intense rains over Apayao, Kalinga, Mountain Province, Ifugao, Oriental Mindoro, Kalayaan Islands, and the rest of mainland Cagayan Valley. Light to moderate with at times heavy rains over Eastern Visayas, Dinagat Islands, and the rest of Cordillera Administrative Region, CALABARZON, and MIMAROPA.

     o Flooding (including flash floods) and rain-induced landslides may occur during heavy or prolonged periods of rainfall, especially in areas identified to be highly or very highly susceptible to these hazards and in localities that received significant antecedent rainfall over the past couple of days or weeks. Adjacent or nearby areas may also experience flooding in the absence of such rainfall occurrence due to surface runoff or swelling of river channels. PAGASA Regional Services Divisions may issue local thunderstorm/rainfall advisories and heavy rainfall warnings in their respective areas of responsibility while the Hydrometeorology Division and River Basin Flood Forecasting and Warning Centers may issue general flood advisories and river basin flood advisories/bulletins as appropriate.

Hazards affecting coastal waters:

• In the next 24 hours, the combined effects of the surge of the Northeast Monsoon and the tropical depression will bring rough to very rough seas (2.5 to 4.5 m) over the entire seaboards of Northern Luzon, the seaboard of Aurora, the eastern seaboard of Quezon including Polillo Islands, the seaboard of Camarines Norte, the northern seaboard of Camarines Sur, the northern and eastern seaboards of Catanduanes, the eastern seaboard of Albay including Rapu-Rapu Islands, the eastern seaboard of Sorsogon, the northern and eastern seaboards of Northern Samar, the eastern seaboard of Eastern Samar including Homonhon Island, the eastern seaboard  of Dinagat Islands, the eastern seaboard of Surigao del Norte, the seaboard of Surigao del Sur, and the eastern seaboard of Davao Oriental. Sea travel is risky over these waters especially for small sea vessels. 

• Moderate to rough seas (2.0 to 4.0 m) will be experienced over the coastal waters of areas under TCWS #1, the seaboards of Agusan del Norte, Camiguin, Misamis Oriental, and Lanao del Norte, and the remaining seaboards of Luzon, Visayas, Surigao del Norte and Dinagat Islands. Sea travel is risky over these waters especially for small sea vessels. 

Track and intensity outlook:

• Track: “VICKY” is forecast to move generally west-northwestward over Sulu Sea. On the forecast track, “VICKY” is forecast to cross the northern or central portion of Palawan between this afternoon or evening. The tropical depression is likely to exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility tomorrow afternoon or evening.

• Intensity: VICKY is forecast to remain a tropical depression while crossing the Philippine archipelago. The likelihood of intensification is forecast to increase once the tropical depression reaches the West Philippine Sea.

Location of eye/center: At 4:00 AM today, the center of Tropical Depression "VICKY" was estimated based on all available data at 150 km West of Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte (8.8°N, 122.0°E).  

Strength: Maximum sustained winds of 45 km/h near the center and gustiness of up to 55 km/h. 

Movement: Moving Westward at 25 km/h. 

Forecast Positions 

• 24 Hour (Tomorrow morning): 125 km Northwest of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan (10.5°N, 117.9°E)

• 48 Hour (Monday morning):120 km South Southwest of Pagasa Island, Palawan (OUTSIDE PAR) (10.0°N, 113.7°E)

• 72 Hour (Tuesday morning): 455 km Southwest of Pagasa Island, Palawan (OUTSIDE PAR) (8.0°N, 111.3°E) 


TCWS 1 (30-60 km/h winds prevailing or expected in 36 hours) 


The northern and central portions of Palawan (Araceli, Dumaran, Taytay, El Nido, San Vicente, Roxas, Puerto Princesa City, Aborlan, Narra, Quezon) including Calamian, Cuyo, Cagayancillo, and Kalayaan Islands


The southern portion of Cebu (Pinamungahan, San Fernando, Carcar, Aloguinsan, Barili, Sibonga, Dumanjug, Ronda, Alcantara, Argao, Moalboal, Badian, Dalaguete, Alegria, Alcoy, Malabuyoc, Boljoon, Ginatilan, Oslob, Samboan, Santander), the extreme western portion of Bohol (Loon, Tagbilaran City, Dauis, Panglao, Cortes, Maribojoc), Siquijor, Negros Oriental, the central and southern portions of Negros Occidental (San Carlos City, Salvador Benedicto, Talisay City, Bacolod City, Murcia, Bago City, Pulupandan, Valladolid, San Enrique, La Carlota City, La Castellana, Moises Padilla, Pontevedra, Hinigaran, Isabela, Binalbagan, Himamaylan City, Ilog, Kabankalan City, Cauayan, Candoni, Sipalay City, Hinoba-An), Guimaras, the southern portion of Iloilo (Barotac Nuevo, Dingle, Anilao, Duenas, Lambunao, Dumangas, Pototan, Zarraga, Mina, Badiangan, Janiuay, Maasin, Cabatuan, New Lucena, Santa Barbara, Leganes, Iloilo City, Pavia, Alimodian, San Miguel, Oton, Leon, Tubungan, Igbaras, Guimbal, Tigbauan, Miagao, San Joaquin), and the southern portion of Antique (Bugasong, Laua-An, Valderrama, San Remigio, Patnongon, Belison, Sibalom, San Jose, Hamtic, Tobias Fornier, Anini-Y) 


Misamis Occidental, the northern and central portions of Zamboanga del Norte (Siocon, Baliguian, Gutalac, Kalawit, Labason, Tampilisan, Liloy, Godod, Bacungan, Salug, Sindangan, Siayan, Manukan, Jose Dalman, Sergio Osmena Sr., Pres. Manuel A. Roxas, Katipunan, Dipolog City, Pinan, Mutia, La Libertad, Polanco, Rizal, Sibutad, Dapitan City), Zamboanga del Sur, and Zamboanga Sibugay

Impacts of the wind:

• Very light or no damage to low risk structures, 

• Light damage to medium to high risk structures

• Slight damage to some houses of very light materials or makeshift structures in exposed communities. Some banana plants are tilted, a few downed and leaves are generally damaged

• Twigs of small trees may be broken.

• Rice crops, however, may suffer significant damage when it is in its flowering stage.

Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal No. 1 in other areas is hereby lifted.

The public and the disaster risk reduction and management council concerned are advised to take appropriate actions and watch for the next Severe Weather Bulletin to be issued at 8 AM today.

#NasaanAngBisePresidente trends to mock VP Leni Robredo

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wow! For the first time inacknowledge si Leni as VP. Alam kaya ni Jeff Ortega ng DOT?

And they actually admit that Leni is the VP. And not the other wannabe from the North.

The DDS are genuinely using the #NasaanAngBisePresidente to mock Vice President Leni Robredo. They are... ridiculously dumb, lmao.

So they agree that in times of dire crisis, the one who springs into action first is VP Leni, not and NEVER their beloved Tatay Digong? 

So they agree? They agree that VP Leni is far better than the incompetent turtle? 

The trolls after making #NasaanAngBisePresidente trend and leni actually shows up.

She's really is on top of the situation! 

This is how ur VP Leni efficiently and effectively handle this pandemic?  See the pictures? Heard this from the mainstream media? No? 

Nagtrending na nga ang #NasaanAngBisePresidente, sabi nga lintek lang walang ganti. It's payback time. Huwag seryosohin, it's just trolling game between DDS and Yellows. NO butthurt please.

VP Leni responds to naysayers on Twitter, as #NasaanAngBisePresidente tops Philippine trends on Friday, December 18.

The hashtag rose to the trending spot while some areas in Mindanao were flooded due to #VickyPH. 

"with her minion and pr stunts"

Gusto niyo ba talagang tumulong si VP Leni o hindi? Eh kahit tumulong siya o hindi, aawayin niyo pa rin naman eh. Kapag tumulong, sasabihin niyo photo op/pr stunt lang. Kapag hindi tumulong, hahanapin ninyo tapos hihingan niyo ng pictures. Kaloka! 

Yung 10 steps ahead, nasaan na? Haha, baka hindi pa na realize na may bagyo? 

Anong tingin mo sa PTV na government owned?! Hindi ka ba nagtataka na may sariling news network ang government pero wala paring nakaalam kung nasaan siya during typhoons? 

Mas matuwa kayo sa pag- trending ng #NasaanAngBisePresidente dahil mas alam nyong ito ay mas competent, mas may aksyon, mas hardworking, mas personal na tumutulong at hands on sa pagtrabaho. Kesa sa Inutil na at pahirap sa bayan na gobyernong ito!

Funny how these people look for the Vice president now kasi they know she will do the work eh pag presidente hinanap mura ang abot.

QC lauds MMDA for agreeing to its suggestion to reopen U-Turn slots

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte lauded the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for heeding her call to reopen U-turn slots along EDSA.

During the hearing of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development, MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia announced the reopening of two U-turn slots on EDSA as early as Friday. One will be in front of the Quezon City Academy and the second near Dario Bridge. This came upon the insistence of the Quezon City Mayor.

The QC Task Force on Transport and Traffic Management will manage the stop-and-go scheme for the U-turn slots, by allowing U-turning vehicles to cross the EDSA Bus Carousel busways in between passing carousel buses, which according to the city's transport planners can usually last from one to two-and-a-half minutes between buses. The U-turn slot in front of QC Academy will be opened for light vehicles, while the U-turn slot near Dario Bridge will be open for emergency and marked government vehicles only.

“This is a win-win solution for motorists who have been experiencing heavy traffic along EDSA due to congestion caused by the U-turn closures, and along nearby roads due to the spillover of vehicles. Patients and visitors going to the Quezon  City General Hospital will benefit the most, and we thank the MMDA for their favorable response,” Belmonte said.

Aside from managing the said U-turns, the city government will closely monitor the flow of traffic once these are reopened to determine whether it would request for the further reopening of other closed U-turn slots.

At the same time, Mayor Belmonte reiterated her support for the national government's efforts to find solutions to the traffic problems in Metro Manila, such as the elevated busway plan. Quezon City is seriously studying the  said plan, with the possibility of shouldering part of the construction of the elevated busway.

“The city government and the MMDA will continue to explore short and long-term solutions to the perennial traffic gridlock along EDSA. We are willing to help for as long as it will bring comfort to our constituents and ensure that their mobility is not hampered,” Belmonte added. 

Belmonte earlier wrote the Department of Transportation (DOTr), MMDA and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to request the reopening of two intersections to lessen the worsening traffic in those areas, and all the closed U-turns.

“We made the request in response to the numerous complaints we received from motorists. While we fully support the national government’s transportation initiatives, particularly the EDSA Bus Carousel project, we cannot compromise the welfare of those using EDSA. It is part of my agenda as Quezon City Mayor to listen to our citizens and know what they need,” explained Belmonte. 

ABS-CBN's Doris Bigornia called out by MMDA's Celine Pialago for incomplete news report

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Celine Pialago: “From the red carpet to red-tagging” and now scorching angry with a reporter.

This is the story of a former pageant contestant who became MMDA spokesperson and now paid influencer of the Philippine Army, the group behind EJKs in the provinces and fake Facebook Pages.

Shout-out to the max daw kay Doris Bigornia na nakipag-away noon sa concert ng The Script to get a better view for her and her family.

Ngayon naman ay mukhang mapapasubok uli siya against MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago dahil sa diumanong kulang na information about the "U-Turn" na ibinalita ni Bigornia sa kanyang report.

Incomplete reporting dahil hindi lahat ng na-mention sa group chat ay inilabas sa report no Bigornia.

Back then, nagmakaawa daw si Bigornia, now ay tutuluyan na niya.

Nagmakaawa na siya before kay Pialago para hindi ituloy ang demanda at pinatawad siya noon, but now that there's another issue between them I'm not so sure Pialago will be as kind.

She may "passed away" after hearing the news that Pialago is determined to kick her ass to the heavens...or hell....wherever Bigornia deserves to go.

Dapat hindi ko na pinatawad. Akala ko magbabago pa. Akala ko magtitino. Ayaw daw niya mawalan ng trabaho. Ibang klase. 

"Miss Doris Bigornia, I will really call your attention through my page since walang pakundangan mong nilabas ang isang viber message na hindi kumpleto. 

“Remember the day, when you begged and asked for forgiveness in Mario’s Restaurant. Asking me to withdraw my case against you. Ang bait bait mo nun, umiyak ka at nagmakaawa. Naghanap ka ng padrino para makausap ako. Tinrato kitang tao. Ang pakiusap ko lang sayo. Tama na Mam, basta tama na kamalditahan mo. “

Kanina sa report mo sa TV Patrol. Ako ang nagsabe na bukas na ang darrio bridge u turn, yes! pero hindi mo nilabas sa TV ang buong laman ng GC, nakalagay bukas un sa emegency vehicles at nung tinawagan ko si Sir Dexter Cardenas ng QC Traffic ngayong gabi, he confirmed and he said “yes mam pinagamit na po sa mga emergency vehicles. Tapos sasabihin mo nagdulot ng kalituhan ang message ko sa viber group?” 

This time hindi kita papalagpasin. Kung meron akong pagsisisi ngayong 2020, yun ay yung pinatawad pa kita. Demonyo kang reporter ka."

Mindanao Needs Help from Typhoon Vicky

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Another typhoon ravages the Philppines‼️

With the country still reeling from the previous typhoons, parts of Mindanao are now flooded.

These are the current situation on some places in Mindanao. They need help. 

Some parts of Mindanao, Philippines are submerged in water at the moment. Let’s use our platform to spread awareness & share hotlines that could actually save lives.

There are things you should do and be aware of before and after floods‼️

Our kababayans from Mindanao needs our attention, please in the same way we helped each other from Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses, let us help monitor who might need help from them. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Truth x Lakay Gaming Smashes Php 50,000 Donation Drive Goal to Raise Financial Aid for Those Affected by Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Since officially launching the “Truth x Lakay Gaming” official Facebook Gaming page of ONE Championship Filipino mixed martial arts heroes and World Champions, the following has grown immensely with thousands of fans wanting to witness their favorite stars play the most popular games of today.

It’s been a tremendous platform so far, and one that has been recently mobilized to raise funds for charity.

Launched on 2 December, ONE Championship and ONE Esports (who manages the page) partnered with Save the Children Philippines in a fundraising activity to help victims of the recent string of typhoons that ravaged parts of the country.

An official message on the page wrote:

“We are absolutely heartbroken to see the devastation brought about by Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses. That’s why we are joining Save the Children Philippines to raise funds for aid and relief. Join us on Sat, 5 Dec with two charity streams and stand a chance to win exclusive merchandise from ONE Esports when you make a donation! We will also be giving away 20% discount codes for to all donors. Watch us stream, and make a donation at Let us help where we can.”

Stars such as ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera, ONE Strawweight World Champion Joshua “The Passion” Pacio, former champions Eduard Folayang and Kevin Belingon came together to live steam to raise funds to aid those affected by Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses that hit the Philippines in late 2020.

The country, which lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire, is subject to numerous natural disasters, including powerful typhoons, multiple times every year. The country welcomes support through all means, and this latest campaign has certainly leveraged its athlete star power. 

“I think this is an amazing opportunity to give back to the people and the fans who have supported our careers,” said the 24-year-old World Champion Pacio.

“We are glad to be able to help where we can, even in our own small way. I’m sure the funds we’ve raised here will be of great use, and we’re looking forward to participating in more of these campaigns in the future. It’s important that we give each other a helping hand, especially in these difficult times. We’re willing to do what we can do for our fellow Filipinos.”

The campaign ( has since shattered its Php 50,000 goal, raising over Php 55,541 currently with two days remaining in the two week donation drive.

Two million people demand a global treaty to stop marine plastic pollution

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Unless decisive action is taken, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the sea by weight than fish. Plastic in the ocean suffocates marine wildlife. It gets into the food we eat and even the air we breathe.

Two million people signed the petition calling for an urgent establishment of a global treaty on marine plastic pollution.

“As the evidence of the damage to people and nature caused by plastic pollution continues to build, so too is public outrage about the plastic crisis. The message from the public is clearer than ever – we need decisive global action from the governments and business to address this problem at its roots.

"Two million people are calling for a binding global treaty that sets clear plastic pollution reduction targets and restores accountability as a vital measure to address this crisis. We welcome the support so far from 67 governments and more than 30 businesses for the establishment of the treaty and call on all UN member states to respond to the clear message from the public. We must urgently start the negotiation process.” said Eirik Lindebjerg, Global Plastics Policy Manager at WWF International.

Last October, a WWF delegation, including two members from the Philippines team, attended the final technical virtual meeting tasked by the UN with looking at the scale and solutions of the plastic pollution crisis. In December, the Philippine Government publicly called for a global agreement and was supported by countries all over the world like Vietnam, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, as well as all African countries, the EU member states, the Pacific Island states, countries in Latin America, and many others. This call has also been supported by 30 international businesses and a majority of experts from other NGOs both internationally and locally. The final recommendations of the meeting will now be submitted to the United Nations for member states to make a decision on whether to formally commence discussions on how to create the new agreement.

WWF-Philippines Executive Director Joel Palma also noted that it is time for stakeholders to take immediate action to address plastic pollution globally. "Public outrage at the state of our environment is building. With 2 million people, 67 governments, and over 30 businesses calling for a binding global treaty to establish reduction targets and accountability, world leaders can no longer turn a blind eye to the problem. It is now time to begin negotiations between all UN Member States to address and solve this crisis."

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Invites Guests to Sail the 2021 Holiday Season in Style

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Line Unveils an Unrivaled Festive Experience with Voyages Cruising Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia & New Zealand and the Caribbean  

Regent Seven Seas Cruises, the world’s leading luxury ocean cruise line, invites discerning travelers to embark on one of several festive voyages in 2021, which not only showcase a range of unique global destinations, but spread the holiday spirit through a myriad of specially-crafted menus, dazzling decorations and joyous onboard activities.   

Ranging between 10 and 34 nights, Regent’s holiday cruises run throughout December 2021 across the line’s spacious and stylish ships including the most luxurious ship ever built, Seven Seas Explorer®, and the ship that embodies luxury perfected, Seven Seas Splendor®. Destinations include Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia & New Zealand and the Caribbean. 

Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ 2021 Holiday Cruise Highlights  

For those looking to escape and experience something more exceptional for next year’s holidays, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, offers seasonal vacations with all the luxuries, discoveries and adventures needed to make the 2021 festive period truly unforgettable. 

Seven Seas Explorer will be sailing a collection of local cruises across Australia and New Zealand for the first time, at the end of 2021. Departing Singapore on December 2, 2021, the Bali, the Outback & New Zealand itinerary discovers the best of Asia, Australia and New Zealand over 34 incredible nights.  

Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day will be spent in the bustling harbor city of Hobart, where guests can explore colonial-era cottages, indulge in farm-fresh Tasmanian oysters and sip on award-winning wines. From Hobart, Seven Seas Explorer will make her way to New Zealand, where she will ring in the New Year in the scenic towns of Wellington and Napier before heading to Auckland, where guests disembark. 

Regent’s Caribbean Holidays voyage departs December 7, 2021, where Seven Seas Splendor will complete a 20-night journey to tropical destinations in the Caribbean and Central America, including St Barts, the Bahamas, Dominica and Antigua. On Christmas Eve, guests can explore the quaint coastal town of Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala and treat themselves to tours of an ancient Mayan ruin, lush rainforests and crystal-clear natural springs. Travelers will then spend Christmas Day in the mesmerizing beach town of Costa Maya, Mexico before returning to Miami. 

Meanwhile, the remaining Regent fleet will also be cruising incredible destinations over Christmas and New Year. Seven Seas Mariner® will discover the Caribbean and Central America, Seven Seas Voyager® will explore Africa and South America and Seven Seas Navigator® will venture to South America and Central America.  

An Unrivaled Festive Experience 

When travelers explore the world with Regent Seven Seas Cruises during the holiday season, the festive spirit is present throughout their entire experience – from start to finish. 

Depending on the ship, guests are often greeted by Santa before stepping aboard, where they are welcomed with a customary glass of Champagne and a magnificent four-meter-high Christmas tree in the atrium. In addition to this striking centerpiece, Regent Seven Seas Cruises also adorns the entire fleets’ public areas with smaller, exquisitely presented Christmas trees, festive flower arrangements and Hanukkah ornaments.  

“Our beautifully decorated ships are guaranteed to impress our guests. Typically consisting of 22 hand-crafted houses and 75 divine figurines, one of the most extraordinary installations that can be found onboard is the delectable gingerbread-house village located in the atrium. Smaller gingerbread houses are also dotted around the ship, so guests can enjoy the craftsmanship throughout,” said John Barron, Cruise Director, Regent Seven Seas Cruises.   

“Regardless of which incredible destination they are exploring, travelers will feel as though they are walking in a winter wonderland when they sail with us over the holidays,” Barron continued. 

On Christmas Eve, an extravagant feast of traditional European dishes are featured in a sumptuous menu courtesy of Regent’s Bernhard Klotz, vice president food and beverage, and his expert culinary team. Nordic Gravlax with honey mustard sauce for the entree; roasted German Christmas goose with braised red cabbage, potato dumplings and an Armagnac-soaked prune gravy for the main; and a classic English Christmas pudding with a vanilla and whiskey sauce are just some of the delights for diners to enjoy. Traditional Christmas cookies will also be delivered to children’s suites in the evening to ensure they have something to gift Santa when he comes to visit.  

The festivities are elevated further on Christmas Day, where eggnog is served at every bar, and a Christmas lunch featuring decadent baked ham and delicious sides is dished up at Compass Rose. For Christmas dinner, guests will be captivated by Chef Klotz’s unique American-inspired menu with dishes including lump crab martini with vodka and spices for starters; roasted turkey with chestnut-stuffing, giblet gravy, sweet potatoes rosette and green beans for main; and pumpkin pie with cranberries and a cinnamon-vanilla sauce for dessert. 

There is no shortage of entertainment available onboard during the holidays, with both traditional and jovial options on offer. Classic Christmas and Hanukkah services can be enjoyed by guests who wish to join in on prayers and hymns during their holiday cruise. For those who are wanting to experience some light-hearted entertainment, festive-themed trivia nights and other joyful activities will be on offer. Another favorite of many guests is the Christmas Gala Teatime, where they can enjoy an array of holiday delights and tempting treats prepared by Regent’s expert pastry chef. 

For more information please visit, call 1-844-4REGENT (1-844-873-2381) or contact a professional travel advisor.   

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