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Earth Exhibit: WWF-PH partners with local artists in latest fundraising initiative

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Art aficionados are in for a special treat this October as the World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF) Philippines launches Earth Exhibit—the organization’s latest initiative, highlighting Filipino artistry while promoting environmental conservation.

The event, which aims to raise funds to support WWF-PH’s environmental frontliners in these challenging times and provide food assistance for 209 Dumagat families in Ipo Watershed, will kick off this October with Art Commissions for Nature, where the public can avail art commissions from their chosen participating artist in exchange for their donation. This will be followed by Art Workshops in November, where partner artists will share their tips and tricks in a series of four learning sessions. Capping off the event series is the Art Auction this December, where people can place their bids to take home specially-curated art pieces made exclusively for the initiative. 

Corinne de San Jose, one of the participating artists in this event, shared the role of art in promoting environmental protection and conservation. 

“There’s so much data available out there that proves the urgency to act on environmental protection and conservation. These are dire times. I think that art has the power to interpret all this information and make it more accessible and personal to everyone. Art has the ability to create new ways of seeing or understanding, of attaching narratives to data and narratives are powerful. Through narratives, we are able to connect, empathize, convince people that it’s time to do everything we can to help the environment.” 

Also joining the event is Celeste Lecaroz, a local creative who believes that art can help uplift Filipino communities in these challenging times.

“Art is one of the many tools that can help deliver this to the world. Through paintings, stories, songs, performances, illustrations, and poems members of communities can uplift one another and share to others lessons on environmental conservation and restoration,” the visual artist shared.

Local art collectives Fringe Manila and Pineapple Lab have also pledged their support for the initiative as official media partners.

“The arts have always been an effective tool to promote awareness to wider audiences and to inspire action towards many advocacies, such as environmental protection and conservation. Similar to WWF, we envision our community to work and live in harmony with nature. We believe that art, with the help of sustainable practices, can drive our community towards a bright and creative future,” said Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan who serves as the Creative Director of both organizations.

Stay tuned and follow WWF-Philippines’ official social media pages for the complete event lineup and schedules. Together through art, let us help #ChangeTheEnding for the environment and our partner communities.

Are You a DevOps Engineer or Would Like to Become One and Get Certified? Take a Look at Microsoft AZ-400 Exam

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Due to the changes in numerous areas of our life that we watch each day, it isn't a shock any longer that IT is the foremost growing field of today's world. In this age of technological progress, you can either walk alongside while keeping up with developments or be left behind. That is why the IT ExamCollection specialists seek to develop their expertise and knowledge and be verified by getting the certifications. And most of them prefer the badges offered by Microsoft.

With everything clearing away for future innovation and enterprises, Microsoft propelled the Azure platform, which is particularly committed to making Cloud administrations for the organizations. This was when the need for the IT specialists to become the experts emerged in that area. Microsoft supports theindividuals in usingthis platform and software to develop, manage, and deploy servers on a vast global network. It has the whole certification track for those who want to become the WebSite Link To Click professionals in the Microsoft Azure field, which deals with all the relevant Cloud services.In this article, we will talk about the Microsoft AZ-400 exam associated with the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certificate.

What is Microsoft AZ-400?

The AZ-400 test is a part of the expert-level certification course developed for those specialists who want to become a certified DevOps engineer.This exam validates their expertise in integrating personnel, processes, and technology to deliver valuable goods and services that consistently meet the end users' ExamSnap 98-364 Database Fundamentals Practice Test Questions needs and business goals. The candidates create and implement techniques to ensure continuous development, testing, distribution, tracking, and feedback for application code and infrastructure. They refine procedures, promote connectivity and teamwork and automate distribution to maximize quality.

Some of the skills required for the Microsoft AZ-400 examinclude that the applicants must be particularly adept in Agile practices. This role involves developing and implementing cooperation, code, technology, Kaiden O source control, protection, enforcement, continuous integration, testing, distribution, monitoring, and feedback strategies. This learning path is designed for those individuals who are already the DevOps engineers and familiar with both Azure management and Azure development but want to certify their skills.

MicrosoftAZ-400 is a 150-minute test with 60 questions of various types, including multiple choice, active screen, hot area, labs, review screen, and so on. You will have to deal with all the questions within the allocated time and earn at least 700 points to become eligible for the credential. The questions will be formed according to the exam content that includes the following topics:

Designing aninstrumentationstrategy;

Implement continuous integration;

AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam Dumps

Continuous delivery implementation and management strategy release;

Designing an SRE strategy;

Managing source control;

Developing compliance and security plans;

Facilitating collaboration and communication.

You need to understand that all of these domains should be mastered before going for the test. Otherwise, you will not be able to answer the questions and pass the exam. To ace the topics without any problems, you need to use various prep options, such as video tutorials, training courses, guides, Author: Mason E practice tests, and exam dumps. You need to be sure that the resources you use are relevant to the content of Microsoft AZ-400 and recently updated.


As you can see, you will need a lot of time to prepare for the Microsoft AZ-400 test and learn all the required skills. Therefore, spare time for the search of useful materials and deal with the exam without any doubts.

DepEd, partners launch RADaR app to ensure learning continuity after disasters

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The Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with Save the Children Philippines and Prudence Foundation, launched the Rapid Assessment of Damages Report (RADaR) mobile and web applications nationwide last September 22 and 24 to ensure immediate response interventions and learning continuity in the event of disasters and other emergencies.

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, DepEd had been working on enhancing the safety for all learners and DepEd personnel through the development of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Information System (DRRMIS).

“The RADaR mobile and web applications will support our regional, division, and school-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Coordinators in reporting and rapidly assessing the impacts of disasters,” said Undersecretary for Administration Alain del B. Pascua.
Usec. Pascua also noted that the reports from the RADaR app will provide estimates of the damages caused by disasters and will serve as the basis for response interventions to these schools.

Save the Children Philippines Chief Executive Officer Atty. Alberto Muyot emphasized that the mobile and web application will be vital in ensuring the safety of learners and personnel once the safe resumption of face-to-face classes will be allowed.

“Children will bear the greatest impact if a disaster takes place in a school environment, and we must guarantee their safety during emergencies while they are away from their parents and guardians,” said Atty. Muyot.

According to the Department’s partner organizations, the accurate and timely data provided by the RADaR app will be vital in ensuring a strategic flow of information for response and life-saving decisions and actions by schools, communities, local governments, and concerned national organizations.

“Working hand in hand with the Philippine government, we are improving national systems for risk assessment, guidance, planning and reporting to support schools to build safe facilities, put appropriate emergency procedures in place, and to recover quickly when disasters take place,” said Marc Fancy, Executive Director of Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of PruLife UK’s parent company Prudential.

Due to its vulnerability to typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and droughts, the Philippines ranks ninth among the most disaster-prone countries worldwide according to the 2019 World Risk Index.

The RADaR app is one part of the DRRMIS, being established within the DepEd through the Education Safe from Disasters Project, which aims to improve the knowledge and capacity of education personnel and learners on safety from disasters. It will include other applications and tools, such as the Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) Monitoring Application and the School Watching App (SWApp), that will be pilot tested in selected schools across 20 divisions of Region III the upcoming school year. The expansion of the project may transform disaster risk reduction systems in the Philippines and beyond, helping many more children stay safe in emergencies.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Julia Barretto files case against Jay Sonza over preggy rumor

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Julia Barretto filed a case against a former broadcaster who said she is pregnant with Gerald Anderson.

She went to the NBI Cybercrime Division to formally file a complaint against Jay Sonza. 

Julia Barretto will no longer tolerate the allegations made about her on social media, particularly Jay Sonza's post saying she is pregnant with Gerald Anderson's baby. 

Amid rumors claiming that she is pregnant with fellow Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson's baby, Julia Barretto recently posted a photo showing her toned abs in an Instagram post with the caption, "FAKE NEWS :)" on Monday night, Sept. 21.

And then Gerald made a post saying "Congratulations to me" just to add humor.

We would like to thank Liza Soberano and Julia Barretto for being brave and standing up for what they believe in. Soberano recently filed a criminal case over rape comments, while Barretto filed a complaint over false pregnancy claims. 

Liza Soberano filing a case for a rape joke, Julia Barretto filing a case for fake news. Just queens being done with toxic Filipino culture of normalizing immoral shit.

They are truly brave women for standing up for themselves and showing the value of using their voices to speak up. 

They are educating folks that online harassment is still harassment that has consequences.

I hope more people (victims) who are too afraid to share their story would come out to defend themselves against cycber crime. Thank you Julia and Liza for doing this. It’s about time people do the right thing and seek justice for themselves.

Julia barretto is currently doing a serye and has an endorsement. What makes Jay Sonza thinks that she is pregnant? julia have been posting a lot on social media which is very unlikely for a preggy. You might wanna check her recent vlogs and instagram posts for references.

Guide to Becoming the Best Poker Player

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Whether you are a poker pro player or a newbie, you need to keep learning more about the poker game to become the best. Poker is among the few games that one can rarely maintain a record of being the best. That is because different players keep discovering new tricks to up their game. is among the few most reputable online casino sites that will allow you to play poker games on their site. The earlier mentioned online casino site provides a variety of games to the players. In this article, we have researched some of the top poker playing skills that will help you to trounce your opponent. Those tips are;

Learn your opponent’s weaknesses

Whenever you are playing a poker game, avoid showing all our strength to your opponents. That is because your opponents will use your strengths to know the best way to defeat you. Instead, it would help if you learned your opponent’s weakness within the shortest time possible. 

That will help you to the best way to defeat the opponent. Also, after realizing the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, you may now choose the best way to treat him/her. Avoid treating weaker opponents the same way you treat stronger ones.

Do not chase loses

Chasing losses is among the common things that make many people lose a lot of money. That is because, as a result of trying to play and compensate for the lost amount, they end up incurring more losses. 

You need to know when to stop playing. For instance, if you realize that you have been losing since you started the game, it would be best if you opt to give everything a break until the following day or your next game.

Never ignore blinds

Whenever you want to put down your stake, ensure you allow the blinds to guide you. That is because many poker players find themselves with fewer chips that can enable them to win a particular tournament. Remember that ignoring blinds will lead you to lay down huge stakes that you never expected.

Do not play too loose

Underrating some poker playing can make you lose quickly. Although it is good to have confidence when playing, you also do not have to underestimate anyone. That is because all players have also trained, and they can win once they get an opportunity. Therefore many people lose not because they do not know how to play; they fail because of playing too loose. 

Remember, if you give a sharp player a minor opportunity while playing, it is tough to recover it because the player will find a breakthrough to the point he/she needed. Therefore you never play a loose game on the 777sbobet site.

Choose the amount you need to bet

Since poker is a fantastic game that everyone will enjoy playing, it is essential to make the right decision when choosing the besting amount. Putting a little amount as your stake can make you win a small amount if you have a very strong hand. You need to ensure you have mastered the strengths and weaknesses of the other players to know the right amount to put as a stake. 

Therefore after evaluating your chances of winning, you need to choose the right amount to use. One rule for betting is that never a stake amount that you cannot afford to lose. That is because anything can happen when playing.

Know when to fold

Lastly, knowing when to fold your hand is another essential tip that can help you win poker games on Avoid waiting for your hard to become valuable so that you can fold it. It might cost you more than you thought.

Therefore by considering all the above discussed top tips for playing poker games, you will enhance your chances of winning.

Borneo Eagle Resort for a Total Island Getaway off the Sabah Coast, East Malaysia

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Nestled serenely on the island of Pulau Tiga 2.5 hours away by land and sea from Sabah’s capital of Kota Kinabalu lies the plush Borneo Eagle Resort – a cluster of 13 luxury contemporary villas opened in April 2018. The 21-acre verdant enclave is situated in the Kimanis Bay within walking distance of the first Survivor filming series site in 2000.

The Resort faces the Crocker Range in the horizon with views of the majestic Mt Kinabalu across the South China Sea.

Borneo Eagle Resort is the only luxury resort on the island set against a backdrop of lush virgin jungle.

Its main building design is inspired by the wingspan of the sea eagles inhabiting the island. The Resort is a stunning, ecological landscape of flourishing flora and fauna including 148 coconut trees. Bee hives are introduced to encourage cross pollination. Proboscis monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes and hornbills are some of the wildlife spotted while marine life abounds with a diverse array such as the clownfish, puffer fish, sea turtle and the occasional whale shark.


Principal architect Karim Hussein from Arkitek A Karim Hussein was tasked with ensuring that the Resort integrated well with the natural environment, uncompromised in its design and construction.

All 13 spacious sea facing villas with their own courtyards are categorized according to three types:

Pool (171 sq m), Coral (261 sq m) and Spa (288 sq m). Each villa provides super king-sized beds matched with comfortable pillow-top mattresses, premium bedding and linen. A well-stocked mini bar, water pitchers, complimentary aluminium water canisters, teas, a Nespresso Machine, in-room safe, alarm clock with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, portable MyFi, wireless internet, 55” flat screen TVs and Bose home theatre systems ensure guests are not lacking in comfort. The bathrooms are equipped with oversized mirrors, rain shower and toiletries sourced locally from natural ingredients. Digital wall panels control the lighting according to three moods: dinner, romance and evening. Guests wake up to sunrise unveiled by a remote control device. Artworks reflect the surrounding coral reefs and palm trees while lounge areas are fitted with elegant furniture and contemporary artworks including wood from the resort grounds transformed into artful pieces.

Guests can choose to dine or do yoga at the cheery patios with their own deck beds, outdoor shower and individual plunge pools or indulge in spa treatments in the privacy of their own villas. A Personal Service Ambassador is assigned to each villa. To ensure that guests get the most of their stay, questionnaires are emailed to them, prior to their arrival, to indicate their dietary preferences and choice of leisure activities, and if they are celebrating a special occasion.


The open-air Eagles Nest restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a fine balance of Bornean and western dishes. The menus are based on the farm-to-table concept with seasonal ingredients and produce sourced from farms in the owning group. Complimentary evening cocktails are served at the Landing Bar. Room service or a gazebo styled picnic can also be arranged at scenic spots on the island.

A short canopy walk away is the multi-purpose room, ideal for a board meeting for eight or a private dinner, and a rooftop area for small events. The Sand Bar by the pool offers refreshments and lunch.

Recreational Activities 

The nearby jungle managed by Sabah Parks provides ample guided trekking opportunities including trails to volcanic mud mounts and pools known for its therapeutic properties. The waters around the Island are ideal for diving, snorkelling, fishing, hobbie wave and kayaking. The Resort’s fitness centre is housed next to a massive infinity pool with an area of 900 sq. m. 


Villa rates range from USD1,200 to 2,000 inclusive of full board/activities and transfers from the city to the Resort.

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility 

Echo Resorts, the owning company of Borneo Eagle Resort and its sister properties, Bunga Raya Island Resort and Gayana Marine Resort, takes a serious view towards the community and the environment. The group has embraced several initiatives such as the establishment of Green-Os (organic vegetable farm) and Borneo Eco Fish Farm by Bayu Aquaculture Sdn (aquaculture) based on the core principles of natural cultivation and sustainability using good farming practices without pesticides. The Marine Ecology Research Centre, adjacent to Gayana Marine Resort, was built to focus on reef regeneration efforts and giant clam propagation.

Gillian Tan, Owner Representative, explained, “We are not another luxury resort. We are a family company sharing our home and providing unforgettable experiences. We lead by example creating 
better relationships, involving our community and preserving the environment we live in. Borneo Eagle Resort is a clear testament of our mission.”

Bionic Max Qualifies for Production Incentives During 2nd Cycle of FilmPhilippines’ FLIP

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The animated TV series Bionic Max has qualified for financial incentives under the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and its FilmPhilippines Office’s (FPO) Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP).

France–based Gaumont has secured the services of Filipino production company Top Draw Animation for Bionic Max, an animated children’s series about the misadventures of a bionic guinea pig named Max and his goldfish friend JC. Through FLIP, Top Draw Animation is now eligible for a 20% cash rebate of up to PHP 10 Million (approx. US$ 196,000).

Top Draw Animation, founded in 1999, has previously worked for other well-known international productions, including My Little Pony: the Movie (2018), The Hollow (2018), and Penn Zero: Part Time Hero Season 2 (2017).

FLIP is FDCP’s financial incentives program that provides cash rebates to Filipino line production companies working on international projects. The program seeks to support such projects by providing financial flexibility for Filipino production companies hired by international productions. It launched its first cycle in January this year.

Projects across a range of audiovisual media are eligible for FLIP. A wide variety of audiovisual productions, from animated series’ such as Bionic Max to live-action films and shows, documentary projects, and more may receive cash rebates through the program. To be eligible, international productions must hire Filipino line production companies and have a minimum qualified production spending of PHP 8 million. Like Bionic Max, eligible productions may receive up to PHP 10 Million in cash rebates.

Bionic Max qualified for FLIP during the program’s second cycle of applications which was held from May 1st to July 31st. It is now the third project to receive financial incentives under FLIP. During its first cycle, FDCP awarded incentives to the Filipino line producers of the shows Almost Paradise and Survivor Russia.

In addition to FLIP, FDCP also implements the International Co-Production Fund (ICOF) this year. ICOF is a selective fund for feature-length films of any genre that are internationally co-produced with Filipino production companies. It provides up to PHP 10 Million in cash incentives and requires a minimum projected spending of PHP 5 Million.

During its first cycle, ICOF awarded the projects Nocebo (directed by Lorcan Finnegan and co-produced by Philippines-based Epicmedia and UK-based Wild Swim Films) and Kapag Wala Nang Mga Alon (When the Waves are Gone) (directed by Lav Diaz and co-produced by Epicmedia alongside Danish production company Snowglobe and French production company Films Boutique) with funding.

Both FLIP and ICOF were launched by FDCP’s FilmPhilippines Office to encourage more international productions to hire or co-produce their projects with Philippine production companies.

Productions wishing to avail of either FLIP or ICOF incentives may apply now. The third cycle for applications for both financial incentive programs opened on September 1st and will continue through November 27.

For more information, visit

#JailVitoGumban is trending in the Philippines

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To think that this kind of news suddenly got unearthed, it sounded surreal and so strange like its an unusual thing to even happen.

Despite the rush of wanting him to rot in jail, please do not let your emotions cloud your judgement. He still must face investigation and fair trial. He must be given that, or we will just be like him, violators of the law we ought to uphold and protect. 

Calling out all learning institutions to please do better in educating your students about sex especially about consent.

I hope the university treats this case with the same or greater importance as martial law rallies, corruption, and violations that wreck the school name.

This case may question the effectivity of the schools teachings and it's application to real life.

I believe this is a must kasi hindi lang si Vito ang ganitong tao sa mundo, there are a whole lot more.

I know the trauma that almost all of the victims have and still experiencing. No human deserves to be used for sexual pleasure and harassed. 

To the victims of this Vito Gumban, the commission of the consummated rape is difficult to prove. However, if you’ll stand as a witness collectively, I don’t think he can get away with this.

This goes to all boys, girls, gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer: if you feel that you're being used, harrassed, threatened, raise your voices, let your voice be heard, you deserve to be treated like kings and queens and not to be threatened by anyone. Please don't be scared to tell your stories, marami kayong kakampi.

No one ever deserves to be abused or harassed and Sexual assault is NEVER the survivor’s fault. No one asks to be sexually assaulted by what they wear, say or do. Only the perpetrator is to blame! RAPE is RAPE.

You can’t just “forget it” or just move on. Recovery is a fucking long term process and each individual moves at their own pace, like it takes a lot of courage for a survivor to share their experience.

If you don't know Vito Gumban's issues of rape and harassment, he is a student from Ateneo de Naga University. Eventhough you're not an Atenean, show support to the victims and for him to be accountable for what he did.

To those motherfvcker manipulative and manyakis "sadbois" out there, mae-expose din kayo. 

Rape can't be done alone, he had support or backers (other rapists or just neutral peeps) who knows but opted to be content with just being silent. Apathetic motherfuckers.

Sexual harassment and rape isn't an issue that should be ignored. The trauma is something so heavy, something a victim would carry for the rest of their lives.

This mf has also been spreading n*des of girls he have been with.

This whole movement or whatever this is is NOT exclusive to women. This is to ALL genders, sexes, or pretty much ANYBODY. Misandry isn't okay as much as misogyny isn't. Still fighting.

Hope all of your boners are worth the time you spend in jail, not to mention the way inmates will rape you when they learn about your charges.

Women are NOT sex objects you can just manipulate to feed your disgusting whims.  

I hope you learn that when you’re out of jail, you fucking rapist.

Sending hugs to all women involved. I hope you get the justice you deserve. I genuinely hope you have a good day today, thank you for speaking up.

Graduate Batch 2020:

Your diploma does not equate your worth as a person, trained nurses killed babies in the concentration camps during WW2, and now an educated fellow who studied ethics from parents and school raped/s people and enjoyed/s it.

These rape cases made me believe in heaven and hell again, cus I know Satan be getting a new devil and God's gonna tell a random guy to build a boat. 

Noah gets the ark.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Mikey Arroyo to Comelec: Consider postponing Halalan 2022, voters scared of #COVID19

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Pampanga Rep. Mikey Arroyo asks Comelec to consider postponing Halalan 2022 because voters are scared of the #COVID19 Pandemic. Chairman Abas throws the matter to Congress and the President, says it's not Comelec's call.

Kami pa gagawin ninyong tanga? Oo, nakakatakot yung virus, pero mas nakakatakot na kayo-kayo pa rin nasa posisyon lagpas 2022. 

You probably just wanna declare Martial law. Hindi ninyo na nga priority yang paghandle sa virus, gagamitin ninyo pang excuse. Huwag kami. Don't us!a

Mas takot ako sa pagwawalang-bahala ng mga nasa pwesto sa gobyerno. Kung maaari nga na paki advance ang election mas pabor pa po ako. Baka kasi may magbago, baka kasi maiba naman mga nakaupo. Pagod na ako sa purong pangako na napapako.

Naku tigilan mo kami, Mikey! Mas natatakot kaming lumala ang sitwasyon ng Pilipinas dahil sa gobyernong ito! Handang-handa na kaming palitan ang mga di karapat-dapat na na nasa pwesto ngayon!

At sinong tinanong mo na nagsabi na takot ang mga Pilipinong bumuto dahil sa COVID? 

Excuse me, But I don't remember telling anyone that I'm afraid to vote off their asses for their incompetence in the office!

We ain't settling for this government for more years! Dapat nga noong 2016 pa lang ay pinalitan na the moment the evil mouth of the President and his men started desecrating the Philippines and the Filipino people.

Generalizing your citizens as "scared" due to pandemic but the reality is that you are "scared" of what would be the results of the elections. You are not even "scared" to open the tourism and the whole percentage of the economy. 

Kayang i-open ang economy pero ang voting precints di pwede? Parang may mali. Tsaka 2022 pa yun, di pa rin ayos ang covid till then?

Nung bang ini-open yung Manila Bay synthetic sands beach sy natakot yung mga tao? Natakot ba kayo ng mawala yung "social distancing"? Who is scared of this scamdemic!?

You guys shortened the distance for public commuters, but scared to do #Halalan2022.?

Gigil na gigil na nga kami bomoto sa next election! 

Sa mga kabataan na hindi pa registered, let's register now para hindi magtagumpay ang mga ganid na taong kapit-tuko sa posisyon sa gobyerno. 

Alam na gawin na namang rason ang covid para ma-move ang election!  Hay, Pilipinas! Kaya pa ba?

Wala po ba tayong pwedeng magawa to counter this proposal na baka mangyari? We all know that majority of the congress follows the president blindly. Nakatatakot po kung mangyayari nga ang pagpostpone.

Isa rin ba itong pag-amin na hindi talaga magawa ng pamahalaan ang pagpigil sa virus at tatagal pa tayo ng lagpas sa 2022 election? 

Pandemic or no pandemic, we need to change our leaders come 2022, This crisis exposes their incompetence in a stress out fashion!

It's no longer surprising that there are propositions being made to defer or even nix #Halalan2022.

Mula sa simula, sinadya na ng gobyerno na gamitin ang pandemya to prolong their stay in power. Kaya walang long-term plan o sustainable solution.

That's how fascist regimes work.

They're afraid that the people would vote them out in 2022 due to their failed #COVID19PH response that's they're seeking to postpone #Halalan2022.

But history taught us that whether there would be an election or not, the people's collective movement could hold them accountable. 

Yes to Academic Freeze hashtag We Maintenance As One

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"PLDT and Smart customers might experience slow internet connections as it conducts emergency maintenance activities from Sept. 25 to 30, 2020. Despite this, the telco giant assures customers of continued connectivity during that period."

Similarly, I thought Globe released a somewhat similar announcement somewhere within the same dates. But then cleared it up.

Several schools in Metro Manila already announced adjustments in their online classes for Sept. 25-30, in line with the maintenance activities announced.

The notice from Globe Telecoms na hindi affected ang service nila from the emergency maintenance tomorrow could have been good news if I was still with Globe. So the September 28 issue of Globe is isolated?

SKY also released an announcement regarding the AAG emergency maintenance. Expect a slow internet connection starting tomorrow 8 am in the morning. Is Sky affected because it's connected to PLDT too?

How about Converge? Maybe they're not shutting down since Liza Soberano could be capable of doing that on her own, and forever for this victim.

Liza Soberano filedva formal criminal case against the netizen, who is employed by Converge, that made a 'rape remark'. Liza was accompanied by her manager Ogie Diaz and legal counsel. 

Soberano said that the 'rape joke' shouldn't be taken lightly: "I was really upset, because the fact that it's a rape joke it's not something that should be taken lightly, and the fact that she's a woman, I would never in a million years do a joke like that."

Soberano adds: "I know that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, that is true, but at some point you have to be respectful to others online. I want people to learn that there are consequences to everything like rape jokes coz that is not a light matter."

I really don't know what's with Converge's employees but the way they handled Liza Soberano's complaint speaks volume about themselves. Imagine:

1st: They leaked Liza's personal information.

2nd: They gave her a rape threat.

3rd:  They really be talking shits about her.

But enough of that, going back to the we maintenance as one,

The fact that schools are cancelling classes next week because of the Telco or Internet service providers advisories shows that they truly care and want no student left behind...I just hope all schools feel that way.

Hayop Ka Filipino animation gets criticized for casting Robin Padilla as one of the lead characters


Wazzup Pilipinas!

The first animated Netflix film from the Philippines is arriving in the streaming site in October.

“Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story," a rom-com film featuring the voices of Angelica Panganiban, Robin Padilla, and Sam Milby, is dropping on October 29.

"Because of Robin Padilla’s part in the film, some people called to boycott the animated film – but in a September 21 tweet, one of its animators appealed to viewers to support the film and not judge it by its actors alone."

Kawawa naman yung mga nasa likod ng produksyon nadamay dahil kay tabogong Robinhood. Parang yung "Mulan" 2020 lang.

Do you know why Robin was among the cast? Joyce Bernal is one of the producers. Joyce Bernal, the Presidential SONA director. Lol!

We are not obliged to call for a support to a film totally messed up by a miscast!

We have so many amazing, established, professional voice actors, but the film chose prestige casting (even though Robin Padilla’s voice just sounds like...Robin Padilla) so they have to bear the consequences. 

Animated films take a long time to produce and maybe nacast na nila si Robin as one of the voice actors prior to his social media kabobohan antics. I will support the film to support Filipino creators and animators but not for Robin.

Based on the trailer, I am indeed tempted not to see this film. Mr. Padilla, was miscast or because of his previous roles, was pigeon holed into the underdog lover trope and was casted because of it. They could've looked for better voice actors. He sound very breathy at the end of his lines and it doesn't suit the character he plays.

Actually, they've all been typecasted. This is why the trailer itself sounds awkward. They should also consider the character of the artists they are getting. If it has a good reputation and if the action is a good example to others.

The thing is, Robin Padilla is a very divisive person. The production knew that before they hired him, they weighed their options and still went with him maybe thinking there are more Robin fans than detractors? 

So to the animator, I’m sorry, many would probably not see your work, or just watch it over pirated sites online. Good luck on your future projects, hopefully you will learn from this mistake.

Robin is a trash but let’s give it a shot sa Filipino animated film na ito. Unfair yan kung hindi natin susuportahan dahil lang sa iisang aktor, hindi pa nga natin napapanood. The trailer usually does not show the bigger picture of how good the animators and storytellers are.

Dapat kasi yung kinuha nyung artista yung walang kinikilingang politiko. Everything is politics. Always remember that. Lahat ng bagay, may influence yung political beliefs and disbeliefs. So, people (the consumers) have the final say to it. Good luck sa animation ninyo.

Mag isip-isip na ang mga producer na sa susunod wag na nilang kunin ang mga artistang pro Duterte. Hindi rin to mapapanood at masusuportahan ng mga DeDeEs kasi wala sila lahat pang-Netflix. Puro Piratebay lang. Unless dagdagan ang kanilang TF....or isama mga Chinese paid trolls....pati na yung PNP at AFP trolls.

Why did they go with actors instead of local dubbers who voiced for hero TV? They're hardly represented in cinema. kawawa naman yung mga nagpakahirap sa movie konti na nga lang animators natin dito.

How about the others? Are you still going to watch it just to support Philippine animation but you will surely cringe at every voice line of Robin Padilla? Or you'll mute his parts?

How to Motivate Yourself

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Overcoming emotional downtime when you have an essential thing to accomplish is not an easy task. Most of us often go through this calling in sick is the norm for many. If you do not like procrastinating, you will find yourself dragging your feet even in the most urgent matters. With such a setback, it is crucial to have some tips on how you can motivate yourself. However, it is not a guarantee that you will succeed due to unchangeable circumstances. Below are some ways you can motivate yourself, carefully crafted by term paper writing help experts.


It more demoralizing working on a task while you are depressed. The best option is to take a step back and trace where it all started. The moment you figure out when the problem started and why then you have a high chance of sorting it out. And if you cannot get the reason, you should ignore it and move on.

Take a break on intervals

Breaks help you move out of the issue and shift attention to something else. Doing a different activity during the break will help a lot.

Move around

Keeping your body active increases the pulse rate and will as well boost the brain activity. Some people find it silly, but it works.

Way forward

If you are having a challenge focusing on the current task, you can move to the next one and revisit the current one later. Focusing on one task that is not bearing any fruit will lead to time wasted and possible procrastination.

Isolate the problem

Find out what is bothering you and isolate it. It will be impossible to work if you will not have dealt with the source of the problem. The most common signs include anger, restlessness, boredom, fear, and fatigue.

Deconstruct your fears

You may think you do not have any fear of accomplishing a task. However, there may be underlying anxieties and fears that will distract you from finishing your work. Identify and isolate them and boost your confidence.

Do not work alone

Find a partner that will motivate you in your time of distress. That second opinion matters most when you are about to quit.

Kickstart your day

Plan your day, starting with the essential work early in the morning. This way, you will build a momentum that will drive you through the day.

Read a book

A book will not only give you information bus also expand your mind. Graduate from reading motivational and self-help books alone to reading books that give you new ideas. New ideas will provide you with the confidence to tackle an issue differently, thus stay motivated.

Mantra is key 

A short statement that reminds you of your goal and keeps you focused is highly recommended. Any motivational mantras will work irrespective of where you get it. An example of an excellent mantra to start with is “do it now.”

Capitalize on your successes

Success is a motivational factor. When you succeed, it will drive you to pursue more success, and each hurdle you overcome motivates you to the next. As you plan our day, make a to-do list of which you will be ticking every accomplished task. Whether it is a small accomplishment, note it down. It is equally important.


The above tips will help you overcome any demotivation that you may encounter in your daily activities. These tips do not guarantee the absence of low moments but ensure a solution when you have such moments.

BFAR Recognizes WWF-Philippines as Gawad Pagkilala Awardee

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has recognized the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines as a Gawad Pagkilala Awardee for their work in securing tuna fisheries.

The award was conferred to WWF-Philippines on the 14th of September, 2020, at the start of the 57th Fish Conservation Week. The FishCon is held every September. Presidential Proclamation No. 316 has designated the month of September as the Maritime and Archipelagic Nation Awareness Month.

The Gawad Pagkilala Award is given to “stakeholders or partner institutions which have shown exemplary support, contributions, and/or accomplishments in fisheries conservation and management,” as per guidelines from BFAR.

WWF-Philippines was given the award for the work achieved by the Sustainable Tuna Partnerships program. Active since 2011, the STP program has helped organize small-scale fishers, providing them with sustainable livelihood support in accordance with the mandate of BFAR. The program has also lobbied for the rights of small scale tuna fishers, and played an instrumental role in the passing of the Local Tuna Management Plan of Lagonoy Gulf.

BFAR V Regional Fisheries Training and Fisherfolk Coordination Division Chief, Dr. Noemi Lanzuela, initiated the nomination of WWF-Philippines for the Gawad Pagkilala award. Dr. Lanzuela, who oversees the fisherfolk empowerment program of BFAR V, has worked closely with WWF-Philippines’ STP program since it was first launched in 2011 as the Partnership Program Towards Sustainable Tuna, or PPTST.

“Partnership means not only maximizing initiatives towards synergy but enabling learning among stakeholders, learning not only how to do things better but to unlearn what we used to know so that we become more effective in what we do, especially in empowering our partner communities. More importantly, partnership is building commitment and trust which are essential ingredients in achieving our goals for a more meaningful engagement of action,” said Dr. Lanzuela.

Recently, the organization was able to establish an inter-province group consisting of small-scale fishers and traders. WWF-Philippines has been working to help their fishers earn Marine Stewardship Council certification, the most highly-regarded eco label for marine resources, and the newly-established group is a strong step in that direction. 

“Our partnership with BFAR goes beyond formal agreements. It’s a meeting of minds and hearts, deeply rooted in our long engagement and sincere friendship working on the Sustainable Tuna Partnerships program,” said WWF-Philippines Project Manager Joann Binondo. Binondo has overseen the program since it was first launched in 2011.

“I believe that by working with BFAR, we can create positive impacts in the lives of our fisherfolk. That is all we want at WWF-Philippines. And so we will keep on working closely with the LGUs and with BFAR to empower local fishing communities,” added Binondo.

“The government alone cannot achieve its objectives without strong partnership, collaboration, and cooperation among institutions, and our stakeholders such as civil society and non-state actors, who are equally capable if not more capable in providing capacity development to the community as primary stakeholders in the development process,” said BFAR V Regional Director Nelson Bien.

Much work needs to be done before the fisheries of the Philippines can claim to be sustainable, but WWF-Philippines has worked hard with local fishers to #ChangeTheEnding and achieve this goal. The organization remains committed to the small-scale fishers of the Philippines.

Enchanted Kingdom’s Eldar the Wizard invites everyone to join his virtual party

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Our favorite Eldar The Wizard is celebrating his birthday and Enchanted Kingdom invites everyone to join us from the comfort of your homes as we bring the festivities to you with Eldar’s Magical Birthday Celebration!


You’re all invited on September 26, 2020, Saturday, 6:00PM-7:00PM for a special virtual party on Pinoy Box Office Channel (PBO), and Enchanted Kingdom’s Official Facebook and YouTube accounts :




Gather your friends and families for an hour of fun, learning, and special performances from Eldar, Princess Victoria, Princess Madeline and the EK characters, plus a special segment with Jose Mari Chan featuring his Christmas ballads, the perfect way to welcome the holiday season!


For more information, visit Enchanted Kingdom’s official website and Facebook page at and

NOI.PH announces Phl team for 32nd Int’l Olympiad in Informatics

Wazzup Pilipinas!


The National Olympiad in Informatics - Philippines (NOI.PH), which organizes the national competition and training camp in preparation for the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), recently announced the four-man pool to wear the national colors in the global informatics plum.


Leading the pack is IOI silver and bronze medalist and 2020 NOI.PH champion, Dan Alden Baterisna of De La Salle University Senior High School, along with 1st runner up, Steven Chua of British School Manila. Both secured the two slots with their victory last August.


Joining them are Steven Reyes of Saint Jude Catholic School and Dion Stephan Ong of the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School, which coincidentally placed 3rd and 4th, respectively, in the national competition. Reyes and Ong, however, earned their keeps after the training camp.


Now on its 32nd run, the IOI is the most prestigious informatics competition in the world, and will be done fully online this year. The contest was originally set in July in Singapore and was moved to September 21-22.


The Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI), which supports the country’s participation in the IOI, lauded NOI.PH for leading the charge in finding the best bets to represent each Filipino into the world stage.


“We congratulate our national team members as well as NOI.PH for building the most competitive lineup possible. We hope that our contingents can not only put up a great fight but also inspire others students to pursue informatics and analytics,” Biyo remarked.

Akbayan Youth: Military, police should explain links with Facebook takedown of accounts


Wazzup Pilipinas!

Akbayan Youth called for the military and police to explain their links with Facebook's takedown of accounts and pages for coordinated inauthentic behavior on Tuesday. "The military and police have a lot of explaining to do. At a time when China is gaining control over our territory, our power grids and soon our telecommunications system, why is our military distracting itself with fake Facebook accounts to attack youth and students?" Akbayan Youth chairperson Dr. RJ Naguit said. "The report cites that suspicious online activities heightened during the debates on the Anti-Terror Act in 2019. From the looks of it, it seems that our uniformed personnel are more concerned about spreading propaganda against critics rather than protecting the Filipino people," Naguit said. "The House and Senate needs to hold the military and police to account during the budget hearings for 2021. We need to know that not a single centavo of taxpayers' money is being used to endanger the lives of the youth," Naguit said. "We need to know the truth about this network-- why it's built and how it's funded-- to hold the government accountable. If it's part of preparations for Terror Act crackdowns, it's time for the Supreme Court to act and take the Terror Act down," Dr. Naguit said.

Save the Children Philippines urges protection of children against trending online challenges

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Save the Children Philippines has aired concern on the online behavior of digital users posting photos of young girls, including babies, that may put children in danger of online sexual abuse and exploitation through the #dropyourbeautifuldaughterchallenge and related hashtags that have already gained half a million responses.

“We call on parents and guardians to be at the forefront of fulfilling the right of children to be protected from online sexual abuse and exploitation by using social media responsibly and teaching children the proper and safe use of the internet,” said Atty. Alberto Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines.

“Even if the images posted are not sexual in nature and content, there is still a risk that these can be used by online predators for untoward purposes,” said Muyot.

The Philippines is currently the global epicenter of online sexual abuse and exploitation based on the thousands of sexual images of Filipino children found proliferating in digital platforms being used by sexual predators.

In 2017, the Office of Cybercrime of the country’s Department of Justice (DOJ) received 45,645 tip-offs about sexual images of Filipino children from the US-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The NCMEC requires internet service providers (ISPs) and electronic service providers (ESPs) in the US to submit reports of child abuse. The number has since then ballooned to 600,000 last year.

Wilma Banaga, Child Protection Advisor of Save the Children Philippines said that it is important for parents and guardians to be careful about posting images of their children online because we cannot control how such images can be used by others.

“It is advisable that parents respectfully monitor their children’s online activities and to be good role models in using the internet and social media,” said Banaga.

“The long period of quarantine provides parents and guardians more time to educate their children on how they can protect themselves online, which also means that they should also be knowledgeable on the safe use of the internet and social media,” Banaga added.

Save the Children Philippines is part of the consortium implementing the SaferKidsPH program together with the Asia Foundation and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). SaferKidsPH, an Australian Government initiative, is working towards reducing online sexual abuse and exploitation (OSAEC) of children in the Philippines.

SaferKidsPH has lined up recommendations for parents, guardians, and concerned agencies, as well as children and youth, to ensure safety in using the internet. These include never sharing of personal details or sending/ posting sensitive information such as photos, phone number, credit card details, home address, and location of school to anyone met online or at any social networking site.

In addition, by never meeting anyone you first or just “met” online. Parents or guardians must be informed right away as some people may not be who they say they are on social media.

“While we are proud of our children and would love to share beautiful pictures of them, let us be more cautious in joining online challenges that may jeopardize their welfare,” said Muyot.

“It would also help if we increase the safety and privacy setting of our social media accounts, as well as of our children’s, and build a safe digital platform for children where they can learn, have fun and socialize with real friends, neighbors, and family during the lockdown,” he added. 

DOST-SEI scouts for best student-innovations


Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) is again on the look-out for the best student-led innovations that address community problems as it recently announced the opening of the 4th imake.wemake: create. innovate. collaborate. Competition.

The competition, which began in 2017, seeks to unleash the creativity of young Filipinos in innovation using accessible technologies. It also aims to expose students to the whole process of innovation from idea pitching to building and testing actual prototypes.

Innovations should be powered by a microcomputer or microcontroller

“The competition has been effective in improving students’ engineering and technical proficiencies, as well as develop their communication, critical and analytical thinking skills. We believe we can sustain the momentum even though our mobility is limited these days,” said DOST-SEI Director, Dr. Josette Biyo.

As was in the past, the competition has three stages: 1) Call for Proposals and Selection: 2) Technical Training/Workshop and Project Pitching; and 3) Final Project Presentation and Judging.

Teams should be composed of three (3) Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 students and a teacher per school. They may pitch projects addressing any of the following areas: food safety, security, traffic/road congestion, health, education, disaster mitigation, entrepreneurship, agriculture, and environment. An accompanying video not longer than three minutes should also explain the concept.

School teams passing the selection process will be invited to attend a five-day technical training/workshop on basic electronics, programming, troubleshooting, and presentation skills. Qualifiers will also get free kit-of-parts, which will be used to develop their prototype or actual technologies.

“Since we’re on a pandemic, we’re designing the technical training to be purely online. Challenging as it may, we will make sure the online training will just be as effective as face-to-face sessions,” Biyo said.

Teams will be given a build and testing period of three months prior to the final project presentation and judging. The projects will be evaluated by the board of judges based on relevance and potential impact on the community of interest, novelty, viability, and community engagement.

At the end, three winning innovations will receive P100,000 cash prize and the prestigious Youth Innovation Prize each.

Deadline for submission of proposals is on November 6, 2019. Contest mechanics and entry form may be downloaded at Project Proposal Entry Form and Call for Proposals. For details, visit facebook/imake.wemake or email

Nothing Smells Fishy, Only Business Opportunities, at Navotas Fish Port Complex

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A visit at the Navotas Fish Port Complex?

Smells fishy? Not necessarily! I was actually surprised how clean and well-organized the place is....and why it doesn't smell fishy? Seriously, I was expecting something dirty, smelly and chaotic, but what I've seen was totally the opposite.

The Navotas Fish Port Complex is the premier fish center of the country! This is where our seaboodle orders come from! From my favorite milkfish (bangus), galunggong, shrimps, prawns, crabs, scallops, etc., coming from different parts of the country to even from others parts of the world (though frozen as expected), you'll find them here especially during evenings and early mornings.

Wazzup Pilipinas visited the Navotas Fish Port Complex a few days ago to give you possibilities on how we can survive or divert to another business during this pandemic since we could probably become seafood distributors ourselves. My friend Tina has a brother (Ivan) working there as a middleman selling these yummy seafood to distributors by bulk, so she brought me along one night to witness how things work at the fish port.

I was surprised that the Navotas Fish Port Complex is brightly lit and with limited number but all friendly people all wearing white shirts, plus the government-required face masks and shields for satisfying the protocols on health and safety. I said friendly because they would jokingly call me out as a vlogger when they saw me with my phone and selfie stick.

Yes, they guessed right that I was a vlogger because who would bring a monopod with him and walk around the fish port talking to his mobile phone attached to the monopod? It was very obvious. If I had a DSLR camera, they would probably think I was a photographer.

Social distancing is a bit lax at some instances but only because the tubs of seafood needed to move. They were pulling them from one location to another using ropes tied to the tubs.

I think they don't allow everyone to come in to the port unless you are a distributor, also to limit the entry of unnecessary persons due to the health and safety protocols of the government too. 

I had enough time to roam around to take photos and videos, and to chat with some people, but I should return again some time in the early morning to see the other types of fish that usually comes during those hours. If I will return here, I'll be buying prawns- my top priority during buffets and festive gatherings.

I had an opportunity to chat with Ivan but I don't really know what to ask since I have no idea of the business. I know it's definitely more affordable to buy from here but they probably won't sell by a few kilos here, but by tubs which are several kilos meant for distributors. The distributors are the ones that sell these seafood to the retailers like those vendors at the market where we buy our fish from.

Ivan said the baby's he showed me cost P110 but are sold at P160 at the markets while "Yung ibang klase ng bangus may 130 at 120, yung galing Dagupan. Basta depende kasi sa size"

"Ang white prawn ranging sa 250 hanggang 400 yun depende sa size at sa kalidad"

"Class A, B to C sa quality yan ng hipon, tapos sa prize halimbawa 250 small, 300 med, 350 large"

"Halimbawa ang hipon medyo madali na masira yung 350 na large magiging 320 to 300 na lang yun kasi dahil sa kalidad niya"

I think I don't need to explain anymore what it would mean if you buy those of less quality. But it is really up to you and depending on your target market. I just hope this blog gives you an idea of possible business opportunities.

So prices do vary depending on a few factors mainly size and quality (like how fresh it is) and most probably where they came from since taste of the catch do vary depending on which place it came from. Fishes are like people too. They are judged based on their upbringing or where they were raised and grew up?

As expected, our breakfast a day after and even after a few more days when we visited our home in Montalban, Rizal was also fried galunggong from the Navotas Fish Port Complex (I went home with a lot of these tasty fishes), we added fried bacon (bought from our neighborhood online seller since we also support online sellers), some freshly harvested lettuce from my container garden there (this growing on our hydroponics), and chicken fingers breaded with cheese (bought from the supermarket).

Of course, always with either coffee, choco, milk, or if we're in Pasig, freshly squeezed juice from the citrus fruit of the day, either calamansi or lemon.

We also had the generosity to give some to our relatives and neighbors. After all, eating galunggong everyday may not be that fun any more, so we gave away some. Next visit I'll ask for a variety so we won't have to eat the same fish over and over. Not that I'm complaining, but variety is better.

But still the best dish there is on our breakfast, lunch and dinner table was the galunggong since it was as fresh as it could be if coming directly from the Navotas Fish Port Complex. To keep the freshness, they even added crushed ice with the fish when they wrapped it for us to bring back home. 

This would be a good business venture for those who lost their jobs or business because of the Covid-19 or Corona virus pandemic.  Since many do love seafood, you could become a distributor and target possible retailers to sell them. Though of course you need to invest on probably a freezer truck, or with just lots of ice, so you could deliver them fresh to your customers.

Whether it's meat (pork, beef or chicken) or seafood, they are kept cooled on ice or better frozen to maintain freshness and quality.

By the way, I'm still working on the video so please do watch out for it too. For the meantime, think about the possibilities of how this could be your solution to the challenges during this pandemic that is said to be still our new normal for at least a couple more years. Food is always a necessity that people could never do without

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