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#BawalJudgemental: Heal the hearts of the abused

Wazzup Pilipinas!

You're in a relationship to be happy, to smile, to laugh, and to make good memories. Not to be constantly upset, to feel hurt and to cry.

Today's episode of #BawalJudgmental about domestic abuse hits so close to home. Akala ko okay na ko, pero triggered pa rin ako every time nakakarinig ako ng ganitong stories. 

How could people -- a supposed life partner at that -- physically, emotionally, mentally abuse their other half? Bottomline, no one should resort to violence just because you're drunk, sad, angry or whatever.

To everyone reading this, please know your worth and don't forget to love yourself.

Ang bigat ng #BawalJudgmental episode today. Naiiyak at nadudurog puso ko habang pinakikinggan yung napagdaanan nila. Let this be a lesson to all girls out there, that you shouldn't lose respect to yourselves  and never let any man hurt you just because you love them.

We all deserve to be loved so sa lahat diyan na nakakaranas ng abuse, please don't be afraid to leave that kind of set up. We all deserve better. We all deserve someone to treat and love us more than the way we want to be treated and be loved. 

"Mahal na mahal ko eh." I never knew these words would hurt so so so much. To the girl reading this, you deserve someone who would love you so so much and would never ever hurt you. So if it's hard already, if you are hurting and can't take it anymore, leave the unfair relationship. 

The stories today on #BawalJudgmental highlight the toxicity of Philippine society's OVERemphasis on the family.

Ayaw magkaroon ng broken family pero at the expense of personal safety and sanity. Luh.


Today's #BawalJudgmental should also emphasize the importance of mental health.

Issuance of marriage licenses should require psychiatric exams/evaluation.

It's not easy being a woman who's with an abusive man. Ladies, please love yourself. Never be afraid to let go if he is not treating you right anymore. Again, love yourself.  

It is better to break your own heart by leaving an abusive relationship, rather than having that person breaking your heart every day. 

Laban lang para sa ating matatapang! Magiging okay din ang lahat. 

Family is supposed to be our safe haven. Very often, its the place where we find the deepest heartache.  

It's the people you love the most ang kaya talagang makapanakit sa iyo ng todo.

Wiping people away from our lives is the hardest thing to, do but we have to in order to grow, to be happy and in order to find what we truly deserve. Remember we should never settle for less than what we deserve. KNOW YOUR WORTH and KNOW WHEN IT'S TIME TO LEAVE. 

Also, please do not be afraid to file a case against your abusive partner. PAO provides indigent litigants free legal assistance, kaya huwag niyo isipin na 'walang pera' to file a case. 

That is, only if you've tried everything to make the relationship work. Know your limits. Know when enough is enough.

What’s sad is that some do not even realize they’re in abusive relationships. 

Sticking to your partners despite abuse because of the reason,”what about the kids” is wrong. When your partner does not treat you right, even just verbally, leave. Specially when you have kids. They might not tell you but they suffer a lot, mentally and emotionally.

To all the women: 


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Men, if you can’t be a responsible partner or father, do not enter a relationship. 

Heal all the hearts of these people who experienced abuse.

Alden's question "Ano sa tingin mo ang pagkukulang mo kaya siya naging ganun?" reeks of low-key victim blaming.

But panoorin ninyo muna ang buong video ng question niya ..Yung doctor na din nagsabi na minsan ay may pagkukulang din yung babae kaya na-curious si Alden at naitanong niya sa contestant..Huwag agad judgemental? Lol


DOTr Free Ride Service for Health Workers program reaches 2 million ridership

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) today said that it has registered a total of more than 2 million in ridership for its “Libreng Sakay” or Free Ride Service for Health Workers program amid the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

According to DOTr Road Transport and Infrastructure Assistant Secretary Mark Steven Pastor, as of 7 January 2021, the program's total ridership nationwide was recorded at 2,001,461.

"Natutuwa po kami na umabot na sa mahigit 2 milyon ang ridership ng programa dahil sa patuloy na pagtitiwala at pagtangkilik ng ating mga health workers. Mahigpit pong bilin ng ating mahal na Kalihim, si Secretary Tugade, na huwag na huwag pong pababayaan ang ating mga health workers na patuloy na naglilingkod at lumalaban upang mapigilan ang pagkalat, at nang tuluyang masugpo ang COVID-19," Asec Pastor emphasized.

Of the registered total ridership, the National Capital Region (NCR)-Greater Manila Area recorded 554,625 ridership since it started operations on 18 March 2020, a few days after the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon was enforced.

Starting with just three routes, the program continues to service health workers covering 20 routes in the NCR-Greater Manila Area despite the lifting of the ECQ.

Meanwhile, in other regions outside the NCR-Greater Manila Area, the free ride services being offered by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) were able to ferry a total of 1,446,836 health workers since the start of regional operations.

The DOTr implemented the free ride service for health workers to help ease the burden of these frontliners in getting to their respective medical communities, as public transportation was suspended with the enforcement of the ECQ as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Buses participating in the free ride service for health workers in the NCR-Greater Manila Area are serving routes that link medical facilities or hospitals with various COVID-19 isolation or treatment areas.

The ongoing implementation of the free bus service for health workers is made possible in coordination with the Office of the President, Philippine National Police (PNP), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Land Transportation Office (LTO), Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), and Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT).

Moreover, other agencies which have previously cooperated were Office of the Solicitor General, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Sandiganbayan, Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and the Commission on Audit (COA).

Bus companies which are currently participating in the program include HM Transport, Jasper Jean, Ceres Transport/Goldstar, Philtranco, RRCG Transport, Jac Liner/ Dagupan Bus.

Meanwhile, other bus companies, such as the San Agustin, MetroExpress, Precious Grace Transport, St. Rose Transit, Hafti Transport, G-Liner, Manrose, Pilipinas Autogroup, Beep, Mitsubishi Motors, Elmer Francisco Industries, Isuzu Philippines, Foton Motors, Suzuki, MERALCO e-Sakay, Lucena Lines, Pangasinan Five Star Bus Co., Inc., City Bus, Star Bus, Earthstar Express, Inc., Gell Transport, at Jam Liner, Diamond V8, Pascual Liner, Pamana Transport, UBE Express, DLTB, Genesis, Hi-Star, Thelman Transit, Star8, at Megaworld Corp. (Citylink), Hino, Hyundai, uHop, and Toyota Motor Philippines, likewise participated in the program.

Also assisting in the implementation of the program is Petron Corporation which has been providing the participating bus companies with fuel subsidy. Other oil companies which provided assistance were Phoenix Petroleum, CleanFuel, Total Philippines, and SeaOil Philippines.

The DOTr also reminds that vehicles ferrying health workers are still exempted from paying toll fees in all expressways in Luzon. The free toll arrangement is in cooperation between the DOTr, through the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), and the toll road operators.

Meanwhile, the DOTr assures that the free ride service program for health workers strictly enforces health and sanitation protocols, particularly the 7 Commandments for public transportation as recommended by health experts, to contain the spread of COVID-19. These include the following: 1) Always wear mask and face shield; 2) No talking and making phone calls; 3) No eating; 4) Keep public utility vehicles well-ventilated; 5) Conduct of frequent disinfection; 6) No passengers with COVID-19 symptoms are to be allowed inside the public transportation; 7) Always observe appropriate physical distancing (“one-seat-apart”) rule.

Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar: May Asim Pa Ba?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

P*** ng pelikula,

Puso ng Artista

Noon, Hubog ng Katawan

Ngayon, Hubad na Katotohanan

I just came across this new movie project that’s currently in the works. It’s a Filipino movie titled: “Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar” which translates to “When I grow up, I want to be a Pornstar” 

From the makers of #JOWABLE, here comes Darryl Yap’s fourth full-length film, ‘Paglaki ko, gusto kong maging PORNSTAR,’ featuring Rosanna Roces, Ara Mina, Maui Taylor, and Alma Moreno as themselves.

Coming soon from VIVA Films and Vincentiments. 

Honestly, we all want to excel in our chosen career, and a year before graduation there's usually a career orientation seminar held for upcoming graduates. That's where we are supposed to get ideas and inspiration to.make up our mind regarding the path we are going to take after graduation.

I used to want to be an artist before...not the showbiz celebrity but the one that dwells with the love for artworks like painting, sculpting and other fields that require the best and most meaningful works filled with creativity and imagination. But then my mother said there's hardly a financial reward if you pursue that so I was steered towards engineering courses.

During college, that's when I got to truly mingle with the opposite sex since during high school I just look at them as just friends, but it's only during the college years when I got interested with them with sexual intent....meaning I want to see what girls look like without their clothes.

That's because it was also the time when sexy stars were popular...that almost every movie production is making the genre. 

During that time, there was no such porn over the Internet yet, so we had to settle for Betamax and VHS copies. I still am surprised I once had a shop convert Betamax tape copies of porn movies so I could watch these porn on my VHS player.

Mukhang solid itong movie na ito featuring ka-childhood Pantasya ng Bayan ... I mean, except for Alma Moreno, the three other starlets were part of my childhood. Pinagdedebatihan... Wow Viva.. bagay na bagay iyan sa panahon ng pandemic at paghihirap ng bansa. Lol!

Stress reliever naman.talaga to masturbate while fantasizing on beautiful women that you could f*ck...even with just our imagination. Makakailang putol kaya ako? Depende sa pelikula kung how daring the scenes will be. Not so sure if we'll see some nudity from the stars of yesteryears, but I'm betting the three supporting casts AJ Raval, Ana Jalandoni, and Rose Van Ginkel will provide the steamy scenes. Unless you still beat your stick with the MILFs or GILFs stars, my only fancy here is the youngest among the four which is Maui Taylor.

Sa apat na bida, kay Maui lang ako titigasan, and most probably doon sa tatlong extra ladies na siyang malamang magpapatalbog ng kanilang alindog.

Minsan nang pumasok sa isip kong maging pornstar. Imagine having sex with women as a job. Pero lately gusto ko na maging porn director. Level up na kasi tayo men....dahil di ba sa pelikula pwedeng fake lang yung actual libog mo with your sex partner, pero after the movie, the director can have the power to take home the pornstar...and that's when you can go truly wild. Lol!

Minsan talaga ang hirap magalit kay Daryl Yap kasi aminin natin na despite his questionable morals, yung ibang gawa niya, actually makes sense & idk very unconventional also mumble core? 

Ok na sana kasu iba naman utong ni idol aj dito. Halatang super fake.

Oh, tinigasan kayo no?! Trailer palang yan, 2.5 MILLION VIEWS na across all social media platforms. 

Not surprising since we are the leading viewers of porn online. Hindi ko ikinagulat iyong vitality of the trailer. If you'll rate the "Asim" factor of the four leading stars

4. Alma Moreno

3. Rossana Roces

2. Ara Mina

1. Maui Taylor

Yup, si Maui ang pinakamaasim pa. But of course this list is only among the four of them. There are still other sexy stars back then that will better bring out the "libog" in me.

Abangan ang “paglaki ko, gusto kong maging #PORNSTAR” sabay na ipapalabas sa sinehan at VIVAMAX, January 29. 

Watch the trailer now:

#NoToChaCha: Bakuna Muna, Huwag ChaCha, Meron Pang Pandemya, Ano Kayo Pabida?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Why the sudden clamor for Charter Change? Is it because elections are nearing and the number of Gen Z and millennial voters is threatening? 

How to stay in power- What are the chances this initiative's right before election. The intention is as clear as day regardless of how they defend it.

A change in constitution a year before presidential elections? What a way to keep this fascist regime in power. 

This renewed proposal for ChaCha to purportedly amend the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution is also a rehashed attempt to extend the term limits of politicians and elected officials, including Duterte.

Either that or they will intentionally extend the quarantine to the point that they could declare a No Election in 2022.

Charter change hearings resume on January 13. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and an economic crisis. We are still without a vaccine. So how will Charter change solve these problems? It won’t. Stop misleading the public.

Wala pa ngang klarong action plan sa covid tapos cha cha pa naisip? Concentrate po muna tayo sa vaccine distribution before anything else.

Charter change is being pushed by the government. Changes in our constitution can be beneficial BUT the timing of pushing this agenda is so SKETCHY and UNTIMELY.

Based on how Duterte measures were recently accelerated in the Senate and House, there is high probability that charter change train will be railroaded using his supermajority control of the rubberstamp congress."

We are rational citizens. 'Wag na tayong magpaloko pa. Let's use all we have (e.g. social media accounts) to influence more people. 

But we don't really need to change the Charter, what we need is to change the LEADER.

How can we even trust a leader who is a known, mysogynist, human rights violator and bias. This decaying man’s lust for power is equally responsible and the cause of death of many in the country that he swore to take care of. 

No to Duterte staying in power beyond 2022. Many believe he has committed so many sins which the entire country has suffered from.

They are using  the ChaCha card to save themselves from public outrage, extend their lifeline to remain in power beyond 2022.

Duterte and his allies in Senate and Congress are resurrecting Charter Change proposals in a desperate attempt to deflect the public's attention to more pressing issues like the COVID-19 vaccination, rising inflation, absence of an economic stimulus.

It is clear that this country needs a change of leaders rather than the constitution itself. There are tons of things that are yet to be solved, corruption, poverty, injustices. 

YES TO REGIME CHANGE but no to chacha.  We need a fresh, inspiring, decent, unifying, god-fearing, active and competent leader to run our nation.

Don’t be deceived by selective or limited Charter change supposedly involving only economic provisions. Once the Constituent Assembly is convened, anything goes. All options are on the table including amendments to term limits and the cancellation of the elections. 

Charter Change is not the solution for our economic crisis. It won't save us. The government is just using this to save themselves from the upcoming election. This is their way to extend their power. Wala na kasi silang pag-asa sa Election 2022.

Charter change doesn't even make sense right now. It looks like someone is just trying to prolong his term knowing that people wouldn't trust him enough to continue using their power.


It's funny how the current administration is using their power in order to extend their terms in the amidst of pandemic. Natatakot ba sila sa sarili nilang multo? 

We are in the middle of pandemic with no vaccine, and tons of unsolved issues. There"s still the impunity among our authorities, and the many other atrocities left unresolved while new issues arise almost everyday.

That government officials are trying to tackle Charter Change in the middle of a pandemic clearly shows what their primary concern is, and clearly, it is not the people’s welfare.

Constitutional reform is needed but I don't trust this government the way I don't trust the Philippine justice system so #NoToChaCha 

Kung Federal Government na pinangako last 2016 eh inumpisahan na bandang 2017-18, transition na sana ngayon. Election year na next year.

Impractical, and insensitive to be doing this in the middle of the pandemic and econ crisis. We dont need Cha-Cha, we need a genuine legislated economic stimulus program, we need cheap & effective vaccines, we need legislation that would provide aid to the working people.

Cha-Cha, federalism, term extension are not a panacea to COVID-19!

ChaCha would only mean three things for Filipinos -- further plunder of our local economy and natural resources, term extension for public officials, including Duterte, and outright violation of human rights.

Ang gusto ko, ChaCha as a dance, hindi ChaCha as an instrument of desperation in power!


Why #NoToChaCha?

1) It seeks removal of nationalist economic provisions in favor of further neoliberalization. This will further destroy local agriculture & MSMEs, and worsen our import dependence. 

2) Suspension of the upcoming election & consequent term extension is a possibility as it has been part of their agenda in earlier Cha-Cha efforts. 

3) Untimely shift to federalism that does not address fundamental political and economic questions would not resolve problems of inefficient governance and unequal development. 

4) It is costly, impractical, and insensitive to be doing this in the middle of the pandemic and econ crisis. We dont need Cha-Cha, we need a genuine legislated economic stimulus program, we need cheap & effective vaccines, we need legislation that would provide aid to the working people. 

Charter change can’t solve this pandemic nor can it satisfy one’s hunger. 

It’s nothing but another scheme of this government to perpetuate their negligence and to legalize the human rights violations they commit. 

Should we criticize the Quiapo Church for massive crowd at the Feast of the Black Nazarene mass activities

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Feast of the Black Nazarene has drawn around 32,700 devotees in the Quiapo area so far, according to estimates of the Manila local government. Masses are being held in lieu of the traditional Traslacion or procession, which was canceled due to the pandemic. 

The Quiapo Church urged devotees to follow health protocols and fill out the contact tracing forms. It also asked the Catholic faithful to visit other churches which have replicas of the image of the Black Nazarene instead of flocking to Quiapo Church.  

Devotees of the Black Nazarene observe social distancing as they attend the mass at the  on Saturday. 

Only 400 devotees are allowed to enter the church per fiesta mass due to quarantine rules. Not to encourage this, but the penultimate question really is: knowing the massive number of devotees, why did Quiapo church and LGU allowed the event to happen?

Still, we're not even sure the before and after of these arrangement. Commuting to and from the Quiapo Church could become the cause of an infection. It is still a massive gathering.

What we are now seeing in Quiapo is a potential major COVID-19 super spreader event, which makes it a mistake on the part of Manila LGU and IATF to allow Manila Archdiocese to do what it wants and not to completely lock down the entire Quiapo district from January 6 to 10.

Eh kung di ba naman sangdamakmak na kabobohan ng Manila government officials. COME ONE, COME ALL ang peg? Best and brightest ka talaga yorme Isko Moreno.

The B117 strain is potentially more contagious. Bahala kayo diyan.

Yang katigasan ng ulo natin will result to extended quarantines and the lockdowns will continue to slow down the economy.

To avoid further crowding, Quiapo Church officials say other devotees can visit the following churches that also have the replica of the Black Nazarene image from the Minor Basilica: Sta. Cruz Church, San Sebastian Church, and The Nazarene Catholic School.

If this turns out to be a COVID-19 super spreader event, heads should roll, starting from the highest-ranking officials.

The Manila LGU, Manila Archdiocese and IATF should be held responsible for letting the situation in Quiapo go out of hand. 

""Traslacion" means to transfer or move from one place to another. This year, it's not the Black Nazarene that's doing that but NCov. . .why couldn't they have just gotten a good TV crew, closed the church, and streamed the Masses online with tight shots of the Nazarene? Dapat yata binendisyunang disinfectant ang ipinam-basbas. And if I were a suicidal terrorist, this is the best time to strike."   #Transmicion2021 - Susan Isorena - Arcega

#NegrosNeedsHelp: Flooded for the second time

Wazzup Pilipinas!

On New Year's Day, three cities in Negros Island were ravaged by floods as high as 10 meters. While the waters have receded, locals still need immediate help.

We are knocking on your hearts! Negros Occidental was flash flooded for the 2nd time this month. Residents are still rebuilding after the devastation of the January 1 flood when this stronger flood came.

The continuous flooding in Negros is exacerbated by hard pouring rains. Areas in Northern Negros are flooding.

Talisay, Victoria and Silay are experiencing heavy floods due to heavy rainfall. And EB Magalona too guys. Magkalapit silang apat na cities.

2021 has seen TWO intense flash floods submerge the cities of Talisay, Silay, and Victorias in just one week. Many parts are still underwater, with residents taking shelter in bus terminals, gyms, and outside shopping malls.

There's a continuous rise of water in due to incessant rain and flooding in Negros Occidental for the past few days.

The people need rescue as soon as possible! They are in need of assistance and rescue kasi umaabot na sa level 5 yung tubig.

Waters are continuing to rise in different parts of Negros, leaving thousands stranded inside their homes.

If you guys have relatives/friends in the cities mentioned, you can call these emergency hotlines for assistance. 

In light of the recent flooding in Talisay City, we are once again asking if you may kindly donate to help our Negrosanon kasamas. 

If you have any to spare, please donate to the appropriate channels. The beneficiaries are affected areas will be grateful.

Relief Ops Updates and flood details are currently being posted online.

Relief ops coordinator states that basic food packs, ready to eat food items, hygiene materials and clothes are the impending needs of the more than 17,000 families affected by the flash floods.

There are 7 evacuation centers in Talisay City, and one formal evacuation area in Victorias City Coliseum, with others at Citymall or the bus terminal. 

State of evacuees in Victorias City, at Citymall and the Ceres Bus Terminal. People have crowded and are left stranded due to roads still submerged and unusable until this morning.  

The family of Kadalag-an Queen 2020 in Victorias have also organized a relief effort in coordination with the student government of Victorias City National High School. 

In Victorias City, two sugar centrals are closed: the Victorias Milling Company and the Hawaiian-Philippine Milling Company.  Floods still remain in the area. 

While everyone is busy doing their own business, let us show some kindness by praying for our fellowmen. 

Kindly message the coordinators if your organization wishes to coordinate relief efforts with affected Negrosanons. Thank you!

Madamo gid nga salamat! Thank you! 



Burger King: Not a new but a return of an old logo

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"In case you missed it, world-famous Burger King just refreshed their visual identity by introducing a brand new logo for the first time in 20 years. The retro-inspired logo and entire brand overhaul was a collaborative work between their in-house artists and creative firm Jones Knowles Ritchie.

BEEN SCREAMING *~internally~* for the last hour, because I love a well-executed homage to vintage logos. That BK monogram alone is already my favorite design of the year. I thought it's neat, classic yet modern, timeless, and exudes so much warmth and positivity in a time where the world is uninspired and scared of bold changes.

Minimalism isn't always lazy work." - Dexter Balita

It is an old logo. That Burger King change of logo is not to a new logo, but an old one. That's their 4th logo in the 90s when they hit it big internationally. It is their lucky charm and they need it now in this pandemic. They changed their logo to the old to be talked about again just like what we are doing now. Their main message is probably - "We're still the same old yummy taste! We have not changed."

Pizza Hut did the same thing. It is now a successful logo return? Why? We're talking about it now! Now, get your phone and order a whopper now! Lol!

Looks meh and boring to me.
Can they make it any more simpler and any more uninteresting?

This is my blunt and personal opinion btw. I love the "retro" look with the blue ring better.

I'm a fan of minimalism but, this just looks like a regular bland burger...

The lone two colors do look kinda bland, but the orange for the buns strike me better honestly. I wish it wasn't TOO simple. The second and smaller logo is a bit genius though. The BK monogram looks cool!

Minimalism is an art movement where removing the unnecessary is involved. The process of minimalism is making something, then removing what's not needed. 

I refuse to call works "minimalist" if they skipped and jumped the process. That"s called "lazy."

In marketing, there are also factors of smell and music/sounds to consider. Unless my teacher and books were whack.

Human behavior is also studied in marketing, so even the subconscious thoughts of a person are considered.

I find these things interesting, especially since it explains how people might feel towards products.

Logos are part of packaging. With the technology right now, scripted advertising presentations are not that effective anymore because customers react fast and can talk to others immediately about the product. Who cares about the logo now. It's the quality of the product and the series of reviews/endorsements/criticisms of the consumers. You can't lie about the product or you're doomed. // The game right now is like buying a product online. Before you order it, you review first the comments/ratings of those who bought already. It is now a different ballgame in marketing a product.

That's called word of mouth, an old but gold study.

But, then again- why bother changing the logo if it doesn't matter? 

("who cares about the logo?")

They should've just kept consistent with their Angry Whoppers and mad better onions but they just won't listen.

Instead we get a "new" (actually "returned") logo.

Minute Burger"s logo has personality at least- minimalistic but with flavor.

Noticed the logo of Australia's Hungry Jack's?

Hungry Jack's is owned by Burger King apparently. Never had it seems to be exclusive to Australia.

The name "Burger King" was already taken in Australia so when Burger King opened a branch there that they had to pick another name.

Although it's a little confusing since now there's Hungry Jack's AND Burger King -- sometimes in the same vicinity of each other. But I guess it works for them? lol. 

Well, I hope the return of an old logo do wonders for the brand. Our businesses do need to perk things up because this pandemic has indeed made earning potentials almost at rock bottom. People don't order that much anymore due to the scare of the Coronavirus.

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