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VP Sara bares plans towards achieving inclusion in basic education during Language and Inclusion Summit

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Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte enumerated various plans for achieving inclusion and respect for language diversity in basic education programs during her speech at the Language and Inclusion Summit on Friday.

“We reaffirm our MATATAG commitments dedicated to language and inclusion to improve English proficiency while recognizing linguistic diversity. We will work towards the goal of English language proficiency within the context of a multilingual nation,” VP-Sec. Duterte said.

“We will review the implementation of the Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education policy guided by the principle that, among others, learners learn when taught in a language they understand,” she added.

VP-Sec. Duterte also mentioned that DepEd would continue establishing inclusive learning resource centers to provide assisted mechanisms such as audio-assisted technology like braille and large-print test materials for disabled students.


Moreover, the Vice President and concurrent Education Secretary committed to introducing digital textbooks for certain core subjects in Senior High Schools and coordinating with Regional Offices and partners to facilitate the development of learning resources for learners with Special Needs, specifically the visually and hearing impaired.

She also appealed for the continuous support of partners and stakeholders in supporting teachers and learners in fostering a positive and non-threatening learning environment.

"We will continue to live in our faith that education is a great enabler rather than a great divider. Any noble undertaking, however, cannot succeed if performed singlehandedly. Therefore, I appeal to the collective efforts of stakeholders to have our sights set on an active call for inclusion," she noted.

During the summit, DepEd also gathered commitments from policymakers and stakeholders to support its implementation of language and inclusion programs. Senator Loren Legarda discussed fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and society, while Senator Sherwin Gatchalian rallied to support alternative and inclusive learning.

The Language and Inclusion Summit also showcased an exhibit featuring various teaching and learning materials developed and used in schools to support the delivery of language and inclusion programs.

Spearheaded by the agency’s Curriculum and Teaching strand, the summit is a two-day event designed to present empirical data on the importance of language and inclusion and to showcase initiatives on the implementation of DepEd programs, such as the Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE), Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd), Madrasah Education Program (MEP), Special Needs Education (SNEd) and Alternative Learning System (ALS).

The relaunch of the bigger and better Home Factory Outlets Ayala Fairview Terraces

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Congratulations to the relaunch of the bigger and better HOME FACTORY OUTLETS Ayala Fairview Terraces. 

The ribbon cutting and blessing event was held on May 18, 2023and was attended by special guests, partners, suppliers, friends and  members of the media including content creators and influencers from the community of Wazzup Pilipinas.

Some of the VIPs include Former Speaker / Former Mayor QC Hon. Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte", Sk Federation President -Q.C Hon. Julian Marcus Trono, Head Business Permits and Licensing Department Q.C - Ms. Margie Santos, Hon. William R Bawag - Action Officer District 5 QC, and Hon. Patrick Michael D. Vargas, House Representative of District 5 QC.

You will be surprised once you visit the store as they seem to occupy almost half of the lower ground floor of the mall where you an witness several kinds of furniture on display from living room to bedroom, office and more....even decors and accessories to make every house feel and look more like a home.

Get to have the best promos like discounts and freebies when you buy from them. They literally have everything that you need for your home especially when you're starting or renovating.

Visit the store located at the LG Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Quirino Highway, Quezon City

Monday to Thursday – 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Friday to Sunday – 10:00AM – 10:00PM

Viber: 09369912278

Tel# 7950-8114

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Venture capitalist EVG bullish on Philippines investments

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Philippines’ demographics skew towards a younger generation who embrace cryptocurrency and new technologies

​​Limited access to banking services in the Philippines is a challenge for the local economy but an opportunity to investors backing companies building solutions. Approximately 80 per cent of SMEs in the broader Southeast Asia region say they need to borrow but lack access to affordable credit, while more than 70 per cent of the adult population remain underbanked or unbanked. High smartphone penetration and engagement continues to facilitate customer adoption of e-commerce and fintech, creating opportunities for providers of embedded digital financial services.

Increasing capital funds and supporting a vibrant start-up ecosystem will be vital to the Philippines success in the years ahead. Venture capital funding has been boosted by crypto, blockchain, and Web3 start-ups, with almost US$1 billion in funding flowing into the space in 2022 alone. More than 600 crypto or blockchain companies are now headquartered in Southeast Asia, home to nearly 700 million residents, making it one of the world’s fastest growing populations. The younger generation, which the region’s demographics skew to, is more open to cryptocurrency and new technologies – 480 million are active internet users.

Jerome Wong, Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Everest Ventures Group (EVG), is available for media interviews to expand on the above as well as discuss:Edge over competitors: EVG’s Shared-service Platform (SSP) strategy and product-oriented approach allows it to ride on the trend and offer real use cases/applications in the Philippines. EVG’s footprint in emerging markets such as Adaverse and Cassava showcase its capability to build from scratch, proven by multiple successful products.Wallet/mobile banking: Traditional financial services are not accessible to the underbanked, while mobile adoption rates are high and internet access is prevalent. Technology-enabled business models can effectively serve this segment. Digital wallets have the potential to capture a larger customer base and lifetime value by offering banking services to the underbanked.
Gaming: Quality mobile games in blockchain are still in great demand. The Philippines is known to be a mobile-dominated market with a low barrier to entry in mobile gaming. The young population are natural gamers, making it an attractive market for mobile game developers.

Philippines Fact Box

GameFi has seen tremendous success in the Philippines, with its engaging gaming experiences and unique rewards system.With its presence in both online and offline stores, the company is building games to reach a wide range of players, from casual gamers to serious esports competitors.

Its rewards system has been especially popular, as it allows players to earn rewards for playing their favourite games, which can then be used to purchase in-game items or to enter tournaments.
This has been a great incentive for players to keep playing, and it has led to GameFi becoming one of the most popular gaming trends in the Philippines.

EVG has plans to expand into the Philippines due to its rapidly growing digital economy. With a population of over 100 million people and an increasing number of internet users, the Philippines has become an attractive destination for companies looking to expand their digital footprint.
Moreover, the Philippines has a vibrant startup culture, with many early-stage startups and established businesses seeking to leverage new technologies such as blockchain, AI, and big data.
With its growing market, the Philippines is a great opportunity for web3 companies looking to grow their business.

Nhestley: A New Film about child rights and protection - inside their homes

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Lumetri Productions’ upcoming film together with Ms. Jewel Grecia aims to raise an awareness to the parents/guardians in taking care of their children and in protecting them even inside their homes.

The film titled, “Kaarawan” is about the eldest daughter “Rosa” who happens to help her family to prepare for her younger sister’s 7th birthday party. Her sister “Isay” is a cheerful and innocent child that made Rosa eager to protect her, she doesn’t want her younger sister to experience the things she went through in her childhood years. As she prepares the special day of Isay, unfortunately someone gets invited to the party that triggers her dark past. Her goal is not just to give Isay a memorable birthday party but to also protect her from their sinister visitor.


“I wrote this story to dedicate to my younger cousins. It inspired me because of our conversation about how to protect themselves, and I noticed how innocent they are and how little knowledge they have when it comes to building healthy boundaries and knowledge on how to protect themselves, and I hope this movie will foster a safe environment for young people and broaden people's perspectives.” -Ms. Jewel Grecia, writer and director from Far Eastern University-Manila.

“The film will tackle the abuse that some children were experiencing in supposed to be their own safe place and raise an awareness for the parents/guardians in taking care of their children.” -Nhestley Delos Reyes, Producer.

Featuring the rising child star, Stephanie Grecia as Isay, the younger sister of Rosa.

The film will also feature talented filmmakers from Far Eastern University-Manila. Ralph Castro, Director of Photography together with Master Editor, James Pante and Production Manager, Sophia Loberiano showcasing their passion for filmmaking and their advocacy for Child rights and protection.

We Shouldn’t Cancel This Film Canceledt

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An Upcoming Short Film Inspired By The Emerging Topic Of Cancel Culture 

Upcoming film titled Canceledt, is about a privileged vlogger Rachelle who experiences being “cancelled” online after publicly stating anti-poor sentiments in her recent vlog. She asks for her high school best friend, Katy's support throughout the ordeal, instead, they butt heads as Katy thinks the backlash against Rachelle is warranted. This film aims to start production this year.

The upcoming short film will depict what it is like for someone who has been called out for questionable actions or statements. Nowadays, people say whatever they want without thinking about the implications of it because they believe that they are entitled to "freedom of speech.”

The film’s writer and director Antonio Agregado whose previous works include the documentary Nanay Tatay, which won the Special Jury Mention (3rd Place) award at the 2023 Tam DokyuFest, and the satirical screenplay Jade’s Short but Personal Quest to Make Story for Glorious Directorial Debut with desire to Make Mark on Ever-Changing Filipino Film Industry, which is part of the Official Selection of the 2021 Arkadia Studio Screenwriting Contest in Rimini, Italy.

The production team also includes people who believe in the power of breaking free from the usual concepts such as the film’s Producer Cristian Cofino whose previous works include Mga Kwentong Pambata Tuwing Gabi, which won the People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Cinemorayta Film Festival and Laruang Baril, which was nominated for Best Student Short Film at the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival.

The film’s Art Director Mikyla Balangue whose previous works include AFK and I Can’t Make You Love Me, which won Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, and 3rd Best Film in Sinepiyu XV; and the film’s Director of Photography Carlo Martinez who worked as the director of photography and one of the editors on the 2022 film Kaulayaw.

Fauxed Up Productions, the team behind Canceledt is a newly started production company that aspires to empower modern-day writers, producers, and directors to apply and be as creative as they want to be. Fauxed Up Productions hopes that this upcoming film will serve as an eye-opener for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, and cultural background.

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Top Movie-themed slot games to play

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With its increasing popularity, online gambling has emerged as a go-to form of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Among the diverse range of types and themes available, movie-themed slot machines have become a fan favorite.

Most movie-goers at least once would have dreamed about getting paid for watching their favorite movies. And this is exactly what these movie-themed slot games are doing for you! They are providing an opportunity for you to earn big rewards while enjoying the movie-themed online slot games. You can look into a website like situs slot maxwin to play a variety of engaging movie-themed slots that feature impressive bonuses, thus providing an opportunity to make a fortune while enjoying your favorite movies.

With an array of lucrative bonus games and exciting prizes up for grabs, players can explore a diverse selection of genres that cater to different tastes. Whether you prefer heroic blockbusters, spine-chilling thrillers, cult classics, action-packed adventures, or hilarious comedies, there's a wide variety of options to choose from.

Now, let's delve into this guide to find some of the most amazing slots that will transport you to the world of your favorite movies.

King Kong

Developed by Playtech, King Kong is an amazing video slot inspired by the blockbuster movie of the same name. One of the unique features of this slot machine is its unique bonus games that you can trigger while playing. It is five reels, and 20 pay line slot game with an RTP of 95.5%, making it a game that provides a good chance to make handsome money.

The movie and the slot game have numerous similarities. The protagonist is a colossal gorilla, and the pokie features King Kong as the wild symbol. The slot game offers players two modes to play - Big City Mode and Jungle Mode - mirroring the movie's setting in New York City and an unknown jungle. Various symbols in the pokie are also inspired by the movie's characters, including Anne Farrow and Jack Driscoll. Additionally, the bonus game features Skull Island, which is the home of Hing Kong. King Kong is one of the most popular movie-themed slot machines that is loved by gamblers across the globe.


Another movie-themed slot game that is loved by online casino enthusiasts is the Free Zorro pokie. The two films, The Mask and The Zorro, have made massive popularity since their release. And Aristocrat slot software was impressed by its plot and made a well-designed slot game that did complete justice to the movie. The slot game features theme music, a main hero, and characters such as Juliana and Montosario in the Magic Door feature. However, the Zorro slot game does not reveal the storyline of the movie, events, or places.

With five reels and 25 pay lines, Zorro is an engaging video slot that offers exciting bonus features and a chance to win free spins. Lucky players can even increase their winnings by multiplying options. With an above-average RTP of 95.5%, this pokie is a promising choice for any avid gamer.


Jumanji is a film that was adored by kids and adults alike. The movie is about a kid who finds an interesting name called Jumanji that transports him and his friends into the jungle, the gaming world. To save themselves and get out of the game, they have to pass all the levels and obstacles. Inspired by this interesting plot, NetEnt developed a fabulous slot that became wildly popular amongst casino fans.

The Jumanji slot game features the main characters, background music, pictures of the jungle, and bonus games similar to that of the film. Featuring five reels and 36 pay lines, this popular video slot offers promising winning opportunities. With an above-average RTP of 96.6%, players stand a good chance of achieving significant payouts.

Jurassic Park Slot

The slot game developed by Microgaming is one of the best movie-themed slots that has ever been made. The movie depicts a fascinating plot about a wildlife park established by scientists. The story takes a thrilling turn when a mistake occurs, and a group of people finds themselves stranded inside the park, struggling to survive without a way out.

Microgaming has created the slot game with three rows, five reels, and 243 paylines, and with a high RTP of 96.6%. The slot game is similar to the movie in many ways. It features the same characters, such as Alan Grant, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Richard Attenborough, along with revealing identical dinosaurs and a jungle background.

If you are someone who likes slots and movies, then movie-themed online slots are made for you. With a wide range of options to choose from, it's highly likely that you'll discover a preferred movie that has made its way into the realm of gaming. These slots will allow you to relive the movie that you enjoyed, providing an immersive experience that transports you back to its world. So, if you have never tried one of these slots, play one of these slots today and relive your favorite movie, along with making a big fortune.

The Doll is her: A Psychological Thriller film produced by FEU students

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A film produced by third-year Communication Arts students from Far Eastern University-Manila centered on the relationship between two siblings with a single parent.

How is it likely for a daughter to act violently toward her younger sister?

It is expected that family members will treat each other with dignity and cherish one another despite multiple challenges. As such, this story will disclose the sinister side of a few families where jealousy of a child turned into a criminal crime against a loved one. At the age of 13, a daughter committed a crime as she treated the doll cruelly in a manner similar to how her sister had been through, which eventually led to her death.

Will the eldest child then acknowledge her wrongdoings? or was it actually her intention to kill her as a way to command their mother’s full attention? This will show the traumatic events that the youngest daughter has to go through while handling control of her mentally ill sister as their mother was overburdened by the demands of being a single parent.

Trisha Raymundo is a student filmmaker from Far Eastern University. Her areas of expertise in film production revolve around writing, screenplay continuity, and producing. She presents Sisnister, a short narrative which highlights psychological disorder. For her, mental issues should be fully addressed in order to avoid unfavorable responses. She dedicates Sisnister to everyone who suffers with mental health concerns as well as single parents who face the most toughest challenge raising their children alone.

Zaki Reyes is a student filmmaker from Far Eastern University. His love for films pushed him to produce and create films which also expose societal issues such as mental health, prejudice and discrimination against women. As an advocate of mental health, he supports the director in producing Sisnister as it also speaks up about the phenomenon that happens mostly in a household.

Furthermore, this film also serves as an eye opener for it exposes one of the reasons why some people, even children, feel so invalidated and unloved.

Paolo Saclayan is a student filmmaker from Far Eastern University. His film production skills revolve around Musical Scoring and Editing. His advocacies regarding this film falls in line with the previous two as he aims to portray different issues that are prevalent within Philippine Society, which in this case specifically focuses on the upbringing of children, a rare but important topic that needs to be talked about and addressed.

The story specified above is a psychological thriller that focuses on mental health and negligence, particularly with regard to children. This was done to address the fact that dealing with mental illness is substantially deeper than most people believe. We should take control of this situation because if our mental health is unstable, it could affect everything we do. The relevance of parenting style is an additional matter, particularly for parents who are raising their children alone. Even if your child seems to be in good health on the outside, they might actually need professional assistance, thus it is important to always monitor their state. Considering our health is also our wealth, it is our fundamental priority.

From the Streets to the Screen: 'Linya' Shines a Light on the Struggles of Marginalize

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Tinta Productions, a group of student filmmakers from Far Eastern University, is gearing up to release their latest short film, Linya.

The film centers around the story of a woman who, after being abandoned by her family, is forced to live on the streets and resort to stealing in order to survive. Through the eyes of two very different girls, the film explores the theme of privilege and how it affects one's perspective of the world around them.

Arianna Louise Lopez, a 4th-year AB Communication student at Ateneo de Manila University, takes on the lead role of Ella.

Renaissance "Inna" Tuason, known for her performances in previous films such as Ang pagsanib kay Leah Dela Cruz (2017) directed by Katsi Flores and Imago (2016) directed by Raymund Ribay Guiterrez, portrays the character of Bianca.


Heading the production team, Vea Carreon serves as the director and writer, while Princess Cardona is the scriptwriter. Jhuly Sta. Cruz acts as the assistant production designer. Clark Montalban, along with co-camera operator Kyle Torda, handles the film's cinematography. Zoe Dela Paz takes on the role of the production manager, with Jemcy Esguerra as the production designer. Tricia Mapalad serves as the producer, overseeing the entire production.

The trailer for Linya is set to be released in June. For further updates and information on the release, please visit Tinta Productions' social media pages.

The Importance of Risk Management in Forex Trading

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Trading on the forex markets can be both profitable and risky. While it’s possible to make money quickly, you could also lose your capital just as fast. That’s why risk management is essential if you want to succeed in forex trading. In this article, we will look at how risk management works in forex, why it is important, some of the risks present in forex trading, and a few strategies that traders can use for managing their risk exposure. We'll also take a closer look at how forex trading works specifically within the Philippines context.

How Does Risk Management Work in Forex?

Risk management in forex trading focuses on mitigating the downside risk of every trade, while at the same time maximizing the potential profits. A successful risk management strategy should involve understanding and evaluating the different forms of risks associated with forex trading, such as currency risk, liquidity risk and counterparty risk.

Currency risk is the uncertainty associated with the future value of a currency pair when compared to other currencies. Liquidity risk is the risk that a trader may not be able to buy or sell a particular currency at an attractive price. Counterparty risk is the chance that the counterparty to a transaction will not fulfill their obligation.

Why is Risk Management Important?

Risk management is an essential part of forex trading Philippines. In a rapidly changing market with unpredictable movements, management helps traders to protect their capital and limit losses. Furthermore, it can also help traders maximize their potential profits by allowing them to take calculated risks based on sound analysis and research.

By having a risk management strategy in place, traders can also help to ensure that their trading activities remain within the confines of the regulations set by the Philippine Stock Exchange and other governing bodies. This is important for market participants as it helps promote a fair and orderly trading environment, which leads to greater investor confidence.
A Look at Some of the Risks Present in Forex

In addition to the risks mentioned above, there are other potential risks associated with forex trading. These include market risk, geopolitical risk and liquidity risk. Market risk is the uncertainty due to market volatility or unexpected price movements. Geopolitical risks occur when political events could affect the global economy and financial markets. Lastly, liquidity risk is the chance that a trader may not be able to buy or sell a particular currency at an attractive price.

A Few Risk Management Strategies to Consider

Some of the most popular risk management strategies used by forex traders include setting stop and limit losses, diversifying trades, employing hedging techniques and using leverage wisely. Setting stop and limit losses helps to protect against large capital losses. Diversifying trades involves spreading out investments across different currencies or instruments. Hedging is a technique whereby traders can reduce their exposure to risk by taking an opposite position in the market. Lastly, using leverage wisely prevents traders from over-committing their capital.

In conclusion, risk management is a vital part of forex trading, especially in the Philippines. By understanding and managing the risks associated with forex trading, traders can help to protect their capital and maximize their potential profits.

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GroundUp Studios Launches Creative Council of Producers to Accelerate Web3 Music and Art in Asia

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GroundUp Studios, a forward-thinking, web3-focused music label today announced its Creative Council of professional veterans in the music industry, to accelerate the pace of web3 music and art creation among its community members. As part of the announcement, Derrick Sepnio, Fergus Chow and Jae Chong will become GroundUp Studios' first wave of award-winning producers to support the label's community of songwriters and musicians in their career development.

GroundUp Studios' vision is to shine a light on the impressive pool of musical and artistic talent in the region. It plans to build a comprehensive web3 ecosystem using NFTs as an access pass, to attract NFT art investors; technology enthusiasts; music and art lovers; songwriters; producers; and artists of all disciplines. As members socialize and connect, GroundUp believes that this would inspire new artistic ideas, allowing them to re-imagine the music and art they are capable of creating.


Fast-tracking Web3 Music and Art With The Creative Council

The Creative Council is GroundUp's longer term plan to bridge undiscovered and independent artists with top-tier industry professionals in music and art. The main responsibilities of Council producers are to connect and socialize with the label's community members; pass on valuable knowledge about music creation and production; and generally broaden their artistic horizons by sharing great music within the community. As working professionals, the producers will also keep a close eye on emerging talent within the GroundUp community, and eventually find ways to collaborate directly with them.

GroundUp's trio of producers represent some of the most seasoned and in-demand veterans working currently in Asia. Working closely with GroundUp, the producers will evaluate opportunity gaps in the traditional music industry and develop trailblazing initiatives and projects that will shape the future of digital art and music.

"GroundUp Studios is honored to work with Derrick, Fergus and Jae - arguably three of the best producers in Asia - to re-imagine music and art using web3 technology," said Adrian Fu, co-founder and Creative Director. "In our view, web3 is not purely about technology; rather, we see it as a new way and attitude towards the creation and monetization of music and art. I look forward to working closely with the producers to evolve music from an artistic, commercial and technological standpoint. This will ultimately deliver unique experiences for lovers of new music and art."

Vermosa Green Run returns with a deeper commitment to the environment and an added run for dogs

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Due to insistent public demand, Vermosa Estate’s fun and healthy Green Run will be back on June 25, this time packing more treats and surprises for both serious and casual runners. This year’s theme is “We’re Back And Greener Than Ever”.

The Run celebrates the green outdoors while promoting healthy and active living. This year, it becomes even more fun as dog lovers can now run with their four-legged, furry babies and friends, giving both pets and their owners a great way to bond, get fit and have a meaningful experience.

Alongside the 1KM Dog Run, Vermosa Green Run 2023 is also bannered by four other running events for runners of varying fitness levels. Serious athletes, athletes in training, weekend athletes, fun runners, fitness enthusiasts, family and friends can choose which one among the 21K, 10K, 5K, 3K or the 1K Dog Run they would like to conquer at Vermosa. Celebrity runners, dog owners and athletes are expected to take part in this year’s Green Run.

Following its success in 2022, Green Run is organized and brought to life by Pinoy Fitness, a running, fitness and multisport event organizer. Proceeds of the Run will go to Haribon Foundation’s Adopt-a-Seedling Program, to build a greener tomorrow. Moreover, runners and guests can help protect the environment by recycling their plastic bottles at the Sun Life ReCycle PH machine on-site. Every bottle donated can earn participants points which can then be exchanged for prizes.

Green Run’s official non-life insurance partner, FPG Insurance, will also provide free group personal accident insurance to runners who register for the race.

“One of the major enticements to run The Green Run is the breathtaking scenery and the abundant foliage throughout the 750-hectare property. Running in a green, wide open environment is extra motivating and beneficial to physical and mental health,” says Monch Henares, award-winning journalist and motoring/travel blogger.

“Open spaces, wide pedestrian walkways, bicycle and jogging lanes that wind through Vernosa make the running both memorable and inspiring,” says Arabelle Jimenez, lifestyle blogger, travel writer and swimming coach who regularly runs in Vermosa for fitness and fun.

Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub General Manager Lani Tan, a sports and fitness enthusiast herself, said holding The Green Run yearly is part of Vermosa’s long-term plan because the Estates actively promotes sports and an active, healthy lifestyle.

"Our Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub, a state-of-the-art professionally–managed sports facility that has a FINA-standard Olympic size pool, a warm-up pool, an IAAF-standard 400m track oval, a football pitch, athletes’ lounge and a Sante Fitness Lab, all speak about our commitment to fitness, health and overall wellness as well as the development of Philippine sports,” Tan said.

Vermosa Project Development Manager Moses John Aragones, says “Last year, we encouraged people to re-enjoy the outdoors after years of being cooped up at home due to the pandemic. This year, we want to build on that newfound appreciation by inviting people to develop a habit for fitness and wellness. Physical activities like running really boost our immune system by providing more refreshing experiences that reduce stress. The abundance of wide-open spaces and state-of-the-art sports facilities at the Sports Hub, make The Green Run a once-a-year activity to look forward to as a mental and physical health booster.”

Pocari Sweat, Milo, Fitbar, and Merrell Shoes support The Green Run this year.

Those interested to join The Green Run may register at Toby’s or Runnr stores or go to to register.

SSS PCEO reminds members, pensioners to secure their My.SSS login details

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Social Security System (SSS) President and Chief Executive Officer Rolando Ledesma Macasaet reminded members and pensioners to secure their login credentials for their My.SSS account and other personal information to protect their online account from being used in fraudulent transactions.

Macasaet said that several SSS members and pensioners are digitally challenged or not well-versed in suing computers and smartphones and find it challenging to access their M.SSS account. As a result, they tend to seek assistance from other people, including fixers, who are more tech-savvy. Unfortunately, scammers and unscrupulous persons take advantage of them to gain access to their My.SSS account and use it for their own personal gains.

“We discourage them from sharing their usernames, passwords, and other login details of their My.SSS account to another person. Anyone with this information could use their My.SSS account to avail of benefits or loans without their knowledge nor consent,” Macasaet warned.

The SSS chief urged members and pensioners to refrain from transacting with individuals who offer technical assistance in creating a My.SSS account or filing online applications of benefit claims and loans for a fee.

Under Republic Act No. 11032, or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, and Republic Act 11199, or the Social Security Act of 2018, it is illegal for members to engage the services of fixers. They may report these fixers or scammers to SSS branches or the Special Investigation Department (SID) at or directly with the law enforcement authorities such as the Philippine National Police’s Anti-Cybercrime Group and the National Bureau of Investigation’s Cybercrime Division."

Moreover, Macasaet emphasized that online transactions and services through the My.SSS portal and the SSS Mobile App are free.

“Members and pensioners who need assistance in using My.SSS and SSS Mobile App may visit an E-Center in SSS branches. Our branch personnel are ready to assist them in creating an online account and guide them in navigating the SSS portal,” he added.

Further, the SSS Chief said that SSS is implementing initiatives to provide stakeholders with access to SSS online services and bring its services closer to its members through its tagline, “Masayang Tumulong, Serbisyong Ramdam.”

Among these initiatives is the Barangay E-Center, a partnership with the local government units wherein SSS sets up an E-Center in the barangays.

Likewise, SSS will also continue establishing more digital branches to help members and pensioners get acquainted with its various online facilities. A digital branch has an E-Center, a Mobile App Learning Center, and a Customer Care Center.

Moving forward, more SSS on eWheels will visit identified barangays nationwide wherein SSS personnel would discuss and provide various services and programs to the residents.

SSS urged members and pensioners to visit the official social media pages of SSS to get accurate information and updates on its programs and benefits. They can follow SSS on Facebook at “Philippine Social Security System - SSS” and on Twitter at @PHLSSS. They can also subscribe on its YouTube channel at "MYSSSPH", join its Viber Community at “MYSSSPH Updates", or visit the uSSSap Tayo Portal at

It’s “Time to Stand Out” with Samsung and Lazada’s Super Brand Day 2023

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Samsung’s largest one-day sale on Lazada features amazing deals with up to 50% off plus Galaxy gifts, exclusive brand collaborations and other exciting shopping experiences on 24 May!

Prepare for Samsung’s massive sale on 24 May as Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd partners with Lazada, Southeast Asia’s pioneer eCommerce platform, for the sixth edition of Samsung’s LazMall Super Brand Day in the Philippines. Titled ‘Time to Stand Out’, this year’s campaign is set to return with outstanding deals and offers on Samsung’s latest innovations, and a more engaging shopping experience to encourage consumers across Southeast Asia to stand out and push the boundaries of what’s possible with their dream Samsung products.

Consumers looking to embrace connected lifestyles and simplify their lives with customized, automated routines will be excited by attractive deals which will be rolled out across a whole range of latest Samsung products. This includes newly-launched smartphones such as the Galaxy S series and Galaxy A series, to best-selling QLED and lifestyle TVs, smart monitors and home appliances.

For those who love real-time bargains, attractive giveaways await at the livestream sessions in the Samsung LazLive account. Apart from exciting unboxing content of the latest Samsung products, there will also be livestream-exclusive gifts, special discount vouchers, as well as flash sales for shoppers to grab the best deals. Samsung is also collaborating with brands, such as Adidas and Kiehl’s, to reward its shoppers with surprise boxes containing mystery gifts at super value prices.

Shawn Kwon, Vice President and Head of Regional Online Business for Samsung Electronics, Southeast Asia and Oceania said, “We are always on the lookout for new ways to engage our customers and enhance their shopping experience. Even as economies open up and with brick-and-mortar shops aplenty, many consumers continue to shop online due to the convenience, range of products available and varied experiences provided. We are excited to partner with Lazada once again, to co-create more value and choices for consumers seeking smart electronic solutions on online platforms. This year’s LazMall Super Brand Day theme aims to spur consumers to ‘stand out’ through Samsung’s cutting-edge technology and devices, as they enjoy Samsung’s latest online offerings at the best deals.”

“We are delighted that Lazada’s partnership with Samsung has grown from strength-to-strength in the last six years. The sixth Samsung x LazMall Super Brand Day is testament to that – this time with a call-to-action for consumers in Southeast Asia to ‘stand out’ with Samsung’s suite of quality and innovative electronic products, enabled by Lazada’s engagement mechanics such as Daily Rewards, special bundles, Brand Membership Programme and more, for a fun and engaging online shopping experience,” added Pierre Beckers, Executive Vice President, Regional Strategic Accounts, Lazada Group.

Highlights of Samsung’s LazMall Super Brand Day in Philippines include:

● Get up to 50% off on Galaxy Watch 4 and up to 40% off on Galaxy A13 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

● Exciting deals bundles with the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 with a Free Battery Pack, Clear Case, Travel Adapter and Exclusive Kiehl’s skincare bundle worth Php1,900 with every purchase of the Galaxy A34 or A54. The freebies include a Kiehl's Calendula Toner 40ml; a Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foam Wash 30ml; and Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream 14ml. These devices feature an all-new awesome design with a premium look, awesome camera for Nightography, and awesome performance with its fast processor long-lasting battery.

● A free AquaFlask (22 oz.) worth Php700 with every purchase of the new Galaxy A24. Get an AquaFlask Mint Gelato AquaFlask freebie with Galaxy A24 (lime) or a Space Black AquaFlask freebie with A24 (graphite).

● Get a free Adidas bag with every purchase of any Galaxy S23.

● Save up to 36% off on Neo QLED Smart TVs, up to 41% off on the Crystal UHD TVs, up to 24% off on Lifestyle TVs, up to 36% off on sound towers, and sound bars. Get up to 25% off on the Odyssey G7 Smart Gaming Monitor and ViewFinity S5 Ultra-WQHD High-Resolution Monitors.

● Enjoy up to 18% off on refrigerators, up to 29% off on washer-dryers, up to 20% off on cooking appliances. Avail of FREE shipping plus additional discount vouchers when you buy select products at the Samsung Consumer Electronics store on Lazada.

● The Lazada Lucky Draw on May 24 where Samsung Super Brand Day shoppers will have a chance to win a Galaxy A13, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, Galaxy Watch4, and 2 winners of Galaxy Buds2. Participants for the draw must have at least Php20,000 worth of mobile products to qualify.

● Join the Samsung LazLive on May 24, 11a.m. and get a chance to win exclusive deals such as a Galaxy Watch4 Classic with every purchase of a Galaxy S23, and Lazada discount vouchers during the live.

Find out more about the Samsung’s LazMall Super Brand Day at the Samsung Official Store on LazMall. Download the Lazada app on the Google Play Store or App Store to visit the Samsung official LazMall Flagship Store!

Iloilo LGU commits to healthy public food procurement

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Public interest law group ImagineLaw will help the Iloilo City Government develop a policy to make healthier food accessible to Ilonggo families

The Iloilo City Government, led by Mayor Jerry Treñas, and public interest law group ImagineLaw sat down on Wednesday to discuss the development of a healthy public food procurement policy that will make healthy and nutritious food more accessible to Iloilo City residents.

The policy that can come in the form of an ordinance or executive order will ensure that all food served by public institutions, such as city government offices, departments, hospitals, and development centers, within the City, follows a set of nutrition standards. Similar measure is currently being adopted in Quezon City.

“No public funds should be spent on unhealthy food,” said Jeline Corpuz, a registered nutritionist-dietitian and a project manager from ImagineLaw. “We are happy that the City Government is committed to improving the overall health and nutrition of families in Iloilo City,” she added.


Aside from public offices, the healthy public food procurement policy will also cover city-led activities such as meetings, trainings, conferences, and public events. It will also promote local sourcing of healthy food and ingredients from local farmers and food suppliers.

“We are committed to creating a healthier food environment in our city. With this collaboration [with ImagineLaw], we hope to make nutritious food more easily accessible to all members of our community,” said Mayor Treñas in a social media post.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Lifestyle Riding supports LMFI Presidents' Meeting

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Join the LUZON MOTORCYCLE FEDERATION INC. for an Exciting Event Celebrating the Thrill of Riding

The LUZON MOTORCYCLE FEDERATION INC. (LMFI) is proud to announce its upcoming PRESIDENTS’ MEETING event, a celebration of the freedom, excitement, and camaraderie of motorcycle riding. The event is exclusive to existing Motorbike Club Presidents and NEW CLUB APPLICANTS interested to join LMFI. The meeting will highlight the range of activities that members can expect in the near future.

As the leading organization with a rich history and legacy of promoting the interests of motorcycle enthusiasts from Luzon, LMFI is dedicated to promoting the safety, enjoyment, and community of motorcycle riding. The upcoming event is a perfect opportunity for Club Presidents to come together and support the motorcycle club host from Luzon to be held in Subic Bay for 2024’s Annual National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines (NFMCP)

The Presidents Meeting event will take place on Sunday, May 21 from 8am to 11am at FILIGREE SHOWSUITES a prime location with crafted communities receiving Gold Award in FIABCI Philippines Property & Retail Estate Excellence Awards located at the grounds of Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Attendees can look forward to having the opportunity to connect with other clubs from around Luzon Island of the Philippines, sharing stories and experiences, and forging new connections and friendships.

"We're thrilled to host this event and bring together Motorcycle Club Presidents and Officers. Our goal is to celebrate the thrill and freedom of riding, while also promoting moto-tourism, safety and responsible riding practices.” said LIFESTYLE RIDING Founder, Cherry Genato.

“We invite all motorcycle club presidents under LMFI and those who wish to join LMFI to join us for this exciting and memorable event." Said LMFI and NFMCP 2023-2024 President, Jun Diagono.

The upcoming event will launch the Lifestyle Riding campaign to LMFI club members and promises to be an exciting and unforgettable experience for all attendees, For more information on the event, or to register your club or organization, please visit the social media account of Lifestyle Riding and LMFI or contact us directly at +63 917 886 4082. We look forward to seeing you there!

RELEASED By: For Lifestyle Riding Campaign

Lifestyle Riding Video:

Huli: A Surrealistic Look at the Future

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Recto Pictures and Salimbayan Films are about to release a surrealistic film entitled “Húli, ”written and directed by Dawn Ivee.

Húli is about a lonely woman named Dolor who tries to keep the last fish—the light in her dark world. It delves into the future, where marine life has ended, and there is foreboding darkness.

So, when a fish suddenly brightens up the world, Dolor gets conflicted between eating it or keeping it.

The film is inspired by a 2006 study by marine researcher Boris Worm, who investigated the dangers of marine life in the future. They concluded that by 2048, the ocean and fish might die.

The life we know now will drastically change and lead to a lower quality of life. Húli is a surrealistic presentation of what would happen to humans without fish. It gives a striking reminder that we may currently have plenty of fish in the sea, but there will come a time when they will all float dead. Darkness will take hold of our world, and people will struggle between hunger and despair.

Recto Pictures and Salimbayan Films are production groups of student filmmakers working together to advocate for the common goal of using cinema to contribute to a better society, particularly in dealing with issues related to our environment.

Húli is a film written and directed by Dawn Ivee and produced by Jameil Adal and Kiara Ricamara: starring Sofia Mae Santiago—a theater actor from the University of Santo Tomas organization Mediartrix. Chariz Dudas, the director of photography, led the film’s cinematography with co-camera operators Axl Edison and assistant director Ruth Trinidad. The film’s production design is headed by Miguel Castro, together with Eliah Regio and Ricamara as hair and makeup artists. Dane Asinas is the master editor, script supervisor, and BTS photographer who worked with Axl Edison as the film colorist and Renan Serrano as the visual effects artist.

WWF calls for a global ban on ‘harmful and unnecessary’ single-use plastic items

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Items such as vapes, cutlery and cosmetic microplastics are being called out ahead of key UN plastic pollution treaty talks.

New technical reports outline high-risk plastics polluting the planet and shows global plastic bans, phase-outs and control measures are entirely feasible.

WWF is calling on governments to support global bans and phase outs of the ‘most high-risk and unnecessary’ single-use plastic products – such as plastic cutlery, e-cigarettes and microplastics in cosmetics, among others, ahead of the UN plastic pollution treaty talks taking place in Paris from 29 May – 2 June 2023.

A series of new reports published today – commissioned by WWF and conducted by Eunomia – identifies the most damaging plastic products polluting the environment and proposes global control measures needed to eliminate, reduce or safely manage and circulate these plastics. WWF is advocating for these measures to be included in the treaty text, set to be published in the lead-up to the next round of talks in December 2023.

The research presents solutions for how to address the most urgent plastic pollution challenges under the new global treaty, by splitting plastic products into two groups – those that can feasibly be significantly reduced or eliminated in the short term (Class I) and those that cannot currently be feasibly eliminated or significant reduced but require global control measures to promote recycling and responsible management and disposal (Class II). The analysis splits the products into broad categories based on pollution risk, which WWF believes will aid effective regulation at the global level, over legislating for individual plastic items – which can be both complex and open up potential loopholes.

Recognising the complex, interconnected and pervasive relationship society has built with plastics, the analysis also considers any unintended environmental, health and societal consequences of eliminating or replacing a certain type of plastic.

“We’re locked into a system where we’re now producing quantities of plastic well beyond what any country can properly deal with, resulting in a plastic pollution crisis affecting the environment as well as society,” says Marco Lambertini, WWF Special Envoy. “And if we don’t take action right now, the situation’s only going to get worse. On our current trajectory, by 2040 global plastic production will double, plastic leakage into our oceans will triple and the total volume of plastic pollution in our oceans will quadruple. We cannot allow this to happen. Plastic pollution is a global problem that requires a global solution. Negotiators must heed the guidance in this report and work together to create a treaty with comprehensive and specific binding global rules that can turn the tide on the plastic crisis.”

While plastic is cheap and versatile, with countless uses across many industries, almost half of all plastic is used to create short-lived or single-use products that can spend hundreds of years degrading – and most of which are consumed in high and upper-middle income countries. Research shows that by 2015, 60% of all plastics ever produced had already reached their end of life and been discarded. Globally, less than 10% of plastic products are recycled.

“Many countries are already implementing measures, from bans of plastic items such as bags or straws and stirrers, to microbeads in cosmetics or single-use food and beverage items," says Lambertini. “But we know this isn’t enough. We need coordinated approaches led by globally agreed rules that can make a difference at scale and put every country and company on the same level playing field. It’s 2023. There’s no logical reason to keep many single-use plastic products in circulation globally when we know they’re causing so much damage; polluting waterways and choking the oceans and entering our own food chain. There’s so much technology at the industry's fingertips to provide more sustainable alternatives and substitutes. We need regulation and incentives to support this transition by sparking innovation and boosting trade in sustainable alternatives.”

Despite regulation and voluntary measures at national levels, efforts haven’t proven enough to stop plastic leaking into the environment in one location, and ending up hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away. Single-use plastics, microplastics and lost or discarded fishing equipment – known as “ghost gear” – now make up the majority of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Czarina Constantino-Panopio, Program Manager of the No Plastics in Nature Initiative of WWF-Philippines, shares that, “We have seen in the Philippines that many communities are faced with the challenge of a barrage of plastic waste flooding their lives coupled with limited infrastructure that could deal with such. Eliminating high-risk and unnecessary single-use plastics is thus the first step towards creating an inclusive circular economy with the plastic pollution treaty ensuring the recognition of all stakeholders that may be affected.”

Following a promising start at the first Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee (INC) meeting last year, negotiators must now flesh out the details of the treaty text to most effectively and equitably tackle plastic pollution.

What next after a good Azure Certification?

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Alt-Text: What next after a good Azure Certification?

An Azure certification is a great accomplishment that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise in working with Azure services and solutions. However, it's important to consider what your next steps should be to maximize the value of your certification and advance your career. In this blog post, we'll explore some strategies and options for what to do next after earning a good Azure Certification.

Whether you're just starting out in your career or looking to advance to the next level, these tips can help you stand out in the competitive Azure job market and continue to grow your skills and expertise. Learning Azure and earning an Azure Certification can be a valuable asset for anyone looking to start or advance their career in cloud computing and related fields.

Azure Certification is significant because it attests to your proficiency in using Microsoft Azure, one of the most popular cloud computing platforms utilized by companies and organizations all over the world. The ability to develop, install, and manage Azure solutions and services are shown by receiving an Azure Certification, which may make you stand out in a crowded employment market and lead to new career prospects.

Azure Certification can also help you win the trust of prospective employers and clients who may be searching for experts with demonstrated Azure abilities and competence.

Obtain Real-World Experience

Having real experience is just as essential as having a theoretical understanding of Azure services and solutions, which you can show by getting an Azure Certification. Consider acquiring practical experience by helping out nonprofit organizations that require assistance with their Azure deployments or working on real-world initiatives. You may hone new abilities that will be helpful in your profession by applying your knowledge to real-world situations.

You can also think about pursuing an internship or an apprenticeship with an Azure-using company. You may get useful knowledge and exposure to various Azure solutions, tools, and practices through these possibilities.

Concentrate on a Particular Field

It's hard to be an expert in every service and solution provided by Azure, and it provides a wide variety of them. Think about specializing in a particular aspect of Azure, such as security, artificial intelligence, or data analytics. This can help you become a go-to expert in that area and differentiate yourself from other Azure professionals.

You can specialize by enrolling in extra classes and earning certificates that are specific to your area of interest. These can show your dedication to lifelong learning and progress while also assisting you in developing a deeper grasp of the particular methods and tools employed in that field.

Sign up for Azure Communities

Joining Azure communities is a terrific way to connect with other professionals and keep current on industry trends. You may be able to network with other Azure experts through these forums, exchange information and ideas, and discover fresh tools and methods.

You can join a variety of Azure communities, including the Microsoft Tech Community Azure community, the Azure subreddit, and the Azure User Group. You may also think about going to conferences and events related to Azure, like Microsoft Ignite, to network with other experts and get knowledge about the most recent advancements in the industry.

Create a blog or YouTube channel for yourself

An excellent method to display your knowledge about Azure and establish thought leadership is to launch your own blog or YouTube channel. You may establish yourself as an authority in the industry and draw in prospective employers or clients by producing high-quality material that instructs and informs readers about Azure.

You can begin by writing tutorials, how-to manuals, or opinion pieces on issues related to Azure that catch your attention. You may also discuss your observations and learnings from actual Azure implementations. You may grow a following and position yourself as a respected figure in the Azure community by constantly creating high-quality material.

Considering Continuing Education

Although obtaining an Azure Certification is an excellent accomplishment, it's crucial to maintain studying and developing your abilities. Think about continuing your education in fields like computer science, data science, or cybersecurity that are relevant to Azure. This can broaden your knowledge of the concepts and technology that underlie Azure solutions and help you become a more well-rounded professional.

Additionally, to further set yourself apart and show that you are dedicated to lifelong learning and progress, you can think about getting an additional degree, such as a Master's or Doctorate.

Benefits of earning an Azure Certification

Getting an Azure Certification has several advantages, such as:

Using your knowledge to prove it: Obtaining an Azure Certification verifies your understanding of and proficiency in working with Microsoft Azure, one of the top cloud computing platforms utilized by companies and organizations throughout the world. This may make you stand out in a crowded employment market and show prospective clients or employers that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to create, implement, and maintain Azure solutions and services.

Improving your career prospects: Gaining new employment possibilities and raising your earning potential are both possible with Azure Certification. With Azure Certification on your CV, you may stand out from the competition as many organizations demand or prefer individuals with it.

Increasing your knowledge and skills: Getting ready for the Azure Certification can provide you with a greater grasp of Azure's services and products as well as allied technologies like networking, storage, and security. This might broaden your professional horizons and enhance your capacity for problem-solving.

Getting involved in a community: Azure Certification can help you become involved with a group of experts who are passionate about working with Azure and share your interests. You may have the chance to connect with others in this community, exchange information and ideas, and pick up new skills.


Obtaining an Azure Certification is a noteworthy achievement that shows your proficiency with Azure services and solutions. To continue developing your talents and expanding your career, it's crucial to think about what you should do next.

You can keep differentiating yourself and standing out in the crowded Azure employment market by getting real-world experience, specializing in a certain area, joining Azure groups, creating your own blog or YouTube channel, and going back to school.

Save the Children PH Joins Global Call to End Physical and Humiliating Punishment of Children

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About 42 million Filipino children do not have full legal protection from all forms of violence specifically in places where they should be safe such as the homes. The Philippines joins 134 countries all over the world that’s bereft of a legislation to curb physical and humiliating punishment against children. Dahlia, not her real name, from Parañaque would scream each time her mother burns her arm with mosquito coil for household chores left undone. Whenever Dahlia passes by her mother’s stall in the market, she often hears her mother gossip about her to other vendors calling her a “prostitute” for coming home late. She ran away from home when her stepfather strangled her just because her radio was playing loud. She lived temporarily with friends until her boyfriend got her pregnant. At 16, she will soon give birth to a baby she is not ready to care for.

Sadly, but true, Dahlia’s case is but one of the many children in the country whose lives took a downright spiral because the caregivers expected to protect them were the abusers. In situation like this, the government is expected to provide protection and security for the most vulnerable members of our society, our children. However, the Philippines has yet to pass a policy on the protection of children against physical and humiliating punishment, as an agreed target among member-nations to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of 2015.

“We join the clamour of children for protection from punishment that hurt, humiliate, and denigrate them. We appeal to our legislators to pass ‘The Positive Parenting of Children's Act’ (Senate Bill 2036),” said Atty. Alberto Muyot, CEO of Save the Children Philippines.

SB 2036, authored by Hon. Risa Hontiveros in the Senate, aspires to assist Filipino parents in adopting parenting methods that align with healthy child development and effective parenting. The method will ensure the rights of children are respected, especially their right to a life free from all forms of violence, including physical, humiliating, and degrading forms of punishment.

Save the Children explains that only one in seven children globally are protected by laws against physical and humiliating punishment which is the most common form of violence against children.

Physical and humiliating punishment of children often happens at the hands of parents, teachers and caregivers. Every year, thousands of children die as a result of violence at home, at school and other settings, and many more are seriously injured.

Many forms of violence against children would be considered torture if they were carried out on adults. It can include smacking, but can also involve kicking, shaking, burning, and forcing children to stay in uncomfortable positions. It also includes humiliating treatment which belittles the child.

Support Save the Children Philippines’ advocacy work on children! For opportunities for partnerships, please email

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

WWF Philippines announces 15 qualified cities for the OPCC 2023-2024

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines announces the 15 qualified cities for the One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) 2023-2024, the flagship activity of the One Planet Cities (OPC) Program.

Since the official launch of OPCC 2023-2024 last March 30, several cities have already expressed their interest in joining the project. The cities of Baguio, Davao, Dipolog, Legazpi, Makati, Muntinlupa, Ormoc, San Carlos (Negros Occidental), San Fernando (La Union), Santa Rosa, Tagum, and Zamboanga are returning for OPCC 2023-2024. Furthermore, Catbalogan City and Naga City (Camarines Sur) have rejoined the program since their last participation in 2017-2018. The new city to complete the roster of this cycle is Puerto Princesa.

The OPCC aims to help cities develop the most effective climate mitigation and adaptation practices and to disseminate these practices globally. Participating cities will be uploading their local emissions, targets, plans, and climate actions. The submitted data is evaluated using the OPCC’s Assessment Framework and its scoring criteria that will focus on (a) assessed GHG emissions and risks from climate change, (b) mitigation targets and adaptation goals, (c) climate action plans, (d) implementation of strategies and/or actions, and (e) results-based monitoring. As part of the challenge process, WWF reviews cities’ plans against good practice climate action planning criteria and assesses whether their targets align with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 °C. The best performing cities will then be put forward to an international jury of experts that chooses the national and global winners.

A customized strategic feedback report will also be provided to each participating city that will showcase the city’s climate journey and high level action-based advice based on the latest IPCC report. This report contains an assessment of whether their city’s climate targets are aligned with their fair share of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, whether mitigation actions align with main emissions sectors and whether adaptation actions map effectively to climate risks.

WWF-Philippines, along with their technical partner ICLEI Southeast Asia, will be guiding the participating Philippines cities on their reporting to the CDP-ICLEI Track.. A series of capacity-building workshops and consultations will be conducted to support furtherthe cities’ climate action and mitigation plans and their alignment towards the 1.5°C target.

“We truly appreciate the continued commitment of these city governments in leading the charge in addressing climate change and low-carbon development. Through their engagement in this initiative, we also aim to guide them in strengthening their local policies and action plans through data transparency, collaborative partnerships and community engagement.” said WWF-Philippines One Planet Cities Project Manager Imee Bellen.

For the next two years, WWF-Philippines will work closely with the participating cities to assist them in acting as transformation catalysts, implementing integrated and inclusive plans in line with 1.5 °C, while ensuring urban resilience, and unlocking individual and collective climate actions. Other local activities are also planned that will involve urban stakeholders such as youth, educators, private organizations and city representatives.

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