Saturday, May 30, 2020

I Can't Breathe: The Senseless Killing of George Floyd

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Flames ripped through a Minneapolis police station in Minnesota and seven protesters were shot in Kentucky as unrest spread across the United States over the deaths of black people during police encounters.

Thousands joined the protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which were triggered by the Monday death of 46-year-old George Floyd after being arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit banknote.

There is no difference between black, white, and brown cops as far as power of badge, authority and abuse in uniform are concerned. Look at the brown cops of Ph, violators of quarantine protocols are being arrested, hurt, shot dead, whereas, cops (generals & senator) are let loose from punishment!

The DDS are offended coz we make it seem like they have no right to call out injustices. Ahm, yes… As enablers of an oppressor, wala kayong karapatan. Either you wake up or pretend you’re neutral, then try again.

May it be intentional excessive harrasnent on a colored guy, the cops of Minneapolis are just like our Philippine police - Abusive of their authority.

The white Minneapolis police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck was arrested and charged with murder. Let him go to prison, together with the other three police officers.  I am sure that whatever jail they will be sent to, the black community in that jail are all waiting to welcome them.

Butwe all know that just like in the Philippines, these cops will just be reinstated and assigned somewhere else after when everything goes silent.

Minneapolis police officer at the center of George Floyd's death had been with the department since 2001. During his career, he was the subject of a dozen police conduct complaints; he was never disciplined, records show.

Theres always a collateral damage in the middle of a war.. Blame it to the leaders who tolerated drugs during their regime and not the one who fought against it.

There are so many unfortunate examples of police brutality. This one, however, was one of, if not the most, heinous displays to date. It is not just that this officer decided to execute a man on the street by choking the life out of him with a knee crushing his neck, which should be enough on its own. 

What is even more nauseating is the systematic racism that is so evident here. The other officer turns his back on a murder in progress because the murderer is his partner. And this is no spontaneous reaction on the part of the murderer. It is a cold slow-motion execution, with on lookers passionately pleading for the man’s life. 

A person doesn't often just snap and become a violent individual, but rather a steady growing unchecked  violence leads to incidents like this. Check his record and his background personal life, I bet he is and has been a violent person for a long time. And the other officers either also are violent, or so indoctrinated to cover their kind that they participated in this tragedy. They ALL 4 MUST be charged.

Friday, May 29, 2020

What Are The Chances of Success of IVF in The First Attempt?

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When a patient plans to undergo an IVF treatment procedure, he or she should be sure of one thing; that there is nothing fixed for an IVF treatment.

You have to mould yourself as per the
situations, and the response of your body towards the treatment.

You shall end your expectations and improve your patience when you are preparing for an IVF procedure.

It is not that you cannot conceive in the first round of IVF cycle, but it is equally valid that the first cycle may fail.
So, never think about:

● The number of IVF cycles, and
● IVF Procedure Cost.

It is because the cost automatically increases, with the number of cycles. Thinking more about such things can only create stress which is not at all advisable during IVF treatment.

Relation in the First IVF Cycle and Result:
Different researches and data show different conclusions for IVF treatment.

Some reveal that the success of IVF is higher after the five cycles. While some others say, you get the results within the first three cycles.

Some reports connect the data of achieving results within the first IVF cycle with age. It says:

● Over 70% of the couple who undergo the IVF treatment before the age of 35 years
avail the success in the first cycle
● Now, couples who proceed with the treatment between the age of 35 to 40 years have
40% chances to get the results in the first IVF cycle
● For those who delay in the treatment, and plan for it after the age of 40 years, have
only 25% of chances to receive the good news by the end of the first cycle.

Well, there is no denying the fact that there is a significant relation between IVF treatment results and the age of the couple.

At the same time, we cannot say that only age is the factor that determines the success of the treatment. Several other factors need to be considered for the treatment results.

Some of the most common reasons that alter the results of an IVF treatment includes:

● The cause of infertility in the couple
● Who is sterile, the male or the female partner
● Experience of the doctor in dealing with the condition of the patient
● Procedure planned for the treatment
● Proper analysis of the condition of the patient, and deciding on the treatment plan

So, we can say there is no guarantee to get the results in the first cycle. The assurance can only be of getting the results.

You might avail the results in the very first attempt or might go for multiple cycles with the heartbreaking outcome every time.

You need to be strong to accept the result, and further proceed with the treatment.

In a Nutshell:
You can get a recommendation of IVF from the doctor, and he can also make an IVF 
Treatment Package for the first cycle, but he can never guarantee the number of cycles.

No doctor or surgeon, irrespective of their experience and expertise can answer the same. So, live with the fact before you decide to undergo an IVF treatment.

We Need Our Domestic Fisheries More Than.Ever

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In the face of international lockdowns, we need our domestic fisheries more than ever before

By WWF-Philippines Sustainable Tuna Partnerships Project Manager Joann Binondo

Our fisheries play a vital role to the physical and economic health of our country. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources reported that for the year 2018, the sector contributed P214.869 billion to the economy and provided employment and livelihood for 1.8 million Filipinos. The average
Filipino derives 22.5% of their annual food intake from fishery products - a quarter of their yearly diet.

At the same time, however, we’re seeing a drop in local production, with the first quarter of 2020 posting a 3.2% drop in productivity compared to the first quarter of 2019.

Our reliance on our fisheries demands that we take care of them and that we keep them productive – but the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to leave the sector in deep water.

For a long time, our fisheries have been heavily dependent on exports. Markets across the region, in Europe, and in the United States have been major destinations for our exports. Throughout 2018 we
exported a total of 464,248 metric tons of seafood with a total value of approximately 83 billion pesos, according to BFAR data. With the ongoing pandemic, however, high-value, international markets are
starting to turn inwards, realizing that their reliance on traded fish isn’t wise given current events.

We are also a country of imports. Data from BFAR shows that throughout 2018 alone, we imported 515,905 metric tons of seafood worth 373,356,000 pesos in total. As international trade slows, so too
will these imports, depriving our countrymen of resources they have grown accustomed to, even dependent on, over the many years of robust international trade.
With international markets becoming increasingly closed off, this poses a problem for the “New Normal” – dry markets and poorer fishers. As the markets dry up, fishers fish more to make up for
their losses in the cheaper, local scene, putting our marine resources further at risk.

We need to plug the growing holes in our local seafood supply chain. If we do not, then we risk further damage to the economy and to the sector, and many Filipinos risk decreases in what is a major part of their diet. This is why we need to build our domestic markets, and why we need to support sustainable fishing.
The development of our domestic markets is a journey that must be done sustainably.

Our country is already plagued with the effects of destructive, unsustainable industry. Dwindling fishery productivity
is an indicator of this. The various damaged and destroyed fisheries throughout the country are damning evidence. If we don’t handle our fisheries with care, future generations will carry the burden
of the damage we cause today.

There are three stages we must look at in order to build sustainable, productive domestic markets for our fisheries:

Firstly, we must protect our fisheries. Our coastal waters are the source of much of our fish resources, but mismanagement and unsustainable extraction have left many of them damaged. The fisheries
themselves underpin the entire industry, and their loss would spell disaster for millions. Through effective tracing and monitoring of fishing activities, and with just and sufficient enforcement of fishery
law to crack down on illegal activities, we can keep our oceans vibrant.

Secondly, we need to build and support the livelihoods of our local fishermen. Many unsustainable fishery activities find their roots in a lack of livelihood security. A solution to low income, for example, is to harvest more fish, which can be harmful to the ecosystem in the long run. By expanding their incomes and livelihoods, we can keep fishers from causing damage to marine resources. We can do this by extending social protection measures to them and giving them access to technology that helps them reap the most benefit from their catches. We can also streamline the fisheries supply chain and make it preferential to our fishermen, so they are able to earn more off of each catch. We must put our local fishermen first and develop them into competitive providers to the Philippine economy.

And finally, we need to make sure that we, as consumers, are choosing Filipino fish. All the sustainability measures and livelihood development in the world will not mean anything if we don’t put our purchasing money into our fisheries. We must be willing, as well, to pay a premium for quality, sustainable fishery products, to keep our markets rich and to mitigate the risk of overfishing. In choosing local, sustainable fish, we can breathe life anew into this most important pillar of our economy.

What’ll it take to build our domestic markets? Consumers, of course, need to choose locally-sourced fish, and fishers themselves, and those in the industry, need to adhere to fishery law and the principles of sustainable fishing. Most importantly, though, businesses and government agencies must provide the landscape to allow our fisheries to thrive. Only with everyone’s support can we breathe new life into our fisheries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with challenges unlike anything modern-day Philippines has faced before. Our export-dependent fisheries risk losing millions of pesos, leaving an already-poor sector in dire straits. Meanwhile, our import-dependent markets risk large-scale decline, putting a strain on the resources that come into our country. Filipino diets are dependent on fish. Thus we are presented with a problem - but in this problem, there is opportunity.
If we turn towards local fisheries, we can cut back on our reliance on imports without suffering over our reliance of fish. If we choose to pay a premium for locally-sourced and sustainable fish, we can keep the sector vibrant even with less exportation. We can fill the growing gaps in our fisheries with our very own catches, at the benefit of our markets and the fishers themselves. We can learn to be self-reliant. We can bring ourselves back to prosperity.

Besides, why shouldn't we buy local fish? What's happening now is that we're getting low-quality fish, the catch that doesn't meet international food safety standards - the rejects of high quality markets.

Is that what we deserve? Are we even going to accept that local fish be called "rejects," and not the best of the best? Don't we deserve export-quality fish at local prices, the best that our countrymen can offer, bought for the benefit of our very own fishers? We ought to be the ones to enjoy the bounties of our seas.

Is NCR Ready for GCQ Even If We Have Not Flatten the Curve?

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“NCR is ready (based) from the data we’ve seen but that really depends on the cooperation of everyone,” Roque said.

Manipulated data is what you are looking. The same data that is manipulated by the head of DOH, appointed and influenced by your president. Do not pass the burden of being an experiment to the citizens by this reckless decision.

LOL wait for 2 weeks then number of cases will triple. Our hospitals are barely holding on with the number of cases we have already.

Inaccurate numbers of positive cases considering DOH has a 7k backlog, and yet ready na kmi sa MMCQ (Matira Matibay Community Quarantine).

Wala pang 100 cases dati  nag ECQ tayo sobrang higpit nun,, ngaung 15k na cases GCQ na haha ,, baligtad ata mas maluwag kung kelan mas marami kaso ...

Dapat PA-Q na lang itawag nyo!

We're not like the US or any other first world country. Our hospitals cannot handle that much amount of cases.

Loyola, Manila North and south, la loma cemeteries will have booming businesses... Let's just wish that they have enough lot for all of us and marble supply for tombstones. WE ARE DOOMED.

We just had 350 cases yesterday, 539 new cases today. The curve is not flattening but instead inflating. How can we be ready for GCQ? Most especially that covid positive undocumented POGO workers are still roaming around, not quarantined and not really monitored. With mass testing not in full blast, new cases might further increase. God help us.

We are definitely not flattening the curve. Well our economy is hurting but the most we could do is to have aggressive mass testing and contact tracing. sana naman maimplement ng maayos..kasi kawawa lahat if lumobo pa ang cases.. especially our healthworkers and non-medical frontliners.

The problem is our government cannot sustain feeding everybody without income and our food supply is running low.

The Quarantine Period was really designed to orient and train everyone on how to deal with the virus, the Do's and Don'ts because in reality we cannot afford not to open up our economy it will be more fatal for all of us.

"But that really depends on the cooperation of everyone"

hahahaha low-key blaming kapag mas  lumobo cases.

Yung sasabihin na "Depends On The Cooperation Of Everyone"... Para mag hanap ng masisisi... Kapag pumalpak sila ay yung mga tao may kasalanan kasi walang disiplina... Tinanggap ba nila pagkakamali nila na hindi agad sila nag deklara ng Travel Ban???... Mga pangkaraniaang tao agad ang sinisi nila at sinabihang mga walang disiplina...

In the end, para sakanila walang kasalanan ang gobyerno. Kumbaga, bahala kayo sa mga buhay niyo. Hahahaha! Kawawang Pilipinas.

Hayyyy anung silbi nyan GCQ kung walang public transpo. Papasok ng trabaho 3km lkakaran sa umaga pati pag-uwi. May motor kami di naman pwede angkas kasi sabi ng gobyerno bawal. Yun lang transpo sana safe sa amin Pamilya if ever kung mgkapublic transpo. Or di kaya payagan ninyo tricycle sa main road or makapasok sa ibang city kasi tricycle lang pwede.

Why not tell the truth,.its not safe out there, but we need to do it for the economy,..bakit ba hindi maging totoo huh Roque?

Truth? haha...they would miss the chance of getting the incentives... if they will utter genuine stuff. Honesty is very rare for a politician.

NCR is not yet ready for GCQ because confirmed cases are getting higher lalo pang tataas yan tapos under ECQ na naman after 15 days.

There are now studies and data that says lockdowns have made the spread of the virus worst. 66% of infections happened indoors. Dapat tapusin na yan mga GCQ at ECQ. The number of infected are not dropping. In thousands of years this is the only time that human beings lost their immune system to fight off the virus.

Remember the covid specialists China “so graciously sent over to help” us? Siguro may dalang vaccines yun (via diplomatic immunity) at yan ang gamit nila sa unlicensed Chinese hospitals. so far 2 palang; there’s more na hindi pa natiktikan.

This despite the spiking in the number of new cases!

NCR is a seamless community. Containing the wide spreading is a tall order under the MECQ!

How much more kapag nag GCQ! God forbids!

Wala na pera kaya wala na pang-ayuda kaya kailangan nyo ng kumita. Hehe pero stay safe at your own. Good luck to everybody.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bounty Donates 2,000 kgs Chicken to Feed Manila Zoo Animals

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For years, the hundreds of animals at the Manila Zoo have entertained generations of kids. But in a time of crisis, who takes care of them?

Hearing that there is a shortage of food for the animals housed in the 60-year-old zoo, Bounty Agro Ventures Inc. (BAVI) stepped up to the plate.

A total of 2,000-kilograms of raw chicken will be given to the zoo at increments of 200kg per week.

The deliveries of goods will be every Wednesday.

"When we heard that the animals inside the zoo were about to starve, we did not hesitate to pledge two-thousand kilos of chicken to Director Pio [Morabe]," said BAVI president Ronald Mascariñas, who has been donating both fresh and ready-to-eat chicken since the implementation of the community quarantine in the country to numerous public hospitals and vulnerable communities. "All of us grew up going to Manila Zoo and now is the time to give back to it."

Since the early part of 2019, the zoo has been closed for rehabilitation. But with the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the funds to sustain the animals in it has decreased.

With this, the caretakers of the zoo are grateful that there are kind-hearted individuals who are not forgetting their residents.

"Maraming salamat sa Bounty at kay Sir Ronald para sa donasyon na ito," said Morabe. "Sana huwag po nating kalimutan ang ating mga zoo animals sa ganitong krisis dahil pati sila ay apektado rin."

Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) is the number-one rotisserie chicken company in the Philippines. It is also the country’s second largest poultry integrator, together with sister company Bounty Fresh Foods, Inc. (BFFI).

Its retail brands include Chooks-to-Go, Uling Roasters, Reyal, and Adobo Connection. The company also distributes dressed chicken products in supermarkets, wet markets, hotels, and restaurants outside Metro Manila under the Bounty Fresh Chicken brand.

ECQlinary Delights: Cheap Yet Healthy Dishes During the Pandemic

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We know it is quite difficult to go out and buy food for our viands. The queue at supermarkets are always long, and not all the usual food are available on a regular basis.

There is also the need to save up for the budget constraints since many of us are out of work due to the quarantine implemented by our governments. We also fear going out for so long or getting close to people die to possibility of getting infected with Covid-19.

Thus, everyone is doing their best to buy only the necessary and most affordable to get through this pandemic with still the funds to sustain our needs  for sustenance.

What are your ECQlinary Delights or Delicacies aside from sardines-based dishes? Cheap and easy to cook to make use of our relief goods normally composed of a few kilos of rice and mostly canned sardines and packs of noodles.

Try cooking dishes with tofu or tokwa, kangkong or kamote tops, saging na saba, monggo or togue, mga pwedeng dagdagan ng itlog, lahat ng pwedeng ginataan, almost everything you could put inside lumpia wrappers, malunggay leaves na pwedeng ihalo sa napakaraming lutuin.

Huwag puro prito o fried during ECQ. Be creative to use available ingredients that can be harvested from our veggie garden or neighborhood sari-sari stores.

Favorite mo yung mga ginataan like tulingan, kalabasa, at kung ano-ano pa.

Yung sardinas pwedeng haluan ng miswa, patola

Yung tokwa pwedeng lagyan ng togue o pechay,

Always naman namin niluluto yung ampalaya with egg

Ngayon ko lang nalaman na pwede palang kainin ang balat ng saging na saba

Pwede maging burger patty kapag nilaga, then hiniwa ng maliliit at hinaluan ng harina, bread crumbs, onions, cilantro, etc. at timplahan ng iba pang pampalasa at gawan ng gravy sauce parang yung sa burger steak. Pwede ring ketchup Ang sawsawan...o gawing bola-bola o meatballs sa spaghetti.

Kapag nagtitipid, nagiging resourceful. Nag-iisip o nag re research sa Internet  or chat with people of similar interest.

I hope makakatagal tayo sa pandemic na Ito bago maubos ang upon para makabalik na muli sa trabaho at maging normal na muli Ang everyday lives natin.

Ngunit baka ang new normal ay magtagal pa. Kung sabagay, Ang makikinabang ay Ang planets dahil the less people going out, the more chances for the Earth to heal.

#ECQlinaryDelights #ECQlinaryDelicacies

Biking: Is Life in the New Normal Better on Two Wheels?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ready na ba bikes ninyo? The so called new normal during the community quarantine challenges us to be resourceful in our commuting to our work or business and vice versa.

Motor o bisikleta in the new normal is the best option?

ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, Matira matibay Q are all mere terms.

Ang bottom line, @covid19 has not left and the curve has far from flattened.

It is impossible to keep social distancing in a jeepney a bus or MRT at ang tanong, makakasakay ka kaya?

Riding is safe. Riding is the new alternative, may motor man o di padyak. Consider natin.

Mas ok bisikleta kaysa motor. May exercise ka na to get fit and healthy, less pollution pa. Di ka pa gagastos sa gas na laging tumataas ang presyo.

A good alternative is to use folding bikes so we could easily bring it inside our offices. Portable, light and cool to have than those bulky mountain or sports bikes.

Though baka hindi natin kayanin Ang makalayong destinations whether going to or from work or home....or other locations for errands like shopping or buying food from restaurants. Bicycles may be only good for short distances unless you've been biking all your life.

However, is our health and physical capability enough to endure the harsh nature - heat, rain, etc, plus the strenuous kilometers to reach our everyday destinations?

There has already been stories or news of people collapsing and even dying due to their biking attempts. Are we ready to face the challenge?

Pinag-iinitan ni Gordon ang mga nakamotor, ngayon na puro checkpoint buong bansa, nakita na police visibility ang sagot sa krimen, hindi ang doble plaka o mataas na penalty, mabuti kung lahat tulad ng mayaman na afford ang kotse.

We are appealing po na payagan ang backride sa motor..  especially if living in the same house. As long as they provide ids with same address. Senseless na ayaw payagan kung magkasama naman sa bahay.

Apart from the social distancing guidelines, ang isinasaalang-alang po natin ay ang ating enforcement. Ilang libo po ang motor sa kalsada. Hindi po kakayanin ng mga enforcers natin na manu-manong i-check isa-isa ang mga naka-motor para lang mapatunayan kung magkasama ba sa bahay o magkamag-anak ‘yan. Mahirap ding i-distinguish kung habal-habal ‘yan o nagpapanggap lamang na mag-asawa o magkasama sa bahay. It will be an additional burden to the police and the enforcers, when their primary responsibility is to ensure public health and safety, and that only authorized persons will be allowed to go out.

Kung papayagan din ang backride, syempre manganganak na naman po ‘yan ng ibang exemption at katanungan. Sasabihin ng mga sumasakay sa jeep, bakit pagbabawalan silang magkakatabi eh pinapayagan naman ang magkatabi sa motor. Ganon din sa mga private vehicles, pati sa mga bus o sa mga tren. Sasabihin nila pwede silang magkatabi kasi magkasama naman sila sa bahay. Mawawalan po ng order at uniformity ang ating rules.

Sana maintindihan rin natin yung side ng mga nag-i-implement ng batas.

Kung manu manong pag check lang naman po ang pinag-uusapan, ano po ba pinagkaiba ng bilang ng mga ng momotor sa private car sa mga public transpo. C

Come on! Isasaalang-alang ba namin kapakanan ng aming pamilya na mag commute! Di hamak na mas safe sila kung sa amin sila sasakay.. Kaligtasan lang po ng aming pamilya ang aming iniisip.! Di po kasi namin maintindihan e magkakasama kami sa loob ng bahay pero bakit kapag sasakay na kami sa motor e bawal hindi po ba? Sana magtulungan tayo sana iniisip niyo din kaming simpleng mga mamayan simpleng riders ng bayang na ito.. Na tanging motorsiklo lang po ang aming transportasyon upang makapasok sa trabaho.. Kaligtasan lang po ng pamilya at kaanak namin ang iniisip namin..salamat po!

Just a few realizations:

- It is still very unsafe to ride within NCR
- Disrespectful vehicle drivers are a threat to new bikers
- Very few or no bike lanes.

There's a lot of working out to do before we could really claim that "biking to work is the new normal."

NO. Biking to work is a risk that most of us just have to take in order to survive. We are the lower-middle class and low income employees, just trying to cope up with the changes brought about by this pandemic ☹ Patapangan na lang, matira matibay.

Twitter account of PLDT got hacked

Wazzup Pilipinas!

PLDT got hacked. Serves them right! Imagine the pressure to retrieve thier social account. Named PLDT Doesn't Care!

Yeah fvck em up Anon! they don't respect their clients. When it comes to payment they're swift to take and cut but when it comes to service they're suddenly deaf and slower than a 90 yr old granny.

Vigillantes, hahaha..its alright to fight evil in govt..but please uphold greater good and true justice for the general public and do not do this as a stunt to gain power,fame or wealth let not your action be the face of your self justice instead the equality and fairness to all.

Hala! They should really do something about their "fast and reliable" internet connections.

If you want to call for assistance, what we get is an automated response that does not even reach them. You think that by the time the HUMAN PLDT REPAIR PERSON gets to you they are prepared with an extra modem/machine with them, because, duh, automated response and choices they give point out to this problem. But no, they’ll call and say, “ay wala po kaming dalang modem ma’am” So ano kuya pano na? T H R E E WEEKS NO INTERNET. Pero pag payment ang problema, ang bilis!! Cut agad!

We need an improvement of service, not a rise in sales.  Puro marketing strategies alam. Dinamay ninyo pa kumuha ng Korean endorser sana nag upgrade nlng ng system. #justsaying

They deserve it. Philippines produces best customer support across the globe yet, we, the citizens, do not receive the same. They need to elevate their service. If not, may the hackers continue doing the same until PLDT learns its lesson.

Teach them a lesson Anonymous... Not only PLDT... But all telecommunications company here in the Philippines...

I know it's wrong but I kinda support them in some way.

Man, you gotta expose our fucking government too. We are all rooting for you.

But if the network provider’s account with well-known knowledge about security can be hacked, what more of us. This means PLDT security is poor baka ho yung twitter may kalat na exploit, not website ng pldt ang nadale.

I hope in a couple of years we'll have 1GBPS satellite internet and PLDT will go bankrupt.  Good riddance!

Elon Musk is working on it.  Rumours are it'll be 80USD a month for unlimited data

Debold Sinas Loss His Integrity and Is Not Fit to Lead

Wazzup Pilipinas! Nakakahiya  talaga ang NCRPO chief na si Debold Sinas.

"Police Lt. Col. Beverly de Guzman, chief of the medical dispensary section of the NCRPO’s regional health service, “there was a form of complacency and familiarity among coworkers in the offices of Camp Karingal. During daily office interactions, police officers did not wear face masks.”De Guzman also cited in her evaluation instances in which camp personnel ignored physical distancing in common areas.
NCRPO chief Police Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas criticized his men after hearing of De Guzman’s observation.
However, he himself could end up being investigated for hosting an event for his birthday last week, possibly in violation of rules on mass gatherings and social distancing."

What scares me the most is that these men, leaders of our country, are actually dumb enough to incriminate themselves. I mean, you got to be some special kind of idiot to do that, right??

He blew the lights of the candles on the cake, right? This dude literally sprayed the cake with his pathogen carrying wishes <3 dear God!

"An apology is not one of the grounds for extinguishing criminal liability" (Justice Sec. Gueverra, 2020). Nangyare?

I wonder why the PMajor General celebrated his birthday with so much fanfare. My gosh General how could you do that. You've got to be ashamed of yourself. It was very clear gatherings of this kind is prohibited. Now the whole PNP was dragged down to the mess you've created. It's in your hands now to do what is best for the PNP you're serving. Very dissapointing tsk tsk tsk...

if i were SINas, i would resign from my post to save those policemen who honestly and diligently performing their duties. Pero ang kapal ng taba niya para naisip yun.

Because of few, the solid foundation of PNP begins to deteriorate, affecting most courageous, honest and heroes personnel,
of those few CROOKS are the product of ARROGANCE and STUPIDY all in one package. A good name of PNP becomes accronym  PNP as:

 (Pang-api Ng Pilipino).

 How sad.

Ang sentimiyento ng karamihan. Kung pangkaraniwang tao yan huli at kulong agad bakit pag sila kailangan pa ng investigation?

That's actually the problem dito sa atin. Even before this covid situation, the police think they're exempted from the application of the law, which is symptomatic of the way it is in the Philippines, that if you're in the government, whether executive, legislative or judiciary, you are above the law.

Ang bobo kasi ng tingin ng PNP sa mga pinoy parang director ng pelikulang pilipino na aksyon! Or sa isip kasi nila kung "ang probinsyano" nga na ang bobo ng estorya pumapatok sa pinoy so magbibigay din sila ng bobong reason... Hahaha baboy!!!

Ikulong na yan at yung superior niya na sumuporta sa kanya! Huli na hindi pa umamin!!!

Sarap ng Buhay ni Senator Bato during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Napaka insensitive niya! Ganyan ba ang dapat namumuno sa Pilipinas??? Watch your mouth! Senator ka pa naman. D ka ordinaryong tao! Very inappropriate and insensitive comment! Let him work as a frontliner at the checkpoints.

I dunno whether to laugh or be mad at the senator. It is his first term or maybe his last. The job may be too contrasting from his previous work as PNP chief. May be too light and so easy so to speak. This covid pandemic has opened my eyes about the reality of politics in the Philippines.

I think this is unbecoming for a senator to say. As public servant, he should be sensitive to the plights of Filipinos who are affected by this pandemic. This only shows that he is trying to prove what many suggest: A clown was elected.

Buti ka pa sarap buhay, kami dagdag pahirap na naman ang magaling na decision ng MMDA para sa aming mga public commuters. Habang nahihirapan ang mga kababayan mo dahil sa covid ikaw naman sarap na sarap sa buhay. Nakaka proud ka sir! Try mo po magbisekleta papunta senado para malaman mo kung masarap ang buhay. Ganyan ginagawa ng iba ngayon papunta sa trabaho.

Sarap buhay,pana panahon lang yan,!!! Ganyan naman ang gawain ng ibang senador, parang artista, pa kaway kaway, pa cute cute pag me camera, sakay sa issue, mga pinagpala talaga.

Binulgar ng CLOWN na ito na MASARAP pala ang maging SENADOR...kaya pala kung sino sino na lang ang Tumatakbo kahit Hindi Qualified.

People of the Philippines, you deserve it! Your vote is the reflection of your aspirations!

Ang kapal ng mukha niya. Ang taong bayan nagpapasahod sa kanya hindi siya nagtatrabaho.. Ang mga bumoto diyan wala ding mga utak.

Sarap ng buhay tapos sumasahud wow na wow Pilipinas Got Talent.

Virus sa buong buhay ng pinoy.  Pansin ko lang ha, halos alepores ni Duterte kundi mayabang maabuso, tamad at sakim sa posisyon, why? sayang ang buhay ng mga frontliners na nasawi. Hindi ininda ang kahirapan ng serbisyo hanggat Itong pesteng nagpakasarap buhay..buhay na buhay tumatawa in public which is act of mocking sa mga nagugutom at nawalan ng kabuhayan.

Kaya sa sunod na election huwag kayong padala sa ngiti at iyak nang mga polpolitiko, silang mga senador nagtatago ngayon dahil may covid pero sarap buhay nila kasi may pera, pork barrel bigay sa governo, sana ginamit nila yan para ipamigay sa mga mahihirap hindi sa kanilang sariling interest.

Turns out, 'sarap ng buhay' will now be a thing of the past for Sen. Bato dela Rosa after the Senate required him to be physically present in hearings. It came after his remarks on Tuesday that drew the ire of many social media users.

When stupidity strikes it doesn't choose none. Pinas Politicians can do multiple F&ck Ups and still manage to keep their posts.

Crash Landing On You Star is SMART's New Endorser

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sana unahin nyo ayusin ang service nyo..if this is true at all i don't think he did this for free!

Hyun Bin is a millionaire!

Who cares about CLOY and his popularity?! I really hope this is one big HOAX!

Wow afford si Hyun Bin but can't afford to provide us better internet services! Ayusin nyo nga mga priorities nyo PLDT.

Sya ba ang magpapaBILIS ng connection ng PLDT?! Sya ba ang sagot sa malalang kakulangan ng serbisyo ng PLDT?!

Endorser: South Korean
Internet Speed: Province in North Korea

I love and laughed with this comment.

hahaha... I also read the comments.. daming complaint sa service ng pldt.. haist! This is the "new normal"- you cant sway the people's mind on the real issue.

Ano yan marketing? Mas magandang i-market kung pabibilisin niyo yung internet connection niyo at hindi nawawala ang signal. Kahit wala ng endorser basta maganda naman ang service, madami kukuha sa inyo.

Pampa uto ng Smart sa mabagal nilang service.

As usual Pinoy driven fanatics of fantasy will give in.

Is this to cover up how slow and inefficient your services are in terms of reliable internet? Pag singilan na kailan complete bayaran pag mga concerns ang bagal. Just saying.

We love Hyun Bin but we don't love your services Smart. Getting international models for your company won't make your image good again for all the experiences that we are having with your (company's) services. He's not even using any of your services,so how do you think he can convince us? Anong konek nya sa serbisyo nyo?Kalokohan!!!

Buti sana kung yung kapogian nya magpapa-improve din ng serbisyo nyo, FEE-EL-DEE-CEE. I still don't get why these mofos don't just invest their money on improving their services. Kung maganda ang serbisyo nila, they won't have to pay for endorsers. Customers mismo will be their endorsers, FOR FREE!

Investing on image endorser over service LOL #marketingshit

How ironic "CRASH LANDING ON YOU" yeah.. Your wifi kept on crashing!

We need an improvement of service, not a rise in sales.

We are not after the artist or endorser. We are after the quality of ur service.

I hope that PLDT and Smart services are as best as his looks and talent... I think his manager forgot to Google about PLDT and SMART. It looks like I'm gonna vomit if he speaks good about the services of PLDT and SMART. Hyun Bin, can you cancel the deal?

Filipinos love him but still won't change the fact PLDT or ANY telecom service is almost like a Pyongyang internet with rates like Singapore.

I am fan of Hyun Bin, however Philippines has its own Actors and Actressess that can very well fit for an Endorser.

Not happy with this. We can patronize our local artists first and improve your service.

Well, parang katulad lng dn yan ng we love the Kdrama's more than the Pinoy TV series.

Though fame and reputation doesn’t match what other international artists have.
That’s the reason why marketing teams always look for International artists.

This is for the international market, the South Koreans, largest foreign visitor sa Pinas. Sobrang dami ng Pinoy Endorsers for Smart/PLDT, even Bench, so it’s good marketing for these PH brands to be involved in international market, sell our own brands on large scale, I see it beneficial sa mga Pinoy din (taxes in VAT, export, high job fulfillment demand, etc), company being pressured to aggressively improve services since foreign market is involved na.

That means may increase na naman ang bill para mabawi ang ibabayad kay Captain Ri.

The money you spend in the endorsement use it on how to improve ur service. People  already know PLDT. What we really know  is Pong Pagong pa rin yung serviceng net nyo.

Sana si The Flash ang kinuha nyo,baka sakali bibilis ang internet nyo.

Kahit sinong guapo't magaganda pa yang magiging endorser niyo, kung serbisyo at signal mabagal. Wala pa ring ikakaganda yan.

Sana kung gaano kagwapo si Hyun Bin e sana yung internet at serbisyo ng PLDT maging gwapo na din sa pagiging maayos hahahaha. Mabilis lang kayo kapag need nyo ng maningil pero once na magcomplain about your connection daig nyo pa pagong sa bagal.

kahit yung diktador pa na taga north korea gawin nyong endorser MAHINA PARIN INTERNET SERVICE NYO!!!

Nako Hyun Bin ikaw na lang mahihiya sa ieendorso mo. Kami na nagsasabi sayo, wag. Pati ikaw magagalit sa bagal ng serbisyo nila. Legit.

Pakitranslate ninyo ito sa hangeul para maintindihan niya please.

Hindi pa din ako bibigay PLDT (heavy breathing) ....... Capt Ri!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Kim Chiu's Bawal Lumabas Draws A Staggering 10 Million Views

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Anak ng patola kumita pa sa basura ...idea ng bashers ginaya ......

You see how people put everyone with the likes of Kim even more popular and wealthier? Kaya mga artista keep ur feet on the ground. If not of the humor of the masses that twist the turn of event for Kim, she would have been still be morally down. Lesson learned!

Lets translate it in english baka sakali..

In the classroom there is a law, don't go out, oh don't go out. But if once said, when you comply that don't go out and you did something in what they don't allow, you fixed the law in your classroom and you submit again then you can go out...

Naintindihan ninyo.. ako hindi pa din e..

Never underestimate Kim Chiu and “the likes of her...” Some of them are now running our country.

She should share her blessings with her bashers, she may help people if she wants to. Phenomenal star in the making!

Let's just say she got hurt thats how artist cope with it. It's called Taylor Swift strategy after people named her snake and a liar and then she ride on with it and make a track bout it.

Ironic isn't it?
They bashed you then they patronized you now. Or maybe their curiosity got the best of them. People will forever remember her for her katangahang, the senseless blabbering about the law of classroom.

Marami dito pinagpipiyestahan yung kamalian nang iba. Ano ba talaga ang dapat sa isang bayang mapang husga?

Ang mga bashers, talo. The more you bash, the more the money coming in for the bashed. Yung mga bitter bashers galit na galit pa din, mga talangka tlaga. Hahaha! Yung binabash na si kim chiu ayun, nagkakamal ng pera kayo antay lang ng ayuda. Hahahahaha!

Go for more millions of peso Kimmy,Yung iba hirap na hirap pang pumila para sa AYUDA,tas pagdating dun di pala nakalista name nila. Kawawa yung basher na gumawa ng song... Di sya ang kumita... hahaha! Di naman sya nagpasikat . Squammy beats pa din.

At least kumita sya sa katangahan nya. Proud pa.

James Reid Appointed as Agriculture Ambassador

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Actor James Reid is the Philippine government's new ambassador for agriculture and agribusiness.

The newest poster boy was tapped to be DA's ambassador on food security. This is part of the agency's efforts to promote the industry to the youth.

They want kids / teenagers to get into farming. How would you encourage these people if you'll get an ambassador who isn't cool for them? The department's goal is to make farming "cool".

Bilang youth ambassador. Kinuha sya siguro dahil sa dami ng followers nya sa socmed. Para ma reach ng  agruculture yung mga kabataan kapag nagpost sya.

He can be of big help to the govt if he'll encourage people especially his fans to get involve in agricultural works and program.

Having passion of sustainability is not enough. Jusko baka makakita lang ng bulate yan, tatakbo agad. They should have chosen someone who has knowledge in agri and can “obviously” contribute to that department.

I like James as an actor, performer, and such...pero as an ambassador for AGRICULTURE and AGRIBUSINESS of all things? Like how? 

Dapat maging pogi ang mga farmers? Yun ba ang bagong campaign?  Magkano kaya budget ng DA dyan? Sana ipinamahagi nyo na lang sa mga magsasakang naghihirap.

Wow parang nagpromote ng vegan diet tos di vegetarian ganun.

May iba namang mga artista na mas bagay gawing ambassador dyan. 

Seryoso ito. Baka pagpababain mo yan sa putik ng palayan sisigaw yan ng Darna! Wala bang mas credible, reliable and knowlegeable about sa irerepresent nya? Basta na lang no kaya nagkalokoloko ang bansa choosing wrong people to represent something... Sa Belo Clinic pwede pa sya ambassador, pero agriculture manglupad mga kwaknit!

Hmm what are the qualifications to become an ambassador? I guess the Department appointed Him for a reason, and i'm curious about it. Place His qualifications please.

Baka naman dun sya nag train sa farm ville app games kaya meron na syang experience sa agricultural.

“I'm very new to the world of agriculture but it's my passion of sustainability that has brought me here.  It's my privilege to use my voice to support farmers and fisherfolk in the Philippines. There is a need to change the way we see agricultute. Agriculture should be protected, supported, and innovated. ” - James Reid, 2020

Siya na mismo nagsabi na very new siya sa larangan ng agriculture o food security, katangahang siya ang kinuhang ambassador. 

Ano gagawin niya? Ngingitian, kakantahan, sasayawan o magdadrama sa kabukiran?

Gising Department of Agriculture - Philippines !!! Bakit ang bobo ninyo?

Hindi komo pogi ay gaganahan na ang kabataang magtanim. Baka magtititili lang mga pabebeng dalagita sa kanya.

Baka nga wala man lang naitanim na gulay yan kahit isa.

Classes to remain suspended until Covid-19 vaccine

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Para sa akin, bakuna muna.”

In a public address aired late Monday night, May 25, President Rodrigo Duterte says classes will remain suspended until a vaccine against COVID-19 is made available. #COVID19PH

Are you in favor of postponing the resumption of school year until a vaccine has been developed?

The president or the government must based any of their pronouncement on science and facts. To make a pronouncement  like that without a basis is not the kind of leadership we expect.  My question is how the government doing with test and tracing program? Do they have a reliable figure? If the current figures are correct and reliable then I believed there's a lot of provinces that now can go back to normal as long as they have risk assessment done to control the social distancing as so many provinces still have no or very minimal infections.

A year of not going to school will not hurt the children. There are alot of means to learn from home. Health and safety first for the kids because they are more vulnerable from this virus. Education is for all, not for those who are privileged! DepEd should consider those students in public who don't have laptops/mobile phones and access to the internet connection.

Hindi titigil ang pag aaral kung hindi man pumasok sa school pero ang buhay, iisa lang yan. Kapag online schooling ok sa akin as parent, pero pag physical schooling a big NO. sorry. I cannot put the life of my kid at risk. A year of skipping school is not a big deal.

Walang pumipigil sa online schooling. Pwede naman yan. Pero ang accreditation nyan ang problema kung hindi iaaprub ni Tatay Digong ang SY 2020-2021. Pwede nman online tutorials, homeschooling, or any means na walang physical appearance o contact para naman may pagkaabalahan mga bata. Pero yung formal school year wag na muna.

Online schooling or nothing, a year of absence from school will not hurt the future of my children, but covid can, even worse.

From the President's speech, it’s clear na he’s pertaining to face to face class as impossible without the vaccine BUT the DepEd has already presented the setting which most to all of the schools will be different modalities such ad blended learning or online learning.

We can ensure safety to our students but we also need to assure knowledge and education amidst this pandemic. Sayang ang matuto, hindi lang naman sa apt na sulok ng classroom matatagpuan ang pagkatuto.

Pero para fair sa lahat mahirap man o mayaman, i-postpone ang klase ng buong school year, kasi kawawa naman ang mga batang maleleft behind. But we cannot stop those who have the means to acquire online schooling. Kung ako walang capability na magpaaral online, tigil anak ko. Pero Hindi ko pilitin na yung iba din patigilin kahit may means sila. Selfish naman yun.

DepED is in the process of  developing the learning continuity plan.  It is a contingency plan for the delivery while the pandemic is still there. There are modalities planned such as online teaching,  homeschooling,  distance learning,  face to face or blended learning. training cost for developing for these plans too high, it seems the DepEd is always caught unprepared for this kind of situations, meetings and conferences everywhere yet they they still produce the highest percentage of can hardly read and right after finishing elem. or even secondary compared to other countries.

With the way how the evolution of people and its learning technology right now, schools is getting obsolete.

For us to understand and realize that the world had to change its way of evolving, to be able to respond and protect human challenge dealing to modern technology as well as the importance of saving the planet Earth. We have witnessed the reduction of carbon emissions damaging the ozone layer. We have learned saving the lives of others and preserving family values. See the positive impact not the negative results of Covid19. Everything happened for a reason.

There were positive changes for the environment, but I think it’s unsympathetic of us to tell people (frontliners and those who lost families and friends to COVID) to “see the positive impact not the negative results of Covid19.”

Never compromise health as to the level of learning to accomplished. Education starts at home and it is where learning can be developed into skill.  To stop in school or university because of force majeure should be understood for a while. The rule prevails, “Prevention is better than Cure.” For safety against COVID 19 is to follow World Health Organization (WHO) scientific instructions  and advice for that is the only way to control the spread of the deadly infectious disease until the arrival of the appropriate vaccine being developed. Remember, all medical scientist are working hard for the vaccine and now on trials  to assess its effectiveness. LEARN TO BE PATIENT.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Plants Versus Pets: The Challenges of Urban Gardening

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Pahamak yung pusa namin! Nabali yung pinaka main branch ng ampalaya eh ang haba na. Sayang!

Mukhang gugulayin ko na lang yung mga dahon bukas. Munggong may ampalaya leaves?

Ganoon talaga! Ganyan ang buhay parang life. Back to start uli. Magpatubo uli bukas.

Ano naman kayang luto gagawin ko sa pusa? Lol!

Nawiwili akong magtanim ...lahat ng seeds from kitchen scraps like veggies like bell peppers, ampalaya, tomatoes, sometimes iniisip ko pati na rin fruits kaso karamihan puno kaya malabo for a condo type residential unit. No space and soil big enough to grow trees, and the association would not allow it, just as they refused to have us install satellite dishes as they would make the building look ugly.

Halos lahat ng kamatis seeds na itinapon ko sa mga paso ay tumubo kaya siksikan tuloy sila everywhere

Pero yung mga sili from all kinds ay wala yatang nagparamdam.

I joined a Facebook group called Manila Grows Food, which inspired me more to pursue this interest. Then I also joined other groups like Philippine Urban Gardening, the Hydroponics Philippines when I got curious of this alternative way to plant.

I started with Kratky method of hydroponics usings styroboxes as planters containing liquid nutrient solutions instead of soil. There are other types of hydroponics using pumps to circulate water through pipes, then others like aerophonics and aquaphonics, and similar stuff.

Growing veggies using nutrient solution in refurbished styrobox ng grapes would be the cheaper and less hassle method

I started with pechay and mustasa, planning to follow with lettuce, but I guess rainy season is already here. There won't enough sun, and the rain will dilute the nutrient solution, and though the system can be moved inside and use grow lights as a replacement to sunlight, I don't have the space and the investment may not be worth it if the cost of the lighting system would not be justified by the harvest.

Add the fact that our cats will continue to be a threat to our garden. I can't guard the veggies all day and night, and the limited space prevents me to setup barricades to protect the small garden.

Now I got this comment when I posted the styrobox setup:

"for the amount of space your styro box is taking up, you could have 30 normal plants growing in dirt with the same amount of water usage...wasted space...those plants grow upward, consider growing something that goes carrots"

True, the challenge is soil is not easily
accessible unless we buy, quite heavy to bring up to our floor, and still you have to keep it fertilized and pest-free. On another part of our place are pots with veggies growing on soil. Just experimenting on this setup which uses the liquid nutrient solution, which is tidier, and less work. Though, I'm just doing this to keep busy and learn something new while I let this quarantine pass. Those posts on the urban gardening and hydroponics groups are inspiring.

I also planted some veggies at our other home but this quarantine kept us in just one location. Now I'm wondering if they survived by just getting water from the rain alone.

The other house's fence was padlocked so we couldn't ask the neighbors to water our plants. We'll try to go there one of these days now that they've shifted the Rizal province to General Community Quarantine, but just for a short visit.

The other house does not have any pets so it's safer for veggies.

Stray cats frequent our place in Pasig because we feed them our food scrap. We provided a food bowl outside where we put all our edible food waste that they could eat. Now I'm thinking of stopping so they would no longer come. Am I bad for thinking that?

Five new Pinoy Films to launch on Netflix this June to celebrate Independence Day in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Netflix announced a new slate of beloved and critically-acclaimed Pinoy films across a variety of genres - from horror, comedy, to critically-acclaimed drama. Partnering with leading production studios, including Viva, ERJ Found Films, Black Cap Pictures and Changhe Films, the latest lineup opens Netflix members to a world of diverse storytelling from the Philippines.

“We are constantly amazed by the creativity of storytellers and the quality of talent coming out of the Philippines,” said Raphael Phang, Manager of Content Acquisition at Netflix. “Filipinos are avid entertainment fans, so at Netflix we are committed to bringing the best stories locally and from around the world to our members here.”

“With the world's inevitable shift to digital platforms for content, it is reassuring that Netflix gives us a showcase of Filipino titles for more audiences and markets to have access to,” said Liza Diño, Chairman and CEO of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). “Of the five films that Netflix will be releasing, at the FDCP we are especially excited about the inclusion of 'Lola Igna', a heartwarming film from our very own Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino which won Best Picture, and the multi-awarded 2016 film 'Pamilya Ordinaryo' ('Ordinary People') which is one of our Cine Lokal hits when it screened in theaters and a winner in Venice Days of the Venice International Film Festival. This growing slate of Filipino content on Netflix is a true reflection of the diversity of what Philippine Cinema has to offer. And Netflix giving space to more Filipino films is an affirmation that the Philippines has the potential of globalizing its local market."

These films follow the success of other Pinoy titles on Netflix, including Eerie, The Girl Allergic to Wi-Fi, and Miss Granny, which were among the top ten most popular titles in the Philippines in 2019, as well as the December 2019 release of Filipino Netflix Film Dead Kids by award-winning director Mikhail Red.
“I feel very grateful as a filmmaker that my work has reached audiences all around the world thanks to Netflix,” said Director Mikhail Red. “It is my goal to use storytelling and genres to get my message across, entertain, and engage people at the same time. Netflix has granted me the perfect platform to connect with an audience anytime and anywhere. Even my older film, ‘Birdshot’, which has been on Netflix for three years is still getting fresh reactions online from viewers seeing it for the first time.”
The five Pinoy films coming to Netflix are listed below. Images and other assets can be downloaded here. Click here to see what’s New on Netflix in June.

PINOY SUNDAY (Changhe Films Ltd)
Synopsis: Inspired by a 1958 Roman Polanski short, this lighthearted examination of modern life in Taipei follows two Filipino immigrants, Manuel and Dado, during their day off from work, when the chance discovery of a discarded couch leads to adventure.
Director: Widing Ho
Cast: Bayani Agbayani, Jeffrey Quizon, Nor Domingo, Dave Ronald Chang, Meryll Soriano, Alessandra de Rossi
Release date: June 5, 2020
Quote from the Director: “I never thought the feature debut I made ten years ago can have a second life and finally get shown to the Philippine audience, thanks to Netflix. It is a tremendous honor to have my second movie after ‘Cities of Last Things’ to be included on a platform which has done so much to promote filmmakers' works from around the world to a global audience. I am lucky to be part of the family.”

SUNOD (Black Cap Pictures Inc)
Synopsis: As the medical expenses for her daughter stack up, a mother takes a demanding call center job where the building's sinister secrets begin to haunt her.
Director: Carlo Ledesma
Cast: Carmina Villarroel, Mylene Dizon, JC Santos, Kate Alejandrino, Krystal Brimner, Rhed Bustamante, Susan Africa
Release date: June 14, 2020
Quote from the Director: “Having Sunod screen theatrically during the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival was an incredible experience, and now I'm excited for the film to find a new audience online, especially on Netflix, which has the best streaming. Speaking on behalf of myself and my crew, we took great pains to make the movie look and sound good, so it'll be a rush to see it stream in high quality.”

LOLA IGNA (ERJ Found Film Production Co.)
Synopsis: An elderly woman finds her life disrupted when her family and village realize she has a chance at a world record for being the oldest grandmother alive. (Lola Igna was awarded Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Musical Score and Best Actress at the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino Awards Night)
Director: Eduardo W. Roy Jr.
Cast: Angie Ferro, Yves Flores, Meryll Soriano, Maria Isabel Lopez, Royce Cabrera, Jojo Riguerra, Armando A. Reyes
Release date: June 18, 2020
Quote from the Director: “I felt flabbergasted when I got the news from Netflix that the team loved my film, not just one but two of my films. I’m personally thankful to Netflix for introducing ‘Lola Igna’ and ‘Ordinary People’, to a larger audience, not only in the Philippines, but to the whole world. Now my films can be easily accessible anytime, and anywhere around the world.”

UNTRUE (Viva Communications, Inc.)
Synopsis: Mara moves from the Philippines to the country of Georgia, where she meets a mysterious man, Joachim. They develop feelings for one another, until Joachim claims to hear peculiar sounds and see visions of a strange woman.
Director: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo
Cast: Cristine Reyes, Xian Lim
Release date: June 22, 2020

ORDINARY PEOPLE (ERJ Found Film Production Co.)
Synopsis: Barely making a living as pickpockets, a teenage couple in Manila resort to desperate measures when their one-month-old child is kidnapped. (Ordinary People was awarded Best Film, Best Editing, Best Actress, Best Director at the 12th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, as well as Best Actress at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and FAP Awards)
Director: Eduardo W. Roy Jr.
Cast: Ronwaldo Martin, Hasmine Kilip, Maria Isabel Lopez, Sue Prado, Ruby Ruiz, Raymon Lee, Karl Medina, Erlina Villalobos, Menggie Cobrarrubias
Release date: To be announced

To make this Independence Day even more special, Jo Koy: In His Elements, will premiere globally on Netflix on June 12, 2020. For the first time ever, comedian Jo Koy takes Netflix to the Philippines in his new special, Jo Koy: In His Elements. Koy celebrates his heritage by telling jokes about life as a Filipino-American while highlighting the culture of Manila. Koy uses this opportunity to shine a light on other Filipino-American performers by welcoming to the stage famed breakdancer Ronnie, Grammy-winning producer !llmind, singer/songwriter Iñigo Pascual, and comedians Andrew Lopez, Joey Guila, and Andrew Orolfo.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Are we ready for the " New Normal"?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

For those that don't have a clue and spewing the term 'new normal' out of their mouths, take this situation as a reset button
It may be a deadly button, but we all must push it for all of us to live. We can never go back to the normal that we’ve use to lived but I hope we can start a new normal, where we respect nature, we respect each others’ status symbol, opinions and lives. Take care of ourselves and the people around us and remember to give thanks to God everyday. Masks can save us for a limited time but being “makatao” will help us go a long way.

We have to embrace the “new normal”. We don’t have a choice but to accept and adapt. For all we know, the so-called new normal is a lot better, a lot kinder.

I believe there is really no normal. What we have are traditions, like what we use to do or how we choose to bring up our children (straight man & woman). As Morticia Adams said it, "Normal is an illusion. What's normal to a spider, is chaos to a fly".

Definitely.. with what we learned from the pandemic is a new norm.. and the message should reach out to the lowest demographic class of our society. We are hoping for a society that will be friendly to nature and the rest of the animal kingdom.

I hope that after this pandemic, all govt projects should take into consideration the environmental impact and not just the economic side.

We're flattening the curve so we can let the people go outside, the car is slowing down so I can let go of the brakes. No vaccine, no peace of mind.

Maybe its right that we move forward instead of wishing to go back to normal.

Whatever the previous was, it was “that kind of normal” that got us in this “mess”. Never going back to that.

Like what they say, change is inevitable kaya wala talagang normal. Ingat mga kababayan and keep going. 🙏🏻

Another shout out to all OFW’s coming back home

Wazzup Pilipinas!

ZEN Rooms is OPEN for OFWs. Let’s help them find affordable rooms at up to 60% off. Use my Code <OFW10> for extra <10%> discount.

Share this to help our modern heroes

Would You Accept Third World Rates for First Class Quality Work?

Wazzup Pilipinas !

Yung banat na “eto lang kasi budget pero bawi kami next project..” ang nagpapamahal dyan.

Kaya maraming gusto sa pulitika, ok lang kahit mag budots lang, magkakapera ka agad pag nanalo.

Seems underpaid nga sa Pinas. This sets a dangerous precedent sa lahat ng nag-uumpisa palang. Baka isipin ng tao, yan ang norm.

Ideally kaya ayoko talaga ng local cllients. Locally, the economy decides kung ano ang presyo sa kahit anong industry dito. Not the competency.

Kaya dapat di dapat #gatong sa lahat ng issue. Nasasanay tuloy ang mga tao na "yan ang normal"

However I have several questions:

- Is the quality of work the same sa international works?

- Do we really have to convert $ to Php knowing na ang laki ng gap ng value of money for both countries ( US & PH)

Don't get me wrong. Im not against paying the right and just amount to every rendered service or sold good.

Baka kasi mamaya may mga ibang gamitin yang info but then hindi maideliver sa client ang lahat ng expectations? Whatcha think?

Videographers in the PH here for weddings that produce quality work is 60k to 200k actually, yung mga ganyan rate is very basic editing na hindi mashado presentable. I'm just saying there are a lot of clients from PH who pays the same price as US rates, depende talaga sa quality, professionalisn, dependability and brand na din.

Sana may proper context rin yung mga rates. Like anong extent ng editing? Cut to cut salpak lang ba or madugong pagtatahi base sa script? May halong effects ba? Talking heads lang, re-enactment, etc... Kasi yung rate rin bilang editor nag-vavary sa years of experience + level of skills. May mga foreign clients na sobrang baba rin ang budget, meron naman galante. May mga networks at post-prod company na ang bayad is per month, kaya one to sawa ang project... kaya di rin gaano nagtutugma yung ibang rates mo. Good for you that you can charge that much, sana may tutorial how to para matulungan rin yung ibang nakakabasa nito to get generous clients 🙂

But one thing that I agree with you is that underpaid talaga anything to do with production/ creative endeavor dito, hindi lang editor kasi yung mga gfx artist, producer, writer etc.

I believe Filipinos do as great and sometimes even more than international standards. The reason we're charging this much is that our industry placed it as our "norms".

I mean, how long will $300 last you in the US? Compare that to how long Php 200 will last you in the PH. I think that alone speaks volumes about how underpaid multimedia people are here.

There's the factor called "cost of living". A single person can live by comfortably with around PHP50k/month here in the Philippines. Compare that to let's say someone living in California, where rent alone averages more than that. Food, health services, etc also cost more and they have much higher minimum wages. It's the reason companies outsource here in Asia. Labor just costs a lot less here even if the quality of work is close to or equal in developed countries.

Ang mali sa thinking ng Pilipino we convert it sa value ng pera natin dito sa Pinas. Pero ang binabayaran po dito ay talent. Kahit nasaan parte ka pa ng mundo dapat pareho ang bayaran sa same level of talent. We are the ones that is building this culture in the world market. Kaya tayo binabarat ng ibang employers, its because of some of the Filipinos who think this way. Dapat ang minamarket natin ay ang galing ng Pilipino so they pay the same. Not because we are paid cheap.

Nasa tao nalang kung pano niya iwoworth kung magkano siya bayaran for the project.. so if you belive na eto talaga ung tamang presyo sa quality na kaya mong ibigay why not... for my experience i really started low para makalaban at makapasok sa big leagues.. experience is your starting line.

Tingin ko one way to check ung quality ng video edits nung editor is thru portfolio or previous works nya,

Para doon palang majustify ung presyong dinedemand nya if u think na masyado mahal or medyo may doubt if kaya ba nya ideliver ung expectation mo as a client.

The international companies can you pay you from 20k-50kphp or more than that if you can satisfy them with your designs with minor revisions. Here in PH, you will still get a minimum wage salary despite of having unli revisions especially if you're a corporate slave.

The price for international works should be the same for Filipino artists. Knowing that art education here in the Philippines is very expensive po. Asides from that, the softwares and gadgets that are used are also pretty expensive. Wala pa po labor ang gastos na. Art is an investment, therefore it's just right that filipino artists should be paid justly. Kung sa ibang bansa nagagawang bayaran ng mataas mga Pilipino, bakit dito sa bansa natin hindi?

This is true, but we cannot really compare yung prices internationally, 3rd world country tayo eh.

Parang BPO setting lang yan, they put up BPOs in PH rather than hiring native speakers coz we sound the same, produce the same output with cheaper price. Same with OFWs, med practitioner and other outsourced jobs, we chose to fly abroad and make a career there coz it pays load bigger than what we get here. Besides most of the jobs here in PH are underpaid.

The danger here is that you’re generalizing “normal” or “average” PH rates that clients can potentially use as a baseline for production costs.

One of the problem here in the Philippines is the “boomer mentality” when it comes to creative/multimedia profession. They think it's not a serious profession like being a doctor, teacher, engineer etc. Thats why artist are always being looked down.

Standard/cost of living, currency conversion rates, and supply and demand for services. Unfortunately it’s the Philippine economy that’s the problem, not because people are underpaid. Also foreign labourers had more expensive education (10x or so the amount Filipinos pay for school) and training costs that they have to recoup In their own localities. In a developed country’s perspective, yes Ph local labour is underpaid, but in the context of Ph economy, market and government it is just about right - although it should be a bit more than that nowadays because the cost of goods are getting higher every year.

No matter what you do, nobody locally can pay for what you demand internationally, because the general pay-scales and economies are vastly different. If you deal locally, then you have to adjust to the local economy. Even McDonald’s adjusts their pricing: Big Mac in Canada costs 500 pesos If converted. But Big Mac in Ph costs 150 pesos. It’s just how economics work, my friend.

Even concrete houses in Ph are way cheaper than simple wooden houses in US or Canada. For $30k, you can buy a house in Ph, but in Canada it would cost $600k. Real estate market is one of the good gauges to feel the condition of the economy.

And it will take years of steady improvement to catch up. That’s why choose your government officials wisely. Posting these “awareness” thing won’t do much, unfortunately.

This is like the feminist fighting for equal pay. competence and agreeableness plays a big role. Anyone can charge for astronomical amount but the question is would anyone hire him? BPOs are in PH because of cheaper labor, delivering the same if not better quality of service. Should Filipinos ask for equal pay?

In a free competition market, if someone can offer their services at the desired quality (varies per client) at a value-for-money proposition, then the work goes to them.

In the end, you can demand for a price equivalent to the quality and services you can deliver, but to remain competitive sometimes you would need to charge lesser thus live less comfortably.

Know your worth based on your skills level. It’s not realistic to price yourself when you know you can’t deliver.
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