Saturday, May 9, 2015

Voting Opens for the First Ever Winner of “Asia’s Got Talent”

Wazzup Pilipinas!

AXN viewers will decide the winner of “Asia’s Got Talent” as voting opens following the culmination of the world’s biggest talent competition in the magnificent and thrilling Grand Final episode that premiered last evening on AXN

The winner is set to be determined by TV audiences across Asia voting through SMS, Facebook and the “Asia’s Got Talent” mobile app, with details available on The winner will be crowned in the concluding Grand Final Results episode premiering next Thursday (14 May) at 8.05pm on AXN.

The Grand Final last night was contested by nine acts including six voted through by viewers and three joint ‘golden buzzer’ decisions by judges: David Foster, Melanie C., Anggun, and Van Ness Wu which fast-tracked these acts directly to the Grand Final.

The Grand Finalists gave it their all to win the hearts and votes of TV audiences across Asia, for the coveted title, the US$100,000 prize, as well as the opportunity to return and perform at Marina Bay Sands, where the semi-finals, Grand Final and Grand Final Results shows are held.

Wowed While Waiting for Wazzup Pilipinas TV

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Friendly po talaga ako in real life... I just talk (or write) like I'm over demanding and a slave-driver. I guess this is because I was raised to be a perfectionist and workaholic. I was taught to always try to find ways to stand out among the rest.

I know that we can always do better kasi. Hindi sapat yung pwede na ...or pa-easy-easy lang, enjoy enjoy lang. Because others will leave us behind if we're too complacent in living a life that's good enough. Kaya iniwan ni Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) si Marco (Piolo Pascual) sa Starting Over Again eh. May mga tao talagang mataas ang expectations sa lahat ng bagay especially when it concerns his or her brand.

Brands hire social media managers to entice readers to like their social media pages, posts attractive entries to keep their interest, and engage them with contests, surveys, questions and other campaigns to eventually make them advocates of their brand until they realize they're subconsciously recommending the brand, and the products and services, to their friends.

This is also why brands have regular meetings especially when they are working on a project. Everyone involved in the project will share updates, suggestions, and developments, including the shortcomings, technical difficulties, budget restraints, cause of delays and other necessary information to make everyone aware of the status of a project. Each member of the team has a specific task or assignment in the project but everyone keeps tab of the status of every team member so everyone would know who is not on schedule and who needs some assistance. Everyone openly shares their accomplishments and reports their failures. That's what a good team is all about.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Breakfast at True Deli with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr

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No kidding! My son and I had breakfast with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This festive morning ritual happened last May 3, 2015 at True Deli restaurant located at the Victoria building near GMA-Kamuning EDSA MRT station.

Hearing the date, I guessed you already know that this was during the big "fight of the century" but since Manny Pacquiao lost to Mayweather, I got so sad that this article took several days before I could even write about the very sad day for many Filipinos.

We were all too confident our Pambansang Kamao will win but unfortunately, the Pacman was not as aggressive as we expected. I think everyone wanted a more thrilling pound for pound match between the two. More like when Super Saiyan Goku fought with Vegeta at Dragonball Z TV shows - that was the more likely expectations of the majority but the 12 rounds ended with both men still up on their feet with very little bruises on their faces.

Going back to our morning meal, it was a buffet breakfast of lomi soup, sweet beef tapa, milk fish "bangus" belly, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and omelets (more eggs). I couldn't eat more than one plate full since I am on a diet. But honestly, the breakfast choices was not really my kind of treat. I wanted more like hotcakes and waffles, maybe cereals with milk...but wait,,...we were advised it was going to be a true Filipino meal so maybe they could have added the tasty and crispy danggit in the menu. 

Takbo Para Sa Mga Mandirigma Fun Run on May 10

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Starquest Alliance Production presents "Takbo Para Sa Mga Mandirigma FUN RUN" on May 10 at Quezon City Memorial Circle. Assembly timeis at 5am.

This event is in simultaneous effort to promote the movie entitled, “Mandirigma” (afilm as timely as today’s headlines). “Mandirigma” is a full length film that will serve as a legacy project for the Philippine Marines in line with their 65th Anniversary.

Written and directed by multi-awarded journalist and now film-maker Arlyndela Cruz, main cast is Luis Alandy (GMA-7), Alwyn Uytingco (TV5), Ken Anderson (ABS-CBN), Mon Confiado, Ping Medina, Marc Solis, Carlo Cruz, Jerico Ejercito, Buboy Villar (Kid Kulafu) and some of the homegrown talents of Starquest Alliance Production. “Mandirigma” celebrates the heroism of the Philippine Marines, our front liners and our force of choice against insurgents. 

Luis Alandy and cast of the movie "Mandirigma" will be joining the event. They will be the ones to award race finishers. Portion of the proceeds will go to the wounded soldiers of the Philippine Marines and SAF 44 Fallen Heroes' families.

Manuel is Waiting for You! Wait,.... Who's Manuel Again?

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Many are talking about these mysterious billboards that suddenly appeared in different parts of Metro Manila and supposed to have been posted by a certain Manuel who says "Maghihintay ako" roughly translated as "I will be waiting."

Who is this Manuel and who or what is he waiting for?

There's also an indicated place namely EDSA Shangri-La hotel and a certain date and time in the evening of May 22.

Now what could be happening on the said date at the mentioned hotel? It must be special since the Shangri-La hotels are first class hotels that cater to the affluent. You have to spend quite a lot to organized a meeting at that hotel, or is it probably a big event of one of the top companies in the Philippines, or maybe by some foreigner who's meeting her lady in the country.

I'm intrigued and would like to call up the hotel for some hint but I guess the hotel will not allow me to discover what will really happen on the said date.

If we look closer at the billboard, there's an image of a person writing something on a journal. So is it a long distance love affair as what I've read from some blogs that already posted these similar questions ahead of me or have they guessed wrong.

Flickr Launches New Features, Powerful Search and Redesign Across Devices

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Yahoo! today released a number of major updates to Flickr, desktop and mobile, introducing a more intelligent search tool and set of features that make it easier to access, organize, find and share photos and videos across devices. The overhaul brings a seamless, unified experience to the community of over 112 million users, and allows them to more efficiently manage over 11 billion photos on Flickr today. 

“At Flickr, we’ve always dreamed of creating a space where you can store and manage a lifetime’s worth of memories,” says Tim Miller, head of engineering at Flickr. “Today, we’re taking that one step further as we bring users a brand new set of tools to unlock the power of 1,000 GB of space. These tools coupled with our advanced image recognition technology will give our community the power to not only access those special moments from their iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, or on the web, but to uncover the ones that they thought were lost forever.” 

Three new significant components of this launch include:

• Uploadrs: Users can upload as many as half a million photos from their desktop, an external hard drive, iPhoto, their mobile phone and more, using Yahoo’s new Uploadr for Mac and Windows and Yahoo’s new Auto-Uploadr for their mobile device. Photos and videos currently on the device or captured as new will be uploaded automatically and marked as private, and duplicates will be removed. 

The Social Media Marketing Revolution


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Here's what I wrote for ShopBest magazine for the souvenir issue of the 2015 Best Choice Annual Awards. It is entitled "The Social Media Marketing Revolution" expressing my thoughts about how social media has changed the game play for most businesses and has also somewhat evened the playing field for startups who have very limited funding.

Social media allowed small players to gain a global presence through the help of social media since we all know many of us are in one way or another connected via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media networks that have dominated the Internet.

Especially in the Philippines where the people love to interact and become involved, the influence of social media has drastically changed the way we live and make decisions. It has evolved into a really "social" form of communication where everyone can immediately give feedback. Sometimes, it's too easy and convenient that it also becomes a dangerous tool that can either make or break a company.

We've heard of great news of long lost families or relatives being reunited, campaigns becoming widely participated at a global scale, but there are also disturbing viral images, trending hate stories, rants, bashings, rumor mongering, and so.

Social media is indeed influential that it can immediately put you into the highest pedestal but can also bury you so deep that you may not want to go back up into the real world.

Read on and enjoy my article below:

Michelin’s Right2Race Online Game Returns with Pilot Sport Experience Drive Prize

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Right 2 Race (R2R) online game promo from MICHELIN is back! And winners from select countries get the chance to join the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Experience (MPSE), a much-awaited motorsport event, in Sepang International F1 Circuit in Malaysia.

To join, participants may log on to from May 13 to June 16, 2015 and play the game on the digital version of Sepang International F1 Circuit. The players’ driving skills on different racing lines and braking points will be tested in the game. Three players from the Philippines with the best and fastest lap times win a trip to Sepang, Malaysia and join in the once-in-a-lifetime MICHELIN Pilot Sport Experience on July 18.

The MPSE is a unique and specialized motorsport event organized annually by MICHELIN. Participants get to ride and drive with professional racers on high-performance vehicles such as the Formula 4, Renault Clio Cup, Lamborghini Super Trofeo and the legendary Formula Le Mans.

The first Right2Race was launched successfully last year in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines. One of the winners from the Philippines – Ivan Isada, emerged as the overall Champion at the 2014 MPSE. As the ultimate winner, Mr. Isada received an exclusive all-expense paid trip to witness the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours in Le Mans, France in June 2015.

For more information log on to OR .

Have an Absolutely Memorable Day Out with Mom at the FIC Loves Moms 2015

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More than anything, moms want nothing but time for themselves and time with their loved ones for Mother’s Day. This coming Sunday, May 11, treat your mom to a memorable day out at the Fox International Channels (FIC) Loves Moms 2015 in Newport Plaza, Resorts World Manila.

Day in and day out, moms’ pure and unconditional love pushes them give only the best to their families. Co-sponsored by Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water, this annual event gives Absolute moms only the best experiences they deserve. Moms can indulge in massages, nail spa treatments, and makeover sessions while kids can get crafty and make moms handmade gifts at the arts & crafts stations. With different booths, games, performances, and other exciting activities, everyone in the family will surely have an enjoyable and memorable day. 

Drop by FIC Loves Moms 2015 and give your mom nothing but absolute love on a day that's made just for her.

Wazzup Pilipinas Wins Award for Most Trusted Blog Community in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Our awards keep coming and your Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas can't help but float in cloud nine for the overwhelming recognitions that won't stop since I started the blog way back March 2013.

We're only more than two years in the blogging industry yet we've been recognized by several award-giving bodies as early as our first few months - short of a year - when we decided to make our own blog mostly dedicated to Philippine events, features and destinations.

2015 is no doubt a great year for as it continues to bring in so many collaborative opportunities aside from the radio show segments at Radyo Inquirer, we are also now connected with Radyo Uno, and the new TV show we are so proud to call our own - the Wazzup Pilipinas TV - the TV version of Our alliance with many members of the media will surely continue to grow and prosper.

Last night of May 7, 2015 was another accomplishment for as it received another recognition for Most Trusted Blog Community in the Philippines conferred by the Best Choice Awards Council with its chairman, Wilfredo Lemque Jr. leading the awards night held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. founder Ross Del Rosario was also awarded a Best Choice professional award for Most Innovative Tri Media Professional.

Wazzup Pilipinas Awarded as Best Innovative Social Blog Site in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Your favorite Pambansang Blog ng Pilpinas recently received an award on April 25, 2015 for Best Innovative Social Blog Site in the Philippines at the awarding ceremonies of the 10th Q Asia National Product Quality Excellence Awards held at F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig City.

What was great about this award is a lot of other awardees came from different parts of the Philippines. I was expecting only Manila-based businesses but was surprised to see quite a number of top emerging new businesses making a name for themselves.

Organized by the same publisher of Q Asia magazine, the 2015 National Product Quality Excellence Awards recognized several businesses with exceptional performance including business men and entrepreneurs who have exceled in their chosen fields of expertise.

Hosted by talents coming from the top television networks of the country, and some noteworthy performers as entertainment for the awards night, the F1 ballroom was filled with several business people all deserving to be acknowledged for their outstanding products and services. founder Ross Del Rosario received the award in behalf of the fast rising and most awarded blog site in the country. We have so many awards that we lost count already. I think we stopped counting when we reached the 10th award, but continues to take our efforts always up a notch.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Red Ribbon Celebrates Mother’s Day with Sweet, Unforgettable Treats

Wazzup Pilipinas!
Red Ribbon, the country’s leading bakeshop, pays tribute to the special women in our lives – our mothers. This Mother’s Day, Red Ribbon celebrates this special day with the all-time classic limited edition Mother’s Day Black Forest cake and the Mother’s Day Mamon. The Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake and Mother’s Day Mamon will both be available in Red Ribbon stores nationwide from May 8 to 10.

The Mother’s Day Black Forest will feature deliciously rich chocolate roses on top of the cake. This edible floral bouquet complements the confection’s soft, moist chocolate cake sprinkled with a generous amount of glorious chocolate shavings atop fluffy, white cream icing and punctuated by juicy, sweet cherries. This delightful cake makes a perfect gift for any mom to enjoy. 

On the other hand, the Mother’s Day Mamon will have that soft, light, fluffy, white chiffon mamon and feature colorful, Mother’s Day-themed toppings. These special mamons are packaged in special gift boxes that are great for giving away. These will come in packs of 3s and are affordably priced at P120.00 only! Even kids can make a gift of this to their moms.

These classic, elegantly rich and sumptuous confections are both feasts for the taste and are guaranteed to say “I love you, Mom” in more ways than one.  

Give the Gift of Health and Wellness this Mother’s Day


Wazzup Pilipinas!

Pregnancy and childbirth complications are some of the world’s leading causes of maternal death in developing countries, according to the World Health Organization. In fact, global figures indicate that one in seven women will face complications during their pregnancy. Oftentimes, mothers must endure that pain during the process of giving life.

The life of a mother is threatened when giving birth since health complications are not far from taking place. These complications, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, include prolonged labor, abnormal positioning of the fetus, umbilical cord prolapse or compression, placenta previa, and excessive bleeding.

“During these times, mothers endure so much pain to the point of giving up, but they continue to give birth to show us how wonderful it is to live,” says Carmie de Leon, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Healthway Medical.

This Mother’s day, we are given enough reasons to make up for what our mothers endured starting from the day she brought us to life until now—and what better gift can we give our moms than the gift of health and wellness? 

Brotzeit Offers Sweet Treats for Mothers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This Mothers’ Day, a little sugar goes a long way! Brotzeit, the popular German Bier Bar and Restaurant, is treating moms with well-deserved pampering in the form of delectable and deliciously rich dessert. 

From May 6 to 12, diners who celebrate this special occasion at Brotzeit can spell “Ich liebe dich, Mama” or “I love you, Mom” with a complimentary dessert for moms with every entrée ordered. As an additional treat, you can get P500 gift certificate for use on your – or your mom’s – next visit.

If you think German cuisine subsists mainly on beer and bratwurst, you are in for a surprise with Brotzeit’s wide selection of scrumptious sweets. The restaurant’s dessert menu is nothing short of sugary heaven for those with a sweet tooth, which includes: Schokokuchen, a warm chocolate cake served with Stracciatella ice cream; Apfelstrudel, baked dessert of apples, spices, and raisins in a flaky served with vanilla ice cream; Eiskaffee, Bavarian iced coffee served with toasted almonds; Gemischtes Eis, mixed ice cream topped with toasted almonds; Eis auf Cookie, cream cheese ice cream on cookie cup; Topfennockerl, sweet cheese dumplings; Käsekuchen, Baked cheesecake topped with blueberries; and Schwarzwalder, a rich, flourless Valrhona sponge cake with chocolate mousse and kirsch. 

Tales of the Thai Who Called Filipinos Pignoys

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Filipinos are fast to hate foreigners who they feel humiliate or shame us especially when they curse or call us with names like we are such an inferior race. We don't want to be treated like we belong to the lowest kind of race in this planet. Nobody does! 

Take for instance the so called Thai national allegedly being branded as a racist for calling us "Pignoys" coining the words "pig" and "Pinoys." He called us “low-class slaves” and “wriggling cockroaches” on social media so he's now facing deportation back to his country, or some news say he was transferred to a different branch of Cognizant located in another country. I was disgusted by this man's racist comments. The comments were particularly offensive, not to mention completely false.

Despite a public apology, Koko Narak, otherwise known as Kosin Prasertsri, is still hated by a lot of netizens all wanting a piece of him. “I’m very sorry for what I’ve done to break your heart by posting the racist remarks on my personal Facebook and ASEAN Community page. I really hope that all Filipinos whether in the Philippines and abroad will forgive me for what I’ve done. Since in my deeply (sic) heart I love the Philippines and its people” says the Thai national.

Netizens would comment "Have you seen those cruel comments he had posted? That's more than insult and degrading to the bones of the Filipinos. With his repeated posts in different dates ,it was never his intention to say sorry until he's receiving threats for his life. He's making a beautiful life here but yet he's so insecure about our race. That Thai has no room in our country!"

The Dadbod is In, An Excuse to Get Lazy Eating Right and Going to the Gym

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Internet is at a frenzy with this not-so-new body type that they've branded as "dadbod" or "dad bod" coined from the words "Dad" and "body."

The term has been around for some time already but when people started noticing their favorite celebrities have gone form slim to fat or something in between, many begin to notice and follow the trending topic.

But it's the "something in between" body type that's creating a hype over the Internet, where social media has been the primary culprit, as always, in spreading the new fad.

Some have commented that it's merely a way for some people to justify their lack of muscular or trim physique. Just as how they keep saying "beer bellies" and "love handles" are in, and those biceps, triceps and other hunky muscles with "ceps" at the end are out, being fairly in the middle of everything is now the "in" thing.

Dadbod could not only refer to a man being married. You could all be just sporting the look that most fathers are in due to the lack of time to go to the gym, eat a balanced diet due to budgeting problems, or join sports activities due to the hectic balancing acts between family and work, or business.

Professional Academy for Culinary Education: Something Old, Something New, Somewhere South

Wazzup Pilipinas!

PACE, gaining from its success in Rizal now opens its doors in Paranaque to give more opportunities to individuals who are passionate about food, cooking and entrepreneurship. PACE takes pride in pioneering the concept of Chefpreneurship where aspiring chefs are also trained to be future entrepreneurs.

PACE was conceptualized April 9, 2012 with the vision of building an institution for culinary training and culinary entrepreneurship in the east area of Metro Manila. It was noble idea of Chefs, Educators and Entrepreneurs who saw Culinary Education as a catalyst for change in the Food Service Industry.

PACE has shown its commitment to the development of the Filipino Chef and Entrepreneur as well as the growth of the Culinary Profession and Industry through its unique combination of culinary skills training combined with entrepreneurship fundamentals that provides the graduate with more options after taking the course.

Our team of professionals in Paranaque lead by Chef Menoy Gimenez, a culinary education pioneer and the same team who established PACE in Rizal will ensure that students will get the best culinary education possible highlighted by PACE’s advantage of having 8 students in a class for better training and mentorship. An individualized hands-on training delivery where students learn best by doing the tasks on their own and a training environment nestled in a real restaurant setting where they learning is more meaningful and relevant.

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Premier Screening from the UP Circle of Administrators

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get pitch slapped and be among the first to catch the return of the Bellas as the UP Circle of Administrators (UP Circa) celebrates its 23rd year this 2015!

Together with UP Geological Society, Nissin Cup Noodles, Chippy, X.O. Candy, and Krispy Kreme, UP Circa will be holding a premier screening of Pitch Perfect 2, a sequel to the Pitch Perfect smash hit in 2012, which will be held on May 13, 2015 (Wednesday), 7PM at Cinema 2, The Block, SM North EDSA.

This movie screening event is in partnership with Kalibrr, and brought to you by Wazzup Pilipinas!

Tickets are at PHP 280 ONLY, inclusive of freebies from our sponsors, and food and drinks. PLUS, free donuts for the first 60 in line!

For inquiries, you may contact Claud at 09178976273 or Ian at 09163692258.

You may send your reservations thru this link: and check the seat plan here:

Get your tickets now and sing along with the Bellas!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Schick’s Shave to Save: A Shaving Event for a Cause

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do you want to learn the secret for having a smoother shave? Then come to Trinoma Activity Center on May 10, 2015 from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. for Schick’s Shave to Save: A Shaving Event for a Cause and meet Schick’s newest face, Smooth Lee.

Smooth Lee has made appearances in various MRT stations and waiting sheds to promote Smoothism, a way of life to help de-stress, look good, feel good inside and out.

According to MJ Tiquia, Product Manager of Schick, the brand has a longstanding commitment to promote good grooming among men, and this usually starts with proper shaving.

“Shaving can be stressful, as it can be a tedious chore and may also lead to nicks and cuts. Schick helps take the stress out of shaving. We provide products that help promote a smoother shave and helps avoid nicks and cuts. In our activations and digital videos, Smooth Lee battles Lumpy Bump and Nick the Knife which corresponds to bumpy skin and cuts during shaving. Schick is here to help address those problems,” added Tiquia. 

Fortinet's New FortiWAN Products Further Broadens End-to-End Cybersecurity Platform

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Fortinet, a global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announced the evolution of its 2013 acquisition of the AscenLink product line from Xterra with the launch of three WAN Link Load Balancers under the new FortiWAN product line. Featuring the same capabilities and proven reliability of AscenLink, enhanced with the legendary security and performance that only Fortinet can deliver, the FortiWAN 200B, 1000B and 3000B models are yet another example of the breadth of integrated end-to-end solutions that Fortinet delivers to secure organizations from endpoint to cloud, and everything in between.

With the increase in Software as a Service applications, bandwidth-intensive content and distributed offices necessary to do business in the modern age, organizations everywhere face the pressures of increased bandwidth loads and the high costs necessary to satiate the demands for more data. Fortinet’s new line of FortiWAN appliances enables organizations to maximize their current bandwidth and also provides cost-effective aggregation and scaling for organizations that utilize or want to implement multiple ISP technologies and carriers, increasing bandwidth while reducing costs and simplifying management.

Fortinet’s new line of FortiWAN WAN Link Load Balancers marks the evolution of the AscenLink product line under Fortinet, leveraging a decade of link load balancer development experience and integrating those technologies with Fortinet’s high-performance security platforms. All FortiWAN products will deliver link backup and advanced features like multihoming for inbound link management and patented Tunnel Routing for link aggregation.

Free Comic Book Day 2015: Bow Your Allegiance to Comics

Wazzup Pilipinas!

After the much anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, what is the next thing that  comic fans are excited about? Well it Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) of course! Celebrated every first  Saturday of May since 2002, comic geeks all around the world has been lining up to get free comic books specially release on FCBD. In recently years, the Philippines joined the festivities of FCBD, spear headed  by Comic Odyssey (CO), a comic book shop here in our country. The biggest celebration happens on their  Bonifacio Global City branch. Geared not just to keep comics alive, it reaches comic readers either new,  old or returning to fan the flame in reading comics. Aside from the 3 FCBD comics, CO gave out  additional free comics with our very own FCBD Komiks, Komikon sampler, special treats for early birds  and sale of their back issues.

Attendees of FCBD are in for another awesome treat. Comic Odyssey has an artist room which  showcases Pinoy talents, local and international artist. Last year Whilce Portacio was there and so are a  very long list of Pinoy artist, writers and sketch artist. On Top Shelf, these comic artist have tables which  you can buy their stuff, get your comics signed, take selfies or even ask for a sketch. If you are lucky they  might be giving away free comics too. Expect to go home with a big haul of comic books. Adding some  flair to the event, is the guy who is first in line always that got some attention. Whoever you are your  fellow comic fans salute you! Let’s not also forget the cosplayers. I love the ones who cosplayed Spider Gwen and Silk.

Unravel the Natural Beauty of Your Skin with Suncelle Skin Protection

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Your skin is one of your greatest assets that shows your true beauty. No amount of jewelry, make-up, or fancy clothes can ever cover up dull, dry, and blotchy skin. This is why it is essential to protect your skin and its natural glow.

Now that it’s summer, the sun is out, and stronger than ever. This only means that you need to take extra measures to protect your skin from UV rays as too much sun exposure causes skin dehydration, sunburn, and ageing. The perfect match is a moisturizer and a lotion that contain the right UV blockers to keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

Suncelle Sunblock Facial Moisturizer (SPF 40) and Body Lotion (SPF 30) are made to provide the ultimate protection your skin needs. Its sun protection factor shields the skin from harmful UV sunrays, making it perfect for outdoor pursuits such as swimming and biking, as well as other activities that require you to be out under the sun. 

The Facial Moisturizer’s unique non-greasy matte finish formula moreover makes it a perfect make-up primer. It contains collagen and Vitamin E that protect and nourish the skin for a younger looking you! Suncelle is dermatologist-tested and is ideal for all skin types. It also comes in convenient packaging that you can bring anywhere and at all times.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don Andres: A Peruvian Kitchen for a Taste of Something Peru

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It's my first time to ever hear a Peruvian kitchen existing in Metro Manila, or even anywhere else in the Philippines. I guess Peru's culinary cuisine is not as famous as Thailand's, Spain's or any other country whose influence have reached our country significantly.

But this could only mean Filipinos are actually always looking for something new for their taste buds. This is why many restaurateurs have tried introducing other foreign cuisines that would surely be loved by the Filipinos penchant to eat good food especially on special occasions where we deserve a rewarding treat.

Only six months old, Don Andres is surprisingly already making a name for itself based on the influx of customers trying out their new assortment of dishes. With some drinks and dishes that you can only find at Don Andres, you will surely get curious with what they have to offer.

Who's Don Andres you may ask, well it is still unclear to us since the staff couldn't agree on a single story. But most of them say it was derived from no less than Filipino hero Andres Bonifacio. Why did they name the restaurant after one of the Philippines' heroes? That also remains an enigma.

However, who wants to ponder on the accuracy of their name's historical origins when there's so many good food presently in front of us? Just as what Master Oogway said at the Kung Fu Panda movie "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that is why it is called 'present'." You will definitely forget everything else once you've been gifted with the opportunity to try out their awesome dishes.

Project LARO: Inspiring Hope Through Playing

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I find it very difficult to keep my children away from their smartphones and tablets. To compete with online games apps, video game consoles, smart TVs, and other hi-tech entertainment systems of this generation is a nightmare for most parents. I’ve tried so many times to encourage them to play outside with other kids their age but it seems there’s really a handful of kids that spend their breaks playing with the traditional games we knew during our childhood.

This is why I always take advantage of rare opportunities when concerned organizations initiate advocacy programs that gives the kids a chance to experience the games of the good old days when there was no such thing as the Internet.

At the Project LARO press conference held last May 5, 2015 at the 22 Jupiter restaurant along Jupiter street in Makati, Philippines, I realized my kids are still very fortunate because there are several kids out there belonging to the less fortunate that do not even have access to a decent playground where they could play without getting worried of accidents if they play on our congested streets where cars are parked on the streets and the sidewalks are occupied by vendors who already claimed these public properties as their own.

Even well-developed neighborhoods are already experiencing a shortage of areas to play since the only way to go now is up due to a crowded Metro Manila. High-rise condos are now becoming the solution to maximize space. But because of the limitations, the kids of today are tempted to just stay indoors in the comforts of their own homes.

If you’ve been to the depressed communities, you’ll feel very sad of the current state of our fellow Filipinos who were victims of recent typhoons and similar disasters.

Tech Meets Fashion as Power Mac Center Joins the Runways of Philippine Fashion Week

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Premium lifestyle tech chain rounds up five mobile accessory brands, six designers to celebrate fashion and functionality

Power Mac Center turns to the runways of Philippine Fashion Week unveiling its fashion-forward mobile and digital lifestyle accessories in the Philippines. As the style leader and tastemaker in consumer electronics, Power Mac Center announces the partnership in an unprecedented move to bring technology and fashion to the forefront of style and design.

The pioneering collaboration makes Power Mac Center the ‘Official Technology Retail Partner’ of Philippine Fashion Week as it presents the Holiday 2015 Collections on June 12-14, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Commenting on the new partnership, Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez said, “We are thrilled to be on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week, the dynamic 360 fashion platform celebrating Filipino creativity and visionaries in fashion and design. The collaboration is a milestone for Power Mac Center, which continues to serve the growing demand for tech fashion accessories.”

Fill the World with Good Vibes via Viber Now Free with Smart’s Top Prepaid Promos

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Sending fun and uplifting messages to family and friends is now made easy and convenient as the country’s leading mobile messaging app Viber is made available for FREE to all Smart prepaid subscribers.

Subscribers of the Philippines’ largest network can now enjoy all of Viber’s services for FREE with their additional 30MB free internet for one day for non-stop surfing and Viber bonding with family and friends.

Viber’s partnership with Smart will enable more Filipinos to connect and send good vibes to one another with Viber services such as free texts, calls, emoticons, stickers, push to talk, and Viber Public Chats that are available to Viber’s 18 million Filipino users.

Now, keeping in touch with family and friends or cheering up anyone’s day is a cinch thanks to free Viber with Smart’s top prepaid promos.

Moms’ Day Out: Mothers to Get Star Treatment in "Mommy & Me" Mall Tour


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It’s definitely more fun for moms this coming May as Melawares and Urban Kitchen, the leading manufacturer and distributor of tableware in the Philippines, will celebrate the whole month honoring mothers with special treats, fun games, and other exciting perks at various SM malls.

Dubbed “Mommy & Me,” the mall tour series will bring in activities that moms can enjoy with their kids. 

“With today’s fast-paced life and everyone’s preoccupation on gadgets, family time is often neglected. Since moms are usually the ones who plan family bonding time, we thought of making them the highlight of this mall tour. We also timed this event in May, as our way of celebrating them this Mothers’ Day,” Chriselda Chua, CDC Manufacturing Corporation’s Marketing Manager, said.

Since summer is almost over and it will be back-to-school season soon, one of the event’s highlights is baking and refreshment making demonstration. Moms can share the joy of creating easy-to-prepare yet delicious meals and drinks with their kids, which they can make as their baon for school. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Top 10 Bloggers in the Philippines

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If you're looking for the top bloggers in the Philippines, then look  no further. We have here a list of the top 10 bloggers in the Philippines. We wish we could list down a little more but it took a great deal of effort to even reach up to ten.

Yes! The Philippines definitely has a lot of great bloggers with their varied expertise but only a few really know the true essence of blogging and be among the "top." That is, if you are at one with us in the proper definition of what a top blogger really is.

We know blogging has evolve into something more. But why should this evolution kill the ultimate purpose of expressing ourselves

Many have branded themselves as top, elite, authority, and so many self-proclaimed branding but only a few are really deserving to be on the top spot.

We've seen so many newbies all aiming to get a piece of the blogging pie, and why not, the world has so much opportunities. There are so many businesses out there that would need to have their own online presence in order to stay competitive and globally attractive.

If you're looking for top blogger in the Philippines, here's a list of what traits (in no particular order)you should look for.

A Mother's Day Treat to Remember for Moms at Gumbo and Burgoo Restaurants!

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All mothers will get P250.00 gift certificate which they can use on their next visit at Gumbo and Burgoo restaurants with an order of any of the featured treats on Mother’s Day! 

At Gumbo, pamper her palate with Bourbon-Style Baby back Ribs York Steak. A surprise gift also awaits mom on her special day! Other dishes worth a try at Gumbo includes: Seafood Jambalaya, Bayou’s Stuffed Crabs, Shrimp Etouffe, Bourbon-Style Baby Back Ribs, Southern-Grilled Chicken Caesar, Cajun-Style Fried Chicken, Seafood Feast, etc.

At Burgoo, enjoy Angus Rib Eye Steak, Spinach Grilled Salmon, Surf and Steak, and Trio Fajitas. Also highly recommended are Oklahoma-Style Grilled Baby Back Ribs, Hamburgoo, Supreme Pizza, Lemon-Peppered Grilled Lapu-Lapu, Country-Style Fried Chicken, Seafood Linguini, Grilled Pork Chops, etc.

Gumbo is located at the 2nd Level Entertainment Hall, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay; 3rd Level Robinsons Manila Midtown; 2nd Level SM City The Block, North EDSA: Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao; Robinsons Magnolia; and at the 2nd Level Atrium Bldg. in SM Megamall. For reservations and inquiries, please call 5560238, 4420106, 6353015, 5671820, 4404632 and 5271925.

Mayweather Pacquiao Memes Onslaught

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The Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao memes continue to terrorize haters and make people laugh at the same time. Lol!

There's no stopping the creativeky witty memes from invading the Internet because the fight of the century really was filled with "boos" and frowning faces. A lot of fans and celebrities expected too much from the #MayPac fight but ended with feelings of being shortchanged.

Similar to Jim Carrey, we thought we were about to watch the "Fight of the Century." We all ended up watching "Dancing with the Stars." The consolation was we've seen a lot of stars at the fight like Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sting, Mike Tyson, Andre Agassi, Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Kimmel, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Cristina Milian, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Tom Brady, Nicki Minaj, Mark Wahlberg, Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Denzel Washington, Antoine Fuquia, Michael Keaton, Bridgid Coulter, Don Cheadle, Steffi Graff, Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Leslie Moonves, Julie Chen, Charles Barkley, Gayle King, and Mary J. Blige.

But we all know who the real star of the day was. It seems it was not the declared winner but the one who most impressed the crowd with his fighting performance. Mayweather may be the undefeated but Pacquiao got the sympathy of a majority. The boxing fans may not know the technicalities of judging a boxing match, but we know to whom their heart belongs to.

For now, Filipinos should accept the defeat because there's more to winning the fight,... and that's winning the hearts of the people.

Have fun viewing these memes for now.

Mayweather Pacquiao Memes Goes Viral As Expected

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Just like what Mike Tyson tweeted with disappointment "We waited five years for that. #Underwhelmed #MayPac"

You can't imagine the expectations we had for the fight. I even glued myself to a huge curved LED screen while the room was darkly lit just to give a cinematic effect but whoa!!! The reality sucks!
Not just because our Manny Pacquiao lost against Floyd Mayweather Jr but the fact that the fight was not remotely as explosive as a Super Saiyan battle against the other aliens. It was an exaggeration to compare it with the anime but we were expecting more of a thrilling fight between the two boxing greats.

As expected, there's bound to be lots of Mayweather Pacquiao memes to go viral after the big fight of the century between the Philippines' People's Champ and Pambansang Kamao Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against The United States of America's and Justin Bieber lover Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.

These will be just some of the first waves of memes to be going around the Internet so expect a lot more as people get creative with the highlights of the fight. Each group of supporters for the two fighters are also dishing out some rude memes against each other so better not be insulted that much because it has always been that way ever since.

Please Stop Calling Mayweather Gay, That's an Insult to Our Homosexual Brethren

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is now celebrating his unanimous decision victory over Manny Pacquiao during the welterweight unification championship bout on May 2 Saturday (May 3 Sunday, Asia time) at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, many Pinoys are grieving from the lost. Some of our fellow Filipinos are calling Mayweather as gay (Gayweather) saying he only ran and hugged Manny Pacquiao. Several memes have already gone viral over the Internet via social media aside from the accusations of cheating, unfair judging and rig/orged fight.

What is somewhat demeaning in all this chaotic aftermath is calling out to people we don't like as "gay."

"Clinching is a strategy. Outfighting is a strategy. Not all boxers are infighters. It may not be flashy, but even fighting games have zoners and nobody calls them scared or cheap or "gay". If you do then people will laugh at you and tell you to learn the game. Also, stop calling things you don't like gay. Because that means you think lowly of our homosexual brethren." says Alexei Rivera in his Facebook post.

I've learned from his post that Mayweather is an "outfighter" - when the boxer dodges more and runs around vs. infighter who runs in and exchanges blows.

True enough, "Famous Out-Boxer Muhammed Ali once said, "Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee". Nobody called him scared or gay then."

UP Economics Society Proudly Present NEOS DJ Competition x Party

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Hear the most talented young DJs.

Party at one of the hottest clubs in the Metro.

The UP Economics Society 


Jose Cuervo | San Miguel Flavored Beer | Zalora | John Robert Powers | Hawk Bags | Maverick By Design
in partnership with

Swish | Babaylan Spa

Our Official Radio Partners:

99.5 Play FM | Magic 89.9

proudly present: 

DJ Competition x Party
MAY 9, 2015
Club Haze, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Jr Wins Against Manny Pacquiao

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"I thought I won..." says Manny Pacquiao. We also thought too. How on Earth did Floyd Mayweather Jr. win the fight when hew was either running or embracing  the Pacman most of the time? Unanimous decision crap!!! Who the hell were those judges???!!!

The loud boos from the audience was a definite sign that they did not agree on the decision.

A very sad day for the Filipinos all over the world.

We all wanted Manny Pacquiao to win, even the audience at the MGM Grand, ... but due to unanimous decision by the judges, our Pambansang Kamao ng Pilipinas lost... to Floyd Mayweather Jr... and here comes the many boxing analyst starting in 3, 2, 1... 

The lost of Pacquiao makes you wanna find out who those judges who declared Mayweather the winner ... We know who's the real winner for all of us!

Watch out for our video uploads to see the fight again from start to finish.

Anybody noticed the Internet has gone too slow today???. It seems everyone went online and our Internet Service Provider no longer has enough bandwidth to provide for all the sudden requirements from all over the country. The Philippines is fucked! As if that was the real!

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