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Going to Tulfo is better than the Philippines justice system

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What I do not like is Tulfo is really monetizing / capitalizing the suffering of some people. As if we do not have barangays or govt agencies who can handle it.

There is no such thing as Tulfo court. They just sensationalize things. And we love to be entertained by the misery and scandals brought in by these issues. Alternatively, I’d go online just to bash Tulfo and ask them repeatedly to return the 60m pesos they owe. Why is this government not going after them and the likes of Bong Revilla and others who owe the country stolen funds.

In its earlier years, this Tulfo TV program was a good venue for the disadvantaged who have not the resources to hire a lawyer to defend their rights against privileged private individuals and erring government officials

Especially now that we can no longer trust the Philippine National Police and any organization of the government now that Duterte and his circus is running the show allied with the Chinese government that is soon making the country a province of China.

We've been conquered by Chinese businesses and the so called Filipino Chinese who took advantage of Filipinos and has established their residence in our country by making them richer than the real Filipinos.

The program has now devolved into a humiliation and shaming show. I guess it's better than being buried by the powerful legal team of these corporations who could also manipulate the issue using their PR team that uses paid endorsers to twist the stories.

We have a better chance of getting noticed using the services of Tulfo though it is without any doubt that they are using the issue and taking advantage of the brouhaha to gain an audience and monetize in return. They are after all not just a purely public service but a business that needs to earn from the effort. All that clout equals something rewarding just as how the media sensationalize their news to bring chaos that will eventually give them some rewards.

Tulfo was not the answer to Jollibee's issue. The show is overrated, just like the Pinoy teleseryes, that are overacting & overrated as well. All for the ratings and sponsorship. They need to do that otherwise they won't survive. It's all about the audience and sadly we like watching people get humiliated or scandalized as a form of entertainment.

What we need to do is reform the Philippines' justice system so people do not rely on Tulfo anymore

It’s funny when something’s wrong/something wrong can literally be considered a crime tapos itatag si tulfo sa comments, like what can he do? broadcast it? stir up people’s emotions? profit from the problem?  It's better than waiting a lifetime from our inutile justice procedures. Only those with money will see justice served. But that will also depend on which side is more financially capable and influential. 

Could the Department of Justice send Tulfo a restraining order for his pseudo justice system? His show is like a mockery of the Philippine judicial system. Though we get more results from his show compared to going through the legalities here in the country.

I don't really like how the Tulfo show is  becoming a "justice system" for Filipinos. I understand why some would rather go to him but we should remember that no person should have that much say about a situation especially when there are no standard rules or guidelines followed. But it's better than the trash we are getting from.our government. Having to sacrifice getting somewhat publicly humiliated is a small price to pay.

Can we normalize rejecting Tulfo’s Team for meddling with our personal lives? Guys, hindi sila batas. You can reject them. You have every right to be silent and ignore them. Hindi ikaw ang mapapahiya, hindi ikaw ang mapapagod, sila. You can also sue them if they harass you.

But if you are the complainant, you get to have a chance to get some sort of justice as they do offer an opportunity to be heard.

In short, the masses rely on Tulfo to solve their legal disputes because the justice system does not work for them. If you are not among the affluent and influential, you are better off with Tulfo.

To the extent of even waivering it to Tulfo as the Philippines standard of today’s justice system. Our country is in a bad shape now.

Isko Moreno believes government positions should not be inherited

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'I will not vote for somebody who will just inherit the position' — Mayor Isko on 2022 presidential elections 

Yep. It's not inherited. That's a fact. People vote candidates into the position. If Sara runs for president, it's up to the people if they will vote for her. However, we see how powerful these politicians have become after gaining authority, influence and wealth after their stint as a government official. They made the government their business. Kapit tuko sa kapangyarihan, ayaw ng bitawan, dahil malaki ang kitaan.

On Duterte naming him as one of his choices for the Presidency, Isko  says, “If I decide to run, I’ll decide on my own not because i’m endorsed by somebody or one group, I dont want want to be part of divisiveness”  

Isko  revealed  that he is running in the 2022 elections but he has yet to decide for which position. Isko said that for now, he is focused in fulfilling his obligation to his constituents amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Back in 2019, immediately after Isko was sworn in as Manila mayor, he was visited by PH’s top tycoons. He didn’t get this kind of treatment when he ran for Senate in 2016 where he lost. First thing that came to mind, ah, he’s being eyed as political pawn. 

And we are witness to how Isko seems to be acting like a responsible Mayor who is constantly beautifying the  places of Manila. But we also see him not going against popular opinions contradicting the Duterte administration. He is doing what traditional politicians are doing - aligning with the current power but still making an effort to enhance his image. 

Yet he is nothing compared to Vico Sotto of Pasig. The only negative about Vico is being connected as a relative of Tito Sotto, another trapo who is siding with the current administration. Tito Sotto has more dirt in his reputation that he is not good to be seen with Vico. In fact, the Sotto last name is not something to be proud of. We don't need another showbiz character, or even boxers, in the government. In fact, we should not allow celebrities to run for government positions. Our standards for our officials should be the same as how we recruit for professionals in private companies. Qualified and with experience to boast. The government should not be their learning grounds. We deserve more than popularity.

Looks like Isko is already predicting a landslide win for Sara Duterte. He shouldn’t describe it as “inherited” if she does win because the election would make it legit. There is no law against Sara running in the first place. 

You are most probably stupid if you still believe another Duterte is worth the vote. What has Sara done for the country that would make her worthy of the position. She just inherited his position as Mayor of Davao since there is nobody willing to go against the Duterte dynasty who has controlled Davao for several years already.

Would another Duterte be good for the country? Never! We've witnessed how incompetent Diving was. What more with her daughter who also has a bad reputation of beating up a sheriff.

Ayaw daw pangunahan ni Isko ang taumbayan sa pagpili ng kanilang lider but he hopes they will not be called stupid. Ang posisyon sa gobyerno, hindi minamana. Hindi daw niya iboboto yon.

Isko says government posts 'not inherited in a democratic company. But how would we get the rightful leader when dynasties have made government positions as part of their inheritance? Pass -pasa at ipinamamana by letting their relatives run in their behalf while we still see the previous leaders in control of their puppets. Just as how we see Isko as nothing more but a puppet of those tycoons willing to support him financially just to keep an upper hand. With millions of Filipinos in the country how come there's only a few candidates?

Be careful of idolizing your Mayor Isko, that pattern happened once when a Davao mayor run. Be careful with populists, they are the typical trapos who are evolving with the times 

Jollibee now serves crispy fried towels

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Jollibee has ordered the temporary closure of its Bonifacio - Stop Over branch in BGC, Taguig City following the “fried towel” incident that made rounds online.

Why just one branch, when there's a possibility that the breaded towel could have come fromtheir commissary.

Jollibee chicken is already in marinated packs, blast frozen and delivered to branches ready for frying.  It’s not like they have batter lying around for a towel to fall into and fry it. 

I also used to work for Jollibee during my college days as a service crew. Basically, the batter and breading for chickens is not done at the store, unless their process has changed and if ever they did, it's easy to trace who did it. But how come it's taking Jollibee a long time to announce the result of their investigation. They don't need three days because every crew is monitored as per assigned task per day. Unless they are trying to paint this incident in a better picture. There must have been either negligence or fault or prank among their crew and they are being very careful of their announcement.

#FactCheck: This image originates from a Facebook meme page. McDonald’s never posted the advertisement on any of its digital platforms or on social media.  

I really want to know how the towel ended up being perfectly marinated, battered and fried.

That could have not happened at the store. Maybe because it's the pandemic and the company has changed its methods of food preparation to make the process more sustainable especially when they are trying to earn as much after having to close down some branches and decrease in sales due to lockdowns and Quarantines that resulted in less customers.

Green is the official color of their towels used for cleaning so there's a big chance that the towel.really got mixed with the battered chickens which are already pre- cut and packed upon reaching the branches.

Since the time of delivery was late at night, it could have been neglected since there very few crew during that shift.

Tom Sawyer's marketing team is taking advantage of the hype. I never knew there was a restaurant of such here in the country.  Mas kilala pa rin si Mcdonalds at Jollibee

That fried towel from jollibee has more implications. it didn't go near the assembly line by chance - ginagamit siya doon. for cleaning which means most probably madumi yon at the time of preparation, & the other chicken it was with got contaminated. So dapat lahat ng umorder ng ChickenJoy that day ay magreklamo. Magkusa na dapat ang Jollibee to reach out to all that got chickens that day

Whatever is the cause, we should be rallying in support of the employees (service crew) which are mostly overworked working students who still needs to go to school before or after their shift. I'm sure they don't want to lose their jobs as every peso counts for these students who are supporting themselves to keep themselves in school.

The fried towel incident requires investigation & reparation, but I don't think it's enough reason for anyone to doubt the standards of Jollibee as a whole just because of 1 incident. It's just Murphy's Law in play. There's no such thing as flawless service. On the other hand there could be more happening within their branches that needs to be scrutinized further.

Let us not think of Jollibee as a Filipino brand but it is owned by people of Chinese heritage. Just like how our country has been overran by the Chinese who setup their businesses in our country and became richer than Filipinos. The company is not something to be proud of. It is a sad reminder that foreigners have conquered our country and  made it their source of wealth. Why are they richer than the real natural-born Filipinos. What is wrong with Filipinos for patronizing foreign-owned companies instead of locally owned?

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