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๐—ง๐—›๐—˜ ๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—”๐—Ÿ๐— : ๐—•๐—น๐—ฎ๐˜€๐˜๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐˜‚๐—ด๐—ต ๐—”๐—ฑ๐˜ƒ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฐ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐——๐—ผ๐—บ๐—ฎ๐—ถ๐—ป๐˜€

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines - College of Business Administration, Department of Marketing Management through the PUP Junior Marketing Executives is now on its 65th Marketing Week. In this year’s festivity, they are giving us another way to celebrate and toast for the marketing spirit inside us!

๐—ง๐—›๐—˜ ๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—”๐—Ÿ๐— : ๐—•๐—น๐—ฎ๐˜€๐˜๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐˜‚๐—ด๐—ต ๐—”๐—ฑ๐˜ƒ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฐ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐——๐—ผ๐—บ๐—ฎ๐—ถ๐—ป๐˜€ is a week-long celebration that aims to emphasize increasing information and media literacy among its target market and encouraging and empowering them to participate or engage in combating mis/disinformation in cyberspace since it’s one of the rampant threats and challenges that not only the Filipino youth but also the netizens worldwide are experiencing it today.

The highlights of the week-long affair;Artists and Performances in Pop/Electro-Pop Genre
Clash Domain: The JME-Sports Play-Offs
TECHNOTURE: Capture Today’s Tech Advancements Competition
CYBER FACTS: Advocacy Campaign
E-Sports: The Business Behind Every Game
Colors, Shapes, and Textures: Crafting the Most Effective Publication Materials
YNFORM: Exploring the Stream of Right Information
SPHERE: A Domain of Opportunities
BREAKOUT DOMAIN: Locked in Immersive Challenges (Virtual Escape Room Challenge)
Exposition: The Market Domain
FINAL DOMAIN: The Awarding Night
Maintaining Work-Life Balance with an Empire State of Mind

Catch these all live and become a part of the cyberspace starting on March 04, 2023, to March 10, 2023, live on the official PUP Junior Marketing Executives’ Facebook Page.

Look forward to winning a lot of prizes and giveaways from our generous sponsors. The event will have 3 major partners who will sponsor different segments of the week-long event. realme being the sponsor of Clash Domain: The JME-Sports Play-Offs who will be airing its finals live on March 7 and 8. L’Orรฉal the major sponsor behind TECHNOTURE: Capture Today’s Tech Advancements who will also be awarded on March 4. And Arcus our main sponsor for BREAKOUT DOMAIN: Locked in Immersive Challenges that would be held internally on March 5.

๐—ง๐—›๐—˜ ๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—”๐—Ÿ๐— : ๐—•๐—น๐—ฎ๐˜€๐˜๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐—ง๐—ต๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐˜‚๐—ด๐—ต ๐—”๐—ฑ๐˜ƒ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฐ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐——๐—ผ๐—บ๐—ฎ๐—ถ๐—ป๐˜€ is open for students from PUP Manila, non-PUPian, or even interested participants outside PUP Manila.

To join, simply click the following links for registration:For PUP Manila
For Non-PUPian and outside PUP Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas is a proud media partner 

For inquiries, you may contact Mr. Martin Gabriel E. Artacho at 0947 892 2028 or Ms. Daniel Anne Cruz at 0993 819 8029 or email them at


Over 24,000 ha of Mindoro coral reef may be at risk from Mindoro oil spill

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Marine experts from the University of the Philippines-Diliman College of Science Marine Science Institute (UPD-CS MSI), the University of the Philippines-Visayas (UPV), Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) are moving to quickly address the effects of the oil spill off Naujan, Occidental Mindoro, in the wake of the sinking of the tanker MT Princess Empress last February 28.

According to the MSI’s Bulletin #01, issued on March 3, the oil has already reportedly reached the shores of the coastal towns of Naujan, Pola, and Pinamalayan. The Bulletin also warned that the oil may reach the southern tip of Mindoro in only a matter of days, hastened by the effects of prevailing wind.

Over 24,000 hectares of coral reef—an area one and a half times the size of Quezon City—may be in danger from the oil spill. This potential affected area spans from Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro, all the way to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

The agencies are already looking into possible measures to address the spread of the oil, which is exacerbated by prevailing strong winds and waves. The PCG is also working to identify the kind of oil that was on the ship, which will impact the extent of the spill and the possible measures that can be undertaken.

A multi-agency team, including representatives from the MSI, has been mobilized to assess and assist on-site. The experts are also considering hydrodynamic modeling to help forecast where the oil might reach given current weather conditions.


Antique’s ‘Rainbow River’ Also Has World’s Largest Flowers

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Peru is famous for its Rainbow Mountain, a mountain sporting hues of gold, green and vermillion.

The Philippines might now has its own version, but with a wet twist. Instead of a Rainbow Mountain, it has a Rainbow River.

At the foothills of the Sibalom Natural Park in western Panay lies the Mau-It River. Known to generations of locals as an occasional source of semi-precious gems, it’s probably the most colorful river in the Philippines. Stones of every hue, texture and shape have been washed down from the mountains and eroded over time.

There are striped, speckled and spotted stones. Smooth and rough stones. Stones which resemble petrified wood, some that spark when struck and some that crumble at a touch.

“The Mau-It River’s colorful stones are a product of ancient volcanic and tectonic movement,” explains geology enthusiast and Park Management Board Member Jonathan De Gracia. “The area is rich in minerals. However, as Sibalom is a protected area, picking of even small stones is not allowed.”

Locals however, legally pick quality stones which have been naturally washed beyond the protected area’s confines. Hewn into beautiful gem trees made of wire and putty, they’ve become popular souvenirs, offered for as low as PHP300 (USD6) per piece.

The Rainbow River is just one reason to visit the Sibalom Natural Park, a 6,778.44-hectare natural park in Antique, a scenic, four-hour drive from the ivory sands and lapping waves of Boracay.

“Park guests can get a chance to see some of our ‘Big Five’ – the Visayan Spotted Deer and Warty Pig, Walden’s and Tarictic hornbills, plus of course the giant Rafflesia, the largest flower on Earth,” promises Sibalom Park Superintendent Anthony Evangelio. Rafflesia speciosa is known to occur solely on the island of Panay and was discovered in the mountains of the Sibalom Natural Park in 2002.

Tourism numbers have bounced back after the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas the Sibalom Park hosted just 6,296 visitors in 2020, annual visits almost doubled to 11,080 in 2022.

Guests staying at the jumpoff town of San Jose Buenavista might also be treated to a unique spectacle. Tens of thousands of migrating Barn Swallows are currently roosting near the town center at a spot dubbed ‘Swallow City.’ The birds are attracted by droves of insects that in turn, are attracted by the town’s bright lights.

“Western Visayan natural parks and protected areas have so much to offer,” adds Krisma Rodriguez, Department of Tourism Regional Director for Western Visayas. “This summer, we invite everyone to visit not just the Sibalom Natural Park, but our other tourist sites in our region.”

Since last year, tourists have been returning to the country’s Protected Areas. Philippine parks recorded 2,176,659 visits in 2022, almost thrice the 731,518 visits posted in 2020. Top draws were the Mabini Protected Land and Seascape in Davao and the Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan, each hosting over 300,000 visitors.

“We’re happy to see eco-tourists returning to our Protected Areas,” says DENR Biodiversity Management Bureau Director In concurrent capacity as Assistant Secretary for Policy, Planning and Foreign-Assisted and Special Projects Marcial Amaro, Jr. “Ecotourism helps promote biodiversity conservation in our national parks. It generates and sustains funds for the upkeep of our Protected Areas. We’re honored to host responsible tourists who might enhance their love for the environment by enjoying the natural beauty of our country and by supporting programs and activities inside our Protected Areas.”

Launched in May of 2022, the Year of the Protected Areas or YOPA is a yearlong campaign not just to educate people on the need to conserve Philippine protected areas, but to encourage them to visit the sites themselves. Ending this June 2023, YOPA hopes to generate funds from tourism to ensure continued management for areas hard-hit by the lack of visitors during the two-year COVID pandemic.

“We hope that a fresh generation of visitors can help us better manage and protect our rainbow rivers, lush forests and beautiful coasts,” concludes DENR-UNDP BIOFIN Project Manager Anabelle Plantilla. See videos and images of the Rainbow River HERE

Captioned Images:

Rainbow River. Pinoy explorer Gregg Yan blends right into the multicolored boulders of the Mau-it River in Antique, an easy four-hour drive from the Philippines’ most famous beach, Boracay. (Gregg Yan / UNDP-BIOFIN)

Semi-precious Stones. From top left to bottom right are chalcedony, jasper, quartzite and hematite. Quartz, jade, carnelian, onyx and jasper are also present in the river. “As the Sibalom Natural Park is a protected area, picking stones such as these is not allowed,” warns Jonathan De Gracia, a member of the park’s management board. (Gregg Yan / UNDP-BIOFIN)

World’s Largest Flower. The Sibalom Natural Park features the Corpse Flower (Rafflesia speciosa), one of 13 Rafflesia species discovered in the Philippines. Park rangers can regularly find and mark hidden flower buds, though the buds only bloom for a few days a year. The flowers span up to 22 inches in diameter – not as big as other Rafflesia species, but still a sight to behold. (Anthony Ian Endencio / DENR)

Gem Tree. A few locals legally collect colorful stones which have been naturally washed outside the protected area. The stones are carefully knapped and shaped into leaves, before being attached to a wire armature coated in putty and painted. Each piece is unique and retails from around PHP300 (USD6) to PHP5000 (USD100). (Gregg Yan)

Swallow City. Tens of thousands of Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica) have been roosting in the town of San Jose, the jumpoff point for the Rainbow River and Sibalom Natural Park, since October of 2022. Migratory birds, they are attracted by the town’s insects, which in turn are attracted by the area’s bright lights. (Gregg Yan / UNDP-BIOFIN)

Forest Mountain. The lushly-vegetated shoulder of Mt. Porras. At 1378 feet or 420 meters, it is the highest point in the Sibalom Natural Park. (Gregg Yan / UNDP-BIOFIN)

All Shapes and Sizes. This gorgeously-textured stone melted and cooled millions of years ago. The Sibalom River features stones and minerals geology enthusiasts will find interesting. (Gregg Yan / UNDP-BIOFIN)

Fruity Pebbles. A visitor enjoys the fresh air and unique landscape of the country’s ‘Rainbow River’, just a few hours away from the beaches of Boracay. (Gregg Yan / UNDP-BIOFIN)  

Ascend to Greater Possibilities with UP CAP’s Career Fair 2023

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The UP Career Assistance Program (UP CAP) is UP Diliman’s premier career assistance organization, and serves as every undergraduate student’s career development partner, with a focus on business and economics related opportunities. UP CAP serves as a bridge between students and professional institutions, promoting a high standard of competence among students by providing holistic and meaningful development initiatives rooted in service and excellence.

On its 35th year, UP CAP shifts to the hybrid setup as it hosts its annual flagship event—Career Fair 2023: Ascending to Greater Possibilities, a nationwide internship and employment fair where you can network with company representatives, turn in their resumes, and pursue jobs that they’ve been eyeing on.

This week-long recruitment event is the first of its kind as it consists of both online and on-ground executions. On March 13 and 14, you can tune in to a series of online webinars hosted by reputable Human Resources managers and gain insight into what career programs and opportunities various companies have to offer for undergraduate students and fresh graduates. Then, you will be given the opportunity to form connections with HR representatives face-to-face and avail of numerous government services by visiting our onsite company booths from March 15 to 17. On top of that, take the chance to win exciting prizes and giveaways. Learn more about the Career Fair 2023 here!

Ascend to greater possibilities with UP Career Assistance Program in Career Fair 2023 from from March 13 to 17, 2023 online and at the GT Toyota Centre, UP Diliman. We look forward to seeing you all there!

As one of the most awaited career fairs in the country, UP CAP’s Career Fair prides itself in the highest form of career assistance to its stakeholders—the companies and the students. This week-long recruitment event promises to deliver one-of-a-kind career opportunities for participating companies and students, which no one would want to miss out on.

To learn more about UP Career Assistance Program and stay up-to-date with all of our events, visit and follow us on our official social media networks (Facebook: UP Career Assistance Program | Instagram: upcap_ph).

For partnerships, inquiries, or other concerns, you can reach out to our Facebook page or send us an email at

New spring summer 2023 collection spotlights how nothing feels better than moving with ASICS

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

ASICS Asia has officially introduced its Spring Summer 2023 collection, during its exclusive press preview held last February 16 in Vietnam. Across Southeast Asia, media, partners and brand ambassadors were invited for a full-day experience to uncover how “Nothing Feels Better than moving with ASICS” – the brand’s new manifesto for 2023. From its latest technologies to the line-up of exciting new products in the coming months, guests were treated to a sneak peek of what’s to come this exciting new season.

The preview took place at one of Ho Chi Minh’s most contemporary art spaces which was conceptualized as a ‘Movement Factory’, to highlight each product feature through stimulating experiences and setups. The event also invited guests to engage with the brand across various activities, including the Mind Games live experiment, DIY Zone for guests to customize their own plant pot, a Polaroid Booth to capture moments from the event, and a Sustainability Corner to dive deeper into ASICS’ ongoing sustainability efforts.

The event was graced by brand ambassadors, advocates and athletes across the region including Hoร ng Quแป‘c Trung, Nguyen Anh Tri, Nguyen Thi Phuong Trinh from Vietnam, Nawasch Phupantachsee, Sarun Naraprasertkul, Jaray Jeanarai from Thailand, Hariz Hamdan from Malaysia as well as Tyler Ten, Zhu Ze Liang, and Natalie Dau from Singapore.

ASICS Spring Summer 2023 Collection

The new Spring Summer 2023 collection features highlights across all product categories – including performance running, Sportstyle and apparel.

Spotlighting the most comfortable running shoe*, ASICS curated an immersive experience for guests to trial the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25 and experience the softest landings made possible with its new PureGEL™ technology. Following its recent launch, the AWAKE x GEL-NYC was also featured for a closer look of its archival designs and latest technology – the GEL-CUMULUS 16 shoe’s tooling system, for additional comfort.

An array of never-seen-before product lines was also unveiled to guests – including an updated Women’s cross-category collection, new apparel instalments for ACTIBREEZE™ - the brand’s advanced performance apparel technology, as well as fresh kicks for SPORTSTYLE. More information on these launches will be later announced at the end of this month.

Regional Launch for ‘Mind Games – The Experiment’

Early this year, ASICS premiered its new feature-length documentary, titled ‘Mind Games – The Experiment’, which captured four subjects as part of a unique study to determine if regular exercise has the power to improve cognitive function with mental performance.

As part of the press preview, Professor Brendon Stubbs from King’s College London - who developed and led the experiment - was in attendance to share more about the research and engaged guests with a live experiment, comprising both physical and cognitive challenges. The participants started the morning with the Cooper test - a 12-minute workout - followed by the ‘Tower of Hanoi’ challenge at the main event later in the afternoon.

Speaking on the regional launch, Professor Stubbs said, “The findings that exercise improves cognitive function regardless of fitness level are signficant and demonstrate the transformative impact that exercise can have on our lives. This is an important message for everyone and it was great to be able share it in person with the local audiences in Asia. This marks the beginning of exciting plans to come as well, as we continue to work closely with the ASICS team explore new opportunities to help everyone experience the uplifting power of movement.”

Mind Games – The Experiment is now available to stream in Malaysia and Vietnam on Amazon Prime. To find out more, please visit (

Nothing Feels Better than Moving with ASICS

To inspire more people to move with ASICS, the brand is adopting a new manifesto in 2023 – ‘Nothing Feels Better than Moving with ASICS’ – articulating the uplifting feeling that moving with ASICS brings. This was deeply rooted across all aspects of the exclusive event as an expression of how ‘Nothing Feels Better’ from product to product and across categories. Throughout the year, the manifesto will also be conveyed through various activations and drumbeat launches.

Mr. Gabriel Yap, Regional Marketing Director of ASICS Asia said, “Moving with ASICS uplifts the mind, and this has always been our founding purpose and mission. This year, starting with the launch of our Spring Summer 2023 collection, we continue to embark on the journey with our consumers to achieve a Sound Mind, Sound Body, by helping them uncover the positive power of movement.”

Consumers are invited to express their uplift by sharing their experiences with ASICS on social media using the hashtag – #NothingFeelsBetter.

For more information on new and upcoming products from ASICS, consumers can visit the online website at

DepEd execs visit SOCCSKSARGEN, conduct consultations with field offices, schools

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

To identify various challenges in the field offices, the Department of Education (DepEd) Executive Committee (ExeCom) members addressed issues and concerns faced by the Schools Division Offices and schools from SOCCSKSARGEN during the ExeCom Regional Consultation on February 27.

"We would like to extend our appreciation for the efforts of the Central Office to come up with this activity, and we are positive that this would help in making decisions to be able to address the pressing issues and concern that impact our learners and teachers," DepEd SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Director Carlito D. Rocafort said.

Initiated during the administration of Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte, the recent high-level consultation activity garnered a total of 180 issues and concerns from the field, which were clarified or addressed immediately by the Execom members.

The Human Resource, and Organizational Development (HROD) strand garnered questions about the career development and progression of teaching and non-teaching personnel.

Meanwhile, the Curriculum and Teaching (CT) strand received queries related to the K-12 curriculum, literacy of learners, usage of technology in education delivery, and other modes of learners, which includes the Alternative Learning System and Special Education Program.

The Operations (OPS) strand addressed inquiries and provided interventions on the School-Based Feeding Program, fund downloading, and voucher program implementation, among others.

Concerns related to Finance, Administration, School Infrastructure and Facility, Legal and Legislative, and Procurement were also raised on the respective strands by the DepEd SOCCSKSARGEN personnel.

“On behalf of the DepEd SOCCSKSARGEN, composed of eight Schools Division Offices, with more than 44,000 personnel, serving more than one million learners, I feel overwhelmed and pleased to welcome all of you here in Magandang GenSan,” RD Rocafort noted.

“We are beyond grateful actually for this day. It is the very first time in the history of the Department of Education [Regional Office] that all members of the Executive Committee, united to join us as we consult the field offices, such as our schools, for the betterment of our services,” he added.

Before the General Santos City visit, the Department has already conducted Regional Consultations in Davao City, Aklan, and Tacloban. The ExeCom members are aiming to conduct consultative meetings with the officials of the remaining regions in the coming months.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Lee Min Ho is SMDC's Newest 'Good Guy'

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The leading developer teams up with the Korean superstar for its “Step into Luxury” campaign

Leading property developer SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is launching its newest advertising campaign, which has a superstar endorser, Korean actor Lee Min Ho.

“I’m honored to be part of the SMDC family. It’s very important for a person to have a space to call home,” Lee Min Ho shared. He added that being able to influence home buyers in owning their home is something he is grateful for.

Lee Min Ho is the lead actor of the Korean drama series “Boys Over Flowers,” “City Hunter,” “The Heirs,” “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” “The King: Eternal Monarch,” and “Pachinko,” which established him as a household name worldwide, including the Philippines.


Lee Min Ho has been voted as most favorite actor by the 2022 Overseas Hallyu Report, an international survey conducted in 18 countries by the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE). Lee Min Ho, who has topped the list for five consecutive years since 2018, proved that he is an unwavering representative in Korea. Since 2009, he has received numerous awards for excellence in acting, and is considered as one of the most influential global style icons who has the largest number of followers on social media among Korean actors.

SMDC Vice President for Marketing Aye Luna said, “We are certainly excited to be working with Mr. Lee Min Ho for this campaign. Not only does he embody true luxury and sophistication, he is also a “Good Guy” in every sense of the word. He cares about his family and fans, and positively contributes to society through his donation platform. This makes him the perfect brand ambassador of SMDC.”

As a testament to its commitment to building world-class, master-planned sustainable communities, SMDC was recently named Best Developer in Southeast Asia by Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2022, and received excellence awards for several of its residential condominium developments.

To know more about the campaign, follow SMDC on its official Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok accounts, or visit the SMDC website.

# # #

LPU Broadcasting majors brace for more filmfests, grants

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Broadcasting students from Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Manila are preparing to join more film festivals and apply for production grants after gracing several events organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

LPU Manila Central Student Government (LYCESGO) Secretary – College of Arts and Sciences Representative Gwyneth Zoe Madrid led her fellow Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting seniors Shadrach Corro, Maryzusie Gaspi, Patricia Lorein Morales, Mikhaella Navarro, Sam Pineda, Angelo Gutierrez Relucio, and Ellaine Sta. Cruz, as they attended screenings for UFlix, a platform for short films made by Filipino students, and a forum gathering student filmmakers and educators at the Cinematheque Centre Manila. They also represented the LPU League of Young Communication Artists and Journalists (LYCAJ).

“The FDCP’s UFlix gave us a glimpse of hope amidst the drastic situation of the Filipino film industry. As a media practitioner and a soon-to-be filmmaker, we must hold the line and produce relevant films that will continue to tell the stories of the masses, most especially the unseen and unheard,” Madrid shared.

Meanwhile, Relucio, who serves as LPU Manila Chorale Property Manager, echoed Madrid’s sentiments. “It brings potential information for students who wish to pursue this passion, and it presents an excellent chance for me to embrace and fulfill my ambition.”

The Cinematheque Centres nationwide screened films from different student filmmakers, film organizations, and production teams. With its aim to extend support for the industry, the FDCP is building a platform to provide support, and make resources more accessible in the academic setting.

The LPU Broadcasting seniors plan to participate in the program as they have also wrapped up shooting their short films for their Production of Text for Broadcasting, Interactive, and Emerging Media class.

“Palit Ulo,” directed by Rizza Camingawan and written by Muriel Barcenas for Arim Productions, was adjudged Best Film among the POT Shorts while “Panyong Puti,” written and directed by Sta. Cruz for Alab Production, received the Special Jury Award.

Camingawan and Barcenas collaborated with executive producer Gaspi, assistant director Morales, cinematographer and editor Edrian Kagahastian, and camera operator Louise Althea Bukas. Sta. Cruz, on the other hand, got ample support from assistant director and co-writer Janil Versola, creative director and wardrobe stylist Rovic Ramos, director of photography Jonathan Ducado, videographer Cayler Filio, and editor Pineda.

Completing the POT Shorts are “Akala” from director and production manager Corro, assistant director Nica Mae Macam, writer Hanna Legaspi, camera person and editor Kiarra Faye Manlapig, and lights crew Jared Aguilar and Myra Contreras; “Ay?!” from director Allyiah Astorga, executive producer Madrid, assistant director Relucio, scriptwriter Marielle Valencia, DOP Jonathan Ducado, and actor Regelyn Toledo; and “Tikom” from director Jonnalyn Alday, producer and PM Navarro, scriptwriter Julce Marie Reyes, cinematographer and editor Miguel Serrano, and production designer Ayessa Emille Estrellado.

FDCP’s initiatives aimed at cultivating a new generation of filmmakers, such as the Academic Film Society and the Student Film Assistance Program, are set to be launched this month. The AFS is a program that will connect schools, colleges, and universities with existing film programs, film clubs or related student organizations.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

DepEd, partner agency introduces e-learning course to strengthen child protection

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with the Stairway Foundation Inc. (SFI), launched an e-learning course to better capacitate school-based Child Protection Committees (CPCs).

The DepEd Learner Rights and Protection Office (LRPO) introduced the said initiative in commemoration of Safer Internet Day Philippines 2023.

Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Z. Duterte lauded the LRPO for fulfilling its mandate of giving quick aid to learner victims and supporting the Department’s current intervention mechanisms and care coordination.

“We firmly believe that protecting our students from the dangers the internet poses and providing them meaningful access to digital tools that let them exercise their civil, political, economic and social rights to the fullest extent possible are both imperative,” VP-Sec. Duterte said.

The e-learning course is composed of at least five-hour video lessons, subdivided into 15- to 30-minute discussions of identified significant topics and can be accessed through

It was created to enhance the knowledge and awareness of participants on various child protection concerns that learners might face, and build familiarity and awareness of the various DepEd policies and issuances pertinent to child protection.

“We hope that our regional office focal persons, school division office focal persons, and school Child Committee Protection members across the entire country will benefit from this e-learning course, which can be accessed on DepEd’s LRPO website, which will be redirected to SFI’s e-learning platform,” Atty. Suzette Gannaban-Medina, Officer-In-Charge of the LRPO, said.

“Let us remember that the safety of our learners—both online and offline—is our shared responsibility,” she added.

Moreover, the asynchronous training also aims to clarify the roles and responsibilities of school-based CPCs and enhance their awareness on how to handle child protection concerns.

A pilot run was conducted from December 16, 2022 to January 31, 2023 with 146 CPC members from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao completing the course.

“To dedicate one’s life to child protection is to become a wall that separates children from cruelty, to be the arms that embrace them in times of uncertainty, and the hands that guide them towards a brighter future,” Undersecretary for Operations Atty. Revsee Escobedo stressed.

For more information about LRPO initiatives, visit or email at or contact (02) 8637-2306 and (02) 8632-1372, 0917-572-0088.

Newly-discovered gene links breast cancer to stress and changes in exposure to light and dark

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

NIMBB researchers have just discovered a gene called Krรผppel-like factor 9 (KLF9) that links the effects of stress, regulation of the light-dark cycle, and breast cancer. (Image credit: Weand Ybaรฑez)

New research from the University of the Philippines - Diliman College of Science (UPD-CS) has found a conclusive link between stress, altered light-dark cycles—such as in the cases of night shift workers and frequent international travelers—and breast cancer.

Molecular biologist Dr. Pia Bagamasbad and her student, Weand Ybaรฑez, at the UPD-National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) discovered a gene called Krรผppel-like factor 9 (KLF9) that suppresses tumor growth and links the effects of stress, regulation of the light-dark cycle, and breast cancer. In their study, the researchers found that KLF9 is suppressed in breast tumors compared to normal breast tissue, and that KLF9 is affected by stress hormones and changes in a person’s exposure to light and dark.

Normal body function involves a regular 24-hour pattern of biological activity, called the “circadian cycle,” which is mainly controlled by the 12-hour light-dark cycle that, in turn, regulates several bodily functions such as sleeping and waking, digestion, and the action of various hormones at different times of the day.

In normal breast tissue, the researchers found that KLF9 exhibits a cyclical pattern as part of a healthy circadian cycle. However, this regular pattern is lost in highly-aggressive breast cancer. Since KLF9 suppresses the growth and spread of breast cancer cells, these research findings show a direct link between stress hormones and changes in the circadian cycle—such as lack of sleep—on breast cancer risk and development.

The NIMBB research team underscored the value of maintaining a regular circadian cycle in their study, warning of the negative effects of disruptions in the regularity of the circadian cycle: “Circadian disruption is an emerging driver of breast cancer , with epidemiological studies linking shift work and chronic jet lag to increased breast cancer risk,” they noted in their research paper, which was published just last February 23 in the journal, Cancer Cell International.

“These findings have potential far-reaching implications not just on our understanding of how cancer develops and spreads and how it can be effectively managed, but more importantly emphasize the need for policies and interventions that can safeguard the overall health and wellness of women working in industries involving disruption in the regular circadian cycle”, Dr. Bagamasbad said.

Instituto Cervantes pays Online Tribute to Spanish Film Legend Carlos Saura

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

This March, Instituto Cervantes de Manila is presenting the online film series “Carlos Saura, Goya de Honor”, to give tribute to one of the most important contemporary Spanish filmakers. The films will be shown through the Instituto Cervantes channel on the Vimeo platform ( and will be freely accessible for 48 hours from their start date and time.

The recently deceased Carlos Saura (1932-2023) was arguably, together with Luis Buรฑuel, Luis Garcรญa Berlanga and Pedro Almodรณvar, one of the most international filmmakers of Spanish cinema. His work spans more than sixty years and is marked by the investigation of visual and plastic limits in the seventh art. Cinema has accompanied Saura in his passion for rethinking traditional Spanish culture and placing it in the present while projecting his artistic personality into the future.

The series, which comprises of four iconic films in Carlos Saura’s career, will kick off on 4 March, Saturday, with the screening of La caza (freely available for 48 hours through the link Released in 1966, the movie is reputed one of the main masterpieces of Spanish cinema. It is about four friends who go on a hunt, but tensions arise among them and all hell breaks loose, seemingly echoing a battle that took place in the same site during the Civil War.

Instituto Cervantes pays Online Tribute to Spanish Film Legend Carlos Saura
The film series will continue on 11 March, with the drama Bodas de sangre (1981). Based on the works of Federico Garcรญa Lorca, this film combines an exquisite flamenco ballet to narrate the sorrowful story of a bride who, on the same day of her wedding, escapes with her lover, and ends up being persecuted by her supposed-to- be husband and her family. (Link to the movie:

On March 18, you can catch the film Goya en Burdeos (1999), a biopic of Francisco de Goya, who was exiled in Bordeaux in his advanced age, with his latest lover and his daughter Rosario. In his deathbead he recalls the best moments of his life, as though the film were taking us on a walk through it. (Link to the movie:

Finally, on March 25, the film cycle closes with Iberia (2005), a beautiful documentary based on the musical piece Iberia by Albรฉniz, which follows the rehearsals and performances of dancers, choreographers, and musicians, all great artists in the world of contemporary flamenco, including Sara Baras. (Link to the movie:

The films, presented by Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, will be in Spanish with English subtitles. Admission is free. For further information and updates on this film series, please check out Instituto Cervantes’ Facebook site ( or the event page:

For further information about the cultural program of Instituto Cervantes please visit Instituto Cervantes’ website ( ), or follow Instituto Cervantes on social media (Facebook: InstitutoCervantesManila; Instagram: institutocervantesmanila).

Quirino Province aims for Philippines's Net Zero Emissions leadership

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Quirino Province is aiming to become the country’s first leader in Net Zero Emissions in just a few short years, thanks to a newly-forged partnership with local resilience advocacy Climate Smart Philippines, under the stewardship of internationally-acclaimed science diplomat Glenn Banaguas. The bid aims to see Quirino achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Banaguas will share Climate Smart Philippines’ knowledge and experience with the people and local government of Quirino. By establishing mutually-reinforcing community-to-community learning networks and partnerships, the leadership of the province has expressed optimism about avoiding the worst impacts of climate change by committing to achieving net zero emissions within the next three decades.

“We are deeply honored to have Mr. Banaguas’ expertise and guidance as we set ourselves on the path to this ambitious but worthy goal,” said Quirino Gov. Dakila “Dax” Cua, who is also the President of the Union Leagues of Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP).

"Building on the actions in Quirino’s strengthened climate change plan, this provides a roadmap to how Quirino will meet the enhanced Paris and Glasgow Agreement targets to reduce emission before 2040," he mentioned.

“We are confident that we can steer our beloved province onto a path of leadership and greatness. We will replicate the success of our commitment with the other provinces in the country,” Cua added.

A Fellow of the UK-based Royal Society for the Arts, Sc. Dpl. Banaguas is one of Asia’s leading experts in environment, climate change, and disaster risk. He is the Chairman of the ASEAN Science Diplomats and the US-ASEAN Fellows for Science and Technology, and the Climate Diplomat of the EU-Asia Expert Panel for Climate Diplomacy and Environmental Security. He was also Lee Kuan Yew Senior Fellow in Public Service and an Executive Fellow of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy in Switzerland. He is also a United Nations Sasakawa and The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Laureate, as well as an Asia Leaders for Sustainability awardee.

“I am thankful for the trust and faith that Governor Cua and the people of Quirino have put in me,” said Banaguas.

“The size of my gratitude is exceeded only by my determination to see this beloved province rise up to its full climate-smart potential.”

Starbucks reaches 5,000-store milestone in its continued expansion across Asia Pacifi

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In Asia Pacific, company achieves net new store growth of 8% over the past 12 months

Milestone underscores Starbucks accelerated growth across the region where the company expects to open more than 400 stores in 2023

New drive-thru in South Korea represents Starbucks commitment to diversifying and expanding its store portfolio to bring the Starbucks Experience to more customers seeking comfort and convenience.

Starbucks has achieved its 5,000th store opening in Gwangyang-si, South Korea, marking a significant milestone in its continued growth journey in the Asia Pacific region where it has achieved net new store growth of 8% over the past 12 months. Located on a major road that connects residential areas with business districts, the new drive-thru store represents a diversifying portfolio and continued expansion across the Asia Pacific region.

“The opening of our 5,000th store in Asia Pacific reaffirms our commitment to bring the unparalleled Starbucks Experience to more customers in one of our fastest growing regions,” said Michael Conway, group president, International and Channel Development for Starbucks. “Asia Pacific is a dynamic and diverse engine of growth for Starbucks globally. As recovery continues, the region achieved over 20% sales growth year on year, demonstrating the strength and relevance of the brand. We are well positioned for further growth with our licensed business partners, who continue to elevate the Starbucks Experience across a range of innovative store formats.”

Accelerating store expansion across cities in Asia Pacific

Remaining true to its mission – to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time – Starbucks plans to expand further in the region by opening 400 stores this year to serve additional communities in major cities and beyond.

In the vast market of India, Starbucks plans to build on its existing portfolio of over 300 stores across 40 cities by extending its footprint into at least five new cities. Across Southeast Asia, the company also plans to expand its stores beyond the metropolitan areas of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In Laos where it first opened its doors in November last year in the capital city of Vientiane, Starbucks also plans to open a new store this year.

Diversifying store formats to meet evolving customer preferences

Strategically located along a major road in the highly populated residential area in Gwangyang-si, the new Gwangyang Madong drive-thru store is a 500 sqm freestanding store that is easily accessible from Gwangyang IC and Suncheong City. Fully equipped with the latest digital features and technology, the new drive-thru store offers customers on-the-go the convenience of enjoying a beverage from the comfort of their cars; and customers that choose to visit the store a warm and welcoming third place to connect while enjoying their favorite coffee.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant nature of the area, the exterior of the building features soft curved corners complimented by oversized windows, sometimes spanning over two floors, located on multiple sides of the building. The abundance of natural light flowing in highlights the warm and muted colour tones, along with the smooth forms inside the store, providing a pleasant contrast to the colourful and vibrant art pieces that celebrate coffee and the communities that support it. This deliberate combination of elements contributes to creating a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere for customers to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee in beautiful surroundings.

Starbucks drive-thru stores across Asia Pacific have more than doubled in the last four years, many of which have become community hubs at residential areas, with some fitted out with private rooms that can be booked for business meetings, study sessions or family gatherings. Building on its existing portfolio of over 600 drive-thru stores in the region, Starbucks plans to add over 100 more this year to cater to customers wanting to enjoy a welcoming third place in the neighborhood or a beverage on the move.

Emmy Kan, president for Starbucks Asia Pacific said, “That our 5000th store in Asia Pacific is a drive-thru store speaks both to the changing habits of our customers, and of our determination to meet them where it is most convenient, while still offering the Starbucks connection. We will continually enhance our store formats and innovate, not just to cater to changing customer behaviors, but also to fuel growth in Asia Pacific.”

Building on the welcoming third place experience Starbucks is known for, the company also plans to open more Starbucks Reserve stores across Asia Pacific to bring customers an intimate, multi-sensory coffee experience that features a selection of the rarest, most extraordinary coffees Starbucks has to offer. There are now more than 145 Starbucks Reserve stores across 11 Asia Pacific markets.

Benildeans rule IS Manila film tilt for 4th straight year

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Student filmmakers from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde led the winners of the Manila Student Film Festival for the fourth consecutive year after it has recently concluded its awarding ceremony at the International School Manila (ISM) Fine Arts Theater.

Ryan Miguel Capili’s “Damgo sa Kahitas-an” won Best Film in the 19-22 age group while fellow Benildean Vahn Pascual’s “Ang Mga Sisiw sa Kagubatan” brought home Best Animation from the ISM filmfest.

“Damgo sa Kahitas-an” tells the story of a high school student who aspires to study film in college, but everyone around him is against his plan. Capili shared that it “comes from a personal story of trying to pursue arts” instead of other courses.

Meanwhile, “Ang Mga Sisiw sa Kagubatan” features a chick living in the forest which strives to live peacefully together with its community amid the persistent presence of a hungry monster in town.

Pascual, whose other animation “Blue Is Not My Favorite Color” were also among the MSFF finalists, previously received the Best Film award last year for his film “Sina Alexa, Xander at Ang Universe.”

“But the award that I received this year is more meaningful to me because editing and animation are really not my cup of tea and I really have no knowledge on it when I did these projects. I made these films last 2020 and 2021 out of boredom during the surge of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown,” Pascual revealed.

Other Benilde student films, namely “Taya” by Maxine Muรฑoz, “Rat Race” by Kat Quinio, “Patay-Gutom” by James Bueno and Joshua Rayo, and “At the Hour of Our Death” by Avery Villa, Aza Gellera, Jericho Rimando, Gillian Navarro, Kylle Quiatchon, Ryan Paraboles, and Francesca Ventanilla also made the cut.

MSFF is open to students who are enrolled in grade school (8-11 age category), junior high school (12-14 age category), senior high school (15-18 age category) or college (19-22 age category) nationwide.

“Bob’s Chocolate Catastrophe” and “Food for Thought” from CJ Limjap, Emil Pyykko, Selma White-Pascual, and Lucas Arambulo-Clinton of IS Manila ruled the 8-11 and 15-18 age groups, respectively.

A special prize was awarded to “The Collector” of senior BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing students from Jose Rizal University. Director Gerry Garcia, editor Elvin Matthew Nido, storyboard artist Creshane Zaslove Pausal, 3D character artist Jong Won Teves, and environment artist Austine Leigh Abedejos of The Cool2 Studios came up with the animated film about a lonely grim reaper who reevaluates his longing to be recognized by the living when he found out that a stray dog could see him.

Broadcast journalist, documentary filmmaker, impact producer, and cancer advocate Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala and screenwriter, director, producer, and editor Coreen “Monster” Jimenez served as jury.

Last year, DLS-CSB’s “Iridescent” by Chiara Parreรฑas bagged Best Animation and “Ang Awit na Lipos sa Pangungulila” by Dan Verzosa and “Sina Alexa, Xander at ang Universe” tied for Best Film (19-22 group).

“Gayuma” by Trixie Vertera took home the Audience Choice Award and “Sala, Salin Laway” by Verzosa for Haraya Films and Alak at Pelikula Productions led the same age category for Benilde films in 2021.

Aki Red’s “Lilipad Na Si Birdie” started DLS-CSB’s string of victories in the MSFF three years ago.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Angat Buhay’s Museo ng Pag-asa to Welcome Walk-Ins in March

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Starting March 1, 2023, Angat Buhay will be admitting walk-in visitors to the Museo ng Pag-asa, where the non-government organization (NGO) holds office and curates artifacts, memorabilia, and multimedia materials from the 2022 people’s campaign.

Part of the museum’s collections are handcrafted items that were personally given to Angat Buhay Board Chairperson Atty. Leni Robredo by individuals and organizations all over the country, many of which are now part of the Angat Bayanihan Volunteer Network that supports and implements programs, projects, and activities of the NGO.

“Everyone is invited to visit the museum, to revisit key moments of bayanihan in recent years, and to keep its spirit alive by supporting Angat Buhay’s mission to help more marginalized communities all over the country,” said Raffy Magno, Executive Director of Angat Buhay.

Visitors can secure a museum pass for P100, except for children, students, senior citizens, and PWDs can do so for only P50, when they go to the Museo ng Pag-asa located at 84 Cordillera St., Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00AM-4:00PM.

They can also find more information by clicking on the link below:

Short films on climate change featuring native trees, daily life top 6th Indie-Siyensya

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Moments filled with excitement and anticipation surrounded the halls of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) last February 25 as the 6th Indie-Siyensya Filmmaking Competition organized by the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute marked its first physical Awarding Ceremony after almost three years and two seasons of virtual runs.

"K5: Katutubong Kahoy Kontra Krisis sa Klima" directed by Celine Murillo bagged the best film award for the open category. The mini-documentary film discusses how planting native trees, while limited, is an important nature-based solution for mitigating the climate crisis.

Second best film for the open category was awarded to “Climacts” by DOST-SEI scholar and De La Salle University student Kyle Carlo Lasala. Climacts is a documentary film that highlights the root cause and drastic effects of climate change. It features the existing and developing actions with emphasis on systemic change.

Meanwhile, “Marka ng Pawikan,” a film directed by Humphrey Mark Gian Francesco Torcuator, a captivating film which shows how climate change directly affects pawikan’s brooding and survival, causing detrimental effects to their species, received the award for the third best film for the open category.

For the Youth category, “Tanaw Juan” directed by Yashmen A. Gerez of Quezon Science High School won the Best Film Award. The movie was praised for its powerful storytelling, compelling character, and its ability to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change in everyday life. It follows the story of Juan who goes through his normal daily routine and casually explains scientific concepts and phenomena surrounding climate change with various encounters throughout his errand journey.

The team’s concept of climate change expression and communication is delivered through an interactive, engaging, and fun way transitioning into a motivational mood for a call for action as the film’s ending statement.

The power duo of sisters Sophia and Felizia Shayn of De La Salle University and Marcelo H. del Pilar won the second-best film under the youth category for their entry “Marvels of Science: Climate Change.” Their explainer tackled climate change's impacts to life, environment and the entire world.

The film “Sirak” by Charles Joshua Uy of Philippine Science High School - Eastern Visayas Campus snatched the third-best film award for the youth category. “Sirak,” a Waray word which means sunny, is an explainer film which communicates climate change through the greatest common denominator, which is heat felt by humans.

Also bagging trophies and cash grants were crowd favorites "Climacts,” and “Tanaw Juan” for winning the Viewers’ Choice Award for the Open and Youth category. These films garnered the most number of votes gathered during the physical voting held at Cinematheque Centres last January 21-22 and online voting held last January 28 to February 6.

All top three films for each category received a clapperback-designed 3D trophy, a certificate, and a cash grant. The best films were given P100,000 while the second and third best films received P50,000 and P30,000, respectively. Other finalists also won consolation prizes of P5,000 each, while the Viewers’ Choice Awardees claimed a cash grant of P20,000, a certificate and a trophy.

The department’s leader, Secretary Renato U. Solidum, Jr., emphasized the importance of science communication in national development, anchored in research that is impactful, useful and relevant to society.

“Through the Indie-Siyensya Science Filmmaking Competition, we hope to highlight the important role of science for national development, encourage our students to pursue meaningful STEM careers, and contribute to forwarding important causes and moving people into positive action,” Sec. Solidum added.

DOST-SEI Director Josette T. Biyo also thanked all the filmmakers for making this year’s Indie-Siyensya run a special one as it gathered more than 200 film entries, a record high since the competition was launched. She also thanked DOST-SEI's partner, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), for being instrumental in popularizing the science films through film screenings in Cinematheque Centres and online viewing platform JuanFlix.

“We give thanks to our young Filipino filmmakers, who were brave enough to participate and take the challenge to be part of Indie-Siyensya's movement to use films to communicate science and forward social and scientific advocacy,” Dr. Biyo said.

Indie-Siyensya, which aims to promote science communication and provide a platform for young filmmakers to highlight their work, featured thought-provoking films that tackle encompassing topics on climate change - from its threatening impacts to helping mitigate its effects and offering solutions all related to the theme “Communicating Climate Change Action.” The top three best films from each category outshine 267 entries from across the Philippines.

The next season for the Indie-Siyensya Film Festival is expected to return in the second quarter of the year.

Juan Big Idea Nationwide: Advancing to the Future of Marketing

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Juan Big Idea Nationwide is a conference designed to bring out unbounded opportunities to young entrepreneurs across the Philippines. It was known for its Regional 5-leg installments from North Luzon down to Mindanao.

PJMA keeps its dedication to reaching the untapped members of the marketing community and helping each to thrive in the global marketing arena. With this case, the National Federation will be launching the 3rd installment of JUAN BIG IDEA NATIONWIDE with the theme “Advancing to the Future of Marketing'' on March 5, 2023, at the Winford Manila Resort and Casino, and will be broadcasted live and exclusively via Virnew Virtual Platform.

The said event is directed towards filling each young entrepreneur with knowledge that will help them unleash possibilities for the future and prepare them to become globally competitive, by guiding them towards a deeper understanding of the current advancements as well as spurring ingenious ideas. The event also aims to expose the students to the early technological advancements applied to building smart and futuristic cities, advertisements, consumer experience, innovative devices, and the world of web 3.0.

JUAN BIG IDEA NATIONWIDE 2023 will be the first hybrid event that will be conducted by PJMA since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Federation invited remarkable guests and performers to grace the spotlight and shed new knowledge for each aspirant of the corporate arena. The said event will also be a great opportunity to grow connections and build camaraderie with co-entrepreneurs as well as unlock new opportunities with the help of various corporate partners through a Job Fair.

Juan Big Idea Nationwide: Advancing to the Future of Marketing is a milestone made possible and even more special with the help of generous sponsors and partners like Wazzup Pilipinas. This expedition is in collaboration with L’Oreal Brandstorm, the signature business and innovation case competition of L’Oreal. JUAN Patalastas is powered by realme Philippines, the consecutive two-year champion according to Canalys 2021-2022 reports. With realme, every JUAN must “Dare to Leap”.
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