Saturday, July 18, 2015

FlipTrip.PH Holds Sun & Soul Kick-Off Party at Z Hostel

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It looks like summer is extending way past August for we are soon visiting sunny Zambales on August 8 and 9 for the Sun & Soul music festival of FlipTrip.PH, an online booking platform that makes it easier for people to travel and discover the Philippines. The site connects travelers to local experts in different destinations within the country.

Sun & Soul music festival is a celebration of the return of the South Swell, the end of summer, in preparation for the coming of surfers, old and young, who flock to Zambales at this time of the year. The event is a celebration of surf, arts and music. It is a gathering of creative souls out to celebrate life. It is not just another music festival, but a soulful weekend for kindred spirits united by the love of travel.

A retreat and festival in one, Sun & Soul will take place in the quiet sanctuary that is Liwliwa, Zambales. Explorers can take part in workshops for surfing, poetry, arts, music and other creative pursuits amidst the beautiful mountains and beaches of Zambales. Participants can meet fellow travelers and immerse themselves in the wonderful community of Liwa as they go on a road trip to a paradise where there are no strangers.

"Where there are no strangers" ...hhhmmm...sounds familiar? Yup! The venue in Zambales would be at The Circle Hostel,  a chain of budget friendly eco-hostels in the Philippines. It is a sanctuary for the artsy and the adventurous where they can express themselves freely among each other and on the walls, pathways, stairs and almost everywhere.

26th National Youth Science, Technology, and Environment Summer Camp

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Lemma, Scintillas! 

Brace yourselves for an experience of a lifetime as you find your HUE and shine your light this July. 

The Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC), the largest umbrella organization of science clubs in the Philippines, proudly presents the 26th National Youth Science, Technology, and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC 2015) with the theme, “Transprism: Finding Hue in Spectrum of Candella”. 

In celebration of the International Year of Light 2015 (IYL 2015) which is a global initiative adopted by the United Nations, NYSTESC 2015 is geared towards providing its participants an understanding of and appreciation for Optics, with in-depth focus on the pivotal role that light plays in society in the modern world. 

This July 26-29, 2015 at Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center in Iloilo City, high school students and teachers from all over the archipelago are coming together to discover and explore the wonders of light. With fruitful lectures from distinguished speakers, interactive workshops, and fun activities in store, the campers will surely be shining the brightest with the learning and the memories. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cebu to Take Spotlight at Property Summit


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The Philippines’ second most important metropolis takes center stage at the first ever Property Summit Cebu, co-organized by global property platform Lamudi Philippines and MediaCom Solutions.

Boasting a thriving tourism and leisure industry, a vibrant BPO, business, and shipping sector, and some of the Philippines’ best beaches and diving sites, Metro Cebu’s property sector is more buoyant than ever. Both national and local developers are looking into expanding their portfolios in the “Queen City of the South,” including real estate giants SMDC, Ayala Land, Megaworld, and Federal Land, among others.

To give industry professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs an outlook of Metro Cebu’s rising real estate market, including the opportunities and challenges it presents, Lamudi and MediaCom have lined up an exceptional roster of speakers to share knowledge and expertise on the city’s property market.

They include Colliers International’s Julius Guevarra, who will discuss Cebu’s real estate outlook; and Rudolf Kotik, founder of Filipino International Franchise Association, who will share his expertise on how to spot the perfect location for one’s retail, franchise, and food and beverage business.

Ensuring Life for All: IFSS 2015 in the Philippines


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Climb tropical mountains and bask in the warm sun of Southeast Asia in this year’s International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS). Now on its 43rd year, the Symposium will be held from July 28 to August 10, 2015 with the theme “Ensuring Life for All.” It will be hosted by the local committee (LC) Association of Filipino Forestry StudentsUniversity of the Philippines, Los Baños (AFFS-UPLB) at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, a university that is cradled by the renowned Mt. Makiling, and neighbored by the great Laguna Lake.

Known for its rich biodiversity and numerous islands, the Philippines serves as an ideal host for the IFSS. Half of the country is covered with forests, and it houses 15,000 species of flowering plants, and more than a thousand species of wildlife species. Because of this diverse set of flora and fauna, it is no question why the Philippines is only the third country in Asia to host the IFSS, with Indonesia hosting last 2003 and 2008, and South Korea last 2010. 

As issues of deforestation and climate change plague the world, it becomes even more important that more individuals are informed of the important function that forests serve. This year, as a country that depends heavily on its forests, the Philippines and IFSS 2015 aim to highlight how the existence of humanity is dependent on its forests. From its role as habitat to various other living creatures, to its provision of resources and livelihood to many, it is clear that the life of forests lead to the life of the world, and thus does its death mean our own.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Florante at Laura Set to Open on July 31

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Gantimpala Theater Foundation Inc. proudly presents its 38th season opening production Francisco Balagtas’ “FLORANTE AT LAURA” -- one of the most enduring Filipino literary masterpieces described by many as a poetic art that examines the nature of justice, truth and commitment to fairness, written into a play by award-winning and respected playwright Boni Ilagan, with multi-awarded actor, Roeder Camañag as its director.

The famous Filipino love story uses the theater form of the ‘komedya’ complete with its majestic marches and grand batalia. See how the love of florante, laura, Aladin and Flerida conqyered the warring Moors and Christians.

“Boni Ilagan wrote such a superb script!” exclaims director Camañag. “His interpretation of the classic focuses on the many facets of love — from its purest form to its most corrupted version. His understanding of Balagtas’ words allows audiences the opportunities to witness Florante’s encounters with love — his love for knowledge, his love for his parents, his brotherly love for his best friend Minandro, his romantic love for Laura, his love for his enemies, and ultimately, the love for his country and the Higher Cause.”
“We are highlighting the beauty of the language and the elements of komedya,” he continues. “What we give the public now is a tribute to Florante and Laura, as literary characters, a tribute to Francisco Balagtas and his mastery of the Tagalog language, and a tribute to the komedya, which is a true Filipino theater form.

Bureau of Customs Ups Productivity with Google Apps Thru IPC

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The Bureau of Customs (BOC) recently launched its implementation of Google Apps for Work via local cloud computing and data center services firm IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.), with the goal of improving the bureau’s internal collaboration and information dissemination.

Specifically, Google Sites will be used to create an internal website for updates and new information accessible only to authorized personnel. Customs can also take advantage of features such as Google Drive to store documents that need to be accessed by employees easily anytime and on any device, such as memos and announcements. The licenses were provided through IPC and are distributed to the roughly 4,000 staff of the Bureau of Customs.

According to Che Lazaro, IPC Director of Sales - Google for Work, “Google Apps for Work allows real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on a single document at the same time. This will eliminate multiple versions of one document, improve tracking and accountability, as well as cutting down time in finalizing reports.”

Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman: Attempts to Answer Life’s Biggest Questions


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Do we already know everything there is to know about the universe? Sometimes, Science throws questions that are even bigger than life itself. Some remain as mysteries, while others are like jigsaw puzzles slowly being solved.

This month, Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman brings to life man’s many questions on science and existence in Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. In each episode, Freeman tries to sheds light on questions which science is beginning to answer such as:        

Are Aliens Inside Of Us?

Odds are high that extraterrestrial life exists. So why haven't aliens been found in the galaxy? Are experts looking in the wrong places? New research shows that experts should look closer to home, even inside the human body. It turns out that a lot of our DNA is from a mysterious, nonhuman source. Theoretically, alien microbial life can make the journey to Earth from distant worlds, and scientists are finding some unearthly microbes in the upper atmosphere. Could it be from outer space? Could humans be part alien? It is even possible alien life is already here as digital life forms, hiding inside technology.

Sony Smart B-Trainer: Run to the Rhythm and Feel the Beat

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We all get to remain in the groove if we are constantly reminded of our tasks. A word of encouragement goes a long way to keep us motivated and to endure extra hardships especially if it means a more fruitful or productive outcome. This also applies to sports activities where endurance and stamina can be attained if we persevere in our training and exercise requirements such as running regularly to keep fit, alert and active in both body and spirit.

To set our moods up a notch higher are technological advancements that further improve our lifestyle. There are gadgets or equipment that can effectively monitor our health and performance.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer is an awesome sports companion that comes with a non-slip neckband -style housing with the latest sensor and software technologies. It offers intelligent music playback based on heart rate monitoring and various training plans. It comes in black, white and even pink (order basis), and blue (order basis).

The product is available at a discounted price until tomorrow, July 17, for only Php 10,999. After that it goes back to its original price of Php 12,999. Smart B-Trainer is an all-in-one training device that personalizes your running regime and features versatile training plans through apps.

Prestigio: European Brand Now in the Philippines

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Is the European brand of mobile phones better than what we have right now? Well, they are now getting ready to conquer the Philippine market.

We are about to experience refinement in mobile technology as they unveiled their product last July 15, 2015 at their grand launch held at Society Lounge located at Atrium building of Makati city.

Everyone is fully aware that the Philippines is a smartphone country where the units outnumbers the population already since many have more than just one unit at hand. Like myself, I have more than two units of smartphones aside form the tablets that I'm using.

Jojit Alcazar, Managing Partner of Veracity Mobile, led the presentation of the Prestigio brand. Under the Veracity Synergy Solutions Inc. (VSSI) group, Veracity Mobile offers a great alternative to the growing mobile devices segment through its partnership with respected European brand, Prestigio marking  the Philippines as its 86th country served. 

The brand started out by presenting 6 models of smartphones with prices ranging from Php 5,699 (lowest priced unit) to Php 13, 899 (highest priced unit). Models of different lifestyle outfits, came out one at a time to show off the different models, until they've finally competed on stage the initial products being offered by Veracity Mobile for the Prestigio brand.

A Parade of Health This Rainy Season at Sugarleaf Makati

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These rainy months, Sugarleaf Makati continues to provide a parade of health and wellness options for the entire family perfect to boost the immune system and prevent illnesses common in the season.

The organic resto’s new menu is getting a lot of new followers and praises from our loyal customers who continue to inspire us to serve up health yummy goodness for everyone.

Start your day with gluten-free waffles, topped with free range eggs or stewed fruit and coconut syrup.  

Runaway best sellers are our different flavours of skizzas, crisp thin wheat crust topped with raw organic pesto and yummy toppings like smoked salmon or blue marlin, Iberico belota chorizo or turkey ham. Vegetarian skizza options are available as well as for our selection of paninis and pita.  

For pasta lovers, our home-made organic basil pesto is now joined by kale and spinach ravioli and your choice of three different sauces–pesto, pomodoro and white sauce. Rice fans can choose from grass-fed beef tapa, lemon-pepper or basil pork, ocean sea farm-raised bangus served with free range egg and side salad. Health can be had for only P95 with our organic red or brown rice topped with bangus relleno or siomai, served with a mini- organic salad.

Azkals Versus Uzbekistan at the Philippine Sports Stadium

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The Philippine Azkals will face a hardened and experienced Uzbekistan squad on Sept. 8, a game that would test the mettle of the newly-minted and strongest ever roster of overseas- and local-based professional footballers.

“We need the support of Filipino football enthusiasts and even non-football fans to fill up the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bocaue, Bulacan, and applaud and inspire our players to give their best for the country,” Team Manager Dan Palami said.

Opened on July 21 last year, the world class Philippine Sports Stadium is the newest and largest stadium in the Philippines with a maximum football seating capacity of 20,000. Located within a tourism enterprise zone in Bocaue, it is bordered by the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) itself and easily accessible by private or public transport. Travel time is less than an hour from most parts of Metro Manila as the site is just after Marilao and before Bocaue with direct access exit along NLEX.

Holding the game at the Philippine Sports Stadium will also allow spectators to experience first class facilities and ultra modern surroundings and see the 103 x 68 meters football field with natural grass surface, he said.

The much-awaited match, which is part of the Asian qualifiers of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, starts at 8 p.m., giving football aficionados and non-aficionados enough time to catch the first kick.

Geeks on a Beach Returns to Boracay for Its 3rd Year

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The leading national tech startup conference in the Philippines is once again seeking to connect Filipino creative and innovative talents with tech champs from across the world so we can build and nurture a world-class Philippine startup ecosystem.

Geeks on a Beach (GOAB), organized by a non-profit organization called, will be having its 3rd run on August 20 to 21, 2015 and will again return to Boracay for a two-day tech confab where delegates can establish networks with some of the country's and the world's biggest names in the startup and investor community, as well as secure enduring partnerships and lucrative investments.

But Boracay is not the only reason why you must join this event. This will be a gathering of top minds in the tech industry that has made significant accomplishments at their respective startups, as well as an opportunity to meet investors that you would want to impress.

The very first GOAB was held in Boracay while the second one was held in Cebu. Now on its 3rd year, the organizers promises this laid-back yet productive interaction on the latest technology and entrepreneurship, will be  a triple splash for having triple number of innovative minds, triple funding opportunities, and triple doses of fun.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DOST-ICTO to Hold Press Briefing on ICT Month, NSTW, Tech4Ed and Free Wi-Fi Project

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Due to the recent rationalization and re-organization of the Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ICTO), it has been a while since the office has had a stand alone press briefing. nonetheless,  they are still very much active with their programs.

I am sure many of you have heard of their Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project. Some of you have even reported about it, in fact, it was even a trending topic on social media last month. Likewise, there had even been criticisms of the project on social media. The DOST-ICTO never had a media briefing about this project, and on 16 July they would be having one to answer any questions that the press and public might have about it as well as provide the latest updates.

The press briefing will be held at the DOST- ICT Office Seminar Room in Diliman Q.C. on Thursday, 16 July 2015, 10:00a.m. and will be about the ICT Month, ICT Office preparations for the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) and updates on the Free Wi-Fi in Public Places Project.

The DOST-ICTO aims to spread awareness on the projects and activities that the office has been conducting to promote ICT as a relevant field of study and a competitive career choice for every Juan. In line with this, key representatives of the DOST-ICTO shall be discussing the highlights from this year's ICT Month, the sub-events in the upcoming NSTW, Tech4Ed, and updates on the Free Wi-Fi Project - known to be the flagship project of the agency. They are also going to discuss future strategic goals of the office to strengthen the ICT landscape and valuation in the country.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

3 Big Learning Events at the Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo

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On July 17-19, 2015, a grand showcase of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the country will be held at the SM Megatrade Halls 2 & 3.

The Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo (PBEX) is part of the organizers' conscious effort to cultivate and nurture the SMEs. It focuses to deliver a unique event experience to support the success and growth of SME businesses in the Philippines. It also serves as a connection to explore business opportunities, learn the latest SME market trends, establish contacts, exchange views and ideas, display products and services and acquire latest technology and promotional tools.

Three big learning events will be conducted from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM simultaneously on these dates:

July 17 – The ASEAN SMEs Business Conference

July 18 – Business Readiness and Preparedness Summit

July 19 – Travel Business Forum

The three learning events aim to gather over 200 SME owners, top managers and supervisors to learn and network from our speakers and business leaders from NCR and come up with learning and sharing of knowledge in preparation for the 2016 ASEAN Integration.

Wazzup Pilipinas is proud to be a media partner!

The Ultimate Throwback: The Flying House Is Back!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Yes, you read that right. Everyone’s favorite children anime series, “The Flying House,” is back!

The children deserves the good old animations or cartoons of yesteryears that dwell on the stories found in the Bible. Instead of letting our children watch the violent cartoons or anime, the best alternative is to watch the series filled with lesson that will nurture our children to become better citizens.

“We want to bless the children of the Philippines with the Word of God through animation that’s why we are re-airing ‘The Flying House.’ It has blessed millions of people from the ‘80s and there is a new generation now that can also be blessed by it,” said John Tan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of CBN. “The gospel can be quite difficult for children to understand,” Tan continued, “but through animation which is one of the easiest forms of media that children can watch, today’s generation can really be more attuned to God’s Word. May it be the light that guides them as they grow up,” he added.

“The Flying House” is a children’s anime series produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network and airs every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. on ABS-CBN and back to back with Superbook Reimagined every Sunday, 9:30 a.m.

3D Printing Boosts Surgery in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Did you know that 3D Printing is much in use already in surgery in the Philippines?

As we hear much about world news on 3D-designed and printed prosthetic devices such as limbs and hands, and how it has made prosthetics being more cost effective, it is interesting to note that the Philippines is not far behind.

Dr. Rafael Bundoc, esteemed surgeon from the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital and professor at the Section of Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopedics at the UP-PGH will share how the country is in step with the world in 3D printing as he gives a talk on “The Amazing Applications of 3D Printing in Surgery” at the first ever Philippine 3D Printing & Digifab Conference and Expo on August 7 to 9 at the SMX Taguig, SM Aura, Taguig City.
According to Dr. Bundoc, Surgeons generally rely on routine radiographs, CTScans and MRIs to provide them two (2D)or three-dimensional (3D) images of disorders that they have to treat. 

Very often they use these images in creating a pre-operative template on how they will plan to operate on their patients.

It has been their experience as well that sometimes they are confronted with much more complex intra-operative findings other than what they have conceptualized from images at hand. This lecture will show how ordinary desktop 3D printing can give surgeons a detailed three-dimensional model for a more accurate pre-operative surgical templating.”

Dole Outs: The Answer to Poverty Alleviation?


Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Dole outs? Hindi ba mas magandang that the government empower them? Providing the Metro's poor with livelihood skills, trainings for behavioral change, job opportunities, and providing them with good social services are way better than just giving them money. Just don't give them fish, but teach them how to fish. Kapag naubos ang dole out, maghihintay na naman sa bagong ililimos? At hindi ba madami din sa nakakatanggap ng 4Ps ang hindi qualified?" - Heizel Laru-an Mainar
In reaction to an article published by the regarding the P3.32 billion in Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) funds in 2016 to be distributed to the so-called "poorest of the poor" communities of Metro Manila, "bringing to P6.74 billion the National Capital Region’s allocations under the government’s flagship poverty alleviation program during the 2015-2016 period."

The article continues to say "The amount, however, put the NCR’s two-year budget only in the 12th position among 17 regions nationwide, which received a total allocation of P125.05 billion," as reported by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the lead agency implementing the program.

Though, "In order to get these cash subsidies, children beneficiaries must be enrolled in school and maintain an attendance of at least 85 percent of class days every month. On the other hand, children aged 5 and below must get regular preventive health checkups and vaccines while those aged 6 to 14 must receive deworming pills twice a year. Pregnant women beneficiaries must avail of pre- and post-natal care while parents are required to attend family development sessions, which include topics on responsible parenting, health and nutrition."

I still believe giving out dole-outs is the wrong move.

Monday, July 13, 2015

All Systems Go for the Philippine 3D Printing and Digifab Expo & Conference 2015

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Imagine a world where creating a product was as simple as “making” it in your own backyard.

Want chocolate? Print it at home. Want those cute pumps? Print it at home. Fashion jewelry? A human organ. A bicycle? A toy action figure? A 3D printer allows us to practically “make” anything. 

3D Printing has been rapidly making waves in the maker community and has been touted to usher in a new age in manufacturing. 

And the Philippines better be well and ready for this next industrial revolution.

Thus, it’s all systems go for the first ever Philippine 3D Printing and Digifab Expo and Conference 2015 on August 7 to 9 at the SMX Taguig at SM Aura.

3D Printers have been present since the 80’s but it has registered rapid growth as it is now being used in medicine (making prosthetics and even replicas of human organs for surgery), aerospace, car manufacturing, architecture, footwear production, fashion jewelry manufacturing, name it.

WebGeek DevCup 2015: Happening this August 15 and 16

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Nowadays, there seems to be a hackathon everywhere we look, and why not? A hackathon is an engaging way to perk up individuals or groups to bring out potentially productive apps that can be useful in many industries. A new-found system can become applicable not only to the current theme of the hackathon but can also be applied elsewhere.

I've been to a rice hackathon at IRRI, a Hack the Climate event at St. Benilde, and a lot more that's too many to mention. I guess everyone is all in favor of finding creative solutions or innovations to our many problems that currently has antiquated or no existing solutions at all.

There are so many young and bright minds out there that there's bound to be someone who can discover an epic way to do things quickly, efficiently or differently.

On August 15th and 16th, WebGeek Philippines will be hosting the fourth edition of the WebGeek DevCup Hackathon at Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall, Meralco Compound, Ortigas.

WebGeek has consistently organized DevCup since 2012. From the very start, the goal was to showcase the Filipino talent in information technology and competitiveness in the global space. To confidently compete in the global space. Last year, there were 65 teams who managed to create 55 apps at the end of the 2-day hackathon. 

18 Useful Tips to Survive the Next Super Typhoon

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You can increase your chances of survival during a storm with careful preparation. During emergencies, your priority should always be the lives of people. Protecting your property from damages caused by typhoons are best done by studying your insurance options such as house insurance or comprehensive car insurance.

Here are 18 useful tips to help you survive the next super typhoon.

Before the Typhoon

1) Store enough food and water that can last your family for at least four days. Storing food that doesn’t need to be cooked is best for emergencies. You can could also store charcoal or get an extra LPG tank so that you can heat food even when the power runs out.

2) Don’t forget medicines! You should have the basics like wound care equipment and fever medicines in your first-aid kit. Also stock up on prescription medicines for you and others in your household.

3) Keep updated on the weather reports. Know the path of the storm and how fast it’s moving.

Justine Joy Launches Debut Album "Fly Away"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Justine Joy, a Filipino - Australian-based independent artist, is now in the Philippines to promote her carrier single “Tonight” which she also wrote included in her debut album entitled “Fly Away.” Now available in all Odyssey Music Stores.  

Her album launch was recently held at RJ Bistro located at the basement of Dusit Thani hotel in Makati last July 8, 2015. was there to cover the event because we totally support newly emerging artists especially those with Filipino blood.

"Fly Away" is a testament of her fun and carefree spirit that soars high with her intense passion for music. Spending her childhood years honing her talent in singing by taking a vocal coach, joining singing talent competition, and performing in numerous school plays, her big break was in 2006 when she was spotted by a dance talent scout and persuaded her to be part of the newly formed hip hop dance crew “Gigabeatz” whom she went on to dance and sing with them until 2008.

Gigabeatz won and placed in the top spots in several local hip hop dance competitions such as “Looze Control” and “Groove Hills”, as well as performed at many local charity and nightclub events.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dr. Mark Pegram Leads Breast Cancer Symposium at AHMC-Asian Cancer Institute


Wazzup Pilipinas!

A few of my relatives and friends died because of the big C which we all know as cancer. Unfortunately, no one among them survived from the disease even after so many treatments. Some of them refused to spend so much, thinking it will only leave their loved ones in debt due to the very expensive series of treatments that need to be undertaken. They believed the treatments were no longer curing them but only prolonging their agony. Many have succumbed to desperation after hearing they are at a stage when cure is no longer possible. It is so sad that the disease was not detected at an earlier stage.

Since majority of the people in the Philippines are poor or mid-income employees, it was not surprising to learn that our country has the biggest case of breast cancer as reported by the Philippines Society of Medical Oncology. There have been so many deaths due to cancer. Last year's estimates by the WHO were 28, 700 males and 27, 900 females. The men are more susceptible to lung, liver and colorectal cancer, while women suffer with breast, colorectal and lung as the most fatal.

Tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical activity are the major factors that can heighten the chances of getting cancer, as well as other diseases. I really believe we should start living a healthy lifestyle before its too late.

We recently got an invitation to attend the Asian Hospital and Medical Center-Asian Cancer Institute’s (AHMC-ACI) first multidisciplinary scientific symposium on breast cancer entitled “Optimizing Outcomes in Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer Management”. The symposium was held on July 11, 2015 (Saturday) from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) located in Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Half Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for Only Php 78 on July 13

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Krispy Kreme has just announced their promotional offer of Php 78 for every half-dozen doughnuts on July 13, 2015 from 7 am to 8 pm at all their 60 branches. This is in celebration of their 78th Anniversary or what they would like to call birthday celebration.

An advance party was held last July 10 at their flagship branch at Bonifacio Global City to announce to the blogging community about the great news. Ms. Ariane Martinez Valinton, Marketing Head of Krispy Kreme was there to celebrate with us for a doughnut party. Being 9 years already in the Philippines, the Filipinos also share some sentimental memories of the brand just like me.

I remember my college days when I would often pass by this doughnut shop along Taft Avenue on my way to my Intramuros-based school known as the Mapua Institute of Technology. Doughnuts or donuts were popular for me because it gives me that sugar rush I need for hectic school work. I remember my goal back then was to be able to taste a different flavor of doughnut every visit. If Instagram or Facebook were already existing back then, I would have filled the said social media accounts with photos of doughnuts.

I was also working my way through college so a bite of some donuts would keep me energized. I was studying during the day and working at night up until morning. My colleagues and I would always hang-out at doughnut shops after work since most restaurants during the wee hours of the morning were already closed. There were not too much 24-hour-open establishments back then since call centers and BPOs where not popular yet. But I found myself visiting the doughnut shops at anytime of the day simply because a sweet tooth would ignore time when the craving kicks in.

Promate 240: The Portable Generator for Recreational and Residential Use

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We were in a desperate search for a generator or an alternative power source when the country was once suffering from abnormal power outages and black-outs. I remember my father concocting up something with the car battery and was amazed how he was able to make it power a light source from it. I was so young back then that it was already something magical for me.

The curious me was expected to tinker with the setup and I could see the clamps and cables running from the battery to the light. It could also run a mini electric fan but we never tried hooking it up to the television.

Now that we can afford to buy a generator, the main problem is the huge space it requires and the noise it will produce. I always prefer to work late at night until the wee hours of the morning so I'm afraid the neighbors may complain if I run the generator during that time. We could probably have that setup at our home in Pateros or at our rest house in Rizal province, but we cannot really do that at our "condo" in Pasig.

Now that Powertech Asia Pacific introduced a portable indoor generator they are calling Promate 240, and for less than 10k only, we are given a better option for our household power needs. I've seen from their mini demo skit that it can even run the LED TV while the electric fan and lights are simultaneously running. That's something we would appreciate especially during the rainy season when we experience more brownouts and power outages.

When Viral and Trending News Need to be Subdued or Intensified

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A panelist at a break-out session in one of the conferences that I attended once said that we should not be antagonizing the "big players" like those who monopolizes the industry since there's only one or few choices out there. We should be working with them instead since no one will be eager to work with you if you start out the relationship with ill thoughts towards the other. Instead we should focus on the positives they say. However, it is sometimes hard to ignore and not give any comments about the shortcomings and intentional drawbacks to progress especially if those responsible are coming up with absurd resolutions that only restricts, limits and gives us no choice but submission.

Just like the deafening question of whether we should react about the 12 year old child celebrity Andrea Brillantes who recently trended in social media because of a video scandal, we are split into either talking about it due to curiosity and our eagerness in sharing the latest news, or staying away from the issue out of respect to the people affected. 

Though the issue about the oligarch monopolies is so totally different from the viral scandal involving the underage, both issues divides our decisions and warrants us to ask everyone else if we should side with a team or remain apolitical, and if we should protect the innocent and promote respect, or continue in sharing the news as it happens and how it happens.

We add to the noise if our news reporting is not based on well-researched information coming from reliable sources. But for those of us who do not have access to such privileges just like the big publications and TV networks, we try our best to release "balanced news and fearless views" coming from what is readily available to us. You'll be surprised that sometimes it is within the noise where we can find the most significant information. 

Galileo is Awesome: The 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival Plenary and Sessions


Wazzup Pilipinas!

What does Abbey Fleck, Richie Stachowski, George Nissen, KK Gregory, Hart Main, Frank Epperson, Sarah Buckel, Kelly Reinhart, Chester Greenwood, and Cassidy Goldstein have in common?

If you will Google their names, you might get results that they are just some of the inventors who came up with ideas at a very young age. At a time when most kids are playing with their toys, these individuals are patenting their creations giving them the right to earn from the royalties when their products are used and sold.

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program shares the vision of nurturing children to grow up like these bright minds by proving them with top class and innovative learning methods that traditional schools could not offer. It is within their classrooms where children reach their full potential to be more globally competitive.

The learning center recently held its 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival's plenary and learning sessions last July 4, 2015 at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati city. The whole day activity had educators all gathered to listen to speakers who have excelled in their respective fields and shared the knowledge, insights, skills and technologies they know for the benefit of the attendees.

The learning methods and ideas will hopefully be echoed to other teachers so they can all teach their students valuable ways to become more productive and efficient.

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