Thursday, June 20, 2024

Race to raise young athletes at Vermosa Green Run

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On its third year, The Green Run at Vermosa continues to push for the environment and support other noteworthy causes. One of its advocacies for 2024 is to develop talented young athletes from Cavite who dream of one day becoming national athletes.

Ayala Land through the Vermosa Green Run is providing the young athletes from Takbo Kabitenyo, a Cavite-based group dedicated to training these aspiring athletes, with a training ground and other facilities that would help them turn their dreams into reality.

The Green Run at Vermosa has taken its popular multi-category run to the next level this year.

Besides providing an opportunity for fun runners, running enthusiasts, serious runners and elite athletes the chance to hit the trails for recreation and training, this year’s run is focused on giving assistance to young runners from Cavite who want to pursue their dreams of becoming national track athletes.

On June 14, Ayala Land Estates, Inc. welcomed Takbo Kabitenyo, an organization in Cavite dedicated to nurturing the talents of its aspiring athletes who have the ambition and potential to become national athletes. Ayala Land, through its Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub in Imus, opened its doors to the running youngsters of Cavite.

Ayala Land representatives led by Chrissy Roa, Group Head of Marketing and Communications for Ayala Land Estates, donated 30 Green Run race kits and products from Merrell, a brand dedicated to running, to the Cavite running organization at Vermosa. The Takbo Kabitenyo group will also receive freebies and gifts from all Vermosa Green Run sponsors at the Run that will gun off on Sunday, June 30.

“We are committed to providing these aspiring athletes with the training, support and opportunities they need to achieve their dreams and represent our community on a national level,” said Ms. Roa. The Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub, envisioned to be the preferred venue for national and international sports events in the Philippines, will be a perfect training camp for the young Cavite athletes.

Noel Diaz, Takbo Kabitenyo president, expressed his gratitude for the support - ”We are deeply grateful to Ayala Land Estates Inc.and Vermosa for choosing Takbo Kabitenyo as one of the beneficiaries of the 2024 The Green Run. The exposure to this prestigious event will hopefully inspire our young runners to elevate their aspirations and work even harder towards excellence in their chosen sports,” he said.

Ayala Land Estates has launched another running initiative alongside The Green Run this year called the Ayala Vermosa Running Club. It has weekly activities for its members and classes conducted by Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub coaches. The environment-themed run is also supporting the Pawssion Project and Haribon Foundation on its third year.

Fueled by its 2024 theme of “Go Greener, Get Leaner, Give Back: Run Towards a Brighter Future”, The Green Run 2024 is supported by Avida Sentria Storeys, Kremil-S, Diatabs, Merrell, Pocari Sweat, Park Access, Chris Sports, Fitbar, Naturals, Healthway Medical Network, Fuwa Fuwa, Nutrition Depot, and Oishi.

Those interested to join any of the Green Run categories – 3K, 5K, 10K, the half-marathon 21K and the 1K Dog Run – may register at

The Sports Hub is a state of the art professionally-managed sports facility with a 400-meter IAAF standard track oval that is a premier training ground of amateur and professional athletes. It also has a FINA-standard Olympic sized swimming pool and an indoor training facility equipped with a sports science laboratory.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Toxic China-Made ‘Shrilling Chicken’ Toys Still in Manila

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The popular plastic chicken toys that create loud sounds when squeezed are still available in bargain shops in Manila, selling for P50 each and now available in various colors. These toys, which attract the attention of the public, have been found to contain undisclosed additives that may expose children to hazardous chemicals.

“Toxic watchdog group BAN Toxics reiterates its call to remove from the shelves the ‘shrilling chicken’ and all squeaky toys that have either been banned or are unnotified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” explained Thony Dizon, Toxics Campaigner of BAN Toxics.

The FDA had already ruled in 2020 against purchasing and using the unnotified product due to the presence of phthalates – a known endocrine disrupting chemical.

The ‘shrilling chicken’ was found to contain 8.4% di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and 0.5 % diisononyl phthalate (DINP), exceeding the safety limit stipulated in DOH Administrative Order 2009-005-A s. 2011. This order states: “it shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture for sale, offer for sale, distribute in commerce, or import into the country any children’s toy that contains concentrations of more than 0.1 percent of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), or benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP).”

Phthalates are plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which belong to the so-called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These types of chemicals mimic, block, or interfere with hormones in the body's endocrine system and have been associated with a diverse array of health issues including reproductive development effects.

The group likewise observed in its regular monitoring efforts that most of the toys still lack the mandatory toy safety labeling requirements under RA 10620. The Toy and Game Safety Labeling Law requires manufacturers to comply with labeling information, such as the license to operate (LTO) number, age grading, cautionary statements/warnings, instructional literature, manufacturer’s marking, and item, model, stock-keeping unit (SKU) number.

“We are saddened that banned toys are still being peddled in bargain toy shops, deceiving the public into purchasing cheap toys notwithstanding the danger of toxic exposure,” Dizon added.

“BAN Toxics calls the attention of the regulatory agencies to immediately conduct post surveillance and confiscation efforts to eliminate the illegal selling of unsafe toys in the market,” the group stated.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

One More Chance Rerun Tickets Available Starting July 1

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The Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) hit musical, One More Chance, The Musical, featuring the songs of Ben&Ben, is set to return from August 22–October 27, 2024 at the PETA Theater Center, due to insistent public demand.

Since it opened in April, PETA has added 29 shows to its original run to accommodate more audiences after tickets sold out months before the musical opened.

For its rerun, PETA will open 50 additional shows.

Tickets for the feverishly anticipated show will be made available via starting July 1.

Metrobank pre-sale

From July 1–3, a pre-sale will be made exclusively available for credit cardholders of Metrobank, PETA’s co-presenter and official bank partner.

To join the pre-sale, Metrobank credit cardholders must enter the first six digits of their card as the passcode. Each cardholder can enjoy a maximum of four (4) tickets per transaction.

Waitlist and public sale

The Metrobank pre-sale will be followed by a special sale for the TicketWorld waitlist from July 4–5. 

The general public sale starts on July 6.

To sign up for the waitlist, go to The TicketWorld waitlist registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

For more information, follow PETA's social media accounts at @petatheater (Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok). 

For partnerships, contact PETA’s Marketing and Public Relations Office at 0917-5765400 or

Alsons Dev welcomes The Abba’s Orchard to Avia Estate

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From L-R: Abram Barrameda (Chief Growth Officer, The Abba’s Orchard), Cathy Aleli (Deputy Head of School-Avia Estate, The Abba’s Orchard), Aleli Rodriguez (Head of School-Davao, The Abba’s Orchard), Chris Barrameda (President and Founding Director, The Abba’s Orchard), Ann Barrameda (Founding Director, The Abba’s Orchard), Miguel A. Dominguez (Director, Alsons Dev), Alex Alcantara, Rosie A. Dominguez (Executive Vice President, Alsons Dev), Marco Alcantara, Paul Dominguez (Director, Alsons Dev) – breaks ground for SOCCSKSARGEN's first true Montessori school, The Abba's Orchard, in Avia Estate.

The country’s largest and most esteemed network of authentic Montessori schools, The Abba’s Orchard, breaks ground on June 14 for its 15th campus located in Avia Estate, a township project in Alabel, Sarangani by Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev).

The expansion reflects the school’s mission of "Discover True Montessori Philippines," offering high-quality education in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region—a mission that aligns with Alsons Dev's vision to offer vibrant live-work-play-learn communities where families and businesses can thrive. Recognizing this shared purpose, Alsons Dev partnered with The Abba's Orchard, contributing a substantial two hectares of land within Avia Estate to make the school a reality.

Alsons Dev Director Miguel Dominguez talks about the company’s commitment and continued support for the growth of Mindanao.

"We at Alsons Dev are thrilled to partner with The Abba's Orchard in bringing this exceptional learning environment to Alabel," said Miguel Dominguez, Alsons Dev Director. "This collaboration aligns with our commitment to fostering growth and development within SOCCSKSARGEN."

Discover how Avia Estate can let you live your best life. For more information about Avia Estate, visit 

"It's Shametime" Got Cancelled? What happened to Vincentiments and Darryl Yap's Spoof of It's Showtime and Vice Ganda?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Hindi tinuloy ng VinCentiments at ni Direk Darryl Yap yung kanilang "It's Shametime" which is supposedly a spoof of It's Showtime 

Ano kaya nangyari, sino ang humarang, ganoon ba talaga ka powerful Si Vice Ganda?

Anong contract ang sinasabi ni Direk? Is it because under Viva sila pareho?

Wala man lang announcement of the cancellation of the scheduled June 17 posting ng spoof. Mukhang natameme sila kay Meme. Lol!

Madlang Pulpol daw ang tawag sa mga taong type ang comedy ni Vice Ganda according to a post at VinCentiments .. they have a spoof called It's Shametime.

I wonder kung anong tawag sa mga taong type ang uri ng palabas ng Vincentiments, 'yung murahan nang murahan for the sake of wala lang, 'yung naninira ng mga tao by "spoofing" them, 'yung gumagawa ng sariling version ng kasaysayan for propaganda..

It's Shametime got cancelled? Ano kaya ang nangyari? Sino ang humarang? 

Malamang ang Madlang Pulpol behind It's Showtime at mga powerful pulpol investing on Vice Ganda ..

"The intention of the parody is magpatama at mamahiya rin... 

God did not allow you to do it Direk Darryl Yap kasi nga hindi ehemplo ang gagawan mo ng parody mas lalo pa siyang mahahighlight at susuportahan naman ng mga kautak at kaugali niya... 

Others may see it as natalo ka.. hayaan mo na ang nagbawal sa iyo siguro alipin na din sila ng pera

Sa mga nasa kabilang bakod naman MAGBUNYI kayo mga TAGASUNOD NG NATIONAL ARTIST IN BULLYING! 

Tagumpay ang poon niyo at sana ituro niyo lahat sa relatives niyo ang mamahiya at tanggapin ang mapahiya! majority rules na in Socmed! 

Ipagmalaki ang bagong kultura ng Pilipinas! 

Goodluck future generations!"


ChildFund Philippines celebrates transformative impacts,strengthens partnerships to support more children

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

ChildFund Philippines recently shared its milestones and impacts in supporting Filipino children, youth, and local partners, emphasizing collaborative action as a key driver in safeguarding and supporting Filipino children and youth.

ChildFund Philippines recently gathered partners from communities and civil service organizations to share milestones in supporting Filipino children and youth. (L-R: Allan Lee Nuñez, Advocacy and Child Protection Specialist of ChildFund Philippines; Carla Santos, President of The Civil Society Network for Education Reforms; Dr. Ma. Bella Ponferrada, Nutrition Specialist of UNICEF; Dr. Elizabeth Protacio-De Castro, Executive Director of the Psychosocial Support and Children's Rights Resource Center; Francis Joseph Dela Cruz. Partnership Advocacy Adviser of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities; Anand Vishwakarma, CEO and Country Director of ChildFund Philippines; and Kim Garcia, Business Development Officer of ChildFund Philippines.)

During their event "Connection for Impact," which gathered partners and stakeholders, ChildFund Philippines announced its goal to reach 5 million Filipino children and families by 2026 and every year thereafter. This will be its contribution to ChildFund International's global goal of reaching 100 million children and families by 2030.

The event also featured a panel discussion with children and youth advocate groups from The Civil Society Network for Education Reforms, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, UNICEF, and Psychosocial Support and Children's Rights Resource Center. These groups emphasized the crucial role of collaboration between various sectors in creating a sustainable future for Filipino children and youth.

"We aim to scale up our efforts to address the evolving challenges faced by Filipino children and youth," said Anand Vishwakarma, Country Director of ChildFund Philippines. “Together with our partners, we are driven by the urgent need to create broader and more sustainable impacts through collaborative efforts.”

During the event held at Marco Polo Ortigas, Anand Vishwakarma, CEO and Country Director of ChildFund Philippines, announced the organization’s goal to reach 5 million Filipino children and families by 2026 and every year thereafter.

In 2023, the organization reached 21 provinces, 35 cities and municipalities, 365 barangays, and in partnership with 11 local partners, supporting a total of 54 million children, youth, and adults.

ChildFund supports children and youth through various life stages, focusing on education, health, skilling and livelihoods, child protection and participation, and climate action. “From birth to age five, children should be healthy and secure. From six to their teenage years, they need proper education to build personal agency. By young adulthood, they should have developed skills for employment,” said Dong Waña, Program and Sponsorship Director of ChildFund Philippines.

ChildFund supported 610 learners with disabilities through Project Advancement of Children's Inclusive Education through Virtual Engagement (ACHIEVE) and developed an e-learning platform that improved children's participation. They also established neighborhood play programs in remote communities with limited access to early childhood care and development.

Additionally, the youth are supported in making informed decisions about sexual and reproductive health through inclusive services and information. Under its new Job Opportunity Building for Youth (JOB for Youth) program, the organization has so far provided industry and technopreneurship training to 396 youths..

In terms of disaster preparedness, the Children and Youth-led Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CYDRM) Program aims to engage children and youth in disaster risk management and climate action initiatives. ChildFund also continuously promotes transparency in disaster relief through Project Relief Allocation Management, Distribution and Monitoring (RAMDAM), integrating technology-based interventions and climate-adaptive innovations.

The organization launched #FunOfAKind campaign that encourages people to volunteer their “time, talent, and treasure” to ChildFund’s programs, supporting children and youth. This will allow the organization to:

● Improve culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for indigenous children in BARMM through an inclusive education program called Bajau Ongka-kumpit for Access and Transition to School (BOAT School),

● Enhance social and emotional learning for children and promote safe learning environments,

● Withdraw more children from the worst form of child labor,

● Engage more youth in leading their own Anti-Online Sexual Abuse or Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) initiatives; and,

● Rally for wide adoption of the RAMDAM disaster response app by national agencies.

"The challenges faced by Filipino children are complex," said Vishwakarma. "By working together – government, businesses, non-government organizations, and concerned citizens –we can achieve far better outcomes for them."

For more information on how to get involved, visit

Monday, June 17, 2024

Starting a Travel Business: How to Become a Travel Agent

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The appeal of being a travel agent is stronger than ever in the rapidly growing travel sector. The travel agent's job is becoming more and more important in the middle of a worldwide surge in interest in both domestic and foreign travel. In addition to providing a means of vicariously experiencing the world, this career path also necessitates a diverse skill set, such as proficiency in business management, outstanding customer service, and strategic planning.

This guide provides a thorough examination of the steps and abilities required to start a successful career as a travel agent, making it ideal for individuals with a passion for travel, those looking to make a big career change, or ambitious entrepreneurs ready to launch their businesses.

Understanding the Role

Becoming a travel agent requires more than just scheduling hotels and flights; it also calls for being a knowledgeable advisor, a skilled planner, and a problem solver. Agents in this position are expected to handle intricate travel arrangements, offer personalized travel recommendations, and respond quickly to any problems that may come up before, during, or after their clients' travels. To guarantee that their clients' travels are both pleasurable and safe, they need to be well-versed in international travel advisories, up to date on the most recent visa requirements and have a sophisticated understanding of destination-specific details. To meet the constantly changing demands of travel planning and customer expectations, this dynamic role requires a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation.

Getting Educated

While a particular degree is not required to work as a travel agent, having academic credentials in related fields can help you stand out to potential clients and increase your level of expertise.

Formal training in tourism management, hospitality, or business administration is beneficial to many successful agents and can be acquired through community colleges, universities, or reliable online resources. Obtaining professional certifications from reputable organizations like The Travel Institute, such as the Certified Travel Associate (CTA) or Certified Travel Counselor (CTC), can give you invaluable skills and significantly increase the credibility of your business, making you stand out in a crowded market.

Marketing Your Services

Effective marketing techniques are essential for drawing in new customers and keeping existing ones in the current digital environment. Creating a polished, easy-to-use website that highlights your offerings, experience, and services is essential to the online presence of your company, especially if you find a versatile technical SEO agency that will be able to do that for you very successfully. Building your brand's visibility requires interacting with potential customers on social media platforms with interesting content, helpful travel advice, and alluring promotional offers. Expanding your market reach and customer engagement through the use of extra marketing techniques, like email marketing campaigns, running a smart travel blog, and organizing online webinars or promotional events, can help you grow your business.

Choosing a Niche

There are many different niches in the vast travel industry, and each has its own set of opportunities and difficulties. Travel agents can provide more specialized and knowledgeable services by specializing in a particular market, such as luxury cruises, adventure travel, cultural explorations, or eco-tourism. This increases customer satisfaction levels overall. This emphasis on specialization helps agents create highly customized and memorable travel experiences for their clients in addition to facilitating deeper knowledge of specific travel styles or destinations.

Specialization like this promotes positive word-of-mouth and repeat business, both of which are essential to the expansion and long-term viability of a travel agency.

Legal Considerations

A travel agency's establishment entails several legal obligations that must be followed to maintain compliance and safeguard the company. It is crucial to comprehend and abide by state-specific rules, such as seller of travel laws. These laws frequently demand adherence to consumer protection laws and registration with state authorities.

Furthermore, getting the right business licenses and thinking about professional liability insurance are essential actions that protect your practice legally and foster client trust. By taking proactive measures to fulfill these legal obligations right away, you can help build a trustworthy and reputable travel company and avoid legal issues down the road.

Building Relationships with Suppliers

A travel agency's relationships with important suppliers, such as airlines, hotel chains, and tour operators, are the cornerstone of its success. These alliances are essential because they allow travel agents to provide their customers with competitive pricing and first dibs on sales and promotions. New agents can facilitate the development of these crucial relationships by attending industry trade shows, becoming members of professional associations, and taking advantage of the training sessions and educational seminars provided by suppliers. In addition to securing the best prices, having strong supplier relationships is essential for guaranteeing client satisfaction and loyalty by providing support and assistance if unforeseen changes or
problems occur during a client's trip.

Embracing Technology

In the travel industry, technology is becoming more and more important, influencing everything from customer communication to booking procedures. Customer relationship management (CRM) software, mobile travel apps, and sophisticated booking systems can improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Keeping up with the most recent technological developments, such as automated customer support chatbots or virtual reality tours of destinations, can offer your customers cutting-edge travel experiences and differentiate your business from rivals. Keeping up with technological trends is crucial to preserving a competitive edge and satisfying the sophisticated needs of today's tech-savvy tourists as the industry continues to advance.

Becoming a travel agent is a journey full of worthwhile opportunities and exciting challenges. It calls for a thorough knowledge of the travel sector, a steadfast dedication to lifelong learning, a methodical approach to corporate operations, and an innate enthusiasm for helping people see the world. You can create a successful travel business by concentrating on important areas like role comprehension, education, specialty specialization, supplier relationships, legal compliance, efficient marketing, and technology utilization. A travel agent's real success is determined by the experiences and memories they help their clients make, not just by the number of trips they arrange, so don’t be afraid to join this market as soon as possible!
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