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LCCM alumna rules filmmaking workshop showcase

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A recent graduate of La Consolacion College Manila bagged the Best Picture award in the fifth SineOmni Film Festival held last August 25 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila.

Maria Del Carmen “Mikee” Villapol, who previously won Best Picture in the Mini Short category of IKLI: Super Short Film Festival for her work “Bitin,” topped SineOmni with her new short film “Da Master Plan.” She is an alumna of LCCM and its resident film and theater organization SineDulaang Agustino.

“Da Master Plan” tells the story of Macoy, an imaginative young boy who seeks help from his toy companions to confront the sinister monster tormenting him. Without his disbelieving mother’s support, he must defeat the monster once and for all. It also won Best Sound Design for Jalen Buenaseda.

Mick Quito’s “The Prodigal Daughter” and Angelica Manipol’s “Magdalena” placed second and third, respectively. In “The Prodigal Daughter,” Penelope, a 20-year-old Filipino-American, visits Manila to meet her estranged father for the first time, hoping to understand his departure from her life. Meanwhile, in “Magdalena,” a determined 22-year-old woman named Aira Magdalena navigates the dark and dangerous world of prostitution in a relentless pursuit to escape poverty and complete her education.

“The Prodigal Daughter” also received awards for Best Director for Quito, Best Actress for Ivanka Marie Guillermo, and Best Supporting Actor for Soliman Cruz. On the other hand, “Magdalena” also got Best Screenplay for Manipol and Best Production Design for Cire Alessandra Yaptengco and Khryza Maaba.

The other winners are Edrey Paul Biteng, Jury Prize, and Heidi Bayani, Best Cinematography, for “Magic Memory,” Miguel Luis Nera, Best Actor, and Elizabeth Santos-Nera, Best Supporting Actress for “Genesis,” Adrian Bolante, Best Editing for “Rad,” and Justine Cusipag, Best Musical Score for “Pahimuyong.”

Biteng’s “Magic Memory” is about an emerging local DJ who crosses paths with a girl who offers him a cryptic cigarette, sparking a shared night of indulgence and vulnerability they will eventually forget.

In “Genesis,” also directed by Nera, the titular character reconnects with God as he tries to seek repentance while battling his worsening condition, with the hope of finding his way to heaven.

“Rad,” also directed by Bolante, zeroes in on a man and his dog trying to find a way out of an isolated town exposed to radiation.

In “Pahimuyong” by Randy Pimentel Olesco, Chona, a single mother of two children named Miko and Dante, is involved in illegal drugs and she needs to get their lives out of danger before it is too late.

“Balasa” by Rhonn Mercene, “Byaheng Sikmura” by Kathrino V. Resurreccion, “Chess” by Szackobe Kabro Z. Sanchez, “Crossroads” by Beatrice Talagtag, “Golden Hour” by Nehemiarey Dallego and Ruzzel John Palomillo, “Mamay” by Marione Morales, and “Saida” by Catherine Sevilla complete the entries.

SineOmni is a showcase of the films produced by workshop participants of the Screen/Stage Performing Arts Course for Enthusiasts (SPACE) facilitated by award-winning director Arvin “Kadiboy” Belarmino and Jonathan Montes with mentors Elora Españo, Veronica Reyes, Bel Paquiz, and Tim Rone Villanueva.

Aside from featuring eight new filmmakers and six returning directors, the culmination of this year’s filmmaking workshop also paid tribute to the late filmmaker and mentor Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez.

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Mintel's APAC Food and Drink Landscape 2023 spotlights senior nutrition, brain health and guilt-free indulgence

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Mintel releases its annual APAC Food and Drink Landscape report, exploring key consumer needs and opportunities for brands across three distinct areas: ageing consumers, brain health benefits, and indulgence.

Silver Economy: Catering to an ageing population

Nutrition is a key focus area among adults aged 55+. The report discusses how consumers’ desire for overall health creates avenues for brands to introduce diverse products tailored to the specific health and nutrition requirements of seniors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further underscored the significance of health for seniors, with 46% of Chinese consumers aged 50-59 agreeing that health-specific products contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, according to Mintel research.

However, data from Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) shows that less than one per cent of global food, drink and vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) launches between October 2017 and September 2022 hold a senior claim.

Brands can support seniors’ holistic health by incorporating key botanicals and nutrients such as lutein and folic acid. Mintel suggests brands can highlight ingredients that support specific benefits like beauty, urinary tract health and circulatory health.

Staying Sharp: Focus, energy and brain health

Another window of opportunity for food and drink brands highlighted in the new report is brain health. Products containing B vitamins, choline, adaptogens, and natural caffeine can enhance focus, clarity and support brain health. Mintel research reveals four key ingredients for ‘Staying Sharp’: alternative caffeine, B vitamins, adaptogens, and choline.

While coffee and tea are natural sources of caffeine, their use as an added ingredient is often synthetic. Brands have the opportunity to educate consumers about less conventional sources of caffeine. B vitamins, encompassing B1 to B12, can be positioned as familiar and safe nutrients for mood and cognitive health, supporting metabolism and energy production.

Adaptogens are botanical substances that restore balance and manage physical and mental stress. Among the notable adaptogens to watch are ashwagandha, holy basil, schisandra, and brahmi. Choline, an essential nutrient with under-discussed benefits, supports positive outcomes at all life stages.

Brands also have the opportunity to attract parents with kids who don’t drink enough water by leveraging traditional trusted nutrients to boost their child’s brain performance. In Thailand, over half of parents are willing to pay more for packaged drinks with added Thai herbal ingredients that improve cognitive function, according to Mintel research. Such claims must, however, be substantiated with scientific proof.

Unguilty Pleasures: Ushering a new level of indulgence

Mintel’s 2023 Food and Drink Trend Unguilty Pleasures looks at how brands can support consumers to indulge in the enjoyment that food and drink delivers without feeling guilty about the experience. In the carbonated soft drinks category, brands can engage new consumers and broaden consumption occasions by evoking comforting flavours reminiscent of childhood treats like candy or ice cream. Incorporating traditional sugar confectionery flavours can also appeal to younger consumers who are proud of their culture.

Lastly, Gen Z's nighttime snacking habits offer another avenue for food and drink brands. By understanding these habits, brands can offer products that provide comfort and satiate hunger pangs. In the US, almost three in five Gen Z snackers snack to relax, while two in five say they snack to relieve stress. Salty snack brands can explore adding adaptogenic ingredients that help consumers relax in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

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Surf, Snowboard, and Skate in the Heart of Southeast Asia at TRIFECTA Singapore

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Snowboarding and surfing in tropical Singapore will soon be a reality in the heart of the city. TRIFECTA by The Ride Side (TRIFECTA) will be Asia’s first snow, surf, and skate attraction opening in Singapore from 28 October 2023. Beginners and seasoned riders from the region will be able to learn and train in Singapore for winter sports and surfing, without travelling longer distances abroad.

TRIFECTA aims to make snowboarding, skiing, and surfing more accessible by introducing a lineup of beginner and kids-friendly programmes and events where people can learn in a safe, comfortable, and controlled environment. For experienced skiers, snowboarders, and surfers, TRIFECTA offers a space for community and training during the off season, utilising technology to mimic conditions on ocean waves and ski slopes.

While Singapore does not have ski resorts and surf breaks, TRIFECTA will now have access to its own version of mountains and waves in Singapore’s most famous shopping strip: Orchard Road. TRIFECTA is inspired by the hallowed concept in the world of adventure sports when snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding are completed in one day — a feat that requires both summer and winter conditions in the same place at the same time, that is now made possible in tropical Singapore. With its multi-dimensional and immersive experience, the opening of TRIFECTA will bolster the transformation at Orchard Road and strengthen its position as a must-visit lifestyle destination.


Conceptualised and developed by home-grown adventure travel company, The Ride Side, TRIFECTA covers 49,611 square feet - approximately the size of four Olympic swimming pools - in Somerset Road, with a unique open public layout that encourages spectatorship and interactions among visitors. TRIFECTA is free to access for all members of the public who wish to be spectators of the various sports or to dine in. Those who wish to try the activities can easily purchase flexible tickets and memberships. TRIFECTA will operate from 7am to 12 midnight daily.

“Despite the growing interest in board sports in Asia, we realised there weren’t enough spaces at home that allowed people to discover, watch, and learn. At TRIFECTA by The Ride Side, we welcome all who are interested in board sports to take that first step with us, and for all enthusiasts to continue to hone their skills and share their experiences with the greater community,” said Daphne Goh, co-founder of The Ride Side.

With hybrid working becoming a more regular arrangement, travellers are choosing to take flexcations to holiday and work in one destination over longer periods of time. With TRIFECTA’s multi-purpose space, travellers can now continue to practise their sport and achieve their wellness goals while making the most of their long-term holidays in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Facilities will include the latest technology in surf and snow simulators to provide visitors with an unrivalled experience of being able to do extreme sports in Orchard Road. The physical experience is also enhanced with a mobile app, where visitors and users alike can connect with others in the community, book sessions and classes, track training schedules and conduct cashless in-app payments with rewards.Snowboard: Simulator machines in the snow arena are powered by the first Virtual Reality (VR) ski simulator in Asia, with best-in-class speed simulation and directional movements to mimic the natural mountain terrain. A “Freestyle” area, fitted with airbags and dry slopes, will also allow guests to try popular snowboard tricks such as jumps and backflips in a safe environment. Each session can accommodate six people per simulator per hour.

Surf: The arena will incorporate Citywave, the world’s leading technology in deep water wave pool, for an endless surf experience. It will be Asia’s largest standing wave pool at 10m wide, generating 1.5m high waves, the deepest in Singapore. Guests will be able to use surfboards with fins in this Olympic-size pool for the first time in Singapore. Each session can accommodate 12 people per hour.

Skate: Experience the world’s first hybrid skate bowl designed for skateboarding and surfskating. Designed by skaters from Bali’s popular community skate sports such as Pretty Poison and Amplitude Skate Park, the skate bowl will be free for all to use and was built to complement the Somerset Skate Park next door, and add to the youthful energy and vibrancy of the Somerset belt in Orchard Road. Lessons are available through bookings with TRIFECTA.

Brand New Dining Concept

Supplementing the TRIFECTA experience is Butter, an exclusive collaborative kitchen by Singapore cult-favourite, Two Men Bagel House, and TRIFECTA. Butter will be serving up all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus which revolve around cosy favourites — Two Men’s signature bagels, baked goods such as croissants, family-friendly pancakes, hearty grain bowls, as well as beers, coffees, desserts, and more.

Diners can also look forward to exclusive menu items at this 70-seater outlet or choose take-out and have their meals while being spectators to all the action in the surf and snow arenas. Expect the same Two Men attitude, packed with a ton of Butter flavour.

Early Bird and Starter Packages

Early bird packages have been launched and will be available from now until 4 September 2023 with up to 10% off passes and credit packages. Single Class passes for 60-minute sessions start from as low as S$54 for Skate, S$90 for Snow/Ski, and S$108 for Surf. General sales start from 5 September 2023, and visitors will also be able to purchase off-peak single passes and open sessions. More information can be found on TRIFECTA’s website ( or Instagram page (@trifecta.singapore).

Loyalty Programme and Multi-Label Retail Store

Visitors who download the TRIFECTA mobile app will receive access to in-app promotions and exclusive access to events, based on spending tiers. Members can earn points with every check-in for activity sessions and classes, and also by spending on food, drinks and retail. Exclusive merchandise and offers can be redeemed with points within the app.

Representing brands in Singapore and Southeast Asia, TRIFECTA will also be home to The Ride Side’s flagship retail store, combining over 50 brands from four lifestyle and board sports brands in surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding. Guests can also expect to test a collection of demo-boards in the arenas, alongside a boot fitting and customisation station for ski and snowboard boots.

Trifecta Festival

Starting 28 October 2023, members of the public can expect an exciting lineup of events celebrating the launch of TRIFECTA! Enjoy four weekends of entertainment and activities across sports, lifestyle, art, culture, and music. More details will be released in September 2023.

Head to or follow @trifecta.singapore for the latest updates and happenings.

SCPW, UAPSA join hands with SM Prime in promoting wetland conservation

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Cover photo caption: SCPW president Arch. Celestino Ulep leads a discussion on nature-based architecture during the fourth SCPW Wetland Center Design Symposium. Photo from SCPW

As the world celebrated the International Day for Biological Diversity 2023, SM Prime Holdings Inc. (SM Prime) joined the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW) hosted the fourth SCPW Wetland Center Design Symposium on May 29th at the MAAX Building in the Mall of Asia Complex.

Bannering the theme "Build Back Biodiversity: Wetland Centers and Nature-Based Architecture," the hybrid symposium featured presentations centered on fostering knowledge and awareness about wetland conservation and innovative design approaches.

SCPW president Ar. Celestino Ulep leads the opening of the Wetland Center Design Symposium

SCPW president Ar. Celestino Ulep opened the symposium by sharing his optimism on how collaboration and embracing nature-based architecture can pave the way towards creating a future where wetlands thrive and biodiversity flourishes.

Notable experts in the field also graced the event, sharing their insights and experiences including Chris Rostron, the global manager of Wetland Link International, and Alex Hughes of Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust in London, UK. The guest speakers kicked off the discussion by sharing about the pivotal role of Wetland Centers as a tool for Communication, Capacity Building, Education, Participation, and Awareness (CEPA) in wetland conservation efforts.

Arch. Ulep, meanwhile, engaged the audience by introducing the concept of nature-based architecture, highlighting the importance of prioritizing sustainability and harmony in design by creating structures that seamlessly integrate with the natural environment.

Meanwhile, Arch. Aaron Lecciones, SCPW Special Projects Officer, made a detailed visual presentation on the Las Piñas-Parañaque Wetland Park (LPPWP) Design Team's experience. He highlighted the challenges and triumphs of designing a wetland park, serving as a source of inspiration for aspiring designers and architects.

Esteemed partners, including Ms. Rida Reyes Castillo of SM Prime, Dr. Arvin Diesmos of the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, Mr. Laudemir Salac of DENR-Region 3, and Arch. Gleo Raymundo of UAPSA graced the event to show their full support for this endeavor.

"It is an honor and privilege on the part of SM to partner with the SCPW and UAPSA in realizing its common goal of protecting ecosystems, particularly wetlands, by inspiring the youth to engage and take action on the socio-civic and economic issues in their communities by finding workable solutions towards building a sustainable future," SM Prime AVP and Head of Marketing, PR, and Communications Rida Reyes Castillo said.

SM Prime AVP and Head of Marketing, PR, and Communications Rida Reyes Castillo

Castillo further emphasized that environmental protection and nature conservation are integral pillars of SM Prime's sustainability campaign and that they believe in the power of cultivating the younger generation’s devotion to building a sustainable future.

The symposium concluded with a comprehensive discussion on the rules and guidelines of the design competition, followed by an open forum and exchange of ideas among participants.

The symposium also marked the beginning of the highly anticipated 4th SCPW Wetland Center Design Competition, which aims to create a platform for talented students in the field of construction and design to showcase their skills and ingenuity and encourages them to address environmental challenges through sustainable solutions.

SM Foundation introduces rainwater harvesting for sustainable impact

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In line with the SM Green Movement, the SM group, through SM Foundation, recently established a rainwater harvesting system at the Brgy. Irawan Birthing Facility in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The initiative aims to strengthen their goal of preserving the environment and ensuring the health and wellness of future generations.


To enhance water conservation and management in the facility, the system collects rainwater from the roof and gutter, passing it through vinyl-coated mesh filters to help ensure water quality. With an 800-liter storage capacity, the harvested water serves the facility’s non-potable needs like watering plants, cleaning, and toilet flushing.

The rainwater harvesting facility also operates without electricity and features labeled faucets for intuitive recycled water use.


Midwife Narcisa Jagmis, who leads the said birthing facility, said that the facility will help them reduce their reliance on the city’s water supply systems.

“Mahalagang hindi kami nawawalan ng tubig sa center, lalo na po pag nagsimula kaming magoperate bilang birthing clinic. Ngunit minsan po, walang dumadaloy na tubig at wala kaming mapagkukunan,” Jagmis shared.

“Kaya napaka laking tulog po ng natural na tubig mula sa rainwater catchment system na. Madali namin itong naaccess upang gamiting panglinis o pandilig dahil konektado ito sa mga gripo. Ang tubig naman mula sa main line ay maitatabi namin para sa aming sterile operations,” she said.


BANNER: SMFI Health and Medical Programs Senior Project Manager Albert Uy inspects the water catchment to ensure it reliability.

2nd: Faucets connected to the rainwater catchment are duly marked to help guide the community.

3rd: Midwife Narcisa Jagmis observes as the system collects rainwater from the gutters.

Download the photos here:

Coastal land reclamation: A glimpse into today’s urban development strategies

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Coastal land reclamation is increasing and will continue to grow and be a popular urban strategy in places that experience urban growth.

This is according to a study, “Mapping 21st Century Global Coastal Land Reclamation,” that analyzed landsat satellite images from 2000 to 2020 to quantify spatial extent, scale, and land use of urban coastal reclamation of 135 cities globally with populations exceeding one million. Key findings indicate that 78% of these cities have turned to reclamation to create additional land, resulting in 253,000 hectares of new land, an area equivalent to Luxembourg.

Land reclamation is the process of creating new land from the sea. It’s often used in places with scarcity of land and high population density for many purposes. From Western Europe and West Africa to the Middle East, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, these countries’ cities reclaim lands for port extension, residential/commercial, and industrial purposes aimed at creating tourist and green spaces. Key drivers like global trade and rapid urbanization are already ubiquitous, so for the next step, these cities desire prestigious place-making efforts and enhanced international reputation.

“Coastal land reclamation is a forward-looking approach to urban development,” says Architect Ian Fulgar, the principal architect of Fulgar Architects. It allows cities to preserve valuable ecosystems and resources from urban sprawl by expanding spaces without encroaching on existing natural land. More importantly for architects, urban planners, and modern city dwellers, it presents an opportunity to have purpose-built urban environments specifically designed to meet their needs.

“Architects and urban planners can design sustainable and efficient infrastructure with a blank canvas, incorporating the latest technologies and best practices in urban planning. This approach can lead to more resilient and adaptive cities capable of mitigating the effects of climate change and other environmental challenges,” adds Architect Fulgar.


Cities that lead coastal land reclamation

Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong, says Architect Fulgar, are some of the world’s most notable cities with impressive urban reclamation projects. “Not only have they transformed their respective landscapes but also captured global attention,” he says.

Photo credit to Anastasia Yudin. An aerial shot of Flower Dome in Singapore.

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay are testaments to the city-state’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The former is a luxury integrated resort famed for transforming Singapore’s coastline and city skyline, whereas the latter is a spectacularly unique horticultural destination that combines art, science, and nature. These reclaimed land developments further boost the country’s international reputation and real estate value around the area.

For some parts of the United Arab Emirates, coastal land reclamation has significantly changed its geography. Dubai, which has completely transformed into an ultramodern city, features ambitious projects now known as some of the most recognizable developments in the world like Palm Jumeirah and The World. “They have reshaped the coastline and established the city as a leader in innovative development, significantly elevating Dubai’s real estate value and worldwide interest,” says Architect Fulgar.

Photo credit to Abid Bin Nazar. An aerial view of Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah is an awe-inspiring artificial archipelago shaped like a palm tree when viewed from above. It houses some of Dubai’s luxury hotels, residences, and entertainment venues. Likewise, The World is a groundbreaking project composed of small artificial islands in the shape of a world map.

Lastly, Hong Kong’s commitment to preserved art, culture, and ongoing sustainable urban development is exemplified by its West Kowloon Cultural District. It is a 40-hectare reclaimed site along Victoria Harbour’s waterfront designated as the city’s vibrant cultural quarter where the local arts scene can interact, develop, and collaborate throughout its sustainability principles.

Architect Fulgar, who firmly believes in creating spaces that foster belonging and unity, highlights that Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong share common denominators in their successful urban reclamation projects. These are innovative design and planning, focus on sustainability and commitment to cultural and societal development, and the subsequent increase in real estate value.

“These projects have created iconic and visually striking landscapes by pushing the boundaries of engineering and urban design. Sustainability is often at the forefront, integrating practices and technologies that minimize environmental impact and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors,” says Architect Fulgar on these cities’ commitment to sustainability atop function and aesthetics.

Best practices of coastal land reclamation

Despite recognition of world-class reclamation projects, one of their primary challenges is facing criticism and potential issues over sustainability concerns. Architect Fulgar shares that the solution is through the responsibility of vital stakeholders to adopt a collaborative approach and adaptive strategies in implementing best practices, such as prioritizing sustainability and disaster resilience goals in waterfront developments.

“The future of city development, especially in coastal areas, rests with stakeholders prioritizing sustainability and disaster resilience. By adopting a comprehensive, collaborative, and adaptable strategy, they can transform the design, construction, and management of waterfront development – ultimately creating more sustainable, resilient, and prospering urban environments that benefit both people and the environment,” adds Architect Fulgar.

Moreover, Architect Fulgar puts emphasis on a well-planned project that begins with the developers’ thorough research and analysis of the selected area about potential environmental impacts, disaster risks, and local community needs. Architects and engineers need to incorporate sustainable design principles and green and blue spaces to reduce the development's environmental footprint.

“Trends and insights on global reclamation illustrate the potential of reclamation projects in addressing various urban development, environmental conservation, and community well-being needs – leading to more sustainable and resilient urban planning worldwide. By adopting these lessons and focusing on sustainable growth, the Philippines can capitalize on its potential and carve a path to a brighter future.”

Sec Loyzaga of DENR: Invest in rainwater collection

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DENR, SM Prime calls on cities to innovate and invest in water-saving technologies to avert water crisis

At the multi-stakeholder forum, “Towards a Greener Footprint”, in Iloilo City recently, Environment Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga shared solutions-focused guidelines to help the local government reduce carbon footprint, with emphasis on water conservation to address the looming water crisis and increase access to safe water and sanitation. From left to right: Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Trenas, journalist Ces Drilon, Secretary Loyzaga, urban planning and landscape architect Paulo Alcazaren, United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) co-chair Michaela Rossette Santo-Tayag and SM Supermalls Vice President for Corporate Compliance Liza Silerio. Photo credits to Arnold Almacen/Iloilo City Office of the Mayor.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime), one of the leading real estate developers in Southeast Asia, recently called on local public officials to avoid the extraction of groundwater and, instead, invest in rainwater collection for recycling and impoundment, as well as explore new technologies such as modular desalination and modular sewage treatment plants, to manage the effects of climate change on the country’s water resources.


At the multi-stakeholder forum, “Towards a Greener Footprint”, in Iloilo City recently, Environment Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga shared solutions-focused guidelines to help the local government reduce carbon footprint, with emphasis on water conservation to address the looming water crisis and increase access to safe water and sanitation.

“We need to invest in the appropriate engineering and infrastructure to deliver water from the source,” Secretary Loyzaga said. “We must avoid, if not reduce drastically, the extraction of groundwater which in low-lying coastal areas causes subsidence and increases flooding.”

“Rainwater catchments will not only provide additional supply for household use but will also help ensure the availability of surface water through the maintenance of watershed cover when impounded,” Secretary Loyzaga said.

Based on the latest report of the Philippine Statistics Authority, water abstracted for own use increased from 215.2 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2020 to 217.8 bcm in 2021 countrywide. From 2010 to 2021, the largest amount of self-abstracted water is for the power sector (58.7%). This was followed by agriculture (33.5%); mining and quarrying, manufacturing, and construction (5.3%); and services sector and households (2.6%).

Earlier this month, the DENR said the country still has enough water supply, but proper management is needed to prevent a possible water crisis by the end of the year.

The call was met with a resounding response from the private sector, particularly, SM Prime. In the same forum, SM Supermalls Vice President for Corporate Compliance Engr. Liza B. Silerio shared how SM Prime has stepped up the sustainability programs that it has been doing since SM Supermalls started recycling water in the 1990s.

From rainwater catchment to help deter flooding in communities where its malls are located, SM Prime also pioneered the mall-based rainwater filtration system that converts the collected rainwater to be potable enough for washing, cleaning and even drinking. Launched at SM City Baguio, the facility will supply mall tenants with enough potable water to help reduce sourcing from the communities’ water table.

“As an integrated property developer, we have seen the first-hand effects of natural hazards that are caused by the change in weather patterns in the Philippines,” Engr. Silerio explained. “El Nino and La Nina are two phenomena resulting from climate change. Our country ranks number one in the World Risk Index 2022 report as the most vulnerable among 193 nations.”

Faced with this challenge, Engr. Silerio shared that SM Prime will continue to find innovative ways to address the climate challenges. “We continue to evolve and adapt technology to improve our resource consumption as part of our climate action,” she concluded. (ENDS)

PARKonversations Live!: The Dog That Witnessed Rizal's Execution and Other Dogs in Philippine History

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Dogs have always been referred to as "man's best friend," but how much do we actually know about the history of dogs in the Philippines? In celebration of International Dog Day and History Month, let's unravel the story behind the mysterious dog at Rizal's execution and discover more stories about dogs, from the early encounters of the Filipino people with canines in Cagayan 4,000 years ago and other famous dog personalities.

This PARKonversations Live! session titled "The Dog That Witnessed Rizal's Execution and Other Dogs in Philippine History” will take place at the Mabini Hall, Rizal Park Luneta on 26 August 2023 (Saturday), 9:30 a.m. Our guest speaker is Ian Christopher B. Alfonso, the Supervising History Researcher and Officer-in-Charge of the Research, Publication and Heraldry Division of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. He sits as an Ex Officio Member of the National Committee on Historical Research of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and of the PHLPost Stamp Committee. He is also a Board Member of the Philippine Historical Association. He is a candidate for Doctor of Philosophy in History at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He is the author of the book entitled Dogs in Philippine History.

Join us and learn more about the dogs in Philippine history. See you in Rizal Park Luneta!

*Participants who will join the seminar and answer the evaluation form will receive a certificate.

Gambling Traditions Around the World: Uncovering Unique Betting Rituals in Different Cultures

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Explore global gambling customs: Discover distinct betting rituals and traditions across diverse cultures worldwide.

From the temples of Japan, where wooden plates hold the wishes of players, to the lively streets of America, where people partake in a mysterious "rain dance," witnessing gambling rituals in different parts of the world can be interesting. At, we're here to provide you with updates on regulations and talk about betting activities across the globe.

In this article, we will go over the brief history of betting in the United States and the rise of lotteries. Read until the end, as we will explore the different gambling traditions around the world. Let's get started!

Brief History of Betting in the United States

The United States has had a long history of gambling. In the early 1600s, Puritans who sought to extricate Anglicanism from the influences of Catholicism came to the US, especially the Massachusetts Bay Colony, to create societies away from Catholic influences.

Puritans were highly religious people who focused on education, which meant that they never participated in vices, including gambling activities. There were no dice, gambling tables, or even cards in people's homes. They believed that the state was responsible for protecting society from heresy.

However, with the passage of time, the United States became more tolerant and eventually allowed gambling for recreational purposes. You could see the same trend in Europe at the time. People were intolerant towards professional gambling, but it was acceptable as a leisure activity.

Today, when you stroll down the Las Vegas strip, you'll find yourself lost in the world of glitz and glamour. One casino after the other, Nevada, has over 440 casinos, making it the gambling den of the world. This was not the case back then.

Instead of being tolerant, the state banned all forms of betting and wagering before 1869. It introduced a state legislature that finally decriminalized certain forms of gambling. This didn't remain for long as the state again banned such activities between 1910 and the 1930s.

In 1929, an economic shock rippled through the United States and had an adverse impact across the globe. The plummeting stock prices caused the Wall Street market to crash, leading to unemployment and massive industry shutdowns.

During this financial crisis, the US government had to take measures to help stabilize the economic situation. They decided to introduce lotteries to stimulate the economy, something that the British were very familiar with at the time.

By asking the public to buy inexpensive tickets for a chance to win a massive jackpot, the government raised billions of dollars. Many states saw this as an opportunity to introduce gambling-friendly laws as a way to spur tourism and grow the local economy.

Soon, North American tribes received rights to host such activities in their states, and the rest is history.

Betting Rituals in Different Cultures

The following are the betting rituals in different cultures across the world:

The United States and Its Gambling Customs

Earlier, we went over the brief history of gambling in the United States. Since each state has its own culture, people started developing rituals and customs before partaking in betting activities.

Some Americans prefer to wear specific clothes before hitting the slot machines, while others like to carry lucky charms. There are superstitious gestures, such as knocking on wood, to ward off bad luck before playing online casino games like Crazy Time Game.

When it comes to sports betting, American fans like to wear jerseys and do a "rain dance" as a way to support their favorite team. These may vary from one state to another.

China and Its Hush-hush Affairs with Gambling

Since China remained closed to the world for more than four decades, there was very little that people knew about the country at the time. However, once it opened its borders, western societies got the opportunity to study the Middle Kingdom.

Although the Chinese frown upon gambling in most parts of the country, Hong Kong and Macau have become betting hubs for foreign tourists and local risk-takers. The two regions combined generated substantial revenues, almost three times that of Las Vegas.

Since mainland China remained intolerant, gambling became a hush-hush affair, giving rise to superstitions and secrecy. Many Chinese gamblers, for example, will not enter a casino through the main entrance. They believe that it is unlucky and will affect their odds of winning.

There are so many superstitions in the Chinese culture pertaining to gambling activities. Many players in the country believe that patting someone on the shoulder before a game is a sign of bad luck, while some think that choosing numbers that are closely associated with disasters can adversely affect their fortunes.

Japan and Its Love for Pachinko Machines

Although most forms of gambling are illegal in the Land of the Rising Sun, the country considers pachinko machines as a form of entertainment. Instead of providing prize money, these pinball slot games offer tokens that players can exchange for cash.

Prior to participating in gambling activities, such as pachinko machines or horse racing, Japanese players may visit Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples to perform rituals that they believe would bring them good fortune.

Before leaving these religious places, Japanese players may write their wishes on small wooden cards referred to as "Ema." They believe that hanging them in the shrines and temples will bring them luck in their gambling endeavors.

Australia and "Pokies"

With half of the Australian population gambling regularly, these types of activities in Australia are a popular pastime. They refer to the poker slot machines as "pokies," and horse racing is a spectacular sports betting activity in the country.

In some parts of Australia, people believe that having a small horseshoe in their pocket or near them when betting can bring good fortune.

Those playing "Bingo" may respond with cheers or chants when the numbers are called out, creating an electric atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is knocking on a surface to ward off bad luck or sticking to specific numbers when playing cards, gambling traditions and rituals vary across the globe.

From the cute pachinko machines in the streets of Tokyo to the bustling casinos in Las Vegas, you'll find all sorts of ancient betting customs that combine superstition and communal beliefs.

It's essential for all players to respect betting traditions and customs when participating in gambling activities across the world. Learning more about different cultures allows people to come together, make new connections, and have a fun experience.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Unlocking Loan Approval: 4 Tips to Boost Your Application Success

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Getting a loan provides a flexible way to fund big-ticket expenses. They can be used for wants such as vehicles, gadgets, or home appliances, and to take care of surprise expenses like emergency medical bills or home renovations.

However, getting a loan from a bank isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Especially if you’ve never done so before, the application process can be tedious. There are a lot of documents to prepare and multiple sets of paperwork to fill out. Despite going through all of that, there’s still a chance for your application to get rejected.

That’s why it’s not surprising that 57% of Filipinos rely on informal lenders for their loan needs[1]. Sure, borrowing from an informal lender may lead to fast applications and easier access to the cash you need, but their rates and terms can be unfavorable to borrowers. This can lock borrowers in cycles of debt that can be difficult to break free from.

Fortunately, there are many measures you can take to help boost your chances of a successful loan application. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Know the numbers

Before applying for a loan, it's essential to ensure that you are borrowing an amount within your realistic repayment capacity. One effective method to achieve this is by calculating your debt-to-income ratio, which helps you understand the portion of your monthly income dedicated to debt payments.

If you find yourself unsure about how to calculate your debt-to-income ratio, the most effective approach is to divide your total monthly debt payments by your monthly gross income and then multiply the result by 100. For example, if your monthly gross income is P20,000, and your monthly debt is P4,000, your debt-to-income ratio is 20%. That means 20% of your monthly salary goes to debt payments.

Maintaining a low debt-to-income ratio is advisable as lenders may decline your application if the ratio is too high.

Determine what type of loan you want

According to a financial inclusion survey by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the top considerations Filipinos have in applying for loans are the interest rates, loan amount, the period to pay, ease of application, and flexibility of terms.

With those considerations in mind, do your research so you know which loan options and providers are most favorable to you and your needs.

Check your transaction history

In the process of applying for a loan, lenders may look into your transaction history for any other financial obligations you may have such as credit card balances. Before applying for a loan, try to take care of any outstanding liabilities as they impact how much money lenders will allow you to borrow.

Maintain a good credit score

Banks and financial institutions assess your creditworthiness to find out if you’re a trustworthy borrower. One of the ways they do so is by looking at your credit score.

Your credit score is determined by factors like payment history, length of credit history, kinds of credit used, credit limit utilized, amount owed, and the number of new credit applications made. In the Philippines, credit scores range from 300 to 850. The higher your credit score, the easier it is to get approval for loans, credit cards, and other essential financial services.

To easily check your credit score, Lista, the fastest-growing financial management app in the Philippines, has partnered with the country’s leading credit bureau, CIBI Information Inc. (CIBI). Through this partnership, The Credit Information Corporation (CIC), the country’s sole public credit registry and repository of credit information, has authorized Lista to access CIC credit data through CIBI as a non-accessing entity.

This authorization makes it possible for Filipinos to access their credit scores and credit reports through Lista, utilize other premium features on the Lista app such as the Credit Score Trend, and learn tips on how to improve their credit standing.

“Lista was created to help more Filipinos enjoy the benefits of greater financial inclusion. With credit driving today’s economies, it’s time for more Filipinos to unlock better economic opportunities through better access to credit,” said Aaron Villegas, Lista co-founder. “With just a few clicks on the Lista app, anyone can easily view their credit scores and reports. They can also access tips and strategies to improve their standing, helping more Filipinos create and maintain good financial habits that can lead to financial independence.”

Get your credit score on Lista for only P199 per request. Users must prepare one valid ID for identity verification.

Lista is available to download for free on both iOS and Android platforms. Download now via the App Store or Google Play Store.

About the Credit Information Corporation:

The Credit Information Corporation (CIC) is a government-owned and controlled corporation created by Republic Act No. 9510, otherwise known as the Credit Information System Act (CISA). It is governed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with the primary mandate to establish a comprehensive and centralized credit information system for the collection and dissemination of fair and accurate information relevant to, or arising from, credit and credit-related activities of all entities participating in the ecosystem.

To learn more about the CIC, visit or its official Facebook page

Regal Entertainment classics now available on JuanFlix

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In celebration of Regal Entertainment, Inc.’s founding anniversary this August, JuanFlix: The FDCP Channel presents a collection of nine (9) classic films produced by Regal.

JuanFlix’s Regal Films line-up features the iconic works of Peque Gallaga, Elwood Perez, Maryo J. de los Reyes, Jose Javier Reyes, Mel Chionglo, and Chito S. Roño, who are some of the most prominent filmmakers in the Philippine film industry.

Peque Gallaga’s provocative thriller “Scorpio Nights” revolves around a sordid affair between a young man and a married woman. Funded by the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines, this film received praise for its social commentary and won the Gawad UrianAward for Best Cinematography and Best Music in 1986.

“Waikiki” by Elwood Perez is a family drama about three women who are caught between traditional Filipino values and liberal Western conduct. Another cinematic gem from Perez is “Isang Gabi Tatlong Babae,” which examines the complex lives and desires of its three female characters.

Maryo J. de los Reyes’ “Sa Paraiso ni Efren” and “Laman” explore the subject of friendship that becomes entangled with the destructive nature of desire. The former film was written by filmmaker Jun Lana, while the latter won the Gawad Urian Award for Best Supporting Actress (Elizabeth Oropesa).

Mel Chionglo’s “Sinner or Saint” was written by National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Ricky Lee about a young woman who rejects societal norms and lives life on her own terms. She leaves her family behind for academic pursuits but gets involved in a series of affairs.

“Live Show” by Jose Javier Reyes explores the lives of sex performers and what drives them to pursue work in the sex trade industry. “Minsan May Isang Puso,” also directed by Reyes, tackles a middle class family’s reversal of fortune when the patriarch becomes severely ill, leaving his family members with the responsibility of keeping the family afloat.

Chito S. Roño’s “Babae sa Bintana” is an action-thriller film that tells the story of a man who begins a relationship with his new neighbor while being gradually lured into Manila’s underworld.

Founded by Lily Monteverde in August 1973, Regal Entertainment has produced commercially successful films and television programs spanning all genres, cementing its legacy as one of the leading production companies in the country.

Regal Films classics are now streaming on JuanFlix via subscription, which costs PHP 99.00/month and PHP 499.00/year. To register, visit

In addition to these Filipino films, JuanFlix also acquired Krzysztof Kieślowski’s “Three Colours” trilogy and French New Wave films from Jacques Demy, Agnès Varda, and François Truffaut for its World Cinema line-up.

For more information, visit JuanFlix’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

The Philippines’ Three Mega Events: Igniting Progress and Collaboration for Cebuanos

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Cebu City, the Queen City of the South, is set to witness a spectacular convergence of innovation, lifestyle, and business as it hosts not one, but three mega events in the country.

Under the banner of the Cebu Food and Beverages Exposition (CEFBEX), Cebu Auto Show (CAS), and the Philippine Building and Construction Expo or PHILBEX Cebu, these three world-class exhibitions promises to elevate the economic landscape of the region and foster collaboration among local and international industry leaders and enthusiasts.

Kicking off the Cebu Trio is the renowned Cebu Food and Beverages Exposition (CEFBEX), the regional counterpart of the Manila Food and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX). As Cebu is celebrated for its rich culinary heritage, CEFBEX showcases a myriad of flavors, talents, and innovations in the food and beverage industry. With top chefs, restaurateurs, and food aficionados gathering under one roof, this event is set to tantalize taste buds, inspire gastronomic creativity, and connect businesses with discerning food enthusiasts. With the huge successes of MAFBEX (Manila Foods and Beverages Expo) and IFBEX (Iloilo Foods and Beverages Expo), CEFBEX 2023 is set to bring the “Fully Loaded Flavor” experience to all the Cebuanos!

Meanwhile, for the automotive enthusiasts, the Cebu Auto Show (CAS) revs up the excitement as it levels up your expectations. CAS promises an electrifying showcase of the latest automotive trends, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly innovations from its latest car models from the biggest brands in the industry. From sleek sports cars to sustainable electric vehicles, CAS offers a comprehensive view of the automotive industry's future while celebrating its illustrious past as it continues to Shape Mobility. With interactive displays, test drives, and industry experts on hand, CAS is a must-visit for car enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

Completing this dynamic trio is the 18th edition of the Philippine Building and Construction Exposition or simply PHILBEX Cebu, a platform dedicated to architecture, construction, and real estate development. Following the immense favorable outcome of the 26th Philippine World Building and Construction Expo (WORLDBEX) PHILBEX 2023 aims to provide a wider perspective of Cebu's rapidly evolving urban landscape. PHILBEX Cebu gathers world-class innovators, architects, designers, builders, and real estate professionals to exchange ideas and showcase the latest developments and technologies in building and design. This event surely provides invaluable insights into sustainable practices, smart city development, and the future of urban living.

PHILBEX, CEFBEX and CAS will take place this coming September 14 to 17, 2023, at the IEC Convention Center Cebu or IC3 Cebu. The event promises to not only boost the local economy but also enhance Cebu's reputation as a hub for industry advancement and collaboration. The event is brought to you by the leading event organizers in the country, Worldbex Services International.

Registrations are now ON-GOING so sign-up NOW for FREE.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

QCinema Launches First Project Market: Opens Networking and Funding Opportunities for PH and Southeast Asian Filmmakers

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QCinema International Film Festival is set to provide another opportunity for Filipino and Southeast Asian filmmakers to reach a global audience as it launches the QCinema Project Market.

The QCinema Project Market (QPM) is a platform for Southeast Asian filmmakers and producers to secure funding, expand their networks, gain exposure, develop their skills, and contribute to the growth of the international film industry. Over 15 million pesos in grants will be available.

Newly-appointed Quezon City Film Development Commission Executive Director Liza Diño-Seguerra says “In recent years, the region has shown impressive growth in its filmmaking, with high production values that rival international standards. This is evident in the diverse co produced film projects between the Philippines and SEA showcased at major festivals like Autobiography of Makbul Mubarak (IND-SG-PH), In my Mother's Skin (PH-SG-Taiwan), Arnold is a Model Student (TH-PH-SG). With QPM, we get to support projects like that from the region and introduce them to funding and one-on-one networking opportunities so we can see their stories on the big screen.”

Through this program, which focuses on unveiling the unseen stories of Southeast Asia, QCinema will present QPM to nurture the underrepresented cultures, histories, and narratives of the Southeast Asian region.

Filipino and Southeast Asian filmmakers with projects in advanced stages of development are invited to participate.

To be eligible to join the program, the filmmaker must have at least a draft of the full script of a feature-length fiction film project. The film must also not yet be completed by the time QCinema 2023 commences and must not be fully financed yet.

Southeast Asian directors with at least one short of feature film may apply.

To join, filmmakers must complete an online application form complete with the logline, synopsis, director’s statement, production schedule, treatment, financial plan, production cost, and the profiles of the director, producer, and production company. Sample reels may also be submitted, if available.

Preference will be given to projects that highlight unique aspects of Southeast Asian culture and history. Films that demonstrate potential for international appeal will also have an advantage.

Deadline of submission of entries is September 15, 2023.

Fifteen entries will be chosen to participate in the film market, slated from November 18-20, 2023, in conjunction with the QCinema International Film Festival.

Selected filmmakers will have the opportunity to pitch to possible investors, network with possible collaborators, get mentorship, and attend workshops.

Ms. Diño-Seguerra further explains, “This program is in line with the goal to position QCinema as one of the top Southeast Asian film festivals and introduce it as a global hub for Southeast Asian cinema.”

“The market will also facilitate more collaboration and co-production opportunities between Filipino, and Southeast Asian filmmakers, and international partners that would contribute to the growth and development of the regional film industry” she adds.

For more information, visit the QPM website at

New Makati office building reiterates commitment to green and sustainable development

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An independent assessment of the Makati Commerce Tower found that building achieves 22% lower electricity consumption and 58% lower water consumption from its operations compared to a similar non-green commercial property

Standing superbly along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue is the Philippines’ first and only LEED Platinum version 4.0 office building: the 37-storey Makati Commerce Tower. Built by Empresas Diesel Development Inc., this building symbolizes a new normal in office development where well-thought-out green and sustainable features are king.

According to Malcolm Lai, Head of Development for EQT Exeter Asia, the parent company of Empresas Diesel Development, the features that make the Makati Commerce Tower a one-of-a-kind green and sustainable office development.

“The development and design team behind the Makati Commerce Tower has put careful thought on how this new building will be able to provide high-quality office spaces to its future occupants with minimal impact on the environment,” said Lai.

“The result is a building that not only achieves 22% lower electricity consumption and 58% lower water consumption from its operations compared to a similar non-green commercial building, it also has features that promote health and well-being for its occupants.”


According to a report compiled by Barone International, the Makati Commerce Tower’s sustainability consultant, the building accomplishes the following sustainability performance:

· Diversion of approximately 3,744,481 lbs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually through the building’s electrical savings. This is equivalent to the volume of carbon dioxide sequestered by 78,010 trees per year, or the amount sequestered by removing 312 cars from the roads annually.

· It was estimated that the building achieves 22% reduction of electricity consumption compared to a non-green building.

· Water-saving features reduce the building’s water consumption by 58% annually, equivalent to six Olympic-size swimming pools.

· A refrigerant-management system that minimizes the building’s impact on ozone depletion. The building uses Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) R-410A for its air-conditioning system, which has zero Ozone-Depletion Potential (zero-ODP).

According to Maricris Sarino-Joson, Director and Head of Office Services – Landlord Representation at Colliers, given the current tenant-leaning office market, occupiers now have more options for their next office space. An effective way for landlords to better position their properties is to deliberately highlight sustainable and wellness-focused features.

“Not only will green and sustainable certifications afford commercial tenants the appropriate credentials to satisfy their ESG goals, many of them are also now attributing the growing importance of green and sustainable spaces to staff productivity, health, and overall happiness.”

Some of the health and wellness-focused features of the Makati Commerce Tower include enhanced indoor air quality strategies, the use of low-emitting materials, and a world-class building design that lets plenty of natural light in and offers quality outdoor views.

“Natural light not only reduces energy consumption, it has also been shown to have a positive effect on humans,” said Sarino-Joson. “On the other hand, outside views that incorporate natural elements are more enticing and offer better visual respite to office workers. They also provide building occupants with natural environmental cues, such as diurnal changes from light to dark, which is essential for maintaining natural circadian rhythms.”

About Colliers

Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. With operations in 66 countries, our 18,000 enterprising professionals work collaboratively to provide expert real estate and investment advice to clients. For more than 28 years, our experienced leadership with significant inside ownership has delivered compound annual investment returns of approximately 20% for shareholders. With annual revenues of $4.5 billion and $99 billion of assets under management, Colliers maximizes the potential of property and real assets to accelerate the success of our clients, our investors and our people. Learn more at, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

About Makati Commerce Tower

The Makati Commerce Tower is developed by Empresas Diesel Development, Inc., brought by EQT Exeter Asia, a prominent global private equity firm with an extensive Asian track record. A dedicated team of 67 real estate professionals has executed about USD28 billion in transaction value. This new office building located along Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. in Makati is designed by renowned global architectural firm Woods Bagot and built by Datem Inc., one of the leading construction firms in the Philippines. Learn more at

ASUS Republic of Gamers Brings the World of Teyvat to SMX Aura

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

ROG Phone 7 powers the Genshin Impact tournament

ASUS Republic of Gamers Philippines has announced their upcoming Genshin Impact Tournament - the ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship 2023, to create and bring the next generation experience to the Filipino Community, determined to foster connection, technology, and youth. Create a space for the student population around the nation to meet friends and develop their future professions in the esports, entertainment, and technology industries by using Genshin Impact, regarded as the most well-known RPG game in the Philippines.

The ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship 2023 will hold its Grand Finals at the SMX Aura on September 9, 2023, with a prize pool of Php 180,000 open to all Filipino gamers and cosplayers. The tournament is divided into two parts: team competitions and individual competitions. For the team competition, travelers would team up in a group of four to conquer giant monsters within 10 minutes in the challenging world of Teyvat. As for the individual competition, players would utilize their selected lineup to defeat Azhdaha Boss. Three-Day Qualifiers would occur in Dark League Studios on August 26, 27, and September 3. Qualifier Rounds will be livestreamed online through the ASUS Republic of Gamers PH FB Page. After all qualifier rounds, the top 3 teams will proceed to the Grand Finals. In addition, a cosplay

contest would take place as a side event open to all fans of the game title.

This event is a platform for Travelers to demonstrate their prowess and a social gathering for the Filipino gaming community. Dark League Studios organized the ROG Phone 7 Philippines Championship 2023.

The ROG Phone 7, dubbed the King of Gaming Smartphones, incorporates the game-changing power of the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform and its newest Ray-tracing hardware acceleration into an all-new futuristic two-tone design—Powering Genshin Impact for the ultimate gaming experience. With its 165 Hz AMOLED display and 720 Hz touch-sampling rate, the superb visuals will give justice to the fantastic world of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact takes foot in the world of Teyvat; explore seven nations, meet a diverse cast of characters with unique personalities and abilities, and fight powerful enemies alongside them in your quest to find your lost sibling. Wander freely, immersing yourself in a vibrant world, and let your sense of wonder lead you to unravel all its mysteries. That is until you are finally reunited with your lost sibling and witness the culmination of all things at the end of your journey.

Where travelers come to light

6 Red Vietnam Kratom Products That Are A Must-Have For You

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

If you want to increase your energy levels or boost your overall well-being, then Red Vietnam Kratom is a product you should consider adding to your routine. It has become increasingly popular in recent years for its powerful benefits and unique effects. Packed with energizing alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, this vibrant strain can help support an array of lifestyle goals, from improved clarity and focus to greater relaxation. In this blog post, we'll explore six amazing red vietnam kratom products that might become part of your daily ritual!

Here Are The Red Vietnam Kratom Products That Are A Must-Have For You


Red Vietnam Kratom powder is a product that should be on any enthusiast's must-have list. This distinctive variety is characterized by its deep red color and unique aroma, which sets it apart from other strains. Its potency and strength make it ideal for elevating their experience.

The Red Vietnam powder is known for providing a powerful and long-lasting effect, ideal for those who want maximum relaxation and comfort. Being informative of the substance, it is essential to note that this powder should be used responsibly and in moderation. Nevertheless, if you want to try a product that is unique and impactful, the Red Vietnam Kratom powder is worth considering.


Experience the true essence of Red Vietnam Kratom with the Capsules. Made from superior quality leaves, this product is perfect for those who prefer it in a more convenient form. The Red Vietnam strain is known for its unique aroma and relaxing properties. And with these capsules, you can enjoy the benefits of Red Vietnam without any hassle.

Each capsule contains a precise amount of the extract, making it easier to control your dosage. With the Capsules, you get to enjoy the distinctive flavor and aroma of Red Vietnam in an easy-to-swallow and travel-friendly form.

It's a must-have for enthusiasts who want to reap the benefits of this strain without the bitter taste. Get your hands on Red Vietnam Capsules today and discover the magic of this strain for yourself.


For the Kratom enthusiast, the Red Vietnam Extract is a product that should not be overlooked. Sourced from the lush forests of Vietnam, this extract is made from the mature leaves of Red Vein, a variety known for its relaxing effects.

The extract goes through a meticulous process to ensure its potency and purity, resulting in a highly concentrated form of Kratom. Users can experience a sense of calm and tranquility with just a small amount, making it a must-have for stress relief and relaxation. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, the Red Vietnam Extract is worth trying.


For those looking for a potent and fast-acting Kratom product, the Red Vietnam Tincture is a must-try. Made from the Red Vietnam leaves, this tincture is liquid-based and known for its high concentration of alkaloids that promote relaxation and calmness. The body can easily absorb the tincture due to its liquid form, making it incredibly efficient.

With a small dosage, this tincture can work wonders and relieve discomfort. Moreover, the Red Vietnam Tincture is also highly versatile and can be used in various ways, making it an excellent addition to any enthusiast's collection.

Tea bags

Red Vietnam Kratom Tea Bags are the perfect addition to any tea collection. Handcrafted from the finest leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, these tea bags offer a pure and authentic experience.

As the name suggests, Red Vietnam is sourced from the lush jungles of Vietnam and is renowned for its rich flavor and intense aroma. Each tea bag contains the optimal amount of Kratom powder to deliver a consistent and potent dose every time.

Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or seeking a natural energy boost, Red Vietnam Tea Bags are a must-have for any tea lover. Experience the traditional Vietnamese tea with the convenience of a tea bag and upgrade your tea ritual to a new level of pure indulgence.


Red Vietnam Kratom Resin is a premium product that is a must-have for any enthusiast. This resin is made from high-quality red Vietnam leaves, carefully selected and processed to create a potent and concentrated plant form.

The resin's unique properties make it an ideal option for users looking for a stronger, longer-lasting effect. Creating the resin involves boiling the leaves and then reducing them to a concentrated form, making it easy to use and store.

With its deep red color and powerful aroma, Red Vietnam Resin is a versatile option that can be added to your tea, food, or even consumed alone. Experience the intense and long-lasting effects of Red Vietnam Resin today.

What Makes Red Vietnam Kratom Products So Prevalent Among Users?

Red Vietnam Kratom products have recently seen a rising popularity amongst users. Known for its soothing effects, the plant is believed to provide users peace and tranquility. The unique alkaloid makeup of the Red Vietnam strain is said to distinguish it from other strains of Kratom, making it highly coveted among avid users.

The potency and longevity of its effects have also contributed to its prevalence. Additionally, Vietnam's rich and fertile soil has a significant role in the high quality of the Kratom, making Red Vietnam products highly sought after in the market. Overall, its unique effects and quality have cemented Red Vietnam’s place as a popular choice among users.

Bottom Line

Red Vietnam Kratom products offer quality and potency that can’t be beaten. They have become increasingly popular in the market for their unique taste, extraordinary value, and lack of side effects. From beginners to experienced users, everyone can benefit from its many beneficial properties, making these products an absolute must-have. Red Vietnam products will exceed your expectations whether you want energy or relaxation. With a careful selection process and quality control measures, Red Vietnam Kratom guarantees guaranteed satisfaction every time! So look at these exceptional options - you won't regret it.
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