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PCSHS Field Trip 2014

Credits to Ms. Hazel Castro for the class pictures
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Last February 20, 2014, students of Pasig City Science High School including me had our field trip in Museum Manila, Aguinaldo Shrine, and Enchanted Kingdom. We needed to arrive there on or before 5:30-6:00 am in the morning so that we could live there earlier as possible and to avoid being stuck in heavy traffic.

III-Kelvin with our adviser Ms.Hazel together with !V-Lewis with their adviser, Ms.Perez, were at the bus 17.

Our first destination was in the Museum Manila. We learned a lot of things like facts about the things in other countries. The place is really a must visit because of the pleasing appearance of the Museum and you will learn many things. We should be careful to avoid damages in the museum. A lot of students and teachers were taking pictures at the museum. We were happy to visit the place because it is really nice.

Our next destination was in Aguinaldo Shrine. We need to fall in line and wait for our turns by section before we could enter Aguinaldo's house. We took pictures at the place and had a class picture with Ms.Hazel. When it was already our turn, some of us prepared our cameras and cellphones for taking pictures. It is really a nice house. There are secret passages which I find very cool. I admired his house because of having many tables and the map of the Philippines at the ceiling. The bedrooms are nice and the things of Aguinaldo that the people who take care of the house put within the glass.

After that, we went straight to the souvenir shop and I bought a ref magnet.

From Aguinaldo Shine, we had our stop over somewhere to eat or buy lunch and for us to have time to go to restroom. We were just given 15 to 30 minutes to buy lunch and we need to go back so that we would have more time in Enchanted Kingdom which was our last destination.

Credits to Liezl Bonoan for some photos.
I was with my classmates slash close friends, Valerie, Liezl, Rizelle, and Viela the whole time in EK. We first rode in Ekstreme. Honestly, I didn't want to join them because I was scared that time but I had no choice to go with them. We wait for like one and a half hour because the line was so long and there were too many people. When it was our turn to ride, were so nervous and excited at the same time. I cannot explain the feeling while riding Ekstreme. I just want it to end and leave that place but still I was happy because at least I tried.

We also rode in rio grande and carousel. I enjoyed our last two rides even though we fall in line for one to two hours in rio grande. We were just laughing at each other and had a whale of a time. After we rode those, we just played basketball and the lifting of the bottle, and also took pictures of ourselves. We tried it even though we knew to ourselves that we would just waste money because we cannot do it but it was not about the money, it was the feeling of being happy while playing it with your friends. Then by 6pm, we have to go back to our bus because we needed to leave early but we left EK by 7pm. While we were on the bus, we just shared food with each other and talk about the field trip and memories we just made.

Contributed by: Kim Jaziel J. Manuel

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  1. What a well-written article. I'm glad that you had fun during your fieldtrip!

  2. I enjoyed reading your article because just like you, this trip's one of the most memorable moments in my life :)

  3. Your article is very nice. Field trips are really fun, right? It's very memorable for each and one of us.


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