Saturday, July 25, 2020

MinDA Asks IATF for Suspension of Motorcycle Barrier Rule

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Acting on the appeal of poor families in Mindanao who depend on motorcycles for their livelihood, the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) yesterday asked the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 to reconsider and suspend its policy requiring barriers for people riding tandem.

In an official memorandum forwarded to the IATF yesterday, MinDA, a field agency directly under the Office of the President, cited that the new policy set to be implemented Monday will be an added financial burden on poor families whose only means of movement is the motorcycle.

Based on the feedback gathered by MinDA from the field, three reasons were cited by those who appeal for a reconsideration on this new IATF Policy.

1. Impractical since the barrier makes riding tandem dangerous because a strong gust of wind caused by huge vehicles coming from the opposite direction could throw the motorcycle off-balance and may lead to accidents;

2. Expensive and oppressive. The barrier will be an added financial burden on poor families who use motorcyles for livelihood and transport and the excessive fines on violators of the policy could open a new window for corruption.

3. The policy is also viewed as discriminatory because the concern on the possible transmission of COVID 19 virus between two people traveling together is only focused on motorcycle riding but it ignores the fact that those traveling inside air-conditioned private cars face greater risks.

As Chairman of MinDA, I personally directed the preparation and transmission of the Memorandum to the IATF to give them a clearer understanding of the reaction of the common Filipino on the ground.

I consider myself a field operative heading an agency which is well-grounded thus it is my duty to provide feedbacks to our policy makers.

The Motorcycle Barrier Policy is an added financial burden which will affect efforts to restart the economy in Mindanao, as well as in other rural areas of the country where the motorcycle is the main vehicle for transport and livelihood.

We support the IATF's effort to control the spread of the COVID 19 virus but surely, there are other ways of doing it other than implementing measures which would make life more difficult for our people.


(Photos were downloaded from public websites. Attached to this post is the image of the memorandum forwarded by MinDA to the IATF.)

Friday, July 24, 2020

Before SONA, nationwide youth groups want China to pay up

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Akbayan Youth and Youth Resist drummed up demands against China with youth groups all over the country before the President Duterte's State of the Nation Address on Monday.

"Kung hindi kaya ng ating presidente, tayo na bilang mamamayan ang maningil," Akbayan Youth chairperson Dr. RJ Naguit said whose group, in an online petition, demanded for China to pay up P200 billion for West Philippine Sea damages.
The youth groups gave the administration a grade of BAGSAK in asserting sovereignty against China, among other national issues.

"Let us make China accountable by cutting its sources of leverage. Kailangang bantayan kung saan nangagaling ang pondo para sa Build Build Build para di tayo matali sa mga Chinese debt traps. Kailangan nating ipaglaban ang implementasyon ng Hague ruling," Dr. Naguit said.

"Sasayangin ba natin ang dugo at buhay ng ating mga bayani dahil lamang tayo ay duwag na kalabanin ang Tsina? This is the Republic of the Philippines -a sovereign Filipino state, not a province of China." Jamal Pandapatan from Marawi-based Movement for Progressive Young Leaders.

"Nakakapanlumo ang sitwasyong ng bansa natin ngayon. Bilang parte ng kabataan, nakakapagod po na halos linggo-linggo, araw-araw ay may paniagong pasabog na naman ang adminsitrasyon.," Anthony Jacob of Youth Resist said.

Civic leader Samira Gutoc pleaded for young people to break the culture of silence in the country.

"Our country is a young population but we are not cherishing the youth, we are punishing the youth!" Samira Gutoc said. "Instead of prevention of terrorism, this government is terrorizing those who are already terrrorized."

"Sa mga kababayan kong takot pa rin magsalita at nagsasabing kasalanan pa rin ng ABS-CBN, tignan nyo din ang kasalanan ng inyong administrasyon. Huwag pikit mata. The young people will stand against authoritarianism, young people will fight those who stand against democracy," Samira Gutoc said.

The participating youth organizations are as listed: Movement of Progressive Young Leaders Marawi, Youth for Sustainable Change Laguna , Milktea Alliance PH Bacolod, Philippine Anti-Discrimination Alliance of Youth Leaders (PANTAY), Movement to Advance Democracy (MAD), The Scarecrow PH, PNU Social Science Clubs, College of St Benilde Central Student Government, Innovative Youth Movement Olongapo, DLSU TAPAT, UP ALYANSA, The Bedan, Kalikha UPD, and Project Arte.

SONA 2020: Towards a Green Recovery for the Philippines

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We live in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is an existential threat to human life, and has revealed to us the effects of our negative relationship with nature. There is opportunity for us to change, however. We must build a better, healthier, and greener normal, where we put science at the forefront of decision making, policy development, and infrastructure planning.

We urge the government, and all Filipinos, to protect our natural resources, to pursue sustainability in our food, water, and energy systems, and to promote local, indigenous production to reduce our reliance on external sources. We must work together to #ChangeTheEnding on this and future crises. Our Green New Recovery must start today.

As we all strive to address the immediate needs of this pandemic, we should not lose focus of the long-term needs of a sustainable Philippines. We need proper integration, implementation, consultation, and engagement in bringing economic, health, and environmental plans to fruition. Robust financing from local implementers and the banking sector can push positive environmental impacts even further. Transparency and alignment between national and local policies is needed to assist cities and municipalities in developing plans that protect their people. Through nationwide alignment, we can address our health and economic needs with nature-based solutions amidst this pandemic.

We need policies that integrate sustainability practices in the systems that provide our basic needs. National agencies must engage LGUs and the private sector for solutions that ensure resources are sustainably-managed and accessible to all, especially during these challenging times. Communal farms, watershed management activities, and distributed renewable energy solutions can ensure resource security. Filipinos have a right to nutritious food, clean water, and sustainable energy. It is imperative that we begin developing better resource systems.

We must create platforms and programs that will enable the youth to participate in governance and develop them as sustainability champions. We recommend the integration of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into our curriculum. We can train more future leaders by instilling sustainability principles in educational materials and making them accessible. Teachers and community leaders are allies in advocating for the environment, and we must train them to educate students, families, and communities on sustainable development.

We urge the government to promote low-carbon living and the establishment of safe, inclusive, and sustainable mobility solutions that are accessible to all. We need to pursue the development of bike lanes and pedestrian areas, to reduce our carbon footprint while allowing Filipinos to travel freely. We ask that the government ensure the protection and rehabilitation of our country’s carbon sinks. Safeguarding our forests and reefs and promoting circular solutions to address plastic pollution can pave a way toward a low-carbon future for the Philippines.

We ask the government to engage in efforts to improve societal health and resiliency. We need more public spaces that can adapt to the needs of communities, especially those that are marginalized. Long-term societal health must be explored as well - the development of green spaces and infrastructure can make our cities healthier and more livable.

Finally, our relationship with wildlife must change if we are to prevent future pandemics. Studies show that closeness to and consumption of wild animals leads to global pandemics such as the current one. Through stricter penalties on illegal wildlife trade and by educating communities on the dangers of wildlife consumption, we can better safeguard endangered species and our own health. Meanwhile, strong policies that combat environmental degradation can protect our ecosystems. Multi-stakeholder approaches are vital to ensure our health, and the health of our environment.

This pandemic will not be the last if we do not take serious action now. We need to build resilient post-pandemic communities to combat resource overconsumption and wildlife exploitation as we pave the way toward a green and just recovery. We recognize the impact COVID-19 has had on our country, and only through nature-based solutions can we start down the road of green recovery. We urge the government, and all Filipinos, to protect the environment today, so that we and future generations may enjoy a healthy tomorrow. Together responsible, together possible.

Matteo Guidicelli Rewarding Himself with Popeye's After a Workout

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Should bloggers/vloggers be considered among the influencers or is there a specific definition of influencers as pertaining only to those celebrities or mainstream-popular personalities?. There is such a thing as macro and micro influencers, wherein bloggers/vloggers, may they be newbies or with small followings, are accepted as micro influencers.

People who brand themselves as influencers where you mostly just see them smile, flex a muscle, show off their cleavage, and look cute infront of the camera to pose for a photo or video ops or on their mobile phones to do a selfie with the products are what is prominent on mainstream media and online or social media. They will argue that it is very rare for consumers to read anymore, and pretty faces with short captions are enough to persuade their fans to patronize a product or service. Most are just reacting immediately on clickbait headlines or titles and would rarely click on a link to read more content about the story.

Is content no longer king and nowadays you just need a pretty face, a well-endowed physique, and willing to flex those abs, expose those cleavages, show off those sexy moves, etc. to sell a brand?

The recent video advertisement of Central Delivery with Popeye's resto shows Matteo Guidicelli doing his workout at a gym with so many of Popeyes logo placements printed in packages well-placed at prominent places at the gym, then ends with him at a push down slanted position probably sipping a cola or iced tea with the Popeyes logo on the cup, and then a photo of several Popeyes products - fried chicken, burger and fries, come out trying to bring that message of rewarding yourself.

We never heard anything about what makes Popeyes different or special compared to other brands. All they showed was Matteo doing his workout.... or was the ad only to inform us about Central Delivery as an alternative food delivery option.

Which makes no sense. After all that sweat working out, you'll gain back all that fat with those junk food.

We're you convinced to run over at the said resto or order food for delivery at Popeyes via Central Delivery?

How about with Matteo's unboxing of the PS4? We're you convinced to buy a Playstation and show a better unboxing? Lol

If you were, then substantial content is indeed no longer a priority.

It's like another Piolo Pascual and Derek Ramsey with their Dunkin Donuts promotion. These two celebrities are known for their fit and fab bodies but it is very unlikely that they would waste all their efforts by eating those sugary donuts....even as occasional rewards to themselves. For celebrities, their physical appearance is an investment that they should maintain well to remain an eye-candy for their fans.

Now there are several more examples of how influencers seems to be just paid endorsers that do not really embody truthfulness and realism as actual patrons of the products they are endorsing. But it would make this a very long article.

Should brands collaborate with bloggers/vloggers instead? Are they more credible when it comes to reviewing or featuring brands? That is open to another argument on its own.

Break the cycle of stunting in children - Save the Children Philippines

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Save the Children Philippines has raised the urgency of diverse and immediate implementation of social protection, health and nutrition programs for vulnerable families to end stunting among children that remains unresolved for decades.
The child rights organization made the call in time for President Duterte’s penultimate State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, where he is expected to report on the country’s status and the government’s agenda on COVID-19 pandemic response.

“As the Philippines marks the 30th year of ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a huge number of children still languish in prolonged hunger and undernutrition worsened by the present health crisis,” said Atty. Alberto Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines.

The convention respects and fulfills the rights of every child to survival and development, to be protected from discrimination and violence, and to be given a platform to speak up and be listened to by adults and the government.

Meanwhile, the World Bank’s Systematic Country Diagnostic report in June 2020 described the overall child nutrition picture in the Philippines as a puzzle where the country’s stunting rate stagnated between 2000 and 2015 despite the improvement of health and economic standards. It cited that 11 of the 17 regions expose up to 50 per cent of children to stunting due to high incidence of poverty.

Save the Children Philippines, in its almost forty years of operations, has been addressing issues on malnutrition and stunting among Filipino children through its different health and nutrition support programs.

In 2016, Save the Children Philippines began to implement Project NURTURE (Nutrition among Urban Poor through Unified Response) in eight deprived barangays in Navotas City. Now, it has expanded to Villareal, Samar on July 6, 2020 to protect deprived and marginalized children from chronic and acute malnutrition, as part of its COVID-19 response.

It advocated for the enactment of the First 1,000 Days Law (Republic Act No. 11148 or Kalusugan at Nutrisyon ng Mag-Nanay Act) in November 2019 that seeks to reduce malnutrition rates by focusing on high-impact and evidence-based nutrition interventions and programs to children and lactating mothers.

Both World Bank and Save the Children Philippines consider stunting as cyclical because women who were themselves stunted in childhood tend to have stunted children. Good health and nutrition in the first 1,000 days from conception to the first two years of a child have the greatest power to break the vicious cycle.

“The Philippines is one of the countries in the world with the highest number of stunted children. We hope that as we face the global pandemic as one nation, the government will put a premium on child protection against hunger and sickness to ensure their survival,” said Muyot.

DOTr condemns driver of Joanna Jesh Transport

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) strongly condemns the driver of the Joanna Jesh Transport public utility bus (PUB) with license plate number CAP 5133 for gross violation of road transport rules, as captured in a video by a concerned netizen that was posted in social media.

The posted video shows the Joanna Jesh Transport public utility bus as it speeds recklessly along the EDSA Busway hitting several lane separator barriers as it passed by. The barriers hit several private vehicles that were on the lane adjacent to the Busway as shown in the video.

With this, Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade has directed both the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to conduct an immediate investigation, and issue the necessary show cause order today to the said operator and driver of Joanna Jesh Transport public utility bus.

Upon receipt of the Secretary's directive, both agencies have already committed to act on the matter with dispatch, institute the necessary proceedings, and will not hesitate to impose the appropriate sanctions as warranted.

Let this serve as a warning to all our road transport partners that the DOTr, LTRB and LTO will never tolerate this irresponsible and reckless manner of driving by authorized PUBs which poses a danger to life and possible damage to property.

We will apply the full force of the law.

Sheraton Manila Bay embraces “New Normal"

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Sheraton Manila Bay embraces “New Normal” with enhanced cleaning protocol and safety measures.

As the tourism industry face an unprecedented time, Sheraton Manila Bay redefines what service means as it enhanced its sanitation and hygiene measures in line with Marriott’s Commitment to Clean. Sheraton Manila Bay affirms that guests’ health and well-being are paramount thus travelers are assured of a safe and secure environment when staying at the hotel. Consisting of in-house and outside experts in food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention, and hotel operations, Sheraton Manila Bay have enforced social distancing measures, deeply sanitizing all guest rooms and high-touch areas, and efficiently utilized technology to provide a touch-less and seamless services.

In preparation to the “new normal”, Sheraton Manila Bay has implemented cleanliness and operational protocol that have been audited in accordance to Marriott “Commitment to Clean” standard. Starting from the transportation service where guests can self-sanitize on board and navigate a digital service directory thru QR using our high-speed internet while on transit. Protective barriers are also in placed on all vehicles. Upon arrival, the hotel conduct temperature screening on all entry points. Foot Disinfecting Mat and hand sanitizing stations are also placed on public areas around the hotel. Guests are required to accomplish a Health Declaration Form and meet standard health requirement prior entry. The hotel also enhanced its cleaning protocols and disinfect every space, especially in high-traffic areas like restrooms, elevators, and escalators. Reinforced social distancing measures are also implemented through visible social distancing markers and reminder signage. Moreover, the hotel reduced allowable capacities in spaces, increasing distance between furniture and managing queuing areas.

Every guest room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each guest stay. The hotel also provide surface disinfecting wipes and face mask on every room. Paper collateral are minimized and digital platforms are provided to reduce unnecessary contact. Marriott Bonvoy members can use the Marriott Bonvoy App to take advantage of contactless options, including Mobile Check-In/Check-out, Mobile Key, Mobile Dining, eFolio delivery and Mobile Guest Requests/Chat.

Sheraton Manila Bay also redesigned its food and beverage station set-up to include protective barriers and contactless food options. Utensils are sanitized and sealed and menus are available digitally thru scannable QR codes. Its food-to-go gourmet offerings were also made available for those staying at home but wished to indulge in five-star gastronomic delights.

All associates are trained about safety and health procedures and are geared with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as Face Coverings, Gloves in accordance to local government regulations.

Indeed, travel has the power to connect us, to enrich our lives and to inspire us. The measures the Sheraton Manila Bay team are taking are part of their unwavering commitment to delivering on the promise of good travel while complying with local regulations to make everyone feel comfortable during their stay. Learn more about Marriott’s Commitment to Clean at

Sheraton Manila Bay is located at M. Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay. For more information, please call +632 5318 0788 or

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Have We All Been F*cked by this Government Using this Pandemic as an Excuse?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We can only comment credibly based on our own personal experience. All the rest that we say are either assumptions concluded out from memorable stock knowledge gained throughout the years, or fiction we unintentionally concocted based on fake information we thought were true, or a mix of both.

This is why we should always get - not just one or two, but several opinions from unbiased third-party sources.

However, the supposedly credible sources are being compromised. We are soon,if not already, getting only mind-conditioning news and information designed to steer us away from the truth, keep us concerned with something else, and entertain us to make us comfortable unaware of the real situation happening around us. The forces of evil are already at play and outwitting us while we were too busy quarreling with their trolls.

I wan't to firmly stand on my own beliefs but my perception of the truth may have also been wrongly formed from fabrications too. Therefore, I would appreciate anybody willing to contradict or counter my opinions, but would never tolerate the ones who would go beyond the debatable topic and attack my personality instead. The moment they use ad hominems as their weapon of choice, it signifies their reasoning is weak to stand on its own.

Lastly, I believe we are all fucked in one way or another. We have to accept that there are just too many misguided elements in government that have their own personal interests as their primary motivation. Whether they admit it or not, too much access to authority (power, privilege, perks, etc.) corrupts even the holiest of us.

Marking Our Territory Soon at Our Cool Home in Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Inilabas uli ang umbrella marked as Wazzup Pilipinas!

As usual, umuulan uli dito. Rain comes most of the time here especially at night kaya mas ideal mag gardening dito. If hindi umuulan, malamig talaga sa gabi until morning at paggising namin ay puro hamog ang ibabaw ng mga kotse.

We are back in Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal to give in to the special request of one of our sons, and that is the installation of air conditioning.

Basically, aside from making the house a weekend getaway, we are going to make it our workshop too. If this pandemic is not going away soon, we should have a place to use as a blogging, vlogging and livestreaming studio.

Seeing fireworks! Dahil sa paggawa ng metal housing for the aircon.

Actually, malamig dito tuwing gabi at umaga pero need mo pa rin ng aircon dahil mainit sa tanghali kahit may double-sided insulation foam na yung loob ng ceiling namin. You're fine if you'll open all windows and doors but your privacy is gone. You could also stay outside under the shade where it's cooler. (We are lucky our house here is facing east where the sun rises every morning), but we need a cooler ambiance indoors since we need to be plugged in most of the time.

The installation of window-type aircon for our Montalban, Rizal home was necessary. Kinunan ko uli nung naikabit na.

Bought the 1 hp Kelvinator brand for 13k. There are more expensive brands, especially the inverter split types which they say will save you on electricity cost, but the investment cost is higher at almost double.

My first familiarity with the brand is as a refrigerator brand. So air-conditioning is still a similarly cooling product.

The brand is owned by Swedish manufacturing giant Electrolux which Gen X peeps would remember by their 80's commercial which used a revised portion of the lyrics of the song to sound like this:

"I'm gonna knock on your door, ring on your bell, tap on your window too. So why don’t you open your door…  So I can show you more…
I’m your friendly Electrolux man.”

"I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door", written by Aaron Schroeder and Sid Wayne, is a song that was originally released by the Isley Brothers in 1959 and became a hit for teenage actor Eddie Hodges in 1961.

Electrolux is one of the smaller players in Australia's air conditioner market which is good enough for me as long as it's not a brand from China. But the box says it's a quality product of Concepcion-Carrier ...hhhmmm

Kelvinator's products usually perform well in Canstar Blue's customer satisfaction ratings, so the brand is evidently doing something right. Canstar Blue is Australia's most trusted comparison site, comparing over 120 consumer product and service categories, including energy.

Kelvinator air conditioners are, on the whole, a little cheaper than the more popular 'premium' brands out there. Nowadays, there seems to be very little difference in quality and performance among brands because most of our appliances that are still working are not among those high-end brands.

But after inspecting the box, nakalagay na it is a Concepcion-Carrier ... Hindi yata updated info na research ko online

Pero bakit ba tayo naglolokohan. Sa hinabahaba ng kuwento ko, doon pa rin tayo sa totoo, yun lang kasi ang extra budget namin for now. ..hehehe :)

Oh Christmas tree, my Christmas tree!

Nabasa ng ulan yung box at nasira kaya binuo ko na itong punong simbolo ng Pasko

Kapag hindi pa ako nauna sa pag greet sa inyo ng Merry Christmas ay ewan ko na lang talaga :)

Inabutan na ng dinner time!

Bought pork barbecue outside the main entrance to our phase where commercial establishments can be found. Ito talaga favorite ko kapag nandito kami sa Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal home namin.

Grilled or barbecued is supposed to be healthier than anything fried that fastfood restos sell. Kaya kanina ay litsong manok from Baliwag ang lunch namin.

May nagsabi na masama daw yung sunog na parts but for me iyon ang mas masarap

Naturally, wala ng freshly cooked veggies or any other viand in the evening. Curfew here starts at 8pm so you have to buy early para hindi masaraduhan.

P15 each lang pero before Covid-19 pandemic ay P13, tapos lumiit pa.

I bought only 10 sticks for the five of us dahil may tira pang litsong manok kaninang tanghali.

I would also normally buy milk tea to accompany the barbecues, but I think the milk tea store now closes earlier than the usual.

Done installation of the aircon at almost 11pm na. They started after lunch and ended before midnight. Wow!

We let it run all night for testing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Story of the Common Filipino Pre and During Covid-19 Pandemic

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The story of the common Filipino before covid:

Wakes up every day at 4 a.m., travels for two hours to get to work, then another two hours to get home

The monotony continues for six months—because most of these workers are only under contract for a short period... Big companies hire people only for a short while so they can’t be forced to regularize employees, who later struggle again to find another job

The story of the common Filipino during covid:

Wakes up every day at 4 a.m or even earlier., then walks, bikes or takes chance getting a ride from the few public transpo available, while wearing a face mask and avoiding close physical contact with others else getting arrested for violating quarantine protocols - for several hours trying to get to work, then does the same routine going home, but worried about infecting family members since mass testing is not among the plans of the national government so takes a bath before checking up on their kids 

While for the many who got laid off or had to close down their small business, logs on to social media to post their items for sale or barter. Government then schemes to tax online selling and bartering.

We are unsure when this monotony will end

Next election, please make sure that we vote for only those who truly understands and emphatizes with the plight of the common people, and makes it as his top priority.

While some of us are so in touch with reality, many are a major disappointment. Hindi lahat ng oras at pagkakataon kailangan mong maging masaya.  Minsan kailangan mo rin buksan ang kaisipan sa nangyayari sa paligid mo.

When so many things that are happening affect so many lives, insisting on positivity will only make us insensitive, uncaring or worse, a privileged douche.

As Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said, "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."

Hati rin ba ang pag-iisip mo kung ikaw ay kakaliwa o kakanan? Anong direction ba ang mas kapaki-pakinabang sa iyo lang o sa nakakarami?

Monday, July 20, 2020

ABS-CBN's Strategic Move: From TV Network to Online Content Creator

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We may be exaggerating a bit on the 11k employees losing their jobs.

One of the reasons ABS-CBN is letting people go (for now) is because they won't be earning as much as before since income from advertising ops on television will be reduced ...and we know how even brands alone can generate their own online ads even by just using their internal Marketing peeps....and since the Covid-19 pandemic is still around, producing teleseryes or other shows requiring a group of actors interacting with each other is out of the picture too...thus again, no room for the previous type of shows to continue which means brands won't have a show to match for their commercials. We can't make a mini-movie with actors wearing face masks or PPEs, otherwise we will be risking their safety against the veerus. Zoom videoconferencing will eventually become too boring to watch. That will look too awkward if it will always be the case. Brands will just choose GMA. ABS-CBN might just as well continue playing reruns or produce animations...or follow the leads of online influencers like vloggers who are thriving online.

With ABS-CBN still existing online, there are obviously still people assigned to manage tasks involving their online presence. Maybe not as much right now since they won't be having an extensive list of shows initially, but they could operate just like other online Influencers featuring online content -  news or entertainment. Anyway, going digital or online is really the way to go, and if vloggers could earn a considerable amount, imagine what ABS-CBN can do if it takes advantage of its existing resources and workforce.

So the real threat is for the digital and/or peeps currently existing. This former TV network can produce better and more elaborate content, thus competing with vloggers in collab with brands, ad agencies in producing commercials, etc. ...Aside from outsourcing, I'm betting that ABS-CBN could already be doing these small time, but they could expand and become a giant on this field as well.

Again, with the current pandemic, everyone is obviously limited to do the usual stuff too. The other TV networks could not produce and air their usual teleserye shows too..all reruns.

Thus the playing field seems even for all, but ABS-CBN has a backpack full of advantage that will be its competitive edge.

But don't get me wrong. The non-issuance of franchise leading to the network's closure as a television entity was also unnecessary regardless of its many faults, if ever there was. No matter how the government (Congress) defends it's decision, it will forever be seen as wrong, especially now that we are still in a Covid-19 pandemic. But this is a different (horror) story.

Highly Suspicious: High-profile Drug Convict Jaybee Sebastian's Death and Cremation Due to Covid

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Binalita abo na, bakit hindi nabalita nung nagpositive siya?

High-profile drug convict Jaybee Sebastian died on Saturday due to complications from COVID-19.

The cause of death as listed on the death certificate is acute myocardial infarction as a complication of COVID-19. No autopsy was done on the body.

His remains were cremated at the Panteon de Dasmarinas on the same day, according to the crematorium’s officer-in-charge Liezl Camaganacan.

Sebastian had been identified by fellow inmates in a 2016 House probe as the top drug lord inside the Bilibid.

Conspiracy Theory!

Jaybee Sebastian is not dead, the person cremated is not him. He will be released and maybe pardoned under a different name and will be given a new identity.
That is the reason for cremation, no more autopsy to confirm the identity of the dead person. This is how his drug money and connection works.

Ang tanong ng bayan: Pinalaya ba bilang reward sa pagtestigo laban kay Leila De Lima, and he lived happily ever after living a new life with a new identity. Nangangamoy labas kulungan.

O pinatay para permanenteng tumahimik at huwag ibulgar ang mga katotohanan?

Foul play or Planned escape?. Since the body was cremated already there's no way for sure to confirm the cause of death thru autopsy or to identify the identity of the ash. Remained ashes does not contain DNA. 

He was chosen by Kornbip19 among the others. It is what it is! Period.

Walo pala na high profile inmates ang namatay DAW. Out of the eight, six are Chinese while the two others are Filipino drug lords. Yung tatlo sa walo ay part ng “Bilibid 19” that were previously transferred to the National Bureau of Investigation holding facility during de Lima's stint as DOJ Chief. Ayos! Magkano kaya? Magandang alibi ang covid, ano? Alam na this.

Wow ha,gusto kong matuwa kaya lang hirap paniwalaan, at high profile inmate lang ba talaga ang ginusto ng covid? My ridiculous question goes like this, applicable din ba ang DNA testing sa mga nacremate na? o may bagay bang magpapatotoo na sila nga yung mga namatay?

Tell it to the marines, suddenly a high profile convict died of COVID 19? How did he acquire and how about the other inmates, were they not affected?

Bakit kaya tayo nagdududa?... hindi kaya dahil sa kakapanuod natin ng "Ang Probinsyano?"

Pero hindi talaga maiaalis kasi maaring pinalabas lang na patay tapos pinalaya lang din naman pala. Covid is the key! Cremation closed and locked the case.

Pero kung totoo, rest in peace at condolences sa mga naiwang pamilya.

Very convenient kasi. Now he cannot talk anymore. It could be complication with asphyxiation. Sana dinocument nila na namatay nga, pinicturan, nireport ganun siguro at inilabas sa media para di sila pagdudahan.

Since I have seen the movie OTJ... i need proof, pictures and videos. I do respect the grieving family. 

Hehe, magpapa retoke para mag iba look! Welcome back to the real world! Siya na si Xander Isuzu sa labas. Kakompetensya ni Xander Ford.

De Lima sighs in relief. Who else of her accusers will die of "covid"? Seriously, 
How do we know?. Best thing to do is to conduct DNA on  his remains. Remember he's one of the reason why De Lima is in jail.Your guess is as good as mine.

But it's funny, people didn't even care about him when and during the days when he testified and now suddenly you guys wanted a proof of everything concerning the cadaver. Funny indeed.

He is out of the birdcage! A few people are instant millionaires if they keep quiet. Your guess is as good as mine. Malamang taktika lang nila yan para makalaya kunwari namatay. Sigurado laya na yan...escaplan well done. Deadman tell no tales.

The Disappearing Act by Houdini. Only in the Philippines where you can buy freedom. It is very strange na wala man lang autopsy or physical evidence.

BTW, bakit may high-profile branding pa sa kulungan? Bilanggo na nga VIP pa. Kailan kaya maalis yang ganyan na trato.

Considering this very hard times, fallguys can be bought....and even fake your own death. 

"Ever considered faking your own death and starting out from scratch in some foreign land? No, us neither - but it does happen. And there’s a booming trade for it in the Philippines, of all places.

For the bargain price of around £350, travellers can purchase “death kits” made up of documents that “prove” your demise. The process involves buying an unclaimed corpse from one of the many morgues in the Philippines that have a decent number of them. And the customers? Desperate Wall Street bankers seeking to escape debt, and men having affairs who want to leave their families, apparently." - Telegraph

Yesterday I donated my PHONE, WATCH, and WALLET to a poor guy. You can't imagine the happiness that I felt as I saw him putting the gun back in his pocket.
Stay home stay safe!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Silence Amid the Noise Can Be More Deafening, Our Blurred Visions Can Be More Blinding

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Pag hindi tayo nagsalita.. kinampihan natin ang mali," says Angel Locsin.

This applies to all issues and not just about ABS-CBN. However, only a few are sharing their opinions and majority are contradicting the statement. They will argue "Sumunod ka na lang. Ano ba nagawa mo para sa bayan? Magaling ka pa sa gobyerno. Law is law." While the rest are minding their own business and silent with the harsh realities happening around us.

Those who ignore and let the wrongdoings continue are accomplices themselves.

Why are some of us apathetic!? And others have become illogical with their fanaticism?

Now that we might get accused of being a terrorist and unfairly held against our will for several days because of the anti-terrorism law, have we further broken our moral compass?

We could have a maximum of 5K friends on Facebook yet only a few are truly interacting with our posts. Are most of us busy with only our own personal interests that we would only react when we need something from an FB friend?

Being actively connected online on social media does not necessarily mean visibility to all. Well, Facebook could be doing it intentionally so we would patronize its advertising options, or we are losing touch with true friends, or fans (if your are a celebrity or an influencer), if your only presence is online.

Just check how many of your FB friends take the time to like, share or comment on your posts and/or are followers of your page, and who likewise interact with you. It might give you an idea who your real friends are.

There will be people who believe that we should stay away from people who give out negative vibes with their constant bickering highlighting the issues hounding our republic. But all that positive thinking and hoping things will eventually turn out for the best is like assuring ourselves we will not get hit by a car if we cross the highway powered by our faith alone. God probably does not allow stupid people keep what they do not deserve.

It we keep on underminding the value of getting involved, we let the persecutors win.

Dissecting the Commission on Human Rights (CHR)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Natatawa ako noon kapag nakakabasa ako ng reaction sa supposedly EJK disguised as War on Drugs. Bakit daw yung CHR, nakikialam lang kapag may pinatay at inabuso ang mga pulis na mahihirap na adik o rapists, pero kapag may na rape o napatay yung adik, tahimik at hindi daw kumikilos ang CHR.

Correct me if I'm wrong, is this because the CHR is mainly for the protection against human rights violations perpetrated by those in power like the government police and military, while murders, rapes, and other crimes of individuals to others are assigned to the police?

Kung baga, the CHR is the one that watches the watchers, with the exception of government officials. Wala tayong magawa against the top officials who seemingly have immunity against persecution of the law. Mistulang VIP sila na pinagsisilbihan at kinakakatakutan kahit they should practice being "public servants".

Mga bantay salakay ang karamihan sa mga pulis. Kung sino pa yung inatasang protektahan ang mga tao, sila pa yung mga pasimuno sa mga kabalastugan at kadalasan ay protektor pa ng mga sindikato, drug lords at private army pa ng mayayamang negosyante.

"The Commission was created as an independent office mandated to investigate complaints of human rights violations, promote the protection of, respect for and the enhancements of the people's human rights including civil and political rights.

These rights include the right to life and liberty, personal security, freedom from torture, freedom from discrimination and freedom from arbitrary arrest, among others.

These basic rights are based on shared values like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence. These values are defined and protected by law."

So malawak ang tungkulin kung babasahin at iintindihin, but could they do so much with so many breathing behind their necks?

When Clickbaits and Intriguing Headlines Are Good Enough to Catch Attention

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With the popularity of breaking news with click-bait headlines inciting us to give our immediate knee-jerk reactions even without reading the story in full, have we truly lost the interest to read news or stories that are well researched and written?

Many would often just react to the headline without getting all the facts laid out within the story. Some would read the comments and react to them instead. We've gone lazy to fully immersed ourselves to the actual story, and just rely on others' statements.

Newsmakers and content creators are also aware of this and some are taking advantage of the situation. You could even say the headlines are a trap to provoke our curiousity, and only after reading the entire article that you'll realize you've been duped to react unnecessarily.

A blogger friend has this to ask "Bakit ayaw magbasa ng mga tao ngayon? Dahil ba mahaba? Tamad? Hindi marunong magbasa? Sana may makasagot."

I told him na "Tamad na magbasa mga tao kaya IN mga vlogs ngayon...papanoorin mo na lang reaction about issues habang kumakain ng popcorn. hehehe"

He replied with "Which is wrong and nakakaiyak. Hindi sa ayaw ko ng mga vlogs and the likes but iba pa din ang reading at ang comprehension that came out from practice reading."

Karamihan ba talaga sa atin ay "ayaw intindihin dahil low attention span and some are non-readers?"  as what another Facebook friend replied to him.

She continues with stating some facts:

"The result of the PISA or Programme for International Student Assessment that the Phils joined last year ay nag-rank ang Phils in the bottom sa 3 core subjects - Math, Science and Reading. May study din isang student (Harvard I think) na many Pinoys are liking social media posts without understanding what they are liking and commenting based on headlines or article titles lang. Best way to observe this ay mga comments sa news. You will see yun train of thoughts ng mga commenters."

The friend then said "I know kaya nga nakakadismaya sa mga manunulat. May laman at pinaghirapan ang isinulat ngunit walang nagbabasa. Nakakadismaya din na makitang yung mga walang sense ang tinatangkilik"

Tempting nga to just follow the trend dahil nagiging useless to write good if noone is giving it more importance. If you just want the views, enough na maging catchy and intriguing ang mga headlines or title ng article mo even without any significant and well-researched content.

"True. Kaya lalong nakakalungkot. A craft is about to be lost and it will take x number of years bago ito marealize ng mga tao and the value of good writing.  Madaling i- corrode ang pinaghirapan ng mahabang panahon kaysa ipagpatuloy ito."

Another reaction was "Sa lifestyle today, everyone wants fast or instant. Making them tamad. What's even more bothering is people making comments with lack of knowledge about a subject."

How do you amend this? "through reading. Reading good materials not just flash stories?"

"Tobey Marcks right now a question runs to mind . . .who do we encourage first, the kids, the parents, the educators, who?"

Well, it has become a survival of the most "creative" in marketing our craft. We will be left behind if we don't play the game. It's now a choice to either join the fad, or be among the rare advocates of good writing.  I'm sure we could do both "good writing" and "creative marketing", but it takes more effort.

Do you prefer to stay relevant with the times or become forever forgotten because you kept your prestige intact?

Believe in Your Brand, Make Use of Your Bashers, Boost Your Presence

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sa totoo lang, if we won't treat our own, even stinky, shit as a worthy product
, who else will dare to even smell them. One way to do it is with the packaging. Parang food lang yan, wrap or plate them up with something colorful, creative or unique, add some flashy but affordable trinkets, decors, ornaments and whatever knick-knacks you can find, personalize it with a brand logo, product info or thank you card, add extra service that is rarely given by other competitors like some freebies, samahan mo ng endorsements ng mga influencers, take advantage of the free publicity your bashers create, and they would eat up all your shit.

I would have done the same, but something inside of me keeps twisting my arms to do otherwise. I maybe wrong in listening to that voice insidey head, but I have no regrets.

Mayabang, entitled, egocentric, with malicious intentions, wrongly-motivated, self-proclaimed, maingay with those iconic shout-outs, narcissist, hypocrite, kulang sa pansin, at kung ano-ano pa ang mga binabato sa akin noon, hanggang ngayon, dahil sa pagiging blogger.

Honestly, I wanted to get out of this profession,  but I call it an advocacy, though I'm just too opinionated to stay away....and with so much opportunities coming my way almost everyday, how could I resist?

Pasensiya na po. Mahinang nilalang. Marupok, minsang mapaglinlang, umaabuso, pabago-bagong paniniwala, nagmamatigas sa ilang prinsipyo, nagpapakatotoo, nakikipag plastikan, halos lahat pinapasukan at pinapakialaman.

But situations do change. Noon pilit akong pinapaalis na sa pagiging blogger, ngayon suportado na uli ako. Noon nawawalan ako ng gana sa mga nakikita kong pangyayari sa likod ng pagiging blogger, ngayon naisip ko na kung mawawala ako ay nariyan pa rin yung mga tunay na nakakasira sa ating bayan. Mga ipinagpalit ang prinsipyo para kumita lamang.

Napakarami rin namang walang katotohanan sa mga binibintang paratang sa akin. Pero mas madalas akong matuwa at matawa kapag may nakikidebate, panay ang bash at paninira, lahat ng galaw nakikita na parang may CCTV sa akin ay nakaumang 24 oras araw-araw. Tapos babanatan ka ng mga below the belt kapag wala ng logical na masabi in.his or her defense. In fact I miss those days when there's a long thread of people ganging up on me. Asan na ba ang mga bashers ko? Nagsawa na ba kayong punahin ako...hehehe....o baka naman nasa mga shadows lang kayo, waiting for the next opportunity to strike. Even to the point of reaching out to the PRs, events organizers, brands, and fellow bloggers. Ganoon sila ka threatened sa akin pero they disguise it as a concern for the welfare of the brand or the bligging community, so they could keep the opportunities to themselves.

Ang daming nagsabi na inggit lang sila. At least effective daw na napapansin talaga ako. Negative publicity is still publicity at dagdag online presence. The views, the views, the views...It's all about the views. But I never really cared about the views, well not until I've learned you coukd really earn a considerable amount from the views. Lol.

But we've seen so many with a huge following and stats at viral or trending stages but their sites are filled with the usual chismis, showbiz, scandals, rehashed trending topics, controversial issues, etc.. Some were even accused of setting up their own scandalous acts, and we fell for them, thus making their content viral.

I keep repeating this similar statement over and over again because it continues to proliferate and thrive like unwanted weeds in my vegetable garden.

However, has anybody advised you that weeds can be used as part of our compost or fermented plant juice too. Just us how our bashers could also be as useful to our online presence.

Fighting Maroons look back at their historic UAAP 81 run

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Reveal interesting behind-the-scenes secrets and surprises

If there’s one good thing that has come out of this pandemic, it’s that friendship and family bonds have gotten stronger, despite or because of the physical absence.

A tightly-knit family and the best of friends because of their shared experience, the UP Fighting Maroons of University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 81, held a long overdue reunion Friday, July 17 and hopped on a Zoom call for a virtual party.

Dubbed Zoomustahan with UAAP Season 81 UPMBT, the get-together was attended by Season 81 captain Paul Desiderio, that season’s MVP Bright Akhuetie, Jun Manzo, Juan Gomez de Liaño, Javi Gomez de Liaño, Diego Dario, Jarrell Lim, Gelo Vito, Janjan Jaboneta, Will Gozum, Pio Longa, Jaydee Tungcab, JJ Española and head coach Bo Perasol. Season 80’s UP courtside reporter Agatha Uvero and Nowhere To Go But UP: How a Basketball Team Inspired a Nation author Naveen Ganglani hosted the e-vent that was aired on Facebook Live so UP fans and the public could join the reunion.

The giddy group recalled their favorite memories of the UP Men’s Basketball Team’s incredible run in 2018, exchanged updates on what they have been doing during the quarantine, revealed behind-the-scenes thoughts and conversations of Season 81 and uncorked a few secrets that still surprised many.

Team captain Paul Desiderio jokingly recounted how much of a challenge it was to lead his team that year, but how his fellow seniors – Diego Dario, Jarrell Lim and Gelo Vito – shared the load and made the job easier.

The boys recalled special moments – like that classic inbound pass from Juan GDL that Bright caught at the precise moment and laid up for the winning points while Paul Desiderio fought tooth and nail to get Papi Sarr out of his defensive position. That shot opened the gates for the Maroons’ first real ticket to the Finals as it erased the Adamson Falcons’ twice-to-beat advantage and put them at par with Adamson in a knock-out game for a Finals seat.

“That was a classic. There was no way to rehearse that the way it happened, even if it was a play that was designed by Coach Ronnie (Magsanoc) at practice. Nobody could have prepared for the way it was executed,” he said. “That’s why we still talk about it today.

But prior to that blistering Final Four run that began when the Maroons played a masterful game against La Salle that catapulted them into the Final Four for the first time in 21 years, the Maroons were floundering and being inconsistent. From heady conquests of some teams, they would succumb to teams they could easily beat. Most glaring was a Second Round game against UE where they were whipped by the Wartriors in the first half.

Jarrell Lim recalled the moment. “There was a game against UE where Coach Bo got really mad. We knew we could win that game easily, but we were playing badly. In the dugout, Coach Bo said something that really scared us. He said, “If we lose this game, I’m going to resign.” That was a wake-up call for us. That was the turning point. That was when we really talked to each other as teammates and we began to take things more seriously.” The Maroons saved the day with a decisive win over the Red Warriors in the second half. From that point onwards, they never looked back.

“Nag-usap kaming mga seniors, I think losing-record kami non. We said ‘We can’t let this happen kasi ito na ‘yong last year namin.’ Naisip namin to talk to the coaches, and we all got our acts together,” Diego Dario added.

Still there was talk that UP got to the finals because they were simply lucky. Coach Bo dismissed that impression without hesitation.

“Hindi ka naman mananalo nang magic lang, na walang galing. Even if you keep on fighting, , if you do not have the set of skills to match up with one other, ang hirap, hindi makakaya yon,” Perasol said. “There were a lot of times in UP history na puro laban lang. Hindi mo matatawaran ang laban ng mga taga-UP. But this bunch of guys, hindi sila puro lumaban lang. You have to consider the skill level of these guys.”

There was a lot of light-hearted ribbing and teasing among the reuniting Maroons, one of which was pointing out Bright Akhuetie’s incredible appetite for Crispy Pata, determining who had the biggest appetite at dinners and parties (Javi GDL, Will Gozum, and Pio Longa) and who was the most “makulit”. The band of brothers – who were obviously still very comfortable with each other -- was not beyond asking Will Gozum (who has since joined the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde) to go back to UP “habang may pandemic pa”. Later in the reunion, Season 82 teammate and Mythical Team member Kobe Paras and new recruit Malick Diouf also joined in the fun, conversing with their brothers rowdily and familiarly.

The UP Men’s Basketball Team (UPMBT) made history in UAAP Season 81 by breaking their 21-year Final Four drought and making it to the Finals for the first time after 32 years.

This is the second batch of Fighting Maroons to do a virtual get together during the quarantine period. Back in April, members of the 2014 UPMBT, the team which rejoiced at ending a 27-game losing streak that prompted a controversial bonfire celebration, also had a Zoom call hosted by Fighting Maroon stalwart and game announcer Mikee Reyes.

UP basketball fans had a chance to win prizes by answering trivia questions and joining a raffle that was part of the ZOOMustahan.
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