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Debunking the Tupperware-gate: Was There Even A Plastic Container?

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"Bakit ba hindi kayo maka move on jan sa issue nang pag take out ng food galing sa event. Buti nga si Ate girl may sarli nang dala na tupperware. Eh yung iba jan nanghihingi pa ng supot so mas nakakahiya yun.Kelan pa nagkaron ng instruction ang mga event host na pwede mag take out ng food from events? Yung iba nga jan hindi nga nag ta-take out eh nagsasama naman ng mga nanay, kapatid, pamangkin sa events. pinakain na kayo meron pa kayo take out. Gawain din yan ni.... (Ay syet nalaglag ang Orange)" - Hao Siao

My mom used to sell Tupperware.

Yup! I still remember how she used to go visit one home to the next to offer her wares - Tupperware(s). But she's so quick in leveling up this particular "career" by getting herself promoted immediately from being just an ordinary home-to-home seller to an area manager of some sorts. This part I was too young to remember but I do get the feeling that she was something like a boss back then because she has "people" under her who gets the bulk of Tupperware orders from her.

The Tupperware home parties was probably a big hit too since it was so nice seeing so many different kinds of plastic food servers, containers, keepers, etc., on the table. From plates to salad bowls, glasses and storage bins, Tupperware has them. They also have these policy that you can return any Tupperware item that breaks and they'll replace them with brand new ones with no questions asked.

So basically, the brand had a great reputation and marketing scheme, and until now they are still on it. Though there may be some competitions around, the Tupperware brand still seems to be the most popular.

This is probably why it was the branding that was given to a blogger accused of "stealing" food from an event. The news about her so called despicable act spread online because of some bloggers and their friends who were all itching to jump on the bandwagon of hate and persecution.

This issue even made its way to another publication who even included a quote from the blogger. Well, I have to say that the article was a bit comprehensive but actually pertaining to food blogging dilemmas instead. Still, even though the writer included so many facts and quotes from other people, she still left out an interview with the accused herself.

That made her article incomplete because it is always important to get all the facts from the other party (especially the accused) involved. As we all know, inclusion of select quotes would never quantify the entire story. The article, even though it tried to raise the issue of how questionable food blogging is, added further injury to the blogging community because it was specifically pointed to bloggers. Isn't she aware that even legit traditional media review, and take home, food and restaurants as well? Don't even let me get into the sponsorship, advertising and/or "enveloped" ways of giving thanks for their support towards a brand. The difference between traditional media (TV, Radio and print) and online media (including bloggers) is already so hardly seen anymore because we see trad media following the ways of online, and vice versa.

The bashers responsible for spreading the rumors couldn't even get their information right. The accused blogger said there was no Tupperware involved. She just wrapped the food in tissue and put it in her bag. But I guess the term "Tupperware-gate" was only meant to generalize similar acts. It just proves that the Tupperware brand is highly recommended for all your food storage requirements.

They've already judged the blogger as guilty and pronounced her as a thief. Her pregnant daughter jumped into the "hate-full" conversation to save her mother from the wrath, not thinking that the rumors about her and her mother may cause harm to her delicate condition. Admirable, but sort of crazy. Her mother is tough enough to fight her problems on her own, but the rest of us who understand that all these bashing are senseless should stand up and put a stop to these stupidity.

Hey, I bash also. But only to react and ridicule the "professional" bashers instead, most especially those that would even write "love letters" to brands, PRs and event organizers, to put down other bloggers so they would gain monopoly of the industry. Attacking them would probably make them realize that bashing is not even worth any of our precious time because it only asks for a retaliation from both parties and further brings down the perception of people about "online publications."

But even after we all know that the hate towards bloggers should not be discussed on public forums or threads because it only aims to ruin reputations, "hate-full" bloggers continue to ridicule her like she's the most evil person in the world. The hate bandwagon has always been a public party among social media friends who immediately jump in on the bashing without even knowing all the facts.

Regardless if she's guilty or not, we cannot convince her to do better if we personally attack her without giving her the opportunity to explain first. You don't shame people in advance....then explain that the thread was all about saving the blogging community. You've already damaged her. Talk about adding pain to the injury - of being seen on CCTV?

That particular report that she was seen on CCTV was even disturbing. How could bloggers have access to the video footage or even get reports about it if the "casino and hotel" did not leak the information? Shouldn't there have been a questioning first between the "casino and hotel" with the accused, rather than giving out this information already to other people? I'm sure they understand that this accusation of "theft" is a highly sensitive matter that may ruin a reputation if not dealt with accordingly. Isn't there a protocol that should have been followed?

We are not siding with the blogger at all, or anybody else for that matter. But, when food will only go to waste, even the organizers themselves would take them out. They have the authority to do that because they are responsible for the event. Though we encounter a lot of events where the organizers encourage everyone to take home the left-overs, it is not really very "classy" to have take-outs on either paper/plastic/foil/cardboard or even Tupperware, especially when there are still people eating.

Stay away from being tempted to bring home those yummy dishes when some people are still around. It may be a compliment to the chefs that you appreciate their cooking, but let everyone else have their second or third serving, please. Wait until everyone has left, and then (when very few people are looking) you discreetly ask the organizers if you could take home the left-overs. OK lang yan kapag close kayo ng PR, or makapal ang mukha mo, or may advocacy ka to give food to the needy street children or those at the squatters (informal settlers) area, or you just couldn't stomach seeing good food go to waste.

To the journalist who wrote the article putting bloggers in a bad light. Please complete your information. Get the side of the blogger you quoted. We prefer to read an article where you also reached out to the parties concerned  rather than just grabbing a few quotes here and there, then arriving at a conclusion based from those itsy-bitsy information. When you confine the issue of "taking out food" among bloggers only, that is totally a wrong perception. Everyone appreciates being able to bring home something from an event whether they may be tokens, GCs, "envelopes" or "ampao", or even the excess food.

BTW, to those who intentionally get too much food from the buffet, or from wherever, and then end up only to request for them to be taken out, that is also quite "unethical." Still, that is your life. Your blog, your rules. But be prepared to expect a consequence out of that action.

To the bashers, it is much "classier" to wait for the organizers to come out with their official statement. Huwag laging nangunguna sa chismis lalo na kung wala naman pruweba. If all you have are hearsay, and you can't show any proof or evidence, better hold back on the rumor-mongering and wait until you could post a copy of that CCTV video footage, if ever there was really one that shows the true nature of the "crime."

Remember that all that negative talk will surely backfire at you. You may be able to persuade others to believe in you, but that would be limited among the weak-minded and gullible people. I am positive that the number of respectable and considerate people outnumber those who quickly judge people based from only a few facts.

Lamudi Partners with Davao City Investment Promotion Center

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Davao City partners with top real estate marketplace Lamudi to promote real estate trends and best practices to homegrown brokers

In a bid to further strengthen its real estate industry, the local government of Davao City, through the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC), has recently partnered with top real estate website Lamudi to train Davao’s homegrown real estate brokers and to gear them up for the digitization of real estate marketing.

As going online and the effective use of technology are considered some of the best practices in real estate selling today, Lamudi will spearhead a thought-leadership session for Davao-based real estate brokers, which will detail efficient ways to reach more property-seekers via digital marketing.

Dubbed “Real Estate Is at Its Peak,” the brokers activation and seminar will happen on August 10 at the Marco Polo Hotel and will start at 8:30 am. Lamudi speakers will fly to Davao to train and impart their expertise to Davao brokers, headed by Bhavna Suresh Chathambeth, Managing Director of the Lamudi Group.

“Davao City has been in the spotlight as one of the prime centers for investment and tourism in the country today. Tourists and investors visiting Davao City are seeking for areas where they can reside during their stay in the city. With Lamudi opening its doors in Davao City, opportunities for both brokers and buying market are made easier,” said Lemuel Ortonio, Officer-in-Charge of the DCIPC.

“Now that majority of businesses are going online, DCIPC lauds Lamudi’s initiative to create a linkage between Davao City brokers and online property-seekers and shift the city’s real estate landscape in a digital platform,” Ortonio added.

“Assisting Davao real estate in going full blast online is a proud feat for Lamudi. We are making history by gradually shifting the industry from its traditional practices toward easier, faster and more convenient real time transactions,” shared Ms. Suresh.

“Doing this hand in hand with the Davao government signals that the Davao property sector is certainly looking at very bright prospects in the years ahead,” Ms. Suresh explained.

Davao Real Estate

Lamudi analyzed its onsite search data in 2016 and found that the page-views for Davao City properties averaged 48,000 per month, while the monthly average for the first six months of 2017, however, increased to 53,000. In addition, the global real estate website predicts search traffic for Davao City properties to grow 2.41 percent per month over the next 12 months.

Both local and international investors remain bullish on the high potential of Davao and Mindanao. A number of real estate developers and workspace solutions providers, who have set up offices in Davao, attested that they are receiving high renewal rates of investors particularly in office space. They also continue to welcome new investors who believe in the fast-rising economy of Davao.

Lars Wittig, Country Manager of Regus Philippines, said in a news briefing that in June 2017 alone, Regus’ Davao City branch signed up seven new clients and 48 workstations. Because of this, Davao is considered one of Regus key offices in the country as it records an 82 percent occupancy rate.

Data from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA) also showed that the Davao Region’s economy grew 9.4 percent in 2016, from 8.2 percent in 2015. According to Ms. Suresh, this impressive GDP growth and Davao Region’s huge potential will play a vital role in the region’s already flourishing real estate industry.

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier for Asian Companies

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AI is key to unlocking future corporate and economic competitiveness according to Lenovo 

The aggressive adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by businesses in Asia continues to grow. Just last year, Frost & Sullivan predicted that the continent will soon overtake U.S. in the use of AI in the workplace. In 2016, Asia posted total AI investments close to the $200 billion mark.

Paving the way for this continued acceleration is Lenovo, the leading global technology brand. Earlier this year, Lenovo announced that it would invest $1.2 billion in AI, big data and IoT research and development over the next four years, reinforcing the company’s commitment to AI as a critical enabler for future prosperity and growth.

“AI is fast becoming an affordable and indispensable tool to solve business challenges and identify market opportunities. AI provides a company more freedom for business development and innovation as it provides content, services, and experiences in a more immersive and innovative way,” said Michael Ngan, General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

Recent developments have made AI — the process of training a machine to learn in a way which resembles a human brain — more flexible and easier to use. A case in point is the prevalence of applications and smart assistants that can perform AI-based tasks based on user commands.

During the 3rd Lenovo Tech World Summit held recently, the company announced product concepts of smart devices, some of which include CAVA (Context Aware Virtual Assistant), a digital assistant that uses deep learning-based face recognition systems and natural language understanding technologies, and the Xiaole platform that is designed to help businesses create personalized customer interactions for the purpose of nurturing relationships.

A solution for every department

Citing a research study by Accenture which reveals that AI can boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent, Lenovo affirms that AI’s ability to fundamentally change the way how work is being done in every facet of the company, not just in IT, as the main reason for AI’s surging popularity among businesses in Asia.

With data being the currency in today’s digital age, companies can utilize AI to gather crucial customer insight for a better “humanized” customer experience. AI is enabling companies to more effectively engage their employees with a greater social presence and provide immediate responses to customer queries, all in a personalized format. AI-based chatbots are now being used to handle initial contact with customers, taking care of simple tasks and allowing human operators to handle the more complex interactions.

“AI makes it possible to quickly and effectively collect and analyze data,” Ngan explained. “At Lenovo, for example, we use crucial data provided by machine learning to better understand our customers’ views about our products as well as what features they hope to see in our future offerings. Using AI as a tool to strengthen our customer-centric approach to product development has allowed us to establish ourselves as a global leader in PC development.”

AI is not a trend that is expected to fade any time soon. The AI market is expected to top $16.06 billion by 2022, and it’s high time for companies to adapt. “An ‘intelligent workplace’ can make even the most complex of tasks easier for everyone, regardless of the industry. With AI, a company can revolutionize productivity, which in turn can lead to a better overall experience for customers and therefore having a huge advantage against competitors,” said Ngan.

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‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Hoechlin and More Guests Leap Into APCC 2017

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Sharpen your fangs and get your capes out, as AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2017 (APCC Manila) unveils its next celebrity guest—no less than Hollywood actor Tyler Hoechlin—who is set to soar at APCC Manila, slated from August 25 to 27 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Tyler Hoechlin plays tragic werewolf Derek Hale in the MTV series Teen Wolf. He also stunned audiences last year with his appearance as the iconic Superman in the CW series Supergirl.

An established performer who had been acting since he was nine, Hoechlin's first big break came when he played the timid Michael Sullivan, Jr. in the crime film Road to Perdition. This landed him several nominations and awards, as well as the role of Martin Brewer in the long-running series 7th Heaven.

The rest was history, as he made appearance after appearance in a wide variety of movies and television series: horror flicks such as 2008’s Solstice, comedies such as 2011’s Hall Pass, and appearances in the likes of CSI Miami, Lincoln Heights, My Boys, and Castle.

“It is great to have Tyler Hoechlin as one of our main talents at AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2017 as he resonates very well with our target pop-culture Filipino fans who have loved him immensely in Teen Wolf, while he has also made an impact in the iconic character of Superman in Supergirl TV series” said Abdulla Mahmood, Director - Marketing and International Business Development, while further adding “It’s a fantastic opportunity for Tyler Hoechlin’s die-hard fans to meet and greet him in intimate session during the event in Manila”.

Hoechlin will next be seen in the global sensational series, Fifty Shades Freed, the third installment in the bestselling Fifty Shades series and stars opposite Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

He is slated to appear in the Peter Hutchings-directed series Departures, alongside of Asa Butterfield, Nina Dobrev, and Maisie Williams.

Also joining the fray is another veteran of the comics industry, Rodney Ramos. Having been a professional penciller and inker for more than 15 years, Ramos' skills have graced the pages of various titles across major studios Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Marvel U.K., Valiant, Acclaim, Malibu, and Continuity Comics.

His inking credits include the critically-acclaimed Transmetropolitan, Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more. 

The two join guest Ray Fisher, who plays DC’s Cyborg in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, for a weekend of unforgettably awesome experiences for fans of movies, TV, comics, music, cosplay, and everything in between!

Catch them alongside other big stars for meet-and-greet sessions, autograph signing sessions, and once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities at APCC Manila 2017, with ticket prices and schedule to be announced soon.

For APCC Manila 2017 entry tickets, they are now available via SM Tickets website,, or at all SM Tickets outlets, with ticket prices at PhP600 (one-day pass), PhP900 (two-day pass), and PhP1,100 (three-day pass). All these will give the ticketholder access to stage activities, performances, and the main show floor. The event is free for children aged five years and below for all days, but a valid identification is required for verification purposes before entering the show floor.

A limited edition Collector’s Pack is available at a discounted price of PhP 3,500. This special offer is available for purchase at SM Tickets online ( and SM Tickets outlets while supplies last. Collector's Pack includes 1/12 Scale Iron Man “Shotgun” Collectible Figure, 1x APCC 3-Day Pass, 1x Special Edition Captain America Comic Book, and 1x APCC 2016 Tote Bag. 


Also available is the Ultimate Merch Bundle, priced at PhP 1,600. The bundle includes 1x APCC 3Day Pass, 1x Special Edition Captain America Comic Book, 1x APCC 2016 Tote Bag, 1x Sticker Set, 1x APCC 2017 Cotton T-Shirt (S-XL), 2x APCC Lanyards, and 1x Star Wars Lanyard. This bundle is limited to 100 sets only, and is available at SM Tickets online, and at all SM Ticket outlets near you! For more information and event updates, visit, or follow their official Facebook Page, Twitter account @AsiaPOPComicon, and Instagram account @asiapopcomicon.

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New Nokia 105 Now on Sale in Philippines at 850 Php

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 New Nokia 105 Features a Larger Screen and Tactile Keymat All for an Even Better Price
The award-winning Nokia 105 now features a sculpted design, larger screen and an all new keymat for better usability, as well as outstanding battery performance

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, announced the third generation Nokia 105 is available in Philippines nationwide at Php 850.

With well over 200 million Nokia 105s sold to date around the world, this award winning handset now features an all new sculpted design, outstanding battery life, and improved usability thanks to its larger screen size and new tactile island keymat. All of these enhancements come at an even lower price than before, making it more affordable than ever to get connected. With more than 1.3 billion feature phone users around the world, many from markets in Asia and Africa[i], the reliability and excellent value the Nokia 105 offers is set to ensure yet more people around the world can get connected.

Designed to take on everyday life

Clearly inspired by the Nokia phone design heritage, the new contoured style of the Nokia 105 makes it a superb fit for your hand with a beautiful, natural shape. Featuring inherent colour throughout its polycarbonate casing, minimising the visual impact of knocks and bumps, the Nokia 105 is built to take on everyday life, giving you the quality, reliability and robust design you would expect from a Nokia phone. The new island keymat features separated keys for improved usability, and the larger 1.8-inch screen delivers a better viewing experience when playing favourite games, like Snake Xenzia, which comes preloaded.

Taking full advantage of the larger screen, the Nokia 105 also comes preloaded with two try and buy games – Doodle Jump and Crossy Road[ii].

Outstanding performance

With up to 15.7 hours[iii]talk time and a month long standbyiii, the Nokia 105 lets you talk from sunrise to sunset on just one charge. And with enough storage space for up to 500 text messages and up to 2,000 contacts, you’ll have all your essentials in your pocket.

The Nokia 105 also features the ever popular LED torchlight – simply press the up key twice to quickly turn the torch on and off.

“We understand that people who are looking for great feature phones are motivated by different needs. But when it comes to phone features the needs are the same; long battery life, robust build quality, and high quality voice functionality,” commented Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer, HMD Global. “Add to that classic, timeless looks and you have what is simply a great phone – the Nokia 105.”

“We are excited to introduce the new Nokia 105 to Philippines at our most accessible price point ever. With more than 4 billion people remaining offline[iv]and unable to benefit from the social and economic development opportunities of the internet, simply getting connected by voice and text is still such an important step for many people around the world,” commented Shannon Mead, Phillippines Country Manager, HMD Global. “More than 400 million feature phones were sold globally in 2016[v]. We cannot underestimate the need and benefit of being connected and we are dedicated to delivering devices that can enable many people around the world to expand their horizon.”

Available in Dual and Single SIM variants[vi], the Nokia 105 also features an inbuilt FM Radio and charges using a standard Micro USB cable (USB 2.0).

Retailing at Php 850 for the dual SIM variant, the Nokia 105 will be available in white and black – each colour with a matte finish.

The Risks Of Borrowing Money From Family And Friends

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Sure, you have a stable job, a bit of money tucked away in a time deposit account and a few pieces of prized jewelry you consider as investments. However, an unforeseen event happens and you find yourself illiquid. Broke is too harsh a word. In Filipino customs, the first number to call is family. Then, friends. If all else fails, there's the neighborhood creditor on motorcycle. The Philippines is composed of close-knit communities that offer support during times of need. Who needs a good standing in the bank if you have generous grandparents and aunts?

While it is a blessing to have a long list of contacts for your Call-A-Friend moments, borrowing money from family and friends has its downside. We're not talking about predatory interest rates nor tight repayment schemes. To borrow money from these people means to expose yourself to possible mental and emotional stress. Here's why you should take caution in dealing with money matters in your personal relationships.

“I told you so!”
Photo courtesy of Matthias Zomer via Pexels
Financial stability sometimes becomes a measure of a Filipino's success. Your parents may not 100% agree with your life choices, such as your career preference, but once you're able to prove that you can manage on your own, eventually you can earn their blessing. Sadly, an emergency can strike anytime. Your family will likely run to your rescue especially if it involves an accident or illness. But expect to hear tirades from your mother that may start off as concern and end in an “I told you so” note. Hold on tight for a trip down memory lane from your childhood mischiefs to where you are now: borrowing money from your parents.

The perpetual “utang na loob”
Photo courtesy of Oscar Mikols via Pexels

“Utang na loob” is a concept uniquely Filipino which Wikipedia translates to “a debt of one's inner self (loob).” It is a debt that may or may not need to be repaid in money form, but will definitely carry with it favors you're expected to deliver sometime in the future. It can be a job recommendation in your office, an errand out-of-town or your utmost allegiance in times of family conflict. Think of it as a perpetual loan. If your cousin lends you money with no questions about repayments, tread carefully. It may involve an unwritten utang na loob provision.

The emotionally-charged convos

Photo courtesy of Thnh Phng via Pexels
When you apply for a bank loan, the loan officer will ask for certain documentary requirements, investigate on your credit standing and interview you about your finances. There are no painful phone calls on how you've exhausted all your options nor dramatic reenactments of how things went awry. Borrowing money from family and friends can be emotionally challenging. Your pitch will depend on your relations with your potential creditor. With your strict elder sister, you may need data to back up your repayment promises. With your best friend, you may need to offer a bit of your (too) personal secrets in return. You should be ready for the intrusive questions and the subtle insults.

The inevitable rejection

Photo by Kinkazoid

Why do some people avoid borrowing money from loved ones at all costs? It because of the agony of rejection. Getting your bank loan application turned down can be disheartening, but there's nothing more distressing than being refused by family or a close friend. Before you dial up your uncle, you've already made a projection on how he will react on your call for assistance. Your forecast is influenced by your relations with him, the past favors you've extended (this is utang na loob in the works), among others. So if you're rejected, you feel that it's not just your plea that was turned down, but your relations with this person. Somehow, you feel entitled to your family and friend's assistance as if a loan can measure your endearment for one another. Maybe they're just as illiquid as you.

Prepping yourself for the unforeseen
Photo courtesy of Startup Stock Photos via Pexels
No matter how financially stable you think you are, there are instances that can wipe clean your savings such as medical emergencies, accidents, and the sudden loss of income. How can you protect yourself from these risks?

First, make sure you have ample emergency funds in the bank. This pot is separate from your savings, which is primarily reserved for large purchases and your retirement. As a rule of thumb, an emergency fund should at least be equivalent to your living expenses for 6 months. You can easily build up this pot by setting aside a portion of your paycheck. Place the money in a bank product that you can liquidate at a moment's notice such as a savings account.

Second, get yourself insured. An insurance is your buffer against debilitating expenses. This will protect you against the risk of loss of income due to prolonged disability or death of your household's breadwinner. Insurance is really important to have; especially, here in the Philippines where few people can afford to be insured. But in reality, Filipinos actually have wide choices for this kind of benefit whatever their living condition is, rich or poor they can be insured. One example is the accident insurance offered by a known pawnshop in the Philippines. It won’t cost you a thousand pesos to be insured. You can’t really make excuses. If you still think this as too much to have, remember that you're essentially buying peace of mind when getting an insurance product.

Next, invest for your future. Nothing is guaranteed in life (except death and taxes). Your paycheck may not be as handsome a couple of years from now. Who knows? Start building various sources of passive income such as a stock portfolio or a small business.

Finally, live within your means. Make a habit to create a monthly accounting of your income and expenses. Jot down your disposable income (your earnings net of taxes and other charges), and set aside 10% to 20% for your savings fund. The rest shall cover your rent, utilities and daily sundry expenses. This personal finance habit can help you decide whether you really need that overpriced coffee every afternoon.

Your family and friends consist of your most important support group. When the proverbial stuff hits the fan, you know who to call. However, you should draw a line somewhere. You can expect words of wisdom from your grandparents when you need guidance, but this doesn't mean that they can be as open when it comes to money matters. Don't let money taint your beautiful relations. Avoid borrowing money from family and friends if you're risking an emotionally-charged encounter. It's just not worth it, and you know it.

Great Deals and Awesome Steals with the Araneta Center Rainy Day Sale

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Attention, shopaholics! The Araneta Center’s Rainy Day Sale happens from August 18-21, 2017. Visit the Center and enjoy great discounts of up to 70% off on selected items from a wide range of stores for four straight days.

Early birds get first dibs on the greatest deals from apparel to accessories and a lot more at the Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and New Farmers Plaza.

As an added treat, every PhP 700 single receipt purchase from any establishment in Araneta Center Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, Farmers Plaza, Farmers Market, and Araneta Center Bus Station as well as restaurants in the Coliseum Circle, Telus Arcade, Shopwise Aracade, Manhattan Parkview and Parkview Arcade entitles customers to play a “Catch the Stars” game at the Gateway Mall Activity Area from August 18-21, between 11:00 AM-6:00 PM. This also goes the same for customers with a PhP 500 single receipt purchase from Gateway and Ali Mall Cineplex. Exciting freebies await the lucky winners.

For more information on Araneta Center’s Rainy Day Sale, please visit, or follow Araneta Center’s social media pages on Facebook, and Instagram @TheAranetaCenter.

KLIN 365: A Breakthrough that Makes Cleaning Simplified

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A new and revolutionary cleaning solution that aims to make cleaning in the restaurant industry way more simpler is now available.

Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation, a proud Filipino company and also a leading developer of cleaning and sanitation products in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, introduces KLIN 365. Its distinct uniqueness is that it is a 10-in-1 cleaning product aimed to simplify the complicated cleaning practices in the restaurant industry.

The food service industry needs are undoubtedly evolving so the company came up with KLIN 365 to be able to focus on those needs. Clients from the restaurant and food industries will surely find delight in KLIN 365 since restaurant personnel will no longer use too many cleaning agents just to come up with the right cleaning solution. KLIN 365 will minimize if not eliminate, errors in mixing multiple cleaning agents and correspondingly, would save ample shelve space since there will be no need for other cleaning products. Now, the solution for their diverse and complex cleaning requirements is now made possible—and simpler—with the use of a single product. No more pains of cleaning with KLIN 365 as the hero product for the restaurant industry.

By being a multi-use cleaning and sanitation solution, KLIN 365 effectively works as a dishwashing liquid, degreaser, odor eliminator, floor cleaner, glass and table cleaner, fly repellent, as a sanitizer for the hands and kitchen utensils, plus toilet and urinal cleaner, too. This myriad of cleaning functions is what restaurants and food service establishments truly need to keep germs and other bacteria away.

This 10-in-1 cleaning solution is easy to use and is totally gentle and safe on the hands. It is non-corrosive and safe on all washable surfaces and effectively kills a wide range of harmful microorganisms to keep the kitchen and other work places clean and germ free. It is a perfect cleaning agent for all cleaning requirements of Quick Service Restaurants or QSRs because it not only cleans but also sanitizes, and complies to established standards of food safety.

KLIN 365 is the only product of its kind in the market today, thanks in large part to KLIN 365’s Surfapro Technology™. This groundbreaking cleaning technology borne out of painstaking research by Kalinisan Chemicals Corp.'s Research and Development team smartly removes targeted soils and rapidly activates antimicrobial agents to eliminate dangerous microorganisms.

KLIN 365 is so powerful that one 45ml sachet can be mixed with up to 20 liters of water. This mixture can address almost all cleaning needs of a typical restaurant.

“We have been part of the food and beverage and cleaning industries for quite a long time. What we did was to focus on our customer's experience – observed their pain and listened to their complaints. And with KLIN 365, we know that we have an innovative and more importantly, useful cleaning solution. Now, our customers are given the choice to simplify the usually complicated process of cleaning. We are proud to have come up with a totally home-grown product that we know will revolutionize the way cleaning and sanitizing is done in the Philippines, which is part of our mission to add value to the industries that we serve through product innovation and excellent customer experience,” explains James Bernardo, Chief Executive Officer of Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation.

Get KLIN 365 and other outstanding products and services of Kalinisan Chemicals Corporation through its network of direct distributors nationwide starting August 1, 2017. And for every purchase of a box (100 pieces of 45 ml sachets per box) of KLIN 365, proper product training on usage and application will be provided. For product orders, visit the main office located at Building 1, Cainta Business Center Vista Verde Gate 2, Executive Village, Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal or call (632) 654-7951, 571-5314, 682-2873. Visit or email for more details.

UAAP Appoints New Executive Director

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University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Michael Alba announced the appointment of Atty. Rene Andrei Saguisag, Jr., as the Association’s new Executive Director starting 7 August 2017.

Dr. Alba, President of Far Eastern University, the host school of UAAP Season 80, considers Atty. Saguisag’s recruitment as one of the early, exciting developments in the ongoing reorganization of the country’s premier amateur athletic league. “Along with the heads of the member universities now acting as the trustees, for the first time in 80 years, the Association will have an executive director to oversee its operations,” Dr. Alba said.

Rebo, as Atty. Saguisag is more familiarly called, is not new to the UAAP, having been Commissioner of Basketball in Seasons 78 and 79. He will also be serving in the same capacity in the forthcoming season, concurrent to his new appointment.

As executive director, Atty. Saguisag is charged to perform, direct, manage, and oversee a variety of assignments. These include implementing policies; providing support to the Board of Trustees, the Board of Managing Directors, and the UAAP Committees; supervising operations; and undertaking special projects.

He has a JD degree from the Ateneo Law School and is a BS in Sports Science graduate of the University of the Philippines.

His other sports engagements include being Deputy Commissioner of Basketball in Season 93 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Commissioner of the Makabansa Basketball League 2017.

Of his appointment, Atty. Rebo says, “It’s definitely an opportunity that any sports lover will find hard to resist. I also feel that it is another place where I can be passionate and be of help if in a modest way.” Waxing philosophical, he adds, “Nobody knows how long I’ll be here, but I do want my stay to mean something. In Season 80, we Go for Great. I am more than grateful and appreciative.”

Cusi, ACD Delegates Make Solar Lamps for 100 Bohol Families

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Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi and other energy officials attending the ongoing Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) in Panglao, Bohol assembled 100 solar-powered lamps under the guidance of local grade-schoolers and donated them to Boholano families on Tuesday.

The lamps were given to 100 families in the islands of Balicasag, Pamilacan and mainland Panglao, including the families of 34 students from Lourdes Elementary School in Panglao as beneficiaries.

The 34 Grades V and VI students along with the 12 chosen Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) teachers around Bohol were earlier taught how to convert the kerosene lamps into solar and battery powered lamps, and shared what they learned to delegates as part of the ACD's Liter of Light: Solar Build Workshop held at the Be Grand Hotel in Panglao Island.

Cusi, as head of delegation of the host country, soldered and assembled the electronic parts of the solar lamp with guidance from Grade VI student Christopher Abellana and Grade V student Honey Lee Mijares together with Liter of Light founder Illac Diaz and TLE Teacher Gil Adame of La Hacienda High School in Alicia Bohol.

“What we are doing here among the kids is creating consciousness on the importance of energy for our economic growth,” Cusi said during the workshop.

“The Liter of Light has done several projects already and now we are collaborating with them to promote alternative energy technologies so we can share these options to other communities nationwide. There are other initiatives that are being undertaken, hindi lang itong Liter of Light, but this is the most viable na tinitingnan namin bilang option," said Cusi.

The workshop served as a great a venue for the students to learn and explore new things that they can share to their families, peers and community, according to the DOE Secretary.

He added that the workshop served to give the people and the youth “Power of Choice” in using energy efficiently and effectively.

The lamps also symbolized the giving of light or hope for the realization of dreams and for coping with outage during disasters that affect energy supply.

“With these kinds of projects, the power is already within their hands,” Cusi said.

The DOE hosted the three-day ACD, which tackled energy security, sustainability and resiliency among Asian countries.

Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow: Xavier Ateneo Teams Up with Fujitsu PH to Strengthen Connectivity Gearing Towards a Smart Digital Campus

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Digitalization is driving the education sector on to a profound transformation.

The report “The Road to Digital Learning” by Fujitsu showed that many schools, colleges, and universities have high aspirations for digital learning, in which academic establishments acknowledge the role of technology in improving the education milieu and creating equal opportunities.

In the Philippines, Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan believes that addressing the demands of digital learning is vital to enable advanced waves of educational approaches for her academic community.

Guided by its vision of becoming “A leading ASEAN University forming leaders of character by 2033,” Xavier Ateneo leverages on the benefits of information communications technology (ICT) to extend the best environment for its students.

XU has recently joined forces with Fujitsu Philippines, a global leader in providing ICT solutions, to boost the connectivity in all its five campuses across Cagayan de Oro City.

“Digitalization and connectivity have emerged as a necessity for educational institutions. It allows us to make our students globally competitive. To achieve it, we have invested a lot in building and improving our IT infrastructure across all campuses,” said Edison B. Sasoy, Xavier Ateneo Vice President for Administration.

“All our current and future ICT initiatives are centered on the university’s core processes that include teaching and learning system, research, and social development,” he added.

Advancing XU’s network infrastructure

In 2009, the university has first laid the backbone of its network infrastructure. Over the years, it has been upgraded to host more information and enterprise systems to allow for a more conducive and digitally-inclined learning environment.

Two of these systems are the Student Lifecycle Management and Information System (SLMIS) and eLearn, which manage all student-related services and business operations. These are web-based systems that manage student records, both academic and financial, in a secure, stable environment. Students in various levels — technical-vocational (Center for Integrated Technologies), college (undergraduate and graduate studies), professional (law and medicine), and continuing professional education levels are able to access their information anytime, anywhere.

The university’s Computing and Information Services Office (CISO) saw the need of further advancing the university’s IT infrastructure in terms of (1) connectivity, (2) security, and (3) high availability.

Harriet B. Fernandez, CISO Director, said that without a stable network infrastructure, all the information systems that they currently have and those that they plan to integrate will not be able to operate efficiently.

On top of that, XU also wants to blanket the whole campus with WiFi connection and bolster its IP-based telephone system.

The three components of the network system upgrade are set to significantly enhance the productivity of its faculty, staff, and students through the use of a fast and reliable network.

Reaching new heights

Fujitsu Philippines has played a key role in implementing Xavier University’s ICT network infrastructure plans.

In 2011, it has started the integration of solutions centered on Cisco and Ruckus products.

Cisco’s Catalyst 4500-X is the core that provides 10G connections across XU’s buildings and campuses. Cisco Nexus 9300, on the other hand, provides the data center infrastructure that connects its existing Unified Computing System (UCS) Server and NetApp Storage.

To ensure network security, Fujitsu translated XU’s security requirements by incorporating the Cisco ASA 5585 firewall with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Advanced Malware Protection, and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). For added defense, Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance was placed to protect the university from phishing sites and other online threats. This appliance also allows XU to implement policy-based web filters that enable easy implementation of the existing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policies.

Ruckus Wireless System was also included to provide WiFi connection throughout the main campus and the annexes.

According to Fren Marlon B. Peralta, CISO - Computing and Network Services Unit Head, the upgrade has aided their team in boosting the capabilities of their network in which they are looking at an eight to 15-year lifecycle.

“Our next steps are now focused on the optimization of the converged campus network infrastructure, especially now that we are moving towards an online campus setup. All of the student services like admissions and enrollment, as well as student evaluation and assessment are now accessible online,” Peralta shared.

“Maybe, in the coming years, the university may also venture to offer online courses,” he added.

Xavier Ateneo is a private Jesuit-run university situated at the heart of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. At present, it caters to more than 14,000 students from basic education to secondary, tertiary, graduate, and professional studies.

XU operates on five campuses: Agriculture extension called Manresa; Center for Integrated Technologies on Masterson Avenue; XU Grade School campus in Macasandig; XU High School and Grade School Annex in Pueblo de Oro; and main senior high and tertiary campus along Corrales Avenue.

“We see the value of digitalization for advancing the capabilities of educational institutions in enabling for a better learning experience for their students. It is one of our thrusts to support these visions of providing a tool that would make learning fun, convenient, and available,” said Cricket Santiago, Fujitsu Philippines Chief Executive Officer.

“For Fujitsu Philippines part, we’ll continue extending our support and services to them.”

Win a Trip for Two to Boracay in TCL PH’s Beach Bonding Moments Raffle Promo

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TCL Philippines, one of the leading manufacturers of televisions globally, gives four lucky winners a chance to win in its Beach Bonding Moments raffle promo which will run from July 1 to September 30, 2017.

Every single receipt purchase of any TCL TV products during the promo duration at participating dealers nationwide is entitled to one raffle ticket.

Among the TCL products included in the promo are as follows:


The grand prize also includes free accommodation for three days and two nights, airfare, and pocket money

TCL will also give away minor prizes, such as two TCL Window Type Aircons, two 32” TCL Digital TVs, and T-shirts and pillows as consolation prizes.

There will be two raffle draws. The winners from July 1 to August 15 entries will be drawn on August 29. Meanwhile, forAugust 16 to September 30 entries, the raffle draw will be on October 14. Both of these raffle draws will be held at the TCL Office at 4 PM.

Deadline for submission of entries will be at the store’s closing hour on August 15 and September 30, respectively.
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