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Was Alvin Elchico insensitive in his questioning of Angel Locsin?


Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Alvin Elchico is being canceledt. His live interview question for Angel Locsin earned the ire of the latter's fans. 

Was Alvin Elchico tactless to a superlative degree?

Alvin Elchico is trending on Twitter. Lol! Next time kasi be sensitive with your questions. Don’t just ask because it’s valid. Alam mo namang may pinagdadaanan yung tao.

I think journos from all networks have had their share of “not-so-mindful questioning” this week. What can you say po naman about the method, phrasing and tone if Alvin Elchico?

this Alvin Elchico/Tina Panganiban-Perez issue is calling for a more in-depth ethical knowledge and practice among students as future media practioners.

It was clear Elchico really made a blunder, he wss insensitive but maybe brought by the fact that he is interviewing an emotional Angel. Good for Elchico to accept his mistakes.

More than 2,500 people from different parts of Metro Manila attended the birthday pantry, and among them was Rolando dela Cruz, 67, who queued for goods, collapsed, and died.

“...meron ka pa bang susunod na ioorganisang community pantry, O NADALA KA NA?”  

Hindi ba naisip ni Alvin Elchico na traumatic para kay Angel Locsin ang mamatayan sa gitna ng pagkawang-gawa?

Alvin Elchico was said to have been so insensitive and indifferent during the live interview with Angel Locsin. Angel does not deserve to be interrogated *live* when she's stillalso traumatized by the incident.

Alvin Elchico should change the way or his style of questioning coz ganyan siya ever since sa SRO (DZMM Teleradyo). It may sound professional to him/to the heads of ABS-CBN but it is disrespectful & distasteful sa guest and televiewers + listeners.

Interviewers MUST always mind their phrasing and tone. Hirap dito sa atin, ikaw na nga tumulong pero kapag may sumablay, daig pa sa korap o kriminal ang turing sayo eh. Di deserve ni Angel Locsin ito.

i hope Alvin Elchico will have that same tone when he interviews government representatives.

Apology accepted but last night exposed the very reason why Alvin Elchico is not yet ripe for a primetime broadcasting. He maybe good in presenting news but is still miles behind in asking on point and sensible questions. Hope ABS-CBN News will do adjustments moving forward.

I  pity Angel for what happened, though. No matter how pure our intentions are, things like these happen. Let's just learn to accept them and pray for the soul of the senior citizen who passed.


"Nadala ka na?" = have you been so traumatize or have you learned your "lesson" that you won't do this again?

"Sorry kung na-offend ka" = half-assed apology


tbh it sounds more  to me like Alvin Elchico steered her clear from the blame actually. It was short of saying na you helped, had good intentions and yet you’re being framed; would you still want to continue your advocacy after that?

So I guess Alvin Elchico learned his lesson. Most of the time, daily life friction is due to the wrong tone of the voice. So, speak moderately.

From Tina Perez (GMA-7) on Ana Patricia Non's Interview on her links sa communist party

to Alvin Elchico (ABS-CBN) on Ms. Angel Locsin's Interview on Nadala Ka ba question of the day... 

Sino kaya ang susunod na journalist na macricritize sa topic ng Community Pantry?

Friday, April 23, 2021

False Asia survey: Another mind-conditioning tactic

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Pulse Asia seems to start doing "mental conditioning" for 2022 elections.

It strikes again with their psychological trick of mind conditioning. Tabogo lang maniniwala sa inyo, Pulse Asia.

According to Pulse Asia, Sara Duterte leads anew preferred 2022 presidential candidates.

Pulse Asia is a garbage agency, it should be named False Asia, they dont really represent the pulse of Filipinos, I was born and living in Metro Manila all my life and havent heard or seen or been interviewed by this fuck*ng survey agency, their survey must be made up only.

Every time there's controversy regarding Duterte's incompetence and negligence and West Philippine Sea, Pulse Asia releases a survey.

And where is the demand for this woman to run for presidency? She made no contribution nationally (same as her Father) except for the city where she currently sits as a Mayor and the 'support' with all the banners, tarps being shoved to our faces.

Very unlikely that a population of at least 110 million people would just be represented by a sample of less than 5000. Is it worth saying that False Asia, rather, Pulse Asia, connives with the government to rig the true pulse of the entire Filipino people? It is paid by our tax!

Napaka obvious ng tactic nila eh. Hindi na nila magogoyo mga galit at gutom na Pinoy.

The better question is why do these surveys keep getting printed or reported on air by print and broadcast media? Ano yan, paid advertisement?

You are not only helping criminals to stay  in power, you are helping the global tyrant Xi Jinping to continue invading the territories of the Philippines.

My gosh, will you please stop this mind conditioning? Of course, she'll be a top choice if all your respondents are DDS! Stop the joke, False Asia. 

False Asia aka Pulse Asia is another pro-Gov't commissioned survey that does nothing but reinforce blind fanaticism to a budol family.

Someday, someone will hunt these Pulse Asia People, profile them, and hammer them as criminals. Their stats are unsound but that doesn't matter for the regular Juan/Juana. Someday. There is a special place in hell for these liars in Pulse Asia.

Here’s what I find weird about Pulse Asia’s methodology: each of the 4 regions are treated with the exact same weight, even though luzon holds more than half of the population of the philippines

This greatly skews the survey in favor of those with strong support in Mindanao.

Liar False Asia! Walang gusto bumoto kay Sara kundi DDS at hindi na sila madami! 16m ang boto ni DU30 kasagsagan ng kasikatan nya total of 39+% of voting  population meaning may 60+% na hindi bumoto sa kanya so ngayon dami ng gising sa kapalpakam nya kaya malabo yan survey. Mga bayad kayo!

Fake. No one likes the Dutertes anymore. Stop these commissioned surveys that are obviously paid for by them. The Filipinos have suffered enough with one Duterte, I can’t imagine another one.

The people should ask 1) where did Pulse Asia do the survey 2) what was the question asked during survey 3) show an actual video footage of the survey 4) who requested the survey and most importantly, 5) who finance the survey.

We deserve a better government next year. Stop the mind conditioning Pulse Asia!

No one believes Pulse Asia anymore. This, plus the "excellent" performance of the president?? 

The increasing number of community pantries underscores the incompetence & stupidity of the Duterte govt. The close proximity of this event to the next presidential election will surely hurt their chances of winning. So how did they counter this? Naglabas ng Pulse Asia survey.

Just in time to quell the damage brought about by the Community Pantry debacle, eh? Damn, Pulse Asia, you really do wonders, don’t you? 

No way. Never again to a Duterte leadership. Pulse Asia, please avoid from being called False Asia. Stop ruining our country by fabricating a survey showing that the daughter of the devil in the palace is a top choice.

For those people who are rejoicing or bragging because of the recent results of False Asia este, Pulse Asia, just remember, there were only 2,400 respondents, out of 110.59 MILLION. The results dont mean that much, it CAN be manipulated too. 

Once Leni becomes the President of the Philippines, the Filipinos who care for the Philippines should demand revoking th Pulse Asia’s license to operate.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Lorraine Badoy should ask herself where our taxes are going

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

PCOO USec Lorainne Marie Badoy Partosa alerts donors of Maginhawa pantry organizer: Ask where your money went

Wow ah! The audacity of this Badoy to suggest donors to ask for transparency and accountability. I think we should ask also where our taxes and billions of loans went. Isa ka sa nakikinabang sa mga taxes namin, which you don’t deserve. Tang*na kang bruha ka!

Kung magdonate ako Badoy hindi ko na inuurirat if saan or paano ginastos ng beneficiary ko donation ko dahil ibinigay ko from the bottom of my heart. Binigay ko ng kusa sa loob ko. Palibhasa gawain nyo yan kaya mapagbintang ka masyado. Kaya nga ayaw namin magdonate sa gobyerno eh!

Alam ng mga donors na sa mabuti napupunta mga bigay nila. Pero ang tax ng taumbayan, nasasayang lang sa milyong pasweldo sa mga praning at bintangero ng national task force on red-tagging.

One word: TIWALA. Ang mga nagdo-donate sa #CommunityPantryPH, much like 'yung mga donors sa #OVP, alam nilang nasa mabuting kamay ang pera nila.

At 'yun ang hindi namin kayang sabihin tungkol sa opisina mo.

Wow kasi ganyan gawain nyo sa pera naming taong bayan. Winawaldas ninyo ng walang kapararakan porket hindi nyo pinagpaguran. Sing kapal ng mukha ng pangit na eto ang apog nya.

Saan napunta yung pang rehab ng Marawi?

Saan napunta inutang ni Duterte para sa ‘Covid Response’ at sa mga ‘Bakuna’?

Saan napunta yung 19b intelligence fund nyo? Red tagging is an easy job and 19b is way way too much to fund such an activity. Laki ng sinusweldo ni Badoy at Parlade. Kaya nang gawin yan ng mga DDS trolls. ABOLISH NTF-ELCAC. AT GAMITIN ANG 19B SA PANDEMIC.

Tanong ng bayan, nasaan na ang P15B ng Philhealth, na pinalalabas na na liquidate na kuno at nasaan na ang mga bilyong inutang, kaya may pila kasi hindi dama.

Why ask such question? Nakikita naman na kung saan napupunta? Why don't we divert the question instead sa inyo and the government kung saan napupunta yung budget for this pandemic. Pati billions of budget ninyo ni Parlade kung saan napupunta?!

Pero ang pinaka malaking tanong: 


Juzko, Manila Bulatehin pala ang nag report. Sana yung reporters nila tinanong din kung saan napupunta ang bilyones na pondo ng NTF-ELCAC redtaggers ni Badoy! Ang mura mura mang redtag, di kailangan ng bilyones. You already have you social media for that.

BAKIT KA MUNA THREATENED SA COMMUNITY PANTRY? Napakainsecure niyo naman para pagaksayahan ng oras yan. Sana sa pagtulong na lang sa pandemya ginagawa mo nang magkasilbi naman yung pinapasweldo sayo ng taumbayan. Kakahiya ka.

People of the Philippines, please know where our taxes and our money is going. Is it really to people like Badoy? Is there really no better, more qualified, and capable person to receive the Pinoy's money at all? 

I think it's better if Filipinos ask Badoy where our money went.

As far as I can tell, all Badoy and her allies can show for all the tax money that was used for her salary and the budget of the agency she belongs to are baseless accusations and malicious imputations.

When earning your keep means spitting daggers at the marginalized. A Badoy expertise. When evidence is unnecessary. When oppression is key to sow fear. When a former human becomes a monster to his fellow men. What a sad existence.

Sagad sa buto kademonyohan ng Badoy na yan. Sila ang dapat magpakita ng accounting ng pondo ng ahensiya nila! 

Following Your Gut: Smart Choices for Digestive Health

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Public awareness of the importance of dietary fibre intake has been growing steadily in recent years, especially considering the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Given the challenges faced by the pandemic, topics such as immunity and staying healthy have all been brought even further to the front of consumers’ minds.

Although a vast majority of the world’s population is still not meeting their daily fibre requirement[1], many consumers are already proactively looking for convenient food and drinks that carry this ingredient. According to recent research, the global dietary fibre market is set to flourish over the coming years — being worth $9.6 billion by 2025 — with Asia Pacific expected to witness the highest growth rate[2]. It is therefore important for food manufacturers to find out more about the benefits of different dietary fibres, and how each can contribute to one’s overall wellbeing so as to better cater to growing health consciousness.

Closing the fibre gap

With rapid modernisation and urbanisation across Asia, lifestyle choices are increasingly being driven by convenience. Higher affluence brings about more food choices for consumers, but the need for fast and hassle-free options mean that they rarely discern between these options. A lifestyle driven by convenience has also led many consumers to increase their consumption of processed food as they choose easy-to-prepare meals and on-the-go food — which are typically low in fibre — over freshly prepared meals, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables that contribute to a well-balanced diet. Consequently, these issues help to explain the rise in digestive health issues and are the most common reasons why many people are not getting the necessary amounts of dietary fibre.

However, this does not mean that processed food or any other pre-prepared food has to be unhealthy. With the right choice of ingredients, a healthy digestive system can be achieved while maintaining one’s diet with a busy lifestyle. A case in point are dietary fibres.

Fundamentally, digestive health is closely linked with dietary fibre. The World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of approximately 25 grams of dietary fibre, or at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables to ensure adequate daily intake of dietary fibre[3]. In addition, many studies have shown the benefits of a diet with sufficient fibre intake, including supporting bowel movement and general well-being, contributing to weight management[4], as well as better blood sugar management[5]. Further health benefits can also be observed in the lowering of blood cholesterol[6] and the reduction of the risk of coronary heart diseases[7].

Immunity and digestive health are also closely linked, with 70% of our inner defence system situated in the small and large intestine. It is no surprise that good health and inner protection starts with promoting beneficial gut microbiota, which can be nourished by prebiotic fibres.

Even though all dietary fibres are non-digestible, they differ in the way they function in the large intestine. They are either excreted or fermented to short-chain fatty acids by the large intestine’s microbiota. When the fermentation of fibres allows a selective increase of healthy microbiota, they are classified as prebiotic fibres. Research has demonstrated that short-chain fatty acids, achieved through this prebiotic fermentation, can reach the brain and other organs directly through the blood, or indirectly via the stimulation of immune cells, the hormonal or nervous system and the release of messenger substances[8]. As a result, the gut microbiota can influence digestive health, overall health, and an individual’s inner well-being.

Only very few dietary fibres are scientifically and clinically proven to have this capability. Chicory root fibre (inulin, oligofructose) belong to this exclusive group of prebiotic fibres. Furthermore, they are the only plant-based proven prebiotics.

The importance of prebiotic fibres

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibres that impacts the composition and/or activity of the gut microbiota, resulting in tangible health benefits to the gut. In other words, prebiotics act as the fertiliser for the good bacteria already present in the gut — helping to contribute to a healthy gut environment as well as good digestive health.

BENEO’s chicory root fibres, inulin and oligofructose, can be easily used in most food and drink applications, thus increasing the health benefits of these foods. Obtained from chicory root via a gentle hot water extraction method, inulin and oligofructose are classified as ingredients from natural origin and can be labelled as fibre from a natural source. This is especially crucial to consumers today, who actively look for natural products when making food purchase decisions.

Additionally, there are also technical benefits to be reaped from the addition of these prebiotic fibres. Oligofructose has a mild and pleasant taste, and its fat-mimicking properties can also be used to replace part of the fat content in foods, thus creating healthier indulgent food without any major changes in its texture and taste.

Consumers have already begun to make the link between gut health, and overall health and well-being. They are more motivated to improve their digestive health to improve specific health issues — such as improving their natural defences and therefore their long-term health. There is clearly an appetite for products that promote good digestive health among consumers, and now functional ingredients manufacturers such as BENEO are creating very real ways for food and drink producers to make the most of this trend. With so many consumers looking at ways to promote their digestive health, the market is wide open for new product development without compromising on taste and texture.

[1] World Health Organization (2020) Healthy diet,

[2] Markets and Markets (2020) Dietary Fibers Market worth $9.6 billion by 2025

[3] World Health Organisation (2015) Healthy Diet Fact Sheet,

[4] TM Barber (2020) The Health Benefits of Dietary Fibre

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[6] Brown L, Rosner B, Willett WW, Sacks FM (1999) Cholesterol-lowering effects of dietary fiber: a meta-analysis,

[7] DE Threapleton (2013) Dietary fibre intake and risk of cardiovascular disease: systematic review and meta-analysis

[8] Amy M. Brownawell, Wim Caers, Glenn R. Gibson, Cyril W. C. Kendall, Kara D. Lewis, Yehuda Ringel, Joanne L. Slavin, Prebiotics and the Health Benefits of Fiber: Current Regulatory Status, Future Research, and Goals

Recent developments, new COVID-19 restrictions reset LRT-2 East Extension inauguration from April 26 to June 23, 2021

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has decided to reset the formal inauguration of the LRT-2 East Extension Project from its original schedule on 26 April to 23 June 2021.

The schedule adjustment was made following recent developments in the country’s COVID-19 situation despite the project already being substantially complete. Instead of a formal inauguration, an operational trial run will be conducted on 26 April 2021.

DOTr Undersecretary for Railways TJ Batan said that following a railway sector meeting held prior to the Holy Week, it was decided to reset the inauguration date to protect the health and safety of rail workers and the riding public.

Moreover, foreign rail experts who are necessary in the final stages of installation, testing, and commissioning works for the project have been unable to report for work or enter the Philippines due to stringent restrictions being enforced. Recently, stricter preventive measures have been enforced, placing Metro Manila and its nearby provinces under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) bubble due to the surge of recorded COVID-19 cases.

*“Nakakalungkot man pong isipin pero nakita natin na patuloy na tumataas ang bilang ng mga tinatamaan ng COVID-19. As much as we would like to open the project earlier, kailangan pong unahin ang kalusugan at kapakanan ng ating mga rail workers at mananakay. Excited po tayo na makitang matatapos na itong long-delayed na proyekto na nagumpisa pa nuong 2012, pero mahalaga din po na lahat tayo ay ligtas, malusog, at higit sa lahat, buhay,” Usec Batan pointed out.*

As of 28 February 2021, the LRT-2 East Extension Project has an overall progress rate of 96.51%, while the construction phase is at 94.03%.

Final stages of installation, testing, and commissioning for the extension line's Overhead Catenary System (OCS), power systems, and signaling were affected by recent COVID-19 restrictions, and will be completed before inauguration.

LRT-2's new stations, the Marikina Station and Antipolo Station, will serve commuters from Recto, Manila going to Masinag, Antipolo, and back. The project is expected to cut travel time between Manila and Antipolo from the previous three (3) hours by bus or jeepney, to only 40 minutes.

Once fully operational, the East Extension line will increase LRT-2's capacity by 80,000 passengers per day.

Post Office launches commemorative stamps to mark the 500th Anniversary of the Arrival of Santo Niño

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Philippine Postal Corporation Postmaster General Norman “Mr. Postman” Fulgencio together with His Excellency Archbishop Jose Palma of Archdiocese of Cebu unveiled the commemorative stamps to mark the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the image of Señor Santo Niño and the first baptism that both took place in Cebu.

The launching ceremony of the historic commemorative issuance of postage stamp characterized the expression of faith and deeper devotion among the Filipino Catholic Community to the Holy Child Jesus.

Santo Niño is known for his miracles and people's devotions that transcend religions. In the words of Pope Francis, the Holy Child is the Protector of the Philippines for half a millennium. This oldest religious icon of the country has been enshrined and widely venerated at the Basilica del Minore del Sto. Nino in Cebu City under the care of the Augustinians of the Province of Sto. Nino de Cebu-Philippines.

The popular image of the Sto. Nino was given by the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan to the local queen Humamay (later named Juana), after her baptism on April 14, 1521. On April 28, 1565, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi’s expedition landed on the island of Cebu. One of his soldiers found an image of the Child Jesus in a hut believed to be the same image Magellan had given the queen of the island forty-four years earlier.

“The Post Office pays its homage to the image of Señor Sto. Niño of Cebu, the source of hope and faith of the people, who is historically recognized as the oldest religious relic in the Philippines”, Postmaster General “Mr. Postman” Norman Fulgencio said.

He added, “The stamp features the rich cultural heritage showcasing our country’s many manifestations of art. The milestone commemoration of the arrival of the image of Señor Santo Niño is one such important moment that recalls the uniqueness of Filipino culture and history”.

Stamps and Official First Day Covers of “Santo Niño at 500 –1521-2021: Santo Niño, the Abiding Presence of the Father in Our Journey of Faith” are now available at the Philatelic Counter, Manila Central Post Office, all Mega Manila Post Offices, Postal Area 1,Tuguegarao, Postal Area 2, San Fernando, La Union, Postal Area 4, San Pablo, Area 5, Mandaue, Postal Area 6, Iloilo, Postal Area 7, Davao, Postal Area 8, Cagayan de Oro, and Postal Area 9, Zamboanga.

For inquiries, please call 8527-01-08 or 8527-01-32 or follow/like the facebook page for updates.

Statement from WWF-Philippines on the recently-submitted Philippine NDC

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines welcomes the submission of the Philippines’ Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) last 15 April 2021, but reminds the government to ‘act swiftly, with higher ambition and with a great sense of urgency.’
Atty. Angela Ibay, head of Climate Change and Energy Programme for WWF-Philippines, said:

“The country’s official commitment to reduce emissions by 75% by the year 2030 from the agriculture, waste, industry, transport, and energy sectors highlights the importance being given toward climate action. Achieving the 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is anchored on enhanced access to climate finance, technology development and transfer, and capacity building. The value of ensuring ecosystem integrity, of using traditional knowledge, education, and public awareness, and of meaningful inclusive collaborative participation in climate action are specifically recognised therein.

Moreover, the Philippine NDC expresses the challenges and adaptation needs of the country to address climate change while pursuing a low carbon, sustainable, and climate, and disaster-resilient development.

“While we appreciate the commitments made by the Philippine government, we also note with disappointment that only 2.71% of the 75% emission reduction target remains unconditional, while the remaining 72.29% is conditional. This gives much space for the possibility that the NDC targets will not be met in full. Climate action must be among our top priorities, as the lives of millions of Filipinos will continue to be affected otherwise.

“What is being asked of all countries during the Decade of Action is higher ambition in the fight against climate change. This ambition is not entirely reflected in the way the Philippine NDC has been structured, with more details and clarity needed to articulate how targets can be achieved. Ultimately, the Philippine NDC has to deliver against the 1.5C ambition of the Paris Agreement.

“We see that plans and policies are in place that allow for higher ambition in the NDC, and that can lead to a significant cut in our emissions by 2030. We can hardcode emissions reduction into our national plans, so long as we have the political will to meet our commitments. With the NDC submitted, the government must set in motion the actions, policies and measures needed to attain the commitments made therein.

“Even as we remind the government of the importance of prioritizing climate action, we call on all stakeholders to work together to take our commitments even further and to act upon them. We look forward to continued constructive engagement with the government, the various agencies and other stakeholders on the key aspects of the Philippine NDC and look towards its enhancement and the attainment of goals set therein. We are running out of time in the fight against climate change, and our islands will be among the worst affected should we fail to change course now. We ask that the government act swiftly, with strong ambition, and strive to meet the 75% emission reduction in full, for the sake of all our shared futures.”

Danny Kingad Weighs-in on Reece McLaren Versus Yuya Wakamatsu

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Second-ranked ONE Championship flyweight contender Danny “The King” Kingad is patiently awaiting the next time he can step into the Circle. But before he can don the 4oz. gloves once again, the Team Lakay stalwart and former World Title challenger will be keeping a close eye on two former foes.

#5-ranked contender Reece “Lightning” McLaren will face #4-ranked contender Yuya “Little Piranha” Wakamatsu in the co-main event of “ONE on TNT III,” a previously recorded event from the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore which airs this Wed., April 21 (Thu., April 22 in Asia).

Kingad recently weighed in on his thoughts on the matchup, having faced and defeated both men in the past.

“I think the Reece McLaren versus Yuya Wakamatsu fight is going to steal the show at ‘ONE on TNT III.’ It’s an interesting fight between a very dangerous grappler and a powerful striker. I think fans are excited to see this one,” said Kingad.

“Having fought both guys in the Circle, I know how talented each one is, and kind of have an idea how this fight is going to play out.”

Kingad took care of business against Wakamatsu in 2018, dominating the Japanese fighter to win by three-round unanimous decision. He faced McLaren almost a year later, scraping by via split decision in a more competitive bout.

“The King” has a good feel for both guys and has an idea who will emerge victorious in this highly rated flyweight affair.

“Reece is such a talented grappler and I know how tricky he is in certain situations. Once he gets you on the ground, it’s his world, and if you don’t have the experience, he’s going to put you in a rough spot,” said Kingad.

“Yuya, on the other hand, is a very different fighter. He has the advantage in striking, obviously. He has that one punch knockout power and is very fast. I think this fight will really just come down to who executes on their strengths more.”

“ONE on TNT III” is the third of a four-part event series broadcast from the Singapore Indoor Stadium. In the main event, #1-ranked bantamweight contender John “Hands of Stone” Lineker faces Troy “Pretty Boy” Worthen.

The “ONE on TNT” series airs every Wednesday in the United States for four weeks.

Each week will include a lead card digitally streamed exclusively on Bleacher Report, B/R App, B/R MMA Twitter, B/R Live YouTube, and B/R Live, followed by main card fights televised exclusively on Bleacher Report and the B/R app. More information on how to watch can be found at

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: Louie Sangalang survives Episode 5 despite passive team role

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Louie Sangalang's voice was hardly heard in Episode 5 of The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition

But his supposed passiveness for Team Valor in the business challenge shouldn't be looked at as a shortcoming on his part.

After all, Sangalang did his best in the role given to him -- one which kept him in the thick of the fight in this high-stakes game of business competitions and physical challenges -- all for the prize of a US$250,000 job offer to work as ONE Championship chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong's protégé at the ONE Championship Global Headquarters in Singapore for a year.

Because you're not seen, you're at the backend, there's a tendency for people to disregard your contributions," Sangalang testified inside the Boardroom.

It may not be that evident right from the start, but Sangalang's presence was truly underrated for Team Valor's success.

From the dragon boat challenge, the 43-year-old procurement consultant gave it his all despite the apparent fatigue that led teammate Eugene Chung to stop paddling, leaving it to Sangalang, Monica Millington, and Irina Chadsey to compete with the heftier Team Conquest.

Given those circumstances, it's understandable that Team Valor, which had ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon "The Truth" Vera on its side, lost the challenge and was pressured to redeem themselves in the business task.

Like any good follower, Sangalang was a handy tool for Team Valor in the ensuing task while also allowing the leaders to excel in their jobs.

He and Chung did a good job gathering crucial information and inspirations for their pitch and conveyed those ideas to the tea leaders.

The collaborative work allowed Team Valor to shine as they tried to create a fusion product out of The Shirt Bar and Bengawan Solo, retailer brands from Changi Airport.

The result was Esensi, a line of scented candles inspired by the five distinct flavors from Begawan Solo restaurant and customer-made designs from The Shirt Bar. Sityodtong called the product "outstanding" and lauded Team Valor for "an outstanding job." The packaging, Sityodtong added, was a “complete disaster” though.

Valor project manager Millington took responsibility for the oversight, and when asked by Chatri who she would take with her to the Boardroom if, theoretically, they lost the challenge, she mentioned Chung and Sangalang.

Lucky for Team Valor, they won the product challenge task and avoided the chopping block.

"I will no longer tolerate mediocrity. I will no longer tolerate floaters. I will no longer tolerate anything less than excellence," Sityodtong declared ahead of the business challenge. "This competition has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with you and your commitment, your passion, your desire to unleash your greatness in life. I'm willing to invest all my knowledge, all my ideas, all my experiences, my failures, my successes, into you so that you can become great. I want to see how badly you want it."

It’s now up to Sangalang to prove how hungry he is to win it all and get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become Sityodtong’s chief of staff.

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition is showing across Asia on AXN, the show’s official Asian broadcast partner, with markets to include Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

The first season of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” consists of 13 episodes and will be seen in the Philippines on Thursdays, 8:50 pm on AXN cable network and on Mondays at 9 p.m. on One Sport.

PLDT Enterprise inspires businesses to Defy Limits with fortified wireless solutions

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the largest integrated telecommunications company in the Philippines, enjoins businesses to defy the limits of remote and hybrid work setup with its more flexible and strengthened wireless solutions.

The Wireless business pillar of PLDT Enterprise – powered by its wireless arm Smart - gives businesses a wide array of digital solutions that can improve operational efficiency and optimize work capabilities.

Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups, says that Smart wireless solutions “support PLDT Enterprise’s commitment to make a positive impact on every single business. With remote work now at the forefront because of the pandemic, we ensure that businesses can defy limits via mobility solutions. You not just work from home, but hopefully soon, work from anywhere."

Smart has recently rolled out Smart 5G, setting the groundwork for new technologies and innovations in the workplace --- with blinding speeds and ultra-low latency. To add to this, corporate customers can work with PLDT Enterprise in building use cases on 5G that will definitely help bridge companies in their goals of transforming operations and productivity in order to engage more seamlessly with their own customers in this new normal. With Smart 5G, the opportunities are virtually endless.

"We at PLDT Enterprise are definitely defying limits with our next-generation wireless technologies,” says Chet Alviz, VP & Head of Wireless Marketing for PLDT Enterprise. “The value potential of 5G enterprise solutions and also the Internet of Things in this ever evolving digital landscape forms part of our strategy to build a complete 5G ecosystem,” he adds. "It is with this aspiration that we have started our IoT journey in building the Smart IoT Platform. Of course, apart from our already existing products and solutions."

The Smart IoT Platform is now being developed, thanks to the collaboration between Smart and Nokia which was forged in October 2020. Meant to provide next generation Internet of Things (IoT) for its customers, the first of its kind platform for enterprises in the Philippines aims to power connected devices that will help businesses from key industries to easily deploy and explore IoT use cases such as having full control, 360-degree visibility, secured connectivity, and enhanced throughout based services for their operations.

Another offering is Smart Enterprise Postpaid, which allows businesses to access voice, SMS, and data services, powering their mobile with choice plans that fit one’s business needs and budget. With Smart’s fastest LTE network based on third party recognition, including Ookla, P3 and OpenSignal, one can stay connected with employees and customers with a superior data surfing experience. Stay in contact too with partners and staff with the Unlimited all-net calls, texts, and landline concessions. All this while enjoying a hands-on enterprise support.

Smart Bro is another of PLDT Enterprise’s Smart solution, which is powered by the largest broadband connection. Wifi for sharing lets you surf together with family and friends with one internet connection; multi-gadget connection lets your Smart Bro Pocket wifi to connect all your gadgets at the same time. All Smart Bro plans today under PLDT Enterprise are now 5G ready and are bundled with 5G Rocket Wifi—the best performing 5G device available in the Philippine market today—that will allow subscribers to enjoy personal portable broadband access on the go.

Biz LTE, on the other hand, is Smart Bro's Fixed Wireless Broadband service which is perfect for small offices or establishments and in vehicles. A great alternative for Fixed Broadband in areas where there are no Fiber facilities such as provincial and regional areas.

Meanwhile, PLDT Enterprise Smart Tracker is a GPS tracking system that enables users to monitor company-owned vehicles and field employees in near real time to optimize operational efficiency and security. Powered by Smart LTE, one may track and monitor deliveries’ location from anytime and anywhere in the world, which is applicable to any various vehicle types.

Another popular wireless solution brought about by the new normal in education, Bizload is a secure, convenient and web-based portal that allows companies and the academe connectivity for employees, faculty and students. The platform enables faculty to continue teaching online and for students to continue uninterrupted learning.

Lastly, Smart Messaging Suite is an Application-to-Peer (A2P) messaging platform that enables sending high-volume SMS through an easy-to-use online account or via API or SFTP integration. Users may send scheduled or ad-hoc advisories, marketing campaigns, one-time passwords, reminders and transactional notifications. Built to support high-volume, time-sensitive broadcasts with 99.5% service availability, it also supports features like sender ID, two-way messaging, mail merge, and reports.
The PLDT Enterprise Wireless solutions mentioned are certainly the smartest way for businesses to focus and invest on as they continue to strengthen their digital landscape thereby keeping customers and employees fully equipped with new technology and innovations.

Recently, PLDT Enterprise launched its brand campaign titled ‘Unbreakable’ to celebrate the resilience of the Filipino that enabled them to come out stronger from the challenges of the past year. As an extension of this campaign, PLDT Enterprise now pushes forward ‘Defy Limits’ to inspire businesses to defy the limits of today’s business landscape with the group’s Wireless solutions. Watch PLDT Enterprise’s “Defy Limits” video here:
For more information, visit

Does Hemp Oil Benefit your Skin?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

You have probably heard and read a lot about CBD flower and its various types. Hemp oil is yet a product that lies in the same realm and has many benefits. Indeed, there are various benefits that your skin can leverage from hemp products. You can use hemp oil by either consuming it or topically.

How to Use Hemp Oil?

You can use hemp oil in the following ways:

Topical use

This method involves applying the hemp oil directly to your skin. You can use this tactic when you are experiencing some irritation on your skin. Besides, you can still apply it to some patchy areas of your skin. Especially the dry patchy parts of your skin can greatly benefit from the hemp oil since it has soothing properties.

Oral Use

You can use hemp oil orally. This connotes that you will have to ingest it so that your skin can benefit from it. The skin will benefit, and your skin will still gain a lot of the ingested hemp oil. Remember, hemp oil has numerous health benefits which go beyond soothing your skin and easing irritation. You may experience some digestive upsets when you take it orally, but the benefits are more than you think.

What are some of the health benefits of hemp oil?

These are the health benefits linked to hemp products;

Moderates oil production

Hemp oil is known to be nice for many types of skins. It can help moisturize your skin. It achieves this without clogging the pores of your skin. It can regulate the oil production in your skin and can help hydrate dry skin. Remember, the overproduction of oils can trigger acne to moisten your dry skin. However, hemp oil is suitable to stabilize dry skin without any clogs on the skin pores. Thus, you may never experience acne caused by excess oil production by your skin.

Moisturizes & soothes inflammation.

Hemp oil has anti-inflammation properties. It has some omega-6 fatty acids, which are ideal in new cell generation, encouraging the skin's growth and still helps prevent inflammations. Thus, if you experience inflammations on your skin, it would be best if you tried hemp oil today.

Has anti-aging properties

As one of its many health properties, hemp oil contains anti-aging properties. It can reduce the wrinkles on the skin and the fine lines that may have appeared on your skin. It also prevents the development of any aging signs on your skin. It contains linoleic acid and oleic acid, which the body can never produce, yet they are very crucial. They both have anti-aging properties. Thus, they are essential to your skin. Therefore, if you have some aging signs, it would be nice if you used hemp oil as soon as you can and adhere to the taking prescriptions.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, hemp oil is like a one-stop solution for your skin matters. Use it, and you will enjoy smooth skin, zero wrinkles, and perfect moisture on your skin.

SM Supermalls and DOTr launch Active Transport Bike Manual

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

In line with the continuing promotion of active transport, the Department of Transportation (DOTr), in partnership with SM Supermalls, formally launched today, 21 April 2021, the DOTr-SM Bike Manual to be distributed nationwide to thousands of road users.

The Active Transport (Bike) Manual is a passport-sized booklet, which aims to educate cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and other road users with regard to safety, courtesy, and etiquette while using the country’s roads. For the pilot launch, around 140,000 published copies in English and Filipino will be distributed for free in all SM Malls nationwide.

The biker's manual highlights important safety guidelines and pointers for cyclists. These include the use of safety gears, regular bicycle inspection and maintenance, the use of hand signals, identifying blind spots to avoid crashes, how to make safe right turns, and road/traffic protocols.

The bike manual, along with other information campaign materials, is primarily based on the Active Transport Guidelines initiated by the DOTr. The initiative was also made possible with the support of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Health (DOH), Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), and the Move as One Coalition.

“The DOTr will continue to support the use of active transportation as a viable addition to existing modes of transportation,” DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade assured.

"Across all SM Supermalls, there are now more than 500 bike racks, and more than 80 repair stations nationwide, and now, thanks to our partnership with the DOTr, and the support of all other partners, we are here to launch the next phase of our project, which is the DOTr-SM Bike Manual," SM Supermalls President Steven Tan said.

"The establishment of bike lanes is an ongoing effort of the DOTr and the DPWH, ever since the start of the pandemic, and the MMDA has been coordinating among agencies, local government units, and cycling advocates. The MMDA fully supports this initiative of the DOTr, in partnership with the DILG, DPWH, DOH, Move as One Coalition, and the SM Supermalls, aimed at promoting road safety, courtesy, and etiquette, not just for bikers, but for all road users," MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos expressed.

Moreover, Secretary Tugade said the cooperation of various concerned agencies and private sector partners has resulted in the swift development of bike lane networks in the country. However, he also emphasized that the establishment of bike lane networks started in 2018 or even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, a total of 296 kilometers of bike lanes has been completed with pavement markings, installed bollards, curbs, and solar studs. Before the year ends, Secretary Tugade said the project will be completed with 535 kilometers of bike lanes in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao.

“To our countrymen, help us make this project succeed. Let us make this a citizen-driven initiative,” the transportation chief appealed.

“Nananawagan din ‘ho ako sa ating mga kababayang nagmamaneho ng mga de-motor na sasakyan na pairalin ang pagbibigayan sa kalsada, lalo na kung may bike lane na nakatayo sa mga ito. Gawin nating ligtas ang ating mga sarili, pati na rin ang buhay ng mga namimisikleta at pedestrian,” he added.

Aside from mitigating environmental pollution, the use of active transport such as cycling is encouraged by health authorities as an effective way to social distance and promote mental and physical wellness, especially this time of the pandemic.

"Active transport will help us move more people across our cities and municipalities safely and promote economic recovery, by reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission through a well-ventilated and physically distanced means of travel for our frontliners and essential workers," Department of Health (DOH) Director Beverly Ho said in her message.

The Best Bikes for Summer 2021

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

WWhat are you planning to do with your summer? If you're looking for ways to stay active with the family, enjoy your friends while maintaining social distance, or simply spend some time on your own, why not purchase a new bike? The best bikes for summer are versatile, lightweight, colorful, and ready to get you on the road or off the trails.

Mountain Bikes

If you plan to spend your summer becoming one with nature, you want a bike that can handle the roots, rocks, and rough terrain that comes with riding in the forest. Rugged mountain bikes feature wider tires made for better traction on a range of surfaces as well as more powerful brakes that keep wheels centered and provide better control over steep hills and slippery slopes. These bikes are made for rough-and-tumble riders, but keep in mind that they're heavier to transport and not as efficient for everyday riders. 

Beach Cruisers

Perhaps you prefer more leisurely bike rides. Whether you're riding along beachside trails or across a city park, fat tire beach cruisers are an excellent choice for the casual, comfortable rider. The wide tires mean they can handle road debris without the risk of puncturing, and wider, padded seats provide more comfort as you pedal. These durable, upright bicycles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and are perfect for weekend rides or daily errands.

Touring Bikes

Is this year the year you finally take that cross-country bike ride you've always dreamed of? Before you pedal off into the sunset, you'll need to find a touring bike. Touring bikes are designed for long-term, over-the-road use with a person and plenty of luggage on top of them. Their 700c wheels provide speed, while wide tires offer comfort and safety on a variety of terrains. Touring bikes provide a relaxing ride position, plenty of space for your gear, and the ability to take you practically anywhere you want to go that a bike can carry you. 


If you're like a lot of bike riders, you want to ride in a variety of situations. Maybe one weekend, you'd like to go off-trail during a camping trip, but the next you want to breathe in the salty air by the beach. A hybrid bike is likely right up your alley. Hybrid bikes offer a halfway point between road and mountain bike designs. They provide comfortable, upright riding positions, a lightweight frame that is easy to transport, and fast wheels. Hybrids also feature powerful disc brakes that are safer and easier to navigate when roads are wet or otherwise slippery. 

When browsing Sixthreezero beach cruiser bikes, remember to consider several factors. Your height will determine how tall you want your bike to be, and where you'll be riding will factor into the types of tires you need while you're on the road. Of course, you'll also want to find one in a design that fits your personality. Once you choose the right bike for your summer fun, be sure to purchase a helmet, knee pads, and reflective lights to keep you safe while you're on the road.

 hat are you planning to do with your summer? If you're looking for ways to stay active with the family, enjoy your friends while maintaining social distance, or simply spend some time on your own, why not purchase a new bike? The best bikes for summer are versatile, lightweight, colorful, and ready to get you on the road or off the trails.

Mountain Bikes

If you plan to spend your summer becoming one with nature, you want a bike that can handle the roots, rocks, and rough terrain that comes with riding in the forest. Rugged mountain bikes feature wider tires made for better traction on a range of surfaces as well as more powerful brakes that keep wheels centered and provide better control over steep hills and slippery slopes. These bikes are made for rough-and-tumble riders, but keep in mind that they're heavier to transport and not as efficient for everyday riders.

Beach Cruisers

Perhaps you prefer more leisurely bike rides. Whether you're riding along beachside trails or across a city park, fat tire beach cruisers are an excellent choice for the casual, comfortable rider. The wide tires mean they can handle road debris without the risk of puncturing, and wider, padded seats provide more comfort as you pedal. These durable, upright bicycles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and are perfect for weekend rides or daily errands.

Touring Bikes

Is this year the year you finally take that cross-country bike ride you've always dreamed of? Before you pedal off into the sunset, you'll need to find a touring bike. Touring bikes are designed for long-term, over-the-road use with a person and plenty of luggage on top of them. Their 700c wheels provide speed, while wide tires offer comfort and safety on a variety of terrains. Touring bikes provide a relaxing ride position, plenty of space for your gear, and the ability to take you practically anywhere you want to go that a bike can carry you.


If you're like a lot of bike riders, you want to ride in a variety of situations. Maybe one weekend, you'd like to go off-trail during a camping trip, but the next you want to breathe in the salty air by the beach. A hybrid bike is likely right up your alley. Hybrid bikes offer a halfway point between road and mountain bike designs. They provide comfortable, upright riding positions, a lightweight frame that is easy to transport, and fast wheels. Hybrids also feature powerful disc brakes that are safer and easier to navigate when roads are wet or otherwise slippery.

When browsing Sixthreezero beach cruiser bikes, remember to consider several factors. Your height will determine how tall you want your bike to be, and where you'll be riding will factor into the types of tires you need while you're on the road. Of course, you'll also want to find one in a design that fits your personality. Once you choose the right bike for your summer fun, be sure to purchase a helmet, knee pads, and reflective lights to keep you safe while you're on the road.

5 Things to Remember When You Cash In Your Mobile Wallet

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Mobile wallets, also called e-wallets, have become more and more popular in the Philippines over the years. It’s easy to see why. For one, mobile wallets make it easier for you to send and receive money anytime, anywhere. You can also use them to pay your bills, buy prepaid load and mobile data, as well as shop online, all in the comfort of your home.

Of course, before you can do all these things, you need to top-up your mobile wallet first. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about how to cash in because there are many ways to do so. If you have an account with a partner bank, you can link it with your mobile wallet for a cashless option to add money. There are also plenty of over-the-counter and self-service options in case you’re having difficulties with online methods.

That said, there are a few things to remember when adding money to your mobile wallet. These will ensure that your cash-in will be successful and that your account will remain secure.

Don’t Share Your OTP

Your OTP or one-time password is a series of numbers that you have to input in your mobile wallet app to confirm or authorize transactions and processes. These include logging in to a new device, sending money, and cashing in.

The OTP is sent by your mobile wallet through SMS. DON’T share this OTP to anyone. Once you receive it, enter it immediately in your mobile wallet app. If you receive a message or a call asking for your OTP, don’t reply and instead report the incident. Remember that you’re meant to receive your OTP, not give it to others.

Don’t Share Your PIN

Another important series of numbers that you absolutely SHOULD NOT share with others is your PIN or personal identification number. It’s your mobile wallet’s way to confirm your identity, ensuring that it’s you (the registered user) who is accessing the app. Do note that there are some smartphone models that allow you to log-in using biometrics instead of your PIN.

If someone claims to be an officer of your mobile wallet company and asks for your PIN, it’s likely a scam. Get in touch with the mobile wallet through their official customer support channels to file a report. Then, change your PINs and passwords. Your mobile wallet will never ask you for your PIN, OTP, or other personal information in any manner.

There May Be Processing Fees

Usually, there are no additional fees when you top up your mobile wallet. These additional charges are often applicable only to certain transactions or circumstances, such as sending money to non-partner banks or sending a large amount in one go.

However, there are some conditions when you may be charged a processing fee. For example, if you add money through over-the-counter channels, you will be charged a percentage of the amount you cash in if you have already reached a threshold. Take note of these circumstances so you can allocate a budget for these fees.

There Are Daily Transaction Limits

Mobile wallets usually have daily transaction limits. Once you reach this amount, you won’t be allowed to cash in or send money until the next day (or be charged a processing fee; see above). This transaction limit or threshold amounts usually vary, depending on your mobile wallet. These caps are put in place for consumer protection, especially against fraud.

Do note that you can increase your daily limits if you verify or upgrade your account. Most mobile wallets only require one valid ID for account verification. Once you successfully complete the process, you will receive confirmation within 48 to 72 hours.

E-Wallets Have Maintenance Schedules

Just like banks, e-wallets have regular maintenance schedules. They use this opportunity to upgrade security features and add new ones, among others. Performing system maintenance also ensures that things are running smoothly.

Your mobile wallet will send you a notification through SMS, email, and the app itself if there is an upcoming system maintenance. Make sure to plan ahead so that you won’t have any issues like late payments and the like.

Fortunately, mobile wallets often conduct their maintenance during off-peak hours. Some even start these procedures at midnight and/or during weekends so as not to disrupt a majority of transactions. Moreover, unless it’s a major systems maintenance event, the updates will usually be completed in a few hours. Nevertheless, it’s still best to take note of these schedules to avoid any problems.

Mobile wallets are extremely convenient. In just a few years, they have transformed the way Filipinos shop, send money, and pay bills. However, just like any other service, there are terms and conditions that you need to follow. More importantly, there are certain practices that you should get in the habit of doing to make sure your account (and your hard-earned money) remains safe.

Keep these things in mind whenever you cash in and perform other transactions with your mobile wallet. By being conscientious and keeping yourself updated, you’ll be able to use your mobile wallet without worries.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Parlade compared Ana Patricia Non with Satan

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

In what can only be described as the pinnacle of absurdity, Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., NTF-ELCAC spokesperson, audaciously drew a comparison between the efforts of Ana Patricia Non, the first to put up a #CommunityPantry, with no less than Satan.

It's funny because when you get to read something like this, you stop for a moment and try to find out if it's real. 

What's scary is that it is. 

The virulence of Parlade’s absurd and often fictitious pronouncements has come to a point where engaging Parlade and his ilk in a meaningful discourse anchored in good faith is no longer a viable option.

Only a fanatical trigger-happy cold-blooded red-tagger could compare the civilian pioneer of the Community Pantry to Satan.

Sir, you deserve to be court-martialed. And AFP letting you spew your fringe-views says a lot about the AFP.

Ay mansanas pala ang pinamigay ni Satan, akala ko West Philippine

Was he referring to Patricia Non? All along I thought he's describing an old man in Malacañang.. or is he in Davao right now?! Basta!

I never believed in Satan until Duterte showed himself to us.

Wow, humarap nga siya sa salamin habang sinasabi iyan. Takot na takot ang gagong yan mawala sa pwesto ang poon niya kasi pati sya tanggal sa pwesto.

Pero yung bossing nyang manyakis hindi niya kayang tawagin na Satan. Masahol pa kay Satanas yung amo niya eh.

To associate an angelic deed with Satan is more devilish. Time for a 3rd party led mandatory psychiatric assessment.

Iba din mag-isip ito! Ang sama naman ng tingin mo sa kapwa Filipino. Anong mahirap intindihin sa taong tumutulong? On the onset pinagdudahan muna ng masama yun layunin ng community pantry! Ganun ba talaga style mo- kasukasuka!

I don’t know. Hindi pa ba dapat tinitingnan yung mental health nya? He is spewing things that are not only making lives of ordinary citizens at risk, but he seems to just make things up and try to connect it to his agenda. Remember guys, WE ARE PAYING THIS PERSON FROM OUR TAXES.

As taxpayers, we are the ones who will pay for that man's pension when he retires. He doesn't deserve a single cent from the taxes we pay.

Nakakatakot ung mga ganitong tao. Yung ganyan na mag-isip. Tapos mas nakakatakot yung mga naniniwala.

Nagbabayad tayo ng buwis para takutin ng military at pulis? 

Sobra naman yun, i relate ang person with good deeds to Satan. I don't think this person should be in goverment or in the military, This person should get medical help immediately.

This kind of perspective is astounding. He shouldn't be in a government position. WTF.

Seriously, his approach is not needed. His explanation is not even essential. Make him shut up!!

Medyo nakakahiya na siya ah. Hindi pa ba yan pagsasabihan ng mga senior officer niya?

Ang nagmamagandang loob na makatulong, ihahalimbawa mo kay satan? Eh kayong mga inutil at nagwawalanghiya? Kanino kaya katulad? Mahiya naman kayo.

Punong puno ng malice puso nito ni Parlade. Hindi man lang makita ung magandang ginawa ni AP Non at ng ibang community pantry organizers, pinag isipan pa ng masama.

Parlade has a mind of a pebble, the core of a rotten wood, and the spirit of the glass.

You need professional help, Mr. Parlade! We are wasting people’s money with your rotten logic. You are one of the many unbelievable individuals in the administration who ruin the innately beautiful soul of the Filipino people! 

Kung may Satanas man sa bansa, alam na natin kung sino yun. Wag ka ng lumayo pa! Wag mong pagtakpan! Ang kalat! Ang dumi! Ang baho! Masahol pa kay Satanas!

Is this the best guy they have to be spokesperson? Imagine the eloquence of those left behind the scene. Real piece of shit right there.

Parlade is raining on our community pantry parade

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

NTF-ELCAC spokesperson General Parlade is at it again. Redtagging community pantries with no and limited information he has given his group’s undeserved government funds. 

AFP's reputation shrinks every time Parlade opens his mouth. In the midst of the pandemic, this general has become a general problem.

Government anti-insurgency task force spokesperson Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr. on Tuesday admitted that they are checking the background of the organizers of community pantries.

“They’re saying the people are going hungry because of the fault of the government,” said NTF-Elcac spokesperson Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.

“So we’re just checking their background," he added.

They claim that the people are hungry due to government failure. Ergo, we check the background of the organizer.

Ignoratio elenchi: The conclusion doesn’t follow from the premise. Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy as the consequent has nothing to do with the antecedent.

Now that's narrow minded thinking...
Not surprised as we've been under a psuedo-democracy for 5 years anyway.

Asked why Community Pantry organizers have to defend their motives, Parlade draws a biblical parallel with Satan tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden.

I want to understand how Parlade thinks. Bakit ganyan siya mag-isip? He is equating a bayanihan act to acts of Satan as if it is the same.

Reacting to Parlade’s "Satan" remark, Maginhawa Community Pantry organizer Ana Patricia Non says no one, especially those doing good deeds, should be compared to Satan. While she’s not offended, says members of the religious who volunteer for the community pantry might be.

Meanwhile, PNP Chief Debold "Mananita" Sinas denies that PNP makes background check on pantry organizers.

Ang gulo ng DDS cinematic universe. Di mo mawari timeline nila. Kung sabagay AFP itong isang ito at si Sinas ay PNP .... pero parehong anlakas mang redtag, kaso tiklop naman sa mga Instik sa WPS issue at China.

The Filipinos would also appreciate if government checks the organizers and affiliates of those Chinese ships roaming the WPS. Gunship kills, gulay and goods don’t. Kaso hindi yun trabaho ni Parlade at ng NTF-ELCAC. 

It's so ironic they are against communism but they bow down and deal with the Chinese Communist Party or CCP.

Shoot first, aim later.  Bagay si Parlade sa PNP hindi sa AFP.  Someone should file a case against him so he cannot get his retirement pension until the case is over.

Parlade reminds me of those nutcase generals in sci-fi movies who won't listen to the scientists or the colonels for their stubborn obsession with their own power. They usually get eaten before the movie is done, and the audience either cheers or laughs.

The failure of SND and CSAFP to do anything decisive about Parlade and his continued assignment to NTF-ELCAC tells me he's also a pliant, well-funded, ambitious nutcase who's willing to discard honor & dignity. Some cynically call that being mission-oriented.

Parlade, for all his accomplishments in life, as symbolized by the stars on his shoulder boards, will forever be infamously known as the red tagger of community pantry organizers. Shameful.

Is today the day of the great community pantry backpedaling? Part of it should definitely be a decent Parlade bashing. I begin with:

“Parlade wouldn’t recognize a red even if a baboon wagged his butt before his face”

Parlade is the modern-day Herman Goering/ Joseph Goebbels. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel would kick Parlade's insecure, corrupt butt if Rommel were alive today. Rommel was respected by Churchill and Patton even if they were enemies. Rommel had a heart for enemies. Parlade is a disease.

Antonio Parlade Jr. was trained at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, where he presented his thesis on the Philippine communist insurgency in 2006. Who else studied there? Brazilian and Indonesian generals who led anti-communist massacres and fascist coups in their countries in the 1960s.

General Parlade's Anti-Commie Task Force is chaired by President Duterte (not that he is actively participating), so it is possible that the President is angry that his government is being shown-up as inutile by the pantries. So he let the dogs out. Parlade is the big dog of Philippine fascism.

Parlade's reckless assertion to red-tag anything & anyone in accordance to Duterte's whims somehow exhibits a clandestine government payola to generate such preposterous act. His kind of stupidity must have demanded a dear price commensurate to his honor & reputation he's exchanged.

What is Parlade so afraid of? That the 'communists' will bring the government to its knees using food? Ano yan, batuhan ng okra, kamatis, kalabasa at itlog?

Let's be honest: This is nothing more than a witch hunt.

The organizers of the community pantries expressed their lack of hope in this regime and made its ineptitude even more apparent.

They dispelled the illusion it was trying to project so now its minions are going after them.

Nasanay kasi sila sa gobyernong walang direksyon at walang initiative kaya kung may makita silang organizado at may initiative nagsususpetsa na agad sila.. Sa kanila kasi kabobohan ang normal kaya nabibigla nakakita pag nakakita ng gumagana at may saysay.

While the government praises the resilience of Juan dela Cruz, it somehow also wants it suppressed.


Curses and karma be upon those who malign good deeds just because it does not fit their narrative and political agenda.

Diyos na ang bahala sa mga bumaboy sa initiatibo na para sa mga gutom at mahihirap.

We challenge Parlade, Badoy-Partosa, Diño and their likes to donate their their entire 2021 salaries and allowances, para may ambag naman sila, at huwag ding maging talangka. 

Also: defund and abolish NTF-ECLAC so we could redirect its P19-billion budget to ayuda, testing, and bakuna.

The people have rights to question the government or to express disappointment on it's role. Now, Parlade, is this being cautious, or just 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒊𝒂? 

Parlade is a malicious attack dog. His contempt for human rights shows in the quality of his malignant initiatives.

He has no place in government. He has no place in civil society. He has no place in democracy.

Literally "Bobo": Dambie should be spelled as Dumbie

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Camille literally woke up that day and chose violence.

Sis literally dragged Dambie and left no crumbs at all. Stan!

Though, I can't believe I wasted my time hearing Dambie's side. Napaka nonsense mo ate gurl and the audacity na ikaw pa magpaTulfo. OMG the confidence!

When Camille Trinidad said "Alam mo Dambie ang bobo mo, LITERAL" the whole mandirigma shouted AHU! 

Dumb Dambie, how does it feel being slapped by the Mother Of Mandirigma?  

“Ang bobo mo, literal.”- Camille to Dambie

Raffy Tulfo: *secretly laughing*

Dambie has the audacity na mag reklamo kay Tulfo na nasira daw pangalan niya. She lost her job because of herself and her wrongdoings. Kasi in the very first place alam mo namang may jowa. Camille has all the rights because after all she’s the REAL VICTIM here.

Camille Trinidad is the perfect example of an empowered woman. With few words, she rendered Dambie speechless. Ang angas niya lalo na when she said  'Alam mo Dambie, ang bobo mo literal". 

Dambie was trying to clear her name but she wouldn’t admit to what she’s done. Hindi daw sila nag flirt nung Jayzam pero send ng send ng suso. Luh, ano yun?

Nakakabobo siya. Mali na nga, pilit pang inilalaban. Pota.

Grabe mga kabit ngayon. Sila pa matapang. Eh kung matino siyang babae, kahit landiin siya ng lalaking may GF na di na siya papatol at worse ay kaibigan pa ni Dambie si Camille. Impossible namang hindi nya alam na may GF si Jayzam. Hindi na niya magagamit as palusot yon.

May pa "ako ba nag insist? ako ba lumandi?" Well, pumatol ka. Kumpara sa mga KRIMINAL, isa kang ACCOMPLICE. That won't make you a victim teh. Hindi ko talaga alam kung saan niya nakuha yung kapal ng mukha niya. I swear.

Never talaga sya magiging victim, pagsend palang ng sus* niya aware na siya sa ginagawa niya pero sa Tulfo pa-victim siya.

Di raw sila pero may halikang naganap at pakitaan ng sus*. So payag siya sa ganoong sitwasyon? Pa-victim eh. Tapos yung nanay pa kunsintidor. Nabadtrip ako sa mag-ina talaga.

Hindi kasi niya nakikita na mali yung ginawa nya. May mga tao talaga sadyang makitid ung utak. Ang bobo ng logic tapos kinukunsinti nung nanay. 

Ngaun napaka famous niya kasi sa kabobohan niya. Kaloka!

Pero doon ako sa 'hindi kami naglaplapan, naghalikan lang' wahahahahahahaha teh sana okay ka lang!! Hahahahahhaa na literal ka pa tuloy.

Kung si Jayzam ang nag insist at hindi niya gusto mag kiss, then bakit di niya nireklamo??? Ngayon gagamitin niyang proof kase nabunyag na??? 

Ni hindi man lang nga sya nag sorry. Sana man lang nakita niya na ang maling nagawa niya ay nakasakit siya ng kapwa niya tao at worst kapwa niya BABAE.

Iba talaga pag kabit ang lakas ng loob. Nasa suso ang utak, nasa puday ang puso.

Literal na bobo talaga ehh.

To end this insanity, the Jayzam, Camille, Nyca, Dambie fiasco in Tulfo didn't sit right at me at all. I get Camille's anger but girl, hold your bf accountable as well? and the way Jayzam got away from this while the other girls are getting dragged to filth?

i really don't like how peeps attack Dambie and defend Jayzam. They are BOTH at fault kaya dapat parehong itama.
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