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Together We Inform, Educate, and Involve our Listeners, Viewers and Readers

My daughter, being the Editor-in-Chief of their college publication, just came back from several days of Journalism workshop in Baguio and told us that the speakers there are speaking negatively about bloggers. There was a mention that unlike journalists, whose work undergo several revisions (most of the time passing through several people) before their articles gets published. It was also said that most bloggers do not have reliable sources.

Checking the list of speakers, my hunch was right, they all belong to the "senior" members of society.

Until now some couldn't accept the fact that online media is the NOW and the FUTURE....and that anybody can easily share reliable news because developments on the Internet has made communication, access to information and its dissemination conveniently possible even in real time.

But similar to journalists, bloggers now get the same, if not better, access to newsworthy events or features. However, unlike most journalists, bloggers (especially the news and events niches) tend to release the stories as soon as possible thanks to social media.

Being fast is extremely valued as breaking news are highly viewed and of huge interest. Except for columnists, trad media would often disclose their frustrations online rather than allowed to openly share their thoughts on their write-ups.

We only take the time to sit down leisurely and write in-depth stories or editorials when it's a slow day. On most days, we temporarily stick to just retelling the stories. When we get to finally breathe, that's the time we go more aggressive.

However, just like any other job or expertise, we would all have our own way of working on it.

Believe when I say that welcomed breaks from a busy or hectic schedule rarely happens. We have to voluntarily take a break from all the event coverage, press conferences, product launches, media partnerships, etc.

Not that we are complaining, because that is a good problem. We are simply implying that it is still our sincere intention to only come out with informative, well-balanced and accurate stories using the very little info and access privilege we have.

Though there may still be the perception if prestige towards traditional media, they should not deny that they only get the upper hand access to the bigger news because aside from their resources and financial edge, there are still people who discriminate the lesser popular media outfits.

Bloggers in Malacanang? Why not? As for me, everyone of us citizens should be free to drop by whenever we please. Let the security work overtime., and not just during special visits. We should all be able to easily chat with any government official including the president.

The only reason why they fear or see bloggers as a threat is perhaps due to the glaring fact that we areaking their profession almst obsolete.

Why? The people should not really care about grammatically perfect and detailed news. The stories are useless when they are told too late. Honestly, most of the times the stories also become "modified" when it has to be screen by so many people where some would have vested interest. Whether they are taking care of the media outfit's image, or simply want to establish ethics in journalism, most people are still after the layman's version - simple enough to understand stories without the complex vocabulary or technical jargon.

Why are bloggers popular? Most of us won't sugarcoat just to make our stories sweet for all. Trad media should partner with us instead because at the end of the day, all we want is to inform, educate, and involve our listeners, viewers and readers.

Jake Zyrus, Alonzo Muhlach, Upgrade and More Awarded at the Best Choice Annual Awards 2017

Thankful and honored of Wazzup Pilipinas to be awarded alongside the likes of Jake Zyrus, Alonzo Muhlach, Upgrade, and more at the recently concluded Best Choice Annual Awards for 2017.

We all know Jake Zyrus as the former Charice Pempengco who has courageously shown her true self regardless of what others may say. That alone deserves its own separate award aside from her prowess in the singing profession.

Alonzo Muhlach is a spitting image of his father and is not so far away from being a child star himself just like Nino Muhlach during his younger years. I grew up seeing Nino as the most recognizable child star during his time, and it is but reminiscing to see his son following his 'cute" footsteps.

All boys group Upgrade could very well join the ranks of popular singing groups with their charm as a big bonus for their fans, especially the young girls out there who are swooning over them.

I was fortunate enough to get exclusive video interviews from both Jake Zyrus and Alonzo Muhlach, aside from their performances on stage. I also have all video coverage of the performances of Upgrade so watch out for them either on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.

The awarding ceremony was held on September 22, 2017, at the Richmonde Hotel Eastwood in Libis, Quezon City.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Manny Pacquiao, Regine Tolentino, Daiana Menezes, Gerard Sison, and More for Comic Con Asia 2018

From what I'm seeing right now, all those pop culture conventions or expos are becoming almost exactly one and the same since they employ literally almost the same "formula" or content at their events with the addition and exemptions of just a few who are either exclusive, not conveniently affordable or unavailable to partner or collaborate with their events, or belong to a different group not associated with them.

I'm talking about all those events evolving around toys, comics, cosplays, anime, and everything related in one way or another. This is why, if you are a fanatic of attending the said events, you would often get the chance to see almost the same people and attractions. Though the bigger ones invite foreign celebrities and attractions to add to the hype, they still use the same formula - meet and greet, book signing, photo ops, regular and VIP passes, cosplay, cosplay, and cosplay.

Thus, I was not surprised when the latest convention capitalized on cosplayers at their media launch. But these are not the ordinary cosplayers because JusticePH belongs to the top cosplayers around with outfits or costumes that are superior in materials and details. Their members are also not confined to Justice League characters alone since we could see them wearing costumes inspired by other popular characters from the movies, animation (cartoons and anime), and comic books. 

They also invited celebrities like Daiana Meneses and Regine Tolentino to cosplay as two versions of Wonder Woman, and Miss Global Philippines beauty queens wearing outfits of Scarlet Witch, Harley Quinn, Diana Prince from the latest Wonder Woman movie, and also have to mention Gerard Sison as the most recognizable Superman cosplayer not because of his costume but because of his striking facial features resembling the earlier Superman actor. To top it all up, they also have senator and boxing champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao as their event ambassador (It would have been a lot more fun to see him cosplay, but I guess already represents the better role of "Pambansang Kamao."

If these still do not give you a hint that the event would be far greater compared to the rest, the organizers promise to make the experience of attending the convention a lot more interactive by employing challenges for the attendees where they get the chance to win prizes if they take the effort to accept the challenges. It's like being inside an RPG game itself where there are side quests where you get to win special loots or extra perks aside from glory of completing the main quest.

Could I suggest as well the ability to "level up" at their event? Like, the attendees to points for every visit to each booth, gain prizes if they reach a certain number, earn another point if they return on the second day, earn more points if they stay for several hours, earn points if they belong to the early birds, and more points if they stay until closing time. Perhaps more points if they get to join the special activities like meet and greets, and a lot more (since you're getting my drift already). Attendees who would be coming in costume could also get a certain number of points or instant freebies the moment they enter the venue. Remember that they add to the success of the event because that would mean more attractions to ogle upon (selfies, photo ops, groupfies, etc with fans).

In short, every move is equal to a certain point which they could cash-out or gift-out when they've earned a considerable amount of points already. Like a free shirt for the first 100 points, or whatever loot will be coming from the sponsors.

Though the organizers are still not able to provide a list of their intended celebrities to grace the occasion, I'm sure they will give in to the demands of the fans. They should have consultants who are well-knowledgeable about the fandom, and not just the momentary hype so they could evaluate which popular personality or groups they would be willing to spend their budget on. The sponsors would also weigh in on the decision since they would want more mileage out of their sponsorship. 

Getting in more people is not the only intent but also attracting all kinds of audience and not just the usual geeks who frequent similar conventions. With the organizers having the mainstream entertainment and beauty pageant media already in their database, I would suggest they also tap the online or blogging community which could also generate a massive promotion of their event. We all know that online is the now and the future so it would be wise to also include online influencers to create interests to this newest addition to the pop culture conventions.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Moymoy Lulumboy Book 4 Media Launch

Coming from the owner of Precious Pages (home of the Precious Romance hits), we expect nothing but the best the company could offer out of the Moymoy Lulumboy books. True enough, Segundo Matias Jr.'s Moymoy Lulumboy stories are giving foreign fictional stories something to watch out for. If you want stories revolving around our own versions of mythological creatures like "aswang" and "manananggal", then this book is highly recommended.

The Moymoy Lulumboy books are proudly Filipino creations with Filipino writer/illustrator Jomike Tejido providing the images for us to better visualize the characters and stories aside from the words coming from the author. I'm actually craving for a full comic/graphic book version so Jomike could illustrate more.

We have to admit that the illustrations provide essential elements on why we love most books since we get to have an idea of what the heroes and villains, the places and objects, especially weapons, would look like. Though the author would effectively describe most of the looks, their words are mostly effective in establishing the character and feelings of the main characters. Most of the images, sequences, their over-all looks, etc., are established in our heads as we read the story. Thus, interpretations may vary depending on how we visualize them in our heads.

The comic book artists are making it big as well by using their expertise to bring the experience to a higher level since we get to see how they truly envision the world and the characters via different angles, point of views, colors, etc.,

Yet, after seeing the presentation during the media launch held on the Saturday during the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) 2017, the book could also be effective as a musical or play, or even a TV series or a movie? Who knows, only the fans could further dictate up to which point the success of Moymoy Lulumboy would reach. An effective collaboration is always the concern, but when all parties involved are eager to make everything work, we're sure to see the character go beyond the books. Why not? It is well deserving of praise and should be rewarded by getting more exposure through different mediums.

How about an online version, a digital interactive e-book perhaps? It's a lot of hard work, but more realistic than an animated feature since the Philippines is not yet ready for a Filipino-produced animation.

We all know about the popularity of Harry Potter, the Game of Thrones, and other fantasy stories. They all started out as books so which raises the question, "Is Moymoy Lulumboy qualified enough to be considered at par with their level, and could make its way to a TV series too?"

The answer is " If we could also make our special effects at par with the Hollywood versions, then there may be a chance to follow those footsteps."

Our only shortcoming is that we still do not have enough skills and equipment to get away with stunning visuals that could match what Hollywood is doing. Even if we do, we could nit afford it yet. The expense or cost of the project may not be attractive for producers.

But why am I talking about the next level for Moymoy Lulumboy? The author revealed that he may consider reaching up to book 7, and even beyond that. That means more reading adventure for book lovers.

I am fortunate enough to now be a proud owner of all four books, and looking forward to continue the collection even if it means attending all MIBF events. But that is no errand for me as I always anticipate this annual event. The smell of real books, flipping every page as you read, and actually holding them in my hands are beyond compare to having them on a tablet or online version. Seeing them on the shelves at home and able to get them as I please everytime as I go to bed before finally sleeping, is always a much awaited moment.

Congratulations to the team, for coming out with the newest addition to the Moymoy Lulumboy book series. Count us in up to the next upcoming books! Let's put Philippine folklore further into global knowledge. We've seen Philippine mythological characters already being used in foreign content, so hopefully the Moymoy Lulumboy books will strengthen our presence in the international scene.

Writing Article About Travel Successfully

Experienced writers demystify travel writing: these tips and steps to follow are the only things you need to create the best article about travel ever!

Make Your Travel Story Vivid, Juicy and Sensible
If you want to share your travelling experience with others, there is nothing more convenient than writing an article in a blog of yours. Professional writers of present you the most helpful tips how to turn your text into a vivid picture of your voyage.

General travel writing tips
The first person, past time
Avoid clichés
Simple language, no dictionary dinosaurs
It’s up to you whether to follow the rule of classic structure

Tips and twists that will inspirit you text
Try not to start your narration with a road to the airport (unless something useful for the story happened there). It is advisable to start with interesting fact or anecdote rather than with something obvious.

Do not be afraid to use quotes, especially from locals: add some flair to your text.
Do not provide false information, check every fact first.

Personal experience is not a priory the most interesting thing to read. The main aim of your article is not to give all the details of your trip somewhere: how you’ve missed a bus or got wet under the rain. The key purpose is to tell readers more about place, people, traditions and situations to take into consideration if someone may want to repeat your trip.

If you want to make your writing really helpful, popular and interesting, step out from the information that can be found in any guidebook. Search for new ways, food outlets admired by locals and unknown to tourists, search for unknown but picturesque locations, collect pieces of advice from locals where to go etc.

Act like a movie director: use different focuses to create surroundings, landscapes, pay attention to details and switch those focuses to get better picture.

Always apply “show not tell” approach – you have to use all senses so the readers can draw the most detailed and vivid picture of the place you have visited in their imagination. Do not be afraid to share your emotions and describe in detail what things, people or events caused them.

Do not sound like a TripAdvisor comment or description of certain place. Find your own tone and voice to sound original.

It’s all about the detail. Do you know how many times does the word beautiful appear in the travel articles? It is easier to count stars rather than the frequency of usage of this word. As a result, it means nothing more than nothing. If you want to tell your readers that certain building, location or a landscape is beautiful, give details, as much as you dare.

After you finish writing, let it rest for some time and then proofread and edit it – there is nothing more frustrating than typos or other errors that catch the eye and spoil the whole impression of the text.

And plan your text beforehand: thus you will know what to describe next and won’t face “writer’s block”.

DOE Pushes P131 Million Worth Rural Electrification

LIGHT THE FAR-FLUNG VILLAGES: Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi (center) signed the P131M worth memorandum of agreement that will energize far-flung areas with a prepaid solar home system at the DOE headquarters in Taguig City on Wednesday (Sept. 20, 2017). With Cusi are (from left) Electric Power Industry Management Bureau Officer-in-Charge Director Mario Marasigan; Bohol II Electric Cooperative General Manager Eugenio Tan, Board President Dionesio Oliavar Jr. and Institutional Services Department Manager Tito Andamon; DOE Usec. Felix William Fuentebella, Quezon II Electric Cooperative (QUEZELCO II) General Manager Victor Cada; Busuanga Island Electric Cooperative General Manager Ruth Galang and Board Pres. Francisco Espina; and QUEZELCO II Board President Normelita Curioso.

To help speed up the household electrification of far-flung off-grid areas, Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi signed last Wednesday (Sept. 20) a Memorandum of Agreement worth P131 million to energize 5,574 households in communities under Busuanga Island Electric Cooperative (BISELCO), Quezon II Electric Cooperative (QUEZELCO II) and Bohol II Electric Cooperative (BOHECO II). This forms part of the Philippine government counterpart for the European Union-Access to Sustainable Energy Program (EU-ASEP) program.

The project involves the installation of a prepaid Photovoltaic Mainstreaming system for the 5,574 beneficiaries for 2017. The teams from European Union-ASEP and the World Bank, for their part, target the energization of 40,500 households between 2017 (10,000 HHs) and 2018 (30,500 HHs).

“I want to fast-track the electrification projects, so that our kababayans in the far away communities can have access to basic energy services. We want the beneficiaries to have a decent life, their children to have the opportunity to read their books at night and the families to listen to the news and other developments among their other concerns,” Cusi said.

The Secretary also urged the electric cooperatives to ensure the proper implementation of the project, specially on the identification of beneficiaries. "We have to make sure that we are delivering our services to the people, to their homes. Let’s be accountable and work hard together,” he said.

The breakdown of the DOE-funded electrification program for 2017 is as follows:

• BISELCO: A total of 3,711 households residing in barangays Banuang Daan, Borac, Bintuan, Buenavista, Bulalacao, Cabugao, Lajala, Marcilla, Decabobo, Decalachao, Guadalupe, Malawig, San Jose, San Nicolas and Tara in Coron; Sto. Nino, Old Busuanga, New Busuanga, Quezon, Buluang and Panlaitan in Busuanga; and Culion Island.

• BOHECO II: A total of 530 households living in barangays Cataban in Talibon; West Hingotanan, East Hingotanan, Bilangbilangan Dako and Bilangbilangan Diyot in Bien-Unido.

• QUEZELCO II: A total of 1,333 households located in the barangays Aluyon in Burdeos; Canaway, Pagsangahan, Lumutan and Umiray in General Nakar; and Maunlad in Real.

These beneficiaries are in the off-grid areas situated in isolated islets, households located or far from electrified sitios, and isolated areas such as small communities in upland areas.

The DOE electrification program entails two solar home systems (SHS) Services - the SHS Service 1 with 30 watt peak and the SHS Service 2 with 50 watt peak. These systems could power lighting systems, charge mobile phones and run small television sets.

Based on the Energy Regulatory Commission solar home system (SHS) electricity service rate for electric cooperatives, the beneficiaries will pay between P180.00 - P222.00 per month or P5-P8 per day, depending on the solar home system and zoning service or distance from the electric cooperative headquarters.

“For sustainability, the electric coops will impose service charges to recover the costs of maintaining and replacing certain components of the system. There will also be a technician to check and monitor the systems,” the Energy Chief said.

Together with the Secretary, the signing ceremony was also attended by DOE Usec. Felix William B. Fuentebella, OIC for Electric Power Industry Management Bureau (EPIMB) Director Mario C. Marasigan, OIC for EPIMB-Rural Electrification Administration and Management OIC Division Chief Engr. Josue B. Balacuit, DOE Legal Services representative Atty. Isidro V. Almenteros, DOE Accounting head Arturo Cudia and officials of BISELCO (General Manager Ruth Galang and Board President Francisco Espina), BOHECO II (General Manager Eugenio Tan and Board President Dionesio Oliavar Jr.), and QUEZELCO II (General Manager Victor Cada and Board President Normelita Curioso).

How to Make Money While Traveling: 6 Tips for College Students

Being a student is something which has a lot of advantages to it; people have more freedom to move around and travel, without being tied down to where they live by responsibilities and the need to hold down a steady job. Many, if not most people, take advantage of this by traveling either before or during their studies, using gap years and holidays as opportunities for traveling.

Of course, to travel you still need money. For a student, there are two options, since they most likely don’t have the settled career that adults who are outside the education system do. Students can either use savings which have accumulated over their lives or they can work while they are traveling. Working while traveling is also something which gives more opportunities to be involved with the local culture.

There are many more ways to earn money while traveling than people normally think, ranging from the extremely casual working in a shop to the more in-depth teaching classes. It can also become a travel blogger for a specific company. If some students need help to write an essay and you are interested in that area of work, then you could even work as someone who provides this type of help.

Working while traveling is something which can take some coordination when setting up, but it will help you get more involved in the culture, learn more of the language, and of course, earn money for the next leg of your trip!

Travel Blogging
Travel blogging is something which has really taken off in recent years, due to the digital world becoming so accessible. Travel blogs are in high demand from many different companies, including travel agents and hotel companies. The ideal travel blog is something which is not very long but in-depth, and shows the variety of entertainments which exist for travelers in a certain area. Ideally, when travel blogs are written, they should focus on one single area within a geographical location, and show the sites, good places to eat, best travel options and more, which are available to travelers.

Teaching English
This is something which is best sorted out before you go on your trip, but people who are traveling can fund themselves by teaching English wherever they go. Teaching English is something which can be quite lucrative, although it obviously depends on where you go on holiday. It is also a good way to learn the local languages, since you will need to communicate effectively in the local language where you are staying if you want your teaching to be most effective. The internet can help point you and others in the right direction if this is how you want to spend your holidays.

Housesitting is one way of making money while traveling, but this particular method might work best if you are already familiar with the area in question. Knowing the language will also be helpful, as it will allow you to build a network of customers more easily.

Housesitting itself is useful for a variety of reasons – not only does it allow you to earn money, it also gives you the opportunity to move around the city or country you are currently in. This can help you to learn more about the area you are traveling in.

Café\Restaurant Work
Working in a café or a restaurant is perhaps one of the easiest forms of work to get for someone who is traveling (though not the easiest form of work). This type of work is always available, and so it is quite easy to get hold of.

Busking is perhaps something that should be a last resort, since it is not really a fixed source of income, and so may not give you enough money to travel. Busking and playing musical instruments is something which happens a lot in major cities, so you will most likely be able to find a spot to play quite easily.

Work Exchange
A work exchange is a website or other area which lists people and companies which are willing and able to provide food and accommodation in exchange for work. This does not pay, but on the other hand, you don’t need to pay either. It is useful if you want to simply experience living in a certain environment, although if you want to spend all day sightseeing it might not be for you. Work exchanges are also useful for traveling around an area, as it means that you will always have accommodation.

Final notes
Working while traveling is a very popular thing to do as it gives people more ability to move around than they would otherwise have had. There are a number of ways to work while traveling, some of which are harder to set up than others, but all of which enable people to enjoy their traveling more, and potentially get more out of it.

DOE Aims for More Women in the Energy Sector

More women should be involved in the energy sector for gender balance and thus make it more responsive to the requirements of nation-building.

This was emphasized by Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi as the Department of Energy (DOE) ramped up its program to introduce students to possible careers in the energy sector. 

“We encourage women to venture in the energy sector as they can also be great engineers and designers of infrastructure projects and energy devices, thus making the energy sector more gender-responsive.”

The Energy Chief said the goal of the DOE is to motivate students especially women to take up engineering or science programs in college.

“This will support our advocacy towards spreading the gender equality policy and non-discrimination of women in the energy industry involving the long energy value chain from exploration and development, midstream sectors related to generation, transmission and distribution up to utilization,” Cusi said.

"As encapsulated in our E-Power Mo campaign, we value the roles of our youth, regardless of their gender, in nation-building, particularly in the energy sector development.”

“Educating our students about energy would allow them to better appreciate energy issues, whether in their daily lives or in their future profession,” Cusi pointed out.

The DOE-Gender and Development (GAD) through the Consumer Welfare and Promotion Office (CWPO) recently commenced the second year of the series of the ENEReady program starting with 134 high school students in Pasig City.

According to DOE-CWPO, the ENEReady: Career Talks on Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Energy Workforce Program is primarily anchored on the DOE-GAD goal of promoting a more gender-balanced employment in the energy sector as there has been no remarkable increase in the number of women taking up engineering courses and graduating in sciences program in the last five years.

A total of 134 Grades 10 and 11 students, including 36 students representing the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) all involved in sciences, attended the ENEReady career talk held last September 5 at the Pasig City Science High School (PCSHS), Maybunga, Pasig City.

The resource persons from the Electric Power Industry Management Bureau, Renewable Energy Management Bureau, and Energy Resource Development Bureau related their personal experiences in their presentations. Through interactive discussions, the speakers also explained the types of jobs and leadership roles that engineers and applied science graduates can undertake in the energy industry for career path or growth.

Also present during the Career Talk were PCSHS Assistant Principal Lowell H. de Ramon and Guidance teachers, and guests from the GSP National Headquarters, Jade Villanueva and Ma. Rosalina Flores.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jewel of the Philippines 2017 Press Presentation

Congratulations to the winners of the Darling of the Press announced after the press presentation for the Jewel of the Philippines 2017 held on September 20, 2017 at the Madison 101 Hotel + Tower.

Darling of the Press:

Winner: Achelle Joy Medrano (Lipa City, Batangas)
1st Runner-Up: Sarah Jireh Asido (Balagtas, Bulacan)
2nd Runner-Up: Andrea Delgado (Naga City)


Cusi: Green Energy Within Reach of Filipino Consumers

EMPOWERING CONSUMERS ON GREEN ENERGY. Organizers and participants during the culminating public consultation for the Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) held at the University of Makati Mini Theater, Makati City on September 19, 2017. The event was led by NREB Chair Atty. Jose Layug, Jr. together with OIC for Renewable Energy Management Bureau (REMB) Director Mylene Capongcol and GEOP Committee Chairman Ernesto B. Pantangco.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi Tuesday said that the Philippine government is doing everything it can to empower Filipino consumers access renewable energy sources through the Green Energy Option Program (GEOP).

Cusi issued the statement in support of the public consultation held by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Board (NREB) on the draft guidelines on the implementation of GEOP held on 19 September 2017 at the University of Makati Mini Theater.

GEOP is being pushed by the DOE and NREB with support from USAID B-LEADERS.

The GEOP is a mechanism which provides end-users the option to choose renewable energy (RE) resources in meeting their energy requirements through respective distribution utilities.

The GEOP is provided under Republic Act 9513 or the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, and is in line with the DOE’s “E-Power Mo” campaign to educate consumers of various options on intelligent and efficient utilization of energy resources.

“The GEOP draft guidelines went through an extensive review by the NREB’s Green Energy Option Rules Committee and was subjected to inputs from stakeholders of the Philippine electric power industry,” said Cusi.

“By conducting public consultations, we make sure that inputs from all participants of the energy sector, especially the consumers, are thoroughly noted so we can come up with a more comprehensive and sound policy,” Cusi added.

The event served as the culminating consultation in a series of GEOP public consultations following the Visayas leg in Bacolod City and the Mindanao leg in Davao City held last September 4 and 12, respectively.

The consultations brought together RE stakeholders, distribution utilities, electric cooperatives and end users to raise their concerns and suggestions on the GEOP.

The participants' comments and suggestions were mostly on the implementation details, including contracting timeline under the GEOP, sourcing of RE suppliers, incentives for RE developers under the RE law and cost component transparency towards consumers.

The GEOP forum was led by NREB Chair Atty. Jose Layug, Jr. as keynote speaker together with OIC for Renewable Energy Management Bureau (REMB) Director Mylene Capongcol and GEOP Committee Chairman Ernesto B. Pantangco.

About 200 participants from NREB, government agencies, distribution utilities and renewable energy stakeholders attended the Luzon leg.

PRISM: The 1st Annual Philippine Business Enterprise Congress Gala Night

Prism is the soft launch to next year’s biggest business event, PBEC: Innovate2018

In an effort promote the biggest business event of 2018, RBG Philippines Inc. presented PRISM: 1st Annual Philippine Business Enterprise Congress (PBEC) Gala Night last September 16, 2017 at The Plaza, Resorts World Manila, Pasay.

Three of the exceptional speakers in the upcoming PBEC were present during the soft launch; Ms. Hershey Hilado, an entrepreneur and business strategist, Mr. Sean Si, Internet Marketing Specialist and Mr. Raymond Lim, a high-impact trainer and business coach, giving the audience sneak peeks to their business talks on April 14 next year.

The event’s objective is to officially introduce PBEC to the public and to build connections and create opportunities for the event stakeholders. PRISM is an event of expanding and forming an innovative business network and linkages of diverse industries and businesses.

Special guests and performances from world class Filipino talents heated up the night. PRISM featured a fashion show of 3 collections by Filipino designers, (MK Enterprises, Premiere Fashion Center for Fashion and Design and Rey Bien Maglonzo, a spectacular performance of flashing lights and dancing lasers by Argon Animation, a show stopping performance from a multi-awarded Filipino singer, Mr. Austin Solita and more.

PRISM: PBEC Gala Night is presented by RBG Philippines; co-presented by, Realty Beacon Philippines Inc. and Raymond Lim SG; in Partnership with, SEO Hacker, Hershey Hilado, Resort World Manila, 1Punch Inc., OpenZN, LiquidMinds Inc., Tagcash and Nic Satur Events Management. Media partners: Jeepney TV, DZRH News Television, Fab Manila and Wazzup Pilipinas; and sponsors, Actstech, Espi Travel And Tours, and Zenzest.

The 1st annual Philippine Business Enterprise Congress is a one-day symposium where more than 1000 businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse industries gather to experience entrepreneurial convention, to explore boundless business opportunities and to discover fresh, innovative, efficient business concepts, strategies, and ideas devised by world class experts.

RBG Philippines Inc. is a real estate investment company which specializes in facilitating business and entrepreneurial events like Money Making Muscles, Business Action Program, Leadership Action Program and more. With its goal to help existing and aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs in building and managing a successful business, PBEC was created.

Hope Run 2017: Run for Children with Special Needs

December is the month for emphasizing the importance and celebrating the success of
early intervention for children with special needs.

Last year, thousands of runners joined hands to realize a dream that brought about the Kids Hope Foundation. To date, Kids Hope Foundation is helping 30 children with special needs receive early intervention.

But more children need support. To be able to reach out to more children with special
needs, we are once again knocking on your kind hearts.

This year, Kids Hope Foundation is partnering with Life Coach, Inc. and ThinkSportsPH for the HOPE RUN 2017: RUN FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS in Manila and Cebu.

MANILA (DECEMBER 2, 2017) -SM by the Bay, SM MOA Complex, Pasay City
CEBU (DECEMBER 10, 2017) -Ayala Business Park, Cebu City

These events aim to

• Campaign for AWARENESS on the importance of early intervention for children with special needs
• Raise FUNDS and SUPPORT for Kids Hope Foundation through on- ground event, media partnership and advocacy
• Provide FUN activities and entertainment to families, runners and children with
special needs.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Si Janus Silang at Ang Labanang Manananggal-Mambabarang

Inihahandog ng Tanghalang Ateneo sa kanyang ika-39 na tagdula: Performing Change
kasama ang Ateneo Fine Arts, Performing Arts Cluster at Sip Purified Water
sa tulong ng Adarna House



ni Edgar Calabia Samar

Adaptasyon at Direksyon ni Guelan Varela-Luarca
Galaw ni Delphine Buencamino
Katuwang sa Direksyon Gentle Mapagu
Disenyo ng Entablado ni Gwyn Guanzon
Disenyo ng Kasuotan ni Bonsai Cielo
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Setyembre 20-23 at 26-30; Oktubre 3-7, 10-14, at 17-21 | 7:30 N.G.
Setyembre 23 at 30; Oktubre 7, 14, at 21 | 2:30 N.H.

Black Box Theater, Ateneo de Manila University

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AMEM35 to Intensify Cooperation on Energy Resiliency and Sustainability

How should the members of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ensure access to, and adequate supply of, resilient and sustainable energy?

That's the main agenda of the 35th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM35) and Associated Meetings hosted by the Department of Energy (DOE) on Sept. 27 to 29.

“We envision dynamic and robust collaboration within ASEAN and dialogue partners as well as relevant international agencies,” said DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi in describing the upcoming event at Conrad Manila, Pasay City.

With the theme “One ASEAN Community to Resilient and Sustainable Energy,” AMEM 35 will lay the groundwork for enhanced cooperation under the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) ‎‎2016-2025, Phase 1: ‎‎2016-2020, according to Cusi.

APAEC is a series of policy guidelines to implement energy cooperation as part of regional integration towards a globally competitive ASEAN.

A closed-door meeting between the ASEAN energy ministers and CEOs on strategies to address power demand in the region will highlight the ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF) 2017 Conference which will run concurrent with AMEM35.

The series of ministerial meetings under AMEM35 also include the 14th AMEM+3 (China, Japan and Korea), the 11th East-Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting (EAS-EMM) and the 1st AMEM-International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Dialogue. 

Concurrent with the AMEM35 is the Powertrends International Exhibition at the SMX Convention Center. 

AMEM and AEBF will jointly open the event in the morning on September 27. The 2017 AEBF Conference will culminate with the closed-door ministers-CEO dialogue late in the afternoon.

AMEM35 is an annual gathering of the Energy Ministers which provides guidance and directions in the development and implementation of key energy sector priority initiatives and work programs in the region consistent with the directives of heads of states/governments of ASEAN.

The Philippines hosted the same meeting in 1997 and in 2004. 

The ASEAN was established to promote economic growth and prosperity in the region.  The member-countries include Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Damaged Power Infra by Maring and Lannie Almost Fully Operational –DOE

Power infrastructure and facilities in areas affected by typhoons Maring and Lannie will all be back in operation soon, with power already restored in 456 or 57 percent of the affected barangays as of Friday, according to the reports submitted to the Department of Energy (DOE).

Generally, the generation, transmission, the Manila Electric Co. and other affected electric cooperatives franchise areas are already 100 percent operational.

For Quezon Province, electricity was fully restored Thursday night in the town proper of the Municipality of Perez in Alabat Island as it assured the public that total power restoration will be achieved at the soonest possible time with repairmen working round the clock.

According to the National Electrification Administration (NEA), power in 456 out of 804 barangays in Quezon has been restored Thursday afternoon. The 456 barangays account for 104,093 households which is equivalent to 60.16 percent of the entire household serviced by the distribution utility.

NEA is targeting 100 percent restoration of power by September 20 following the detailed assessment and inspection of the typhoon-affected facilities.

DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi emphasized, “We need to ensure that the infrastructures, wirings and meters in the typhoon hit areas are safe before energizing them. We want to protect the people from any harm, including those who are conducting the restoration activities.”

Millennials, Why Is it Better To Own Than To Rent

Global property portal Lamudi’s advice to Filipino millennials: it’s a great time to invest in your own property

Dubbed as the most mobile and transitional generation, millennials are known to be quite averse to staying in one location for long. They are also well-traveled, both for work and leisure. These young professionals can also work just about anywhere: in coffee shops or at the comforts of their own home. Because of the freedom to locate wherever they prefer, renting is perhaps the most suitable option for this age group.

But is it really wise to dedicate a huge part of your monthly paycheck in filling your landlord’s pocket? Global real estate portal Lamudi Philippines shares why investing in property is one of the best ways to build wealth for this young and adventurous generation.

Real Estate for Income

The financial burden of investing in a home is not appealing for people who see themselves moving in the foreseeable future. However, it should be noted that getting in the real estate game does not necessarily equate to settling in the space you just bought.

From an investment perspective, buying a property can provide additional cash flow. If you are leasing a costly apartment each month, you understand the woes of giving away your hard-earned cash to your landlord. However, imagine if the tables were turned and you become the property owner who rakes in passive income every month. Sweet with no sweat, isn’t it?

Purchasing a property is a big investment decision, but for young professionals who have capabilities to acquire a piece of land or condominium, buying will surely reap exciting returns in the years to come. Real estate is a tangible asset that increases in value over time. Aside from the rental income that you can get, you can also enjoy a sizable amount when you decide to sell after the property’s value has increased.

However, if you decide to keep the property and just enjoy the rental income, having a property under your name also means that you are assured of a place of your own should the need arrives. Furthermore, it may also serve as your retirement home when the time comes.

Home You Can Call Your Own

Your very first step to your own welcome-home mat is an overwhelming feeling. This is especially true if you have secured the keys at such a young age. But beyond the fulfillment, obtaining a property while you are young has many advantages.

For buyers who take this step earlier in life, you can avail longer loan durations to keep your monthly amortizations low. At this rate, the amount you are paying for rental fees may be much expensive that your would-be monthly amortization if you invest now.

Home ownership is also a significant indication that you are moving ahead in life. For some it is a status symbol that signals stability and commitment.

As investment is such an empowering achievement, more and more millennials are now exploring home-buying. Because of this, a myriad of newly launched developments now take into consideration the lifestyle of Generation Y. Amenities and facilities are carefully planned to ensure the convenience of young buyers.

The fast take-up of these millennial-focused properties is proof that the young generation now appreciates the value of owning a home. This is more economical rather than allocating a big chunk of salary each month for rent that will never add to any future equity.

Choosing a viable location is important too. For young professionals who work in major central business districts, there are suitable properties in neighboring areas that offer the same convenience but a more competitive price. So instead of renting, you can just invest in a nearby location and walk to work.

Lamudi Housing Fair 2017

To fully appreciate the edge of investing early, millennials are encouraged to head on to the next installment of the Lamudi Housing Fair this year. Slated to happen on October 13–15 at the Megatrade Hall 1 of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, the event will feature investment experts that will talk about investing for everyone.

The Lamudi Housing Fair will again bring together the biggest developers and the coolest real estate offers in one venue. Freebies, exclusive discounts, and prizes also await attendees.

For more information, visit

Monday, September 18, 2017

Delicious Choices Daily with FamilyMart All-day Value Meals

There’s no need to go far for a delicious and satisfying meal that won’t break the bank, because from breakfast, lunch, and even great afternoon snacks, your go-to convenience store, FamilyMart, has got you covered. With a number of different options on its menu, the popular Japanese convenience store makes sure you won’t run out of choices any time of the day.

While you’re on your way to work early in the morning, you’ve got Everyday Breaky Treats from 6AM to 9AM to jumpstart your day. Buy any of the breakfast meals or sandwiches, and get 20% off on an 8oz UCC Coffee Café Americano.

Have your coffee along with a hearty breakfast of your favorite “silog” meals like Cornsilog, Tocilog, Hotsilog, and Tapsilog. For an option that can be easily eaten on-the-go, choose from FamilyMart’s different sandwiches like Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Ham & Cheese, Corned Beef & Egg, or Sausage & Egg.

For lunch, from 11AM to 2PM, FamilyMart brings you Noontime Treats. Have any Donburi meal that suits your cravings for the day and get 20% of on any 12oz juice to go with tasty servings of Sisig, Pork Binagoongan, Pinakbet with Bagnet, Pork Steak, Chicken Adobo, Beef Teriyaki, Beef Caldereta or Katsudon.

To recharge yourself in the afternoon, you can look forward to Mid-day Treats from 3PM to 5PM. Beat the afternoon heat by getting 20% off on a 12oz Calamansi Zing or Taro Slush Super Freeze when you pair it with a Chicken Cheese Dog Sandwich, Chicken Nuggets, or Lobster Balls.

You won’t have such a hard time choosing what or where to eat every day when you head on over to FamilyMart for a scrumptious meal to satisfy your cravings for breakfast, lunch, and merienda.

For updates, exciting products, and awesome deals, like and follow FamilyMart Philippines on Facebook, @familymartph on Instagram, and @FamilyMartPH on Twitter.

For store locations or more information on FamilyMart Philippines, log on to

FamilyMart is the 2nd largest convenience store chain in the world with over 18,000 stores across Asia. In the Philippines, FamilyMart has branches in Makati, Ortigas, Quezon City, San Juan, Manila, Mandaluyong, Marikina, and Fort Bonifacio Global City.


FamilyMart brings you Everyday Breaky Treats from 6AM to 9AM to jumpstart your day. Buy any of the breakfast meals or sandwiches, and get 20% off on an 8oz UCC Coffee Café Americano.

Have your coffee along with a hearty breakfast of your favorite “silog” meals like Cornsilog, Tocilog, Hotsilog, and Tapsilog.

Match your favorite Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Ham & Cheese, Corned Beef & Egg, or Sausage & Egg with an 8oz UCC Coffee Café Americano.

For lunch, from 11AM to 2PM, have any Donburi meal and get 20% of on any 12oz juice.

Choose from Sisig, Pork Binagoongan, Pinakbet with Bagnet, Pork Steak, Chicken Adobo, Beef Teriyaki, Beef Caldereta or Katsudon  Donburi to suit your cravings.

To recharge yourself in the afternoon, you can look forward to Mid-day Treats from 3PM to 5PM. Beat the afternoon heat with 20% off on a 12oz Super Freeze

Chicken Cheese Dog Sandwich or Chicken Nuggets go well with the Calamasi Zing, while Lobster Balls and Taro Slush make another great combo
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