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PLDT Enterprise extends digital solutions to Digital Edge data center in Greater Manila Area

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PLDT Enterprise has forged a partnership with Digital Edge Philippines Inc. (“Digital Edge”) to provide comprehensive connectivity and IT solutions to future customers of its 10-megawatt data center in Biñan, Laguna, a suburban district adjacent to Manila.

Mitch Locsin, PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head, said that the partnership with Digital Edge will allow both companies to tap into the growing cloud and digital opportunities in the country.

“PLDT has consistently remained at the forefront in offering innovative digital services for enterprises of all sizes, both local and international. It is always our pleasure to extend our expertise to our partners to enable them to reach their goals and open opportunities for their businesses,” he said.

Digital Edge is a new pan-Asia data center platform company that is focused on providing colocation, interconnection, and connectivity solutions to cloud and enterprise customers.

“Digital Edge strives to fulfill its vision to provide our clients with innovative data center services in the industry. Our partnership with the PLDT Group will allow us to present the full suite of PLDT services to our future customers and I am very excited for the future cooperation,” said Victor Barrios, President, and CEO of Digital Edge Philippines Inc.

Meanwhile, Jojo Gendrano, FVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise said that PLDT Enterprise is taking another step towards powering the digital economy and aiding the local enterprise growth through the newly-forged partnership.

“The combination of Digital Edge’s infrastructure and PLDT’s best-in-class solutions and services will allow our clients to move ahead swiftly on their respective digital initiatives as we all transition to the new business normal. We are excited about this partnership and the prospects of helping build the right digital growth ecosystems for the market to take advantage of,” said Gendrano.

“We are grateful to our partners who continuously recognize PLDT Group’s integrity and excellence for complex network infrastructure projects. As they put their trust and confidence in us, PLDT will continue to invest in technology infrastructure to deliver a wider array of digital services to bring them reliable and high-quality digital solutions,” he added.

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On the implementation of the No Vaccination, No Ride Policy

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The “no vaccination, no ride” policy of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) was made to protect ALL — whether vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals – to safeguard those that are most at risk, our healthcare system, and our exhausted medical workers amid the recent surge of COVID-19 cases recorded in the country.

The policy is for the benefit of the majority and the common good. Hence, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the riding public. It is important to note that the policy only takes effect while Alert Level 3 (or higher) is implemented to stem the surging cases of COVID-19, particularly with the spread of the highly infectious Omicron variant.

Severe COVID-19 infections caused by non-vaccination result in an overwhelming of cases of hospitalization. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been very CLEAR: “while Omicron causes less severe disease than Delta, it remains a dangerous virus, particularly for those who are unvaccinated.”

Worse, if the number of public transport personnel infected with the virus goes higher, we might face another shutdown just like what happened last year in the MRT-3, LRT lines, and PNR, as most front-facing passengers were infected with the virus. WE WANT TO PREVENT ANOTHER PUBLIC TRANSPORT SHUTDOWN. We are doing everything we can to maintain and keep our public transport operations safe and running. It will be a much heavy burden for commuters if we experience a repeat of public transport closures.

We also do not want businesses to shut down due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), our campaign is all-encompassing. If we do not act now, all industries and business sectors will be severely affected. Either the businesses will minimize workers, cut down on some parts of their business, retrench employees, or shut down to cut down on losses or pay off debts. And this affects not only the business owners but people who will lose their job and all those who depend on them.

On those saying that the “no vaccination, no ride/entry” policy in public transport is anti-poor, draconian or punitive, we believe that it is more anti-poor and anti-life if we will not impose interventions that will prevent loss of life due to non-vaccinations. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THE UNVACCINATED, BUT WE ARE PROTECTING THEM.

We would also wish to ensure the public that the implementation of the said policy will be both tolerant and firm.

On questions regarding the Legal Basis of the policy, please note that the Metro Manila Council already issued a Resolution last week on the guidelines for unvaccinated individuals. The Resolution prohibits unvaccinated individuals from boarding public transport.

This Resolution was approved and signed by ALL Metro Manila Mayors and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and is strongly supported by the IATF. Our Department Order was issued in support of that Resolution.

Further, all LGU Ordinances in Metro Manila prohibit unvaccinated from using public transportation. We are supporting those local legal directives.

To be clear, there is NO directive to prohibit travel. Unvaccinated individuals are allowed to travel by using other means aside from public transport. Even the Department Order of the DOTr has exceptions. Remember that the so-called right to ride needs to be balanced with our responsibility as transport regulator to maintain and preserve safe travel.

We would also like to inform the public that it is DOTr’s position that the "no vaccination, no ride/entry" policy does not violate RA 11525, which states that vaccine cards shall not be considered as additional mandatory requirement for educational, employment and other similar government transaction purposes. Access to public transportation is not among those enumerated in the prohibition. The Administrative Code prevails, which mandates DOTr to provide safe transportation services to the general public.

The policy is also in line with the order of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to restrict the movement of people who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 in Metro Manila, which is now experiencing an uptick in cases.

As what the World Health Organization said: “You can’t put out half a fire. No one is safe, until we are all safe.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

DOTr orders "No vaccination, no ride/no entry” policy in NCR public transportation

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In line with the order of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to restrict the movement of people who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 in Metro Manila, which is now experiencing an uptick in cases, Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade on Tuesday, 11 January 2022, ordered the enforcement of a “no vaccination, no ride/no entry” policy initially in the National Capital Region (NCR).In his Department Order (DO), Secretary Tugade said the enforcement of the “no vaccination, no ride” policy will be in effect while a COVID-19 Alert Level 3 level or higher remains hoisted in the NCR as to be determined by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF).

Following the President’s order, the Metro Manila Council, which is composed of all the mayors of NCR, also passed a resolution urging the various local government units of Metro Manila to pass their respective ordinances on the enhanced restrictions on the movement of unvaccinated persons.

Tugade said the DO takes effect immediately after publication in the Official Gazette or in a newspaper of general circulation, and the submission of a copy with the Office of the National Administrative Register, U.P. Law Center.

“All concerned attached agencies and sectoral offices of DOTr are directed to ensure that operators of public transportation shall allow access or issue tickets only to ‘fully vaccinated persons’ as evidenced by a physical or digital copies of an LGU (local government unit)-issued vaccine card, or any IATF-prescribed document, with a valid government issued ID with picture and address,” the DOTr department order read.

According to the DO, a person is considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after receiving their second dose in a 2-dose vaccination series, such as with the Pfizer or Moderna brand of vaccines, or two (2) weeks after a single-dose vaccine such as with Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.

Exempted from the “no vaccination, no ride” policy are the following:

• Persons with medical conditions that prevent their full COVID-19 vaccination as shown by a duly-signed medical certificate with the name and contact details of their doctor.

• Persons who will buy essential goods and services, such as but not limited to food, water, medicine, medical devices, public utilities, energy, work, and medical and dental necessities, as shown by a duly issued barangay health pass or other proof to justify travel.

Under the Order, violations of the policy are considered violations of applicable general safety and health provisions under any concession or service agreements, authority or permits to operate of public transportation, and other similar instrument.

Face a Flawless and Bright 2022 with Y.O.U Beauty

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On top of building goal-setting habits, bring out the glow that helps you face each day with confidence with the help of The Radiance White BB Cream.

The arrival of a new year always brings hope for brighter days ahead. Despite the challenges we collectively faced last year, 2022 offers opportunities to celebrate, reflect, and build on our resolve to do better things this time around.

While resolutions are commonplace at the start of the year, it takes guided, conscious effort to turn a fresh start into your best year ever. As a game changer in the Philippine skincare industry, Y.O.U Beauty stands for empowering Filipinas across the country to pursue their dreams. From goal-setting to making the most out of “me” time, true to the brand’s commitment to upholding long-lasting beauty, Y.O.U Beauty shares these tips, tricks, and habits to achieve a flawless and bright 2022:

Look back, then move forward. Take a moment to consider how the past year went for you. Ask yourself what personally went well and what you’d like to improve on. Setting aside time to reflect can help you better understand the highs and lows of last year and set a precedent for a great year ahead.

Set reasonable and specific goals. When laying down your goals, plot them out according to the SMART principle – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. All of these qualities can help you set goals that are easier to accomplish, setting yourself up for more future success. Whether it’s to eat healthier by adding more fruits & veggies to your diet, or to enjoy radiant skin by using Y.O.U Beauty products formulated with Triple Bright Activator to achieve healthy skin from within, taking actionable steps towards our goals can shape how successful we turn out to be.

Reach out. Quarantines and social distancing measures shouldn’t be an excuse to not maintain the connections we have with friends and loved ones. Set aside some time to send quick texts, calls or even video chats with family or friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. However, as phone and computer screens are also a source of UV rays that can harm skin, remember to keep your skin flawless with the power of SPF 40 and PA+++.

Keep things tidy. Much like Soft Marshmallow Powder’s ability to cover up blemishes on the skin, as studies show that a clean space is associated with happiness, satisfaction and calm, a little tidying up can go a long way in ensuring a smooth start to the year.

Make time for yourself. With work and home life demanding so much of our time every day, the importance of setting aside time to focus on you cannot be underscored further. From squeezing in a short workout, indulging in a new passion, or even simply adding something new to your skincare routine, there’s nothing wrong with being good to yourself. With a keen understanding of the need for self-care that allows long-lasting beauty to bloom from within, Y.O.U Beauty is committed to providing every individual with accessible beauty products made with advanced technology.

Coming into a new year, confidence is key when it comes to going after your goals. To help Filipinas confidently face whatever comes their way this year, Y.O.U Beauty has launched a new product to help keep skin flawless and glow from within – The Radiance White BB Cream.

As air pollution, sun exposure and lifestyle choices can cause dull and uneven skin tone, the Radiance White BB Cream by Y.O.U Beauty is designed to give skin a flawless look with a lightweight feel, while brightening skin and keeping it safe from the sun’s rays. The flawless natural look is made possible by Soft Marshmallow Powder that covers blemishes and makes the skin’s texture feel smoother. The Triple Bright Activator composed of Snow Mushroom, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C brightens, hydrates, and maintains skin elasticity, while SPF 40 and PA+++ are broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The Radiance White BB Cream by Y.O.U Beauty is formulated to be free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, and mineral oil. To suit a wide range of skin tones, it comes in three variants: 01 Vanilla for fair skin, 02 Almond for medium light to medium deep skin, and 03 mocha for deep to medium skin.

This year, build the habits to go after your goals better. To help you confidently face whatever challenges may come your way, bring out your glow from within through The Radiance White BB Cream by Y.O.U Beauty. Shop the product range online today at the Y.O.U Beauty Lazada and Shopee stores.

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PHINMA Education fulfills Unbreakable Commitment to accessible education in the next normal

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PHINMA Education, a fast-growing network of schools in Southeast Asia, believes that access to quality education can make lives better for millions of underserved youth. Witnessing that many students are unable to complete their college degrees, the institution aims to make education accessible particularly in some key growth areas across the Philippines.

However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, their unbreakable commitment to delivering quality education towards gainful employment for their students and graduates was severely challenged.

“It was a very disruptive year for the educational sector. The pandemic made it very difficult for all types of schools, whether public or private to fulfill their mission of educating their students,” said Christopher A. Tan, Chief Operating Officer of PHINMA Education.

The institution, which operates nine tertiary schools in the country, recognized that flexible learning would be the way forward for students and teachers. While online education became common for most educational institutions in the country, PHINMA Education’s unique market needed a different solution.

“We serve students from lower-income households and many of them are not prepared well in their grade school and high school for college. They are more likely to drop out even under normal circumstances and the big problem with distance learning is not so much the quality of education, but it’s the ability to complete the program,” explained Tan.

The challenge for the institution is to generate creative and innovative approaches to manage these problems differently.  They also need to make sure that the distance learning setup would be suited even for students from low-income families. Thus, they launched Flex and RaDLearning, which rely on printed courseware, strong teacher support, and constant interaction with peers. This made the infrastructure that would enable them to connect with their students and faculty the utmost importance.

They partnered with PLDT Enterprise and Smart for connectivity solutions that effectively support the digital learning needs of their students and faculty members. Smart provided tailor-made Giga Study plans that further boost PHINMA Education’s pledge to ease the learning experience of students in the new normal.

“Combining printed modules with remote coaching and the data plan from Smart helped us come up with an almost robust workable solution we can develop for these very difficult times. We appreciate PLDT Enterprise for understanding the underlying principles that we cared about and for coming up with a very flexible plan that gave access to our key programs,” said Tan.

“Giga Study Plan has the key features of stability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. PLDT Enterprise was very generous in developing a program that gave enough bandwidth and access to our students, at the same time, really kept the costs low,” he added.

“PLDT Enterprise heeds the call of the education sector for solutions that will enable students and educators to easily steer distance learning. We are committed to supporting the needs of our partners, such as the PHINMA Education, to empower them in maintaining their unbreakable commitment despite these most difficult times,” said Jojo Gendrano, FVP and Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise.

PLDT Enterprise recently introduced its Unbreakable Commitment campaign to highlight its partnerships with various organizations in the country to demonstrate how fostering partnerships could help companies thrive despite the obstacles they face and in turn, contribute to the lives of Filipinos.

The campaign also reinforces PLDT Enterprise’s unbreakable commitment to empowering organizations through the power of technology.

“Smart Giga Study Plans helped us promise our students that for this year, they do not have to worry about connecting to their teachers and classmates. That’s a very important message especially in times of uncertainty and suffering. We promised our students that they are not going to be alone in going through their classes this year, and PLDT Enterprise helped fulfill that promise,” Tan furthered.

“But one of the important values we see in this partnership is not just the technology but the strategic thinking that we can do together to solve complex social problems.”

Through fostering partnerships that would help them navigate uncertainties, PHINMA Education Network was able to stay true to its unbreakable commitment to providing access to education to students despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help of the right partner who successfully attends to the needs of its stakeholders, the institution can carry on its mission to educate and guide its learners no matter how unique and tough the journey will be ahead of the next normal.

Watch PHINMA Education’s interview here:

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Full Circle Lab Philippines Opens Call for Applications with New Lab for Story Editors, Hybrid Workshop

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The Full Circle Lab Philippines (FCL PH), a joint capacity-building program for Filipino and other Southeast Asian filmmakers of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and European production outfit Tatino Films, has opened the call for applications for this year’s edition. The 2022 edition will consist of four (4) labs that will directly benefit fifteen (15) projects and eleven (11) talents, with no less than ten (10) international mentors and industry advisors involved. The Story Editor’s Lab, a new section, will also be introduced and will be focusing on story development particularly in the script development stage.

The FDCP’s flagship international film lab for Filipino and Southeast Asian films and filmmakers was renewed for another three-year cycle which will cover 2022 to 2024—a long term plan that will culminate into the FCL Horizons 2025. The project will be in hybrid format consisting of an onsite residential workshop in April and follow-up online sessions in September 2022.

The program aiming to provide opportunities for filmmakers and producers to further develop and elevate their projects will be opening its doors to participants of the following films labs:

      Fiction Lab - twelve (12) projects in development (feature films, series, animation)

      First Cut Lab - three (3) projects in post-production (feature films & documentaries)

      Creative Producers Lab - eight (8) producers with or without project/s in development

      Story Editing Lab - three (3) participants


Full Circle Lab Philippines aims to identify, nurture, and train creative talents in the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia by supporting film projects along their development & post-production processes in order to enhance their artistic and audience potentials with a focus on storytelling. This program also aims to foster the internationalization of the Filipino film industry and position the Philippines as a creative hub in the Southeast Asian region by creating synergy between the industry experts and professionals across the globe through sessions and talks. This new three-year cycle will be joined by a mentor team composed of esteemed film professionals from all over the world.

The Full Circle Lab Philippines call for application is open to eligible filmmakers from the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries: Brunei, Cambodia, East-Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“The whole world is looking at Asia now, and we want to capitalize on that and make sure that we are ready and equipped with the tools to take our diverse and unique stories to the global stage. Through the Full Circle Lab Philippines, we are taking concrete steps toward making the Philippines a creative Hub for Filmmaking in the Southeast Asian region,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño.

“With that goal, and especially with this fast evolving milieu, it is imperative to continually equip our filmmakers with the tools for them to keep learning new skills, unlearning less effective practices, and relearning new strategies in doing things so they can keep up with the times,” she added.  

Last year, the 3rd FCL PH was held online alongside the first Philippine Film Industry Month celebration. The FCL 2021 edition has supported a total of 24 projects and participants from various countries in Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Eligible applicants may submit the complete application package consisting of complete requirements and accomplished application form to with the subject: Full Circle Lab Philippines 2022 [Lab Category Application] ex. Full Circle Lab Philippines 2021 [Fiction lab Application]. Applications for Fiction Lab, Creative Producers Lab, and Story Editing Lab will be accepted until February 15, 2022 with announcement of selected participants in the FCL PH’s social media pages on March 15, 2022. The application period for First Cut Lab will be until March 15, 2022, announcement date of chosen projects will be posted this month. Interested applicants may download the application form here:

Stay tuned for more details and announcements in Full Circle Lab Philippines’ Facebook page and Instagram. For guidelines, eligibility, and requirements, see below:


Fiction Lab

Open for projects in the early stage of development to pre-production stage in any of the following formats: feature films, series, or animation.

Applicants must submit the following:

      Duly accomplished application form

      Logline (50 words), synopsis (1 page), and concept/treatment (up to 10 pages)

      Director’s and producer’s statements (Up to 2 pages)

      Director’s and screenwriter’s filmographies (1 page)

      Producer’s filmography (1 page) and production company profile (1 page)

      Rights to adaptation, if applicable

      High definition profile photo


All requirements must be submitted in separate PDF documents.


      Projects with or without current affiliation with a producer will be equally welcomed.

      There is no need to have financing in place.

      The participating team must be composed of the writer accompanied by the director and/or producer of the project.


First Cut Lab

Available for projects in the editing stage. Participants will receive expert advice from editor-consultants and industry advisors chosen according to the specific needs of each film.

Applicants must submit the following:

      Duly accomplished application form

      A minimum of 30 minutes of scenes from the film with English subtitles. Scenes can be separate and can be in the rough cut

      Logline (50 words), synopsis (1 page)

      Director’s and producer’s statements (Up to 2 pages)

      Director’s and editor’s filmographies (1 page)

      Producer’s filmography (1 page) and production company profile (1 page)

      High definition profile photo


All requirements must be submitted in separate PDF documents.



The film’s producer, director, and editor must attend the whole duration of the Editing Lab.


Creative Producers Lab

Open to producers who will have the chance to be mentored on topics covering the different key areas of this profession—project development, legal & financial issues, and company development.

Applicants must submit the following:

      Duly accomplished application form

      Letter of intent


      Production company profile

      Project dossier

      High definition profile photo


All requirements must be submitted in separate PDF documents.



Producers with or without current affiliation with production companies are equally welcome to apply.


Story Editing Lab

Open to aspiring script consultants, scriptwriters, heads of development in production companies, or commissioning editors of broadcasters, who will work hand-in-hand with the Fiction Lab groups. Each participant will work primarily with the script and production mentors of his group, but he/she will also receive expert advice and lectures from mentors from the other groups.

Applicants must submit the following:

      Duly accomplished application form

      Letter of intent


      Production company profile

      High definition profile photo


All requirements must be submitted in separate PDF documents.



  1. Full Circle Lab Philippines is open to filmmakers from the Philippines and Southeast Asia countries: Brunei, Cambodia, East-Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  2. For Fiction Lab, Creative Producers Lab, and Story Editing Lab, applicants should submit their complete application package by February 15, 2022. For First Cut Lab, applications will be accepted until March 15, 2022.
  3. The application shall be done by submitting a duly accomplished application form and other supporting requirements. All requirements shall be sent to with the subject: Full Circle Lab Philippines 2022 [(Lab Category) Application] ex. Full Circle Lab Philippines 2021 [Fiction lab Application].
  4. The Full Circle Lab Philippines mentors shall review the materials of eligible applicants and shall confer to select the final selection, ensuring the diversity of the lineup.
  5. FDCP will be announcing the final selection of the official projects by March 15, 2022.
  6. The official participants shall agree and sign a Memorandum of Agreement with FDCP upon accepting the terms and lab slot.
  7. The official participants shall agree to disclose their vaccination certifications.
  8. The FDCP shall cover the costs for flights and accommodations of the participants for the duration of the onsite lab.
  9. The official participants shall agree to attend onsite and finish all sessions and meetings assigned to them and participate in the follow-up session in September.
  10. The official participants will be given schedules with their assigned Full Circle Lab  Philippines mentors.
  11. The official participants must comply and submit their requirements as advised by the mentor and/or the organizers.
  12. The official participants would be given passes to the International Film Industry Conference in September. Each interested participant should register to secure a slot.






Film Development Council of the Philippines

Media Relations Unit

ADDRESS 855 T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000

PHONE +63 2 82569958 loc. 100



Monday, January 10, 2022

SSS to offer calamity assistance to members, pensioners affected by Typhoon Odette

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The Social Security System (SSS) will offer a Calamity Assistance Package to members and pensioners affected by Typhoon Odette starting January 14, 2022.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora C. Ignacio said that the Calamity Assistance Package consist of the Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP) and Direct House Repair and Improvement Loan for members, and the three-month advance pension for pensioners in areas affected by Typhoon Odette as declared by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

Members and pensioners in MIMAROPA, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao, and CARAGA, as well as other areas that may be declared by the NDRRMC to be under the state of calamity due to typhoon, can avail of the SSS Calamity Assistance Package.

“It is unfortunate that the recent typhoon affected the daily lives and livelihood of our members and pensioners in these several areas. Through the SSS Calamity Assistance Package, we can extend financial aid to our members and pensioners as they try to recover from the effects of Typhoon Odette," Ignacio said.

SSS will offer the CLAP for its members and the Three-month Advance Pension to its pensioners until April 13, 2022. Meanwhile, the Direct House Repair and Improvement Loan will be open to qualified members for one year upon issuance and effectivity of SSS Circular No. 2021-020.

Calamity Loan Assistance Program

Under the CLAP, qualified members can avail of a loan amount equivalent to one month salary credit (MSC) computed based the average of their last 12 monthly salary credits (MSCs) rounded up to the nearest thousand or the amount they applied for, whichever is lower.

To qualify, affected members must meet the following requirements:

Have a My.SSS account at;
Have at least 36 monthly contributions, six of which should be posted within the last 12 months before the month of filing of application;

A resident of a calamity-stricken area declared by the NDRRMC and suffered damage or loss to their properties due to Typhoon Odette;

Have not been granted any final benefit such as permanent total disability or retirement;
Have no outstanding Loan Restructuring Program (LRP) or CLAP; and
If employed, the member’s employer must certify the CLAP application through online My.SSS facility.

Interested members can apply for CLAP using their respective My.SSS account.

Approved loan proceeds will be credited to member-borrower’s account through the members’ registered Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) – Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Card, their active accounts with a Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer System and Operations Network (PESONet) participating bank, or their Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP) Quick Cards registered in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM), which can be found on their My.SSS accounts.

The loan is payable in equal monthly installments for 24 months or two years. It has an interest rate of 10% per annum, and the service fee of 1% of loan amount is already waived.

The first loan amortization will start in the second month following the date of the approval of the loan. For example, their loan was approved on January 21, 2022. They will start paying their loan amortization by March 2022. On the other hand, the loan’s payment deadline is every last day of the month following the applicable month, but in case it falls on a weekend or holiday, payment may be made on the next working day. Late payments will incur a 1% penalty per month.

Three-month Advance Pension

Retirement, disability, and survivor pensioners under the Social Security (SS) Program, and disability and survivor pensioners under the Employees’ Compensation (EC) Program pensioners may apply for a three-month advance pension. Interested SS and EC pensioners must be residents of the typhoon-affected areas declared by NDRRMC

To apply, they must submit a properly accomplished Application for Assistance Due to Calamity/Disaster Form duly certified by their Barangay Chairman; or the said form together with a certification from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or NDRRMC to any SSS branch. They can download the application form at or click this link:

However, retirement pensioners who have existing loans under the Pension Loan Program (PLP) are disqualified from availing of the three-month advance pension.

Direct House Repair and/or Improvement Loan

SSS also extends financial assistance to its members whose houses were damaged or destroyed due to Typhoon Odette. Qualified SSS members may apply for the Direct House Repair and/or Improvement Loan. Under this, they can borrow a maximum loanable amount of up to P1 million.

To qualify, affected members must meet the following requirements:

Have a total of 24 monthly contributions, three of which should be posted within the last 12-month period before the month of filing application;

Not more than 60 years old at the time of filing of application;

Have not been previously granted a House Repair and/or Improvement Loan by the SSS; and

Have not been granted any final SSS benefit nor was refunded SSS contributions.

The member and his/her spouse must be up-to-date in the payment of all other existing loans with the SSS.

It has an interest rate of 8% for loans amounting to up to P450,000, while for those over P450,000, the interest rate is 9%. SSS has also waived the processing fee for the said loan.

Member-borrower will have a six-month moratorium for the loan’s monthly amortization and interest payments. They will only start paying their loan amortization of the 7th month from its approval and is payable in equal monthly installments.

Moreover, loan term will be in five, 10, 15, or 20 years, plus the moratorium of six months. However, the term must not exceed the economic life of the house or improvement after the repair and/or improvement were introduced (to be determined by the SSS) as well as the difference between the age of the applicant and 65.

Interested applicants can file their loan applications at the Member Loans Department in the SSS Main Office for those in the NCR, or the Housing and Acquired Asset Management Sections located in SSS San Pablo for those in Southern Luzon, SSS Cebu for those in Central Visayas, SSS Bacolod for those in Western Visayas, SSS Davao for those in Southern Mindanao, SSS Cagayan De Oro for those in Northern Mindanao, and SSS Zamboanga for those in Western Mindanao.

SSS has allotted P2.18 billion for the implementation of the Calamity Assistance Package, which will benefit an estimated 236,509 active members and pensioners in the typhoon-affected areas.

For more information, visit the uSSSap Tayo Portal at, follow the SSS on Facebook at “Philippine Social Security System - SSS,” Instagram and YouTube at “mysssph,” Twitter at “PHLSSS,” or join its Viber Community at “MYSSSPH Updates.”

Olympic and War Hero's Heirs Give Food Support to Ilocos Hometown

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Residents in Piddig, Ilocos Norte — the hometown of the first Filipino Olympic medalist Teofilo Yldefonso — received a surprise treat from the heirs of the late sports legend and war hero: free Chooks-to-Go chicken.

Capt. Raul Yldefonso, who represented the descendants of the heroic swimmer, said his grandfather would have also wanted to share to the less fortunate any blessings he received.

Last year, Chooks-to-Go operator Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) committed to honor Yldefonso’s "patriotism and contribution to Philippine sports" by giving his heirs regular supply of Chooks-to-Go chicken.

"This is our simple way of giving tribute to our first Olympic medalist, Teofilo Yldefonso, who was also a World War II hero," said BAVI President Ronald Mascariñas. "Yldefonso endured the Bataan Death March and later died in a concentration camp. We are happy that his example of being a true Manok ng Bayan with true love for country continues among his descendants today."

Yldefonso was the country’s first-ever Olympic medalist, winning bronze in the 200m breaststroke event of the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam.

He repeated the feat four years later in Los Angeles as he became known as the “Ilocano Shark” and “The Father of the Modern Breaststroke”.

In 2021, BAVI honored Filipino Olympic greats with various rewards, such as regular supply of Chooks-to-Go vouchers, and even Chooks-to-Go outlets. Among those who received this bounty were Eumir Marcial, Roel Velasco, Onyok Velasco, and the late Leopoldo Serantes. The company was later conferred the Arete Award by the Philippine Olympians Association for its remarkable support to outstanding yet oft-forgotten Olympians.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

DOTr ASec Goddes Hope Libiran gets mocked by netizens after she reported her maid who allegedly stole her jewelries and cash

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary Goddes Hope Libiran reported the loss of her jewelry and cash. The items she reported, were stolen by a recently hired house helper. However, netizens can't help but make fun of her misfortune, often comparing the incident, of how her helper robbed her, to how Bongbong Marcos, the son of a dictator, is getting away with more serious crimes (his family being thieves of the country's coffers during the reign of his father and former president Marcos Sr. but is still being projected by "loyalist" supporters as innocent.

"Nagpa-booster lang ako, pagbalik ko sa bahay, wala na lahat ng alahas at pera ko. 

Shout out sa bagong maid ko na nagpaalam lang na bibili ng bawang at sibuyas sa labas kaninang 1:30PM, pero hindi na bumalik! 

Her name is Marilou Fernandez (FB Account: Jhearjazz Senlabay, and also known as Marilou Mislang, Malou Mislang, Marilyn Morales, Malou Batuhan), 55 years old. I hired her through the Southmaids Agency. 

According to her profile, her current address is at Jenny’s Ave., Rosario, Pasig City. Her provincial address is in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. 

Iba ka, Manang. Nagmalasakit pa akong ipagamot ka kahapon dahil sa sakit mo, tapos ganito lang gagawin mo sa pamilya ko? Ibang klase ka. 


Hindi sya dapat pagkatiwalaan, at lalong dapat ay maturuan ito ng leksyon. 

To my friends in the NBI and the Police Force, please help me find this person. 

To the agency, may pananagutan kayo dito. Exhaust all efforts to find this person.

What a way to start 2022."

I don't know the person but I am so sorry for her misfortune and the countless mean comments made about her. We are supposed to be the only country in Asia with a predominantly Christian population.

Netizens are implying that the DOTr official is so furious in trying to exert all effort to hunt down the maid who allegedly stole her jewelries and cash when she went out to have a booster shot, even calling out to her so called "friends" at the NBI and PNP via social media (Facebook) if her position will give her an edge or special treatment in resolving her case.

Words are best kept at bay until after the wrath. A government official may be best suited to address government agencies as agencies and not as “friends”. There is an undertone of padrino and batch mentality. As I’ve opined, words are best kept at bay until after the wrath.

"At least mayaman ka parin naman kahit ninakawan ka. Eh yung mga ninanakawan ng mga nasa gobyerno mahirap na nga lalu pa naghihirap."

And the jokes come pouring in, all alluding to how this administration and the "loyalists" or blind followers seem to ignore how Bongbong Marcos belongs to a family of thieves as per cases against her parents, many cases of which were already exposed and proven in court.

"Nung panahon naman po na naninilbihan si Manang ay hindi kami nanakawan. Puro paninira lang po ito kay Manang!!"

"Kapag politiko, ok lang magnakaw basta may project! 

Kapag kasambahay, hindi ok ang magnakaw kahit nakatulong naman."

Napakarami na nating kababayan ang magnanakaw na dahil sa sakit at gutom pero yung mga corrupt na nagnanakaw ito yung daoat unahin upang mabawasan naman ang nagpapahirap sa taong bayan.

"Maraming komentarista rito ang galit sa magnanakaw pero pag eleksyon iboboto pa rin ang magnanakaw. "

"Paano mo nasabing magnanakaw yung maid, may final conviction ba? Marami naman ginawa para sa pamilya mo.

Galit ka sa magnanakaw na maid pero iboboto mo may convicted cases ng pagnanakaw sa bayan."

Was there a CCTV or  video of her maid committing the crime? She could probably let the police catch the maid first then show evidence to prove the maid's guilt before posting her identity on social media.

When our previous maid did the same thing to us, police report lang ginawa namin. Hindi na namin ipinagkalat identity niya on social media dahil people can still change if properly disciplined, not humiliated in public kahit guilty pa. As the saying goes "innocent until proven guilty". Those past incidents could, as what Marcos Jr. followers have been saying "paninira lang".

ASec Goddes should not use her connections to get special treatment from her "friends" in government. Kapag ba silang government officials ay action agad, pero kapag ordinary people, suwerte kung papansinin ng mga pulis at NBI?

Mahuhuli yan kasi mataas ang katungkulan niya sa gobyerno! Kung mga walang connection ang ninakawan sorry na lang!

Also, she posted the maid's photos and identity agad on social media without getting a confirmation if she indeed stole the said items. Trial by publicity yun. Isn't she confident that the government's police force is capable of finding the culprit?

More sarcastic jokes?

"Huwag kayong manira kay Manang. Naglinis siya. Naging maayos siyang katulong sa bahay mo ASec. Cleanest house ang bahay mo. Ipagtanong mo pa sa lolo at lola mo."

"Pwede naman po siguro yung anak ni manang nalang pumalit. Kasi ang kasalanan ng magulang ay hindi naman kasalanan ng anak. Besides, madami naman nagawang maganda si Manang. Nakapagsilbi naman siya sa kanya."

"Ibabalik ng anak yung Libiran gold pag kinuha nyo naman sya as helper."

"Pake namen sa iyo. Sa taong bayan nga bilyones ang kinukulimbat ng mga pinagsisilbihan mo eh"

"At least mayaman ka pa rin naman kahit ninakawan ka. Eh yung mga ninanakawan ng mga nasa gobyerno, where you belong, mahirap na nga lalo pa naghihirap. Lol!"

Of course she can claim that in public..Malay ba natin kung umalis kasi me ginagawa sila. It is always the easiest way na baligtarin ang katulong by saying nagnakaw siya.

To be fair and end this humorous situation, let me leave you with ASec Goddess' latest post on her Facebook page:

"Sa lahat po ng naki-simpatya sa nangyari sa amin ng anak ko, maraming salamat. It could have been worse, but I am thankful that my daughter is safe, at wala pong nasaktan, by God’s grace.

I posted my experience to serve as a warning to other people. Kahit galing pa sa agency ang helper, ipa-background check ninyo ng maigi. 

Paalaala rin ito sa mga working moms gaya ko na huwag isasawalang-bahala kahit ang pinakamaliit na detalye pagdating sa pagkuha ng kasambahay. Minsan, sa sobrang busy natin sa trabaho, may mga nami-miss out tayong gawin para masiguro ang proteksyon at seguridad ng ating mga mahal sa buhay, lalo na ang ating mga anak. 

Lessons learned:

1. Huwag basta magtiwala. Busisiing mabuti ang mga dokumentong ipinapasa ng mga nag-a-apply na kasambahay bago sila tanggapin. Do a background check. Call character references. Check records with the Police and NBI. Research on social media and see if the person has been involved in the conduct of any scam or crime. 

2. Bumili ng magandang uri ng vault para paglagyan ng mga importanteng pag-aari gaya ng alahas, pera, titulo ng lupa/bahay, o gadgets.

3. Maglagay ng CCTV sa mga strategic and critical points sa inyong tahanan. Siguraduhin na mayroon kayong live view ng mga CCTVs na naka-install for easier monitoring. 

4. No matter how busy you are, do not ignore any detail that concerns the safety of your child and family.

Kung mayroon po kayong impormasyon kung saan makikita o matatagpuan si Marilyn Batuhan Delos Reyes (a.k.a. Malou Fernandez, Marilyn Morales, Marilou Navarro, Marilou Mislang, Malou Mislang), kung maaari lamang po ay pakibigay-alam po sa kapulisan o kaya naman po ay sa akin. Malaking tulong po ito. Tangay n’ya po kasi kahit ‘yung mga alahas na bigay pa ng lola, nanay, at asawa ko. ‘Yung sentimental value ng mga ‘yon, hindi matutumbasan ng kahit magkanong salapi. 

Sa lahat ng natuwa pa at hinaluan ng pulitika ang nangyari sa akin, I wish you all well. Nawa’y hindi mangyari sa inyo ang nangyari sa akin. 

Sa lahat naman po ng nag-komento at nagsabing nagnakaw ako sa kaban ng bayan, manginig kayo. Huwag ninyo akong igaya sainyo. Mag-hello na rin kayo sa Cyber libel. 

‘Yun lang po. Salamat!"

Good luck na lang sa agency where the ASec got the maid. It looks like it will definitely be in trouble as well for failing to properly screen the background of the maid.

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