Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bicycle Tour: Challenging the Streets of Manila One Pedal at a Time

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There is truth in the old cliche that once you've learned how to ride a bicycle, you'll never forget.

The last time I rode a bicycle was way back 2008. I had to stop riding a bicycle when my family and I had to move to a rent-to-own apartment for more convenience to our daily commuting to our workplace. Commuting a long distance from home to work adds a great amount of stress to the daily challenges we usually get, and traveling using our own private vehicles will only leave us spending more from our meager take-home pays. The public trains (MRT/LRT) somehow help lessen the hours but we usually end up all feeling squished like a lemon but smelling awful and sweaty like we just came from a workout.

Going through the huge crowd enduring the traffic or the over-congested trains are just some of the struggles in the Metro. Most of us are all similarly rushing to our respective work places and need to make do of what's available to the ordinary Pinoys. Only a few of us were luckily blessed with an affluent family while many of us can't afford to be too choosy because we were not born with rich parents.  Thus we are often called a resilient race because we learn how to make ends meet with very little resources and don't complain much.

My mountain bike was used for traveling to nearby areas for  sudden urges to buy snacks at the nearest neighborhood groceries, or whatever other errands I needed to do. It was better to sweat it out a little than wasting a few bucks on "special" tricycle fares. It was also ideal as an early morning exercise especially when I needed to escape our neighborhood and just freely ride away into anywhere. Sadly, it just ended up in storage, gathering dust and almost forgotten at one of our houses because it will be difficult to bring along with me through 9 floors of our building apartment. If it was not for the Bicycle Tour offered by Smokey Tours, I wouldn't have remembered my previously well-cherished possession.

Fiftea: Taiwan’s Finest Milk Tea Has Arrived

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We've been fooled long enough! I thought I've been drinking quality milk tea only to find out there's a big significant difference after tasting a new brand at a media launch held last May 14, 2014 at the basement level of Alphaland at Makati Place Rustan's Supermarket located at Ayala Avenue corner Malugay Street in Makati.

Those milk tea imposters and wannabees should step aside for they have fooled us long enough. They've taken advantage of the popularity of milk tea shops that proliferated the country for a long time already. Filipinos were just less discriminatory of milk tea since we easily get fooled by sweetness added to the tea that we couldn't even distinguish if its brewed or from a powdered source, and fail to realize we are being shortchanged of quality and health benefits.

It's time for the expert to take over.  Fiftea, Taiwan's finest milk tea brand, is in town to serve what real milk tea is all about.

After tasting Fiftea’s creamy, fresh version, you won’t get confused anymore. Fiftea’s milk tea flavor is quite distinctive, that’s because the leaves are all imported and the trained baristas prepare them the right way. If you don’t believe it, ask your Taiwanese friends if they heard of Fiftea and what they think of it. Fiftea is one of the first brands of milk tea in Taiwan and is already established as a brand of high quality.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner: The Multitasking Hair Cleanser

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Is it really possible to just use one product for our daily hair cleansing needs? Is there really a product that can act as both shampoo and conditioner? If ever there is one, will it be better than the normal shampoo then conditioner routine?

Well, I got to try out a new product that promises to be comparable, if not better, than the usual cleansing ways we normally do during shower time. The product is now available for you to try as well but its relatively new in the Philippines since it was just introduced in the country this month of May.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a five-in-one conditioning cleanser designed to improve hair health, reduce frizz, moisturize, add shine, and retain color. The product is a luxurious, multitasking cleanser and conditioner designed to impart shine, luster, and softness. It has two variants available - the Sweet Almond Mint and the Pomegranate. I got to try the Sweet Almond Mint which was really had a relaxing feel on my scalp.

The lightweight, low-lather formula is a universal product that caters to all our haircare needs, regardless of hair type. Herbal extracts like aloe vera and sweet almond oil help our locks retain moisture, while protecting them from daily and future damage. The Cherry bark brings out the color, shine and softness in all shades of natural and color-treated hair. Since I grew up with white hair as it runs in the family, my hair coloring treatment needs that feature to keep it looking good longer. The Rosemary extract content promises to help against premature baldness, stimulates hair growth and fights scalp problems. The product has a lot  more ingredients with their specific properties beneficial to our hair but it will be too long to enumerate all of them.

ADDLIB ”The LAB” rocks Skydome, celebrates Mother’s Day

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In celebration of the their recently concluded summer dance workshop, ADDLIB Dance Crew, one of the premier dance groups in the country held the ADDLIB Summer “THE LAB” Dance Concert  held at SM North EDSA Skydome on May 11, 2014.
The dance concert featured recitals among participants from different dancing genres including hip-hop, jazzfunk, dancehall among others.

The crowd is composed of friends and families, all gathered to support their kids, a perfect time to celebrate Mother’s day.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Investing is worth it?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As you might have noticed from reading the news, the Philippine economy is on a roll these days. There are more investors, more potential jobs, and of course, more money going around. Today’s young professional crowd has more money to spend, and more things to spend it on.

What are the things we usually spend it on? Of course, we have the essentials for daily living, or what Maslow calls physiological needs. We also have our utilities, what allows us to have a comfortable lifestyle. Then we have our wants- luxuries like the latest gadget or trips to Boracay. What do we do with the money left over? Place it a bank? Hide it in the sock drawer?

Here’s a better idea: make it work for you.

Filipinos usually view the word “investment” as a scary word that involves a lot of money. Investments are something that entrepreneurs or those who already have high paying jobs do to make even more money. And while that’s true in a sense, that shouldn’t preclude you from investing even at a younger age.

DOTC Bares Rules Versus Drunk And Drugged Driving

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Coinciding with the Road Safety Month of May as designated in Presidential Proclamation 115-A, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) today published the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 10586, otherwise known as the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act, which penalizes drivers who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

“This will permit law enforcers to begin implementing the safety measures imposed by RA 10586. Among other things, it limits the allowable blood alcohol level to below 0.05% for most drivers. In the case of drivers of buses and other public utility vehicles, however, they cannot have any amount of alcohol in their blood at all, since people’s lives are in their hands” said DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya.

The IRR was drafted jointly by the DOTC, the National Police Commission through its Chairman, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, and Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Enrique Ona

UNWTO to Lead in Bohol Tourism Recovery Roadmap Turnover

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United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai arrives here in the country to lead the turnover rites of the tourism recovery roadmap for the province, an output of a multi-sectoral collaboration to help the province recover from the effects of last year's earthquake.

The Bohol Tourism Recovery Plan (BTRP) is a collaborative project of the Department of Tourism (DOT), the United States Agency for International Development under its Advancing Philippine Competitiveness Project (USAID-COMPETE), UNWTO and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). It was developed following a series of fact-finding missions and extensive research over a five-month period.

The document, touted as Bohol's tourism recovery “bible,” contains strategies for marketing the province to the global community, as well as the development of new tourism products that will strengthen Bohol's position as an eco-cultural destination.

The strategies will be a guide book for Bohol not only in bringing back local and international tourists, but also in further expanding its tourism base.

“Driven to Abstraction” by Cid Reyes

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In this writer's early interview, the late National Artist Jose Joya reminded the reader of the universality of abstraction: "It was only during the late '50s or early '60s that I started doing these Abstract Expressionist paintings, and I use that label as mere convenience, a label attached to the New York School of Painting.... Abstraction is an international trend; it isn't a contemporary development as most people would think. Even in ancient times, the Orientals were already doing calligraphy and Persian geometric designs; it isn't at all a recent phenomenon.... No, abstraction is not a time-honored convention in the Western world as it is in the Eastern world."

Credited with having created the first abstract work in the West is the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. In 1906, he did a watercolor consisting of squiggly lines and blots of colors commingling, suggesting no reference to the visible world, yet seemingly engaged with the spirit, akin to the mysterious power of music to touch the soul. The works of the American abstractionist Mark Rothko were said to move the audience into tears.

Thus, through over a century, abstraction has evolved its many variants, from gestural to geometric to minimalist. In his last public lectures, Kirk Varnedoe, director of the Museum of Modern Art, then in the grip of a terminal illness, kept the faith and trained one final light on abstraction: "It is the production of forms of order that are not recognizable as order, but vehicles of feeling that seem impersonal, vessels of intelligence that appear utterly dumb. Abstract art is a symbolic game, and it is akin to all human games: you have to get into it, risk and all, and this takes a certain act of faith. But what kind of faith? Not faith in absolutes, not a religious kind of faith. A faith in possibility, a faith not that we will know finally, but faith in not knowing, a faith in our ignorance, a faith in our being confounded and dumbfounded, a faith fertile with possible meaning and growth."

UNWTO Chief in PH for International Meets and Recovery Initiatives

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The Department of Tourism (DOT) is pleased to welcome back Dr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), who arrives in the country today (15 May 2014) for a five-day visit.

Secretary General Rifai’s visit starts off with a dinner meeting in Manila with select cabinet secretaries, businessmen, and officials of the Tourism Congress of the Philippines where he will share the importance of tourism in economic recovery and the vital roles that government, businesses, and civil society play in tourism development.

Dr. Rifai will then proceed to Bohol for the presentation and turnover of the Bohol Tourism Recovery Plan, which was jointly prepared by the DOT, UNWTO, Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA), and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The recovery plan was developed following a series of fact-finding missions and extensive research over a five-month period to help the province recover from the effects of last year's earthquake. It includes a communication strategy to bring back the confidence of domestic and international travellers and of the communities, as well as an assessment of tourism infrastructure and assets that need to be prioritized for rehabilitation by the agencies concerned, international donors, development partners, national and local government agencies, and private sector.

BPI Express Credit Ties Up with Air Asia BIG

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last May 13, 2014 was the launching of the two big innovators in its own industries that leads businesses to move in the same direction and gives way to make services more efficient and reliable for its clients and depositors as well.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), the country’s first bank and innovation leader in the banking industry, has launched yet another first . BPI Express Credit is now the exclusive partner of Air Asia BIG in the Philippines.

Air Asia BIG Loyalty Programme is the first and only loyalty Programme of Air Asia , the leading and the largest low-cost carrier in Asia.

With BPI as the exclusive bank partner of Air Asia Big in the Philippines, BPI cardholders can now convert their Real Thrills Rewards points to Air Asia Big Point. They can use the big point . Every  three (3)  RTR point is equivalent to  one (1) Air Asia Big Point. They can use the BIG POINT to redeem Air Asia flights and services, among others. Plus BPI Express Cash Cardholders will be the first to know of Air Asia’s low BIG points redemptions.

To avail of this unique and thrilling treat from BPI Express Credit, simply sign up as an AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme member via and call BPI at 89100 or email to convert RTR points  to BIG Points. A Big shot member enjoys preferential access to Air Asia’s biggest sales and promos.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fire Up Your Heart "Latin Charity Ball"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last May 10, 2014 , Club De Damas Latinas had a Latin Charity Ball called "Fire Up Your Heart" which was held in Fairmont Hotel Makati City.

This year’s  Fire Up Your Heart who embodies the inherent energy and passion of the Latin culture and their warm enthusiasm to give and make a  positive impact in the lives of those in need.

The Latin energy represented by the fire motivates us to enjoy life as well, sharing their bliss with others and with much love to everyone. The night is full of life and hope despite such problems that needed to be addressed in our country, communities and society that comprises any nation as well.

The group invited everyone of their known . party’s  as  they touches life on  this nations frequent devastations to fire up their lives and calls for continuing action from everyone to give with passionate and caring heart. They invite their people to keep on the fire today and everyday in their hearts as they make our world a better place to live by.

Miss Philippines Earth Reigning Queens Visit Mabuhay Restop

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I've heard a lot of people and groups calling themselves as our country's advocates in many ways. But for a restaurant, it is quite a few to find one among others that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and at the same time active when it comes to promoting the many advocacy of our country.

One good example is the Mabuhay Restop Travel Cafe and Museum, a unique kind of restaurant located along Rizal Park in Roxas Boulevard that promotes the Philippine cultural heritage through food, tours, shows, art and other attractions. Last Saturday night, I am lucky to join a dinner with media personalities and four of the Miss Earth winners 2013 to watch one of its hilarious and funny show entitled "Manila Vanilla".

As I step inside the restaurant, I can really say that almost everything I see glorifies the symbol and pride of being a Filipino. The paintings, artworks, products, wines, furniture and even the the interior design of the restaurant all have a touch of our local artisan's craftsmanship. Of course my favorite if not all of us there is having a chance to taste their food. I love their chicken binakol soup made entirely from the buko juice and their halo - halo to beat the hot weather of the night!

UNO Magazine Makes Summer Hotter with 2014 Swimsuit Special

Wazzup Pilipinas!

UNO Magazine’s weather forecast for the summer: It’s going to be scorching hot, sexy and awesome all at once. And it’s not going to be because of the sun or the beach. It’s because of the collector’s mag we have lovingly prepared for the rainy days ahead: UNO’S 2014 Swimsuit Special!

Manila’s temperature hitting thirty-six degrees? Please. That’s winter compared to not one, nor two, but FOUR cover girls that we have. Ryza Cenon, Danica Torres, Aubrey Miles and Mercedes Cabral each get a solo cover so good it’s going to melt your face off. But wait, there’s more! Inside you’ll find more hotties in bikinis gracing our pages – Jacq Yu, Kookai Sarmiento, Georgina Knight, and Emmerie Cunanan – and it’s going to be no mean feat tearing your eyes away from those toned bodies. Spectacular, mind-blowing and sinfully delicious, UNO Magazine’s Swimsuit Special will guarantee that your summer never ends.

The UNO Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Special will be available at major bookstores, convenience stores and selected outlets starting today.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bracing Myself for a Special Surprise from Max's Restaurant

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I wonder what my favorite chicken restaurant is up to? What could be this "biggest meet-up" and "special surprise" happening on May 19, 2014. Well, I can't reveal the locations for now but I'm betting we will be all smiles that day!

Max's Restaurant has been surprising me since last year when I became one among the many blogger friends of  the famous brand. The latest of which was a surprise personal visit at our home from their PR people with a gift-wrapped box filled with treats which included a Max's cap signed by Filipino celebrity leading man Coco Martin. What made it more special was the inclusion of a CD with a video greeting from the actor himself, and of course Max's will never forget to give you another opportunity to dine in any of their numerous restaurants located all over the country.

If you must know, Max's was the very first restaurant I visited during my high school years. It was my first time to treat myself out to some shopping spree after I saved up on my allowance, and part of the treat was a meal at their Greenbelt branch.

LINE Unveils 2NE1 Sticker Collections

Wazzup Pilipinas!

LINE, the world’s leading mobile messaging platform with 420 million users, introduced a new collection of vibrant stickers featuring 2NE1 (CL, DARA, BOM and MINZY) as K-pop fans eagerly await the concert of the South Korean girl group at the Mall of Asia Arena on May 17.

Filipino LINE users can now download the free 2NE1 set with 24 stickers (download available for 90 days, for unlimited use) on LINE Sticker Shop. The special paid collection with 40 stickers (available for unlimited use) is scheduled for release on May 22. New sticker sets allow users to express their emotions through the wildly popular K-pop star

"LINE is happy to reach out to more fans through this opportunity, enabling more vivid and lively communication with the dynamic 2NE1 stickers,” said Greg Kim, Head of LINE Philippines.

The Philippines is 11th Biggest Source of Spam in Q1

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippines jumped by nine places in the list of countries considered as top sources of spam or unsolicited e-mail during the first three months of the year, according to a report by secure content and threat management solutions developer Kaspersky Lab.

The report conducted from January to March showed that the geographical distribution of spam by country saw little change in the first quarter of 2014. The top three spam sources remained unchanged: China, the United States and South Korea.

While the rankings of the other countries in the list did not vary significantly, Kaspersky Lab noted that there was a noticeable shift in the second half of the top 20 spam sources, with the Philippines climbing up from 20th to 11th place. The report said that the share of spam based in the Philippines was 1.23 percent.

The rating of the top sources of spam by region also did not have any major change from the previous quarter. Asia remained the number one regional source of spam although its share decreased by 3.2 percentage points.

Learn the Secrets of Success at "Entrepreneur Success Summit 2014”

Wazzup Pilipinas!

MediaCom Solutions Inc. is hosting the first ever Entrepreneur Success Summit (ESS) - #Step2Success on June 28, 2014 at the Megatrade Conference Rooms A and B, located at the 5th floor of Mega B Building, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

The Entrepreneur Success Summit (ESS) is a comprehensive series of talks by successful international and local entrepreneurs and industry experts who will share their insights on how to build a successful business. Entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as Business and Entrepreneurship students will comprise the expected participants.

“In the last 5 years the Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) accounted for 99.6% of all registered companies in the Philippines, but they contribute only a little over 30% to the country's GDP. With this in mind, our vision is to fuel even more the spirit of entrepreneurship with the help of our successful international and local speakers. We hope to empower aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs to take their step to success by providing them with powerful tools that can help them become the next Edgar Sia of ‘Mang Inasal’, the youngest billionaire in the Forbes 40 Richest Filipinos,” says MediaCom Solutions Inc. President and ESS Founder, David Abrenilla.

Sun Broadband Launches PISO Sale for Internet Devices

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Raring to have your very own broadband connection but afraid of shelling out more than what your budget allows? Then don’t miss this chance to get SUN Broadband’s Modem and WiFi Stick broadband devices for just P1.00 when you sign up with a postpaid plan today!

From now until June 30, users who subscribe to any of SUN Broadband’s entry-level postpaid plans will only have to pay P1.00 to get their broadband device, which will instantly give them a consistent, fast, and reliable connection to the Internet.

Users can choose to subscribe to the following plans to avail of the discounted price of the broadband devices: Easy Broadband 699 (unlimited surfing), Plan 450 (101 hours), Plan 250 (52 hours), By the Byte Plan 450 (1.5GB), and By the Byte Plan 250 (700MB). It is important to do broadband comparison to find the right plan for you.

“What can your one peso buy these days? With Sun Broadband’s PISO Sale, you can add ‘consistent, fast, and reliable Internet connection’ to that list,” remarked Michele Curran, Data and International Services Marketing Head at Sun Cellular.

3rd Annual National Ultimate Collegiate Championship: Ultimate Frisbee Tournament from UP DUO

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get your game face on for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament!

Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting, non-contact team sport, played by thousands the world over that combines speed, grace and powerful hurling with a grueling pace. It mixes the best features of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, American Football and Netball into an elegantly simple yet fascinating and demanding game.

The University of the Philippines Diliman Ultimate Organization (UP DUO), in cooperation with Greenfield City proudly brings you the 3rd annual National Ultimate Collegiate Championship!

This year, we're shaking it up and giving a chance for an even younger crowd to participate in the annual NUCC by adding a High School Division! What better way to spread the sport than to have the youth participate - the future of Ultimate Frisbee?

This Ultimate Frisbee tournament will be held on May 23 – 25, 2014 at the Greenfield City Sports Field, Paseo Center, Sta. Rosa Laguna. Support your school as they compete for the title of champion in their respective divisions. 

3M Wins Edison Award for Revolutionizing the Salmonella Test Process

Wazzup Pilipinas!

3M received the silver honor in the International Edison Award in May in San Francisco for its Petrifilm Salmonella Express System (SALX) that has revolutionized the process of detecting Salmonella with a faster, cheaper system.

The process of detecting salmonella in food normally takes 5-7 days to culture and test the bacteria in a petri dish has now become a one-step process that has upgraded the traditional test and enabled medical professionals to act more instantaneously on medical cases.

Traditionally, colonies of bacteria are isolated and transferred to separate agar disks to be tested for Salmonella. Disks are stored in shelves and sent to biochemical labs for confirmation.

The “Petrifilm Salmonella Express System (SALX)” is an all-in-one method that is twice as fast as the traditional test. It makes use of a single Petrifilm disk that can biochemically confirm Salmonella in enriched food and food process environment samples. There will be no need to store multiple disks or to wait for lab results.

Ultimate Heatwave Beach Tournament: Bask in the Beach and Get Your Game Face On!

Wazzup Pilipinas!The ultimate way to spend summer is to pick up a Frisbee and start throwing it!If you do not know yet, the game known as "Ultimate Frisbee" is actually known as "Ultimate" and has gone a long way already! Aside from being a game filled with high energy, creativity and passion combined with great teamwork, it is now a recognized sport with an international governing body, several tournaments, and it is likely to be added to the Summer Olympics.

ESPANYA UNITED and CRYSTAL BEACH RESORT is proud to bring you the Ultimate Heatwave Beach Tournament scheduled on May 17-18, 2014 at Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales.

For overnight accommodation, Crystal Beach has reserved an exclusive campsite for all participants and guests of the Tournament. You may bring in and set up your own tent and/or hammock or you may avail a tent with beddings for a minimal fee of 200 pesos. 

If you and your team prefer AC rooms/cottages, the organizers can assist you in booking them in the nearby resorts. Please let them know immediately your preferred accommodation, so that they can make the necessary arrangements. You may contact Andrea Pera at 0906-5696594 or email me at

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The 2014 ADDLIB Dance Concert: Rocking the SM Skydome

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Aside from being dancers of GMA celebrities, the Addlib dance crew are instructors of those aspiring dancers in the Philippines. 

Once a  year, Addlib teaches different styles of dancing at their studio in Quezon City which also serves as a school for those who wants to improve their dance skills.

Classes were held Monday - Friday starts 1 pm until night.

The 2014 ADDLIB Summer Dance Workshop steps on every individuals heart and soul letting them express their feelings via dancing.

Students from all walks of life enrolled in different classes like Hip-hop beginners by L.A. Bagtas. He says groove and confidence is what he wants his students to achieve. He also teaches nYOU school, the advance Hip-hop class which use everyday movement as piece. 'Move is all about you' L.A. says

Soul is also another class under the guidance of Elgin Bez, he is the architect of the crew and called as the 'mysterious heartthrob'.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ben Askren Visits Manila to Promote One FC: Honor and Glory

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ben Askren, a legend in collegiate wrestling but already transitioned to mixed martial arts, has come to the Philippines this May 12, 2014 so that members of the media can catch him as he works out at the Ultimate Fitness Gym located at Metrowalk in Pasig city.

He comes to Asia in search of new challenges and will get one when he meets Bakhtiyar Abbasov at One FC: Honor and Glory on May 30, 2014.

He won all 87 of his matches in both the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 season while competing for the University of Missouri and picked up the prestigious Dan Hodge trophy twice and also the Rev Wrestler of the Year and the Schalles Award. He finished his wrestling career at the University of Missouri with a record of 153-8. 91 of those victories came by way of pins, which are third most in NCAA Division I history.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

NCR Dominates Palarong Pambansa Anew

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The National Capital Region delegation once again proved that they are the best of the best at the conclusion of the 2014 Palarong Pambansa at various places in the province of Laguna.

The Big City team amassed 107 gold medals, 64 silver medals, and 56 bronze medals to top this year's Palaro after the weeklong games.

Host team CALABARZON is second with 38 golds, 51 silvers, and 51 bronzes, while Western Visayas is third with 32 golds, 33 silvers, and 38 bronzes.

Central Visayas finished fourth overall with a 24-27-41 medal count, while Cordillera won 24 golds, 11 silvers, and 12 bronzes to finish fifth and Northern Mindanao placed sixth with 21 golds, 21 silvers, and 31 bronzes.

Next year's host team SOCSKSARGEN garnered 15 golds, 17 silvers, and 30 bronzes for seventh place.

Viking Screamfest : Open Air Cinema of Norway’s Notable Horror Films

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Welcome to Viking Screamfest, an open cinema featuring the scariest part of Norwegian culture.

On the 17th of May, Norwegians all over the world will celebrate the 200 years Bicentenary of the Norwegian constitution, also known as “the people’s constitution”. Since the best way to celebrate a people’s constitution is with a party for the people, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila is hence proud to present Viking Screamfest, a one night open air film festival, hosted in partnership with Kanto Artist Run Space, supported by Vinyl on Vinyl, WabiSabi, B-side and The Collective.

As Norway celebrates its 200 years of independence, the Norwegian cultural roots dates from much earlier times.Living far from each other, surrounded bydark woods, tall mountains and deep fjords, Norwegians have partly entertained and partly scared each other with myths and folk tales about trolls and gnomes for thousands of years.

Even in our days, the creatures from Norwegian folk tales and folklore still exists in Norwegian culture, and Norwegians still like to scare each other. In fact, this is partly the source of the continuous production of Norwegian horror films, embracing the gloomy parts of the Norwegian history, fantasy and scenery. These films are both nationally and internationally acclaimed and loved, and on the 17th of May, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila wishes to offer a glimpse of this part of the Norwegian culture for those who dare.

To quote the author Strindberg August: “To fight with trolls, free princesses and kill werewolves, that is to live!”

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