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Spanish Week Features Celebración: Las Fiestas Del Mundo Hispanohablante

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La Semana Espanola (Spanish Week) is a yearly event organized by the UP Circulo Hispanico.

It is the organization's main showcase, which aims to promote the Spanish language and culture through exhibits, film showings, contests, and talks, among others.

Annually, it has featured different themes each year, including food, movies, and architecture. This year’s Spanish Week theme is festivals, entitled Celebración: Las fiestas del mundo hispanohablante. The week-long celebration will start on April 10, Tuesday with Carnaval, an exhibit featuring the most popular festivals in the Spanish-speaking world at the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) Basement. 

On the same day, there will be a talk on the importance of festivals in the Philippines and Spain by Don Guillermo Gómez-Rivera, senior member of the Académicos Filipinos de la Lengua Española. 

On Wednesday is Mistura: Bingo Español. It is a modified bingo game, in which the cards contain Spanish vocabulary about popular food from different Spanish-speaking countries instead of numbers. Each card costs 10 pesos, for the benefit of our chosen community in our outreach activity. It will be at 5 pm onwards at CAL 201. 

Morelia, a film showing, will be on Thursday, from 4 pm onwards at CAL AVR. It will feature Viento Aparte (A Separate Wind), a Mexican film that tells the story of two siblings who embarked on a long journey through Mexico where they will face a broken and divided country country wounded by mistrust, resentment, and violence. 

On Friday, there will be a quiz bee on Fil-Hispanic culture, Tomatina: Eres La Leche, at 5:30 pm at CAL 201. 

Lastly, UP Círculo Hispánico gives back in Abrazos, its outreach activity at Manila Boystown on Saturday, April 14. 

This year’s La Semana Española is presented by UP Círculo Hispánico in cooperation with the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, Embassy of Mexico in the Philippines, and Adarna House, Co., in partnership with UP Le Club Français, UP Deutscher Verein, UP Euro-Filipino Understanding and Relations Organization, HallyUP, UP Harong, IGNITE-NCPAG, and KALikha UPD.

Media partners are Astig PH, DZUP 1602, Maroon FM, Inquirer.Net, INQUIRER POP, Wazzup Pilipinas, and When in Manila.

Organizer of Seafarers and OFWs Expo Backs Out From Partnership A Day Before the Event

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The CEO of a company who recently held an event for Seafarers and OFWs said she will just pay us the media values after they cancelled the media partnership between us a day before the event - You read it right! They cancelled a day before the event!

This was because they found out that this certain online publication does not want Wazzup Pilipinas as a co-media partner. Also, the CEO said several links to damaging stories about us were sent by the said online publication's founder. Stories that were obviously fake because they couldn't even send it to us so we could fairly defend ourselves.

It turns out that the online publication's founder is a partner of their company. This online publication has a habit of harassing other event organizers by sending emails backing out of the event partnership and boasting that they have better stats and reach and belong to the top online publications thus they would not want to be co-media partners with others who do not meet their standards. They would then encourage the event organizers to partner only with publications with high stats.

This CEO should know that there are many other factors involved aside from the video interviews we did of her together with their other representative/endorser, the promotional presence online at our site and social media pages as they requested the interview to be posted at the main page of our site, and shared throughout our networks.

We are talking about the costs in preparing the printing of Wazzup Pilipinas tarps, posters, flyers, shirts, and other merchandize to be used at the event. This includes the effort and time wasted as we have already scheduled people to man the booth. Those, and the stress they gave us for cancelling a day before the event, should count as additional expense for the trouble they made. Imagine feeling helpless as we were so busy doing field work, while being concerned they will kick out our people from the booth they promised us as part of our deal.

They were persistent never to let us use the booth eventhough we already told them we will display something else and would not show any Wazzup Pilipinas merchandize instead. So we had no choice because it was too late already to argue with them. Like we said, they cancelled a day before the event...just a few hours to go before the first day of the event.

But the event was already over last weekend and until now we have not heard any word from them including when they plan to pay.

We are still waiting for her reply on SMS since that is the form of communication they prefer even though we asked them to email their concerns and reasons instead. They prefer calling us up even when we specifically said we are on tour all around Pampanga for an event and several restaurant visits and interviews/ photo and video shoots so any phone calls would be difficult to answer.

We hope they shape up and become more professional. Otherwise, we will share this story in greater detail without any more blind items as we want to let people know of their real identities and expose them for their indecent acts.

We can be civil but we are also not afraid to tell the truth.

We fully detest the atrocious acts of the main organizers of a recent event for Seafarers and OFWs. The main organizer and the rest involved in the despicable acts should not be trusted.

Enumerated are just some of the reasons why they should be considered very unprofessional:

1. Abruptly backing out of a partnership (a day before the actual event). Cancelling all our agreed ex-deals and arrangements (logo placement on all promotional collareral, booth allocation, etc.) even after we have fully complied with our part of the deal (video interview and placement on our main page).

2. Backing out informally via text message or SMS and phone call, and without any just or valid reason even after we requested them to send an email enumerating their reasons instead of calling by mobile phone in the middle of our Pampanga tour.

3. Their associates (the original agency who invited us to partner) does not even reply back to our emails. There also made no effort to communicate or apologize or even stating the reasons for cancelling.

4. The main organizer promised via phone call to pay the media values instead but until now there has been no communication from them when and how they plan to pay.

5. Backing out just because another online publication is part of their event. And as revealed by the CEO of the main organizer, the founder of the online publication is a partner and close friend her.

We believe ending a partnership in this manner is very unprofessional and we are obligated to warn everyone about them so they would not be able to repeat the same horrible acts.

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Animax Heats Up the Summer with Three All New Same-Day-As-Japan Anime Series this April!

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Usher in an exhilarating summer of fantasy and the supernatural this April with three brand new anime series – KAKURIYO -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-, Dances with the Dragons, and The Seven Deadly Sins -Revival of the Commandments- – all showing on Animax on the same day as Japan!

KAKURIYO -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-

College student Aoi, who prides herself on her cooking skills, has inherited her late grandfather’s ability to see spirits. While feeding spirits one day, a god appears before her, claiming that Aoi’s grandfather owes him a great debt. In order to repay the debt, he is now claiming Aoi as his bride. Adamant in her refusal to go along with this plan, Aoi decides that the best way to pay off the debt is to work at Tenjinya, an inn owned by the god himself…

KAKURIYO -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- premieres April 2, Mondays at 11PM, same day as Japan, first and exclusively on Animax.

Dances with the Dragons

In a world replete with dragons and spell formulas known as Jushiki, the unlucky sorcerer Gayus joins forces with the handsome but cruel Jushiki practitioner Gigina as a pair of bounty hunters who pursue dragons. One day, they are presented with an odd request to serve as security guards for a grand festival. It is then that a mysterious killing spree of Jushiki sorcerers begins…

Dances with the Dragons premieres April 6, Fridays at 11PM, same day as Japan, first and exclusively on Animax.

The Seven Deadly Sins -Revival of the Commandments-

Peace has been restored in the Kingdom of Leones and restoration of the country to its former glory is underway. However, a new kind of evil looms as an elite team of Demon Clan warriors known as the Ten Commandments awakens from their seal and threatens to destroy the world. Amidst their own personal struggles, will the Seven Deadly Sins be able to stop them? A battle of seismic proportions is about to begin!

The Seven Deadly Sins -Revival of the Commandments- premieres April 14, Saturday, 3.30PM, 12 episodes back-to-back. Subsequent episodes air on Saturdays, 9.30PM, same day as Japan, first and exclusively on Animax.

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Channel 73, Dream Satellite TV Channel 07, Destiny Digital Channel 46 and G Sat Channel 24.

UP GRAINS Named Tech Visionary at TAYO Awards for Efforts to Revitalize Agri Through Biotech

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For promoting and revitalizing the appreciation of agriculture among the youth, the University of the Philippines Genetic Researchers and Agricultural Innovators Society (UP GRAINS) from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños was recognized by Lenovo Philippines as an Outstanding Tech Visionary in this year’s Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) 15 awards held recently, at the AG New World Manila Bay Hotel.

Now on its 15th year, TAYO is considered the nation’s premier search for outstanding youth organizations that have created a huge impact in addressing the country’s pressing concerns.

The Lenovo Outstanding Tech Visionary award is a special citation given to the organization with the most meaningful project that addresses key issues through the innovative use of technology. For its project Lakbioteknolohiya (Lakbay-bioteknolohiya), UP GRAINS was chosen by Lenovo Philippines among this year’s 20 TAYO Finalists. Together with the award, the organization was also given PHP 20,000 and a Lenovo laptop.

“With their project Lakbioteknolohiya, UP GRAINS showed dedication and creativity in addressing the long-standing problem of the public’s lack of interest in agriculture. This is in line with Lenovo’s “Different is Better” philosophy that is built around a fundamental belief that innovation is the best way to address challenges and embrace progress,” said Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan.

Formed in 2014 by Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology (BSABT) students, UP GRAINS is a service-oriented academic organization that promotes agriculture through various activities involving agricultural biotechnology.

Lakbioteknolohiya is an information and workshop drive held in high schools and communities where agriculture is the main source of income.

Most of the lessons taught are from UPLB’s curriculum, such as DNA extraction, Hydroponics, Plant Disease Diagnosis, and Fermentation Technology. Hands-on exercises on urban farming and agricultural biotechnology experiments are also included in the workshop, and all of these are geared towards improving agricultural production and maintain quality agro-environments.

“As scholars, and because UPLB is the only school that offers a course in Agricultural Biotechnology, we took it upon ourselves to teach the masses the many benefits of agriculture and encourage them to engage in the practice,” said Albert Caraan, a member of UP GRAINS and the Project Head of Lakbioteknolohiya – Camarines Norte.

The first division-wide edition of Lakbioteknolohiya saw members of the organization teaching in the province of Camarines Norte, where an estimated number of 300 students and teachers participated. After the project, Caraan revealed that the participants used the knowledge that they obtained to conduct their own research and activities in order to help improve their region’s agriculture. This came in the form of published investigatory papers and modern gardens with hydroponically grown crops, which provides better yield.

But for Caraan, the most important takeaway from the project is the renewed interest among the youth to take up agriculture in the future, both in college and as a career option.

“Seeing the students’ willingness to take up agriculture-related courses really made our day, as this has been objective ever since we began in 2014 – to promote agriculture in order to attain a very strong agricultural sector in the near future. Despite being a country that heavily relies on agriculture, the number of students taking agriculture-related courses has unfortunately dwindled throughout the years, and the sector badly needs more people,” said Caraan.

Recognized as a global leader in technological innovation, Lenovo has been the exclusive technology partner of the TAYO Awards Foundation since 2012. Aside from providing the selection committee laptops and tablets to be used throughout the awarding process, Lenovo also awards all declared 10 Outstanding Youth Organizations a Lenovo laptop.

“We are honored to be once again partners with the TAYO Foundation, and we congratulate the TAYO Awards for reaching 15 years. At Lenovo, we always strive for innovation, and every year we look forward to see how the various youth organizations work together to make the world a better place. Our partnership with the TAYO Foundation gives us the perfect opportunity to help these organizations achieve their goals,” said Ngan.

Photo Caption:

UP GRAINS NAMED TECH VISIONARY AT TAYO 15. With its unwavering efforts to promote and revitalize agriculture in the country through Agricultural Biotechnology, the University of the Philippines Genetic Researchers and Agricultural Innovators Society (UP GRAINS) was recognized by Lenovo Philippines as an Outstanding Tech Visionary in this year’s TAYO Awards. In photo from left to right: Dr. Erick Vernon Dy, Head-International Students Division, Office of Student Affairs, UPLB; Allen Nazareno, Head-Students Organization and Activities Division, Office of Student Affairs, UPLB; Maritess Mojica, Administrative Officer, Office of Student Affairs, UPLB; Camille Antonio, PR Manager, CID Communication (Lenovo Philippines’ PR Agency); Atiana Inzon, UP GRAINS member; Albert Caraan, UP GRAINS member and Project Head of Lakbioteknolohiya Camarines Norte; Alexandrinne Pinca, UP GRAINS Secretary; Mark Mariano, UP GRAINS President

Summer Fever at Bazket Manila

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School’s out and summer is in! It’s time to hit the beach and visit exciting places to chill and enjoy that anticipated summer getaway! But first things first, Instagram-worthy OOTDs need to be on the top of the list and this is where the fun begins at BazKet Manila: Bazaar + Market Year 2.

BazKet Manila: Bazaar + Market Year 2 invites everyone on April 13-15, 2018, Friday - Sunday at Hall 3 in Megatrade Hall from 11AM to 9PM. Shop for summer trends and update your wardrobe or check for gifts and other items. Bazket Manila has a wide variety of very affordable local brands from trendy clothes, sportswear, swimwear, shoes, bags, accessories, make up, perfumes, skin care products, home and kitchenware, pasalubong favorites to fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Shop and win raffle prizes from our sponsors - TCL, HSBC, BPI, RCBC and Citibank.

Get good deals on local items and home-grown produce from our list of exhibitors – A&N Perfume, Acole’s Bags and Jewels Beauyoutural, Charming Children, Crazechums, D&K Unltd, Eccentric Bags, Exito Vida Boutique,, Filindian Summer, Gars Pomade, GDT, Grood Wood, Handtag Apparel, Highland’s Best, Honey ETC, Janelyn’s Perfume Corner, Maby’s Box, Pearlypop Swimwear, Rose Denim Collection, Scents and Memories, Sunbeams Impex Inc., The Pink Project, The Reading Room, Thyrah Shoppe, Variety Finds, plus more!

If you’re into arts and crafts, don’t miss the Paper & Water Hyacinth Vinyl Cutting and Leather Ironing and Paper & Water Hyacinth Leather Cutting Workshop on April 13, 14 and 15 by JACINTO & LIRIO in collaboration with Personal Touch and Atsy Curtsy respectively. For more information, please visit Mark your calendars and bring the whole squad for a fun bazaar and experience!

For more details, check out Megatrade Hall’s Facebook page and click on the event page for Bazket Manila Year 2. For inquiries, call Yvonne Palaganas / Abigail Sarita at (63 2) 556 8888 local 2006 / (63) 917 858 0669 or email at

ColorManila Conquers Laoag Sand Dunes with Sold Out CM Paradise Run

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ColorManila, the country’s number one fun-run organizer, conquered Laoag’s Sand Dunes in Ilocos Norte, with its sold out CM Paradise Run, which took place last weekend. 

The event was held in cooperation with Ilocos Norte’s 1st District Senior Board Member Ria Fariñas, who is a known fitness buff.

Prior to the sold-out event, Farinas was quoted as saying, “Thrilled that this is finally happening in Ilocos! Mark your calendars and start training with your family & friends for Colormanila’s Paradise Run at the Laoag Sand Dunes!”

ColorManila VP Justine Cordero says, “This is the first time that we brought ColorManila to Laoag, and we are very happy that this has become successful, we are also thankful to our local government unit partners.  We are looking forward to doing more events here in Laoag.”

The CM Paradise Run - Laoag leg, gave the runners an early feel of a summer escape to the beach or to paradise, with the various color stations adorned with palm trees, hammocks and garlands, which only served as a perfect backdrop to their selfies with friends and family.

After the race, thousands of runners got to experience the freshest and newest mixes of the DJ’s at ColorManila’s trade mark CM Color Festival, where color powder was thrown in the air as the participants danced and grooved to the music of DJ’s on stage.

Atty. Karen Jimeno was one of those seen enjoying the run, and also on stage during the CM Color Festival.

ColorManila’s next Paradise Run will be held in Laguna on April 8, 2018, which will be held at Greenfield, its official venue partner.

It will have three (3) race distances, 3K, 5K and 10K.  As for the kits, runners for both events can choose from the Deluxe Kit, Rockstar Kit and the Superstar Kit. 

The Deluxe Kit, which is priced at P750, comes with a dri-fit shirt, sunglasses, race bib, color packet and a finisher’s medal.

While the Rockstar Kit, priced at P1,050, comes with a dri-fit shirt, sunglasses, race bib, color packet, finisher’s medal, drawstring bag and headwear.

Finally, the Superstar Kit, priced at P1,500, comes with a dri-fit shirt, sunglasses, race bib, color packet, finisher’s medal, drawstring bag, headwear and a finisher’s singlet.

ColorManila will also have its CM Glitter Run in Dagupan, co-presented by CSI Mall on April 8, 2018.  Dagupan is also one of ColorManila’s biggest markets, with one of its events having a sold-out event with 3,000 runners previously. 

It will have three (3) race distances as well, 3k, 5K and 10K, with 3 race kits to choose from, Deluxe, Rockstar and Superstar Kit.

The Deluxe Kit, priced at P950, comes with a drifit shirt, race bib, color packet,  and a finisher’s medal.

The Rockstar Kit, priced at P1,500, comes with a drifit shirt, race bib, sunglasses, drawstring bag, headwear, color packet and a finisher’s medal.
While CM Glitter Run’s Superstar Kit, priced at P1,850, comes with a drifit shirt, race bib, sunglasses, two (2) drawstring bags, headwear, color packet, finisher’s medal and a foldable water bottle.

Registration is still ongoing for both the CM Paradise Run - Laguna leg and the CM Glitter Run Dagupan.  For more information, visit

NKKPGPBGBG Dance Production to be Held from April 6 to August 7

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Paano nga ba magmahal ng walang kapalit?

Veronica, a naive and optimistic young woman, has just landed her dream job as a writer. Everything is going well for her, that is, until Alex comes into her life.

Will Veronica's unrequited love finally be reciprocated?

NKKPGPBGBG revolves around Veronica’s unrequited love and the measures she does just for the love to be returned.

NKKPGPBGBG is a dance production thesis directed by Kul dela Torre and featuring Gawad Buhay awardee, Carissa Adea.

The show will run on April 6, 2018 (Friday) - August 7, 2018 (Saturday), 1PM and 7PM at the 6/F Black Box Theater in Benilde’s School of Design and Arts building. Tickets are priced at Php 200.00 each and can be purchased by contacting 09392155594 or by messaging our Facebook page.

For updates, you may visit us at:

What Really Happens Behind the Scenes Among Media Outfits

Wazzup Pilipinas!

So which side are we supposed to be? Our readers or the brands?

We are torn between laughing out loud, or getting terribly frustrated when we see people praising, or bashing, a product, service or event that deserves otherwise.

Nowadays, brands, through PRs or event organizers, could easily invite almost anybody to boost their positive image. We get to frown at both the brand and influencer(s) especially when we know the truth. Sadly, many could be easily bought by a talent fee or token of appreciation just to say something positive, or negative, about a brand.

We are sometimes put in a situation when we have to choose whether we need to be truthful for the sake of our readers, or cautious with what we put out about the brand we are meant to promote.

Would we prefer keeping silent about a brand's faulty products, services, ways, or even people, and just work with them behind the scenes so our followers would only know their positive attributes, and be unaware of the real score?

When we try to keep some things hidden from our readers, listeners or viewers, and just "cooperate" with the brands to work something out, when does it become different from connivance?

Would it help the brand more if we keep their image flawless, or would it be more impressive when they are like a Phoenix rising from the ashes because they made efforts to correct their unflattering products, services or ways based from our critical reviews? We believe it would it be more disappointing when our followers discover for themselves they've been fooled to believe an orchestrated or scripted promotional campaign.

Unfortunately, there would always be those who do not have the guts (or just prefer to state only the positive since the brand involved is an advertiser or client) to mention the negatives because they want to keep the relationship with the brand, PR or event organizer. Many are getting banned or prevented from being invited again because they were too honest with their reviews, or too vocal about how the events were handled, or how the organizers treated the people including the media or bloggers. Of course, event organizers would prefer those who only say positive stuff about the brands they manage, and avoid the critical reviewers.

Life as media or bloggers should never be a competition. Damn those who demand exclusives or those who ask for special privileges like they're kings and queens. We equally hate those who give in to these kind of requests. There should never be discrimination among media outfits or bloggers.

Somebody from the inside told us about the media outfit who demanded an arrangement that was unfair for other media outfits covering a certain event. From the outside, the people would think this media outfit has the best coverage and news about an event, but people were unaware that other media outfits were forbidden to be as comprehensive and real-time with the event coverage, and were restricted to release only limited output otherwise a 1 Million fine will be charged to those who disobey. If other media outfits don't sign, they may not be allowed entrance to cover the event.

The top and affluent media outfits would also often get the advantage of being treated better. This includes getting recognized or rewarded better, getting VIP seats, getting better food, perks and privileges. There would always be brands, or PRs of the brands, who think traditional media deserve better treatment than online or bloggers, and discriminate the capabilities of the lesser known media or blogging entities.

Incidentally, we believe we should not be posers who would only post the positive about everything. When we hide, ignore, or do not mention the negatives, we become part of the Fake News dilemma that contributes to the dissemination of a make-believe and crazy world.

But then again, this also goes the same to those who share fabricated or exaggerated negative news because they have ulterior motives other than spreading the real happenings.

We fool ourselves if we connive with brands, and hide the pitiful and deplorable truth about their products and services. But when we attempt to destroy a brand, or person, simply because they are a competition or we have personal hatred against certain individuals, we lower ourselves to pitiful levels.

Reality is all about the pros and cons, ups and downs, etc., of society. It is more believable and understandable if there are flaws. But it becomes a lot more deplorable when we make it serve an evil purpose.

A shout-out as well to those who attend events but report stories that are totally not related to the event. The intention of the invitees is to promote their brands or events, and not be used to gain access to celebrities for unrelated stories or features.

Those who fool and elude us by showing only what they want us to see are not really helping because they keep everyone half-blind, deaf and even mute. We help a brand more if we mention their mistakes and shortcomings, and offer suggestions for improvement. It is our social responsibility to take notice and act on all issues, no matter who is involved.

Life is not perfect. But it is all about being aware, engaged and involved in sharing only the real news. We all have stories to tell, and so don't let them be fictional. Don't oversell.

We could only become real heroes when we are entirely truthful, and not just seemingly cosplaying to project a heroic image. We can help the society more if we open everyone's eyes towards the truth before it is all too late for all of us.

If we are truly sincere, let our ultimate purpose in life be about changing the world by being truthful with ourselves and the people whom we tell our stories.

Friday, March 30, 2018

foodpanda Launches Hot ‘n Hungry: The Biggest Discounts on Food You Love this Summer"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

foodpanda, the on-demand food delivery service, has announced the launch of the biggest food sale event this summer, Hot ‘N Hungry. The campaign goes live on 1st April 2018 and ends 30th April 2018.

Hot ‘n Hungry is the perfect way to satisfy cravings in this intense heat. Available to Manila and Metro Cebu restaurants on the foodpanda platform, all customers can enjoy massive discounts on a wide range of international cuisine restaurants, be it American (Pancake House, S&R New York Style Pizza, Chili’s) or Italian (Amicii), or Japanese (Nanbantei, Omakase), or the well-loved Filipino dishes (Dencio’s) and Cebuanos (Bollywood Tandoor) .

“Summer brings crowds, long queues and traffic into shopping malls. We, at foodpanda, want our customers to enjoy the food they love while beating the heat and so we are offering these discounts this summer season! Simply download the app and order food you love during the Hot ‘n Hungry – and get good food delivered to your doorstep,” says Iacopo Rovere, CEO at foodpanda.

With over 50 restaurant brands participating in Hot ‘N Hungry, customers can expect jaw-dropping offers,huge discounts and exclusive bundles in April.

For more updates about the Hot ‘n Hungry foodsale, visit foopanda’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@foodpanda_ph) or head on to foodpanda’s website (

BATTLE OF THE SUPREME: Team Pineapple vs. Team Anti-Pineapple

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Pineapples on a pizza?” is one of the age-old most controversial food-related argument and becomes a subject for an internet debate, as vocal critics and supporters made memes and various posts which has taken both sides. The pineapple-on-a-pizza flavor or Hawaiian pizza was first created in 1962 by Sam Panopoulous at the Satellite Restaurant in Toronto, Canada, from then it became a popular pizza topping and also a target of dislike for others.

As the debate continues worldwide, SANTINO'S SUPREME SLICE creates a platform to a friendly yet interesting competitive debate for all pizza lovers on its very first BATTLE OF THE SUPREME: Team Pineapple vs. Team Anti-Pineapple Campaign, this is a series of dare battle videos between two teams that will be uploaded on the Official Facebook Page of SANTINO'S SUPREME SLICE starting this February 14, 2018. Each representative of the team must accomplish the dare to score a point. The team with the highest total points will be the winner!

Supreme pizza lovers out there can show their support by buying SANTINO'S SUPREME SLICE Hawaiian Madness for Team Pineapple and SANTINO'S SUPREME SLICE Non Pineapple Flavors for Team Anti-Pineapple. Are you a forever fan of Team Pineapple or you'll stick being in Team Anti Pineapple? Who do you think will reign SUPREME?

You can visit Santino’s Supreme Slice official Facebook page ( to keep you updated and watch your team compete against each other. Also, don’t forget to use our official hashtags when you post!

#SantinosSupremeSlice, #BattleoftheSupreme #TeamPineapple #TeamAntiPineapple

SANTINO'S SUPREME SLICE is the Philippines' fastest growing pizza kiosk chain with over 200 SUPREME outlets nationwide. For SUPREME business opportunity, reach us thru these hotlines:  Manila (02) 411-9444; Cebu (032) 520-8811, Davao (082) 295-7943 or 0925-511-9444.

Like us on Facebook for more supreme updates. CAST your vote now! Which SLICE are you on?

HK Publication Lauds BDO’s Corporate Governance

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A Hong Kong-based journal that gives credit to corporate governance practices in the region has again cited BDO Unibank as one of Asia’s Icons of Corporate Governance in The Best of Asia 2017.

Corporate Governance Asia has awarded BDO the said citation 13 times since 2005. This esteemed recognition belongs to the best of the best in corporate governance in Asia as they continue to uphold the best practices regardless of the business landscape.

BDO chairperson Teresita Sy-Coson and president & CEO Nestor V. Tan, meanwhile, were given the Asian Corporate Director Recognition Award. This award is given to the outstanding corporate directors from boards of public and private companies in Asia and have been leaders in guiding their boards and executive management in growing their companies, and maintaining the ethics and conscience of their boards.

“We believe that good corporate governance is an essential part of a disciplined approach in managing the operations of the Bank in all its activities here and abroad, including its subsidiaries and affiliates,” said BDO.

Photo caption:

In photo, from left, BDO president & CEO Nestor V. Tan, BDO chairperson Teresita Sy-Coson, Corporate Governance Asia founder & publisher Aldrin Monsod, and BDO senior vice president Ismael G. Estela.

3 Road Trip Destinations To Visit Within Luzon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As the summer finally sets in, many people are planning trips to some of the many destinations that the Philippines has to offer. Whether it is the white sands of Boracay or touring the Underground River of Palawan, there are plenty of island adventures to explore. However, for those of us looking for a quick trip out of town, taking a flight out of Manila might be difficult for an overnight getaway.

Luckily, there are plenty of destinations that are located hours from Manila. If you and your family are planning a getaway this summer, check out these scenic provinces for your next road trip within Luzon.

Take the Beach Trails of Zambales

If you prefer to dip your toes in the salty sea without spending half of your monthly wage, then look no further than Zambales. The province is a three-hour drive from Metro Manila and is home to some of the best waves and coves to explore. While Anawangin Cove may be the popular choice in the area, there are hidden gems like Silanguin and Talisayin Cove that you should consider on your next road trip.

Get Inspired in Sagada

Since the movie That Thing Called Tadhana was released in 2014, Filipinos of all ages have grown an interest in exploring the mountains of Sagada and with good reason. The movie showed the true beauty of the Philippines that is not often shown on the big screen. Not to mention, this underrated province is known for some of the best food trips and sceneries outside of Manila.

Check Out the Lakes of Batangas

Go back in time and visit the town that’s often overlooked by visitors. The 4.6-kilometer Taal Lake Road in Agoncillo offers a faster route to Tagaytay City and better views of the Taal volcano. Not only will you cut travel time in half, the road itself will promote eco-tourism and aid the local communities in Batangas. Just don’t forget to stop by the Philippines’ “most beautiful” Starbucks branch that overlooks the Taal Lake.

What Do You Need To Remember When On A Road Trip?

While driving from Manila to nearby provinces can be a bit energy consuming, you still have to prepare the necessary items and documents to make the most out of your journey. After all, it is not just about the destination but how you get there. Here’s what you need to remember when on a road trip:

  • Get A Maintenance Check – Before any trip, always have your car checked up for maintenance to ensure that the vehicle is properly working.  The Philippine roads can be dangerous for various reasons, such as poor weather conditions, unexpected road construction, or dangerous drivers. Just be sure to stay focused while driving on the road and prepare for the worst.

  • Bring Your Documents – You might encounter some literal bumps along the way. Therefore, it is important to keep a copy of your vehicle’s documents as well as travel documents, if necessary. While it is important to avoid any distractions while driving, there are accidents that can't always be prevented. Having the necessary papers on hand will help speed up the process and continue on the long road ahead. 

  • Stay on Track – While driving from Manila to nearby provinces will only take a few hours, you still have to prepare a map and itinerary when your travel apps suddenly stop working outside of the city.  Make sure to plan scheduled stops for food trips and photos to make the trip even more memorable. Be sure to make a few stopovers throughout the trip to help everyone stay safe, comfortable, and well fed.   
Whatever route you decide on, it is always more fun in the Philippines to take a road trip and explore the local spots of Luzon. Whether you are going solo, with a group of friends, or the entire family, just be sure to do your research, check the maps, and prepare an emergency pack to keep you safe on the road.

The Art of Med: A Year-End Concert

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Alongside a heart that is committed to healing, found in each and every one of us is a soul impassioned to inspire through art. As we step out of the normal rhythm of medical school, let us show you a different kind of healing through melodies and choreographies woven with the colorful patterns of life.

The UP Medicine Choir and the UP MedRhythmics proudly present “Art of Med: A Year-End Concert” this May 4, 2018, 6:30 PM, at the Girl Scouts of the Philippines Auditorium, Padre Faura, Manila.

Tickets are priced at P280. You may reserve your tickets through this link: For ticket inquiries, kindly contact Shanaia Daguit at 0943 446 0168. You may also visit our Facebook page,, for more information. See you there!

This event is made possible in cooperation with the UP Medicine Student Council, UP Manila Chorale, UP Pangkalusugang Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral, Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority, and Kaffea Healthy Coffee Blend; also brought to you by the Society of Occupational Therapy Majors; special thanks to One’s True Nature, UP Manila Dramatista, UP Medical Students for Social Responsibility - International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Philippines, and UP Medical Students’ Society. 

We’d also like to thank our media partners: ClickTheCity, Wazzup Pilipinas, DZUP, and the UPCM Collective.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Let Enchanted Kingdom Take You to Greater Heights

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If you are heading down south with family and friends for a fun-filled quality time together, then consider visiting Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Home to the famous Anchor’s Away, Flying Fiesta, Rio Grande Rapids, and Wheel of Fate, the theme park’s newest attraction, Agila: The EKsperience, offers a “life-like flying sensation” that will surely keep guests in admiration with its 6-minute presentation of the Philippines’ beautiful tourist destinations. Moreover, with Enchanted Kingdom’s investment on the latest technology, guests can experience soaring above the wonders of nature through its 544-square meter screen which is known to be the largest in Southeast Asia today.

Agila: The EKsperience takes entertainment to greater heights with its multi-sensory feature that sets it apart from any other theme parks. In its venture on taking a step further, Enchanted Kingdom envisions its guests to experience flying like an eagle. Like one, guests can feel the tropical breeze amidst the mountain tops and can also swing against the bodies of water. Guests will be surprised to see that the Philippines has so much beauty and the thrill of flying above and beyond such stunning views is definitely a first of its kind.

Not only does Enchanted Kingdom satisfy our sight through Agila: The EKsperience, but it also aims to inculcate the value of taking responsibility over the local tourism industry. It is a creative channel in causing awareness on how Filipinos should nurture and protect the tourist destinations of the country. As such, Agila: The EKsperience is a representation of the Philippines’ honor and pride, and in return, Filipinos must partake in taking action in sustaining the beauty of our country’s treasures.

Plan your trips today and experience the best interactive adventure with Enchanted Kingdom’s Ride-All-You-Can with Agila: The EKsperience available at! Discounted rates await so hurry and book now!

Rich Franklin's One Warrior Series to Host Inaugural Event in Singapore on March 31

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The largest global sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship (ONE), has just announced the inaugural event of Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series, which will be held in Singapore on 31 March. The live spectacle features prospects signed on during the show who will compete in professional bouts to earn a contract with ONE Championship exceeding US $100,000+ based on performance.

Rich Franklin, Vice President of ONE Championship and CEO of ONE Warrior Series, stated: “It is my honor to announce the first ONE Warrior Series event to be held in Singapore. We’ve visited many great Asian nations over the past few months and now have a solid group of competitors ready to earn their time in the spotlight. Asia is the hotbed of the industry’s top martial arts prospects. I have enjoyed taking in all that Asia has to offer, while discovering some of the most promising young talent on this side of the world. ONE Championship and ONE Warrior Series will continue to search for the region’s best martial artists and give them a platform to showcase their skills to the world.”

Rich Franklin's ONE Warrior Series is a new travel series talent search which runs in 30-minute episodes. The show aims to discover new martial arts talent across Asia, providing promising young athletes with the platform to unleash their martial arts greatness. Franklin, who serves as the show’s host, travels across the Asian continent with co-host Jonathan Fong, searching for talent, experiencing local cultures and testing their boundaries.

The screening and tryouts process consists of pad sessions, grappling demonstrations, conditioning exams, and an interview process, among others. Once selected, athletes will compete in professional bouts with a chance at earning a contract with ONE Championship exceeding US $100,000+ based on performance. The episodes of Rich Franklin's ONE Warrior Series are available on ONE Championship’s YouTube channel at

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

Bibiano Fernandes Outlasts Martin Nguyen to Retain ONE Bantamweight World Championship

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The largest global sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship™ (ONE), held a historic evening in Bangkok as the capacity crowd at the Impact Arena witnessed an amazing display of heart-pounding martial arts action. ONE: IRON WILL sent shockwaves of excitement throughout the state-of-the-art stadium as the card featured a series of compelling bouts, punctuated by an unforgettable championship clash. In the main event, Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes of Brazil remained the undisputed king of ONE Championship’s bantamweight division, defeating two-division world champion Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen of Australia.

Visit the official ONE: IRON WILL photo gallery by clicking:

In a gruelling five-round title tiff, reigning ONE Bantamweight World Champion Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes of Brazil turned in a gutsy performance, overcoming a spirited effort from ONE Featherweight & Lightweight World Champion Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen of Sydney, Australia to win via razor-thin split decision. The action was electric all throughout the bout, with both men having their moments. Although Nguyen landed the harder, more telling blows, Fernandes was the busier ma and performed slightly better overall with his takedowns and accurate combinations. In the final frame, Fernandes pulled away just slightly, outworking Nguyen over the last five minutes of the contest. In the end, the Brazilian did just enough to retain his title in front of a packed Impact Arena crowd. The victory cemented Fernandes’ claim as the best in the world at bantamweight, earning him a record eight title defenses to remain the most dominant ONE world champion in history.

Bibiano Fernandes, ONE Bantamweight World Champion, stated: “I said I would win, and I did. I really live for these challenges. I’m the champion, and I’m here to stay. I’m the best bantamweight in the world. I’ve proven it many times. Bangkok, Thailand -- thank you for having me.”

In the co-main event of the evening, Jeremy “The Jaguar” Miado of the Philippines overcame insurmountable odds, knocking out former world champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke in the first round. In a wild exchange of punches, Miado clipped Amnuaysirichoke with a thunderous right cross, sending the Thai hometown hero crashing to the canvas as the referee waved off the contest immediately.

Shannon “OneShin” Wiratchai of Thailand authored one of the most dominant performances of the night, reinserting his name into the winner’s column with a quick knockout victory over Singapore-based Indian martial artist Rahul Raju. Wiratchai only needed 21 seconds to shut the lights out on Raju, landing a hard right hook to clinch the scintillating knockout. With his impressive conquest of Raju, Wiratchai earned the GoDaddy Knockout of the Night.

In a clash of talented female atomweights, Angelie Sabanal of the Philippines captured a hard-earned victory, routing Thai rising star Rika Ishige via unanimous decision in her ONE Championship debut. Sabanal and Ishige kept the action focused primarily at the center of the ONE Championship cage for the majority of the bout. The Filipina newcomer showcased her pinpoint accurate striking early on, peppering Ishige with stinging kicks and stiff punches. Although Ishige boldly traded strikes with the Filipina kickboxer from bell to bell, the latter pulled away in the final round, landing the more telling blows. In the end, Sabanal earned the undivided nod from the three judges at cageside.

23-year-old Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev reignited his meteoric rise through the ranks, defeating seasoned Japanese veteran Tetsuya Yamada by submission. Both men started out aggressively, but it was Arslanaliev who showed a more capable set of both striking and grappling skills throughout the three-round lightweight match. As Yamada avoided trading strikes in the stand-up, Arslanaliev spun a web of crafty grappling on the ground to overwhelm the Japanese veteran. Driven to score a finish, Arslanaliev was able to get the submission in the third round, making Yamada tap from a wrenching belly-down armbar.

Pakistani martial artist Waqar Umar made an astounding statement in his return to the ONE Championship cage after nearly two years of absence, submitting Chinese prospect Zhao Zhi Kang in the first round of their featherweight clash. With a game plan to take matters to the ground, Umar got the job done by fastening a rear-naked choke to force the tap from Zhao.

American submission wizard Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon impressed in his highly-anticipated ONE Championship debut, toppling Filipino lightweight Richard Corminal in his maiden assignment wearing four-ounce gloves on the premier martial arts stage. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu superstar put forth a dominant striking performance, unveiling a new dimension to his evolving skill set by putting together dynamic combinations. In an offensive clinic against his Filipino counterpart, Tonon overwhelmed Corminal with punishing strikes from the get-go, blasting his opponent with rocking right hands and cracking kicks. In the second round, Tonon took matters to the ground and quickly got mount, finishing Corminal with a pair of elbows.

Kritsada “Dream Man” Kongsrichai made quick work of the Philippines’ Robin Catalan to continue his winning ways inside the ONE Championship cage. Opening up the contest by taking the action right to Catalan, Kongsrichai pounced on his Filipino opponent with a series of powerful strikes, including solid knees from the clinch. As he pushed Catalan constantly back up against the cage, Kongsrichai wrapped his arms around his foe’s midsection and took him for a ride with a belly-to-back suplex. Catalan was deemed unable to continue when he landed on the mat, forcing the referee to wave it off and declare Kongsrichai as the victor by way of stoppage.

Multiple-time kickboxing world champion Alain “The Panther” Ngalani placed himself back on the winning track by edging out promotional newcomer Ariunbold Tur-Ochir of Mongolia via split decision. Both men gave fans a spirited effort over three rounds, which featured a healthy stream of action from both corners. After a gruelling contest, it was Ngalani who walked out with his hand raised in triumph.

Gilberto Galvao of Brazil spoiled the much-awaited return of Jake Butler to competition, defeating the decorated American wrestler by technical knockout in the second round. Galvao finished the job in the opening sequence of the contest’s second frame, checking a low kick from Butler with a hard knee. As Butler dropped to the canvas, he held onto his leg and hit the ground writhing in pain, the referee stepped in and called a halt to the bout, awarding the victory to Galvao.

A three-round bantamweight encounter served as the curtain-raiser for ONE: IRON WILL as “The Terminator” Sunoto battled it out with Malaysian standout Hisyam Samsudin. Leaning on his impeccable grappling, Sunoto burned out his opponent, consistently bringing Samsudin to the canvas and controlling the action with crisp ground strikes. With a dominant top game, Sunoto notched his second consecutive victory in 2018, defeating Samsudin as all three judges saw the bout in favor of the Indonesian to win by unanimous decision.

Official results for ONE: IRON WILL

ONE Bantamweight World Championship bout: Bibiano Fernandes defeats Martin Nguyen by Split Decision (SD) after 3 rounds

Strawweight bout: Jeremy Miado defeats Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke by Knockout (KO) at 1:29 minutes of round 1

Lightweight bout: Shannon Wiratchai defeats Rahul Raju by Knockout (KO) at 0:21 minutes of round 1

Women’s atomweight bout: Angelie Sabanal defeats Rika Ishige by Unanimous Decision (UD)

Lightweight bout: Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev defeats Tetsuya Yamada by Submission (Armbar) at 2:51 minutes of round 3

Featherweight bout: Waqar Umar defeats Zhao Zhi Kang by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:21 minutes of round 1

Lightweight bout: Garry Tonon defeats Richard Corminal by TKO (Strikes) at 3:40 minutes of round 2

Strawweight bout: Kritsada Kongsrichai defeats Robin Catalan by TKO (Slam) at 1:40 minutes of round 1

Light Heavyweight bout: Alain Ngalani defeats Ariunbold Tur-Ochir by Split Decision (SD) after 3 rounds

Middleweight bout: Gilberto Galvao defeats Jake Butler by TKO (Strikes) at 0:07 minutes of round 2

Bantamweight bout: Sunoto defeats Hisyam Samsudin by Unanimous Decision (UD) after 3 rounds

In case you missed the action log on to for the full replay of the fights at only US $9.99.

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