Saturday, November 30, 2013

Greek Stories

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

We were tasked to do a tableau that has to be performed in our English month culminating event at our school, Pasig City Science High School, each section is tasked to make a tableau from different Greek stories.

IV Joule was tasked to do The Creation,

In the beginning there was only chaos. Then out of the void appeared Erebus, the unknowable place where death dwells, and Night. All else was empty, silent, endless, darkness. Then somehow Love was born bringing a start of order. From Love came Light and Day. Once there was Light and Day, Gaea, the earth appeared.

Exercise is a Must for Everybody

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

This is the generation where we don't pay that attention for our health, we are too busy experimenting our gadgets, technology is changing our routines, making our life easier. Anyway the thing is, our body is craving for a lot of exercise, children, adults, it doesn't matter how old you are. We should initiate ourselves to make a change in our routine, spare a few minutes or hours for simple exercises.

Greek Gods and Goddesses 2013

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

It has been a pretty busy month for the seniors of Pasig City Science High School, specially for the class of IV - Boyle because they still have to juggle their Robotics competition and make time for the class tableau. Everyone had a great vision of making their greek gods and goddesses' costume out of scrap recyclable materials. Everyone perfectly portrayed their characters as god or goddess.

Globe Expands International Presence with Establishment of Operating Company in Italy

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Globe Telecom recently widened its scope of services in the global arena with the creation of Globe Mobile Italy S.r.I. (GMI), making it one of the members of the Globe group of companies. GMI will handle the offering of various telecommunications services such as voice, SMS, MMS, load top-up and mobile data in Italy.

With this development, Italy becomes the sixth country where Globe currently has a robust retail presence, which also includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, extending its footprint to more countries and empowering Filipinos to be even more connected across borders.

Coinciding with the establishment of GMI is the launch of the Globe local Italy SIM, a prepaid mobile service powered by the synergy between leading Italian mobile network virtual operator Compagnia Italia Mobile S.r.I., and network enabler Effortel Technologies, a Belgium-based network enabler company.

Komikon 2013: Keeping My Childhood Alive (Part 1)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Growing up reading Funny Komiks, Marvel comics, manga and having a Jack Chick comic phase (ugh!), I'm a big fan of comics.Through the years, I still love the art form that still amazes and spellbinds the kid in me. Thanks to Komikon, the event doesn't just keep Pinoy comics alive, but also my childhood as well.

Now on its 9th year, Komikon 2013 gathers the local and international comic book artist and writers to celebrate this art form. It is a place the fans meet comic creators - which is so awesome. Up and coming comics and their creators showcase what they got to soon-to-be fans. The event has talks or seminars to further salivate comic enthusiasts. And of course, comic books from indie, local, imported, and vintage plus original artworks are for sale as well as other comic related merchandize. Games and prizes abound during the event. Komikon is an annual event and holds its activities at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City.

This year, is my second time (I have gone to this years Summer Komikon), and this time it a special one. The artist and writers are raising funds for the victims of Super-Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. So the sales will go to that cause - Awesome! And with that comes my special "mission" to that event.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cultural Exchange Program

(c) Aimee Blaquera :)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last November 12-15, 2013, we had an exchange program with the Malaysian students from Malaysia. We were able to communicate using Japanese and English languages. They've learned some of the filipino words from us, and we've also learned some of the malaysian words from them. 

(c) Aimee Blaquera

This picture was taken when we were having the visitor session with the malaysians. It was so nice talking to them because they are so friendly and cool. Even though the time was very limited, we enjoyed each other's company and had fun.

Fog City Creamery and Emperador Distillers Partners to Bring You Ice Cream That Will Surely Make You Scream!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Many will say that the best way to endorse a food product is by showing off how people really enjoy eating it. Yeah, many of the big companies will use celebrities to promote a brand because they can afford it but they also incorporate other means to attract attention.

The most sincere and effective means to catch the interest of the common people, without intimidating them too much, is to use non-celebrity everyday people that you would normally just pass by along the streets on your way to work or school. Models could be dressed up to look like the kids next door, but somehow people can distinguish the real ting from the make believe.

If you use unfamiliar characters that do not do commercials professionally, you would be more convinced to identify with the character. You will somehow feel that it is not totally forced and scripted. Besides, great food reflects naturally on the faces of people after their dining experience.

Keep Calm and Remember You're the Man!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When a friend asked me if there was a dress code requirement to a certain event he's supposed to attend in my behalf, I immediately answered: Dress to Empress Schuck!

Seriously, we should always "dress to impress" regardless of the event. I know there may be times you need to wear a formal attire, but nowadays even a pair of jeans and worn out rubber shoes would go well with a coat bought from an ukay-ukay.

So its better to always bring along a coat in your backpack.

You'll shine out as hip and cool with an outfit like that - especially if you match it with a stunning hairdo, a fragrant perfume or cologne, and a chin up attitude fitting to how naturally glamorous your personality is.

Wow!!! - That will be the words you'll hear as you walk through that entrance on a seemingly virtual red carpet almost floating in cloud nine.

Keep calm and remember ....You're the man!!!

Look At Me Straight In The Eyes and Say What You Really Feel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When an individual cannot look at you straight in the eyes, it could only mean a few things:

1. He or she has sore eyes, or any of those dreaded eye diseases.
2. He or she cringes at the sight of your "morning glories" jutting out from the corners of your eyes.
3. He or she has a crush on you and is afraid he or she will blush when your eyes meet.
4. He or she did something stupid behind your back - a back-stabbing sonafab*tch!
5. He or she prefers to look at your cleavage or at the big lump protruding in your crotch.
6. Any other reason you can think of to make you wish you looked in the mirror before you left the house.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

We Are All Becoming Techies : Gadgets on the Loose, Every Man Going Online, Tech Bloggers Beware

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Three tech events tomorrow. ...separated by only two hours interval....This will test my event hopping skills to the extreme.

One blogger questions if I am a tech blogger.... I should have answered "I am a lifestyle blogger (so proud of it) but the companies keep inviting me to their events so there must be a good reason why they want me to write about them in my blog."

Oh yeah, I's probably because I am not just a mere "gadget" blogger like him.

Nowadays, there is a thin line separating techies from the naturally technically-inclined urban professional. Almost everybody is now online and has one or more gadgets on hand. My kids know more about the computer than me, our maid has two smartphones and both of them are android phones, and my dog knows how to play the electronic organ, operate the TV remote control,  and would even know how to answer the smartphone if the keypad was big enough for his paws. Lol!

Bimby And Ryzza Awarded As Golden Kids Of The Year 2013

Wazzup Pilipinas!

My Little Bossings stars James “Bimby” Aquino Yap and Ryzza Mae Dizon were awarded as the Golden Kids of Year by the biggest family event of the year, the BABY AND FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013, happening on December 06 - 08, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex.

Queen of all media Kris Aquino’s son Bimby and Eat Bulaga Little Miss Philippines 2012 Ryzza won the award for their inspiration to Filipino kids and exceptional talent voted by the online community from the website The Golden Kid Award is one of the recognitions in the first ever Golden Family Awards, aimed to recognize celebrity families, parents and kids who have been a great inspiration and role model to Filipino families.

Earlier this year, the eight-year-old child actress was also recognized for her acting and hosting skills as 3rd Yahoo! OMG Awards Child Star of the Year and 3rd EdukCircle Awards Best Talk Show Host. She was also nominated as Best Comedy Actress and Best Celebrity Talk Show Host in the 27th PMPC Star Awards for Television.

Top Ten Reasons Why Bloggers Are Like Celebrities

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It has been frequently said that bloggers share the spotlight with celebrities. When we say celebrities, we mean showbiz people, artists (singers, dancers, bands, newscasters, reporters, media practitioners, painters, sculptors, etc.,), sports personalities, and even politicians.

They have been called the new media, and some have been saying they are way better than the traditional media of TV, radio and print. Almost everyone agrees that news and information are now primarily accessed over the Internet.

Everyone has to admit that it's an online community already. Almost everyone is now armed with their branded or China-made smartphones to easily access their social media networks, emails, search engines, and numerous apps available to keep everyone engaged and connected online.

Here are the top ten reasons (in no particular order) why bloggers have reached celebrity status:

High Turnout In Mactan-Cebu International Airport Bid Signals Investor Confidence In PPP Program - DOTC

Wazzup Pilipinas!

All seven (7) pre-qualified groups are bidding for the P 17.5 Billion Mactan-Cebu International Airport project – the first airport Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project of the current administration – signalling the private sector’s level of interest in the Department of Transportation and Communications’ (DOTC) PPP initiative.

“The high turnout is proof that investors are confident in our PPP program. We want to sustain the momentum from this project to the next ones in our pipeline,” said DOTC Spokesperson Michael Arthur Sagcal.

Last week, the transport department’s P 1.72 Billion Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) project garnered the highest number of bidders for a PPP project before today’s MCIA bid submission, with 5 groups participating in that tender.

Keep Calm and Write Poems : Doon sa Batibot, Tayo na at Magsaya!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

They say the very first blogs were meant to share our accomplishments and success. But overall, many used it to bring out our sad experiences, our sentiments, our frustrations, and everything else in between and beyond.

Imagine a world full of hatred if one has not the means to express our inner longings, our wishes, our dreams.

Some of us want to tell stories vividly, incorporate plenty of photos to spice it up - after all, photos may show what words fail to do so.

Some would even go through great lengths to add their own illustrations, animations, videos, and all sort of representations to elaborate on the topic.

What amazes me most are those that have the patience to construct poems. Many would say that a few lines that rhyme are more creative than a lengthy essay. It becomes more personal if its written in the local language - straight from the heart, straight from the soul.

Bumangon Ka : Yolanda Song From Jograd deLa Torre

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"This was a real labour of love between GRN MANGO and activist singer/comedian Jograd dela Torre, who shows his serious side in an impassioned manner that will surely resonate with the millions of Filipinos who have had enough with the status quo and are bent on positive change. It was filmed in just half a day outside of an abandoned, half burnt down building on the outskirts of Makati, which was made to look like it was in the heart of Tacloban." - Our Awesome Planet
Well, it's not really pleasing to the eyes. I hate to see a pitiful scenario where you can't help but feel so depressed and numb.

It is with great sorrow that many of our fellowmen had to die and suffer from the calamity that could have been prevented if only .....

Yeah! Let's start blaming somebody for the tragedy. Let's put all the blame to our so called leaders. We've been doing that since day zero....and I guess we will continue to do that regardless who is seated in the Malacanan Palace.

We believe there is no leader that can fully give the solution to our problems. Just like the elusive world peace. No wonder its been the most wished for in every beauty pageant - if asked.

Filipino Hospitality at Its Best! : A Million Thanks from the Filipino People

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A repost of Filipino Hospitality at its best!

"After serving as volunteer paramedics, doctors and nurses for the last 10 days down in Roxas City, eating biscuits and vacuum sealed food made 3 years ago (no lie) the least we thought we could do when we chanced upon these guys in Villamor was take them out to a traditional Filipino dinner. 

So we booked a great place in Makati and ordered crispy pata, adobo, pinakbet, empanada, tinapa fried rice, kilawin, shrimp with taba ng talangka and other specialties before they fly out tomorrow morning. 

But when our friends from Chevrolet Philippines (TCCI) heard about what we were going to do after what they had done for our country, they insisted on picking up the tab. 

Thanks, guys. That was totally unexpected, but highly appreciated! Also, despite already checking in, Remington Hotel extended a retroactive 40% discount on their room rate, while Resorts World Manila threw in breakfast and lunch. 

Now that’s what I call Filipino hospitality. Salamat ulit. The UN thanks you. We salute you." - James Deakin

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Globe to Aid in Community Reconstruction Via P15M Gawad Kalinga Donation; Holds Disaster Relief Caravans

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Concerned citizens flock at the Globe Prepaid On The Go caravan booth in Market!Market! to give donations for typhoon victims

Globe Telecom through its Bangon Pinoy (#BangonPinoy) program has pledged P15 million to help community reconstruction activities of Gawad Kalinga (GK) in the typhoon-devastated provinces even as the company holds mobile caravans to encourage donations for disaster relief efforts.

The amount will be used primarily to build houses in GK Rotary Village in Brgy. Tambulilid, Ormoc, Leyte for the benefit of 100 families while part of the funds will be set aside for livelihood support to the residents.

The institutional grant for GK was pulled together by Tattoo, Globe Telecom’s mobile and home broadband brand. A significant portion of the P15 million will come from the sale profits of Tattoo Prepaid Mobile WiFi from now until yearend and the 100 % profit donation from the plans sold by Tattoo Home Broadband in November and December 2013.

Globe Telecom Partners with Radio Mindanao Network for Relief Distribution to Typhoon-Affected Areas

Wazzup Pilipinas!

More than a week after super typhoon Yolanda hit the Visayas region particularly Samar and Leyte, massive properties remained ravaged and countless families are still starving and left homeless. In the spirit of unity and bayanihan, government and non-government organizations are pooling resources together to extend assistance by providing food, clothing, communication and medical assistance.

In order to expedite relief goods distribution to serve the immediate needs of affected families and individuals, Globe Telecom, under its Bangon Pinoy initiative, has partnered with Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) to help and reach out to typhoon-affected kababayans in the Visayas and Mindanao region.

RMN is one of the largest radio networks in the country with almost 60 company-owned AM and FM radio stations located around the Philippines.

Grab a Cab, Share Some Love

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Filipino spirit is tested once again with another calamity that proved that there is not a storm so strong that can wear out the country’s unity. Relief drives are being organized left and right, and everyone is filled with the same selfless action to help by sending out used clothing, canned goods, bottled water, medicines, as well as volunteering time and effort in relief operations, packing goods, and distribution to affected areas. Getting these contributions to its destination is already proving to be quite the challenge, with the urban traffic and the rigorous commute, yet everyone still finds a way to carry on.

This is why Globe Telecom and Grab Taxi, the country’s leading taxi-booking mobile app, have teamed up to give the telco’s over 36 million prepaid, TM, and postpaid subscribers access to hassle-free and affordable commute during these times.

By stripping off Grab Taxi’s booking fee of P70, every Globe subscriber who is a Grab Taxi patron is assured of an affordable, safe, and comfortable ride around the Metro with savings to boot to encourage more donations. With Grab Taxi, you can volunteer in various relief and repacking operations and drop off donations worry-free, at a price that’s easy on the pocket.

Gadgets Scheduled for Product Review : Time to Unleash Again the Techie Within Me?

Wazzup Pilipinas!
What to do when you're sick at home? - Do some tech product reviews...Thanks to the sponsors for sending their latest geek products to Wazzup Pilipinas / Pinoy Tekkie for review....Too bad I just have a few weeks to play with these babies. Hoping they just give it to me afterwards. (wishful thinking)

It's time to unleash the "techie" in me again with these gadgets galore.

I am usually out at events when I'm not this is the only opportunity I got to do some product reviews.

What you see at the above image are not the actual products. I will post my own photos of the gadgets on my next blog posts. This is just a preview of what the readers will expect.

They sent me a dark blue Braven 440 portable speaker, a silver 1 TB MY Passport Slim drive, and a green  Urbanears Humlan Clover.

Power Mac Center Opens 17th Store in SM City BF Parañaque

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The premier Apple partner in the Philippines, Power Mac Center, celebrates a new company milestone with the unveiling of its 17th retail store at SM City BF Parañaque.

Located at the third level Cyberzone of the newly opened mall, the Apple Authorized Reseller will cater to the evolving digital lifestyle needs of southern Metro Manila residents, providing them the complete Apple experience.

“SM City BF Parañaque provides an excellent location for Power Mac Center to showcase Apple products and third party accessories, where shoppers can have a truly unique and enjoyable shopping experience” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

Diskwento Caravan of DTI in Yolanda-Affected Areas : Scrutinized!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Any form of help towards the victims or survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda should be appreciated. Do not easily judge an effort as if you know the real intentions.

It is heart-breaking that after all the good intentions, you will be humiliated for virtually the whole world to see and make fun of.

Nobody is perfect. There is no 100% full-proof way of satisfying everyone regardless of how sincere is your desire to help.

Many will continue to think like crabs that will pull you down or leeches that will suck your blood just because its their basic instinct to react absurdly as if they were oppressed.

"Huwag paapekto sa mga taong mapanghusga kahit hindi alam ang buong kuwento."

Below is the official statement of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) regarding the issues being thrown at their Diskwento Caravan:

A Night to Unite - Fundraising Concert for the Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Together, we unite for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. They desperately need our help in these times of great sorrow. They lost almost everything, let us not let their hopes also get washed away by the flood caused by the terrible super typhoon called Yolanda.

We may be a resilient race, but we should be helping out each other to get us back on our feet faster.

We are all brothers and sisters that needs to be united and acting as one for the greater glory and success of everyone.

We can cope with the loss. We will survive.

Christmas is nearing. It is a season of giving and thanksgiving, and what better way of showing this than to give to those who are in need. 

We Are One : A Seminar for the Benefit of Yolanda Survivors

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Super Typhoon Yolanda
brought a lot of misery to our nation, especially to the people of Visayas. There were a lot of loss in lives, property, and source of living. It was a very unfortunate event that noone has foreseen, and that no one wanted to happen to our countrymen. Let us not let the survivors also lose their hope of recovering from the tragedy. We should contribute in our own little way any help we can to help them rebuild their homes, and their lives.

We are so blessed that many are capable and willing to help out the survivors using the talents and skills given to them by the Lord above. We are very fortunate that everyone is doing their share to help reach out to the survivors by sending out their love through means of relief goods, cash donations, moral support, and of course...prayers.

The country's best speakers come together to give a series of benefit seminars to raise funds for Yolanda Survivors. Be empowered in both your personal and professional life while helping our countrymen in the Visayas.

We Are One will bring every one to help out in their own little way through a means that is both compelling and meaningful thus eventually empowering for it is expected to give you the drive to do more of what you can give.

One FC: Moment Of Truth Now Complete With Final Two Undercard Bouts Announced

Wazzup Pilipinas!

One Fighting Championship (ONE FC), Asia’s largest mixed martial arts organization with a 90% market share, has completed the blockbuster card set to take place on 6 December at the state-of-the-art MOA Arena in Manila, Philippines with two exciting undercard bouts.  

Ruel Catalan, the brother of Rene Catalan, will take his brother’s place in the much-anticipated rematch against Khim Dima of Cambodia. Top Filipino prospect Edward Kelly is also set to make his ONE FC debut as he faces Major Overall. The debut of Jujeath Nagaowa, who was also scheduled to compete on December 6, has been delayed till 2014 due to a prevailing medical suspension.

Tickets for ONE FC: MOMENT OF TRUTH are on sale now at SM Tickets Ticket categories begin with the full Red Carpet and cageside experience for VIPs at PHP 6,360 followed by Patron PHP 3,180, Lower Box PHP 1,280, Upper Box PHP 640 and General Admission PHP 220.

Aquino Administration’s First Airport PPP Bid Out Tomorrow

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Major local conglomerates, renowned foreign airport operators vie for DOTC’s Mactan-Cebu International Airport Project

Bid submissions for the Department of Transportation and Communications’ (DOTC) Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) Project are all set tomorrow, 28 November 2013, making it the first airport to be bid out under President Benigno S. Aquino III’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program.

With the country’s transportation modernization efforts getting a shot in the arm following last week’s go-ahead of 5 crucial transport infrastructure projects by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Board, the MCIA Project is expected to net the highest number of PPP bidders yet, having seven (7) pre-qualified groups led by top Philippine conglomerates partnered with renowned airport operators from around the world.

The Real Essence of a Team : Through Good and Hard Times?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If you are really after the welfare of a team, you don't destroy it by broadcasting blind items to create chaos within. This only created distrust among the group. Everyone is now doubting everyone else. Many conflicts are best  settled with a clear, calm and open mind.

You don't call the attention of an individual by involving others who are unaware of the situation. Is it too hard to pick up the phone or send a message over the many social networks that we have?

As they say, everyone has their side of the story. I suggest you talk directly to the concerned and not make him look bad to everyone else as if you are inviting the group to gang up on the poor soul.

Everyone deserves respect! Even those that seem guilty because we never really know what is going on inside their heads and what's the deeper story behind everything they've done and are doing.

Profiles of a Bigtime Blogger : A Book Review

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What makes a "good" blogger? Make that a "great" blogger. Nope, let's call him a "bigtime" blogger....or as what they call themselves : "authority" blogger.

"What is an Authority Blogger?

An authority blogger is someone who has built an expert reputation on his or her chosen blog niche – be it food,  technology, travel, business, lifestyle, or others.

An authority blogger is an online influencer whom people know, like and more importantly, trust – because he or she consistently delivers quality and unique content to the community."- The Blogging Academy
Do you agree with the definition?

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao : Sensationalizing the Issues to Gain Extra Sympathy?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I hate to comment on this issue but I must out of due disgust. Talk about exaggerating issues to the max. I know its effective to make yourself look like the underdog but eventually people will find out the truth and you will come out the loser in the end.

But maybe the guy is anticipating most of the people, the "madlang people" who admittedly know less, will never realize they're being taken for fools.

He is making it look like he is being terrorized and "politicalized" (love the word) by the government but the brainier know better that he is just taking advantage of the issue to make himself look more like a hero in pursuit of justice. I am betting he has future political ambitions in the works.

Bloggers Can Also Sing : When They're Deep in the Middle of the Sea Via 2Go Travel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It must have been the sea air which gave everyone the courage to sing out loud and show to the world that they have the talent.

Or it could have been the beer or cocktails that made them more willing to show off their skills.

Or was it perhaps the prize and recognition to be known as the champion in the Karaoke Challenge.

Whatever it was, kudos to the guys who managed to deliver an entire song minus a respectable Karaoke machine and while they were being rocked back and forth by the troubled waves of the sea on board the St. Michael the Archangel of 2GO Travel.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cruisin' to Iloilo and Bacolod : 2GO Travel Adventures (Part 3)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Third day of our adventure was spent on board St. Michael the Archangel ship of 2GO Travel on our way back to Manila. It took us around 8 hours to travel from Bacolod to Manila. I dedicate Part 3 of my Cruisin to Iloilo and Bacolod mostly to the people I met at 2GO Travel.

Sir Chef, who was responsible why we all gained a few weights after the trip, performed a cooking demo cooking some kind of fish in vinegar, and some kind of dessert using bread crumbs. SActually he showed us  how to impress the ladies using a wine glass. We also had two guest bloggers that shared with us their experiences with 2GO Travel and learned a few tips from them on how to enhance our blogs. Awarding of Certificates of Cruisin' for everyone, plus the special awards given to those that made their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram more creative and viral.

Due to the lack of a stable Internet connection, I was not able to participate actively. I was also in awe when I found out one of the bloggers was able to tweet more than a hundred times on Twitter within those three days! Wow!

One made an impact on Instagram with so many Likes and shares. However, the Facebook challenge announcement of winner was postponed due to intermittent Internet connection.

Cruisin' to Iloilo and Bacolod : 2GO Travel Adventures (Part 2)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

 The adventure began aboard the St. Michael the Archangel cruise ship. I can't compare if its the best ship 2GO Travel has because this was really my first time to travel via cruise ship. The only thing nearest was a much smaller boat going from Batangas port to Puerto Galera in Mindoro. I'm been traveling via plane all my life, locally and internationally.

What is so sad about traveling by plane is that I just sleep inside and wait for my arrival to the destination. With the 2GO Travel cruise ship, there was plenty of time to do other stuff....and if ever I slept on some of these hours, I slept on a very comfy bed in an air-conditioned room with great amenities at my easy reach.

Bonding with my fellow passengers were also very easy. I believe I was able to chat with more people than traveling by plane. Actually I gain zero acquaintances if I travel by plane but with the 2GO Travel experience, I now have plenty of new Facebook friends, and a lot more blog followers!

Top Ten Inspirational Posters for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors : Bangon Pilipinas!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Time to get to know the Filipino people….unbelievably resilient….long suffering…good natured, uber friendly, loyal, ingenius (?) and a bunch of survivors.
At the end of the day, the Filipinos will just shake off the dirt from their clothes and go about their business…and SMILE.They do not complain much, they will bear as long as they can.
Maybe this is why they were given the “privilege” of bearing the burden of the strongest typhoon ever recorded
The indomitable human spirit at its finest” - CNN
Filipinos are by nature inherently strong and very determined to overcome whatever calamity comes our way. We will overcome all tragedies and with our faith in God they know we will survive.

Yes! The Filipino resilience could not be easily matched. We are a race that can smile amidst a chaotic surrounding.We can easily rise from all the depression and will quickly start to live our lives again.

No super typhoon can break our spirit. They may destroy all our material possessions, but it will not be enough to discourage us. 

We Are The World for Philippines : A Very Heart-Warming Video by Filipinos for Filipinos

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"In light of the calamity of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that left our fellowmen in Southern Visayas helpless. Artists of different ages,genres and backgrounds gather together for one common goal. To make this video as an encouragement to people to open their hearts, lend a helping hand and to thank the nations that offered aid to our country. WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL.To our fellow Filipinos, STAY STRONG! United we stand! BANGON VISAYAS! WALANG IWANAN!"

Teardrops in my eyes were falling while watching this awesome video. If only all our Filipino artist from different media networks will gather and create a similar version like this one then it will surely be a hit and can really move the world. Sad to say nobody in the entertainment world is doing this.

You made others feel that they are now secured and getting up from the tragedy. Guys, as a Filipino, I'm not just only proud but thankful for providing this kind of uplifting music video. Keep it up, youth of the Philippines! Above all, let us help and reach others by any means we can. God is always there to make things safe and blessed for us. We just have to continue our faith.

Happy Soles for Happy Souls

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With its iconic cheerful colors and fun prints, every pair of Havaianas flip-flop is sure to transport a person into a happy state.

So when Tropical Retail Company, Inc.- All Flip-Flops, retailer of the well-loved quality footwear, Havaianas, in the Philippine donated 5,000 flip-flops to Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda, everybody was naturally ecstatic.

The Havaianas flip-flops, ranging from baby to adult sizes, was delivered by Chinnie Alpay, Executive Assistant and Administrative Coordinator and Candice See, Recruitment officer, at the Operation Blessing headquarters in Pasig City. The donation was received by Peter Kairuz, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBN Asia and Operation Blessing and Dr. Kim Pascual, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Operation Blessing.

Globe “Bangon Pinoy” Provides Relief Ops, Hot Meals to Thousands of Families in the Visayas

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Globe Telecom employee volunteers have trooped to typhoon-devastated areas in the Visayas region to provide relief packages to almost 5,000 families and hot meals to 3,000 individuals.

Globe Bangon Pinoy relief operations were held in Panay, Bogo, Bantayan, San Remigio, and Malapascua in Cebu; Ormoc and Tacloban, Leyte; Poblacion, Iloilo; Roxas City, Capiz; Barbaza, Antique, Manapla, Negros Occidental, and Kalibo, Aklan.

Hot meals, on the other hand, were distributed via Red Cross Mobile Kitchen in San Dionisio and Concepcion, Iloilo and Roxas, Capiz. while 50 sacks of rice were turned over to the Iloilo provincial office.

The relief packs are composed of basic necessities such as food and bottled water even as the company is set to send donations of usable clothes and footwear, sanitation kits, and blankets.

DigitalGlobe Opens Imagery Access to Yolanda-Damaged Areas

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Super Typhoon Yolanda, left the Philippines in a national state of calamity with at least 2 million families in 44 provinces gravely affected, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

The world has united to help victims of the disaster wrought by one of the strongest storms ever recorded. Various relief efforts are helping to alleviate the dire situation. But long-term strategies involving strategic mapping of urban and rural developments are needed more than ever. Learning where and how to adapt to future storms, including surges, in order to minimize the impact of such weather disturbances is key to rebuilding lives, property and infrastructure in the damaged areas.

The numbers reported from the ground up are staggering. Resources depicting the aftermath of the storm surge abound in social media, taken and uploaded by witnesses and survivors in the provinces of Cebu Island, Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, Western Samar, Southern Leyte, Leyte, and Biliran, among others.

Sitti “Bossa Love” Concert and Album Launch Moved To January 18

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In lieu of the ongoing efforts for the relief of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda which devastated thousands of people in the Visayas, MCA Music has decided to postpone Sitti’s “Bossa Love” Concert and Album Launch on November 28 at Music Museum to January 18 (Saturday), 2014, same venue.

Those who already purchased their tickets via SM Tickets, Ticketworld and Music Museum may get their refund at the mentioned ticketing outlets. But tickets for bought for the November 28 show will still be honored during the January 18 show.

For those who bought Orchestra tickets and wish to not have it refunded, they can claim their Sitti “Bossa Love” CD at MCA Music Inc. office, 34F Raffles Corporate Center, F. Ortigas Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Just bring your ticket purchased.

Solar Street Lights Bring Life Back to Bohol Earthquake Site

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Bohol was a disaster site after the deadly magnitude 7.2 earthquake of October 15. Engulfed in darkness because of landslides and the destruction of electrical power connections, life and survival became a challenge.

Four days after the earthquake, Gold Sun Comservices Inc. donated 8 units of solar streetlights and t-shirts for hospitals and staff nurses, and evacuation centers.

Three units of streetlights were installed at the Natalia Castillo Sr. Memorial Hospital and one hand-carried lamp helped two pregnant women to deliver their babies during the long brownout.

Unlad Kabuhayan Job Fair Happening on January 24-26, 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Good news, job seekers! Unlad International just signed a memorandum of agreement with jobsDB Philippines for the Unland Kabuhayan Job Fair on January 24-26 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. It is expected to attract 80,000 participants looking at the 200 exhibitors there from various sectors.

It is a great partnership to say the least as jobsDB Philippines has established itself as the leading online recruitment company with over 14.6 million members and Unland International is an NGO aiming to fight poverty with several projects like the Ultimate Kitchen Challenge 2013 and Tatak Unland Fashionista.

Air Asia Flies People to Help People Live a Life Well Lit

Wazzup Pilipinas!

On November 30, 2013, Crizal Transitions, the leading Photochromic lens in the world, wants us to “see life in a brighter light.” As such, they have organized the first-ever open-air music and movie festival, Cinemajam!

Live music from GraceNote, Moonstar 88, Itchyworms, Callalily, and a special performance by Bamboo will be filling the air and setting the mood for the day-to-night affair. On the other hand, movies Love, Actually and Limitless, the mystery thriller featuring Bradley Cooper ensures different angles on life and love.

To add to the festivities, major event sponsor, Air Asia, will be giving away round trip tickets for 3 people to either Seoul, Korea or Miri, Malaysia! Joining this contest is easy! First, “LIKE” the official Facebook page of Essilor Philippines. Second, upload a photo that answers the question: “What Lights Up Your Life?” Lastly, include a caption and be sure to tag Essilor Philippines.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers and SoundBars : More Christmas Treats from Philips

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Christmas is one of the most anticipated and joyful times of the year. It’s also one of the busiest—our schedules can get easily packed, from Christmas parties to last minute shopping sprees. But Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful—plan your Christmas list ahead so you can sit back and relax as you enjoy this year’s Yuletide season.

Philips is helping you have a fuss-free Christmas with this gift guide from its line of consumer products. Whether it’s for family or friends, Philips makes sure you can give them the gift of looking and feeling good for the holidays and beyond.

Check out the Philips Portable Bluetooth Speakers SBT30 as seen from the above photo. I hope Philips sends me a demo unit so we could test the real thing at my workplace.

Miss Earth 2013 : Promoting Eco-Tourism Worldwide

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Let the whole world witness the beauty of the Philippines as Miss Earth 2013 takes the lead in promoting eco-tourism worldwide.

Miss Earth 2013 the 13th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, will be held on December 7, 2013 at the Versailles Palace in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, PhilippinesMiss Earth 2012 Tereza Fajksová from Czech Republic will crown her successor at the end of the event. This year's edition is aligned with "The International Year of Water Cooperation" .
During a reception for a  meet and greet of some of the  Miss Earth 2013 lovely candidates held during lunch at Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant, Media people and photographers had a chance to interview them and talked about their advocacies back home and for the environment. The Pageant is very timely in the event of Typhoon Yolanda that hit our country, these gorgeous women will share their advocacy for the environment in their home countries. It's about time we take environment protection seriously and these ladies will use their beauty and influence to relay the message of hope, charity and environmental awareness across the globe. 

Chef Jessie's 100 Revolving Restaurant : Dining in Style with Miss Earth Beauties

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A fabulous place with a celebrated chef and lunch with gorgeous Miss Earth 2013 candidates. It was a serendipitous moment, I am in a right time and a right place. Chef Jessie Sincioco is one of our famous chefs, who takes pride in our Filipino dishes, with her magic touch, our Pinoy dishes could be popular if not famous globally, it will be a hit just like the Japanese and Chinese dishes. Chef Jessie can customized dishes according to your needs, preference and budget and the menu will still turn out perfect, she is one working chef!

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant is owned by the Que Family of MDC (Mercury Drug Corporation) located at the 33rd floor of the company owned (MDC 100) building, the first high-rise venture of MDC.  

Ms. Tess Laurente, the PR Manager and Chef Jessie herself when we had a chance to interview them talked about the story behind the name of MDC 100. The 100 is a very special number for the Que Family, they started a business with 100 pesos, so it symbolizes the humble beginning of the company, very inspiring!

Epson Increases Aid For Typhoon Haiyan Survivors

Seiko Epson Corporation global President Minoru Usui hands over Epson’s additional aid to PBSP Executive Director Rafael Cojuangco Lopa for the benefit of Typhoon Haiyan survivors.

Wazzup Pilipinas!
Epson announced recently that it is increasing its aid for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda) to PhP6.372 million pesos. The additional support was presented by Seiko Epson's global president Minoru Usui to the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), a foundation that is providing relief and recovery assistance to devastated areas.

The combined donation of Epson employees – from employee cash donations and employee initiatives (budget from Christmas party and Family day) amounted to PhP2.372 million. An additional PhP2 million was made by the company from its initial donation of PhP2 million last November 12.

Relief and rehabilitation operations are currently ongoing in the Visayas region, which was severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan -- considered as one of the worst typhoons to hit the Philippines in recorded history. Epson stands with the families affected by the calamity and hopes for the swift rehabilitation of the areas damaged by the disaster.

Hunger Games Catching Fire : Movie Night with Friends

Wazzup Pilipinas!
 "Katniss Everdeen's world is a world of hunger and competition. In order to win the game, the fighters must focus on outdoing one another, enduring adversities, faking emotions and pleasing the crowd. It's a world where there is no place for authenticity and making friends within the battle arena is like sleeping beside an ax. There can only be one victor. While most fighters connived with the strong, the Girl on Fire chose befriended the weaklings. She always thought differently.

Thank you, Lions Gate, for burning money to bring to the world Catching Fire. Such a great reminder for us to know who the real enemy is when we get to the battle arena. Panem, after all, is not so different with the place we call Earth."- Mark Delgado

Hunger Games Catching Fire was shown in a special blocked screening last November 22, 2013 at Shang CinePlex Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Pasig City.

Wazzup Pilipinas, as an online media partner was given five (5) tickets. I invited four of my fellow educators to join me in the event so we had to leave early from work.

Nailsanity and Tantra Yoga : An Afternoon of Heavenly Pampering

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I may soon become a metrosexual!

Well, I don't usually like to be feeling sozy by pampering myself with a whole body massage, a colorfully designed manicure/pedicure, a strenuous body stretch with a yoga exercise, and concocting a blend of my own fruit and veggie juices.

But I was amazed of the possibilities that one can spend his or her afternoon. It was truly relaxing to sweat out, take a warm shower afterwards, drink up a purely organic juice, and then relax while they work on your nails.

Damn! I envy the women who can stretch into unimaginable limits, drink up a sour and sweet combination of drink, and choose a variety of nail art to "bongaciously" make their nails an art canvass.

2nd Laguna Blogging Summit : Engaging with the Next Generation of Social Media Influencers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

How do you Win in Manila?

With a hashtag of #WinInManila, we engage with our readers the most creative and controversial way possible. Though its a lifestyle blog, we incorporate editorial opinions, re-post issues that have gone viral, mess around with sensitive thoughts that are quite provoking, act as if we are very well informed, and a lot of almost enigmatic articles that are way beyond the real scope of a lifestyle blog - Nah! we do that but only when we feel like it. Unlike some who do that for a living, we do it for fun!

Now, we have a responsibility to share the information, and of course the attitude, to the people -of whom majority are the youth - the next generation of social media influencers - bloggers and/or social network addicts, and likewise to those that read the stuff we post online.

Many of them, unconsciously, absorb what we share - and it reflects in the way they act, talk and deal with people. Unaware, they may be expressing and replicating what we feel, what we rant and rave about, and how we say it online. Admit it or not, we greatly influence them, and they unknowingly do the same thing with their own readers or followers.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Q2 2014 Targeted For P 65B LRT-1 Cavite Extension PPP Bid

Wazzup Pilipinas!

After obtaining the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Board’s approval to sweeten the terms of the country’s biggest Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) is now targeting to schedule its bid submission deadline within the second quarter of 2014.

In order to foster more competitive bids for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 1 Cavite Extension PPP Project (LRT-1 Cavex), the DOTC aims to give roughly four (4) to six (6) months’ time from the start of the bidding process to allow new players to come into the picture. The bidding process begins upon the publication of an invitation to bid, which the transport agency will do within December 2013.

“This timeline is meant to foster competitive bids. We believe that the improved terms will attract more players, who will need a reasonable period to study the project and prepare their proposals,” said DOTC spokesperson Michael Arthur Sagcal.

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