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How can Adult First help with the DBS check


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Everybody hates waiting. It is not easy, exhausting, and baffling. With regards to getting your DBS check handled you must be incredibly patient, as figures broadly detailed appeared in the London zone, which showed that candidates for enhanced DBS check (earlier known as CRB check) were sitting tight to a quarter of a year for their administrative work to return, far surpassing the administration's own objective of about fourteen days. 

These are individuals who are going after positions working with youngsters or vulnerable adults, so it's imperative to ensure that individuals with a genuine criminal past or have demonstrated bad conduct towards kids in the past don't sneak past the check. 

Yet, then again, it appears to be unreasonable to have people not able to begin work given postponements in the framework. The Adult First program was presented to do something about the holding up period and can be utilized in specific conditions.


The point of Adult First is to give a fractional checking service to help businesses get rid of the offenders, and permit representatives to begin work under certain limitations while they are sitting tight for the complete check. 

Adult First carries out checks for the subtleties given by the worker against the Barring List, an electronic information base held by the DBS containing the names of individuals sentenced for crimes who have been legitimately prohibited from ever working with youngsters or susceptible adults again. 

On the off chance that the name of the candidate doesn't show up on this rundown, they may be permitted to begin working, pending a complete check.


Adult First is a checking cycle for just the care sector, therefore, applies to organizations that are recruiting staff to work in a private care home, or to go into customers' homes and help them with day by day work or individual care. It doesn't work for other divisions, or to individuals who will be working only with youngsters, or with kids just as grown-ups.


Adult First is certainly not a different program from the DBS, it is the first phase of monitoring intended to give a quick check. While applying for an enhanced DBS check for another worker, the business may choose the Adult First option. 

DBS will at that point do a starter search of the records and will react with either asking you to wait for the DBS certificate or will notify you that there is no match on the barred list.


In the case you are asked to wait for the DBS certificate, it might mean that there may be a counterpart for the subtleties on the Barred Lists, however, that more examination is required. On the off chance that a competitor has a typical name, confusion could undoubtedly happen. 

Moreover, the "no match exists" doesn't imply that the up-and-comer has a reasonable criminal record. Managers are typically encouraged to make sure that employees are administered during the waiting period for their full enhanced DBS check.

Plantita and Plantito of the Year: The Immensely Growing Costly Interests on Collecting and Growing Plants

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Because of this pandemic, most of us became an 

- instant chef

- instant Plantito/Plantita

- instant online seller

- instant Tiktoker

- instant vlogger

Kahit anong instant pa yan, let's have a healthy and supportive environment. Walang basagan ng trip. However, remember that this supposedly pandemic stress relievers should never tempt you to spend so much that it becomes more than addicting.

The most prominent among the mentioned is being a plantito/plantita which even caused the rise of cost of plants, soils, pots, and gardening tools and supplies. It even increased the views refarding plant-related topics on and websites...and lately even celebrities got into the trend.

In an ideal plantito/plantita world, we spend less in acquiring plants (because there's harbat with the neighbor) and spend more on pots. But I'm surprised to find out that there are people who buy expensive plants just to add to their collection and display at their home, indoors or at outdoors as part of their garden.

Personalities like Jinkee Pacquiao with her photo showing her precious plants at the background.

Ina Raymundo with her Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree versus Jinkee Pacquiao's Variegated Alocasia Elephant Ear was something to look at in amazement.

There are other celebrities like Valeen Montenegro, Kiray Celis, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Alice Dixson, Lyn Ching, Yeng Constantino, Kathryn Bernardo and Solenn Heussaff...and most probably more.... that showcased their gardening hobbies but there were no specific mentions of the plants they have and how much it costed them.

Anybody else running for the "Plantita of the Year"?


Aubrey Miles has plants that cost a whopping 100k, 150k to the most expensive so far at 300k for a Variegated Billietiae?

"Plantita of the year" contender na ba to Ina Raymundo and Jinkee Pacquiao?

There should be another trending term that we should support and that is "vegetito / vegetita" to represent those whose interest is more on planting vegetables. Growing their own food source could be the more rewarding because you get to harvest produce than just nurturing plants that serves only as decors at home.

Marvin Agustin has posted some of his vegetables and herbs on his Instagram account.

He is a certified Vegetito working on his urban vegetable garden composed of ampalaya, okra, talong, basil, etc. But he has a spacious backyard beside his pool for a bigger and better trellis made from bamboo.

What he is holding here is a spray container containing organic pesticide but all he said was it contains "sili" , garlic and "tubig" mixture. He was using it to treat his veggies from pests specifically when he discovered his ampalaya fruits were infected by "wasps"? ...maybe he meant fruit flies. ...and he also covered the ampalaya fruits with plastic as an added protection. 

During wet season, aphids, fruit fly, leaf footed bug and leaf folder are destructive. During the dry season additional pests such as leafhoppers, thrips, white flies and leaf worms are equally destructive.

I'm not sure about "wasps."

He said he researched from the Internet.

So he has a videographer too. Bongga!

Now, I could relate to him as my interest in planting vegetables had also made me a "Vegetito"

I've also learned that you can grow seedlings or seeds directly from a simple hydroponics setup. 

I've tried styroboxes, containers, and PVC pipes as my "pots" to grow mostly leafy veggies like pechay, mustasa, lettuce, kangkong and kamote (just to harvest the leaves for "talbos") etc., and now experimenting on bell peppers and tomatoes. 

Instead of soil, you use water mixed with anutrient solution (nutsol) as the growing medium. May nabibiling mga ready-made nutsol commercially, pwede ring make your own para you can also make it organic. I'm still experimenting on my own nutsol before I write about it in full.

The beauty of this setup is you can literally leave it alone if you are able to provide the needed amount of nutsol and water it needs.....or less maintenance because you just need to refill if it's not enough until harvest time.

Pwede rin siya indoors if you use the appropriate lights to replicate sunshine.

Admittedly, as what our 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach has said "being stuck at home has led us to explore new hobbies. A lot of us have turned to making our spaces greener by taking care of plant babies. Aside from being a plantita/plantito, we have to remember to take care of the environment in our own little ways."

Sadly, there have been several news of "plant poachers" that has endangered our mountains flora and fauna because of this trend...or should we a craze.

There are people who plant cuttings that  they either snatch from someone's garden or plant little uprooted saplings you ask from a plantito/plantita. Basically, plants you get for free. Lol.

While some would appreciate more planting from seeds and nurturing them until they are ready for harvest.

Remember that the Earth is needy, so don't be greedy. It's time to be greeny. 

Take a break and be grateful for our one and only Mother Earth. Celebrate World Environment Day by caring for Her like a plantito/plantita.

Nurture nature today for a better future. 

May hugot ka ba? Express it for the environment with WWF-PH’s limited-edition #AyokoNgPlastik Viber sticker pack

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The sticker pack, which features catchy phrases and cute characters encouraging people to be more mindful about their plastic consumption, is part of WWF-Philippines’ #AyokoNgPlastik movement.

Feeling sad and blue with what’s going on with your life and the environment? Looking for a way to express your feelings for your loved ones and the planet? The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines’ limited-edition #AyokoNgPlastik Viber Sticker Pack might be just what you’re looking for!

Launched last September 14, 2020 in partnership with Rakuten Viber, the sticker pack is part of WWF-Philippines’ #AyokoNgPlastik movement -  a movement which aims to create awareness about the issue of plastic pollution and encourage people to create more mindful and responsible choices for the environment. Drawing inspiration from hugot culture, the sticker pack contains cute and witty graphics containing puns related to the environment that you can use to creatively express your feelings—be it for your special someone, friends, or for the planet.

Inspired by hugot culture, the sticker pack contains relatable graphics containing puns that can be applicable to daily life and the environment, which Filipinos can use to creatively express their feelings on Viber.

Tired of dealing with plastics? Check out the No Plastiks Allowed sticker to firmly express your stance! Finding a way to send a nudge to your crush? Encourage this special person to make better choices for the planet by sending the Eco Lang, Sapat Na sticker. Attract positive vibes with the I Deserve Better sticker. No matter what you’re feeling, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy! 

Use the “No Plastiks Allowed” sticker to firmly express your stance on unnecessary plastics!

Users who download the sticker pack will also automatically become a member of the WWF-Philippines Viber Community where they can stay updated about the organization’s latest projects and events, as well as learn more on how they can help #ChangeTheEnding for the environment.

The WWF-Philippines’ #AyokoNgPlastik sticker pack is available for download until November 30. For more information about WWF-PH’s campaigns and events, log on to or follow WWF-Philippines in its official social media pages. 

About No Plastics in Nature 

The No Plastics in Nature is WWF’s global initiative to stop the flow of plastics entering nature by 2030 through elimination of unnecessary plastics, doubling reuse, recycling, and recovery, and ensuring remaining plastic is sourced responsibly. WWF-Philippines implements this systemic solution through four main strategies such as advocating for national support for the global legally binding agreement on plastic pollution and Extended Producer Responsibility, Plastic Smart Cities movement for cities and tourism destinations, Plastic Action (PACT) for businesses, and #AyokoNgPlastik for the general public.

All things you need to know before Playing Online Casino

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For those who do not know, the very first online casino came around 24 years ago, in 1996. Since then, online casino games are quite a big deal, and many gamblers prefer them over real-life casinos. According to a study, the online gaming industry is estimated to rake in over 94 billion USD by the next four years. A vast credit for this goes to the online gambling sector, but it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, there are many things you should know before indulging in it, to make sure that you have a safe and fun-filled experience. So, here is all you need to know before getting into an online casino.

What is an online casino?

The most direct answer to this is that it is the online version of the conventional brick and mortar casino. An online casino is an online platform constituting all the casino games. But, there do exist some parameters that set online casinos apart from the regular casinos. The points below differentiate online casinos from the real ones.

Very little or almost no interaction between the players and the dealers

Operated by computer programs

Dealers are bots unless you play in an online casino with a live dealer

Because there is no conversation, online casinos are much faster than real-life casinos

There is an overabundance of games you can play in an online casino, from the traditional ones to the ones that have licensed comic book characters in them.

What is a casino dealer?

Also known as a croupier, a casino dealer is a person who assists in the successful conduction of the game. It is also the person distributing the bets and payouts.

Due to the gambling setting's fast-paced nature, a casino dealer is typically requiring to be competent in dealing or working more than one game.

What are the most popular casino games?


It is one of the most popular online casino games, but you need to consider the following things for it:

The little house edge 

Making the right choices

Multiple variations

If you play while keeping these things in mind, you are in to have an amazing experience. You consume two cards expression up in obverse of your bet. To show your finger, first, you increase the card standards together and get a hand total wherever from 4 to 21.


It is a game relying largely on luck. Roulette has taken the imagination of players for centuries. Despite many attempts from people to beat the system, it is going strong. I mention keeping the house edge small by selecting French Roulette wherever available and European Roulette. 

Casino Poker Games

There are many Casino Poker games, so this is an additional category than a different game. The fashion is varying, with Caribbean Studless prevalent than it after was, and Casino Holdem / Mississippi Stud attractive more widespread. Other significant games include Pai Gow Poker and 3 Card Poker.

Baccarat or Punto Banco

The motive in a game of Baccarat is the low house edge. It clocks in at fair end 1% for the player or dealer bets. The Baccarat instructions are compound, with individual circumstances demanding to be meeting before a three-card is pulling.


Craps has been a US  favorite for numerous years. However, it is now also gaining approval in Europe and Asia. The accidental going on a decent run with actual chances after the permit has been setting adds to the request.

How to play in online Casinos?

It is crucial to find the ideal online casinos for your bankroll. It should be a must for players to look for a dependable, dependable casino site, secure, propose a good variety of games, and wage out winnings rapidly.

Here are some of the essential points you should consider for playing in online casinos:

Permitting Software or Apps

A trustworthy online casino should have a license. Not only that, but it will be even better if a self-governing body controls it. This app means their games are frequently reviewing to ensure they give players fair-minded games.

Bonuses or Promotions

These perquisites give online casinos a coincidental to stand out from their participants. Players can use these consistent promotions to make the most of their bankroll or try new casino games deprived of risking their capitals.

Game Diversity

Players need to enter their  favorite  games in one residence. It is also why the ideal casinos offer a wide array of games, contests, and tables with different bets suitable for all.

Mobile Practice

Individuals are using their phones today more than ever. The best online gambling sites try their best to make sure that no devices encounter any problem while playing. It is an ideal measure taken to ensure that the players have a fun-loving online gambling experience.

Banking Choices

Online casinos should provide for players globally. This choice means having various banking choices that help players bargain the best technique that suits them.

Which casino should you opt for if you are in the Philippines? 

Online betting has become common in many countries worldwide and has also developed most people's lives in one method or one more. We've selected the most current representatives, constructed on our standard game selection, pluses, mobile-friendliness and safety.

Philippines Casinos.

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888 Casino is the leading site in this industry, as well as the other sites are dependable and safe, regulated by the appreciated authorities, and offering top reimbursement approaches you could practice. You can enjoy these sites.

Tips to help to win in an Online Casino

Several casino sites will consider your attractive proposals, promotions, and additions to keep you interested and affianced with them. Here are rough tips that can help you conquer more at online casino competitions if you are opening with the online casino world or preparing to make big at it.

Pick a respectable Online Casino.

Look out for the Gifts

Selecting a Perfect Game

Try the Great Jackpot

Play in your Budget

Strategy and follow an Approach.

Keep your Emphasis

Quit while you're Winning.

Read the Extra Terms

Keep the Enjoyable Thriving

The online change is perhaps the best thing that could have occurred to casinos. The casino world has not ever been so much widespread as it developed after the outline of online gambling. As the additional benefits go, playing in an online casino is unfluctuating, and more profiting than playing in an actual casino. The chances and quantity of winning are way complicated in online gambling. 

Jollibee as a Tekken Character Resurfaces

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"Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of popular video and arcade game Tekken, on Saturday resurfaced his old tweet where he said he would consider adding the mascot of world-famous Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee as one of the game characters."  

So uh ..the beloved mascot of fastfood chain giant Jollibee might end up in Tekken, the fighting game.

I would have been proud of this.

But Tekken is a game that is hardly fitting for a mascot whose image is "wholesome."

If any beating will happen, they should add Ronald McDonald too because Jollibee has genuinely beaten that clown in the Philippines.

McDonald's would surely love a rematch.

For the meantime, Jollibee will get beaten by the giant Panda.

Though Jollibee would make an awesome character if his image was rough and tough. As Ali once said, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. 

Ano power move ni Jollibee sa Tekken? Sumayaw ng Tala? Magbabato ng Fried Chicken? lol!

Inject a bit of stick fighting into it perhaps, maybe as a special move.

Why put the adorable Jollibee In a game that shows violence of fighters against each other?

Remember that the mascot is loved by kids so it would be horrible seeing the bee getting beaten, or beating somebody else.

Parang kawawa naman si Jollibee pag sinuntok ni Paul. The mascot would be more ideal as a mascot for the LGBT community to represent that the brand also values the other sexes.

Are they going to make Jollibee say “YUMete!” for his defence move!?

What has been proven is that Jollibee is a good dancer with those moves he has shown in the past. But as a fighter, he is more a lover that's huggable.

I hope Jollibee doesn't takes the rejection easily. 

Going cashless with the beep card should not burden commuters

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'No Beep Card, No Ride' policy in Metro Manila took effect on October 1, resulting in long lines. The cost forced some commuters to find alternative means of getting to their destinations.

Another INCONSIDERATE policy!?

It's about time we go cashless. The use of beep cards for paying at buses is an idea implemented by a few a long time ago just as how it is at MRT and LRT trains. It should have been picked up by the government even before the Duterte administration. Kudos to this move.

However,  the cards should be provided by the government for free  if it's a national requirement now. When you lose the option to pay cash, there should be a subsidy. If you have to pay P80 for the card alone,  then adding P5 for every reload on top of your actual load,  it becomes an additional burden to commuters.  

Cashless transactions for EDSA buses implemented today, Oct 1.

Breakdown of Beep Card cost:

Card: ₱80

Load: ₱100

Maintaining Load: ₱65

Convenience fee per load for 3rd service providers: ₱5 

An E-jeep is charging P150 on first acquisition of the card. P100 for the card, that comes with P50 for the load. Mas Mahal pa yung card sa load.

These payment for cards should be on the government, not the commuters.

Just as how all government - required registrations and their corresponding IDs should be available for free to encourage people to adhere respectfully to the laws of the land. We already pay so much taxes to be serviced, that corruption has also made a lot of our government officials richer, then why won't  they allot a budget to provide their constituents with convenience and better accessibility by providing a transport payment facility that won't cost us everytime we use it. 

They will charge for the card alone aside from the load, then gagawin pang different route, different transport, different cards? Anong katarantaduhan ‘yan? Hindi ba ang purpose ng beep card is to have an integrated payment system across public functions like HK’s Octopus Card? Wtf is this anti-poor bullshit?!

Apart from the horrid economics, do we really need to buy separate Beep cards per mode of transport? Anyone else figure this out?

This is the result of a plain failure to regulate the sector to, at least, allow different card wallets to access all transport modes. It's been five years since we first saw the original Beep card roll out but the staff-hours just weren't put in.

We should adopt a card system like the T Money in Korea which works in all modes of transport - bus, train etc.

One of the actual founders of T-Money was a consultant for DOTC and DOTr, but unfortunately the gov't didn't treat this as a priority area for transportation.

Most government officials enjoy the use of high-end service vehicles as additional benefit,  which includes allowance for fuel, maintenance, parking, etc. so they are not affected by this beef card requirement. They are living and working like kings yet the public that they are supposedly serving are challenged everyday with so many of these financial burdens. 

Looks like the Salim and Ayala groups are happy with their higher Beep card earnings.

Yes, DOTr is negotiating with the private beep operator...but not to put the heat on the private company especially during this pandemic, the agency should just shoulder the extra expenses. But this situation was foreseeable - if they were going to make that demand, they could have done it earlier to avoid this and finished up negotiations even before implementation. There seems to be so little visionaries and forward thinkers from this government. Let's the bigger picture, dissect all possible nooks and crannies that could contain hindrances to an effective flow of the system. Every hiccup should be observed in advance. Don't they do Proof of Concepts?

DOTr wants AF Payments Inc, Beep Card operator, to give cards for free. AFPI says it already sold 90,000 Beep cards to bus passengers. It's all too late when 90k Filipinos already got swindled.

Been reading tweets about the Beep card and it's weird how some progressive commentators see the riding public. No, they're not mostly jobless and minimum wage earners. They're just your regular employees, BPO agents, sales ladies and clerks. 

It's still a surprisingly common view that car users are mostly in the middle of the income distribution and public transport is used by the truly destitute. Public transport serves the overwhelming majority, but many still will feel a liquidity crunch by the beep card rules.

Make the beep cards system government-owned. Make the payment system integrated. One card for all modes. Load cards should be free. Commuters should only pay for actual fare. No hidden fees. No maintaining balance. 

Many commuters receive their wages daily and can’t afford to have large sums tied up in a single-purpose account. If Beep will be the de facto monopoly on payments for those buses in the dedicated lane in EDSA, then I support making the cards free for all. That’s the least they can do for getting that “protected” business. They make a ton more money anyway from loans/insurance biz on those buses.

Interoperability is the missing piece of the puzzle. That is key. Once that’s in place, the card/account issuers just slug it out in the marketing and distribution aspects (instead of the current business model of relying on exclusivity).

We need interoperable cards/accounts that can be used for banking, commuting, groceries, etc. 

The good news is that Bangko Sentral now has the framework and infrastructure to make this a possibility. We just need political will to make all stakeholders agree on common rules.

Problem is that DOTr never appointed a scheme provider for AFCS as stipulated under the PPP contract (if they did, that person would be facing the media). But since it's kind of hopeless waiting for that agency to do their job, BSP may as well get on it.

LGU’s encouraged to set-up Postal Station - PHLPost

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Local Government Units (LGUs) in the country are now allowed to operate and maintain a Postal Station to cater to areas in dire need of postal and financial facilities needed for community development.

In partnership with the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost), the local government will provide the facility and hire employees to set up Postal Stations in strategic areas such as communities/barangays or public markets subject to operational supervision of PHLPost.

The purpose of this project is to bring local government services closer to their constituents.

PHLPost would like to extend its market to as many settlements in the country pursuant to its universal service obligation of providing postal services to the public.

PHLPost will provide the marketing equipment and initial stocks as well as training of LGU personnel who will handle the Postal Station.

The LGU Post Office Operator must be authorized by the Sangguniang Bayan through a resolution to enter an agreement with PHLPost in setting up a postal station.

Deliveries of postal products, services and merchandise shall be requested by the LGU Post Office Operator to the designated PHLPost postage stamp custodian or Postmaster where the postal station is situated.

Still relevant in the communication industry, PHLPost is the duly designated national postal operator in the Philippines which has the manpower and the network capability to deliver mails, goods and payment services anywhere in the country and around the world. The postal service is an active member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the primary forum for cooperation among global postal sector players.

#TrumpHasCovid: US President Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"President Donald Trump and his Wife Melania have tested positive for Coronavirus. They have also started quarantine process for immediate recovery."

Because what goes around comes around. 

I know there’s some high and noble thing we’re supposed to say here. 

But I’m not nobility. 

And I won’t be high until after I leave the office at 5:30 for Happy Hour!

I’m guessing trump’s first clue something was wrong is when he couldn’t taste his double quarter pounder with cheese and large fries from McDonald’s.

President downplays coronavirus for months. Says it will go away like magic. Same president contracts coronavirus. 

It just goes to show that it might take a while, but if you screw enough women without a condom, someone’s gonna get pregnant eventually. Lol!

We will get through this collectively with memes and funny videos.

Pretty sure The Simpson’s have got most things right so far!  

Though I enjoy this idea immensely, alas, there was never an episode of the Simpsons where Trump dies.

To his supporters calling anti-trumpers “evil” for karma comments, don’t forget these were his words just 6 years ago:

I have seen a lot of vile comments from the left wishing death on the President & his wife. They all have lost their humility & have become the very thing they pretend to be against; HATE in its purest form! 

The level of evil here is mind blowing!

NO! I DON'T want him to die. But get EVERY SYMPTOM millions of others have suffered, and be on a respirator.....and then suffer the long term problems many are having, but be WELL ENOUGH to go to JAIL for tax fraud. Noo. Not dead. But hope he wishes he would be.

There is no respect for the office of President. We should not wish death and suffering on anyone even if we don’t believe in their politics it should not matter. Where is the humanity?

We have respect for the office, but not for the man in the office currently. He needed to earn our respect and blew almost every opportunity to do so.

I understand wanting him to be held accountable for his actions and words. Leaders good and bad are still human. 

However, just like how the President of the Philippines took for granted this Corona virus and thus did not order an immediate lockdown for foreign entry, this bloviating idiot stood there on the debate stage mocking @JoeBiden for wearing masks while he quite possibly was already infected with the coronavirus he got precisely because he mocks masks.

He literally has killed 200,000 Americans by not taking this seriously. Picking on people for wearing mask. When his own team said that masks could’ve saved almost 100,000 of the lives that are gone.

The right wing literally had posters that had Obama with a noose, hanging. They literally wanted him dead! Trump denied the worldwide pandemic, defied Science, mocked masks, and enabled 200K+ deaths.

Forgive me for not caring about someone who said “it is what it is” about 200,000+ Covid deaths in the US. Where was his humility in that moment. 

He is undeserving of respect until he earns it. It's not about politics, it's about the individual. He never shows any humanity, in fact he is inhuman in my opinion. He just doesn't have it in him.

Yes, I hope God watches over them to ensure natural consequences hit them hard. I'm not on the "left" so no need for idiots to respond with comments related.  I'm just a person who thinks we Reap What We Sow, just as the Bible says. It is what it is.

Of course. We all reap what we sow. Some sooner rather than later and some consequences are worse, but it always catches up to us one way or another. At the same time, our anger and words are a result of him being mean and hateful and not valuing human life. God sees it all.

I don't wish him ill, but he is responsible for thousands of deaths in his Country. My problem is that he tells so many lies. I'm not sure this isn't just another one.

Joe Biden wears masks. Joe Biden does not have Coronavirus. Be like Joe.

"Trump supporters loved when he mocked Hillary Clinton's illness. Now that he's sick, they're shocked (shocked!) that some of his critics are being 'mean' to him."

Trump is 74-years-old, has high cholesterol, and is obese.  

He's squarely medically obese. No debate on this within the health community.

Yet, he will continue to enjoy first-class medical treatment on the taxpayers' dime, even as he simultaneously fights to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 

And because of his great healthcare, he will likely recover and say it was nothing--making things worse for the rest of us.

Though this is the perfect opportunity for him to prove his original contention that HCL works well enough to be an official treatment.

I’d like to repeal and replace his act. That earns a follow!

Ex-Trump official Miles Taylor told CNN overnight that the White House takes COVID-19 safety less seriously than his local Starbucks.

He purposely downplayed the virus, encouraged Science deniers and anti maskers, held super spreader rallies, took no precautions but yet the taxpayers who have little or no healthcare of their own are paying the bill! 

But Hey! To be fair, he paid his $750...TWICE! That should cover it!

PREDICTION: Trump will drop out of the 2020 race. You heard it here first. 

Question for the lawyer: can he drop out without conceding at this point? Can repubs try to run someone else after voting has begun?

Not giving legal advice, but I'd imagine the election will proceed, no matter what. Biden versus someone, maybe Pence?

I think the Republican national committee makes that decision. I assume they already have rules for it, and that Pence would step up.

But, if Pence stepped in, would all the trump votes (so far) be grandfathered to him? Or would they dump all the T votes and start counting from a Pence announcement?

COVID19 is his excuse to fold without looking like a total loser, from the blue wave coming.

He probably does not have Covid. It is  more possibly a tactic he is using to get out of the debates and to claim after that the virus is not that bad.

I used to see him not wanting to go to jail. Winning office keeps him at arms length. But then the Pence pardon. Pence could pardon him if he resigns before the election. Not on State charges.  New York is going to be his big problem.

I have been wondering what Pence's gain is for pardoning him - why would he? What dirt does DT have on him for that to be a guarantee? Once he's not President, does Pence care?

Going off that, if Pence replaced Trump in election...the people who crossed over to Biden supporters side may go back thinking Pence is a normal republican they could vote for. 

I think trumpism is done. Some may go back, but most will go forward and stay with Biden.

I hope that is the case. Not so sure the remnants of it can go away now that its out.

Unfortunately, I think it will hang about with the racists groups.


Texas Coast Guard has released the names of the 5 yachts that patriotically dived to bottom of Lake Travis to show their support of Donald Trump:

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Tara na sa Malaysia Round-Trip Ticket to Malaysia Giveaway

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Below is the announcement and mechanics for a round trip ticket to Malaysia giveaway:

Tara na sa Malaysia!

Remember to maximize your creativity in your entries guys! 


In celebration of Malaysia Day, we are giving away round trip flight tickets to Malaysia for next year!

Let us know which places in Malaysia you want to visit when the Pandemic is over and safe to travel again! In your most creative and unique way, upload a photo or video in Facebook/Instagram/TikTok on which places in Malaysia you want to visit. Write a short caption and Include the hashtag #TaraNaSaMalaysia and #MHHolidays.

How to Join:

1. Like and follow Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines accounts 👍

• Tourism Malaysia (,  

• Malaysia Airlines: ,

2. Upload any photo or video in your Social Media account on which places in Malaysia you want to visit soon. Indicate a short caption and Include the hashtag #TaraNaSaMalaysia and #MHHolidays.

3. Register your entry by messaging us the link of your post and wait for the confirmation of the entry.

4. Video entries must not exceed 3 minutes

5. The participant must set the post to Public

6. Entries (photo and/or video) can be done in any way such as dancing, singing, etc. 

𝗦𝘂𝗯𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗼𝗳 𝗘𝗻𝘁𝗿𝘆 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗼𝗱: September 16 – October 16, 2020 (11:59pm)

𝗔𝗻𝗻𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗪𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿𝘀: October 23, 2020

𝗚𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝘇𝗲: Roundtrip flight tickets from Malaysia Airlines for 1 person 

3 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘀𝗼𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝘇𝗲𝘀: 

Click the link below for 𝗳𝘂𝗹𝗹 𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗺𝗲𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗰𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗺𝘀 & 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀:

#TaraNaSaMalaysia #MHHolidays

Content Multiplier Formula Marketing Pitch

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Ross, do you even have a life?! It seems like you’re CONSTANTLY putting out content on social media…”

If only they knew the truth. 😏

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Does it matter if I get VLSC or Sub4Sub? Not really. Just as how smart people invest on billboards, print ads, commercials, etc..regardless if people look at them or not, someone is bound to see at least one of them. Promote as if you are EVERYWHERE, keeping your online presence at a max is a must.

But because I do it STRATEGICALLY,  I’m only putting in about a few hour of work a week ...... then using automation and monetization to do the rest.

I’ve also put together a step-by-step and easy-to-follow formula that details the entire process and want to provide it to as many entrepreneurs as possible right now.

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