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My Top Ten Japanese Rock Bands

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do you listen to any J-rock bands? I figured since I'm really into Japanese music, I thought it would be interesting to show you guys how great these guys are by making a top ten list about them. This list shows the most professional modern rock bands that I've ever heard.

My main basis is in rock/visual kei. Visual kei gets a bad rap sometimes, but the thing is, visual kei doesn't describe the band at all. It just means visuals are important to them greatly. But the bands can, and will do, any type of music.

So if you don't like the visual side of it, cool, ignore it and just focus on the music, because there are some damn good bands in japan. One thing you will find out is that the bands in japan aren't afraid to try new styles and don't stick to just one, which makes them stay fresh in my eyes.

So here's my top ten list starting with:

(10) Asian Kung-Fu Generation

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 There are quite a few Japanese rock bands out there, but Asian Kungfu Generation's style is so unique, their music is awesome and the tune sounds so imaginative and colorful, not to mention unique Gotoh's singing style.They have this crazy style that can have you headbanging one second and then suddenly it fills into a really nice melodic section.

(9) Maximum the Hormone 

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 Like most people outside of Japan, first time I heard this band was while watching DeathNote. They have been my favorite band since. Many bands try to blend different styles in their music and almost all those bands fail epically.but not MTH! Also this band has the best screamo. I love maximum the hormone especially their song Zetsubou Billy which was used for death note rocked the world!

(8) Orange Range

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 I've liked Orange Range ever since I saw the first opening of Bleach. After that I began listening to their music and haven't found a song I didn't like. Although they where not around for the longest time, they have a large number of songs with inventive and revolutionary sounds. 

(7) Aqua Timez

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 The coolest part of this band is the lyrics of their every song. Go search up the english translation of any Aqua Timez song and you'll be blown away! Futoshi is honestly such an amazing musician, and the melodies of all their songs are unique and sound beautiful.I liked them ever since i saw the opening song of Bleach and ending song of Naruto. After that, i began searching for their albums and began listening to their music. Their songs are really catchy, meaningful and deep. They are an awesome band if you 
actually understand japanese.


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When I first listened to their song I was blown away, man they sure knows how to rock n rolla. SCANDAL is not just a pretty face girl group, their control of instruments is awesome. Ever since I've heard SCANDAL's music, it touched my heart instantly, their songs  also touched my heart even without knowing the translation of it!(lol) The melody of their song is just beautiful plus if you'll read the translation of their songs, I guarantee that you'll be inspired. 


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I love their song "Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!) " in Gintama. The first time I heard it, I pretty much fell in love with the song! If you don't know them, you have to check them out soon! The band really is amazing, you won't regret it! And the guitarist dude is awesome, too. 

(4) SuG

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SuG is very bright and colorful and has made many catchy songs. Their singer Takeru has a unique voice that fits their happy pop songs, heavy rock songs as well as their soft ballads. Listening to their music is always uplifting.Hearing their songs was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me(not really). And even though they are a visual kei band, they are different from the other bands which always have a dark aura around them.

(3) Mucc


Mucc's music is one of the only ones which keep my head banging in the air, which sends goosebumps down my spine, which I emotionally react to. Everything about this bands is good.I can keep their songs playing for a year and not get tired of it, I could go on for about hours why their music is amazing, but I think I will keep it this short.

(2) Versailles

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Versailles definitely has a unique style and beat. Their songs cover a wide range of feelings, and their clothing is EVER surprising and entertaining. Kamijo's voice is the best.Their guitar work is genius.Their costumes are as amazing as their music. Versailles is never boring and always has something new in each song. You just cant deny how brilliant these guys are.



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One Ok Rock is definitely one of the best bands I've ever heard in my life. To be able to apply such overwhelming emotions into a song, it's amazing. They never cease to impress we with their great music. Moreover, their songs are incredibly catchy and also varies in genre. All of their songs are amazing. I just can't get enough. I have never fangirled to a band like this. Just listen to one song-- just one song, then you'll realize: "DANG, THIS BAND'S AMAZING! "I truly believe One Ok Rock are among the greatest bands you will ever find in your whole life- If not then the best.

So there you have it, my top ten japanese rock bands. I highly suggest that you check out these bands.Trust me, you wont regret it. 

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  2. To this publisher, I personally think you are awesome :")
    I love Japan for their weird and cute stuffs but I am not really familiar with their music. Actually, I am really into genres involving rock yet all this time I was only listening to Americans or German (I love Tokio Hotel btw) and I think if it was japanese they would add some really uncommon scenes in their MV, it would surely be awesome. Why haven't I thought of this earlier?
    Now I'm really looking forward to your top 10. I better check them out.
    Oh, and thank you.

  3. Music really is awesome! >.<
    As for me, I can't appreciate rock musics like you do 'cause I'm the type who likes classics, jazz, blues etc. But I like Japanese music as well. I discovered how great the beats of japanese music because of anime but well, thanks to you, I guess I should take the opportunity to listen to your preferences and start to like these kinds of music as well.

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