Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friendship Knows No Limit

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Have you ever imagined a life without friends?

Most of us have friends. Friends that will always be there with us on our happiest and worst times. Friends are there to laugh and cry with us.
I too, have friends and the most valuable among them are my best friends. 

They are one of the greatest gifts god has given me.

There are different kinds of people. We differ from each other but it won't matter. My best friends and I have more differences than similarities. We don't like the same food, color, movies, sports, etc. and not all of us loves anime or k-pop. We have different hobbies and personalities. We even have different tastes for men! But we get along anyway. :)

During our Cultural Exchange Program last November, we've met some Malaysian people. The first day with them was awkward. It was hard to talk to them because we have different nationalities.The next day, we shared Philippine folk dances and they shared Malaysian folk dances. We even played games that are popular on our countries. It was a lot of fun! That day, everything has changed. You can hear loud noises because of our nonstop conversations. You can definitely see our closeness with them. 

My Malaysian Friends and I :)

We discovered a lot of things about each other. We got along because we realized that although we have different religion, nationality, language and culture, we are teenagers and high school students who share the same interests: taking pictures, anime, k-pop, movies and a lot more!
We didn't care about the differences. All we know is we chat, get along and all of a sudden, became friends.

See the magic of Friendship? Anyone can be your friend: your parents, siblings, cousins, pets, classmates, foreign people or even your enemies!

Rod Mckuen once said: 
"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen." 



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  1. Friends are one of the most wonderful gifts the God will give us. We should treasure them and treat them like a sister or brother. You'll never know who's real and who's not but we should still be thankful because they gave us a chance to have the experience of having and becoming a friend :)


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