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Top 5: My Favorite Japanese Food of All times!

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(From: Naomi Bersamin)
(Picture from: (Mine) Naomi Bersamin )
      The number one on my list is the gyudon, or beef bowl. I like it because it has all what is needed for a meal. It contains thin strips of beef, gohan or rice, and onions poured with a special sauce. The ingredients are easy to find and it’s easy to cook and serve.

(Picture from:
     My second dish is sushi. I think almost all people like the way sushi tastes. My parents always make sushi, even without occasion. They first lay the nori flat, put some gohan, crabsticks, sometimes, mango or cucumber and my dad does his “super roll” and makes the sushi perfectly round. And is served with soy sauce, or kikoman.

(From the: The Philippines and Beyond)
(Picture from: The Philippines and Beyond)
     Third is the shrimp tempura, this dish is kind of common to people since it is served at any Japanese Restaurant. It is now even sold at carts. Talk about tempura on the go. But the tempura that I really like is the one made by my aunt. She carefully picks out the freshly delivered shrimp from the market, make the batter herself, and fry. It’s crunchy on the outside but the shrimp is tender on the inside.
(Picture from: (Mine) Naomi Bersamin )
 My fourth favourite is the mochi. A rice cake filled with grinded red beans inside. The modern mocha doesn’t just have red beans inside, now it’s filled with ice cream and cookie, or plain chocolate. We can try different mochis anywhere since many malls have shops where mocha can be tasted plus it’s cheap!

(Picture from:
    Last but not the least is the pork tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is a deep fried pork cutlets. There is something about tonkatsu that I really like. It’s the tenderness of the pork. It is fried but there’s not much oil that is left on the beef and it has an outer crunchy coating that is just light and has a good but into it.

That’s my top five favourite Japanese dishes! What’s yours?

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  1. Japanese cuisine was different from our country's cuisine. It gives us new insights and some of the japanese cuisine above are modified to suit our taste. I like the Shrimp Tempura.

  2. When I saw the header, It already made me hungry. I really love Japanese cuisines, especially sushi and maki. I hope that I could taste those kinds of food again. It has been a year since I ate sushi.

  3. Among all the food available nationwide, I find japanese food intriguing and at the same time, very interesting. The taste is very unfamiliar, yet will wlways end up in an array of tastes that is very pleasurable.

    For me, I like Sushi/Maki better than gyudon... In my list, I'll also include sashimi as my # 3.. making my list, Sushi/Maki-Gyudon-Sashimi-Tempura-Tongkatsu.


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