Sunday, December 1, 2013

Haters Are Fans in Denial : The Real Threats to the Community

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Detractors from the same community where you belong, or the so called "peer haters", are actually fans in denial. They do not want to admit they are threatened so they unleash a wave of indirect bashing to retaliate especially when an opportunity to strike is open.

They will attack you via blind items which will attract a curious mob to join the hate bandwagon. They will keep out the details that will incriminate themselves in order to continue deceiving people caught in a frenzy of mob mentality provoked and brainwashed.

It is very easy to jump in and join an angry mob. But like many uprisings, many were actually there just as "uzis"- the "usisero" and "usisera" who let their emotions emerge on top of their sanity.

Gamitin naman ang utak paminsan-minsan pag may time. Galaw-galaw at baka ma-stroke and declared brain-dead.


Threatened to what?
No spoon-feeding please. This is a question we must all answer individually. Everyone has his own unique fear to conquer. Admitting our weaknesses is the first step towards a better new you.

What is mob mentality. The best example is the looting that happened at Tacloban after the Typhoon Yolanda calamity where the residents out of desperation forced their entry to a mall, stole and ran away with the goods. But they did not take the basic necessities like food and medicine. They took with them almost everything they thought was valuable, and then later sold them at the streets to earn money.

These are a mixture of people from different status in life but all of them gave in to mob mentality - where many acted without logic and reason. Was it rational for them to resort to looting when it was only two days after Typhoon Yolanda left them homeless and burdened with deaths? Maybe, maybe not?

Many do not have the guts to go against the popular vote. They are more inclined to blend in with the crowd instead of standing out to fight for a taken for granted ideal. They may remain friends with everyone but they are enemies to themselves.

It is a struggle to keep your principles intact when most would just choose the easy way out of a conflict by keeping neutral or never taking sides.

They say its more honorable to give in and let go in order to maintain a peaceful existense. But if we always do this supreme sacrifice then we will eventually lose our real identity.

Konti na lang, nose-bleed ka na ba?

Ewan ko nga ba at nasa isang komunidad lang naman tayo.... pero tayo-tayo ang nagsisiraan. Isipin nyo nga yun!

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  1. I can't say a thing anymore. Except that we are all Filipinos. We should act and move as one. But how can we do that if others can't even show respect and be fair to others? We should always remember that we must help each other.

  2. Being a hater can do no good to oneself. We just have to help each other. We must help everyone show their strengths not to pull them down.


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