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The Top Five Anime Characters for Me

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"Japanese animation has been around since I was born - that's definitely a lot of years already! I've been aware of it for so long, especially when it comes to shows besides Naruto and Lupin, but it's been nearly half a decade since the first black-and-white Japanese TV animation hit the airwaves. Since then, Japan has no doubt taken animation into stardom! It has gone to more directions than any other popular culture, creating a broader range of classic characters.

In recognition, I thought of having a shot at coming up with a list of top 5 anime characters. It's hard to harvest just a few of my very favorite characters out of shows airing over decades, but I gave it a go anyhow, and here are the results.

My criteria for selection involved a little bit of everything – each character's lasting fame, the impact they had on the medium and their particular genre, the depth and quality of their realization on screen, and of course, a little bit of personal taste. Everyone out there has their own damned opinion, of course, so have a look at mine, and then feel free to share yours afterwards."

My top one anime character is Hiroomi Nase. He is one of the main character in an anime “Kyoukai no Kanata”. I like this character because of his cute physical appearance. He has green eyes and black hair in bowl cut. I also like his outfit. He has a Spirit World Warrior ability that’s why he has sensitivity to cold. He always wears clothes for winter seasons like scarf. In this anime series, he is a third year high school student. He has a younger sister named Mitsuki. He has a sister-complex. He loves Mitsuki so much that he always protects her in any harm.

My top two anime character is Makoto Tachibana. He is my favourite main character in an anime series “Free!”. Makoto is a tall man, he has green eyes and olive green hair. Makoto is a nice and caring guy. He is a backstroke swimmer in Iwatobi High School swimming team. He has a friend named Haruka, they were friends since they were a child.


My top three anime character is Haru Yoshida. He is the lead character in the anime series “Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun”. His love team partner in this series is the female protagonist, Shizuku Mizutani. Haru is a tall man with dark grey eyes and curly black hair. Haru appears to be a violent person at first but as the story goes along, he became a kind and somewhat a cheerful person. He is also good in fighting.

My top four is Rivaille. He is my favourite character in an anime “Shingeki no Kyojin”. He is the most powerful and the lead soldier in a Survey Corps. He has a short and straight black hair and grey eyes. He often wears his military uniform. Rivaille is a clean-freak; he always wants to keep things clean. He respects order and discipline.

My top five is Jellal Fernandes. He is from an anime series “Fairy Tail”. He is a young man with blue hair and a red tattoo above and under his right eye. When he was young, he was kind and cheerful. But he was manipulated by Zeref’s ghost, he drastically changed.

Contributed by Regina Flor A. Cayabyab

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  1. This article is perhaps one of my favorites. I am also enjoying watching different kinds of anime. I love the most is the 5th character. This article provides a good information for anime watchers like me.

  2. This article is perhaps one of my favorites. I am also enjoying watching different kinds of anime. I love the most is the 5th character. This article provides a good information for anime watchers like me.

  3. Anime provides us entertainment. This article features us the ideal anime character of the author which goes the same for me. On top of all, I like the fifth anime character and his blue hair. We may have different interest in movies and such but anime isn't bad at all. It's goes the same for the other forms of entertainment that came from abroad.

  4. I as a fan of anime, I say that Anime is really a good entertainment for teenagers. But as for other people they don't like anime because of it's unrealistic scenes. But for me, it provides us entertainment and at the same time it give us time for ourselves to relax.

  5. I love ANIME it always keep my consciousness awake. I love on how the turning out of events. Sometimes I wish I would live out there lives but realizing there hardships made me decide not to.

  6. I am also a fan of Anime because of how the story is being show, and also because of the cool characters on it which has an extraordinary powers. And this makes the Anime more interesting.

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