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Manga : Discover Our Top Ten Favorite Mangas

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Do you watch anime? If yes, then before you watch it, you must not miss its' manga version. What comes to your mind when you hear or see the word MANGA?Are you curious about it? Then ikimashou! and discover our TOP TEN favorite mangas!

First of all.....Manga came from Japan, a comic book of all genres like shojou, shonen, harem, reverse harem, sports, etc where your favorite animes came from. Manga is one of the trademarks of Japan, where its' style of reading differ from the usual book we use. The way of reading manga is quite confusing, reading it requires you to start from right to left direction. Mangas are consist of drawings and caricatures which we all know as CHIBI that depicts the Nihongo style of portraying their cartoons. Their art style is very interesting.

Many people in the world or they call them OTAKU- anime lovers are at high with these comic books. Maybe the reason is because the readers can feel the author's emotion inside the story.

Now, let's get it on with our top ten.

Reminder: This might be a top ten manga list but this does not mean that we are ranking them according to their story. This is in random order.

(10) First on the list is DEATH NOTE.
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One of the famous and my most favorite manga of all times. It's about a high school guy named Light Yagami who pick up a notebook called DEATH NOTE. Upon picking it, he began to see the Shinigami Ryuuk who explained him the basics of the notebook. After learning it, Light began to kill people by  means of writing their names on the notebook and people call him "Kira."

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Its' story is about a girl who got in in a prestigious school by means of scholarship. Her name is Fujioka Haruhi and because of a very big mistake she became one of the host in the host club in their school without ayone knowing except for the six guys she's with that in truth she's actually a girl.


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This manga is so funny and somehow related to the lives of usual high school boys. It really depicts how funny, interesting, and enjoyable a high school life is. The characters in this manga are friends and after school they always hang-out at one of their friend's house and do funny and laughable stuffs.


(c) to the owner.
Its' about a high school guy, Shinichi Kudo, who turned to a little boy because of a drug he had taken by force. He's a really smart guy because of at early age of sixteen he's already known as a great detective. This manga includes lots of solving cases, mysteries, and trivia.


(c) to the owner.
It's about how titans dominated a large walled city. It's like an apocalypse where titans kill lots of people. But because of a brave boy named Eren Jaegar, the whole wall can be saved.


(C) to the owner.
Kagerou Project or KagePro is a manga that tells about how the members of the so called MEKAKUSHI DAN do dangerous missions and about how they each died. Each of them has special talent. The leader, TSUBOMI KIDO, has the ability to lower her and the person near to her's existence or invisibility.
member number two, KOUSUKE SETO, can gather information just by looking at the target and he can also talk to animals. Member number three, SHUUYA KANO, can estimate or see things in the future. Member number four, MARY KOZAKURA, has the ability to paralyze a person just by looking in the eyes. The fifth member, MOMO KISARAGI, has the ability to make her presence so unavoidable. The sixth member, ENE, is a computer program that has her own intellect. The seventh member, SHINTAROU KISARAGI, has the most mysterious ability above them all and he's very smart. The eighth member, HIBIYA AMAMIYA, has the ability to perceive objects that are so far away in an areal view. The last member, KONOHA, has the ability to remake his body in whatever his ideal is but loses a part of his memory.

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Is a story about how each one of them fought with each other through basketball. How friendship began through basketball. How pain began through basketball and how their friendship ended through basketball.

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A story about a normal boy who turns out to be the next heir to a mafia. He is being trained by a curse man, which is now a baby, named Reborn. He first refused the title but every time his friends are in danger he uses the power lent to him by the mafia and later on will accept the offer. He becomes strong every time he fights.


This is a story about how a manga works. How a mangaka- a manga author- strives to make his works a hit to people. How the industry works and reasons why mangaka are persevering people.

(c) to the owner.

Is a story about four guys who needed to change the scary Sunako Nakahara into a refined lady for them to be able to live in a grand mansion for free. But Sunako just won't give up. How will they be able to change her?

Now that's our Top Ten. Hope you like em and try to read them. 

Thank you very much!

Contributed by Mitszi Rebua and Shanthy Garcia 

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