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Apology Letter : How to Create An Acceptable One with Flying Colors

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"Sometimes it's hard to apologize face to face. Following these easy steps you can learn how to write an effective apology letter.

1. Evaluate in your mind all the things you want to write before you write it.
2. Address the person appropriately. If you are writing to a friend, don't be overly formal. If addressing a figure of authority, don't be too casual. If you do either of these things, you may not be taken seriously. 
3. Begin by saying what you've done wrong. You could also say how sorry you are. Continue to write apologetically. Don't go over the top, though. Then, say how bad you feel. This isn't necessarily the same as an apology. Don't over explain guilt. This is not about you, it's about the other person.
4. You'll probably be expected to say "It won't happen again," but, to be convincing, you also have to say why it won't happen again. Say why you're apologizing, and happened in the first place, then say how you can prevent those conditions from happening again." -WikiHow

So is that how you create an apology letter?

"Seriously? Help with an apology? An apology should come from the heart of the person at fault.
You need copy points? Go along the lines of:

-I took the money.
-I lied.
-I tainted the blogging community's image.
-I am sorry.
-To rectify this wrongdoing, I will return the cash immediately, speak to those involved and clear their names as well as the community as a whole.
-I submit to be scrutinized by my peers now and in the future until they deem me truly remorseful of all my mistakes.""
- CD

So I actually wrote one coming from the heart (even before I got several advises on how to improve it):


"It is with due regrets that hurting words were uncontrollably shared because of emotions gone wild. I am deeply saddened that bridges were burned because of conflicting principles and point of views.

This is a time where pride must be lowered to ease the pain.

I apologize to those that were involved in an internal chaos that were deliberately spread to humiliate each other. Both parties know none were meant to disgrace but only to call attention.

Let this be an official apology. Friendship may not have been regained but at least there is now peace within."
But how come some people are still not satisfied with what I wrote?

"Public apologies normally detail specific actions and persons aggrieved. Trust me, we've worked with these cases before in corporate environments.You may have to revise that to place details about the incident, including defamation and other exact words or anecdotes." - RFR

"An apology is saying, "I'm sorry. this is is what i did. this is what happened. i am sincere and i promise to never do it again." your "official apology" is nothing of the sort. you haven't owned up to what you have done, but try to appease everyone by saying both sides made mistakes. we don't care whose emotions ran wild or what friendships are now over. we care about the facts, and that you come clean about what you did, and promise to NEVER do it again." - KR

"For some reason, his apology reminded me of how Arnold Clavio and Vice Ganda did it in their shows before.... tsk tsk tsk." - JGY

I received a link pointing to a site on how to create an apology letter. Here is a sample draft:

Dear {Recipient}
Please accept my deepest apologies for my mistake in regard to {state mistake}.
It was not my intention to create such an awkward and embarrassing situation for {you, institution, the team, company, etc…}.
If there was any good that came out of this unfortunate experience, it is that I have grown and learned alternative approaches to these situations.
Please feel free to let me know of your thoughts and concerns over this matter. You can reach me at {email, phone number}
Short and simple example.

So if that is how to create one, I think it's not really strong enough to be recognized as "coming from the heart" because it's too short and "generic".

It is bothering when people question your style of writing a personal message. I write deep with emotions especially when its a personal matter. So when someone try to teach you that there is a proper way to create an apology letter, then they are removing your real self from the equation and just want to put words in your own mouth.

Remember that an apology letter is a personal thing that must be sincere and should contain only the words that you are comfortable using. It should express what you really feel and not what others would like to hear.

I wrote my apology letter, so if the "readers" will not accept one that I wrote on my own without any help, then "Houston... we have a problem here!"

It's a lot better move than having people who keep encouraging you to apologize when she herself wouldn't apologize when tagged for having an offending attitude.

*Credits to quotations were removed (only leaving out their initials) as per request.

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  1. As much as possible, we should avoid committing mistakes against others. But, if you already committed one, you must apologize as soon as possible. We actually do not need this article anymore, as long as your apology comes from your heart and never sound arrogant when apologizing.

  2. Apologizing is not really a hard thing to do. However, many people take this as a challenge to turn down their pride. I agree to the previous comment that we dont really need this article as long as we
    re responsible of every action we made.

  3. Apologizing, is perhaps the greatest word that God ever created. It is a value of showing respect though you committed a mistake. Basically, we should be apologizing if we committed mistakes towards our neighbor. This article helps a lot for giving me information about "apologizing'.

  4. Apologizing is a big word. Yes, we're not perfect, that why we commit mistakes. But people should be responsible. They should apologize right after they commit a mistake. Especially when they offend one's feeling. Just lower your pride, it doesn't help.

  5. Apologizing to the person you have commited a sin is not hard to do. You just need to lower your pride, and boom! That's it.


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