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Must-Visited Cities in France

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you going to travel to France? Then, you should make you list of cities to be visited during your first travel to France.

The first is, of course, Paris - the city of your dreams!

Maybe for all of us, Paris has remained the city where we want to go notwithstanding our preferences. And it's not strange because it's a fantastical city with its monuments, hotels, churches, fountains, bridges, and canals. First of all you, of course, should visit the Eiffel Tower, from which you'll be able to see all these sights from the other angle. People of any age and having different interests may find a lot of things to do in Paris. Maybe it would be especially interesting for you to see the French capital at night time. The streets are light up and bright. There is a lot of different clubs for any taste, any style. After you have danced swing, be-bop, and rock'n'roll, you may listen to the jazz concerts at Le Slow Club. One should also visit the Bal at Elysee Montmartre and Le Gala des Ringards at Le Divan du Monde, which are held every month.

If you like art or just everything beautiful and interesting you should visit such places as Le Marais, Centre Pompidou, Place des Vosges, Musee Picasso.You will be amazed by the contrast in styles when you walk from the Marais to Les Halles. Those who are interested in antiques will head for the Village Saint-Paul. If you want to go shopping or just roamed the city, visiting many interesting districts, the Jewish quarter is for you – there are shops and restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and museums.

The 20th century of Paris history is represented by the Picasso and Carnavalet collections. You may also visit such historical places as Place des Vosges one of the oldest royal squares in Paris. In the 17th century, it was the place where the elegant people and the Middle Classes met at Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, that was built between the 12th and 14th centuries, is also one of the well known masterpieces that should be seen. Afterwards one may have a rest at the Place des Vosges: the peace place amidst splendid architecture of France.

Paris is also one of the European capitals where you can find the greatest number of parks, woods, and gardens. Here are the main woods and gardens of France, and also the cemeteries like Pere Lachaise, which is the biggest park in the town. So be sure Paris is your first stop when you travel France.

And as there too much places to visit in Paris for one trip I’d recommend to write down some plan of must-visited points. Between that, if you have some problem with any kind of writing, then feel free to ask for help for free essay papers service.

The next city you should surely visit is Lyon as place for active people

Lyon is the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region and the second largest city in France. You can get there from Paris by TGV for two hours. If you prefer traveling by air, there are flights also departing from Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport. There are two more airports 20km from Lyon, which serve for regional and low-cost flights.  If you want to travel France by car, there is a lot of road networks in Lyon joining several motorways: A6 (to Paris), A7 (to Marseille), A42 (to Geneve), A43 (Grenoble).

If you prefer winter kinds of sport, the mountains of Lyon offer vast snowfields. Experienced skiers, snowboarders, hikers on snowshoes as well as amateur alpinists will find there a great opportunity for activity in the surrounding mountains. You should know that the Olympic Games has been held in Rhone-Alpes three times. So you can imagine what a lot of wonderful facilities for sports activities have been built there, and they all are for you now.
You may have a rest with your family, friends or alone, may choose the guide who will show the resort in its amazing beauty. And there are a lot of things you should see: from marvelous views of the nature of this region to its traditional villages. Among, the most known for Alpine skiing are fewer Deux-Alpes, La Plagne, Megeve, Tignes, Val d’Isere, Courchevel and Chamonix-Mont Blanc.

If you want just to relax without doing any activity or sightseeing, Lyon can offer you some veritable oases of greenery places right in the center of the city. There are not only different parks, zoos which you can attend with your children, but also you can visit famous Grand Lyon Aquarium. Here people may see the various representatives of the sea world through the large Aquarium as if the animals are just beside them.

Your third must visited city in France should be Bordeaux. It is well-known as the land of wine

If you travel France, you should visit Bordeaux. The city and all the territory around it are famous for the excellent wine and ancient buildings. You may get there by train if your main adventure in France is Paris. The length of the trip from the capital of France is about 3 hours. The first train from Paris is at 6:10 am, and the last return train is 7:51 pm. If the point of your destination is Bordeaux itself, the better way for you will be to go by plane. But you should notice that the airport is from 12km out of the city center.\

You should travel to Bordeaux and its suburbs, to admire its chateaus. In the very city, you can find the hotels, where you can book a room or just stay for a while, have a rest and a dinner. It will cost you from 16 to 70 euros, to eat in such places. There are also so-called saloons, which are the combination of a restaurant and bookshop, but where you can also buy wine. Wherever you go in Bordeaux district, you will always meet different services, providing you with excursions concerning wine production. Bordeaux is the place of France where the most expensive red and white wines are the maids. It may be interesting for you to visit the chateaus where these wines begin their existence and admire the majesty of these lands as well as being delighted with the ancient buildings of the chateaus.

The world's most expensive wines are distinguished by the areas where they appeared, there are five districts in Bordeaux: Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour, Chateau Haut-Brion, Chateau Mouton-Rothschild. Of course, while visiting these remarkable places, you'll be listening to the history of their foundation, watching excellent views of their nature, meet very warm welcoming people, and maybe you'll be happy to taste its precious wine. In any case, you'll admire this marvelous land, where you feel yourself like an ancient noble, visiting your lands.

And the last city you have to add to must-visited in France is, of course, Cannes.
Cannes is famous as a luxurious city, with the yachts along the sea shore and expensive cars on the quay. When you appear in this city it's hard to realize that maybe you are in the paradise because it's such a magic place. The beautiful landscapes of its shores with the golden sand beaches, magnificent palaces and streets full of shops, providing a wide range of jewelry to choose. It must be point out that if you want to buy an expensive and exclusive item, such as the yacht or the Rolls-Royce, haute-couture cloth or, as we said before, different kinds of jewelry, you will find a great deal of shops on the Rue d'Antibes or Bvd de la Croisette, where your hotel in France may be located as well, and it doesn't take much time to visit all the boutiques and the shops along these streets.

Visiting Zone Pietonne - Walking Street you will find different groceries, that provide you with excellent food. Walking down these streets, you'll be able not only to make various purchases but also admire an amazing view, that is near you because this district is located along the beach. You may get to Cannes, or travel from there to the other parts of France, by bus. It's worth seeing the suburbs of this city, with its amazing apartments where the famous people live. There is a very good transport service, and the biggest bus station is very easy to see. It's located on the Place Bernard Cornut-Gentille, which is north-western part of the port.

If you travel France with your children, at the western part of La Croisette, you will find the shady park with the carousel just in front of the Palais des Festivals, where various types of performances are held regularly. There is the other park in the east end of La Croisette, the Jardin Alexandre III. This park, where you can find a great collection of flowers, situated near the Port Canto - the yacht harbor, where you will see a lot of different types of boats and may stay your one there as well.

Cannes is famous for the most prestigious hotels that located there and where live Hollywood stars, models and very rich people. The most well-known of them is the Carlton and the Martinez. They both have a reputation as the oldest and as the noblest, owing to their architecture. Noga Hilton is, on the contrary, the newest one, it was established in 1992. All these hotels are facing the Mediterranean.

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