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Japanese Anime Dubbed in Tagalog : Better for Filipinos?

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Is dubbing Japanese anime in Filipino better for us? I think, yes. Why? Because not most of us is capable of understanding and reading English dubs and subs. One example of an anime which is dubbed in Tagalog is "Bleach".

Bleach follows the story of a fifteen year old boy named Kurosaki Ichigo, which in the beginning has the skill of seeing spirits and ghosts. When a shinigami, named Rukia Kuchiki, has gone to the real world to protect it from Hollows, the spirits that didn't successfully ascended to the Soul Society. Bleach was translated in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Tagalog.

We also have One Piece dubbed in Tagalog by GMA 7.

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One Piece is one of the longest running anime ever. It's really making me proud to let One Piece be dubbed in Tagalog, because this may be once called the "best anime ever" because of its great plot and characters.

One last thing I want to emphasize in this article is Naruto dubbed in Tagalog by Hero TV.

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Naruto is a still-ongoing anime series which may also be a candidate for the "best anime series". Naruto is a ninja who's ultimate dream is to be a Hokage. By the ongoing series, it was seen that Naruto was indeed improving and getting stronger but still there are many circumstances to make in order to become the Hokage.

For me, dubbing anime in Tagalog is better for us because we can understand it more and also it can improve our economic status because we also used communication to other countries. That's why it is better for Filipinos.

You? What do you think of this article? Do you agree that dubbing anime in Tagalog is better for us Filipinos? Comment below!

Contributed by: Rafael John A. Balayo II

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  1. Japanese being translated into Tagalog isn't exactly an issue, and I agree that it is a good thing but sometimes, they forget to put footnotes and stuff... Some Filipinos don't get the Japanese puns used in some anime but all in all, 'tis a good thing.


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