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We all know that anime is well known around the world especially in Japan. We can't say that Japan is Japan if there's no Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, sushi, ramen and other symbolic things and structures in Japan and of course anime.

What is the beginning of anime? Anime began at the beginning of 20th century, Japanese filmmakers experimented with the animation techniques that were being explored in the west. They developed such genres like mecha or about robots.
The first anime series that was released was "Otogi Manga Calendar", released on May 1, 1961. The first late night anime series was the "Hermit village" that was released on Sept 4, 1963. The first super robot anime series was "Tetsujin 28-go" released on October 20, 1963. "Sally the Witch" was the first magical girl anime that was released on December 5, 1966. "Space Battleship Yamato" was the first anime space opera series and "Mobile Suit Gundam" was the first real robot anime series, these animes was created by Toei Animations and Mushi Productions.

The ever famous "Doraemon" was released on April 2, 1979 by Shin-Ei Animation. The most famous genre of anime is mecha, like, Voltes V. The 2000's mecha anime was headed by "Gundam Seed"(2002), "Eureka Seven"(2005), "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion"(2006), "Mobile Suit Gundam 00"(2007), "Macross Frontier"(2008), and "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2"(2008).

Now let's go to the genres of anime. Classifying anime genres can be tricky. First, action genre anime, this type of anime is more of fighting element, like my favorite "Shingeki no Kyojin" or "Attack on Titan" this anime is about a boy named Eren Jaeger, he wants to kill all of the titans that invading their village because one of the titan killed and ate his mother so he want to kill them as a revenge for his mother.

Next, adventure genre anime, this type of anime is mostly consists of going to new places and exploring. My favorite anime in this type of genre is "Kyo Kara Maou", it is about a normal highschool boy that got sucked by the water in the toilet bowl and he ended up being in a different world and he became the king of a certain country which is called "New Makoku", and his goal is to bring peace among normal people and mazokus, and himself is also a mazoku.

Next, comedy genre, in this type the characters never get serious or maybe they're trying but ended up funny. I have two favorite anime in this genre, "Gintama" and "Daily Lives of High school Boys". Gintama is about some random gang and their leader is Gintoki Sakata or Gin, he's a freelancer and a samurai of Edo together with Shinpachi and Kagura they will accomplish their job that was given to them or in some episode they're just doing some random stuff.

Daily Live of High school Boys or Danshi Kokoushin no Nichijou is about three high school boys, Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake, and because they are in all-boys school they will do anything to fight a serious enemy... BOREDOM and because of this they're just doing random stuff but it's really funny.

Next stop, drama genre has a lot of shocks, suspense and emotions. Actually, I think this is also included in romance but according to its description it is in drama, so this is "ToraDora", it is about a high school girl that was supposed to give a love letter to her crush but she put it in a wrong bag and Ryuuji, the guy with that bag and Aisaka, the girl with the love letter took a promise that they help each other to be close to their crush. Aisaka's friend, Minori, is the crush of Ryuuji, they helped each other throughout the way, since they're neighbors they often go to school together and some of their classmates thought that they're in a relationship, so they developed their feelings and ended up being together.

Next is romance genre, romantic relationships are the dominant element. I have two favorite anime in this genre, and one of the two is "Special A", it is about 7 students who are studying in a elite school and a special section. Top 1: Kei Takishima, Top 2: Hikari Hanazono, Top 3: Jun Yamamoto, Top 4: Megumi Yamamoto, Top 5: Tadashi Karino, Top 6: Akira Toudou, and Top 7: Ryuu Tsuji.

It is mainly focused on Kei and Hikari, Hikari is a hard-working girl who wants to beat Kei, because when they were children Kei beat her in a pro-wrestling match and she wants to take it back, while Kei is a perfect boy who can do anything and good at academics, all of his classmates in S.A. knew that he is in love with Hikari while Hikari is so serious in order to defeat him, Hikari always challenge Kei to a match, academic or non-academic and Kei always agree to that so he will be close to Hikari, and in the end they're together.

The second one is "Kaichou wa Maid-sama", it is about the first female student council president of a former all-boys school, named Misaki Ayuzawa, she is the rank two in her school, but she has a part-time job which is an employee of a maid cafe which is required to wear maid costumes and cosplay stuff and she wants to keep it a secret to protect her reputation in the school as student council president but one day Usui Takumi, the rank one in their school and well-known for his abilities, walked in through that cafe and saw his Kaichou wearing a maid uniform and Misaki thought that Usui might spread her secret or use it to blackmail her but instead Usui kept the secret and because of their little connection with each other they little by little fell for each other.

Sports and Tournament genre, in this genre the characters are mainly competing in games and tournament. My super favorite anime not only in this genre, general favorite anime is Kuroko no Basuke, it is about Kuroko Tetsuya, a high school student and a basketball player.

When he joined the basketball club, his teammates thought that he's useless but when they're in a practice game his coach saw that he has an ability that a normal basketball player can't do and that is "misdirection", it is an ability to direct the attention of your opponent to other things except for himself, and because he has low presence it is useful for him to pass the ball to his teammates, he is the phantom member of Teikou Middle School Basketball Club who's the expert in terms of passing and his goal is to defeat the Generation of Miracles together with Kagami and the rest of the Seirin Basketball club.

And I also want to share my anime collectibles... so please enjoy!! So.. as you can see there's a lot of Kuroko no Basuke posters (I didn't upload all the pictures and some are in my drawer.. sorry!) and there are plenty of anime magazines of different anime series.

Hope you learned something in this article and I hope you also enjoyed reading this.. Arigatou Gozaimasu!!~

Contributor: Josh Adrienne P. Mejia

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  2. Wow! Kakkoi! I love your article.. I definitely agree to your taste to those animes you exampled every genre. :) Keep It Up ! :)

  3. Hi Joshua! you like Gintama?!I find your article really interesting. Though, you shouldve added more photos of Aomine Daiki...jk. Overall, your article is very well written and fun to read:))


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