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Anime : Why Are You So Addicting?

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I don’t have to explain what an anime is, right? Since most of us know what an anime is, Im going to tell you a short description of what an anime is (hahaha). Anime is short for animation (Japanese animation). Anime is often based on Japanese comics called manga. Sometimes live action series, movies, and television series are also based on an anime.

I remember the first time I watched the anime, HUNTERXHUNTER and I was seven at that time. At that time my interest in anime had begun to wane. I also remembered collecting action figures and toys from ZOIDS and Dragonball. I really liked watching all those because those were the only anime I had that HANGING-ON-THE-EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT kind of plot. But just what is it about anime? Why is it so damn addicting, fun and interesting to watch?

These are my reasons anyway….

First, the plot. Have you ever seen an American cartoon that has a plot where humans are eaten by titans? Have you ever seen a basketball player that can shoot full court? Or a girl pulled into an ancient book and must act out the story before she can return home, or she never will. Ever heard of a guy who fell into a cursed well and now turns into a girl when is splashed with cold water? Have you? No, right? I, also have never seen any cartoon as interesting as anime is….have you? If you haven’t, you need to watch more anime.

Kuroko no Basket is one example of an anime that has a unique plot that can catch a person’s heart (mostly ladies). What makes Kuroko no Basket so damn interesting is the different abilities of the Generation of Miracles or also known as Kiseki no Sedai. The Generation of Miracles is consisting of five members who are believed to be geniuses and prodigies in basketball. The captain, has emperor’s eye that can read the next movement of his next opponent. He is known as Seijurou Akashi.

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Next is the shooting guard, Shintarou Midorima. His skill is a super duper duper accurate shot that can be taken from anywhere inside the court: as long as his stance and form is unaltered, his shots are said to never miss.

Next is Ryouta Kise, the rookie of the team. His unique skill is his ability to mimic the moves and plays of the other players ( throughout the series he managed to copy the movements of the Generation of Miracles, PERFECTLY).But it only last in a short period of time.
KISE RYOUTA.  credits to the owner of this photo

Next is Atsushi Murasakibara. His height is 208 cm. His height can dominate the area around the basket, he is able to tower ay opposing player and block any attempts of jump shots ,lay-ups ,and dunks.

MURASAKIBARA ATSUSHI. credits to owner of the photo.

And last but not the least , my love, otto, Aomine Daiki (kyaaaa >.<). Aomine is the ace of the team. He is incredibly fast and versatile, Aomine’s strength lies in his unpredictability, as well as an uncanny ability to shoot from virtually any position, getting the ball in even from behind the backboard: possessing supreme coupled with acceleration, very very very few can block him (that’s my otto)…..And that is one example of a unique plot that make people(ladies) go mad.

KYYAAA!!! AOMINE!!!  credits to: unknown

The second thing that makes anime addicting is the bishounen characters (for ladies)..One of the reasons why I have too big expectations or standards in men is because of anime guys. Like they can look so hot by just standing and smiling while real life guys are…..sorry, I wont say it anymore. I don’t understand why they are so sexy and appealing in comparison to American cartoons. Probably because its based a lot on emphasizing features that ladies find attractive, like the eyes, nose, hair, certain part of the body (okay this is so weird)…right? Oh yea, just to say to all the people who says that liking 2D men than the real ones is weird, disgusting or whatever, I D O N T C A R E.

And lastly, the character depth. How many times do you get to know fictional characters so well that they seem real and alive and have a personality of their own? They become so real you almost wouldnt be surprised if they leapt off the screen and started in real life. Anime characters have so much depth: they have their own pet peeves and bad habits as if they were real. I find myself usually feeling emotions like sadness, joy for the character as if the situation was real...Bottom-line, characters in anime get as developed as any telenovela, koreanovela shows are.

*sniff* credits to the owner of the photo
     And just a little bit of advise, if you are to encounter an anime where there are these adorable looking,huge eyed little girls, DONT BE FOOLED BY THEM. I personally think that the cuter the character is, the creepier,scarier and more possessive they get once they get mad which is so..... horrible.

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I'm sure you could think of many more reasons of why anime is so great if you're a fan like me. There are many animes to choose for all tastes: almost anyone can find something they like, unless they dislike the very idea of anime itself. So, do you now understand why most people that watch anime are locked up in their rooms for almost a week without coming out? What to be like one? If yes, good. If no, ummm just say yes will you?

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  1. Most of us have been interested in anime/manga for a while, but why do we like it so much? Reading a manga or watching it is indeed a good past time. People may find it boring, but if they would just try it, they will learn about it and how it csn make your time move fast as the speed of light!

    Rexielyn Santos
    IV Copernicus

  2. I liked Anime but i'm not addict to it. Like Kuroko Basketball I love the main character because he was so amazing,he can read the next movement of his opponent.And it's also kinda amazing because in using animation they can create new person or cartoon character and the result of that it became catchy to the eye of the viewers.

  3. Otaku!! Aishiteru~

    Anime addicts shouldn't be downgraded though. :3
    Otakus and Anime addicts are just people with their own versions of reality and their voice out their lives through it.
    Anime <3

  4. Great! anime really is addicting especially right now I'm addicted to my favorite, ONE PIECE :) I am also an otaku and I am proud of it :) I noticed you put kuroko no basket as an example but why is the main character, Kuroko isn't there? aww... I really like Kuroko :)

  5. O anime mais famoso do mundo nao esta na imagem, voce nao passa de um hater. Poster de varios animes populares e nao incluir dragonball

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