Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hestia: Most Humble of Them All

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Flame Princess from Adventure Time best represents Hestia, also known as Vesta, because of her appearance. Flame Princess is one of my favorite Adventure Time character so I chose her to be my Hestia.
Of the 12 Olympians, I would choose Hestia because I admire her humility and love for peace.

Hestia is the Greek goddess of hearth and chief goddess of domestic activity. She is the most charitable that she was willing to give up her position as an Olympian to Dionysus and stay not in Mt. Olympus but on earth with the mortals.

I chose Hestia because like her, I would rather stay at home than wander around. She is kind and she protects the mortals especially the orphans. She was always contented that she never married even though she was graceful and beautiful.Circle represents her because she is complete within. She is also the center of not just our home but also the entire world.  The hearth and its fire is also her symbol. It is said that the fire on the hearth does not die.

Having Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hades and Demeter as her siblings, her parents were also Cronus and Rhea. She is the first and the last born. She is the goddess which I can connect with because the way she take care of the person she loved is the same with me.

She may not be as skillful as Athena, as brave as Artemis, as attractive as Aphrodite, as sensitive as Demeter and as powerful as Hera, but she will always be found in the place where you expect her to be. She will always try to keep our home intact. And I believe that we should be thankful to her because she is the link to our family members. She keeps the bond with our family warm and truly important. 

HestiaJust like the fireplace, we should place chopped woods to the fire so we can feel comfortable, same goes with Hestia and our offerings to her. It is said that people should offer her a prayer or something so she will bless their house.

No matter how you hate and despise a person, always think of Hestia, her humility and kindness, and the pride she had never been overpowered of. You should realize that you are better and being humble will always lead you to a positive view in life. She will never let us get cold and she will always secure us because she is an example of a goddess that forgives and does not give judgment.

Contributed by Daniella Sumagaysay

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  1. Hi Daniella..!!! :)) Hestia is most humble of them all and she was really one of a kind thus making me idolize her too..!!!

  2. Hi Daniella :) I like the way on how you present Hestia in your article. Just like other articles about Hestia, you were able to describe her vividly. The pictures that you use are also very cute. Overall, the article was nice to read and by understanding and appreciating its content, one wouldn't be able to notice its flaws.


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